The Secret Tree House Part 8

Chapter 8 (We might need more Diapers)

“You are a freaking idiot!!!” Brinley said to Abbie as they watched a zombie come out from underneath a bed in a cabin and attack two helpless girls while they watched “Lost in the Forest With the Walking Dead”

“Aww don’t worry Brinley, I will save you if a zombie comes from under our bed!!! Do you need me to change you??? Did you wet your diapers about it???” Abbie asked laughing.

“Shut it” Brinley said nudging her friend and knocking her right out the side of the bed.

“RAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRR” Abbie said coming up suddenly from the floor and grabbing Brinley.


“Abigail Taylor if you wake up your brother!!!” Her mother yelled from her room.

Abbie and Brinley laughed for a while, but neither one thought it was very funny when they watched hundreds of zombies surround a couple of children stranded in a tree house.

Finally Brinley said it. “There is no way I am spending the night in the tree house now.”

“Yeah me neither.” Abbie said as one of the kids fell from the tree house into the hoard of zombies below and was graphically eaten up in a matter of seconds.

“I hate you.” Brinley said as the movie ended and Abbie turned off the dvd player and tv with the remote.

“Hey at least you don’t gotta go anywhere tonight, I’ve gotta get up and go pee.” Abbie said looking down towards the slight bulge under Brinley’s pajamas.

“Hey, I can always put one of my diapers on you if you wanna stay here.” Brinley said smiling at Abbie.

“I’ll take my chances with a zombie if you don’t mind.” Abbie said as she got up and walked towards the door.

“Wait up, I don’t wanna stay in here alone” Brinley said in a whiny voice as she quickly got up and waddled after Abbie.

“My word you are a baby sometimes!” Abbie said as she waited for Brinley and walked down the hall to the bathroom with her.

Twenty minutes later Abbie was sleeping soundly with Brinley cuddled as close as she could be to her. Brinley however, was absolutely terrified she was going to be grabbed from the side of the bed and pulled underneath it, and to make matters worse she had needed to go pee for about an hour but couldn’t really figure out exactly what to do. She couldn’t take the diaper off and use the toilet or she would never get it back on.

She fidgeted around for a while which of course woke Abbie up. Abbie who was very smart knew Brinley either needed to go pee, she was scared, or a combination of the two. She pulled Brinley a little closer with one arm and gently stroked her hair with the other hand. Abbie had learned a while ago, that stroking Brinley’s hair when she was crying seemed to have a calming effect on her.
There had been many days after school when Abbie had sat on Brinley’s bed with her arms wrapped around her gently stroking her hair and Brinley cried about what the other kids at school had done or said to her that day.

Brinley started to forget about the zombies after a couple of minutes of Abbie stroking her hair and rubbing her back, but her need to pee continued to become more urgent. Abbie at this point had figured out by the way her friend continued to squirm that Brinley was very close to wetting her diaper.

She had seen Brinley struggle like this before in the car and wet all over the back seat of her mom’s car when they were taking a trip to some outlet malls the past summer. Brinley had waited too long to tell Mrs. Taylor she needed a bathroom and they had just passed the last exit for the next eight miles. Brinley had squealed and cried as she peed herself in the back seat of the car with Abbie and her mom trying to tell her it was ok. There had been a similar result once when Brinley and Abbie were walking back from the park and Brinley had decided not to use the park bathrooms because she thought they were nasty. She only made it about half way home before she completely peed her pants right out on the side of the road.

This was different though, Brinley was wearing a diaper and only had a limited number of them. There was no way Abbie could get the diaper back on her a third time if she took it off again, and Abbie knew the diaper would hold multiple wettings from Brinley’s little bladder. She gently moved her hand which was rubbing her back down towards Brinley’s bladder and applied a gentle pressure to Brinley’s bladder as she began to rub. It seemed to Abbie like the most merciful thing to do given the amount of discomfort Brinley was feeling.

Brinley felt the pressure but could feel the way Abbie was going about it that it wasn’t some malicious attempt to humiliate her by making her wet the diapers. Still Brinley tried to resist for a second, but seeing no other way out of the situation, she decided she just needed to do what she knew she was going to have to do all along anyways.

Brinley spread her legs took a deep breath and relaxed. Her wetting started a little slow but the flow increased rapidly and she felt the sensation of extreme relief in her bladder added to the sensation of extreme warmth spreading through her crotch and upper inner thighs which then spread to her lower butt and just below her waist. When she finally finished wetting she felt substantially better than she thought she was going to after peeing on herself and the diapers pulled the wetness away from her skin quickly and just left her with a sensation of warmth. Within moments she felt extremely tired and relaxed as Abbie continued to stroke her hair and rub her back.

Abbie pulled Brinley’s body even closer as Brinley quickly drifted off into a deep slumber. The warmth and cuddle of Brinley’s body was too much for Abbie as well as Abbie quickly drifted off to sleep herself. Neither woke up during the night as the two friends cuddled comfortably with one another.

That next morning Abbie woke up to Brinley fidgeting around in the bed. “Good grief Brinley go back to sleep its only 7!!!” Abbie half whined and half grumbled.

“I can’t, my diaper is absolutely soaked.” Brinley said as her face turned red.

Abbie tried to come to her senses for a moment and finally decided to just get it over with. She quickly jumped up and rummaged through Brinley’s bag pulling out a dry diaper. She yanked the covers off Brinley, pulled Brinley’s pajama’s down and had the wet diaper un- taped before Brinley even knew what was going on.

She grabbed some tissues from off of her night stand quickly gave Brinley’s privates a quick wipe and put the tissue in the diaper rolled it up and tossed it into her trash can. Abbie had Brinley’s new diaper on very quickly and was back under the covers in no more than 2 minutes after she had been initially out of them.

Brinley barely even knew what had happened but realized she was responsible for pulling her own pajama bottoms up if she wanted her diapers covered. She did so quickly waddled down stairs and grabbed a quick drink of water and cuddled back into the bed with Abbie.

She was back asleep with Abbie in minutes and neither stirred until around 11 when Brinley woke up peeing in her diapers again. Her wetting wasn’t very heavy this time and Abbie could feel her stirring and was up pretty quickly to empty her very full bladder into the toilet.

Brinley had changed herself out of her wet diaper by the time Abbie came back and was in the process of getting dressed. Both girls went down stairs and had cereal before they began getting ready to go shopping at the mall. The rest of the weekend and the following week was spent very similarly with Abbie putting Brinley’s diapers on her, and Brinley wetting them every night.

By Thursday Mrs. Taylor had to go buy Brinley more diapers due to the fact that the girls were sleeping in so late, that Brinley was typically going through a diaper during the night and another diaper after she went back to sleep from being changed out of the soaked diaper from the evening before. Friday morning was much different though, and it was a morning Brinley Kelser would never forget.

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Re: The Secret Tree House Part 8

Sure you end it there. I see nothing that would cause me to keep reading. It is not like you put a big fish hook in the last light that every reader would grab onto and be unable to let go.

Has anyone told you that cliff hangers like that are just cruel?

Please keep writing and quickly come through with the next chapter.

Re: The Secret Tree House Part 8

really? you leave it there. are you the spawn of satan? lol but really loving this story :slight_smile: