The Secret Tree House part 7

Chapter 7 (A Surprise)

Even though what Abbie said to Brinley made her feel much better, Brinley still was not looking forward to Friday night. It was on Thursday night, the last night Brinley would have diaper free before she was in diapers for the next ten days that her mom came home and called her into the living room. “Brin, I went to the medical supply store and they recommended these to me” her mom said as she pulled a package of diapers out of a bag.

Brinley stared at the package not exactly knowing what to do. “Go ahead and take them in your room and pack them in your stuff to go to the Taylor’s please.” her mother said as she left the room.

Brinley walked over and picked the package of diapers up. “Tranquility ATN” she read to herself. It took her only a few seconds to figure out ATN meant “all through the night” The diapers were very thick with a white outer plastic shell and two tapes on either side. Inside of the diaper was a peach colored fabric that according to the package was the best night time diaper around. “Well duh, they aren’t going to say it sucks on the package.” Brinley thought to herself.

She put the package in her stuff to go to the Taylors and went down for dinner.
At the dinner table much to Brinley’s displeasure her mother decided there was more to talk about concerning the diapers and did so right in front of Tom. “Brinley I already talked to Mrs. Taylor and we expect you to be responsible. It is going to be up to you to put your diaper on before you go to bed. If you do this Mrs. Taylor is going to pretend like she doesn’t even know you have them. However if you choose not to wear the diapers and you wet the bed, Mrs. Taylor will be putting your diapers on for you from that point on.” Shelli Kelser warned her daughter.

“Ok mom, I promise I will put them on myself, can we please just not talk about them.” Brinley whined.

“All right Brinley, we’ll drop it, just make sure you do what you are supposed to.” Her mother warned.

Brinley went upstairs from dinner thinking she was done talking about the diapers with her mother and started on her homework. She was wrong about that however, right around 10:00 pm her mother knocked on her door. “Come in.” Brinley said, she had just finished up putting her pajamas on and was getting ready to go to bed.

“Brinley……….” her mother started.

“Aww crud!!!” Brinley thought in her head, she knew what was coming. She had already thought about it in her own head and it made sense, and her mother had figured it out too.

“I just made a decision a few minutes ago that you’re probably not going to like, but it’s not up for discussion and I don’t want to hear any back talk, do you understand?” Her mother said sternly and then waited for a response.

“Yeah mom, what did you decide?” Brinley asked praying she was wrong.

“Well you aren’t going to have time to do the laundry tomorrow and neither will I so there is no sense in wetting your sheets when we have diapers right here that you can wear for tonight, and besides, maybe it would be good for you to get used to one before you have to wear one at the Taylor’s.” Brinley’s mom said finishing up and thinking to herself that the last reason made perfectly good sense as well.

Brinley started to open her mouth, but her mother gave her the look that said she better not say anything. She shut her mouth and set down on her bed and began to rock back and forth and then started crying.

“Brinley……………” Her mother said walking over and putting her arms around her. “You act like I’m torturing you, it is not going to be as bad as you think sweetie.” She said compassionately.

Brinley laid her head on her mothers’ shoulder and started crying harder. Brinley’s mom hugged her for a few minutes and then got up.

“I’m going to leave for 10 minutes and I want you to calm down. When I come back if you have yourself diapered already, then I’m going to kiss you goodnight and tell you goodbye, because Tom and I are leaving before you will be up. If you are not diapered that is ok too, but then I am going to help you.” Her mother said. “You decide either is fine with me” her mom said as she walked out of the room.

Shelli wasn’t sure what she would find when she came back in the room and was shocked when Brinley walked up to her, handed her a diaper, and dropped her pants. After a moment of being caught off guard her mother laughed and said,“If I’m going to put this on you we are going to do it the right way, go lay on your bed.”

Brinley tried to walk over but tripped and fell because of her pajama bottoms around her ankles. Shelli without even thinking about it bent down and scooped Brinley up in her arms and laid her down on the bed.

“There we go” she said and with that she lifted Brinley’s legs up and slid the diaper under her butt. It only took her mom about fifteen seconds maybe a little less to fasten the four tapes securely but Brinley felt like it took forever. She never would have admitted it, but she actually liked it when her mom fastened the diaper securely to her.

Her mother spent the next 30 seconds or so tucking Brinley snuggly into bed and gave her a kiss and brushed her hair back out of her eyes. Between the hug her mom gave her earlier and the diapering and attention she paid to Brinley after it, Brinley had gotten more physical affection from her mother than she had probably gotten in the last two years combined.

Brinley laid motionless long after her mother had left the room. She didn’t want to move and change the way the covers were wrapped snugly around her from when her mom had tucked her in. It still felt as if her mother was holding her, and Brinley longed for that sensation. Finally Brinley drifted off to sleep and she didn’t wake up until she heard her alarm going off for school.

Brinley woke up to the noise of her alarm but something was much different than usual. She was warm and secure in her blankets, and she hit the snooze button and cuddled back in for a few more minutes.

When Brinley finally decided to get up she checked the status of her bed. Not a single drop of wetness!!! She could feel the diaper on her was wet, but it really didn’t feel like she had gone very much during the night.

When she pulled her pajama bottoms down however she was shocked to find that she had actually wet quite a bit, judging by the weight of the diaper. “Holy cow these things actually work like they say they do, and don’t let the wetness get all over your skin!” Brinley thought as she undid the wet diaper and threw it into her trash can.

She made up for the extra time she had spent in bed by not needing to take nearly as long of a shower, and actually had a bowl of cereal and was over at the Taylor’s house to get her ride to school five minutes early. “Dang all that good sleep I got really has me feeling energized” she thought to herself.

Abbie was absolutely bouncing off the walls when Brinley came in and was going on about how they were going to kick the spring break off right by watching 4 movies and eating popcorn, candy, and drinking tons of soda pop.

“You do remember I pee the bed?” Brinley asked with a smile when Abbie mentioned the pop.

“Hope your mom bought you multiple packages of diapers!” Abbie said with a wink.
“Ha ha ha, you are really funny today, Abbie Taylor!!!” Brinley said sarcastically.

The more Abbie talked about what they were going to be doing during the week, the more Brinley began to get excited. She never would have admitted it, but her mother was right, wearing the diaper last night made it not seem so stressful heading into tonight.

The day at school seemed to go forever for both girls, and 7th hour sucked royally for Brinley as Gabriella and Savanna had left the night before to get to the port to go on their cruise. That left her all alone with Taylor and her friends. Taylor seemed in an especially foul mood towards Brinley and whispered something rotten to her every time she got a chance. Brinley tried to ignore it on top of Ian kicking the back of her chair every 3 seconds. Twenty times a minute for 50 minutes, he’s going to kick my chair right around one thousand times, Brinley figured out about half way through class. Brinley gathered up her stuff and walked out of the class carefully making sure no one tripped her or ran into her and once she was in the hall she half jogged half sprinted to her locker where Abbie was waiting for her.

“What took you so long?” Abbie said waiting impatiently at her locker.

Brinley looked up at the school clock. “We haven’t even been out for three minutes!” Brinley said defending herself.

“You were pretty fast actually.” Abbie said smiling at her, let’s go, we are hitting the movie store, to pick up movies, and then the grocery store to grab snacks, and then my house, and up to my room, only to come down to get pizza or use the potty!" Abbie said excitedly.

“I thought you said you would use my diapers if I asked you too?” Brinley whispered suddenly getting a mischievous smile on her face.

Abbie’s eyes got wide when she heard her friend’s words and saw her face. Suddenly Brinley broke into laughter. “Oh my gosh I got you so bad!!!” Brinley said laughing.

“So this is how it is going to be is it?” Abbie said as they walked out of the school together giving Brinley a little playful hip check.

“Oh no, it’s going to be way worse than that, you are stuck with me for 10 days!” Brinley said smashing back into her as they made their way to the movie store.

While they were at the Movie store Abbie talked Brinley into getting " Lost in the forest with the walking dead" Which Brinley strongly opposed as she got frightened very easily, but she relented when Abbie said she could pick the other three movies, and so Brinley snagged a couple of comedies and a chick flick.

Next the girls headed to the supermarket where the bought popcorn, Coca cola, and Peanut Butter M&M’s. With the promise of Friday night pizza which was a Taylor tradition they figured they pretty much had the sacred teenage food pyramid covered. The girls arrived home around 4 pm and popped their first movie in and had it finished by the time the pizza arrived.

They were stuffed with pizza and junk food and had finished movies two and three by the time 10 pm rolled around. Brinley had been to the bathroom at least half a dozen times due to her low bladder capacity and Abbie had been there her fair share as well.

The girls decided to put a halt on the junk food for the rest of the evening and to snuggle in to watch their last movie “Lost in the forest with the walking dead”. Brinley grabbed her bag and headed to the bathroom to go potty one last time and get changed into her pajamas and brush her teeth. That was all the details she gave Abbie anyways, she did have one other major thing to do. Abbie was not stupid however and knew Brinley was likely planning on putting her diaper on while she was gone and then coming back into the room and never saying a word about it.

Abbie waited patiently and about 10 minutes later Brinley came into the room with a slightly noticeable bulge under her pajama pants. “Well how did it go?” Abbie asked smiling as Brinley walked in.

“How did what go?” Brinley asked trying to play stupid.

“You know exactly what I mean” Abbie said not to be deterred.

“I’m afraid I don’t” Brinley said standing her ground.

“Do you want me to say it out loud, cuz i can let everyone in this entire house know what just happened?” Abbie said smiling at Brinley.

“No no no no, you don’t need to do that, it went reasonably well.” Brinley said hoping this would satisfy her friend.

“Reasonably well, why don’t you elaborate on that just a little bit for me?” Abbie said raising her eyebrows.

“Well umm, I wore one last night, so I didn’t have any laundry to do this morning, and it went ok, no wet bed, and I didn’t morph into a helpless two year old, so yeah.” Brinley said, trying to get into her sleeping bag.

“So what is that whole reasonably part about then?” Abbie persisted.

“Well umm, last night, my mom helped me put the diaper on, and I’m not so sure I did quite as good of a job.” Brinley finally confessed.

“Come here and let me see.” Abbie said.

“Do I have to?” Brinley asked hopefully.

“Well if you leak all over in the bed, my mom is going to be putting them on you for the next nine nights, so you might want me to have a look just to be safe.” Abbie said beckoning Brinley to lie down on her bed.

Brinley sighed and lay down on the bed and tried to relax. Abbie gently stuck her fingers inside of the waist band of Brinley’s pajama bottoms running her fingers down the plastic outside of the diaper at the same time. She pulled Brinley’s pants down and inspected Brinley’s work. “You might as well not wear anything at all if you are going to bed like this, why don’t you let me help you?” Abbie asked not quite knowing what Brinley’s response would be.

Brinley was silent for a moment so Abbie spoke again. “There’s really no need for you to struggle putting your own diapers on when I can easily put them on for you and eliminate the chance of you having any leaks.” Abbie said.

“All right” Brinley said completely placing her trust in Abbie.

Abbie smiled to herself as she undid the tapes and repositioned the diaper snug to Brinley’s body. She loved helping Brinley and protecting her at school and this made her feel even better. She refastened the tapes and then did some maintenance work with some scotch tape as it appeared that the tapes might not hold all that well. Once Abbie had finished she ran her fingers along the other edges of Brinley’s diaper checking for any gap that might cause a leak.

Abbie finally pronounced Brinley’s diaper acceptable and pulled her pants back up. “It won’t take nearly that long tomorrow if you just let me put your diaper on you right the first time.” Abbie said as she crawled into her bed.

Brinley was about to get into her sleeping bag but Abbie was thinking she was way too cute looking in her diapers and green Tinkerbell pajamas to be letting that happen. “Hey why don’t you sleep in my bed with me, there is plenty of room, no way that diaper is going to leak, and it will be a lot more comfortable than the floor. Besides you are gonna need someone to hold you during this scary movie!!!” Abbie teased as she lifted her arm up beckoning Brinley to cuddle up next to her. Brinley smiled and snuggled up tight to Abbie who put her arm around her and pressed play.

Abbie sighed as she relaxed as her friend’s warm and cute little body snuggled right up next to her. She could hear the crinkle of Brinley’s diapers every time she moved and could feel the extra padding under the pajama’s snuggled up next to her. Abbie knew in that moment that she would never ever let anything bad happen to Brinley if she could ever help it. She would protect her even if it meant harm to herself.

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Re: The Secret Tree House part 7

Simply beautiful.

Only two things:

It should be " Taylors’ " when referring to the Taylors’ house. E.G. “going to the Taylors’”, “pack your bags for (your trip to) the Taylors’”, etc.

When writing thoughts consider writing them in Italics. The way you’re doing it isn’t bad because you always point out that it’s a thought, but this would make it noticeable right away. If italicized then quotation marks would be optional.

Re: The Secret Tree House part 7

Wonderful chapter. It was good to see that Brinley discovered that her diapers are a practical solution to her problem. I also liked how Abbie became even more protective of her friend. The story is moving along just great and I am truly enjoying it. Keep it up.

Re: The Secret Tree House part 7

I just read the story from the start today. It is a plausible premise, which I enjoy. You have a lot of possibilities of where you can go with this story. If I understand correctly this is actually a re-write of an earlier version. I didn’t read that so I will discover the story line as I go. Thanks for sharing with us.

Re: The Secret Tree House part 7

I agree with Teekabell - it’s a fairly plausible story, and well written. You almost lost me in the first chapter when she pulls a used diaper out of the trash, but I’m glad I kept reading and didn’t give up then.

Re: The Secret Tree House part 7

really enjoying this can not wait to read the next installment. cant help wondering where Abbies and brinleys relationship is going