The Secret Tree House Part 6

Chapter 6 ( 2 pairs of friends leave school happy)

When Abbie got to her locker after school that day Brinley was waiting for her. She never shared with Abbie that she had initially based her decision not to stay at her house on a dream, and she never shared with her that she had been hiding in the bathroom stall that day. She simply told Abbie that she had been wrong and that she would spend a thousand years worth of nights wearing diapers if she knew the next day she was going to get to spend it with Abbie.

Before that, Abbie had been her best friend, her only friend, but from that point on she idolized Abbie as more than that. She knew there was nothing in the world that Abbie would not do for her and that any secret she ever had would be safe with Abbie. They began planning their spring break together each and every moment they had during the day, but at night, Brinley still worried about what it was going to be like to have to wear a diaper again.

Abbie and Brinley were not the only two girls that had left school happy that day. Gabriella Thompson and Savanna Jenks sat in Savanna’s room and talked eagerly about what had happened earlier in the day. “I couldn’t have planned it better if I had been planning at all, I feel this little bump and I turn around and there she is laying on the ground looking like she was gonna pee herself and cry all at the same time!” Gabriella said laughing.

“You played it perfect, I mean the sympathy you showed her, magic, and then the whole dodge ball thing you told me about in 4th hour, she’s gonna want to get to know us better now, and she’ll never suspect we’ve been watching her since she peed her pants on the bus a couple of years ago!” Savanna said laughing.

“Speaking of peeing I’ve gotta go!” Gabriella said getting up to go to the toilet.

“You sure you don’t just want to use one of these things?” Savanna said pointing down to the diaper she had just peed in.

“No peeing in the diapers is your thing, I’m more interested in, watching someone have an accident!” Gabriella said smiling.

“Me too!!!” Savanna said whipping a ball at Gabriella hoping it would hit her in the stomach and make her pee her pants.

Gabriella of course caught Savanna’s less than powerful throw. “You know just cuz you already peed your diapers doesn’t mean I couldn’t beat you until you pooped in them!” Gabriella said threateningly to Savanna.

“How about we test the whole pooping in the diaper thing out on Brinley, and after I see her do it, I’ll let you know if I think I’d be down with that or not?” Savanna said with a smile.

“Sounds like a plan to me!!!” Gabriella said as she headed into the bathroom for a much needed pee.

When Gabriella came back into Savanna’s room Savanna could tell something was bothering her. “What’s wrong?” Savanna asked as Gabriella sighed and sat down on the bed.

"I just feel kind of bad, I mean Brinley totally trusts me now, and she doesn’t really know why we want to be around her. I just feel like she deals with so much crap from the other kids it will really hurt her if she finds out why we want to be around her and all.

“Clear those thoughts from your head girl, you and I’ve been waiting for this for way too long!” Savanna said frowning at her friend. “Besides it’s not like we are going to take the girl, tie her to a bed, force her into diapers, and make her pee and poop in them in front of us. We’re gonna be really nice to her, just like normal friends, we’ll protect her at school, and the only difference will be the occasional slip of the hand into a bowl of warm water at a sleepover.” Savanna said with a smile.

“Oh no Brinley, you wet the bed!” Gabriella said faking concern.

Savanna laughed. “Gabriella, Savanna, can we get off the next exit! I’ve gotta pee really bad.” Savanna said doing her best impression of Brinley’s voice.

“Oh sure, no problem Brin…………….oh sorry I missed the exit, don’t worry there’s another one ten miles up the road!” Gabriella said laughing.

“Oh no I’m Peeeeeeeeeeeeing my pants!!!” Savanna squealed imitating Brinley again.

“It’s ok Brin, we still love you and we won’t tell anyone!” Gabriella said with a smile!"

At that Savanna and Gabriella fell back on to Savanna’s bed laughing as they talked about how they would continue to get closer to Brinley each and every day.

As the days went by three things continued to happen on a daily basis. Abbie and Brinley grew more and more excited about spring break and the plans they had for each day. Gabriella and Savanna talked to Brinley on a slightly more regular basis, but it was slow going as they could see Abbie didn’t seem to care for them all that much, and they didn’t want her to get too worried about their new forming friendship with Brinley and possibly stop it all together. Lastly, Brinley dreaded more and more the thought of wearing diapers during the night at the Taylor’s.

It wasn’t at all that she was worried that Abbie, would make fun of her, but it was totally her worrying about how they would feel, how they would make her feel, and what it would feel like when she woke up after wetting them. She was extremely worried that she would be somehow less grown up after wearing them.

Abbie and Brinley stood in the hall on the last Monday before spring break would start. Brinley’s mom had married Tom that past weekend and she was trying to get used to having him in the house all the time. She hated the way he looked at her and talked to her, and she wanted to crawl into a hole and die when she heard her mother talking to him about her bed wetting.

She survived the weekend however and now her and Abbie just had to survive one more week of school and then on Friday night Brinley would be coming to stay with the Taylor’s for 10 consecutive nights. Abbie was going on excitedly about how her dad was planning on having the tree house ready for the girls by the final weekend of spring break and that they might be able to spend a night up in it the Friday or Saturday before school would resume again.

Brinley’s mind however was elsewhere and Abbie started to notice the distant look in her eyes when she mentioned spending the night up in the tree house. “Brin what’s wrong???” Abbie asked giving her the look that meant she knew something was up and Brinley had better tell the truth.

“Umm, well, I just umm.” Brinley was trying to think of how to say it.

“Just spit it out.” Abbie said impatiently.

“I’m just really nervous about wearing diapers to bed.” Brinley confessed for the first time since she told Abbie she would wear them and stay at her house. “It doesn’t have anything to do with you, it just bothers me.” Brinley said honestly hoping Abbie wouldn’t get mad that she was still hanging on to this.

Abbie however didn’t mind at all that Brinley was nervous as long as it didn’t have to do with her doubting their friendship.

“Brin!!!” She said putting a hand on either side of her face and looking her in the eyes. “It’s gonna be ok, I promise!!! I’ll wear one with you the first night if it makes you feel better, I’ll wear one every night with you if that’s what you want!” Abbie said looking at her in all seriousness.

“You will???” Brinley asked astonished.

“Yeah, I mean if I gotta go pee in one to make you feel better, I’ll do it, just don’t expect me to follow suit if anything comes out your butt into them though!!!” She whispered winking at her.

Brinley laughed, “I certainly hope that won’t be necessary!!!” Brinley said smiling. “And I dont’ think I’m gonna need you to have to wear one, but it means a lot that you would, and I totally believe that you would if I need you to.” Brinley said smiling at her best friend.

“Will if you need me to.” Abbie said as she hugged her friend. “Now quit worrying about the stuff that is gonna happen while we are unconscious and focus on the fun we are gonna have while we are awake!” Abbie said excitedly.

“You are right, we are gonna have the best spring break ever!!!” Brinley said excitedly.

As the girls walked down the hall they passed Savanna and Gabriella who were anxiously talking about the cruise Savanna’s parents were taking them on.

“Hey Gabriella, hey Savanna!” Brinley said as they walked by.

“Hey Brin!!!” they said in unison. “Hey Abbie” they followed up with for good measure.

“Hey” Abbie said politely, but not so enthusiastically.

Now it wasn’t that Abbie didn’t want Brinley to have any other friends. It wasn’t the case at all, and the Tree house had been built with the intentions of having additional friends being able to stay up there with them. So the fact that Brinley seemed to be getting along with Gabriella and Savanna wasn’t the issue. The issue was that Abbie didn’t trust Gabriella and Savanna as far as she could throw them, especially with Brinley. Brinley had said on many occasions how she felt they didn’t like her and talked behind her back, but suddenly, they were being all friendly to her.

It wouldn’t be the first time Taylor had some of her friends pretend to be friends with Brinley so that they could later use it against her and hurt her. Abbie was simply watching out for Brinley, and up to this point, she was not at all convinced that Savanna and Gabriella were genuine at all.

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Re: The Secret Tree House Part 6

Very nice. My main issues are mostly exclusive to this one line:

“No peeing in the diapers is your thing, I’m more interested in, watching someone have an accident!” Gabriella said smiling.

There should be a comma after “no”, otherwise the line comes off as “not peeing in the diapers is your thing”.

The comma after “thing” would work better as a period because Savanna’s interests and Gabriella’s interests are two different topics.

The comma after “in” is unnecessary. The second half of the sentence is a direct follow-up of the first, there is simply no reason to separate them with anything.

The end result is this:

“No, peeing in the diapers is your thing. I’m more interested in watching someone have an accident!” Gabriella said smiling.

Minor things but it can help avoid future mistakes.

Re: The Secret Tree House Part 6

Good chapter. I knew that Abbie would be able to convince Brinley that staying with her wouldn’t be such a bad thing. It didn’t happen exactly the way I expected it to though.

I was a little surprised in how Gabriella and Savanna are acting. If they are just after seeing someone have an accident why not just watch Savanna use her diapers. It became apparent that she is using diapers for whatever reason. Presumably because she likes using the diapers. Seems like they would be setting themselves up for some embarrassment of their own should Brinley discover Savanna’s secret.

I am excited to be able to go on and read the next chapter now. Keep up the good job.

Re: The Secret Tree House Part 6

I can see why they wouldn’t, if Savannah uses her diapers then it wouldn’t be an accident. Even if she drank a lot of water and waited until her body forced her to let go then it wouldn’t truly be an “accident”. The intent is still there, so is enjoyment. I can understand that they want an unsuspecting victim who feels genuine embarrassment. I can relate to that.

Re: The Secret Tree House Part 6

I can see your point, but I still wonder if the risk would be worth the reward. Not to mention what it would do to Brinley.

Re: The Secret Tree House Part 6

I agree. I cannot and will not attempt to justify that.

The only way it could be justified is if carelessness/recklessness for the sake of pleasure becomes a fatal flaw for Gabriella and Savannah, and comes back to bite them. Brinley’s case would likely have to end by avoiding their intentions or facing the logical consequences of them. But both of these are a matter of execution on the story’s part rather than speculation on the reader’s.

But that’s only if the author wants to go for strict justification in a real world setting while fearing anything less. I’m perfectly willing to suspend my disbelief as long as the story doesn’t derail itself into endless fap scenes.

As I said, this I cannot justify. It’s simply not my job.