The Secret Tree House Part 4

Chapter 4 (It’s Diapers or your Aunt!)

Late Fall in Hudson turned into Winter, and construction on Abbie and Brinley’s tree house had to be halted because of the heavy snow. The major work had been done, and it was better than Abbie or Brinley could ever have imagined. The Tree house’s outer edge was secured in the 4 corners by 4 humongous trees. The shape was not a perfect rectangle, but it was pretty close to one, and you could easily see 4 distinct sides.

Between the four trees a massive wooden deck was built and given extra support by support pillars that were built from the ground up to the bottom of the deck. The deck was surrounded by a 3 railed fence to make sure that occupants out on the deck would not accidentally fall off the edge and down to the ground below. A stair case with a locking gate with a combination on the lock was built on the left side of the deck up to another gate at the entrance to the deck on the left side of the structure as you faced it from Brinley and Abbie’s backyard.

In the middle of the deck was a cabin like structure with 6 bunks built into the walls and enough floor space for a table with 6 chairs, two couches, and a television set with a dvd player and a large locking case in which the girls could keep DVD’s or other supplies in. Mr. Taylor still needed to wire the tree house for electricity so the girls could have lighting, power for the tv, as well as power for a small fridge and microwave that they would eventually add as well. Off to the back side of the cabin was open space on the deck where there was a picnic table and some lawn furniture.

Brinley and Abbie were allowed up on the structure so they could spend the winter planning how they wanted the tree house laid out, but Mr. Taylor said it was far too cold, and was not quite ready for the girls to spend the night in yet.

One evening a few weeks later Brinley was headed upstairs to do her homework when her mother asked her to come into the living room and sit down. Brinley had been through this before and she knew exactly what was coming. “Brinley, Tom and I have decided to get married” her mother said. Brinley rolled her eyes, Tom gave her the creeps, but then again so did most of the men her mother dated.

“I know you were looking forward to spending spring break just you and I here at the house but Tom and I are getting married the week before and seeing as how I already asked for that week off for vacation we are going to be going on our honeymoon that week.” Brinley’s mom said knowing Brinley would not be pleased.

Much to her surprise though Brinley didn’t get angry or scream, or cry, she just lowered her head and stared down at the floor. " I know that you are disappointed by this and I’m sorry, but I tried to do the next best thing, and I talked to Mrs. and Mr. Taylor and they said they would be willing to let you stay at their house while Tom and I are gone so you Don’t have to go stay with Aunt Kim in Idaho." Brinley’s mom said hoping Brinley would be excited about that.

Brinley’s eyes lit up a bit at this news. “So I don’t have to go stay with Aunt Kim?” Brinley asked hopefully.

“No the Taylor’s said they would be more than willing to keep you at their house for 10 days.” Her mom said smiling.

Brinley’s eyes lit up a little bit and she smiled. “I guess I will allow Tom to take you away from me for a week or so as long as I don’t have to go to Idaho for spring break.” Brinley said breaking into a big smile.

“Oh Brinley I’m so happy you understand, and I think you are just going to love Tom, I really think he is the one, and you are being so grown up and mature! I am really, really proud of you.” Her mom said giving her a hug.

“I’m not so sure about Tom, but I’m going to love hanging out with Abbie not in Idaho!!!” Brinley thought to herself.

She was about to head up the stairs to do her homework when her mom stopped her again.
“Brin, there is one more thing hun.” her mom said getting very serious again.

Brinley braced herself, that had all gone far too well for what she was used to in her life, and the tone of her mother’s voice told her this was not going to be a good one more thing.

“I already talked to Mrs. Taylor about this and we think it would be best if while you were with the Taylor’s that you wear a diaper to bed, just to make things easy in the morning and make sure there is no laundry to do while you are at their house over spring vacation.” Her mom said hoping it would go over well.

There was a long pause of about ten seconds and Shelli could tell the earlier explosion she had avoided was coming. “NO WAY AM I WEARING A DIAPER!!! I am not a FRICKING BABY!!!” Brinley screamed at her mother. “BABIES WEAR DIAPERS!!! I’m 13, 13 year olds don’t wear diapers!!! my best friend and her little brother are going to be there!!! I am NOT WEARING A DIAPER IN FRONT OF MY BEST FRIEND!!!” Brinley continued screaming.

“Brinley I’m not going to make you wear diapers, it is completely your choice.” Her mother began.

“Great then I’m not wearing diapers!!! Glad that is settled!” Brinley cut her mom off.

“However……” her mother continued, “IF you don’t wear diapers, you aren’t going to be staying with the Taylor’s, you’re going to stay with your aunt in Idaho” and with that, her mother walked out of the room and left Brinley to ponder her decision.

Brinley couldn’t sleep that night, the anxiety of the thought of wearing diapers weighed heavily on her mind. If she didn’t choose to wear diapers though she was being shipped off to Idaho with Aunt Kim and that meant teasing from her cousins about her bed wetting and absolutely nothing but boredom for 10 straight days!

When Brinley finally fell asleep it wasn’t a very restful sleep at all. She immediately began to dream. In her dream Brinley walked out of the locker room after getting changed for gym class. Suddenly she became aware that the gym was filled with people sitting in the bleachers. It was all the teachers and all the students, and she was the only one who wasn’t sitting in the bleachers.

Suddenly Brinley heard Taylor’s voice shout out “Look everyone Brinley is wearing a diaper!!! What a BABY!!!” Brinley looked down and sure enough all she had on was her gym shirt and a disposable diaper.

Brinley started crying and frantically tried to run back into the locker room with the plastic of her diaper crinkling the entire way. It of course was locked and she was trapped in the gym. Brinley froze in fear as everyone continued laughing and pointing.

Jessica and Alissa came down from the bleachers at Taylor’s direction and dragged Brinley out to the middle of the gym. Jessica and Alissa laid her in the middle of the gym and held her down. By this time Taylor had started a chant in the crowd and everyone was cheering “Make her pee!!!, Make her Pee!!! MAKE HER PEE!!!”

Brinley felt a hand go into her abdomen and press down hard on her bladder. She felt intense pressure followed by a feeling of pressure being relieved and a hissing noise as she began peeing into the diaper.

She screamed as it was happening and became aware that a hand was rubbing the crotch of her diaper where she was peeing, she could hear this person laughing above everyone else. She looked up expecting to see Taylor glaring down at her laughing but when she opened her eyes it was Abbie, her best friend in the entire world, laughing with everyone else.

Brinley snapped out of her dream and shot straight up in her bed and back into reality. She was peeing in her bed and crying as she came to. It was the most awful dream she had ever had, and the diapers!!! She couldn’t wear diapers now!!! Abbie would make fun of her for sure!!!

Brinley decided right then she was going to Idaho. She took off her wet pajamas leaving them in the puddle on the bed, and dried off the best she could with a towel from the bathroom. She grabbed an extra blanket from the couch and her pillow off her bed which was not wet and curled into a ball on the floor and cried herself back to sleep.

Re: The Secret Tree House Part 4

It’s a nice chapter, a little short but I didn’t have much time to read it so it balanced out.

I’d consider rethinking chapter titles in the future. This one kind of spoils the chapter, sure we knew it was inevitable but a surprise is always preferable in these situations. Mainly because this plays off of the reader’s emotional response more than anything else.

Also, it’s " Taylors " when referring to the family as a group (e.g. the Taylors). It’s " Taylor’s " when referring to something that belongs to one of the Taylors. And " Taylors’ " when referring to something that belongs to the whole family. Just a minor thing but it’s easily avoidable.

Re: The Secret Tree House Part 4

Good chapter. Not the greatest of choices for Brinley to have to make. I have a feeling though that she is going to be spending Spring Break next door. I think that Abbie is going to have a talk with her and let her know that she and her family are fine with Brinley wearing the diapers.

I will be looking forward to reading more.