The Secret Tree House Part 3

Chapter 3 (The Question of Gabriella and Savanna)

3 Hours earlier

Gabriella Thompson and Savanna Kerns walked to 7th period together like they always did. They made quite the odd couple considering their differences. Gabriella Thompson lived on the Southern side of Hudson which was mainly a farming area. Her family didn’t have a lot of money and they worked very hard for the money they did have. Gabriella had 3 older brothers and no sisters and was one tough girl because of it. She had straight blonde hair, blue eyes, and was about 5 feet 10 inches tall. She was extremely athletic and probably could have beat up half the boys her age. She had a rough kind of beauty about her and loved playing sports. She was extremely confident, and a bit aggressive when it came to getting the things she wanted.

Savanna Kerns also was confident and aggressive when it came to getting what she wanted, after that and the blonde hair she couldn’t have been much more different from her friend. She was a very slender build and stood about 5 feet 6 inches. She had curly blonde hair and blue eyes, and lived up on the North side of town. This area was known as being very wealthy and Savanna Kerns was as wealthy as they came. She lived in a mansion with her mother, father, and 11 year old sister Elise. Savanna Kerns cared little for sports and was often busy buying things online on her phone while attending Gabriella’s games.

No one other than Gabriella and Savanna really knew how they became friends, but they were absolutely inseparable. They were their own social crowd, pretty much accepted by everyone, but they really could have cared less. Taylor and her friends would have loved to add the athletic Gabriella and the Kerns family fortune to their clique, but Savanna and Gabriella never seemed quite interested in being part of anything but themselves. They were the two girls who were invited to everything, but rarely went to anything. Whether this meant they had no friends, or were friends with just about everyone is a little bit of a mystery, but one thing was for sure. They were possibly they most talked about girls in all of Hudson.

This particular trip to 7th hour they walked about 10 feet behind Brinley Kelser whispering quietly to one another. “Seriously Savanna I absolutely drilled Brinley in the gut with the dodge ball today!!!” Gabriella said as they walked.

“Poor thing, don’t you think she suffers enough abuse already?” Savanna asked Gabriella as they continued to talk quietly and walk behind Brinley.

“No doubt, but I saw she really had to go to the bathroom and I just couldn’t resist, I seriously thought she was going to poop her pants, she was grabbing her butt desperately trying to hold it in and pretty much begged to be allowed to go to the bathroom, I was praying Skinner wouldn’t allow her to go and for a second I thought my prayers were answered cuz he looked like he was going to say no, but then he said yes.” Gabriella said disappointed.

“Oh my word, she never would have been able to live that down, that would have been horrible for her, but really awesome to see!!!” Savanna said winking at Gabriella.

" No doubt, remember when she wet her pants on the bus during our 6th grade field trip!!! Gabriella reminisced excitedly.

“Yeah that was pretty awesome, I seriously am shocked that’s the only time we’ve seen it, I mean look at her, you know she wets her bed every night.” Savanna said matter of factly.

“No doubt, and look how many times we’ve seen her absolutely desperate but she always makes it.” Gabriella complained.

" I know, seriously that girl is one major party pooper!" Savanna agreed.

“I wish she was more of a pants pooper!” Gabriella said with a laugh.

Savanna began to laugh too. Brinley turned around and saw the girls looking at her and laughing. She just sighed and walked ahead more quickly.

“She must think we are the biggest snots in the world!!!” Savanna said laughing again.

“Oh no, I’m pretty sure Taylor and the goon squad got that locked up!!!” Gabriella said laughing as well.

“Hmm, only if she knew, we kinda root for her every single day.” Savanna said with a sigh.

“Yeah to pee or poop her pants!” Gabriella said laughing again.

“Well maybe some of that, but we root for her in other things too. I mean after all, other than us, she’s pretty much the most interesting girl in school!” Savanna said.

“Sooooooooo True!!!” Gabriella said as they settled in to their desks for 7th period.

“Savanna, you want to have a contest and see who can hit Brinley with the most spit wads during class?” Ian Jackson whispered to her.

“Seriously Ian, that is disgusting” Savanna said giving him a disapproving look.

“Yeah well so is Brinley!!!” Taylor Jennings said as she leaned over from the desk right next to Savanna.

“Your breath is disgusting.” Savanna said barely audible to herself.

“What?” Ian asked thinking Savanna was talking to him.

Taylor in the meantime hadn’t heard anything she was already bad mouthing Brinley to someone on the other side of her.

“I said why don’t you ask Gabriella to play your little game with you……….oh yeah that’s right, it would be really embarrassing when you got demolished in a stupid boys game, by a girl!!!” Savanna said with a laugh.

“Yo that is so true dude, if Gabriella’s playin, I’m out!!!” Ronnie said.

“Shut up you idiot” Ian said glaring at Ronnie.

The next fifty minutes were painful for Gabriella and Savanna to watch. Brinley was absolutely bombarded with insults and spit wads the entire class hour. They kept hoping Mrs. Barnes the teacher would notice, but she was blind as a bat, and definitely 15 years overdue for retirement.

As Brinley plodded down the hall after class Savanna and Gabriella watched until she met up with Abbie.

“Good thing she’s around, or I’m pretty sure our girl would have walked in front of a bus by now” Savanna said as Gabriella and her turned to go to their lockers satisfied Brinley was safely with Abbie.

"Yeah no doubt, Abbie Taylor is like Mother Teresa times 10. Gabriella said.

“Yeah maybe, but she’s not even remotely as interesting as Brinley” Savanna said as she opened her locker.

“Uh, no, Brins’ in a league of her own!!!” Gabriella said as they headed to Savanna’s mansion to do their homework together.

Re: The Secret Tree House Part 3

The Gabriella and Savanna subplot shows promise, they seem to be my favourite archetype for this genre.

Also, “the teacher” should have commas around it as it is descriptive but not a part of the sentence itself. While “but she was blind as a bat” shouldn’t have commas around it as it is a necessary part of the sentence. It’s a minor thing, no big deal.

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I Like the Gabriella and Savanna subplot myself, one of my favorite parts of the story.

Thanks for your assistance with the grammar, I’m not sure whether it will improve that much, because I get so involved in my story that I tend to make common little mistakes. However, your critiques are not unappreciated as I did become a member to have my stories read and analyzed.

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I wonder how Gabriella and Savanna got to be cheering accidents on Brinley. Did one of them have an accident once and like the thought of seeing a peer have one?

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Write and Left,
that is one of the mysteries of the story that will developed as the story goes on.

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this is getting interesting :slight_smile:
looking forward to the next chapter

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This chapter really got me thinking. I am not sure of the motivations of Gabriella and Savanna. On the one hand they seem to be wanting to see Brinley embarrassed and hurt. Yet they also seem to be looking out for her as well. I guess I am just going to have to wait and see how this all plays out. I am looking forward to reading more.