The Secret Tree House Part 14

Chapter 14 ( Harder than they Thought)

Friday seemed to drag for all four of the girls as the two pairs of friends eagerly anticipated the evening for different reasons. When school finally let out the four girls walked happily with each other to the movie store to pick up some DVD’s for that evening.

Abbie noticed Brinley seemed to lag a little behind as they pretty much ran up and down the aisles trying to figure out which movies they should watch. “Hey Brin, what’s up?” She asked her friend as she stopped by her in an aisle once they were alone.

“What do you mean?” Brinley asked trying to sound happy.

“Don’t try the what do you mean trick, I know when something is bothering you!!!” Abbie said giving Brinley a playful little hip check.

Brinley smiled. “I guess it is just hard to have fun knowing you are leaving at the beginning of summer.” Brinley confessed.

“I thought we agreed not to cry about this till I have to actually leave?” Abbie said raising her eyebrows and doing her best playful impersonation of a mother scolding her child.

“Don’t do that Abbie, you know I hate it when you go all motherly on me!!!” Brinley said returning the playful hip check her friend gave earlier.

Abbie laughed, “Hey did I tell you that I met a family who is possibly interested in moving in to our place?” Abbie said smiling.

“No!!! please tell me they aren’t totally weird!!!” Brinley said hopefully.

“Wellllllll” Abbie said purposely letting Brinley know she was holding on to the power of information as long as possible. “They seem pretty normal, two kids, boy and a girl.” Abbie said smiling.

“How old?” Brinley asked immediately.

“Girl 11, Boy………absolutely gorgeous and 13!!!” Abbie said giving Brinley a flick of the hip that almost sent her flying into the movies.

“Quit playing!!!” Brinley said as she tried to hip check Abbie back.

Abbie dodged it and Brinley lost her balance and fell head over heels right onto the floor.

“Not playing at all, and I already put in a word.” Abbie said walking out of the aisle.

“What kind of word Abbie!!!” Brinley said from the ground as she quickly tried getting up and chasing after her friend.

“Just a little somethin, somethin, about a beautiful girl next door to him.” Abbie said with a wry smile as she turned into an aisle where Savanna was.

“You did what!!!” Brinley yelled after her as her jaw dropped open.

“Hey you and Brin cool with a couple of scary movies?” Savanna said hopefully.

“Heck yeah!!! Brinley loves them!!!” Abbie said low enough so Brinley couldn’t hear.

“It’s a Yes!!!” Savanna shouted up to Gabriella who proceeded to pay for two movies.

“Abbie Taylor, I’m gonna kill you!!!” Brinley whispered as she came out from behind a row of movies and crashed her hip into Abbie.

"Geez!!! " Savanna said jumping back alarmed as Brinley crashed into Abbie.

“I see what you mean about Brin loving scary movies!!! She ought to star in one jumping out and scaring people like that!!!” Savanna said laughing.

“You told her I love scary movies!!!” Brinley said glaring at Abbie.

Abbie winked and smiled as they walked out of the movie store, she could tell it was going to be a wonderful night.

Gabriella’s jaw hit the floor as she entered the tree house for the first time. “This thing is the coolest thing ever!” she said in awe.

Savanna opened up the locking cabinet which Abbie and Brinley had neglected to lock since the last time they had been in the tree house. What’s in here? She said as she swung the door open wondering why it had a lock on it.

Brinley’s face turned bright red as Savanna picked up one of the packages of diapers that the girls had recently put in there. Savanna didn’t even notice Brinley’s embarrassment though as she stood mesmerized by the package in her hands.

“Wow you planning on being up her a lot!?” Gabriella said clearly amused.

“Actually there is something we kind of neglected to mention…….” Abbie said realizing that they had completely forgot about the tree house’s biggest secret.

“What’s that!?” Gabriella said now very interested.

“Umm, well the only flaw of the tree house is that there isn’t any bathroom up here, and since we aren’t allowed to leave it after dark, bathroom options are limited, and we kinda like drinking our pop………” Abbie’s voice trailed off into a low whisper as she wondered what their new friends would say.

Savanna’s jaw almost hit the floor as her heart raced excitedly. “So you guys are saying, that if you have to go potty, that you use the diapers?” Savanna asked almost a little too hopefully.

“Yeah, hope that’s not too weird.” Brinley said looking back and forth at the two of them hoping they weren’t about to bolt.

Gabriella could see the pure delight on Savanna’s face and was very worried that she was about to blow their cover. “Umm I’m not going to lie, that’s kinda strange, I’m not sure I’m going to be able to do that.” Gabriella said noting mentally to herself that she hadn’t been in diapers since she was 2 or 3.

“I think we need to give it a chance before we judge Gabriella!!!” Savanna said glaring intently over towards her friend.

Abbie saw the opening and jumped in. “Yeah it’s really not that bad, I was a little scared about it the first time too Gabriella, but it’s really quick and easy and if we all do it, it won’t seem so weird.”

“Yeah Gabbi, if we all do it, it will be just fine.” Savanna said looking anxiously at her friend.

Gabriella sat down on the couch for a second weighing her options. First she could say she refused to go to the bathroom in the diapers and pronounce it as weird and probably not ever get invited back to the tree house again. Second option, she could say she would give it a try, not drink anything, hold her pee like crazy, and have the enjoyment of seeing Savanna, Abbie, and Brinley all pee their diapers out of need.

“I suppose I could give it a try.” Gabriella said glaring at Savanna.

“That’s why I love her ladies! She is willing to try anything, pretty much the best friend in the world!” Savanna said giving Gabriella a big hug.

Brinley and Abbie laughed and were absolutely relieved at how things had turned out.

“Gabbi you want a pop!?!” Savanna asked as she cracked one open for herself.

“Don’t push it!” Gabriella said glaring over at her friend who just laughed with the other girls at her response as they settled in to the couches to watch the first movie.

When the first movie ended Abbie suggested all the girls put a diaper on so they wouldn’t have to interrupt the second movie if any of them needed to pee. Gabriella of course was the only one who was against the idea and flatly stated that she wouldn’t be needing a diaper any time soon.

“But Gabriella, we will all feel so much better if you wear a diaper with us!” Abbie said hoping Gabriella would give in.

“Yeah seriously Gabriella, I will put one on first if it makes you feel better!” Savanna said winking at her friend.

“No It would not make me feel better, but thanks for being so willing to step outside of your comfort zone, it means so much to me.” Gabriella said with sarcasm that only Savanna was able to catch.

“Seriously Gabriella, it would just make us all feel better if we all were wearing one at the same time, you don’t have to use it just cuz you are wearing it!” Abbie said.

“Yeah, I’ll even let you put mine on me so you see it’s not so bad!” Brinley said hopefully.

Tingles shot up and down Gabriella’s spine as she heard Brinley’s offer to let her diaper her. Gabriella would have given up just about anything to have the opportunity just a couple of weeks ago, and now it was being offered to her freely.

Savanna looked over at her friend with a gleam in her eye. She knew her friend would have an impossible time resisting the offer. Gabriella met Savanna’s gaze and knew her friend was enjoying the situation immensely.

“You don’t have to do that Brinley, she probably would feel weird doing that, it would make me feel better about wearing mine if you let me put yours on you first though.” Savanna said looking over at Gabriella.

Savanna knew this was like yanking the bait just out of reach of a hungry fish. Gabriella would not be able to resist this trap easily and she had just turned it into a split second decision for her.

“No, Brinley’s right, maybe if I help put hers on I’ll feel better about wearing one myself.” Gabriella said quickly.

“Hey no worries Savanna, you can help me with mine if you want.” Abbie said trying to reassure Savanna as well.

“You’re so nice, Abbie, I think she might have backed out if you hadn’t offered.” Gabriella said glaring over sarcastically at her friend whom she knew loved how things were turning out.

“All right, I’ll go first; I really gotta go pretty bad anyways!!!” Brinley said dancing around a little desperately.

Gabriella was now almost sweating her heart was beating so fast. She couldn’t believe she was about to diaper Brinley who was admittedly desperate to go pee. Gabriella concentrated with all her might to try and keep cool so that she didn’t give away her deep desire to do exactly what she was about to do.

Brinley and Abbie were completely unaware of what was happening though as Gabriella slid Brinley’s pajama pants down as she lay on the bed. Gabriella worked slowly taking in every second of sliding the diaper under Brinley’s butt and then pulling it up snug in between her legs. She methodically fastened the tapes on each side pulling them extremely snug and secure. Brinley might have wondered what was taking so long, if she hadn’t assumed that Gabriella was just very nervous about the situation and wearing a diaper herself. She had to admit Gabriella had done an excellent job regardless of the time it had taken her, and she now only waited for Gabriella to pull her pajama bottoms back up.

Gabriella hesitated momentarily as she thought of Brinley’s desperate bladder and how easy it would be to make her pee her diaper. A few seconds of tickling or a forceful push to the bladder would likely do the trick and she could place her hand on the plastic diaper covering Brinley’s crotch and feel the warmth spread as Brinley struggled desperately against her accident. Gabriella almost hesitated too long and Savanna caught it and decided to help her friend keep her original wishes.

“Hey Gabbi, pull her pants up already, it’s time for you to get in diapers yourself babe!!!” She said laughing.

Gabriella snapped out of her trance instantly and pulled Brinley’s pants up.

“See Gabs!!! I’m not dying, I’m just fine!” Brinley said trying to reassure her friend.

Gabriella smiled at Brinley thinking to herself how close she was to making Brinley die of embarrassment.

The girls said it was only fair that Brinley get to diaper Gabriella next since Gabriella had just diapered Brinley. Gabbi had never imagined this scenario in her wildest dreams and was pretty embarrassed about the whole role reversal. Savanna could see Gabriella was embarrassed and was absolutely loving the irony of the situation as Brinley convinced Gabriella to let her put a diaper on her. It took Brinley less than half the time it had taken Gabriella, and Gabriella was quite thankful for that. She didn’t even give Brinley a chance to help her with her pajama pants as she quickly yanked them up to cover her diaper.

Savanna and Abbie then diapered each other and the girls finally settled in to watch the second movie. Savanna gave her friend a knowing smile as she snuggled up under a blanket with her on one of the couches. Gabriella smiled back and gave her friend a squeeze as she tried to get used to the way the diaper felt under her pajama pants.

Abbie and Brinley cuddled up on the other couch and Savanna and Gabriella spent as much time watching Brinley squirm next to Abbie out of the corner of their eyes as they did watching the second movie. Brinley did her best to hide it as she finally relented and wet the diapers, but Savanna and Gabriella spotted the absence of the squirming almost instantly and knew by the look on Brinley’s face exactly what was happening.

Savanna immediately relaxed her bladder when she saw Brinley wetting and laid her head on Gabriella’s shoulder as relief came over her body. Abbie eventually peed in her diaper during the movie as well, although she did a much better job hiding it than Brinley had as neither Gabriella nor Savanna had any clue when it happened. Finally the girls crawled into their bunks and relaxed, and three of them fell asleep quickly as they were exhausted from the long week that had preceded their evening of fun.

Gabriella however lay awake long after the others had fallen asleep. Between reliving diapering Brinley and her desperate need to pee, sleep was eluding her. Finally she found herself to the point of great discomfort and decided the inevitable was going to happen so she might as well fantasize about something. She thought back once again to when she diapered Brinley but this time played out the scenario in her mind where she pressed down on Brinley’s bladder as she squirmed desperately trying to escape. Gabriella sighed as she imagined Brinley peeing her diapers uncontrollably as she peed her own. She had to admit it wasn’t as bad as what she thought it would be, in fact it was rather enjoyable as she fantasized about forcing Brinley to pee.

She had just finished peeing her own diapers when she saw Brinley stirring as she had just peed her diapers in her sleep and woken up. Brinley got up and changed into a new diaper and saw Gabriella moving around uncomfortably in her own wet diaper.

“Gabs, you ok?!” Brinley whispered to her.

“Yeah I just need a new diaper, I finally peed in mine.” Gabriella admitted as she lay in her bed.

Brinley grabbed a new diaper and brought it over to her. “Here just in case you need to go again, better safe than sorry.”

“Thanks” Gabriella said as she took the new diaper from Brinley.

“No thank you!!!” Brinley said as she grabbed Gabriella and hugged her tightly.

“For what??” Gabriella asked.

“For being such an amazing friend!” Brinley said squeezing her tightly again before heading back to her own bed.

Gabriella lay in her bed for some time motionless before she finally got around to changing into her new diaper. She felt so guilty lying to Brinley, but she couldn’t see how there was any way out of the situation she had gotten herself into.

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Re: The Secret Tree House Part 14

Very good.

before we judge Gabriella!!!

There should be a comma before Gabriella. This shows that Savanna’s talking to her, not about her.

“No thank you!!!”

There should be a comma after no. This shows that Brinley is thanking Gabriella while rejecting her thanks. The lack of comma suggests a rejection of an offer.

Small things, but very nice to have.

Re: The Secret Tree House Part 14

Another very good chapter. I am still hoping that the girls take it easy on Brinley. I almost don’t want to read the next chapter because I know that is the end and I really don’t want to see this story come to an end. Well at least I can hope you start another soon.