The Secret Tree House Part 13

Chapter 13 (Two Paths)

Savanna and Gabriella had played the whole thing off perfectly when it came to their reactions the following Monday. Abbie had come in to a variety of jeers and taunts from not only Taylor and her friends, but the majority of the jr. high. Gabriella and Savanna stepped up and immediately began to defend her and tell the other kids to back off. Brinley and Abbie were near tears at their generous defense of them and quickly invited them to go to the Soda Stop with them after school that day. Gabriella and Savanna quickly accepted the invitation and then waited as the halls cleared around them.

“Well done! They don’t suspect a thing!!!” Savanna said winking at her best friend.

“Wasn’t too hard, I kind of feel like they deserved to have someone stick up for them!” Gabriella said feeling good about what she had done.

“Probably didn’t hurt that you’ve had practice doing that before anyways huh Gabs?” Savanna said wrapping her friend up in a tight hug.

“Yeah I was thinking about how much it was like old times!” Gabriella said as she hugged her friend tightly back.

“Well we better get to class!” Savanna said as she hurried down the hall

“Yes we had.” Gabriella said as she hurried off as well.

That evening at the Soda Stop Gabriella and Savanna pretended to be completely surprised when Brinley shared with them that she was really the one who wore the diapers. Gabriella’s heart raced as she could see the embarrassment it caused Brinley to tell Savanna and her that she still wet her bed. She was even more worried that somehow her thoughts would betray her as Brinley shared that she had been wearing diapers regularly at night for the past few weeks.

Savanna quickly jumped into the conversation though telling Brinley that her secret was safe with her and Gabriella and that she didn’t need to be embarrassed. Gabriella quickly agreed with all that Savanna had said and Brinley sighed relief. Abbie smiled approvingly and then began to excitedly tell Savanna and Gabriella all about the tree house. Before long the girls had made plans to spend the upcoming weekend together up in the tree house and the moment Gabriella and Savanna had dreamed about was finally coming true.

The week seemed to drag on forever for Brinley and Abbie as Taylor did everything she could to make their lives a living hell. Taylor did her best to try and turn many of the jeers towards Brinley, but they never quite caught on because of what Abbie had done. Abbie however was called diaper girl by just about every student in the entire jr. high. She did quite well ignoring most of the taunts, probably half because she knew she had protected Brinley, and half because she knew they weren’t true. It still was hard on her though as some of the boys she had crushes on called her a bed wetter and diaper baby every time she walked past them.

No one took the taunting harder than Brinley though. Between Abbie, Savanna, and Gabriella it was a full time job trying to console her as she cried and cried as the other kids made fun of Abbie. She knew it was her that should be getting mocked, but that Abbie had unfairly taken her place. She wondered why she deserved to have a friend so good as Abbie, and the more she thought about it, the more upset she became, because she couldn’t come up with a good reason that she deserved to have so good of a friend.

When Thursday night finally rolled around, both Abbie and Brinley lay exhausted on their own beds at home. They were longing for the next day of school to be over and to be up in the tree house with friends whom they could trust. Little did they know Savanna and Gabriella sat in Gabriella’s room discussing the next move they were planning to make.

“You know you’re going to stick her hand in a bowl of warm water while she’s sleeping Gabbi!” Savanna said laughing as she lay back on her friend’s pillows.

“No I’m not Savanna, It’s too risky and besides, why do I need to stick her hand in a bowl of warm water when she wets anyways.” Gabriella asked as she lay back right next to her friend.

“You know I’m going to wet my diapers anyways, but you still can’t help trying to make me helplessly wet them in my sleep!” Savanna said laughing as she playfully elbowed her friend.

“That’s because you love it when I make you wet your diapers!” Gabriella said turning and easily pinning her friend down to the bed.

“That’s while you’ll make her do it, It will be embarrassing for her, you’ll love it!!!” Savanna said sticking her tongue out slightly with a twinkle in her eyes.

“It’s got to be embarrassing for you when I completely give you no say in the matter and make you pee yourself too!!!” Gabriella said as she continued to pin her friend down to the bed while removing her sweat pants with the other hand exposing the plastic of her disposable diaper.

“I pretend just for you!” Savanna said laughing and completely unfazed by what her friend had just done.

“We’ll see how much your pretend when I call my brothers up her to see you!” Gabriella said as she went to tickling her friend who had recently drank a lot to give herself a very full bladder.

Savanna’s eyes became slightly panicked as she tried to kick free, but this was exactly what Gabriella wanted as she easily held her down and mercilessly tickled her. Savanna was very worried Gabriella would call one of her brothers in but was unable to focus on this thought very long as she began to squeal with laughter. Her worries were very quickly replaced with exhilaration as she felt herself losing control of her bladder and wetting helplessly into her diapers. Gabriella watched excitedly as Savanna squealed and lost control of herself. She had no intentions of calling one of her brothers in, but the fact that she had planted the thought into Savanna’s mind was enough to make the moment exciting.

Savanna lay on the bed breathing heavily from exhaustion and excitement as Gabriella finally quit tickling her. Gabriella stopped pinning her and lay down next to her again and put her arm around her. Savanna relaxed enjoying the warmth of her wet diaper and the comfort of Gabriella’s arm around her.

“Not saying that wasn’t a blast, but you still know it would be way better with both of us doing that to Brinley against her will.” Savanna said turning and looking at her friend with another twinkle in her eyes.

“Quit reminding me.” Gabriella said groaning knowing her friend was right.

“We’re going to be good though tomorrow night aren’t we?” Savanna said sighing.

“I really think it’s the right thing to do.” Gabriella said with another sigh.

“Lies and Restraint, the two key words for tomorrow then.” Savanna said as she got up to go change out of her wet diaper.

“Lies and Restraint” Gabriella said as she laid down on her bed thinking about how difficult tomorrow night was going to be.

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Re: The Secret Tree House Part 13

In the last chapter I thought these two were giving up on trying to embarrass poor Brinley, but I guess not. At least they seem to be restricting her embarrassment to just the four of them. I look forward to the next chapter. Not many left which is sad.

Re: The Secret Tree House Part 13


I definitely am seeking to show the struggle Savanna and Gabriella are having (especially Gabriella) between what they think they want to do, and what they think is right. I think it is a compelling battle we all face in life when dealing with doing what we want and doing what we think is right, when the two come into conflict. In many cases others are unknowingly dragged into the consequences or rewards of our choices. This situation is certainly not an exception. I look forward to continuing to develop this inner struggle as well as some others while I write. Thanks for your input.