The Secret Tree House Part 12

Chapter 12 (Uncontrollable Guilt)
Mrs. Adams was unable to get a hold of Brinley’s mother due to the fact that she and Tom had left for the weekend so Mrs. Taylor came and picked Abbie and Brinley up from school at the request of Mrs. Adams. Abbie and Mrs. Taylor did everything they could to cheer Brinley up that afternoon but she eventually fell asleep crying on Abbie’s bed as she was unable to get a hold of her emotions.

Later that evening Brinley awoke to Abbie gently shaking her awake, “Brinley you gotta get up the pizza is here, and I’m kinda scared you are gonna wet my bed if I let you sleep any longer.” Abbie said honestly.

Brinley opened her eyes slowly. “Tell me it’s all a bad dream.” Brinley mumbled as she tried to come to her senses.

“I wish it was Brin, but on Monday, I’m still gonna be the bed wetting diaper girl at school, and in June, we still have to move to L.A.” Abbie said.

“Noooooooooooo….” Brinley whined feeling a fresh batch of tears about to come on.

“Please don’t cry Brinley, I’m really sad too, I was going to tell you later tonight in the tree house, but when all that stuff went down, I just had to rub it in Taylor’s face that she wasn’t going to get to pick on me forever.” Abbie said.

“I should have told you differently though, I’m really sorry!” Abbie said sincerely.

“Abbie, don’t apologize, you shouldn’t have told them you were the one who wears diapers, it isn’t true and it isn’t fair that you are going to be picked on, I’m gonna tell everyone the truth on Monday” Brinley said.

“Brinley Kelser!!! If you tell anyone, you will completely rip my heart out, I have never felt so good about something I have done for someone else in my entire, life, and there is no one in the entire world that I would have rather done that for than you. You have to promise me that you won’t ever tell anyone.” Abbie said looking sternly at her friend.

“But it’s not” Brinley started.

“NEVER!!!” Abbie interrupted.

“Ok I promise!!!” Brinley said retreating back on to Abbie’s bed. “I just feel really bad.” Brinley said looking at the floor.

"You wanna know how you can make up for it Brinley? Abbie asked smiling at her friend.

“More than anything in the world.” Brinley said wondering what her friend had in mind.

“First you get your butt over here, and you wrap your arms around me, you give me the biggest hug in the world and you tell me thank you.” Abbie said opening her arms to Brinley.

Brinley rushed over and embraced her friend tightly. “Second and even more important, you get tight with Gabriella and Savanna, and you stay close to them so I know no one is ever gonna be able to hurt you, and then you live your life, and you love people like you have loved me, and you never ever let the mean people, the bitter people, or the angry people get the best of you, because you know that the love we have for each other is stronger than all of that other crap.” Abbie said as tears began to stream down her face.

“I’m gonna try Abbie!!!” Brinley said as she began to cry.

The two girls hugged for several moments, and then they heard Abbie’s mom calling them down to get their pizza. Abbie broke the hug first and headed for the door, but Brinley stopped her as she called her name. “Abbie” she said smiling at her.

“Yeah Brin???” Abbie asked

“Thanks for saving me today, you are my hero, and I’ve never felt as loved as I feel right now.” Brinley said with a smile as she grabbed Abbie and hugged her again.

Abbie began to cry as Brinley held her tightly yet again. She wondered who would save Brinley if she ever needed saving again. The thought made her sad to think someone might not be around to save this innocent girl that she had come to love as her best friend. She prayed silently as Brinley held her that someone would come along who would love Brinley just as much as she did.

Meanwhile Gabbi and Savanna sat silently next to each other on Savanna’s bed as they tried to process what had just happened. “Well that was something I never thought I would see in a million years.” Savanna said breaking the silence.

“Any truth to what Abbie said?” Gabriella asked.

“Not a chance, that was a huge cover up, that’s why Brinley was freaking and Abbie was so cool about the whole thing.” Savanna said

“Well maybe Brinley was freaking out because she knew it was Abbie’s butt on the line” Gabriella said trying to think of the different possibilities.

“So the fact that it’s always Brinley struggling not to pee herself and Abbie never seems to be in trouble means nothing?” Savanna asked.

“I suppose you are right.” Gabriella said looking sadly down at the floor.

“What’s wrong with us? This is the kind of information we’ve been waiting for!” Savanna said trying to sound up beat.

“Yeah I guess I just feel bad for Brinley, I mean if Abbie wasn’t moving away and all, I’d be delighted, but who is she going to have left to protect her, us? I mean think about all the different situations we’ve thought about doing to her, we’re not exactly up for friends of the year.” Gabriella said looking rather glum.

All right I’ll admit we sort of suck if our inner thoughts are known, but we’ve helped her out. Look what you did for her the other day in the hall. You saved her and Abbie." Savanna said trying to raise her friend’s spirit. “And besides it’s not like we are going to do anything to her in front of other people, it will be just our secret, we can pretend to be compassionate and make it all seem really natural.” She continued.

“Yeah but don’t you think she’s had enough people going behind her back in her life?” Gabriella asked still feeling incredibly guilty.

“What the hell!? You feel bad for her? What about us? We can’t help it that we feel the way we fucking feel. It’s not like I woke up one day and decided that I wanted to wear diapers for fun! It’s not like you just woke up some morning and decided that you enjoyed watching people have real accidents! This shit isn’t our fault!” Savanna said starting to get irritated.

“It’s not her fault that her life sucks either Savanna!” Gabriella said getting upset as well.

Savanna looked down at the ground, she knew Gabriella was right. “So what do you want to do, tell her we’ve practically been stalking her since she pissed her pants on the bus in sixth grade? I’m sure that will go over really well, we’ll just apologize, tell her our secrets and see if she’s cool with us. That sounds like a great plan!” Savanna said sarcastically.

“No you’re right, we can’t say anything, she needs us, we just need to keep it quiet.” Gabriella said realizing Savanna was right as well.

“That’s fine with me, I’m not worried about myself at all. We’ll see how committed you are though next time she’s bursting to pee and you end up being key in whether she makes it to the toilet or wets her pants though.” Savanna said smiling knowingly at her friend.

Gabriella swallowed hard as she knew her friend knew her all too well. “I know, but someone’s gotta be there for her.” Gabriella said sadly.

“It’s settled then, we never tell her the truth.” Savanna said looking sternly at Gabriella.

“Not a word.” Gabriella whispered back.

Re: The Secret Tree House Part 12

Once again, you did a wonderful job on the chapter. I can feel the emotions of the girls and that makes it a fantastic story. I was truly very pleased to see that Savanna and Gabriella have had a change of heart. At least to the extent that they will not let Brinley know that they were using her as they seemed to be wanting to. Looking forward to reading more