The Secret Tree House Part 11

Chapter 11 ( Lies and the Awful Truth)
The next few days trudged along slowly, it seemed as though Taylor and her friends were still trying to play catch up and make up for the lost time at spring break where they hadn’t been able to pick on Brinley. Brinley, ever the pessimist, actually had to admit though things were actually going much better lately.

Gabriella and Savanna had become very close friends with her during some of her classes and they really looked out for Brinley lately during 7th hour. Abbie still wasn’t real sure about the two of them, but she had more pressing issues to worry about at home than to try and worry herself about policing Brinley’s relationships. For the moment it seemed to be working out in Brinley’s favor and so Abbie took a wait and see attitude on Savanna and Gabriella.

Friday morning came and Brinley quickly packed her bag for the night over at Abbie’s. Her Mother, and Tom decided to go away for the night when they found out Brinley was staying at Abbie’s, so Brinley was told to take all her things with her to school as the house would be locked when she got back to Abbie’s that evening. She stuffed a single diaper in her gym bag not too worried that anyone would find it as she would lock it into her gym locker. This would make Tom and her mother happy; little did they know the girls had an entire package stashed in the tree house in case of potty emergencies.

Abbie stood in her door way urging her to hurry. She seemed even less stressed out this morning, but she was making up for it with motherly worry. She must have checked Brinley’s bag for all of her items three times, and gave her a hug when she arrived and before they left the room. Brinley could tell something was up but she couldn’t quite put her finger on it.

Brinley continued to be puzzled as they continued on their car ride to school. Abbie kept emphasizing how much fun they were gonna have that evening and Abbie kept telling her over and over that she was the best friend ever. Normally Brinley would have loved to hear such affirming words, but she could tell something was wrong.

When they arrived at school, she tried to get Abbie to tell her what was going on, but Abbie just smiled and said. “Oh Brin, don’t worry, nothing is wrong, everything will be just fine!!!”

Brinley was going to press her on why the future was needing Abbie’s vote of confidence, but Taylor came by right then and knocked all of Abbie’s books right out of her hand and onto the floor. “OOOOPS sorry Abbie!!!” Taylor said laughing as she smacked her gum.

Brinley who normally would have quickly went to work gathering Abbie’s books for her and saying nothing, did not have her typical reaction. “You are so pathetic Taylor!!! I used to wonder why you went around and knocked books out every girls hands, but then I finally figured it out, you only do it to the people who you know are hotter than you are! Good choice today, cuz Abbie’s a hundred times hotter than you!!!” Brinley yelled down the hall after her.

Taylor spun around in pure rage, Alissa and Jessica right behind. “You’re gonna pay for that you little bitch!!!” Taylor said giving Jessica a nod as the large girl walked towards the much smaller Brinley.

Abbie was getting ready to fling herself between Jessica and Brinley and meet certain death when Gabriella stepped right in front of Brinley. She grabbed hold of Jessica and shoved her right up against the lockers. “Jessica, I could swear we have first hour together, and I’m pretty sure our class is the other way.” She said pushing her captive even more firmly against the lockers. “Yeah I guess you are right, sometimes I get mixed up where I’m going in this big school.” She said as she struggled free and spun around and walked back to Taylor and Alissa.

“Mommy’s not always gonna be around to protect you Brin!!!” Taylor said turning and looking over her shoulder as she glared at Brinley. Brinley shuddered as she thought of what was going to happen to her next time she met one of those three alone. Her fears were forgotten though when she saw what happened next.

Abbie grabbed Gabriella and spun her around like no one in the whole school would have dared done. “Thanks for saving my best friend.” She said as she gave Gabriella a quick hug and then headed towards her first class.

“I didn’t save Brinley, I saved you, I saw you were gonna step in front.” Gabriella shouted after her. Abbie smiled to herself. Maybe Gabriella and Savanna weren’t so bad after all.

Taylor meanwhile was furious and had pulled Alissa and Jessica into the nearest girls bathroom. " I am so over this little bitch, when she goes to gym today I want you in her gym bag, and I want her underwear in my hands, they are getting hung up in the cafeteria for lunch!" Taylor said angrily.

“That’ll be no problem, Morgan has gym with her and is the locker next to hers. She wrote down Brinley’s combo and gave it to me earlier this year, I thought saving it might come in handy.” Alissa said with an evil smile.

Taylor laughed. “This is going to be the best lunch ever!!!”

That day during fourth hour Alissa asked to be excused from her fourth hour class to use the bathroom. She made her way to the locker room and took a quick look around to make sure no one was looking. Once she was satisfied that she was alone she quickly worked the combination of Brinley’s lock and opened up her gym locker. Once inside she grabbed Brinley’s gym bag and opened it up. She would have grabbed Brinley’s underwear and bolted like the original plan had she not immediately noticed the diaper inside of her gym bag. Confused she pulled it out and took a good look at it. It was way too big to be a baby diaper. It almost looked as though it would fit her.

Alissa smiled wickedly as suddenly everything clicked, this was going to be better than she had imagined. She stuffed the diaper back inside of Brinley’s bag and brought the whole thing out of the locker room with her. She quickly stashed it inside of her locker and headed quickly back to class, she had already been gone for quite some time. It was embarrassing enough that everyone was going to think she had been going poop, if she was gone any longer the teacher might start to wonder what she had been up to. She quickly re-entered the class and took her seat, anxious for the hour to be over so she could share with Taylor and Jessica exactly what she had found.

Taylor danced delightedly by her locker as Alissa excitedly told her what she had found. Taylor ripped the bag out of Alissa’s hands and peered inside excitedly as Alissa produced the bag from her locker. “Oh my gosh!!! This is going to be the greatest day EVER!!!” Taylor squealed excitedly.

Abbie paused briefly as she passed by the jubilant Taylor. For a moment she thought she recognized Brinley’s bag, but it was thrust back inside of Alissa’s locker before she could get a really good look. Abbie just shrugged the incident off as she made her way to her locker. She had a much more pressing issue to deal with than worrying about Taylor right now.

As she collected her books for the next class she saw Gabriella quickly approaching. “Hey you better come quick, apparently Brinley’s gym bag magically disappeared from her gym locker and she is really upset.” Gabriella said somewhat concerned.

“What do you mean it disappeared?” Abbie asked puzzled.

"Well apparently she put her lock on her locker with it inside of it but when she came back it wasn’t there, and now she is freaking out, I tried to tell her it wasn’t any big deal, it was just a gym bag and a few clothes, but she is acting like it is the end of the world.

“All right, why don’t you go to your next class so you aren’t late, I’ll go to the locker room, I think I can calm her down.” Abbie said as she hurried toward the locker room.

Abbie felt a sickness building in the pit of her stomach, she now knew Taylor’s excited dancing and the fact that she thought she saw Brinley’s gym bag was no coincidence. She also feared she knew why Brinley was so upset and Taylor was so delighted.

As Abbie entered the locker room Brinley rushed up to her crying. “Abbie someone took my gym bag and it has a ……………” Brinley stopped short not sure if anyone else was in the locker room, and she burst into tears as Abbie grabbed her and hugged her.

“Hey everything is going to be ok!!!” Abbie said as she tried to comfort Brinley.

“No, no it’s not, how could it be, everyone is going to find out!!!” Brinley wept bitterly.

“No, no they aren’t, you are going to let me handle the gym bag, incident, and you are going to go to the office and stay there until your mom can bring you some new clothes from home to wear to class. Understand?” Abbie asked trying to reassure Brinley.

“But how are you going to handle the situation?” Brinley asked with tears still streaming down her face.

" I told you not to worry, I’m going to take care of it!" Abbie said as she heard the bell ring for the next class to begin.

Abbie waited a few more minutes, she wanted to make sure the halls were entirely clear before taking Brinley to the office. Once she was satisfied that everyone was out of the hall she led Brinley to the office and got a pass for her next class. She shuddered at the thought of what she knew she needed to do, her life was about to change dramatically.

Abbie walked slowly from her 5th hour class to her locker to get her lunch. She had a feeling this was when Taylor was going to try and ruin Brinley’s reputation. As she passed Taylor and Alissa she could see they were headed toward the lunch room delightedly swinging Brinley’s gym bag on the way. Abbie quickly undid her lock and put her books back in her locker, she needed to be sure that she was there when Taylor tried to make her move.

Abbie couldn’t have been more correct about Taylor’s intentions during lunch time, and it was a good thing she had picked up the pace because by the time she made her way into the lunch room Taylor had already gathered a large crowd.

“So most of you will recognize this as Brinley Kelser’s gym bag, I found it lying in the hall and was going to give it back to her.” Taylor lied. “On my way to return it to her something very interesting happened, you see Brinley left her bag unzipped and I noticed that this fell out.” Taylor lied again holding up the disposable diaper.

Taylor smiled as the crowd began to laugh. “Now I am not sure whether Brinley simply is headed to a sleep over, and has this cuz she wets her bed, or if she goes poopy in this every day because she simply can’t control herself at all, but I thought I would just let everyone know that you need to be extra sensitive and extra nice to Brinley, because she’s got some problems!!!” Taylor said with a smile as the crowd roared with laughter.

Brinley meanwhile had endured a scolding from her mother about how she needed to be more responsible with her belongings. Truthfully her mom was just mad because she and Tom had just been ready to leave for the weekend when she had to run back to the house and get Brinley new clothes. Brinley had just recently finished changing into her new clothes and had run to the lunch room hoping to catch up with Abbie and find out that she had miraculously gotten her bag back and everything was well. Instead her heart sank as she entered the lunch room and saw the crowd roaring with laughter as Taylor held up her gym bag and her diaper.

She had no time to even process the situation however as a voice broke in loudly over the laughter and interrupted Taylor’s moment of triumph. “THAT IS NOT TRUE AT ALL!!!” Abbie yelled out.

Everyone immediately stopped laughing and turned towards Abbie to hear what she had to say. “That diaper is mine, I still wet the bed which is why I have to wear diapers at night, I was really nervous about keeping it in my own bag so Brinley said she would keep it for me.” Abbie said as tears began to fill her eyes.

The whole crowd burst into laughter again, but this time it was directed at Abbie. Brinley who had only been in the lunch room just long enough to hear her friend tell a lie that pretty much doomed her to mocking for the rest of her Jr. High and High School days ran towards her friend crying. “ABBIE WHY WOULD YOU TELL THEM THAT, THEY ARE GONNA MOCK YOU FOREVER!!!” Brinley screamed as she ran to her friend.

“Brinley that is the most intelligent thing I’ve ever heard you say, because it is very true that we are going to make the Wittle Diaper Babies life miserable!!!” Taylor said with a laugh.

Brinley ignored this comment as she stopped a foot in front of Abbie with tears streaming down her face. “Why?” she asked again.

Abbie looked up from the floor for the first time since she had told her lie. “Because it’s true Brinley!!!” Abbie said looking deep into Brinley’s baby blue tear filled eyes. “And it is ok if they mock me, because my dad accepted a job in Los Angeles, we’re moving as soon as school is out, I won’t have to put up with it for long!” Abbie said with a smile as she turned from her compassionate gaze towards Brinley and smiled knowingly at Taylor.

Taylor’s jaw dropped as she realized the awful truth of what had just happened. She burned with anger as she realized she had no way to prove Brinley’s secret now after Abbie’s confession. She turned bitterly in disgust as she realized she had been outwitted by Abbie. “You may be leaving soon, but it won’t be able to come soon enough!!!” Taylor said threateningly as she walked away to eat her lunch.

Brinley never heard Taylor’s threat though, she was collapsed onto the floor crying uncontrollably as the awful truth of the situation had sunk in fully to her as well. “You can’t leave me Abbie!!!” she bawled, “I can’t make it without you!!!” She wept bitterly.

Abbie tried to console her but Brinley just cried harder. A few teachers who had been passing by the lunch room at this point had rushed in thinking Brinley was on the verge of death the way she was crying.

“Brinley are you ok!?!?” Mrs. Adam’s her last year’s English teacher asked frantically.

“NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!” Brinley cried, “My best friend is moving away!!! I’m gonna be all Alone!!!” Brinley wept uncontrollably.

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Re: The Secret Tree House Part 11

??? wow big plot twist

Re: The Secret Tree House Part 11

love it and the plot twist was unexpected as well. ;D

Re: The Secret Tree House Part 11

I’m actually relieved, I thought you were going to kill her off. I’ve felt a ‘Bridge to Terabithia’-like vibe ever since Abbie first said they’d always be together a few chapters ago. This is still traumatic but less so. Shame that this has to be the source of my relief but I’ll take what I can get.

A small question. Why would Taylor expect Brinley to have underwear in her gym bag? Is it normal for people to keep spare underwear in their gym bags? I’ve never met anyone who does that. Considering that it seems like a big assumption to make, let alone to be as sure about it as Taylor is.

Re: The Secret Tree House Part 11

i agree, kind of curious how that will end up. by the way i like your signature The One Who Sees from the call of cthulhu right?

Re: The Secret Tree House Part 11

always had a change of underwear in my gym bag, sweaty underwear for the rest of the day no fun…………Maybe I’m weird?

Re: The Secret Tree House Part 11

I guess I can see why she would. Maybe it is common.

Thanks. Yes I figured it’d make a good signature. It’s short and carries an impact.

Re: The Secret Tree House Part 11

it is a great signature, still not sure on how to pronounce it though haha.

Re: The Secret Tree House Part 11

An emotional chapter. I really felt for Brinley. Poor girl just can’t catch a break. Not only was her secret pretty much exposed, but she discovers she is loosing her best friend. And what a friend that is. To take that kind of bullying for a friend is something special. I am looking forward to reading more.