The Secret Tree House Part 10

Chapter 10 (Bad News for Both)
The next night in the tree house went very much like the first except this time Abbie tried to take a little more care not to drink so much pop. The end result though was not much different than the first night. The truth was is that if the girls stayed the night up in the tree house there really weren’t any good bathroom options other than Brinley’s diapers.

That evening, like the night before, Abbie eventually needed to use one of Brinley’s diapers. Brinley on the other hand because of her small bladder and her lack of control when it came to drinking pop was wetting a lot more and needed a second diaper during the night. The next morning they ate breakfast in the tree house and gathered up all of their things as they would have to sleep back at the house that evening since they had school the next morning.

“We are gonna have to save our money and buy some diapers, because I’m thinking that we are pretty much going to have to wear them when we spend the night here.” Brinley said as they came down the stairs.

“Well you certainly will and I’ll continue to wear them so you don’t have to do it alone.” Abbie said with a smile and a wink at Brinley.

“Whatever, you wouldn’t have made it either night without them!” Brinley said.

“Maybe, maybe not, but what is the fun of a sleepover if I can’t drink a bunch of pop?” Abbie said smiling.

“All right it is settled then; we’ll split the cost half and half and leave a package up in the tree house.” Brinley said as they made their way through the woods.

“Sounds good Brin, just another one of our many secrets!” Abbie said with a smile.

Nothing too amazing worth mentioning happened that Sunday, Brinley of course wore diapers at the Taylors that evening and Abbie did not. Brinley wet her diapers and changed out of them in the morning happy to be free of being forced to wear diapers, though she wondered what it was going to be like to start wetting her bed again. That was something she was willing to deal with though, because she certainly was not going to admit to her mom that the diapers worked out pretty well and end up in them every night.

The next week went by slowly for Brinley as she adjusted to some new and old things. Wetting the bed again certainly was no treat, and it meant laundry in the morning and no more sleeping well at night.

Living with Tom certainly wasn’t off to a very good start either. First he absolutely looked for every possible way to try and assert himself as the new head of the house. He constantly was telling Brinley what to do, and her mother seemed to be on board with the whole Tom as her new dad type of thing. Brinley still absolutely could not stand him, and his constantly telling her what to do wasn’t helping either.

On top of that he seemed to be some sort of expert on her bed wetting and was constantly telling her not to drink past dinner which she had already tried a million times and just went to bed thirsty and woke up wet anyhow, and he complained every morning that the noise of Brinley washing her sheets and pajamas woke him up before he had to be up for work. Brinley was of course completely uncomfortable talking to him about anything, let alone her bed wetting and the tension was building and about to blow the roof off the house.

It all finally came to a head on Sunday afternoon as Brinley sat at the table with Tom and her mother for one of their newly formed “family dinners” that Tom had instituted. It wasn’t actually as bad as Brinley had thought it would be until the very end when Tom started in on Brinley’s least favorite subject.

“I don’t know if I can handle another week of Brinley washing her sheets in the morning.” Tom said to Shelli as if Brinley wasn’t even at the table.

Brinley’s face turned red and she immediately lowered her gaze onto her food as she wanted to look no one in the eye at the moment.

“Well I’m not real sure there is anything we can do Tom, I already told you that Brinley does not have time after school to do her laundry and get all of her school work done and have a normal evening on top of it.” Shelli said.

Brinley let out a sigh relief at least her mom was sticking up for her. “Actually I think there is something we can do, you said when you talked to the Taylor’s that they said it worked out very well to have Brinley wear diapers at their house.” Tom said pausing for a second.

Brinley’s eyes shot up from her plate and she didn’t even give the conversation a chance to develop any further, she knew exactly where Tom was headed with this one. “NO FRICKING WAY!!!” Brinley burst out angrily, “Who the heck do you think you are, you aren’t my dad Tom, and there is no way that I am wearing diapers. You aren’t my father, and you can’t make me.” Brinley said glaring angrily at him.

“Brinley Kelser!!!” Her mother exclaimed. “You do not talk to Tom that way, and you know what, he is the head of this house now, because I married him, and you will show him respect, and if Tom says you wear diapers to bed, then you will wear diapers to bed!!!” Her mother said in a tone that Brinley knew she had better mind. “You are going to start showing Tom some respect and that is going to begin this minute, I’m going to leave the room and you are going to talk this out with Tom and when he has made his decision that is the end of it.” She said getting up angrily and heading into the kitchen to start the dishes.

Brinley turned and looked at Tom absolutely terrified and completely desperate. He looked back at her with a very smug grin on his face. “Well anything you want to say?” He said happily.

Brinley knew it was time to kiss up big time. “I’m really sorry Tom, I will respect you more from now on, please don’t make me wear diapers to bed though.” She said desperately.

“Well Brinley I can tell you are sorry and I know you will respect me more from here on out, and to show me that you respect me more, you are going to wear diapers to bed without complaining about it, don’t worry though, once you can go three weeks with a dry diaper, you won’t have to wear them anymore.” Tom said smiling. “Now come here and give me a hug before you go help your mother with the dishes.” Tom said holding his arms out.

Brinley shuttered, but knew she had better do what she was told. She got up from her chair and tried to give him a quick hug. Tom wrapped his arms around her and embraced her though. He held her for about twenty seconds tight to his body and stroking her hair with his hand. “Don’t worry Brinley, I know you’ve had a hard life, but I’m here to be your dad now, and everything is going to be all right.” He said as he let her go.

Brinley went into the kitchen and finished the dishes with her mother. She wanted more than anything to go take a shower after having Tom’s smelly fat disgusting body hold her against him like he did. She thought she was going to pass out from his breath.

After she finished the last of her homework she did go take a shower, when she came back in her bedroom she found a package of diapers sitting on her bed. One week after she thought she was done being forced to wear diapers full time, she was forced back into them again. That night her mother came in and diapered her and Brinley slept the best she had in an entire week.

The next morning Brinley took her wet diaper off threw it in the trash can and hurried into the shower. She wanted to get done quickly so that she would have time to talk to Abbie before they got in the car with Mrs. Taylor to go to school. She wanted more than anything to vent about Tom and the diapers he was making her wear.

She finished getting ready after her shower and was out the door fifteen minutes earlier than normal as she headed next door to the Taylors. She was a bit shocked when she came in the door to find Mr. Taylor sitting at the table having breakfast; he was usually gone to work by now. Mrs. Taylor was pouring Dylan a bowl of cereal and looked up and saw Brinley.

“Good morning Brinley.” Mrs. Taylor said.

“Good morning Mrs. Taylor!!!” Brinley said running up the stairs towards Abbie’s room.

“She didn’t seem as happy to see me as usual.” Brinley thought as she bounded up the stairs. “Maybe I wore out my welcome a bit last week” she rationalized as she burst into Abbie’s room.
Brinley was absolutely shocked when she saw Abbie sitting on her bed crying.

“My dad lost his job!!!” She burst out even more tears than before Brinley had come in.

Brinley forgot about all the things she wanted to vent about and ran over to Abbie and threw her arms around her. “Oh my gosh!!! I’m so sorry Abbie!!!” Brinley said trying to console her friend.

Abbie was upset pretty much the whole day at school and Brinley spent the whole time trying to console her. She didn’t even get a chance to tell Abbie about her problems which seemed much less awful now that Abbie was terrified that her family wasn’t going to survive since her dad had no job.

Finally after school the two of them went to the Soda Stop and Brinley finally got to vent about Tom. Abbie thought Tom sounded absolutely disgusting and made it clear that Brinley needed to come to her house any time she was going to be in the house alone with Tom. Brinley promised she would take Abbie up on the offer and soon the two of them began planning the following weekend in which they would sleep in the tree house together.

Abbie smiled for the first time all day. “At least we know no matter what happens we’ll always have each other!!!” she said smiling as her and Brinley hugged.

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Re: The Secret Tree House Part 10

You’ve done well. You’ve set up some interesting possibilities for future chapters. I’m genuinely worried for Brinley, things look ominous.

Re: The Secret Tree House Part 10

Again another fantastic chapter. I disagree with Sees, I think that after Brinley slept the best she had in an entire week, that having Tom force her back into diapers at night will be in her best interest. Tom still has the potential to be a dirtbag in the story, but things could still be on the up and up with him as well. I look forward to reading more.

Re: The Secret Tree House Part 10

Thanks for the encouragement, it is always nice to hear people are enjoying your stories.

Re: The Secret Tree House Part 10

I wasn’t talking about her sleeping habits. When I wrote this I had had a “Bridge to Terabithia”-like feeling about Abbie since the early chapters.