The Secret Tree House part 1

This is a Story I wrote a little while back, I have decided to make some changes on it and try and make it better. So if you have read it before it will be the same in some places, but different in others. Hopefully You all enjoy it!!! -Jim

Chapter 1 (A Trip to McDonald’s)

In the small town of Hudson their lived a 13 year old girl named Brinley Kelser. Brinley was a small girl for an 8th grader standing just barely over five feet tall and weighing approximately 105 lbs. She had medium length brown hair and glasses, which she absolutely detested, but she was even more afraid of putting contacts in her eyes, so the glasses stayed. She had a big smile and beautiful blue eyes when she was happy, but they often were clouded with tears as she tended to cry a bit easily for someone her age.

You couldn’t really blame her though, after all she had no father that she knew of, her mother Shelli had given birth to her when she was 18 years old and her real dad had long since left the picture. Step dad numbers one and two had since left, and Shelli was currently dating another man who quite frankly gave Brinley the creeps.

However Brinley had no say in the matters of her mothers love life, and currently they were living alone in a house that step dad number one had purchased and paid in full back before he ran off with another woman leaving Brinley and Shelli to fend for themselves. To say Brinley didn’t have a whole lot of trust in adult male figures would be an understatement. Her mother loved her a lot, but when Brinley was not at school or with a friend, she spent a lot of time alone in the house between her mother working, and her mother dating her newest found love.

Things weren’t a whole lot better at school. Brinley definitely was not one of the popular ones. The very fact that she was actually very pretty irked the more popular girls and made Brinley a major target for their bullying. Brinley was desperate to fit in, but her deep past wounds and social awkwardness made it difficult and the other girls in her class seemed determined to make her life hell.

There was one girl however who was nice to Brinley, Abbie Taylor, it just so happened she lived next door. If it wasn’t for Abbie and the Taylor’s, Brinley may not have survived jr. high. Abbie Taylor was slightly bigger than Brinley. She was about five feet and four inches tall and weighed 115 pounds. She too had brown hair, but hers was longer than Brinley’s and she was a very beautiful girl with a fun and loving personality.

If the girls in Brinley’s class hated Brinley, they loathed Abbie Taylor. They would have easily accepted her into their group when she first came to Hudson in 6th grade, but Abbie had no use for their pettiness and shallow friendships. Instead she bonded with her next door neighbor Brinley who seemed desperately to need a friend. Everything Brinley’s family was, Abbie’s family was not. Abbie’s family was tightly knit with her mother and father, and younger brother all having a deep love for one another.

Abbie’s mom and dad poured their lives into Abbie and her little brother Dylan who was 7 years old. Brinley would have been extremely jealous of her friend Abbie’s family life, had not the Taylor’s completely poured their love onto Brinley as well whenever she was around. Brinley and Abbie had an amazing friendship and they knew all of each others secrets, even Brinley’s big one.

Brinley’s alarm buzzed and she awoke to the same mess she found herself in almost daily. She was way too tired to get up and go spend a day at school where teacher’s piled on homework and other students made her life suck! She would have hit the snooze button and rolled back over to go back to sleep, but the cold wet sheets and pajama’s she was wearing were not going to allow that.

Brinley wondered how on earth she could soak her sheets and pajama’s every single night and sleep through it. She was disgusted by the feeling and sarcastically wondered how on earth she was so blessed to be a 13 year old bed wetter. As she did every morning she took the sheets off of her bed revealing the plastic sheet that protected her mattress. She took the sheets and pajamas down stairs to the washer, which she would have to run after school to make sure she had sheets and pajamas to wet all over again the next night.

Brinley’s mother Shelli was getting ready to head to work and didn’t even cast a side ways glance at her daughter bringing her wet pajamas and sheets down to the washer. Shelli had tried just about everything with Brinley to get her to stop wetting the bed, and had given up even trying anymore several years ago.

“Have a good day at school Brin, I’ll be home late, I’m going out with Tom tonight” Brinley’s mother said as she grabbed her keys and purse.

“Bye mom, love you.” Brinley barely got out as her mom took off out the door.

After Brinley took a long hot shower to get the smell of pee off of her body she poured through her closet trying desperately to find something the other girls wouldn’t make fun of. She couldn’t wear the orange top anymore, because the girls called her the great pumpkin. She couldn’t wear the poka dot top or the girls would call her spot, and bark at her. They told her the red and white striped one made her look like a candy cane, and the purple one she absolutely loved they called her plumpy in. “Seriously couldn’t have Candy Land come up with a different character?” she thought to herself as she started to cry before she even had left the house.

She didn’t have a lot of clothes and she didn’t know what to wear. She looked frantically at the clock, she wasn’t going to have time for breakfast, and she needed to be to the Taylor’s house in five minutes so they could get to school in time.

She was about to call Abbie and tell her that she was sick and staying home when Abbie came bursting through the door.

“Brinley come on!!! mom is taking us through the drive through at McDonalds and getting us breakfast, so you have 2 minutes to get your butt over to our house!!” Abbie said smiling as she grabbed the red and white striped top and threw it to Brinley. “I think you look gorgeous in it, and besides, candy canes are sweet and fun, that is the lamest mean thing I’ve heard them say all year!!!”

Brinley smiled as she wiped her tears and quickly put her clothes on.

“Hey, I’m grabbing your wet stuff and taking it back to my house, mom is doing laundry and said she’d be more than happy to wash your stuff so you have time to go to the Soda Stop after school, I’m buying by the way, and get your butt over to my house, we have 90 seconds now, and I want my cinnamelts!” Abbie shouted up the stairs as she grabbed Brinley’s laundry basket and headed home.

Brinley quickly grabbed her back pack and sprinted out the door after Abbie smiling, “maybe it wouldn’t be such a bad day after all!” she thought to herself.

Five minutes later Brinley regretted following Abbie so quickly. She hadn’t bothered to go pee since she had woke up that morning. Abbie and her mother Jennifer immediately recognized the look in Brinley’s eyes.

“Brinley dear, you run inside when we get to McDonalds and go potty and we’ll go through the drive through and pick you up on the other side” Mrs. Taylor said smiling.

“Yes Mrs. Taylor, thank you!!!” Brinley said completely embarrassed she couldn’t even hold it till they got to school. “How on earth could I pee so much in my bed and then still need to pee now!!!” Brinley asked whatever powers of the universe that might be listening as she muttered these thoughts in her head.

The Taylor’s car pulled into the McDonald’s parking lot not a moment too soon. Brinley bolted out the door. “What do you want to eat Hun!!!” Mrs. Taylor shouted after her.

“Same as Abs!!!” Brinley yelled not even looking back.

She raced into the bathroom frantically trying to make it without having an accident. The first two stalls were actually occupied and Brinley knew she was going to have an accident in the bathroom if the handicap stall was occupied as well. Thankfully the door swung open and she raced inside.

She just about peed her jeans on the spot when she looked at the toilet. It was covered with a plastic bag and a sign that said out of order. “NOOOOOOOOOO!!!” She screamed inside of her head as she grabbed the crotch of her jeans and jumped up and down.

She frantically looked back outside the handicap stall at the other two toilets. One was occupied by someone who was not doing so well judging from the noises coming from it. “That’s not opening up any time soon,” Brinley thought desperately to herself. The other stall had a mother with a small child who she was desperately trying to coax to go to the bathroom on the toilet. “Seriously!!!” Brinley screamed in her mind!!!

“Now if you can learn to go on the potty you won’t have to wear diapers any more.” The mother urged her child.

“I’ll take a diaper!!!” Brinley thought to herself. “Anything will be better than peeing my jeans!!!” She frantically thought.

Suddenly something caught her eye, as the thought of diapers passed through her mind. Inside of the handicap stall there was a diaper changing table and a trash can. “Disgusting Brinley!!!” She screamed at herself inside of her head. “How could you even consider that as an option!!!” She scolded herself inside of her mind.

“You are about thirty seconds from peeing your jeans and walking out of McDonalds for everyone to see and heading to the Taylor’s car and telling them you gotta go home, cuz you didn’t make it!!!” Brinley reasoned with herself.

She quickly locked the door on the handicap bathroom and opened up the trash can. There were at least eight diapers inside of it. “Don’t they ever empty this thing!” Brinley thought to herself. She grabbed the first diaper and opened it. “Oh my gosh!!!” Brinley proclaimed out loud, the diaper was loaded with poop.

Brinley closed the diaper back up careful not to spill its contents all over the other diapers in the trash can. She pulled out the next one praying for better luck. This one was only a little wet, and Brinley frantically unfastened and unzipped her jeans pulling them down and pulling the wet diaper up against her crotch. She was momentarily disgusted by the cold wet pee of some other child touching her, but she didn’t even have time to think about this as her bladder released and her warm urine flowed into the diaper. The diaper quickly filled to capacity and as Brinley was finishing up peeing some drops of urine fell out of the diaper and into her underwear inside of her jeans.

“Uggh!!!” she screamed inside of her head as she quickly threw the diaper back in the trash can and grabbed some toilet paper wiping and cleaning the best she could. She tossed the toilet paper in the trash can and raced out of the bathroom. Five seconds later she burst back in put soap on her hands, washed them and raced back out to the Taylor’s car.

Brinley was breathing like she had run a marathon as she got into the car. “You gonna be ok?” Abbie said smiling at her clearly flustered best friend.

“You have no idea!!!” Brinley retorted back as she tried to catch her breath.

“Well your jeans don’t look like you didn’t make it, so you wanna tell me what happened???” Abbie asked with an inquisitive smile.

“Not Now!!!” Brinley said glaring at her friend.

Abbie was clearly amused, but let it drop for the moment. “All right, but when we go to the soda stop tonight, you owe me a story.” Abbie said with a smile.

Brinley grabbed her box of cinnamelts from Abbie. “All right, but the milkshake you are buying me just went from medium to large!” She said as she opened the box and took a bite of her favorite breakfast food in the world.

“Sounds like a deal!!!” Abbie said laughing as the girls ate their breakfast while Mrs. Taylor sped towards the school late because of Brinley Kelser again!!!

Re: The Secret Tree House part 1

This shows potential. I haven’t read the original. I really do want to see how this goes. There’s nothing really wrong with it so far but it’s still only the first chapter. Keep it up, you’re doing great. Was the emoticon really necessary? I found that it just broke the flow.

Re: The Secret Tree House part 1

The emotiocon was not intended.

Re: The Secret Tree House part 1

This was a good chapter. Maybe a little generic, but then it was just the start. I look forward to reading more.

Re: The Secret Tree House part 1

I remember loving the original to this. I don’t even know where I found it but I’m pretty sure I only read it once. I’m eager to see the changes you make, as I re-read it again.

Re: The Secret Tree House part 1

cant wait to read more :slight_smile:

Re: The Secret Tree House part 1

Dolphins 2011,

Sorry about the distraction caused by the name. I do not look at a lot of diaper photos, and the fact that some model stole my characters name was a shock to me ;D All seriousness though, I’m sorry that it causes a distraction for you, but I think I’m going to leave it the same understanding that I probably won’t be able to make everyone happy. I hope as you continue reading that I will possibly do a good enough job that I will develop my Abbie Taylor into her own character and you will no longer see the correlation between the two. Thanks for reading.

Re: The Secret Tree House part 1


Glad you had a chance to read the original, not many did. I will definitely be making some changes in the sub plot with Gabriella and Savanna. After I had finished my story last time, I went back through and just felt like there was some parts that were extremely unrealistic. I know in writing fiction, and in general having characters like these come together in real life are extremely rare circumstances in themselves, but I felt the original was a little too over the top in the end. Thanks for reading, I hope this one turns out even better than the original.

Re: The Secret Tree House part 1


None the less, I still wish it wasn’t a distraction for you. Hopefully that will go away with time if you choose to continue to read.

Re: The Secret Tree House part 1

:smiley: Great Story I Could find Any Errors :stuck_out_tongue:

Re: The Secret Tree House part 1

I absolutely love this story!. And i’m so glad it’s being revived.
While i love the rewrite idea. (that’s been happening alot lately)
I would very much like to see this series continue someday.

I mean you left us on a pretty big cliffhanger!. But…i can wait.
So until then please continue and a big thank you for sharing!. :slight_smile: