The Secret Tree House 2 Chapter 9

Chapter 9 (Blackmail Pictures)

It was about 11:00 a.m on Friday when Brinley set out with her two friends from her house to go to the Soda Stop. Lately Gabriella would not allow Brinley to walk anywhere alone for fear that Ian or his friends would try something again. As the girls walked blissfully down the road Ben stared out at them from his bedroom window. He knew he could probably run down there and go hang out with them right now, but he just couldn’t wrap his head around the idea that anyone would actually choose wearing and using diapers.

He imagined his social life being over in high school if anyone ever found out that he hung out with the girls who wore diapers. They would automatically assume that he wore them as well and that was the driving factor behind his decision that he was not going to associate with the girls that day, or ever in the future. He knew he was just going to have to look elsewhere to try and find some friends.

The girls were not very far from the Soda Stop when Ian, Ronnie, and Mitchell rode up behind them on their bikes.

“Hey where is that faggot Ben kid!!!” Ian demanded as he screeched to a stop right in front of Brinley.

Gabriella stepped between Brinley and Ian bumping into him in the process and knocking him off balance forcing him to jump off his bike to avoid crashing to the ground with it.

“You stupid bitch, someday I’m gonna forget you are a girl and I am gonna kick your ass.” Ian said as he picked his bike up off the ground.

“Yo we asked where fag Ben is!!!” Ronnie said loudly trying to look tough.

He immediately took a step backwards as Gabriella turned toward him and glared at him.

“How should we know where he is, we don’t hang out with him.” Savanna said coldly.

“Your little baby friend better hope you are lying to me Savanna, cuz you tell him I said if he don’t show up at the park at 7:00 tonight and take this from me.” Ian said flipping open his phone and showing the girls a picture of Brinley’s diapers on her bed. “Then I’m gonna give it to Taylor Jennings, and I think we all know that little baby Brinley’s bedwetting and diaper secret is gonna be all over the place!” Ian said as he and his friends hopped on their bikes and rode off laughing.

Brinley’s face went from a scowl, to wide eyed, to sheer terror and panic as she processed what she had just seen. Gabriella and Savanna did not help the situation as their eyes were wide and their mouths agape.

“Oh my gosh, everyone is gonna know!!!” Brinley said starting to cry.

“No they aren’t I’ll take the phone from him.” Gabriella said with determination in her eyes.

“Gabriella you can’t take that from him.” Brinley cried. “He’s way bigger than you!!!” Brinley said trying to reason with her friend between her tears.

“It don’t matter, I’m not gonna let him hurt you.” Gabriella said determined.

The girls walked Brinley back towards her house. None of them were hungry anymore. When they got back to Brinley’s, Gabriella said she needed to go home and get all of her farm chores done so that she could be sure that she could be at the park by 7:00.

Savanna said she would stay with Brinley so they both hugged her goodbye and Gabriella hurried back to her house to try and get all of her work done before dinner so she could leave immediately after it and go to the park that evening.

Brinley mean while cried and cried as Savanna tried to comfort her. Savanna was in the midst of trying to reason with Brinley that everything would be ok even if Ian did give the photo’s to Taylor when she suddenly thought of a wonderful plan.

“Brin, I’m pretty sure I have a way we can keep Taylor from getting the pictures.” She said excitedly.

Brinley stopped crying for a second and looked up hopefully.

“I’ll go home and tell my mom there is something I really want at the mall but it cost $200. She’ll give it to me, cuz she always dose. All you have to do is convince Ben to show up at the park tonight and Ian can pound his face in. When he is done I’ll tell him that instead of giving the pictures to Taylor he should let me buy them from him for $200. I’ll tell him that if he lets me delete them and we hear nothing of them and you don’t get picked on about them that I’ll give him $200 every year at the end of the school year. That way we can make sure he doesn’t show anyone any copies. That is a total of $1000 he’s not gonna turn that down and in the long run it’s coming from my parents and they aren’t going to miss it anyways!” Savanna said smiling at the brilliance of her plan.

“I don’t know if I feel right having you bribe him Savanna.” Brinley said looking down at the floor.

“Nonsense it isn’t any big deal, especially if it keeps you safe, and it will keep him off of our backs during high school too if he wants to get his money! You’ve gotta get Ben to go to the park tonight though, Ian is not gonna settle for the money unless he gets to pound on Ben.” She assured Brinley as she got her shoes on to go home. “You just leave the money up to me, you’ve gotta go see Ben and get him to go to the park tonight!” Savanna said as she walked out the door and headed home.

Ian mean while talked things over with Ronnie and Mitchell from inside his bedroom. “You two are there only in case a bear comes out of the woods and eats me or something, other than that you stay out of it, that little fag is mine.” Ian said to his friends.

“Hey you made some copies of those pictures in case he gets the phone right?” Ronnie asked.

“Oh yeah it is the first thing I did when I got home cuz I was so worried that he might win.” Ian said sarcastically. “Of course I didn’t make any copies, how on earth is he going to get my phone from me. Even if I get struck by lightning he would have to get the phone from you two! DO I NEED TO MAKE COPIES? Or do you two think you can handle the twerp between the two of you?” Ian asked.

“No its cool Ian, we got it.” Mitchell said smacking Ronnie on the back of the head.

“Good then let’s not waste our time worrying about making copies that we aren’t going to need!” Ian said as the three of them turned to video games for entertainment the rest of the afternoon.

Re: The Secret Tree House 2 Chapter 9

Lovely. Ordinarily I’d be bothered by Ian’s stupidity here, but honestly I agree with his logic (to an extent). And his friends are too afraid to accidentally infer that he’s weak to press the issue (or they agree, too). I really wouldn’t think Ben could take the phone from Ian (from the look of him anyways), and if he does then the three of them will walk away with a valuable lesson (always cheat on your deals). It’s a win-win for them if you think about it.

A few things:

"It don’t matter,

On one hand it should be “it doesn’t matter”, but on the other hand it’s dialogue so I won’t say it’s wrong as Gabriella might actually talk like that. It’s just a tad annoying.

cuz she always dose

I won’t harp on “cuz” because, again, it’s dialogue. The problem here is that “dose” should be “does”. Dose doesn’t get picked up by spellcheck here so be careful.

Re: The Secret Tree House 2 Chapter 9

Young teens are not always the most brilliant, but the idea here is the pride and self confidence Ian has in himself. To him it is unthinkable that he will not win, and so he is insulted by the insinuation that he might have needed to make copies. Like you said though, win/win if they did, but in this case, they didn’t, we’ll see how it plays out. Also the dialogue is intentional, while some young teens are very well spoken, some are not. Thanks for the heads up on “does”

Re: The Secret Tree House 2 Chapter 9

At the point where Ian actually made the threat of exposing the photographs I would have has his ass arrested. Then the pictures wouldn’t have mattered much until they went to court. While court proceedings are open, a good Judge would have insisted on keeping things quiet because of the sensitive nature of things and the effect it could have on Brinley should they be exposed. Glad to see the friends sticking up for Brinley. I am also looking forward to reading more of this wonderful story.