The Secret Tree House 2 Chapter 6

Chapter 6 (Hudson’s New Hero)
1 hour earlier

Benjamin Hamilton had been moping around the house for a couple of hours now as his parents unpacked the rest of the boxes. Holly was up in her room playing and he was sitting on the front porch staring off into the distance wondering how one person could have so much bad luck with friends in one day. Rejected by the boys and rejected by the girls, that didn’t currently give him a whole lot of options he thought.

He sat staring silently for several minutes wishing he could move back to his old hometown where he was popular, when something very interesting caught his eye. One of the girls from the tree house. was sneaking out of her window!!! “That must be the one I have to be nice to if I don’t want that psycho girl coming back and killing me!!!” Ben thought to himself as he continued to watch.

The girl didn’t seem to notice him at all as she ran/hopped desperately across the lawn holding her crotch. Ben thought it was a little strange to see a girl this age so desperate to pee when she just came out of her house where she could have gone to the bathroom. He would have been lying to himself if he said her desperation didn’t peak his curiosity a little though and he decided to follow her and see what came of it.

He made sure to keep inside of the tree line as he picked his way through the woods following the girl with her ever growing desperation. They hadn’t made it too far up the road when Ben heard voices behind him and saw two of the boys he had tried to get to let him play basketball riding up the road behind her. He watched as the boys road past her seemingly uninterested but then stopped up the road a ways and tossed their bikes into the woods.

He stopped dead in his tracks as the girl quickly exited the road and entered the woods about 20 yards ahead of him. Ben was sure his cover was blown as the girl desperately clutched herself and headed straight for the fallen log he was hiding behind but about five yards before she reached him the boys caught up with her.

Ben was both excited and sickened by what he saw happen next. The boys made some very rude comments to her and then proceeded to hold her down and force her to pee her pants. Ben thought about more than once trying to rush in and stop what was happening but at the same time he secretly found himself wanting to see the girl wet her pants.

It didn’t take long for his secret desires to be gratified as the girl struggled desperately while wetting her pants. Ben felt like he had seen the greatest thing on earth while at the same time felt terribly guilty for not stopping what had just taken place. He had little time to deal with these two emotions though as he heard one of the boys tell the other one to go get a camera. Ben while previously excited by what had just happened knew he couldn’t let the boys take a picture of that poor girl like that.

He waited until the one was back over by the bikes and was about to jump out and confront the biggest one when the kid turned his back. Ben quickly hopped over the log and threw every ounce of strength and weight he could into driving the other boy of the girls back. The large boy went flying off of the girl and landed in the puddle previously formed by the girl’s pee. Upon seeing the girl take off into the woods Ben decided he maybe ought to be going himself and took off in another direction hoping that they would follow him instead of the girl.

“Mitchell get over here!!!” The one boy screamed.

“Ian what happened!!!” Mitchell said arriving quickly back by his friends side with a cell phone.

“That chump kid from the park just tackled me off the little bitch and she got away, Go catch that little punk so I can kick his ass!!!” Ian yelled angrily.

Mitchell tore off after Ben into the woods. “Well at least I know the names of the two kids who are going to kill me.” Ben thought as he ran even faster with the thought of what would happen to him if he got caught.

While Ben was not much as far as size was concerned, he was extremely fast. Mitchell and Ian had absolutely no chance of catching him with the head start that he had gotten and they were stopped in the woods sucking wind long before Ben even slowed down.

Ben however had no idea how fast the other boys were and with him running so fast it sounded as if someone was very close behind. Ian and Mitchell were on their bikes headed back home however when Ben finally stopped running and realized he was extremely lost. After walking for another hour Ben finally came to a hill side with an opening in it. It was nothing more than a very small and shallow cave and there were some old Bennigan’s beer bottles, and a folding chair in the corner. “Must be some kind of a hunting blind or something” Ben thought to himself. Ben who’s dad never passed up an opportunity to teach Ben something was an outdoors man himself and Ben was able to use the sun to get himself going back in the right direction.

When he arrived home it was nearing dinner time and his mother had been very worried about him. Ben however told her that he was off playing a game sort of like tag with a couple of other boys in the woods and that there was nothing to worry about. His mother seemed to like this answer and when she asked him if he won, he said he most certainly did. After eating a very hardy dinner Ben headed up stairs and lay down on his bed and stared out his window.

It was a couple of hours before Ben finally saw what he was looking for but in the end his patience ended up serving him well. His next door neighbor returned wearing her clothes with no visible signs of wetness or mud. “She must have went somewhere and washed them.” Ben thought to himself. As the girl headed up towards her house it appeared she might go back in the window but upon inspecting the garage she seemed to change her mind and head towards the door. Right before she got to the door she stopped and then looked up towards Ben’s window.

Ben had purposely left his light out just in case something like this was to happen, but she seemed to know he was their anyways. She stared up for a few more moments, gave a little wave and headed into her house. Ben waved back after she had entered her house. “What a totally different girl.” Ben thought to himself as he headed downstairs to watch television. Benjamin Hamilton had absolutely no idea how exactly right he was.

Re: The Secret Tree House 2 Chapter 6

Great chapter. I liked how you brought Ben’s perspective into the story here.

Keep up the great job. I look forward to more of this fantastic story.

Re: The Secret Tree House 2 Chapter 6

I like it. Ben must learn to overcome his desires in order to do the right thing. Always a good character arch, in my opinion.