The Secret Tree House 2 Chapter 5

Chapter 5 (Stalkers being Stalked)

Brinley was unaware as she walked that Ian and Mitchell had rode up behind her on their bikes. Generally the boys would have made some rude comments laughed a little and then rode on, but Ian noticed Brinley was looking like she was very desperately trying not to have an accident. He remembered all that had happened with Abbie, Brinley, Taylor, and the diaper at school and he knew we exactly what he was going to do.

The boys rode up ahead of her and for a moment Brinley had thought that they were just going to ignore her, but they stopped their bikes about fifty yards up ahead of her and stashed them in the woods. Brinley knew the fact that they were taking the time to get off their bikes was not a good thing and she quickly tried to turn in to the woods to get away. Mitchell and Ian caught up with her in a matter of seconds though as they were both faster and she was even slower because she needed to pee so badly.

“Hey where you going so quickly friend, I would almost say it looks like you are trying to avoid us!” Ian said as he came up beside Brinley and put his arm around her.

Brinley said nothing as she looked at the ground trying to hide the fact she needed to go to the bathroom.

“I think someone is about to have an accident.” Mitchell said as a smile crept across his face.

“Oh yeah, that is happening for sure!!!” Ian said as he pulled Brinley down to the ground and onto her back.

Within seconds Ian had Brinley’s hands detained and Mitchell seeing Brinley cross her legs in one last desperate attempt to hold on grabbed her ankles and pulled her legs wide open. Brinley squirmed in futile desperation as her pee ran down the insides of her thighs turning the crotch of her khaki shorts dark with wetness and then pooled in the dirt of the forest floor turning it to mud. Thirty seconds after it all began Brinley lay on the ground crying as the boys howled with laughter.

“What’s the matter, did you forget your diaper bag today?” Ian asked laughing.

“Be careful Brinley, you might get your shorts all muddy and someone will think you had an accident!” Mitchell howled as well.

Brinley said absolutely nothing to the boys but just continued crying. This had by far been the worst twenty four hours of her life and things only looked like they were going to get worse.

“Hey Mitch go get my bag from the bikes, we’ll take a picture of her on my phone and then Taylor will finally have the proof she’s been wanting!!!” Ian said excitedly.

Ian flipped Brinley over on to her belly and sat on her back so he could more easily control her while Mitchell headed to get Ian’s phone. He turned his back towards where the three had originally come from and looked ahead into the woods to where Mitchell was going.

It would prove to be a big mistake as he had not been turned around sitting on Brinley for more than a couple of seconds when he felt a sharp pain in his back as he was forcefully shoved off of Brinley and into the mud puddle that her pee had created.

“What the hell!!! Sick!!!” He screamed as he realized he was laying in mud made out of Brinley’s pee.

Brinley mean while did not need to be told what to do. Her bladder relieved and her adrenaline pumping she got up off of the ground and took off into the woods back towards where she knew Gabriella’s house was. Brinley who was not necessarily known for her running skills was pushed on by the fact that Ian and Mitchell might catch up with her at any second and snap a picture of the embarrassment that would bring her endless ridicule because of her very obviously peed shorts.

It was almost two miles through the woods to Gabriella’s house and another quarter due to the fact she ended up in one of the Thompson’s fields and not on their door step. Brinley blushed as she came in the front door and two of Gabriella’s older brothers were sitting at the table having lunch.

Their eyes widened as they saw their sister’s friend hurry past in shorts that appeared like they had been wet, not to mention the mud spattered on her butt that made them look like something else had happened. Gabriella jumped a mile as Brinley burst into her room frantically slamming the door behind her.

Gabriella tried to hide her amusement as she looked at Brinley’s wet, muddy, shorts while Brinley frantically explained what had happened. Even though Gabriella had worked very hard at squashing her desires to humiliate Brinley, she had recently been thinking a lot about what it would be like to make Brinley poop in a diaper. She forced herself to listen to Brinley’s story instead of letting her mind wander to her fantasies though as her friend was obviously more than a little stressed out.

When Brinley finally stopped talking long enough to catch her breath from her run and her 2 minute action packed rendition of the story Gabriella just burst into laughter. Brinley however did not think it was funny at all and angrily replied that she wouldn’t think it was so funny if it happened to her. Gabriella ended up apologizing as she got Brinley the smallest set of clothes she could find so that she could change out of the wet clothes.

Brinley was practically swimming in Gabriella’s shorts and shirt but was happy to be out of the wet muddy clothes and collapsed on Gabriella’s bed as Gabriella began to ask questions.

“So how on earth did you end up on the road half between your house and the park needing to pee so bad?” Gabriella asked.

Brinley thought for a moment about telling her what had happened with Tom but knew she would be in major trouble if her mom found out.

“Oh you know me, sometimes I just suddenly gotta go!!!” Brinley lied nervously hoping her friend would buy it.

Gabriella probably would have known Brinley was lying since she was no good at it, but she wasn’t paying very close attention and was on to the next question that she really had to know the answer to.

“So who shoved Ian into your pee???” She giggled.

Brinley lifted her head up from Gabriella’s bed and smiled very pleased the subject had moved on. “Well that would be none other than my new neighbor, Benjamin Hamilton!” Brinley said as she noted the shocked expression that came across Gabriella’s face.

Re: The Secret Tree House 2 Chapter 5

Great job. Again thongs are only getting worse for poor Brinley. Or are they? I had a very good idea that it was Ben that came to her rescue well before that last sentence.

Now I wonder what was Ben’s fate after taking on the two boys? Did he get away, or was he not the focus of their misbehaving?

I will be looking forward to finding out.

Re: The Secret Tree House 2 Chapter 5

I like that Gabriella is trying to be a good friend, Brinley needs that. I do hope she finds out about Tom soon, though. She seems like the kind to call the police.