The Secret Tree House 2 Chapter 4

Chapter 4 ( A Liar in the House)

That evening when Brinley went to bed she locked the door behind her. She knew Tom would be home before her mother and she had no intentions of having any contact with him whatsoever before she could tell her mother what had happened. Brinley did her best to put her own diaper on and thought she did a pretty good job compared to what she had done when she diapered herself at Abbie’s.

It was a much easier task to perform when laying down than when standing up she noted to herself. She lay in her bed awake, there was no way she was going to put up with Tom’s crap for another day. As soon as her mom came home she was going to come bursting out of her room and tell her mother what had happened.

About an hour later she shuddered as she saw Tom’s truck pull into the drive way from her bedroom window. She wondered if he would try anything before her mother got home. She began to grow extremely nervous as she realized that he might possibly try something and that she might actually be in danger if he was worried about her telling her mom.

Surely he had to know that she was planning on ratting on him. After all she had made it very clear that she was going to be telling on him earlier that morning. She immediately regretted doing that as she heard the door shut and knew Tom was alone in the house with her. She looked at the locked door and shuddered, it might keep him out for a couple of minutes, but he surely would be able to get in if he was bent on doing so.

Chills ran down her spine as she heard Tom’s footsteps approaching her doorway. Brinley acted quickly and jumped out of her bed and opened up her window. She went to work removing the screen just in case she would need to make a quick exit. Once the screen was removed she quickly slid the window back down and stashed the screen in her closet. Now she could be out the window in just a few seconds if she sensed Tom was going to try and break in to her room.

Tom never did attempt entering her room though, nor did he ever even try communicating with Brinley. He got some food watched some television and then went to bed like someone who was completely unconcerned that he was possibly going to be in trouble that evening. Brinley lay in her bed trying to think how he was possibly going to get himself out of this situation if he didn’t intend on murdering her and dumping her body in some woods or a river.

“Oh well, maybe he is as dumb as he is fat!!” she thought to herself as she snuggled into her bed but took care to keep her mind occupied so that she didn’t fall asleep.

It was over an hour later when Brinley was just about to fall asleep that she saw the headlights of her mother’s car pulling into the drive way. She immediately jumped out of bed and stood by her door heart pounding waiting to make sure her mom was inside the house before bursting out into the kitchen frantically.

Brinley’s mom jumped a mile as she saw her almost 14 year old daughter come bursting into the kitchen. She was dressed in her purple pajama top and bottoms that had sheep jumping over yellow moons printed on them. There was a noticeable bulge under them where her diaper was, but she had little chance to think how cute her daughter looked as Brinley frantically began relaying the story of what had happened with Tom this morning.

As Brinley had expected her mother looked extremely upset and immediately went into her room where Tom was now asleep. She flipped on the lights and angrily told Tom to wake up. Brinley followed her mother into the bedroom delighted at how angry her mother was.

“She is certainly going to throw him out, maybe, she’ll even press charges against him!!!” She thought excitedly.

Within a couple minutes Brinley’s exuberance had turned to utter shock as she listened to Tom desperately saying that Brinley’s story was a complete lie and that he had never even been in her bedroom.

“He’s lying mom, he’s just trying to save his own skin!!!” She blurted out angrily interrupting Tom’s explanation of how his morning had gone.

Brinley’s mom Shelli turned to Tom still leaning toward believing her daughter was telling the truth. “It does make sense why you might lie about this Tom, so my question is why on earth do you think Brinley would say this about you if it wasn’t true?” She asked.

"I think it is rather obvious, she attention starved, she views me as competition for your time and she wants you all to herself. That is why she is making all of this up is to try and get rid of me so she can have you all to herself.

Brinley was confident her mother wouldn’t believe that load of crap but began to become concerned when her mother began to think deeply about what Tom had said. It all made sense to her now, after the attention she gave Brinley last night, maybe Brinley had decided she wanted that all of the time. Maybe Brinley realized the reason she couldn’t have that attention every night was because Tom was around most nights.

Brinley’s mom was furious as she turned around glaring angrily at Brinley. “Go to your room right now Brinley!!!” she said angrily.

Brinley tried to say something but her mother angrily pointed out of the room and Brinley knew she had better not say anything.

Brinley wanted to cry as she could hear her mother inside of the bedroom apologizing to Tom profusely. She started to cry when her mother stormed into the room and began yelling at her.

“I spend an evening with you last night and the only way you can think to thank me for it is by being selfish and trying to ruin my relationship with Tom by lying!!! You are grounded, no phone, no computer, and no television for a week!!!” Shelli shouted at her daughter.

“But mom I’m not lying!!!” Brinley burst out crying.

“2 weeks for lying again!!!” Her mother yelled.

Brinley was hyperventilating at this point and sucking in air violently as her tears poured out. “Bu, bu bu but, wha wha wha wha what about Ab, Ab, Abbie?” She finally blurted out.

“I’ll call the Taylors and let them know you won’t be able to respond to her due to you being grounded, and you are lucky I won’t be sharing with them why.” Her mother said slamming Brinley’s door as she walked out.

All of that would have been enough to completely ruin Brinley’s week but what her mother came in a few seconds later and said caused her utter devastation. “You can also forget about any movie nights with me for the foreseeable future!” Her mother said opening up her door and then slamming it again.

Brinley collapsed backwards onto her bed almost unable to breathe. Between losing Abbie and now her mother in the past couple of days her will to go on was completely broken. Shelli stood outside of her daughter’s bedroom immediately regretting the last thing she had said. It was intended to hurt Brinley deeply and she knew that the comment had found its mark. Several times she wanted to go back in and apologize to Brinley for what she said and hug her and kiss her and tell her she still loved her, but she was too proud and too angry to let her better sense win on this occasion. Finally she left her spot outside of Brinley’s door and headed to her bedroom to go to sleep.

Brinley lay on her back on top of her covers eyes facing the ceiling in utter shock. It was now past midnight and her bladder which she had not taken care to empty before she put her diaper on was now very full. She had intended on taking her diaper off and peeing in the toilet and having her mother re-diaper her for the night but that was now obviously out of the question.

Without giving it any thought at all Brinley relieved her full bladder peeing into her diapers and not even really aware that she was doing it. The warm wetness pooled in the back of her diapers before being thirstily soaked up by the heavy padding around her butt. She wet like this several more times before morning as she drifted back and forth between sleep and depression.

By morning her urine had overflowed the back of her diapers and had leaked onto her bed spread. Brinley looked at her clock and saw it was almost noon and was about to pee in her diaper again when she came to her senses and realized she was lying in a puddle on her bed. She quickly shot her hand to her crotch to keep herself from wetting and doing further damage to her bed and pajama’s.

Brinley stripped the wet diaper off of herself and threw it in the trash can and proceeded to strip her bed. She put on pink underwear, a pair of khaki shorts, and a baby blue t-shirt. She was about to take her sheets, blankets and bed spread to the wash when she heard footsteps coming down the hall and towards her bedroom. “Crap it is Tom’s day off!!!” She thought frantically to herself. “There is no way on earth I am going to let him see I soaked the bed!!!” She thought as she imagined the utter humiliation of the situation.

She quickly flipped the lock on her door and took her laundry basket full of her wet blankets to the closet and closed the door. She watched the door handle jiggle as Tom tried to enter her room. “What the heck, I could have been naked and he doesn’t even knock!!!” Brinley thought to herself. She shuddered as she realized that may have been the whole idea.

“Brinley I want to talk with you please.” Tom said from the other side of the locked door.

Brinley backed away from the door and put her hand down to her crotch as she held herself still desperate to pee.

“Not now Tom I am busy.” Brinley said backing towards her window.

“Brinley I really don’t want to have to take this door knob off the door, but I will if I have to.” Tom said from the hall.

“Ok Tom, just a second , you don’t need to do that, just let me finish getting dressed and I’ll come unlock it.” Brinley said lying as she slid the window open and began to climb out of it.

“All right Brinley I’ll be back in a minute though and I expect this door unlocked.” Tom said to absolutely no one as Brinley was already half way across their front yard.

Brinley walked quickly up the street, she knew she needed to pee badly and that her own bathroom was out of the question. She thought momentarily about trying to double back and head up to the tree house where she could relieve herself in one of the diapers, but she was worried Tom might see her cutting across the back yard.

She decided to head to the park, it was only about a mile and she could use one of the public bathrooms there. She continued holding her crotch desperately and jumping around a bit to try and hold her pee in as she walked up the road hoping she could get to the park without wetting her khaki shorts.

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Re: The Secret Tree House 2 Chapter 4

This isn’t good. I expected this though, you’ve already established Brinley’s mother as too in love with Tom to give her daughter any mind. I love that kind of foresight. I hope Brinley calls the authorities, though. They would be more inclined to take this seriously.

I do hate seeing anyone in this situation.

However, I do trust that you have a plan to handle this properly. It’s rare that I can say that to anyone when it comes to this sort of thing. I can’t wait.

Re: The Secret Tree House 2 Chapter 4

You don’t think I would really let anything too bad happen to Brinley do you?

Re: The Secret Tree House 2 Chapter 4

Apparently my comments in the last chapter have now been confirmed to have been wrong. Tom’s intentions do indeed seem to be less then commendable. He is a total dirtbag. I would kick his ass myself and then send his sorry ass to jail if I could find him. My heart was breaking when Brinley’s mom let her have it. I hope things turn around fast for Brinley. That poor girl has more than she can handle on her own now.

Re: The Secret Tree House 2 Chapter 4

I don’t know. That’s a good thing, you’ve kept me on my toes. Even if I trust a happy(-ish?) ending.