The Secret Tree House 2 Chapter 3

Chapter 3 (Some Receptions are Colder than Others)

Brinley woke up suddenly the next morning as she felt a cold wet dampness being gently pressed against her crotch. Without her glasses on she was only able to make out the blurry outline of what she assumed to be her mother standing over her. She was very confused to as why her mom had her hand down the front of her pajama pants checking to see if she wet her diapers. Her mother never changed her in the morning, she always took her own wet diapers off.

Brinley suddenly bolted backwards in her bed ramming her back up against the wall and the head board as she recoiled away from the hand and reached frantically for her glasses. Her mother had a long day today, which meant it wasn’t her mother in her room. Brinley grabbed her back in pain with one hand as she put her glasses on with the other hand and stared frantically up at Tom.

“Relax Brinley, it is just a wet diaper, it’s not like I’m going to beat you for it, that’s what the diapers are for.” He said smiling at her.

" Wa wa wa wa what are you doing!!! ya ya you you can’t do that!!!" Brinley stuttered frantically.

“You need to calm down, I was just checking to see if my baby girl had a dry night last night, 21 is the magic number you know so you can be a big girl and get out of diapers.” Tom said calmly still smiling.

Humiliation and Hatred, not necessarily in that order, burned inside of Brinley. “You do not touch me!!! Especially where I am wearing a diaper!!!” She screamed at him.

“I don’t think it is appropriate for you to raise your voice at me Brinley, remember what your mother said” Tom said remaining calm.

“We’ll see what my mother says!!!” Brinley screamed as she grabbed yesterday’s clothes quickly off the floor and scrambled past Tom into the bathroom locking the door behind her.

Brinley frantically tore at the diaper ripping it off trying to get anything that Tom had touched off of her body. She threw the diaper away and stood in the shower forever trying to get the filth of his hands off of her. Brinley stayed locked in the bathroom long after she was done showering making sure that Tom would be well on his way to work before she would dare venture out. She knew her mother would side with her when she told him where Tom had touched her. She just had to get through the day and to her mother without running in to Tom again.

Gabriella and Savanna waited in the tree house impatiently looking at their watches. Brinley had told them that she would be there at 10 a.m. and it was at least 10:03!!! A few minutes later they could hear Brinley noisily crashing through the woods.

“Have a rough morning?” Savanna questioned smiling.

Brinley thought about telling her friends what had happened with Tom but decided it would be better to just tell her mother instead. She was a little embarrassed about the incident and did not want people knowing. Brinley tried hard to forgot her morning trauma as her friends excitedly talked about a new boy who had moved in on Savanna’s street.

“So he’s like two years older than you Savanna, you aren’t even in high school yet, he’s going to be a Junior!!!” Gabriella laughed at her friend.

“For your information the Junior class is mostly full of very ugly girls!!!” Savanna said trying to defend the position that she had some shot.

“Speaking of new boys Abbie told me one was moving in next door.” Brinley said smiling.

“Yeah, he’s cute, but he’s a little short and skinny.” Gabriella said.

“How is it that Abbie told you more about him than me?” Brinley questioned a little bit upset.

“Oh Abbie didn’t tell us anything, it just so happens, he’s walking towards the tree house right now.” Savanna said ducking down behind some branches that had grown through the fence.

Brinley took one look and was quickly hiding beside her friends. Ben meanwhile was oblivious to their presence and had completely forgotten that there was even a supposed tree house back in the woods. He never bothered looking up as he stared at the forest floor and slumped down leaning up against one of the corner trees that had been used to build the structure. He stared angrily at the ground still very upset by the rejection he had received last night.

Savanna mean while ever the brilliant flirt had gone into the cabin and pulled an ice cold water out of the fridge. She unscrewed the cap, looked down from above, took aim, and poured. Ben jumped a mile as the icy water hit his head.

This was met by hysterical laughter from the girl above. Ben wiped the cold water out of his eyes and looked sky ward. He was amazed at the massive structure that stood before him. When Abbie had told him about a tree house he thought of something stupid, this was amazing.

Without even asking for an invitation he walked over to the gate to come up the stairs but found it locked. He suddenly remembered the girls and looked up the stairs and saw three girls staring grumpily down at him.

“Can you umm unlock this so I could come up?” Ben asked hopefully.

“Umm no.” Brinley said coldly. “Why don’t you just climb the gate though, because you weren’t even gonna ask permission to come up before you found the gate was locked!!!” She said angrily.

“Yeah sorry about that, I just saw three amazing and beautiful girls and forgot my manners.” Ben said trying to turn on the charm.

“Good judge of beauty and character.” Savanna whispered to her friends.

“Well I’m afraid you are going to have to earn your way up here Benjamin Hamilton!!!” Brinley said busting out the full name she had learned from Abbie.

Ben cringed at this. “How does everyone know I hate being called that!!!” He angrily said to himself. “Well you dumped water on me that has to count for something!” Ben said smiling hopefully.

“He does have a point.” Savanna whispered to Brinley.

“I’m with Brinley, I don’t trust him at all!” Gabriella whispered to her friends.

“That will be your toll for leaning on our Tree!!!” Savanna quickly yelled down after hearing she was out voted two to one.

Ben looked up frustrated and unable to understand why everyone in this new town hated him so much. He turned around and started to walk away.

“Hey Ben,” Brinley called out after him.

Ben turned around.

“Here’s for the walk back.” Brinley said smiling at him as she threw down a can of soda to him.

Ben smiled back up at them, “They are starting to fall for the charm!!!” he said excitedly to himself.

He cracked open the can of soda and was promptly sprayed in the face by the pop which was more than a little shaken on its descent down from the tree to his hands. The girls erupted into laughter again.

“I kind of like him!” Savanna said.

“You like everyone!!!” Gabriella said disgusted.

“Maybe Savanna is right, I mean how are we to know what he’s like if we don’t give him a chance?” Brinley questioned.

“You give him a chance and he just might tell the world you wear diapers and wet the bed!” Gabriella said trying to warn Brinley.

“First of all, he doesn’t need to know that just because he comes up here, second even if he did find out, he’d probably not be like Taylor and her friends. Look at the two of you, I can trust you guys with anything.” Brinley said smiling at her friends.

“Yeah, you may have gotten a little bit lucky on that one!” Savanna said smiling knowingly at Gabriella.

“Brinley you need not to trust everyone you meet, someone is going to hurt you.” Gabriella said feeling her deep sense of guilt coming back.

" I think you are over reacting Gabriella!" Brinley said shaking her head.

“Yeah well just remember that there is no toilet up here and so Savanna and I are using the diapers too sometimes, it’s not just your secret, and if he starts hanging around, he’s going to find out eventually!!!” Gabriella warned.

“Yeah, Gabbi’s right Brin I think he’s gonna have to do something pretty special to prove he can be trusted, we have way too many secrets up here just to be letting anyone in!” Savanna said as they walked back into the cabin.

“Honestly, the two of you are starting to become worse than Abbie!” Brinley laughed as they sat down on the couches in the cabin.

Gabriella stared off into the distance as Savanna and Brinley talked excitedly about Ben. “If I can’t trust myself, I certainly can’t trust him around her!” Gabriella thought to herself. She vowed then and there to do whatever she had to do to keep Ben out of their inner circle of friends.

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I suspected Tom would try something like this, hopefully it’s stopped before it goes too far.

Keep it up.

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What gave you the impression Tom would try something like that. Really we don’t know for sure just what
Tom’s intentions were because Brinley reacted before anything actually happened. While it wouldn’t seem appropriate to have her step father checking the condition of her diaper, at the same time a caring step father could do so in a caring and appropriate way. Much would depend on his intentions. Then Brinley’s feelings about having him check her would need to be taken into consideration and the chapter made it clear she wanted nothing of the sort. I hope he got the message and leaves her alone.

I liked the interaction between Tom and the girls. I look forward to more of that.

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I had a hunch since Brinley first said he creeps her out. After reading some other stories of this nature, I didn’t doubt this was a possibility. suspected probably wasn’t the right word but I definitely didn’t put it past him. It just seemed like the most obvious way for his character to go given the information given about him at the time.