The Secret Tree House 2 Chapter 2

Chapter 2 (Not a Warm Reception)
First week of Summer
Ben’s parents decided to put an offer on the Taylor’s house and were delighted when the counter offer accepted their price on the condition that the tree house which sat on the property line back in the woods was left in ownership of the neighbor girl. Both families were in need of a quick move and so it worked out well for all involved.

Once school let out for the summer the Hamilton’s had everything packed up and were headed to Hudson within the week to move into their new house. The Taylors had only recently moved out and Ben had no idea what kind of situation he was moving into.

The day was dragged on forever for Ben who was expected to help unload all of the heavy things. Late in the afternoon though Ben’s dad thought it would be good for him to take a break and told him to go for a ride on his bike and see if he couldn’t make a few friends.

Ben could not have been happier to get away and was headed down the drive way on his bike as his mother yelled after him. “Benjamin Hamilton, try meeting some nice young men your own age instead of always chasing after the girls!!!”

Ben pretended he didn’t hear what his mother had said. “Sorry mom couldn’t understand, we’ll talk about it later!!!” He yelled as he took off down the street on his bike.

Ben slowed down as he came to a park that he had seen earlier when they drove in to their house. There was a basketball court and three boys were out on it shooting hoops. Ben scanned the rest of the park, but didn’t see any girls anywhere near his age, and thought maybe he would give his mom’s advice a try.

As he walked up to the court he saw the boys were quite a bit bigger than him, but they looked about the same age, and Ben was quite used to playing against bigger boys since he was quite small for his age. “Hey excuse me, do you guys mind if I play?” Ben asked hopefully.

Ian Jackson quit dribbling the ball and turned around to see who had asked if they could play. He looked at his friends Mitchell and Ronnie and then laughed as he said. “Get lost kid, what are you 10 or something, this is a big boys game.” With that he turned around as his friends laughed and went to shoot the ball.

Ben was not easily detoured though and continued seeking their acceptance. “Yeah, ha ha, that’s real funny, I know I’m a bit short, but I’m actually 13, you guys can’t be much older than that, so why don’t you let me play?” He asked hoping they would just give him a chance.

“The court is full kid!!!” Ronnie said not even turning around.

“Actually it would make sense if you let me play, because then we could play two on two and that would make it fair.” Ben said continuing to try to gain acceptance on to the court.

Ian was now clearly quite annoyed as he spun around. “No actually it wouldn’t be fair, cuz one of us would have to play with a little twerp like you, now me and my friends are gonna keep playing our game as long as we don’t hear any little boys squeaking, but if I hear another noise that even sounds like it might have come from you, I am gonna shove this basketball down your throat!!!” Ian said taking a couple of threatening steps towards Ben.

Ben did not wait to see if Ian interpreted any of the surrounding noises as coming from him as he jumped on his bike and sped away as quickly as possible. Ian and his friends had a good laugh while Ben did not stop pedaling as fast as he could until he was half way home.

When Ben arrived back at his house his parents could tell that his attempt at friendships had not gone well. He stared down at his plate the whole time he ate his dinner and snapped angrily at Holly when she asked if the park was cool or not. Once dinner was over he declined his dad’s offer to take him to the park and go shoot hoops or play catch and instead went up to his room and lay on his bed hating the fact that he had to move from all his friends back home.

He was unaware that in the house next door a girl his age lay on her bed, but unlike him, she was waiting for her mother to come in her room and put a diaper on her.

“Sorry it took me so long Brin, I kept telling Tom I needed to come take care of you and he just kept talking and talking to me on phone.” Her mother said as she pulled a diaper out from the package of diapers that Brinley kept hidden under her bed.

“Yeah it’s fine” Brinley said sadly as she laid on her bed waiting for what in her mind would probably be the best part of her day.
“Why are you going to bed so early tonight, hun, you don’t have school tomorrow?” Her mother asked her.

“I dunno, I just am still really sad Abbie is gone, I’ll get over it better in a couple of days once she gets her computer set up and we can talk on facebook.” Brinley said sadly.

Shelly slipped Brinley’s pajama bottoms down around her ankles and slid the diaper underneath her daughters butt. She pulled the diaper up snugly between her legs and taped it firmly in place. Brinley lay motionless trying to take in every touch from her mother and ounce of love she was getting from her mother.
Shelly noticed this and realized she hadn’t been around much for Brinley lately. “Now you remember that tomorrow is one of my long days and I probably won’t be home until after you’ve gone to bed, so you are going to have to put your own diapers on right?” Shelly asked.

“Yeah………” Brinley sighed sadly realizing she wouldn’t even have this moment with her mom to look forward to tomorrow.

“You know since I’m not gonna be around tomorrow, what do you say you postpone your bedtime for a little bit and come curl up in my lap for a while and watch a movie with me by the fire, maybe that will make up for me being gone tomorrow night?” Shelly asked hopefully.

Brinley’s eyes lit up, “Really, I thought you would probably go to bed since you have to be up early and work late?” Brinley asked hopefully.

“I suppose I can stay with you and relax for a while, it’s not like we are going to be playing tag or something.” Her mother said smiling at her.

“Sounds like a plan!” Brinley said jumping up off the bed excitedly, “I’ll go pick a movie!” She yelled back to her mom as she raced out of the room.

Shelly went in the kitchen to make some popcorn while Brinley got the movie ready. When Shelly came into the living room she found Brinley sitting on the couch wrapped up in a couple of blankets looking excitedly up at her mom. Shelly could not help but think her teenage daughter wearing a diaper snug and warm inside of her pajama’s and wrapped up in blankets was absolutely adorable as she sat down on the couch next to the little bundle and pulled it up into her lap.

Brinley was in absolute heavenly ecstasy. She could not remember a time in her life she had ever been cuddled, hugged, loved, and shown as much affection and attention as she was getting right then in her entire life. She didn’t even really pay attention to the movie as her mother stroked her hair and held her close.

About half way through the movie Brinley felt herself drifting to sleep and out of desperation tried to sit up to keep herself awake. She did not want to miss a moment of her mother’s affection and was determined not to spend any of the time sleeping. Her mother however pushed her back down into her lap and told her to close her eyes and relax.

Brinley obeyed and was sleeping soundly in less than two minutes after trying to sit up. Shelly looked at the clock and knew Tom would not be home for a couple of hours. Instead of carrying Brinley off to bed she held her on her lap just gently cuddling her for over an hour.

Eventually Shelly began to yawn and knew that she should take Brinley off to bed. She mustered up her strength and carried the small girl to her bed and tucked her gently in before going off to bed herself.

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Re: The Secret Tree House 2 Chapter 2

Nice chapter. Ben should have stood his ground a little longer in his attempt to fir in with the other boys in the neighborhood. Now he is going to have to work even harder to fir in because he backed away. I am sure that Brinley will make a good friend for him though. Look forward to reading more.