The Secret Tree House 2 Chapter 13

Chapter 13 (Summer Nights!!!)

When Ben woke up the next day his face was extremely sore from the punch Ian had given him. Ben smiled however thinking how sore Ian must be after all of the shots he took the night before.

Ben couldn’t believe the way things had worked out. He knew in a straight up fight that Ian would beat him any day. On that particular night however, things had worked out just right for Ben. Gabriella’s arrival was impeccably timed and his father had no doubt saved him from having to deal with both Mitchell and Ronnie at the same time.

After the boys had arrived at the police station Ian’s parents were called and the fathers sat down with the boys and Ben and Ian agreed never to get in a fight again so that they could avoid charges.

Ben could tell he wasn’t done dealing with Ian from all the dirty looks he gave him, but for the time being Ben had won.

On the way home Ben’s dad told him that he was very proud of him for sticking up for Brinley, but that next time it might be wiser to just let him know what was going on and he could have shown up and taken care of the whole issue with no punches thrown. Ben none the less was not in trouble and so he quickly got out of bed and got dressed.

Ben headed for the tree house thinking that the girls would most likely be there if they were out and about yet. Ben didn’t end up making his way up into the tree house though because as he approached he found Brinley sitting down on the ground up against the tree in the same spot that Ben had first leaned up against when he met the girls for the first time.

Brinley seemed lost in her thoughts and did not see Ben approaching her. “Hey you might want to be careful where you sit. There is some mean girls who stay up in that tree house that dump water on people when they least expect it.” Ben said with a smile on his face.

Brinley looked and a big smile spread across her face as she jumped to her feet and ran up to Ben and wrapped her arms around him.

“Where did you get hit Ben?” Brinley asked as if it wasn’t evident by the bruise that had already formed on one side of his face.

Ben pointed to the bruise and Brinley reached up ever so slightly and gently kissed him where he pointed. “Does it feel better?” She asked with a sparkle in her eyes.

Ben smiled at her. “Infinitely!” he said.

“You and I are meeting Savanna and Gabriella for lunch at the Soda Stop. We are going there to make up for missing out on it yesterday. After that we have an afternoon and evening planned in the tree house and you are going to be spending that with us as well.” Brinley said with a smile.

“Really, so I’m like in the club now?” Ben asked with a wry smile on his face.

“Only if you want to be!” Brinley said as she looked at him hopefully.

“This time I won’t make the mistake of thinking about it too long.” Ben said as he gave Brinley a hug.

“We’ve got a couple of hours till we have to meet the others at the Soda Stop, what do you say we have a seat here and hang out for a while?” Brinley said smiling at Ben.

“We could, or how would you like to head over to your friend Abbie’s house for a while, I ended up taking her room you know.” Ben said with a smile.

"I wondered if you had, so does it still have the pink walls? Brinley asked raising her eyebrows as she smiled. Ben’s face turned a bit red.

"We are still working on getting that changed, but I couldn’t pass it up as it was quite a bit bigger than the other room. Ben said laughing. “Hey you don’t know what she spilled in her room that made that stain on the carpet do you?” Ben asked curiously.

Brinley’s heart raced up to about a million beats per minute. “Umm, who knows, Abbie was always so careless with her drinks.” Brinley lied hoping Ben didn’t know how much the question had flustered her.

Ben seemed oblivious to her reaction though as he noted that his parents had agreed to re-paint the walls but that he was stuck with the carpet and its stain. Brinley laughed to herself, she couldn’t wait until she was ungrounded from the phone and computer so she could tell Abbie. She knew Abbie would find it hilarious!

Ben and Brinley sat up in his room talking for the next hour and a half. Brinley told him all about Abbie, what a good friend she was and how she had saved her from Taylor’s wicked little plot.

“Pretty much whoever stays in this room has to be my protector and hero!” Brinley said looking seriously at Ben.

“I’ll let the next person know if we end up moving again.” Ben said with a smile.

“You’ll have to, but I guess until then that role is yours huh?” She said with a wink.

“I suppose it is” Ben said as he flexed his muscles.

“Don’t ever do that in front of anyone you are trying to save me from!” Brinley said laughing.

Later Ben told Brinley about all his friends back where he used to live and all the different things they used to do there. Brinley and Ben continued talking about this and that and when it was time for them to get up and go meet Gabriella and Savanna at the Soda Stop, they felt like they had known each other forever.

Ben’s dad and mom smiled as they saw the two kids walking out the door heading to The Soda Stop for lunch that afternoon. Ben’s dad was beaming with pride at his son’s courage last night, and his mother cried a few tears realizing how much he had grown up. They were both happy Ben had found a friend, even if it was a girl, his mother noted.

In the house next door however Tom looked out and saw Ben and Brinley walking closely together. Tom who had originally fell for Shelli, Brinley’s mother now was growing increasingly interested in his step daughter. The whole diaper incident of the past week only wetted his perverse appetite for the young girl and he relentlessly thought about how he might find a way to insert himself as the one who diapered Brinley before bed, and changed her out of the wet diapers in the morning without drawing suspicion or anger from her mother.

As he watched jealously as Brinley reached out and took Ben’s hand as they walked he thought of a very wicked plan that would take some time as it would require unique circumstances, but he smiled to himself as he realized he might just be able to pull it off.

His fingers were absolutely itching to pull Brinley’s pants off and put a diaper on her squirming, struggling body. Brinley although very wary of Tom and disgusted by him, did not even begin to suspect the perverseness of her step father as she walked along happily with Ben.

When Ben and Brinley arrived Savanna and Gabriella were already sitting at a table. Savanna smiled as she got up and hugged Ben and told him she was buying him the biggest milk shake The Soda Stop had to offer because he was so heroic last night.

Gabriella got up and hugged Ben as well and told him he wasn’t too bad last night and she would give him a week trial as her side kick when they fought crime at night. Ben smiled and laughed and the four kids talked excitedly, replaying the major moments of the fight last night and exaggerating some of the details as they told them over and over.

“Hey Brin, did you tell him what you did during the fight last night?” Savanna said smiling and winking at her friend.

Brinley blushed terribly and Savanna and Gabriella immediately knew she hadn’t told him.

“Brin got a little bit flustered, excited, maybe worried, I don’t know what you wanna call it, but she might of went a little bit of pee pee in her pants.” Savanna laughed.

“A little bit of pee pee? Seriously, she straight up wet her pants!” Gabriella laughed.

"Ben tried not to laugh too hard as he could tell Brinley was beyond a little embarrassed.

“Oh well I didn’t even really notice.” Ben said as he slurped his milk shake.

“That’s cuz she was wearing black pants! You wouldn’t have missed it if she was wearing khaki’s or jeans!” Gabriella said laughing.

“Well it’s a good thing I won then, imagine what might of happened if I had lost!” Ben said smiling.

This caused even Brinley to spit her milkshake out onto the table as she laughed at the thought. “We haven’t ever seen her do that………” Savanna said laughing.

“Doesn’t mean it hasn’t ever happened though.” Gabriella said as she and Savanna looked at Brinley very interested.

“No, no, I have perfect control over that end!!” Brinley said laughing while at the same time thinking about what had happened in Abbie’s room over spring break.

Gabriella was enjoying the look on Brinley’s face and about to keep poking at the issue when she remembered that she was trying very hard to not humiliate Brinley in public. “It doesn’t matter what’s ever happened or what does happen, we love her all the same.” She said giving Brinley a hug as she put her arm around her.

“Yes we do!” Savanna said smiling as she hugged Brinley from the other side.

“Yeah actually I’m fine with you guys doing whatever you want as far as going to the bathroom up in the tree house, but just so you know, I can easily pee in the woods. So I’m not getting involved in all that myself, just so we are clear on that!” Ben said looking around at the girls seriously for a moment.

“We’ll convert you.” Savanna said winking at him, “Just you wait and see” she finished.

“Well I’m hoping you girls will have plenty of chances to try since I would like to hang out a lot, but don’t get your hopes up too high about some miracle conversion.” Ben said with a smile.

“We’ll take you up on all those chances Benjamin.” Brinley said winking at him.

" Really Brinley, even after last night!" Ben said with a smile.

“Especially after last night Benjamin!” Brinley said smiling back at him.

That afternoon Brinley and her friends spent time together in the tree house telling stories and getting to know each other a lot better just like Brinley and Ben had done earlier. For dinner that evening they had pizza and then played some games before heading outside onto the deck of the porch to watch the sun go down and then the stars come out.

That evening faded and many more passed in the same fashion. Brinley, Ben, Savanna, and Gabriella became very close friends that summer. They spent time going to movies, eating lunch at The Soda Stop, watching 4th of July Fireworks, and just spending time with one another in the tree house.

Brinley divided her time between talking with Abbie on the computer and spending time with her new friends and began to feel as though life was finally getting back on track. Abbie died laughing at the story of how Ian had gotten beaten up by Gabriella and Ben, and for the first time since she had moved began to worry less about her friend. Brinley thanked her profusely for the note she had left in her diary and Abbie smiled as she thought of how she was still able to help her friend from so far away. While Brinley continued to grow in her friendships with Ben, Savanna, and Gabriella, she never ever for one moment thought any of them ever replaced Abbie. She certainly felt blessed though to have friends as close as those three since Abbie was so far away.

Things seemed to be turning around for Brinley, she actually started to think she might even be lucky to be herself for once. Tom and the troubles he had caused her moved to the back of her mind as he seemed to be keeping his distance from her. Brinley found herself falling more and more in love with Ben and allowed herself to believe for the first time in her life that maybe someone she had a crush on would love her back. The summer went exceptionally well considering Abbie had moved away at the beginning of it, and for once Brinley found herself not dreading going back to school.

It was the final weekend before school would start and the four friends lay on the deck looking up at the stars. “You know I almost feel a little bit sad” Brinley said as she looked up through the hole in the tree top canopy at the beautiful stars on a warm September Labor Day weekend night.

“How on earth could you feel sad on a beautiful night like this laying in a group of the four coolest people on earth?” Savanna asked a little surprised.

“It kind of reminds me of Abbie’s last night up here, and next week we start high school, and you know that’s gonna go by fast just like this summer did and then we’ll all go our own separate ways and this tree house will never be the same again.” Brinley said as she sighed.

“We definitely need to make sure we cherish every moment that we have here together as a group.” Ben said as he covertly took Brinley’s hand in his.

Brinley sighed as she gently squeezed Ben’s hand.

“We definitely need to cherish the time, but not spend the whole time dreading what is coming. You can’t stop time, and so you might as well not dwell on it too much. Instead enjoy every second we have tonight, and when tomorrow comes enjoy that day not looking ahead or backward to things that we can’t control.” Gabriella said nudging Brinley to let her know she saw her holding Ben’s hand.

Yeah I have a feeling we’ll remember this conversation some day and wonder where the time went, but like Gabriella said, let’s not dwell on that now, let’s enjoy the present." Savanna said nudging Ben to let him know she also saw him holding Brinley’s hand.

Brinley and Ben quickly quit holding hands as they both turned a little bit red.

“Speaking of the present I need to be home in a few minutes.” Ben said sighing.

“Well before you do that would you mind walking me back to the house to go pee, walking me back here, and walking back to the house yourself Ben?” Brinley asked as she started to do her all too well known desperation dance.

“Oh Dang, that is a lot of walking Ben!!!” Gabriella said laughing.

“Tell her to go in a diaper, we have plenty up here!!!”

Savanna said smiling at Brinley.

“Yeah you just go on home Ben, and we’ll take care of little Brin, Brin.” Gabriella said laughing as she put her arm around Brinley.

“Come on Brin, I’ll take you back with me.” Ben said smiling at her.

“BOOOOOOOO!!!” Savanna said as Brinley and Ben got up and headed down the stairs.

“She’s got you wrapped around her little finger!!!” Gabriella warned.

Brinley and Ben quickly exited the tree house ignoring the girls comments as Brinley’s bladder was not known for waiting very long.

Once Brinley had finished going to the bathroom inside the Hamilton’s house Ben told his dad he was going to walk Brinley back to the tree house so she didn’t have to go alone in the dark and then he would come back home right after that. His father agreed it was a good idea and Ben and Brinley set off back towards the tree house.

They went far enough into the woods so that no one could see them from the house and they stopped and put their arms around one another. Ben was just about to consider kissing Brinley when they heard a voice coming from the tree house.

“We can see you just so you know!” Savanna said yelling down.

“I’ve gotta go!” Brinley said sighing as she headed back to the tree house.

Ben glared up at Gabriella and Savanna who could not really see him very well but knew he was glaring at them.

" Love you Benjamin!" Gabriella yelled down knowing it would make him even more angry.

As Brinley entered the tree house she was greeted by Gabriella and Savanna smiling broadly at her.

“What on earth happened with you in Ben in the forest?” Gabriella said raising her eyebrows and pretending to pucker up for a kiss.

“Gabriella there are about 20 different versions of what happened between Ben and I in the forest, none of which are really true. You have a hard enough time keeping track of all yours and Savanna’s secrets, so I don’t really wanna burden you with extra information, and besides I think the less people that know, probably the better!” Brinley said with a big smile on her face.
“You did see what I was able to do to Ian right?” Gabriella said looking a little annoyed at Brinley’s joke.

“That’s why she peed her pants Gabs, she wasn’t scared for you, she was scared of you!” Savanna said laughing.

“Seriously, when are you guys going to tell me your secrets?” Brinley said getting serious again.

“You seriously don’t want to know.” Gabriella said grabbing a diaper and motioning for Brinley to hop up on one of the beds.

“Trust her Brinley” Savanna said with a smile and a wink.

“Honestly, who needs enemies when you have friends that keep things from you!” Brinley said frustrated as she lay down on the bed.

“You’re starting to catch on.” Gabriella said as she began to diaper Brinley.

“So what did you get for a movie?” Brinley said looking up towards Savanna as Gabriella finished putting her diaper on.

“Something special!” Savanna said with a smile.

“Special, how so?” Brinley asked curious.

“Well let’s just say Abbie told me you’d absolutely love it when I texted her at the movie store tonight.” Savanna said smiling mischievously in Brinley’s direction.

“Aww Abbie!!!” Brinley screamed almost loud enough for Abbie to hear in California. Brinley knew exactly what movie Savanna had gotten. Lost in the Forest with the Walking Dead 2 had just come out on DVD.

The End

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Re: The Secret Tree House 2 Chapter 13

The end for part 2? I suppose its a place to stop, even if its a little cliff-hanger-y. There are a lot of things going on, aside from confirming Tom’s urges, we see that Gabriella’s starting to slip up as she gets too comfortable (a reasonable conclusion). We also get some puppy love between Ben and Brinley, also understandable.

I guess you could focus on the conversations more, rather than glossing over them with “they talked for (however long) and got along well”. It’s not really mandatory since I enjoyed it either way. As long as it doesn’t slow the story down or make it boring there’s no reason to cut it. As long as the story doesn’t move too fast (it doesn’t so far) there’s no need to add them either, but character development is always good.

I really do want to see what comes next.

Re: The Secret Tree House 2 Chapter 13

Part 3 will be on the way, I’m very busy right now with other activities and it will probably be June before I begin on it. I do plan to continue though as I did leave much to be done.

Re: The Secret Tree House 2 Chapter 13

This was indeed a very good story. Kept me feeling the characters emotions which to me makes it a great story.

I would like to see how Brinley and Ben make out in the future.

Re: The Secret Tree House 2 Chapter 13

Omg. This is by far the best story I’ve ever read on a forum. I was actually disappointed to c it end.

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This was an excellent story, I’m curious to see what happens in the next part. Hope everything is okay, since there’s been a month’s delay…

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And it’s now 2014…

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He’s not logged in for >7 months so don’t hold your breath.

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sorry, I had a kid, I’ve been kind of busy.

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Guys, this is why you don’t beat up on people for not updating for extended periods of time.

Let it go, and if they come back to finish it, be happy. :slight_smile:

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I absolutely LOVE!!! this story!, i can’t wait for it to continue!.
Take all the time you need, i can wait.
Please continue and a big thank you for sharing!. :slight_smile:

P.S. My sincere congratulations on the little one!.

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So the story’s not dead! Woo!

Take all the time you need, it’ll doubtlessly be worth it.