The Scent

Authors Note: I really enjoyed the story here just the other day by Pamperpunk. It was the first teens/adults in diapers future story that allowed me to fully suspend my disbelief. In appreciation of that, I wrote a short story as a tribute/fanfiction set in the same universe. Thus, this story doesn’t make sense unless you’ve read the one I linked above. None of the characters are the same, it’s just meant to share the same world setting.

The Scent
(a story set in the world of “The Diaper Boom”)

“Right, fess up who is it?” Kyle said, stopping his delineation of work for the group’s power point presentation. Samantha blushed, fidgeting furiously in her seat.

“We’ll be back in a sec,” Kate said, taking her friend’s hand and helping her stand. Samantha could feel the load in the back of her pamper as she stood up, making her blush a little more. With finals coming up she had completed abandoned any potty training efforts, but she hadn’t realized her mess was as smelly as it apparently had been.

“No worries,” Kyle replied apologetically, noticing Samantha’s discomfort as the girl stood “There’s just no windows in here, we don’t mind waiting.”

Samantha and Kate walked out of the little room attached to the university library and started towards the changing room. The library was pretty empty, even with finals coming up, because of the late hour the group had chosen to work on their presentation.

Being a recently refurbished building, the university’s business library had new boys’ and girls’ changing rooms, which replaced one of the two bathrooms that had been on the 3rd floor of the library; a wise decision as now those still in diapers weren’t creating long lines for those who were actually able to get to the toilet on time.

The girls’ changing room consisted of five stalls, each with a receptacle chute for the diapers, a dispenser with wet wipes, a pump with powder, a sink with a drain like a toilet’s, and a mirror so one could check their posterior while they were cleaning themselves.

“Kate, could you help me?” Samantha asked, embarrassed, “It’s really messy, I’m going be holding everyone up if I try to get it on my own.”

Kate sighed, but nodded and followed her friend into the stall. It wasn’t the kind of request you could normally ask a friend, but Kate and Samantha had been friends since elementary school and had been helping each other out with cleaning messy diapers since they first started changing themselves. Kate had gotten the raw end of the deal though, she’d stopped having messy accidents her freshman year, now they were finishing their junior year and Samantha was still at step 1.

“Wow, did you have to mush it around?” Kate asked as Samantha pulled the diaper off, revealing her bottom absolutely covered in poop. Samantha had already hung her shirt on the door of the changing stall to keep it from being dirtied, so now she was just standing in the stall in just her bra, her dirty bottom waiting to be cleaned.

“It feels nice mushing it,” Samantha replied, “or have you forgotten what a messy diaper feels like already.”
Kate “hmmphed,” as she grabbed a couple of wipes, going to work on Samantha’s bottom, Samantha helping as much as she could. The two made short work of the accident, and in five minutes Samantha was cleaned, powdered, diapered and they were headed back towards the library study room.

“Thanks Kate,” Samantha said, “You know I’m just teasing right, I wish I could wear panties like you.”

“It’s not so bad now,” Kate replied, “during Freshman year half the guys were intimidated because I trained right away, at least at the parties no one knew but they’d notice when I pulled on panties the next morning.”

“Really?” Samantha said, surprised her friend had never brought that up before. “Do you regret training right away?”

“Not really,” Kate said honestly, “it’s way easier to clean up after pooping, and the smell of poop doesn’t hang around you anymore.”

“I don’t smell like poop!” Samantha said, aghast.

“You can’t smell it until you train.” Kate said matter-of-factly, "After that you can tell who’s trained and who isn’t by smell alone. With perfume and stuff it’s harder to tell, but there’s always a slightly sweet odor of poo and pee on the kids that haven’t trained yet.

“I didn’t need to know that…” Samantha said, sniffing herself carefully and hoping Kate was just riling her up. Kyle was trained too…. maybe that’s why he noticed she was messy so quickly.

Samantha couldn’t get it off her mind the whole way driving home after the group meeting. Normally, she stayed at her sorority, but she went home for the weekends since her parents lived only an hour from the university. She walked inside, looking around for her mom to no avail. She wandered around for a moment before hearing sounds from the den.

“What’s up?” She asked, walking in to see her mom changing her sister Laura.

“Getting changed,” Laura replied happily, as her mom lifted her legs up to pull out the sodden diaper from underneath

“Isn’t it about time you started changing yourself?” Samantha suggested and Laura just put her arms over her chest and stuck her tongue out. “Do they even have diaper changers at the middle school?”

“Samantha,” Her mom replied with mock admonishment, “They’d already gotten diaper changers in the middle school when you went; I recall you needing help with messy ones until you were done with sixth grade.”

“No way, I only needed help, like, once in middle school.” Samantha said in protest, but her mother just raised an eyebrow in demonstration of her disbelief.

“Anyway,” Samantha’s mother replied, taping up her middle child’s diaper, “it seems as if all my daughters are late bloomers, I’ve gotten used to it.”

“Geeze, mom,” Samantha replied, chagrined, and acutely aware of the sagging pamper between her legs. She was only twenty-one, a lot of kids didn’t train until their senior year of college these days.

The three went back to the living room where Samantha’s mother set the T.V. to play a movie for her middle child and went to have a cup of tea with her eldest.

“So, how’s the project going?” Her mom asked as they sat at the dining table.

“Pretty good, we got most of the planning and assignments done today.” Samantha paused for a moment over the question that had been going over in her head since the afternoon, “Mom, do I smell like poop?”

“No,” Her mother replied, instinctively sniffing the air, “Why would you think that?”

“I dunno, Kate said once you train everyone still in diapers smells like poop and pee.” Samantha replied shrugging, “I just wondered if it was true…”

“Oh, that,” Her mom replied, chuckling, “Well, that’s kinda true. I don’t notice usually because your sisters are in the house so much I get used to it but, yeah, if I’m out for the day and come home I notice they smell a bit. There’s nothing you can do about it though, if you’re still in diapers, and it’s really very mild if you have good hygiene.”

“Oh.” Samantha replied disappointed, “So I smell like that?”

“Well, yeah, but it’s not a big deal.” Her mother responded, waving her hand, “You’re not at an age where I’m worried about you not training yet. I was just teasing you about being a late bloomer.”

That did it. Samantha resolved to give up diapers as soon as finals were over. She’d been pretty confident diapers were discreet these days, that others didn’t really know whether she’d trained or not, but knowing that there was some scent she was giving off, that she couldn’t smell herself, just tipped her over to the serious training side of the potty scale.

The last day of finals Samantha’s and Kate’s sorority was holding a post-finals party and it seemed like half the school was in attendance. The sorority was geared up for it though, the girls having opted to change the downstairs bathroom into a changing room the last time the budget ran a surplus.

“It always feels a little weird now,” Kate replied, pulling her panties off and tossing them on her bed. She grabbed a pamper from Samantha’s stack, knowing her roommate wouldn’t mind, and taped it snugly on. Samantha pulled her jeans off, throwing it onto her bed.

“You’re going sans pants?” Kate asked

“Ehh, it’s just easier,” Samantha explained, and Kate nodded, taking her skirt off and tossing it on her own bed. “Now we’re twins!” She said gleefully. They were both wearing the sorority t-shirt, so Samantha giggled at the implication. Samantha kneaded her diaper lightly, trying to discern its remaining capacity.

“If you have to check…” Kate admonished,

“It’s too wet,” Samantha finished, annoyed as she untaped her diaper, the side slipping from her fingers and thumping heavily on the floor. She blushed as she rolled it up. Kate tossed her the wipes and powder from her nightstand.

“Hurry up,” She mocked.

“I am, geeze,” Samantha replied, cleaning herself up as quick as she could and putting on a new diaper.
Ready for the party, the two exited their room to find the bottom floor of the house already filled with party goers. It was only six pm, but sometimes things got started early, especially end of the semester parties. Everyone was downing booze, not worrying about grades or knowledge anymore, and the music started pumping pretty heavily.

As the party started heating up Samantha enjoyed her early people-watching from a comfortable place near the dance floor. She watched one boy, probably a freshman, stagger in from the back; he popped a squat right in the middle of the dance floor to do his business. His face tensed up, reddening in concentration, was kinda cute as she saw the back of his diaper begin to bulge out. Probably had already had a bit to drink if he was that uninhibited this early.

“Sup?’” Samantha heard over the music. Kyle, from her marketing group, slide up beside her as she stood against the wall.

“Hi Kyle,” She said, looking down. She was still a little embarrassed about his comment at the final meeting last week, even if he’d been really nice about it afterwards. As her gaze followed down to his pants she noticed they seemed oddly form fitting.

“You’re wearing underwear even here?” Samantha asked, not sure whether to be impressed or to consider him too uptight.

“Haven’t had an accident in a year and a half,” Kyle replied shrugging, “Plus, you guys have the changing room downstairs so the bathroom line is reasonable here.”

“Well aren’t you Mr. toilet-trained of the year” Samantha joked, as Kyle blushed ever so slightly.

“Hey, Sammy,” Samantha heard, looking over to see Kate hanging on some new guy, “I’m going upstairs, okay?” Samantha eyes followed her roomies connection with the boy, noticed how his sodden diaper was forming against his junk, making his erection very obvious. Kate teased it slightly with her leg, giving Samantha a knowing wink as she started guiding the guy upstairs.

Samantha just nodded as Kate and her new boy staggered outside towards the stairs, leaving her to focus her full attention on Kyle.

“That was kinda…” Kyle started embarrassed. He was surprised how… amorous… Kate could be considering how proper she usually was. Samantha was less than surprised, but then Kate and booze never did mix too well (at least, if her goal was being chaste).

“So, umm, you think the project went alright?” Samantha interjected, trying to change the subject.

“I’m not going to worry about it now; I thought we did a good job” Kyle shrugged, “Hey, you wanna dance?”

Samantha nodded demurely, and the two stepped out onto the floor, cavorting and dancing to the overly loud rhythm. Samantha was finding Kyle was actually pretty fun, and not as proper as his underwear might otherwise indicate.

Things were getting pretty rowdy rather quickly. A couple of the guys were having a wet diaper contest, chugging beer and peeing to see who could overflow their diaper first. Some party goers cheered and egged them on as the diapers started sagging and turning yellow about ten minutes in.

“Hey, Sammy” Kate said, brushing her hair out of her face as she leaned on her friend. “Tate and I are going over to his place for the night, kay?”

“Whose driving?” Samantha said sternly, with a worried expression crossing her face.

“No one, his place is just down the block, we’re walking” Kate replied happily, Samantha tension evaporated as she bid the intoxicated couple a good stroll and they headed out of the sorority house.

“Well, that’s means my room is free, wanna check it out?” Samantha asked to Kyle as Kate and her boy walked out of the house.

“Are you trying to seduce me?” Kyle teased, and Samantha just bit her lip a little. The alcohol was getting to her a bit. She wasn’t sure how much she felt about Kyle, but he definitely wasn’t a bad guy, she’d had a couple of classes with her and he was a good and disciplined student if nothing else.

The two walked up to her room, Samantha breathing a little heavier as she reached the top step, perhaps regretting a little the last bear. As she found the doorknob to her room she stopped without thinking, squatting, as the pressing need on her bowels continued.

“You okay?” Kyle asked her as she felt the first log slide out into her waiting diaper, causing it to sag a bit as the mushy poop continued coming

“Yeah,” She said, breathlessly, her face tensing up, “just pooping.” Samantha was suddenly a bit embarrassed, not as bad as she would have been while she was sober, but something about having a guy she was kind of into watching her poop so attentively made her blush.

“Take your time,” Kyle added, putting his hand on her shoulder as she finished pushing the load into her diaper. Samantha took a deep breath upon finishing and the two headed into her room.

“Does it stink?” She asked, embarrassed as she closed the dorm door.

“Maybe a little,” Kyle replied, taking a big whiff from his noise. “Does somebody need a change?”

“I haven’t been changed since I was eleven,” Samantha said, laughing as she sat down on her bed, feeling the mess mush into her backside.

“Well, maybe I could break your streak?” Kyle replied, seductively, sitting down next to Samantha on her bed.

“Oh, you think you can handle it?” Samantha asked, as she laid back on her bed, allowing Kyle to untape her diaper. He fumbled around her nightstand and then went to work cleaning her up.

Being changed erotically was not unheard of, Kate had said one of her boyfriends had liked that, but before now it had just happened that Samantha kept her sexual side separate from the diapers- not that an accident had never occurred while having sex, it was bound to eventually unless one was trained, but her boyfriend at that time had just cleaned up the bed matter-of-factly once they were done.

Kyle was smiling and tickling at her tummy as he gently ran wipes over her posterior, gathering up her stinky mess and depositing them in the messy diaper he’d placed off to the side. She was glad she’d left her changing pad on the bed now, although Kyle seemed to be pretty good about making sure poop stayed where it was supposed to. The wipe ran circles around her anus, cleansing her and making the sensitive skin tingle with the light stimulation. Kyle looked into her eyes knowingly. Then Kyle went to work on her labia, and she gasped as the cleaning became less necessary and more pleasurable.


“That was nice,” Samantha added, basking in the afterglow, as she leaned into Kyle’s chest.

“Heck yeah.” He smiled down at her, “I’ve been trying to approach you all semester you know, I thought I’d killed my chances when I pointed out your dirty diaper the other day. I had no idea you were such a stinker.”

“Hey,” Samantha said, feeling embarrassed, “I’m going start seriously training tomorrow. I’m done smelling like poop.”

“Well, I dunno, I think having a girl in diapers is pretty cute.” Kyle responded, squeezing her diapered bottom lightly. “I mean, it smells fine as long as I know it’s you, I’d change your dirty diapers any day.”

“Really?” She ventured

“I just did didn’t I?” Kyle asked, smiling again as Samantha snuggled into him. Maybe she could put off the training for awhile after all, she considered. After all, it wasn’t like she’d be the only senior still in diapers…

The End

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Re: The Scent

Well done, nice spin-off. I enjoyed it for the most part, although I don’t usually go in for diaper girl stories since I’m only into guys. At first blush, I’m not wild about the idea of diaper-wearers carrying the scent around with them all the time, but it’s believable and will probably grow on me. I love the idea of guys being intimidated by the fact that Kate trained so quickly, and I like the normalization of fetishizing diapers. One suggestion I’ll make is to proofread and edit because I noticed several errors, which tends to distract from the story. Overall, good job and thanks for sharing!