The Scandal

Jaclyn Smith was a nerd. She knew it, too. But she was cute too. And so she sat in the bleachers of the football field with her roommate, wondering if she could ever get the quarterback to notice her.

Carson had been Jaclyn’s best friend since they arrived on campus. It hadn’t taken Carson long to join the college dating scene but she still put up with Jaclyn’s whining.

“You have a few classes together, right?” she prodded.

“Yeah,” Jaclyn said.

“So just try to get a study group going with him.”

“I don’t know. Not sure how smart he is,”

“He’s the quarterback. How could he be smart?” Carson teased.

“I have a few classes with him,”

“Oh, so now you’re bragging?”

“Shut up.”

“Hey, you’re the one who wanted me to come with you today. Look, everyone else is a girlfriend of a player or a fan,”

“So help me meet him and then I can be the girlfriend and you won’t have to come.”

“Come on, he’s not going to notice you today, let’s go. We’ll figure something out.”

On the field, Matthias Tenders wiped the sweat off his forehead, motioned for another play, grabbed the ball, found Jason open downfield and flung the ball before he felt himself get walloped. He fell to ground and heard his coach call out, “Faster next time.” The whistle blew and he ran the same play again. This time Jason was covered and he found Skyler. But before he could throw, he felt the same force and hit the ground.

His coach walked over to him, “Faster. And don’t hold to it, throw it away. You’ve got the arm, just make smart plays, kid.”

Matthias stood up, brushed himself off, said, “Yes, sir,” and called for another play. His team’s win last week put them up to 5-0, but now they were playing the number 3 ranked team in the nation. If he was going to make a name for himself and enter the draft early, he would have to do well this week in particular. So the coach was giving signals to the offensive line on when to let the d-line through.

In a game situation, Matthias trusted his line with his life. His roommate was Eli Noble, the center, and Eli knew everything about him. Almost.

By the time coach blew the whistle for the end of practice, Matthias was sweating like he was wearing a black tux in an August wedding. But he ran with the team to the locker room as the band took over the field.

He took a seat on the back corner bench. As the other guys filed in, he saw the football team’s own cliques forming. The true jocks seemed to stick together – the guys who wouldn’t have gotten in without their scholarship, and who needed to get to draft day to avoid being a middle school gym teacher. Nice enough guys, with the exception of the occasional druggie. Then there was the smart dudes. They liked football enough, but they were playing to get the education, not the other way around. They may be decent players, but they weren’t going to the NFL. Then there was his group, the student-athletes. The guys who played well and had a chance, but needed a good education too, just in case. Intelligent, but not straight A students. They filed in and listened to coach go over the same old speeches again, looking forward to their game. Finally, he was able to shower and go back to his apartment. He had homework to work on.

The TV blared:

“20-27 and a touchdown last week. This is going to be a game.”

“He’s going to have to be nearly perfect this week. Tenders doesn’t have it.”

Jaclyn got angry and switched it off, as Carson stepped in, “Aww, is someone making fun of your boyfriend?” Jaclyn laughed and said, “Yep.”

“So you think we will win this week?”

“I don’t know, but I think he’ll have a good game.”

“You should want him to have a bad game. Then when everyone else is against him you can be the thoughtful and understand shoulder to cry on.”

"What just walk up to him and say, “Sorry you stunk this week?”


“The TV was smarter, I think,” Jacyln replied, “Come on, let’s get something to eat,”

Matthias’ apartment was small, but still bigger than most dorm rooms. It was one of the perks of being a football player. He and Eli shared the kitchenette, living area and bathroom, but each had their own small bedroom. Today had been rough, and so Matthias closed and locked the door to his bedroom before beginning his homework.

Eli knew everything about him, everything that is accept that he liked wearing diapers. Growing up he had been a bedwetter, and something about the security and comfort of the diapers then made him want to keep wearing them long after he stopped. Now, with his own room, he finally could. He pulled out the package from his dresser and noticed that he needed to order some more. Then he undressed and taped himself up in one before putting on a t-shirt and a pair of sweatpants and sitting down to work on a book report.

After a little while, he was losing momentum. He set aside the book and pulled up Microsoft Word. For a while now he had been working on a story that he posted on some diaper lover forums. He had gotten generally positive reviews along with some helpful criticism. He often wondered what would happen if someone found out who ABQB was, but felt it was generic enough to avoid getting caught.

Finally Matthias’ stomach growled. Chick-fil-a was right down the road, so he could easily walk. He decided that today he would be brave, so even with his diaper on he opened the door and saw Eli and other teammates playing Halo. He called out, “Hey, anyone want anything from Chick-fil-a?” and got a round of “No thanks.” He grabbed his jacket off the back of the couch and closed the door behind him.

The first time he had gone out in a diaper, he had been scared to death. But each time, it got easier and now he enjoyed it most of the time. This particular night was cold, so not many other people were walking around, and he felt confident as he arrived at the restaurant.

“Look, there he is,” Carson whispered as she saw Matthias walk in, “He’s following you around,”

“Sure,” Jaclyn snorted, “Cuz the quarterback would never eat at Chick-fil-a,”

“Look, he’s a person just like you, why not invite him to sit with us,”

Jaclyn laughed, “No way.”

“If you don’t I will…”

“Go ahead,”

Matthias got in line and ordered, then started looking for a seat. Chick-fil-a was usually crowded, and it was no different tonight. He looked for anyone he knew, but didn’t find anyone. He was partially relieved. Then a girl came up to him, “Excuse me, would you like to sit with my friend and I?” It wasn’t unusual for fans to make requests like that, but he didn’t want to sit with a fan right now, so he asked, “Sorry, do I know you guys?”

Carson nodded, “Yeah, you have a few classes with Jaclyn over there,”

“Oh, okay, sure,” Matthias answered. Classmates were different. And he tried to be nice to fans too, signing autographs and posing with kids when he could. But classmates meant intelligent conversation if he could avoid talking about “the big game.”

He followed Carson to her seat and slid in next to Jaclyn, “Hey, Jaclyn,”

She blushed a little bit but said, “Hey. So how’s your report coming?”

Matthias smiled as he settled into a normal conversation. Jaclyn tried to keep from embarrassing herself and Carson watched to see if the two had any connection. They talked for a while after each was done with their meal, and soon realized how late it had gotten.

“Well, nice meeting you guys, I guess I’ll see you around” Matthias said sincerely, “Why don’t I take your trash for you?” He picked it up and moved over to the trash can and started dumping the trash, but a straw fell to ground. He leaned over to pick it up and tossed it back in the trash. Meanwhile, the Coke had gotten to him, and he released into his diaper as he stood there, enjoying the fact that no one would notice. Then he walked on into the bathroom to dipose of the diaper and wipe off.

Carson stared for a moment, then turned back to Jaclyn, “Did you see that?”

Jaclyn asked, “See what? That he actually talked to us? I know! I mean- that doesn’t mean he likes me or anything, but –”

“No, not that! When he leaned over… I can’t be sure, but it almost looked like he was wearing… a diaper!”

Jaclyn burst out laughing, “What! You’re imagining things, Car,”

“No, why would I imagine that? Look, watch with me as he comes out of the restroom.”

They both took another sip of their drink and waited. Matthias came out and walked out the door. “I didn’t see anything, Carson,”

“I could have sworn. I’m sure I’m not making things up.”

“Whatever you say Carson, come on, let’s get out of here.”

Re: The Scandal

A few notes: More is hopefully coming. Please do let me know your thoughts. This idea came based off of the Manti Teo scandal.

Re: Re: The Scandal

I really like this. Its pretty well-written, different, interesting, and has a lot of plot potential. PLEASE continue!

Re: The Scandal

It was only the second quarter and Matthias was already as exhausted as he usually was after four. The score was tied 13-13 and he was getting pounded. The offensive line that usually was solid was letting guys through the holes and he was having to throw early – if he could pass it off, the run game only got two yards at a time. He had thrown a touchdown, early in the game – a 70 yard pass, but two drives later, he had thrown an interception that was run back the other way. After that, it had been punts and short drives stopped well before the red zone.

After another sack, Eli helped him back up off the ground as the punt team came on again. “Sorry, man, like practice all over again, huh?”

Matthias allowed Eli to help and responded, “Yeah but this isn’t intentional. We have to do something different,”

“We’ll figure it out,”

Carson and Jaclyn sat in the bleachers along with 40,000 others, cheering on Matthias. Carson was still wondering about the diaper, “I didn’t make it up,”

Jaclyn said, “Does it even matter? I think the more important thing was that he sat with us at all,”

“But come on, Jac, a diaper? You must curious,”

“Nope. Cuz you’re making it up.”

“Look, I did some research, and –”

Jaclyn laughed, “Wait, you did research?”

Carson glared, “I’m not stupid, Jac,”

“I know, I know, sorry. So wait, you did research on diapers?”

“Yeah. Apparently there is this whole group who likes to wear them. Some even like baby clothes and stuff.”

“That’s the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard.”

Carson laughed, “Yeah, I thought so too. But think about it. If we knew Matthias was part of that group, maybe you could-”

“Could what? Offer to change him?”

“Wow, Jac, that’s not where I was going with this.”

“Ok, where then?”

“Wear a diaper yourself?”


“Just think about it. It might get Matthias to like you.”

Jaclyn paused for a second, “It doesn’t matter. None of this is real anyway.”

Carson said, “We’ll see. Look, it’s half time, let’s go grab a snack.”

Coach’s speech didn’t help. Matthias was still getting pounded and he didn’t know how much more he could take. It was now the end of the 3rd quarter and all they had manage to do was swap field goals again – 16-16.

During the media time out before the 4th quarter though, Eli came up to Matthias. “Hey, what about a trick play?”

“What kind of trick play?”

“The running game isn’t working. I’m getting crushed on the line so you can’t throw. What if I fell back, you passed backwards to me and then blocked?”

Matthias asked, “Is that legal, passing to an O-line guy?”

“I think so. I’d have to register as eligible but I think so. I know you can block okay and that would give us some extra time.”

“That makes sense. But it doesn’t work and it’s a fumble or a sack even further backwards.”

“Dude, you’re 10 of 27. It can’t hurt.”

Matthias said paused, “You’re right. Let’s make you a hero. Tell coach to call the play.”

Once they got the ball back, the first play was a screen pass. It got back to the line of scrimmage but that was it. The second play was a run up the gut. It got one yard. So it was 3rd and 9 and with time running out, 3 and out wasn’t going to work. The signal came.

Matthias called the count and yelled, “Hike!” Eli immediately started moving backwards, Matthias taking a step forward. As soon as they crossed paths, Matthias tossed the ball back toward Eli and then moved into the path of a 300 pound defensive back. They grappled for a few seconds – Matthias knew he couldn’t win long term – and that was all Eli needed. He found Jason on a slant route and threw the ball.

It soared and Matthias was able to catch a glimpse. It looked like it would be an overthrow. But someone Jason managed to put on an extra speed and catch up with it. He was at the 30 yard line. 20 yard line. 10 yard line. 5 yard line. Then he went down hard at the 2.

The crowd roared. But it was short lived. Jason was still on the ground. The trainer came out and helped him off the field and a more polite applause came through. Matthias could tell it was an arm injury. It would hurt, but Jason might be able to play again next week.

The play clock started up again and the play came in from the sideline – QB’s choice – quarterback sneak or fullback up the gut. Neither play seemed wise. He took a glance at the game clock: 4:27 and counting. A touchdown would definitely send momentum their way, and a field goal meant good defense might send them to overtime. He looked at Eli again, and Eli shook his head. A QB sneak wouldn’t work – Eli was done. He called for the fullback and waited until the last second – 4:05 on the clock and 3 seconds left on the play clock. “Hike,”

The fullback took the ball and ran, not past Eli who was giving up ground quick, but on the side, straight into the end zone. 22-16. Again the crowd went nuts.

They kicked the field goal easily and sat down to cheer on their defense. At the three minute mark, the defensive was already in trouble – 2nd and 1 on the 50. But coach called a time out to talk it over with the defensive. The offensive usually wasn’t allowed in on such huddles, but Matthias overheard, “They did their job. Now go out and help them out. Don’t make us have to play for overtime.”

A stop forced the other side to use a time out. Another stop and it was 4th and 1. Another time out. Instead of punting, they decided to go for it. And this time they made it. Now there were two minutes left and they were on the 37. On first down, a run play to the side made it 2nd and 5. 3rd and 2. 1st and 10. Under a minute left, but the D was back on the 20. 2nd and 7. 3rd and 4. Time out.

Jaclyn didn’t care much about football, but she was riveted. Carson usually enjoyed the games anyway, but this one was captivating. They watched as the offense came back out and lined up. They groaned as they made 7 yards. Then another stop. 2nd and goal with 10 seconds remaining. The stadium was silent until a time out was called.

Carson turned to Jaclyn, “If we win, you have to invite Matthias on a date.”

“What? I have to?”

“I mean just buy him like ice cream or something.”

“What are we, 11?”

“Come on. Not tonight. You know how those parties go.”

“No way.”

“Whats the worst that could happen?”

“He could say no!”


“We’ll see,”

The hush fell back over the stadium and the ball was snapped. The quarterback took it, looked for an open receiver, found one in the end zone, threw hard and…

INTERCEPTION! The safety had it and ran out to about the 20 yard line before kneeling it. The crowd surged to the front of the bleachers, ready to rush the field. Of course, it had to be reviewed. But the crowd didn’t care. And finally, Matthias came out and kneeled the ball to start the clock and the final seconds were over. The party began.

Jaclyn had decided. She was going to ask out Matthias after class. She didn’t hear a word her professor had said. But finally, he dismissed the class and she caught up with him. “Hey,”

“Hey, Jaclyn,” Matthias said.

“Great game on Saturday,”

“Yeah thanks. ESPN is already calling for us to lose next week in let-down game.”

“I doubt it. You’ll be great again.”

“So you’re a fan?”

“Not hardcore. But uh, I did want to ask you –”

Matthias was patient. He didn’t want to assume anything. An autograph? Maybe just a study group?

“Can I, uh, buy you ice cream sometime?”

“Ice cream?”

“I, uh,” Jaclyn was beginning to worry.

“Are you asking me on a date?”

“Yeah,” she squeaked.

Matthias smiled. He got asked out a lot. He currently didn’t have a girlfriend, and most of the time he would say no. But something made him pause, “Uh, sure. I have practice til late today, but maybe afterward? We could walk over to Chick-fil-a?”

“Yeah that’d be great!” Jaclyn was truly surprised. She got out a pen and a scrap piece of paper and wrote down her room’s phone number. “Campus call,” she said. “See you then?”

Practice was always light on Monday. They could never let up, especially not after last week, now that they were 6-0 and ranked themselves. But this was an out of conference game, a “cupcake.” Of course if coach knew the players were thinking that he would make them run laps. Matthias just worked hard and got to the showers. Soon he was back in his room.

He sat down and pulled out his agenda. No major projects coming up, no papers or exams to study for. He smiled. A well deserved break. Eli was over at the library working on something, so he changed into his diaper and put on a t-shirt and jeans, went out to the common area and booted up Halo.

“Don’t worry about it, Jac,” Carson was saying, “I’m sure practice just ran late.”

“He stood me up, I know it.”

“He’s not that kind of guy, is he?”

“Well, no. Maybe I should call him. I was the one who invited him,”

“Isn’t that a little, I don’t know? Desperate?”

“Yeah,” Jaclyn laughed.

“Okay, as long as you know,”

“Thanks,” Jaclyn said and picked up the phone.

Matthias heard the phone and quickly snatched it up, “Hello?”

“Hi, this is Jaclyn,”

“Hey Jaclyn! O shoot! I forgot about our date! I’m so sorry. You still willing to go? We can still get to Chick-fil-a if we leave now,”

“Are you sure? I can take a raincheck,”

“No, not at all, I’m not doing anything anyway. I’m so sorry. I’ll see you in a few?”


Jaclyn squealed in delight. “That jerk,” she said, smiling, “Forgot about me.”

“So no date?” Carson asked, “No date with your diapered QB?”

“Shut up, and yes a date, we’re going now.”

Matthias walked out the door and down toward the girl’s dorm. It was only then that he realized he still had his diaper on. He would just have to be careful, dispose of it while he was at Chick-fil-A. He saw Jaclyn come down the steps and paused to admire her. He hadn’t noticed before, but she was definitely cute. She was in a few of his classes, too. Why not her, he wondered.

They walked together down the block and finally arrived at Chick-fil-a.

Matthias asked, “Now this is a date, so I’m buying, okay?”

Jaclyn’s insides beamed. “Fine, but I get to buy desert for us,”

After ordering an getting extra Chick-fil-a sauce the found the same seat as last time open and slid in. At first it was awkward, but soon they began drifting in and out of conversations about football, classes and odd professor quirks. They talked about favorite books and places, about pet peeves and life worries. Matthias admitted worrying about whether or not to go to the NFL early and Jaclyn asked about losing the opportunity to get a degree. Matthias laughed, “So you want me to stay? Is there an ulterior motive in there?”

Jaclyn blushed but was saved when an employee came over and told them the restaurant was closing. Matthias grabbed the trash and took it to the trash can, then went to the restroom. When he came back, they walked on home.

Matthias dropped her off at the girls dorm and Jaclyn rushed inside to talk to Carson.

She threw open the door and saw Carson sitting at her desk, “You were right! He was wearing a diaper! I saw it!”

Re: Re: The Scandal

Another great chapter. I liked how you did the game; it brought me back to when I was younger and read a lot of sports books.

I also really like where the diaper side to the whole story is going. And as I said before, there’s a lot of potential for the plot to go with it instead of just one or two routes that most clichē stories can go.

I’m not going to get into the rules about the trick play or how it would even work. Its a story and I’m enjoying it. (You said “pass off” and one point, by the way. Pretty sure you meant “hand off.”)

One thing, though, the way you present details can be kind of odd some times, like the logic doesn’t add up much. It’s not a big deal (at least to me), but it can kind of make the reading experience a little odd. I’d say an example would be how you didn’t reveal that Jaclyn noticed the diaper during the date until she got back to her roommate. I know you probably wanted to make it a little surprise thing as a cliff hanger, but since we’re following Jaclyn and Matthias around, and they’re both on the date, I kind of expected the noticing to be played out more since its a big deal to your plot. You could have entered Jaclyn’s mind, having her think things like, “is that a…. no, Carson is just getting in my head.” Then later on have her get a better look and have her think, “Oh my God! He IS wearing a diaper!” And then she’d be thinking about why he would be and what she should do / say the entire date, making her quite distracted. See how that plays up the whole thing a bit more and paints the picture a little better really gets the reader into the scene. I mean, we don’t even know HOW Jaclyn saw that he was wearing a diaper as of now (although I’m sure you’re planning on explaining that next chapter.)

I’m only critisizing this to this level because I like this story so much and I just want you to make it the best to your abilities. This is quickly becoming one of my favorite ABDL stories. I can’t wait for more!

Re: The Scandal

Thanks very much for the feedback. I’m not sure about the trick play myself and you’re right I did mean hand off. You’re right that I wanted a cliff hanger, and I think that I probably rushed the date scene as a whole. Mostly likely timing for the next chapter is next Wednesday but don’t hold me to that.

Re: The Scandal

This is a good story. The trick play would probably be something a coach would never go for. Not having a center drop back to throw the ball. Still the story is very good and much of the detail in the game was very good. I am enjoying the story and will be looking forward to more of it.

Re: The Scandal

I’m in agreement……about it being a good story. I only watch enough football to get by around my friends ;D. I like that your main character isn’t a hardcore jock but rather an athlete in it for the education. Its a nice change.

I’m looking forward to the next installment!

Re: The Scandal

Okay so I got to it early. Hope you enjoy! Please continue your comments. A couple notes: I am intentionally avoiding naming the school this takes place at or the opponents on the football field. So I apologize for any pronoun trouble especially during the game. Also please do remember I am not an expert on football (no trick plays this time!). I’m enjoying writing this and still have a couple of ideas about which way to take it.

(Chapter 3)
“You saw it?”

“Yeah I think I did.”


“When we sat down. His pants moved down some, and I caught a glimse. I couldn’t focus the rest of the date. I don’t even know if what I said made sense. He wasn’t wearing them when he came out of the bathroom though.”

“I knew it! I knew it! I knew it!”

“Yeah. You were right Carson,” Carson stuck out her tongue and Jaclyn asked, “So now what?”

Carson paused, “I – don’t know. You almost had me convinced I was making it up. I mean, do you still like him? Could you date a guy that wears diapers?”

Jaclyn laughed, “I hadn’t thought about that. I mean, I guess so, I mean, I guess he needs them right? So its like a medical thing?”

“Actually I don’t think so. Remember about that group I told you about?”


“I think he’s one of them.”


“Well if he needed them, you would think they would be visible during football games right? Or we would have heard about it after one of the guys in the locker room spilled the beans.”

“That’s quite a leap.”

“I know. But here, look at this,”

Carson typed in a few strokes on her keyboard and a website pulled up. “I’ve been doing some research, just in case I was right. And look at this.” Jaclyn looked at the screen. It was a weird website, dedicated to people who liked to wear diapers. But it was obvious what Carson hoped she would see. A screenname: ABQB."

Carson explained, “Whoever ABQB is has a couple of stories posted. It’s a little bit of a leap but they sound like they could be him.”

Jaclyn scanned the story and thought the same thing. “You’ve certainly done a lot of research.”

“It’s fascinating.”
“Oh so you want to try it?” Jaclyn asked.

“I was thinking you could.”


“Yeah. You and Matthias could wear together.”

“Yeah right.”

“Why not?” Carson exclaimed, “You’d look so cute Matthias would just adore you,”

Jaclyn threw a pillow at Carson, “Cut it out. Besides I had a date with him tonight anyway. He likes me, I’m sure of it.”

“If you say so,”

Matthias was back in his room. He didn’t know what to make of the date. She had seemed so distracted – but the conversation had been good anyway. But she had rushed away from him at the end. No goodbye kiss, not even a “We should do this again sometime.” She had asked him out, right? So she was clearly interested. Or was she not looking for an actual relationship? Had he said something wrong? But now things were on him as the guy. He hadn’t promised to call back, but he should, right? But wait three days. Three days was the right amount of time to wait. He couldn’t focus on homework. He didn’t know what to do. So he slid into his diaper and went to bed early.

Practice the next day was intense. For that, Matthias was glad. He had noticed Jaclyn and Carson sitting in the bleachers, but was trying to ignore them. It wasn’t working. He was dropping snaps and throwing wide all practice long. Coach had yelled, “It’s not a cupcake week, Tenders! I’ll bench you if I need to.” The backup QB was actually a decent guy, and even he could probably pull off a win this week, but a benching against a cupcake would ruin his NFL stock. He had to focus.

After a few more wide passes, a couple more fumbles and an interception, Coach made him run laps. By the end of the practice, he could feel his own stench wafting up from his armpits. Finally, the whistle blew.

Jaclyn watched as the team headed their way towards the locker room. She had positioned herself just right and as she saw Matthias come by, she waved and said, “Hey, Matthias!” He didn’t even turn his head, just passed right on by.

Back in the shared dorm room, Carson tried to console her, “Look, its no big deal, it was the end of practice. He was worn out and having a bad day.”

“Still, a “hey” would have been nice,”

“Yeah. But don’t worry. You know guys and the whole ‘I can’t call back the next day’ thing. Just be patient.”

“You’re right.”

“I know.”

The next day Matthias sat down by Jaclyn in class. “Hey, sorry about yesterday. Coach was just riding me, I was in a foul mood.”

“Oh, no problem.” Jaclyn really wanted to ask Matthias out again, but that would have been over the top. But she couldn’t stay quiet. Fortunately, the professor walked in and started talking right on time.

Matthias had wanted to say something too. He just didn’t know what. He didn’t want to lead her on, but didn’t want her to give up if he thought he was actually interested either. He didn’t hear a word the professor said. So finally, when the class was over, he asked, “Hey, so um-”

Jaclyn could barely contain her grin, “Yeah?”

“I had a really hard time concentrating today.” Crap, Jaclyn thought, he’s gonna say he can’t be with me or something. “Could we study together like on Thursday after practice and I grab the notes?”

“Oh, of course, that sounds great.”

Thursday came way too soon for Matthias. Between football and homework, he wasn’t sure he had a time for a social life. But he met up with her like he promised, and they quickly fell into a good pattern, light hearted conversation and joking, but working hard and serious when they needed to be. After about an hour and a half, they were wrapping up and he asked, “So, are you coming to the game on Saturday?”

Jaclyn appreciated that he was curious and joked, “I don’t know, it seems like you haven’t been doing so hot this week. Maybe I’m a bad luck charm,”

Fortunately, Matthias laughed and said, “Maybe. But it’d be nice to see a friendly face in the stands even if I’m stinking it up.”
Jaclyn grinned, “Of course I’ll be there.”

The crowd had already gathered, but it was nothing like the previous’ week. The stadium was about half full – partly the cupcake team, partly the weather. It was pouring. But Matthias could see Jaclyn and Carson sitting in the student section.

After the coin flip and the kickoff, things began like they should. Matthias passed it easily on a couple of plays before the weather caught up to the run game and they had to settle for a field goal. But a three and out put Matthias back on the field and this time they quickly got a TD. By the time the 2nd quarter came around it was 17-3. By halftime it was 24-3. By midway through the third quarter, it was 30-10 and Matthias was on the bench watching the backup take snaps and the running game milking the clock. But something didn’t feel right.

The running back slipped in the mud and the team had to punt. The other side returned it all the way to the 20 and a few seconds later it was 30-17. Then, they onsides kicked it and recovered. They got bogged down but it was 30-20. Coach told him to start warming up.

It was still 30-20 when the 4th quarter began and Matthias was sent in for a drive. He had already got 2 first downs when the hit came. He landed on the ground and wondered if anything was broken. Only then did he realize he didn’t have the ball.

He tried to get up but the pain was intense and he got dizzy. He saw the trainer come over.

“Did they score?” Matthias asked. The trainer nodded. It was now 30-27. And it was his fault.

“What day is today?”

“Saturday,” Matthias answered. This was the usual concussion test. They did this before checking any other injuries.

“What team to do you play for?” Matthias answered and then answered a couple other questions before the trainer seemed satisfied it wasn’t a concussion.

Jaclyn was on her feet, “No. No. No. No. NO!” she shouted.

“Calm down, Jac,” Carson said, “He’s gonna be fine.”

“How can you be sure?”


Sure enough, they were helping Matthias off the field. The sparse crowd applauded and the game kept going. Fortunately, they had the ball back and were able to run off the clock, winning 30-27. But the words the announcer said crushed all the football fans, and nearly broke Jaclyn’s heart. “The final score: 37-20. Quarterback Matthias Tenders has broken his throwing arm.”

Football teams actually have a really strong medical staff for injuries like this. Matthias’ pain was still present but they had worked quickly to do everything they could to ease it. Everything but painkillers was the rule. It wasn’t even three hours later that Matthias had a cast on his left arm and was able to ask the question that ESPN would surely be talking about all week – “Can I play again?”

The answer was silence. Then, “You’ll be out 6-8 weeks.” Matthias did the calculations. He could come back in time for the championship game if it was 6 weeks, but not until the bowl game if it was the 8 weeks. And even then, he may have lost his starting job, and probably any NFL chances he had.

Jaclyn sat in her dorm room wondering what to do next. She kept refreshing her browser waiting for news. Finally she saw. And so she laid down on her bed and tried to think of what to do to cheer up Matthias.

It was late that night when Carson came back in.

“Hey Carson, I need your help.”

“Okay, what up Jac?”

“I think- I think I want to try wearing diapers.”

Re: The Scandal

Thanks, This was an unexpected treat. Didn’t expect to see another chapter so soon. It was a very good chapter as well. The injury probably wouldn’t be a career ender if he had been considered a good prospect for the NFL. It could drop him a few spots in the draft but teams would be looking at what he had done prior to the injury and what he could following it. Jaclyn must have really fallen for him to take up wearing diapers for a guy she hardly knows. Still It is a great story and I will be looking forward to the next surprise.

Re: The Scandal

I also was excited to see another update this soon! This chapter cleared up all confusion that I stated in my last post. I also like that you keep the colleges vague so it’s really easy for the reader to apply the story on his / her own campus if they want.

I like the plot twists, nothing is cliche in my book and nothing is super predictable. My ownly warning as that you are flying through the plot very quickly, which means the story will end fairly soon or kind of die because it’ll reach an early climax. Of course, if you have a lot of ideas where this story is going, then I’m wrong and I’ll be a happy camper to see more of this story.

I like how you included them finding his ABDL site profile (although far fetched). It’s been a pseudo fantasy that something like that would happen to me (from a girl that was interested in me, I mean.) Just throwing some ideas out there in case you’re wondering what to do (it’s your story, though, and you’re doing a great job with it). You could have her read his stories and try to sort of reenact them, OR, if you want to stretch the story out more, she could not wear a diaper for him quite yet and just drop subtle clues that she knows, like playfully calling him a baby in class or having a pacifier drop out of her backpack, but then explain that it’s for the “kid that she baby sits for” (that she doesn’t actually. Just things like that to keep him wondering if she knows. But once again, this is YOUR story and you do what you want and planned to do.

Once again, I’m loving it. It’s different enough from other ABDL stories to be refreshing and it leaves me sitting on the edge of my seat, excited for the next chapter.

Re: The Scandal

Thanks for the positive feedback! Great ideas and good thoughts all around. Without giving too much away, I’ll say I do have a general idea of where the story will go and while I don’t want to drag it out unnecessarily, I don’t want it to be too quick either.

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So its a little rushed, but enjoy!

Ch. 4

Carson and Jaclyn were sitting in the Walmart parking lot. “I can’t believe we are doing this.” Jaclyn said. Carson smiled. She had been reading more of the stories she had found, about the community and found it intriguing. She wouldn’t have dared to do anything, but she could push Jaclyn a little bit. So she was taking charge.

“You don’t have to, you know,” Carson replied, “He likes you.”

“He hasn’t called.”

“He’s probably having to do extra work at practice,”


Matthias was, in fact having having to do extra work during practice. He ran laps with everyone else, but couldn’t throw and so the team had him doing some grunt work. He also had been talking with the trainer, figuring out how his recovery would go. Seems like it had been a clean break, and he could be throwing again in as little as 4 weeks, meaning he was on target to start again in weeks, in time for the championship game, if the team made it. In the meantime, he would help the team and be at every practice and every game. The backup wasn’t just a good guy but a decent player, and the team could be alright.

The girls finally got through the doors and Carson took the lead, “Okay, we’ll do the diapers last. Let’s just get the stuff we usually get anyway.” So they went down the grocery aisles and got their standards, and with each aisle both got more and more nervous. Soon, they were “remembering” things they forgot just to stall. Finally, Jaclyn said, “This is ridiculous, lets just go grab them.”

Carson nodded and said, “Okay, let’s go.”

They wondered through the clothes section and got distracted in the electronics.

Carson starting teasing, “Let’s get a movie”

“Okay,” Jaclyn said, “That could be good,”

“But it can only be G rated. Wouldn’t want my baby to be scared,”

“Cut it out. Let’s just a chick-flick,”

“Alright,” she said and grabbed 27 Dresses from the 5 dollar bin and said, “Alright. Anything else we want to stall on?”

Jaclyn laughed, “No, let’s do this.”

They finally walked into the pharmacy section and after getting multi-vitamins they didn’t need they stood in front of the adult diapers.

“I didn’t realize there were so many options.” Jaclyn laughed. There were Depends, Attends, Tena and Walmart brands, “So, Carson, you’re the one who did the research, what brand should we get?”

Carson smiled, “If you really want to go all in we should order online, but Bambinos are expensive. Walmart brand probably isn’t the way to go either. Maybe just –”

But right then Eli walked by with a stick of deodorant and shampoo in his cart. “Hey guys,” he said, “Whats up?”

The girls both blushed and Carson quickly replied, “Hey Eli, just grabbing, you know, feminine products.”

Eli looked horrified and quickly said, “Right. They remodeled, I just past them over there,” as he left. The girls laughed and calmed down, thinking they were in the clear.

“Okay, so Depends, then?” Jaclyn asked, but before Carson could answer, their friend Molly passed by.

“Hey! How are you guys!” Molly asked, “So how hard is the Lit class this year? Oh my goodness, can you believe about Matthias! I hope he is okay. But boy whats his name is cute too, you know – the backup? Well, I got to run, see you!”

She left without saying anything about the diapers. “Guess she didn’t notice,” Jaclyn laughed and picked up a pack of Depends and threw it in the cart. “Come on, let’s go,”

Carson said, “Okay, but I forgot one thing. Let’s go back over toward the groceries,”

“Okay but let’s go quick.”

They raced back over to the groceries but Carson made a turn. She now stood in front of the baby section and smiled as she picked up a pacifer and tossed it in the cart too.

“What?” Jaclyn protested, “Why a pacifer too?”

“Matthias doesn’t just wear diapers. He’s screenname is ABQB – you have to dress like one too. Come on,”

Jaclyn just rolled her eyes and they two headed back toward the cash registers. But something caught Carson’s eye and they stopped again. “We should get you this,” Carson had pulled a footed sleeper with the school’s logo on it off the rack.

“I didn’t know they made those anymore,” Jaclyn laughed, “Go ahead and put it in,”
They got up to the cash registers and Jaclyn started trying to find the shortest line. Carson tugged her away, “You have to find the line with the cutest guy,” she said.

“No way!”

“Come on, if you can’t do that, then how are you going to wear one in front of Matthias?”

“Fine,” Jaclyn said, “Let’s see – he’s kinda cute,” and stood in a line with 3 carts in front of him. It seemed like forever, but finally they put all the stuff on the counter and waited for the 20 something to make a comment. But he didn’t say anything except the final price and “Debit or credit.”

They rushed out of the store and loaded all their stuff up and drove back to the school. When the coast was clear they rushed back inside and got everything out.

Carson picked up the package and asked, “You ready?”

“What, now?” Jaclyn asked.

“Yeah, why not? You don’t want your first time to be when you meet Matthias in them, do you? You would feel uncomfortable,”

“I guess your right,”

“So you ready?”


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;D getting good can’t wait for more ;D

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Awesome! I didn’t expect an update so soon! I’m on the edge of my seat now!

Re: The Scandal

It just keeps getting better! And your quick updates so appreciated!

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like it :slight_smile:
please more!

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Just read the story today. It is very well written, and I am looking forward to seing more. Please continue! I am looking forward to the next part, and the next ‘date’. :slight_smile:

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ch. 5

Matthias was in the library, working on a report. He hadn’t been able to wear his diapers since the accident – couldn’t get them on. But he certainly wished he could wear. Things hadn’t been going great for him. The backup had done great last week, which was great, but still not so great. The good news, was the team was 7-0, looking like it would head to the championship.

He hadn’t called Jaclyn, but she would understand. He just needed some time. So he would talk to her after this week’s game – they were both kind of ignoring each other in class. Hopefully she would understand, at least.

Jaclyn had been wearing the diapers for almost a week now. The first night she had needed help, but she quickly figured out to put on the diaper. It was definitely a strange feeling, but more normal than she thought – sort of like putting on a really thick pad. Carson of course had teased her, but after a few days she had gotten used to them, and even tried on the footed sleeper. She hoped it would be worth it.

“You ready?” Carson grinned.

“No, not yet,” Jaclyn said, “I doubt he’ll even notice, we haven’t talked since our study group,”

“He’ll notice, trust me,”

“It’s televised, what if I get caught on camera,”

“You’ll be wearing the onesie, right? No one will know about the diaper,”

“I don’t know, Carson,”

“You can’t back out now!”

“Sure I can,”

“No you can’t,” Carson said and started chasing Jaclyn around the room, “I’ll change you like the first night,”

“Oh no you won’t,”

They ran in circles for a few minutes before Carson caught her and pinned her. She pulled out a diaper from the pack and said, “Okay, you’re doing this,”

“Fine, fine, just let me go!” Jaclyn said, laughing and starting to pull down her pants to put on the diaper, “You wouldn’t have really done anything, would you?”

Carson laughed, “Wouldn’t you like to know?” And she tossed the onesie to Jaclyn.

Matthias couldn’t help himself. He was enjoying the game. It was freezing, but he stayed warm on the sideline and cheered on the team. Maybe his enjoyment had to do with the fact that the team was winning by a couple scores, but most of it was due to the run game. The backup wasn’t terrible, but wasn’t terrific either. If he played like this the rest of the season, Matthias would get his job back with no trouble. Maybe it had to do with the signs in the stands encouraging #8, wishing him well. Maybe it had to do with any number of things. He didn’t really care why, but he was having a good time.

Carson joked in the stands, “I think everyone is jealous of you, Jac,”

“Why is that?”

“You’re in a nice warm onesie,”

It was true that no one had said anything. In fact Jaclyn seemed to fit in, since the onesie matched the school colors. She was certainly warmer than most people seemed to be. But no one knew she was also wearing a diaper under the onesie. She felt very awkward, very uncomfortable. She had only seen Matthias as he entered the stadium – he was focused, not looking around or wavering from his thoughts on the game. She admired that, but wished he would notice her – otherwise she was just a college girl in a diaper.

The game was over before Matthias really got settled in. The team cheered and celebrated and started to head back to the locker room. Matthias looked for Jaclyn in the student section. Finally, he thought he saw her, but why was she wearing a – could it be? A footed sleeper.

“I really have to pee,” Jaclyn complained.

“Just hold it a few more minutes, look, here comes Matthias,”

Sure enough, Matthias approached, and said, “Hey guys,”

“Hey,” Jaclyn said, “So you decided to talk to us again?”

“Yeah. I’m so sorry. But look –”

Jaclyn started to squirm, “I don’t think we need to look,”

Matthias seemed upset, “Hey, look I’m sorry. Things have been difficult recently, you know, the whole broken arm thing?”

Jaclyn really needed to pee, “Look, why should I forgive you?”

Matthias looked around, the team was heading back in the locker room and he had to go, “Look, I’ve got to get going, but would another date be a start?”

Jaclyn’s anger left at once and she finally smiled, “Yeah, of course, that’d be great,”

Matthias started to head off and said, “I’ll call you,” as he ran down the field.

A few steps in and he turned back, “By the way, I think you’re outfit is really cute.”

The two girls just stood there for a moment, Carson smiling, thinking “I can’t believe that worked.” Finally, Jaclyn said, “Come on, let’s go, I really have to pee,”

Re: The Scandal

another great chapter. I lived it. I didn’t see any errors myself. I know that you’re busy and it can be hard to keep up the updates, so forgive when I lose control and start screaming, “I CANT WAIT FIR MOOOOOOOORE!!!”

That is all.