The Rules

  1. Members only may submit stories, and the story must be your own work.

  2. Members may submit up to two stories.

  3. The story must be new.

  4. The length must be less than 15 pages or 8500 words, single spaced (including lines between paragraphs) in 12 point font.

  5. Only submit complete stories.

  6. All stories must be submitted by midnight, California time, on August 7, 2009.

  7. Stories will be submitted by PMing them to one of the forum admins (here, here, or here) who will then post the story without the author’s name attached.

  8. This should be fairly obvious, but please do NOT tell anyone other than the admin you submit it to which story is yours.


  1. DO NOT vote until after we institute a voting thread, which will be after the submission deadline.

  2. Authors may not vote for their own stories.

  3. You will have up to 5 points with which to vote. You may vote for five stories, one point to each one, or give one story three points and another 2, however you wish, as long as they add up to no more than five points. You may only vote whole points (not anything like 2.5 points or something like that.)

  4. This is not so much a rule as a suggestion, since we can’t tell the honesty of people who vote. It has been noticed in the past that some people will not read the stories of anyone other than one or two authors, and then they will just vote for those stories, never having even tested the others. This seems a bit unfair. We would like to encourage members to give all the stories a try before voting.

  5. As an optional side contest, you may PM the admins (links above) with your guesses as to who wrote each of the stories. The winner will be announced along with the winners of the main contest.

Re: The Rules

If you tried to submit a story via PM, only to get an error that there were too many characters in, please try again - I think I’ve got that problem fixed now.