The Round Robin Story

Hello and welcome to the Round Robin Storywriting Challenge. This is a story where everyone shares a little bit of their own input by writing out a small section of the whole story. When someone writes their section, they post it, and then the next person will respond with their own added section of the story. Anyone can join in on the fun!

Rules of the Story Game-
1- One paragraph or 3-6 sentences at a time. 3-6 sentences is meant to encompass dialog, as most often dialog is separated by individual lines.
2- You may post “Reserved for [insertmembername]” in a post in order to have a chance at writing something without someone else chiming in too quickly, just in case you’re not that fast of a typist.
3- You may add to the story every 4th post. Meaning, if you post a paragraph, you must wait for three other people to post their snippets as well before you are allowed to post again.
4- The final rule, and this is the most important rule of all. Always remember to give it your best!

Without further delaying for formalities, let’s begin!

In the quiet tranquil lakeside City of Westmoor, dawn arrives and a trickle of light slowly begins to wash over the trees, the animals, the roads and the buildings. Cars start to pull out of driveways and the people are off to work for the day, many of them stopping by the local coffee house or Burger-Town to get something to start there day. In this town sits a small, quaint green house with a light brown picket fence built just high enough that the family pet can’t jump over and get out into the street. A small garden of tulips and roses flourish the front of the house, and a tiny, wooden made birdhouse with a little black hole dangles by a chain on the porch. The buzzing of several alarm clocks stir the family awake for the day, and it’s fourteen year old Robin’s first day of high school.

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This is it, she thought, groaning and squeezing her eyes shut tight. Soon that clock is going to go off, and summer’s going to be over for good.

Robin would have given anything to turn back the clock. She never liked school, never could seem to find her place in the curious morass of social cliques, never could figure out how to escape the drama that had beset her all throughout Middle School. And it only got worse from here. Was it any wonder that she was so lugubrious, with everyone telling her that these next four years would be the best part of her life?

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The worst part was the separation she was about to have slam down with ultimate finality. Nearly all of the relationships she had built up and come to rely upon since kindergarten were about to be thrown by the wayside, all because of the redistricting that had come with the construction of the new high school across town; seemingly without heart or concern for the people affected, a line had been drawn through the city of Westmoor, and depending on which side of the line one resided, that was what dictated the school they attended. The worst part about it, Robin thought dejectedly as she got out of bed, was that it actually had been a good idea: Westmoor High School had been overcrowded for years, and now it would be almost empty. All her hopes that she would get to go to school with her friends had been dashed when the news had come through; they had all gathered to hear it announced on the news. Promises had been made to stay friends regardless, but Robin already felt the first stirrings of doubts; absence did not always make the heart grow fonder. Her alarm never got a chance to go off before Robin quietly disabled it.

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Taking a deep breath Robin headed for the shower.
“Four years…” She sighed as the warm water trickled over her body. “Well at least nothing has gone wrong yet.”
Robin had no idea how wrong she could be as the water turned into an icy trickle and she leapt half-showered into her towel. However she would not let this stand in the way of her new position in life. She was positive person and she knew that a little cold shower was just a little set back. Moving quickly into her room she dressed herself and headed downstairs. Setting herself in the mirror she affected her most positive smile.
“This is the first day of my new life.” She told her reflection trying to sound confident.

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Her mother was already in the kitchen making breakfast, cuing to her that she still had a reasonable amount of time before she had to catch the bus and so she decided to rummage through her drawers and closet to find an outfit that would make a good first impression. Among the various outfits she tried ranging from juvenile to old and worn to downright ridiculous, she eventually settled on a pair of snug-fitting jeans with little sequins decorating the sides in a swirly pattern with a braided belt looping around her waist, and a powder blue blouse. She sat down in front of the mirror repeating to herself the mantra that it’s the first day of her new life, but as she gazed she found more and more things she didn’t like about her body, such as the freckles planted all over her cheeks, across her nose and over her arms as well as her slightly overweight pudgy stomach. Her thoughts kept dwelling on all the people at her school, complete strangers looking at her, staring at her, laughing at her and it began to make her anxious, until her mothers voice snapped her out of her daydream.

“Hey pumpkin! Waffles are ready, bus’ll be here in twenty minutes!”

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“Ive never really liked waffles. Perhaps that’s why mom rarely makes them.” Robin thought as she trudged down the stairs toward what she felt equated to the last meal of a death row inmate.
“Of course, it just had to be food I wouldn’t enjoy” she muttered to herself as she approached the table and her customary seat.

“Did you sleep well sweetie?” Asked her mother, Janet.

“Umm……sure.” Said Robin hesitantly.

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Little did her mom know that she had that dream again last night. It was still fresh in her mind. She remembered in it, walking down the street and having to got to the bathroom, but not being able to find one anywhere. She remembered continuing down the street looking for a restroom, then finally not being able to hold it anymore and going into an alley to pee her pants. Then going home and being put into a diaper by her mom for peeing her pants. She couldn’t keep the dream out of her mind. Why did she have it? What is it suppose to mean? And why do I suddenly have a desire to try a diaper on? The dream was just one more thing Robin had to worry about.

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Janet thought to see on Robin an expression that her daughter used to wear when she was much younger. It lasted just a couple of seconds, enough however for her mother’s instincts to kick in. “Do you…?” she started to say before catching herself. The full sentence in her head had been “do you need to go potty, Robin?”

Robin of course could not have known what had gone through her mother’s mind. Her subconscious did however recognize the tone her mother had used and she was forced to blush for an apparently inexplicable reason.

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“Mom!” Robin whined; being asked such an embarrassing and childish question was not the way she anticipated starting her first day of high school. Janet shrugged off the maternal instinct and went back to being a normal mother, but not before she advised Robin to use the bathroom before she went to school, further adding to Robin’s humiliation.

The unfortunate truth is that her mothers quip about the potty was actually right, as much as she hated to admit it. All while she was eating, there was a constant nagging sensation that she really did have to use the facilities, making it rather difficult to concentrate on what her mother and two brothers were talking about. After finishing her breakfast, she trotted to the bathroom, cleaned up, and hopped back downstairs in just enough time to bolt out the door to catch the bus while shouting “okayIloveyoubyemom” in one slurred, flurry of a word to her mother.

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Even the first step onto the bus was filled with trepidation for Robin.

Normally, well probably, definitely had the schools not been split she could have sat beside her friends. Together they could have faced the whole year together. Now, well…it was like being in kindergarten again. The sea of unknown faces looked at her. Fortunately some of the seats on the bus were still empty. Obviously the new route to the new school was going to be a long one. Sliding into some empty space Robin looked at her reflection in the mirror. She wanted to say something reassuring to it but no words were whispering out of her. So instead she slipped back into the seat and waited for the bus to move onwards.

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After a few stops the bus had filled up until only 1 seat remained, the one next to her, this soon changed as a young lad sat down “Hi I’m Tom” he said holding out his hand for her to shake. “Hi Tom, I’m Robin” Robin said taking his hand, a warm feeling spread through her body as she did. They both sat in silence for the remainder of the journey.
“Well here it goes” Robin said as the bus pulled up outside the school “This is going to be fun” she added sarcastically.

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“Yeah, this’ll be fun… not” replied Tom. He and Robin shared a laugh.
As Tom and Robin got up to exit the bus, Robin thought she saw something peaking out the back of Tom’s jeans. Could, it be? A diaper!? “Okay,” thought Robin, “What’s with me and diapers recently? First the dream and now this? Why is this guy Tom even wearing a diaper to high school? That’s crazy!”
Robin looked again. Yep. Tom was wearing a diaper.
“You seem like a nice girl. I don’t have any friends currently. How about we hang out during break time?” asked Tom.
“I don’t have any friends at this school either. Sure, I’ll see you then.” answered Robin. She was now bent on finding out why Tom was wearing a diaper. “How could such a nice and normal guy do something like that?” Robin thought.

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Unable to come up with an answer she pushed the thought from her mind and convinced herself she was mistaken. The doors leading into the school seemed to dwarf her as she passed through them into the crowd of students waiting for the first bell to ring allowing them to go to their lockers. She shifted her backpack nervously, it was loaded down with new binders and other supplies. She swore it weighed at least 50 lbs. She glanced around the students in the cafeteria, they ranged from confident and apathetic seniors, to sophomores eager to shed their freshman title, as well as the anxious freshman such as herself. She only had to wait a few
more moments before a continuous mid-pitch tone buzzed over the intercom signaling the beginning of the school day.

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The bell rang loudly and students raced off to their classes. Robin was on her way to math class, all the while thinking of Tom. “He is such a charming fellow, with beautiful green eyes that sparkle!” Mr. Fleming looks at Robin and says, “You’re 2 minutes late but it being the first day, I will let it slide.” Robin says, “sorry” while taking her seat and happens to notice Tom sitting in the back row.

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In the meantime, Tom sat on a different desk, not too far away, doing his best to look “normal”. His social life was about to collapse, but he still wanted to believe that it was just a matter of will. “I will not wet this diaper,” he sweared to himself.

His issues had begun a month ago, when his mother had brought him to a new doctor to check the reason behind the burning sensation he experienced while peeing. The doctor, a strikingly nice weasel with long auburn hair that could better fit in a calendar picture than in a medical studio, found he had a bad case of bladder infection. It was embarrassing to have her checking his properties, but the worst part was her advice, made in front of her mother. “I will prescribe you some oral antibiotics, but you need to drink more and pass water more often to make sure this goes away.” Her words were sweet and slow like pouring honey, Tom was mortified to be spoken at like a 3 years old.

Yesterday, he was back to the doctress with the same issue. He was guilty of holding his pee for too long, Tom’s mother stated in front of the goddess in white coat, and not drinking enough. The doctress smiled and explained the solution. His mother approved.

Five minutes later, a tiny pipe was inserted into Tom’s penis and then bladder. Then, a green liquid was pumped inside and then plugged in for two hours. “The muscle relaxant I used will prevent you from holding for too long” explained the doctress when finally the unpleasant stuff was removed. “The effect will last for roughly two weeks, in the meantime I would suggest you wear some sort of protection to avoid accidents.”

The first diaper went on in the doctress office and, from that moment on, Tom never had a chance to reach the toilet in time.

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Tom didn’t even hate wearing a diaper. He thought it was quiet a bit more comfortable than normal underwear, and pee it was fun too. He was even curious about what it would feel like to poop it for some reason. He was just terrified of what impact it would have on his social life. His jeans barely fit over them. He snapped himself out of his deep thought when he felt the sudden urge to pee. Almost a split second afterwards, he started wetting his diaper, right in the middle of class. Thankfully it didn’t leak, but it was really soaked by the time he had finished peeing. When class was over he got up and walk out of the class, his wet diaper moving between his legs as he walked. He spotted Robin leaving class as well and hoped she wouldn’t notice his diaper. He was really liking this girl.

During the first break, Robin and Tom couldn’t find each other. But they did during lunch break. They decided to sit somewhere they’d be alone. Tom cursed himself for totally spacing changing his soaked diaper which still wasn’t leaking. They sat on a bench with nobody around, Tom’s diaper squishing when he sat. Robin and him exchanged dialouge telling their backstories, what their interestes were, and more stuff like that, for a while. When they were finished talking about themselves, they decided to talk about other what they had seen in entertainment recently, and other things. Robin eventually got up the nerve to ask:
“Why are you wearing a diaper?”
Tom was about to react to her question when suddenly his bladder let loose.
“Oh, shit!” he quickly stood up and tied hard to hold it in more.
“What’s happening?” Robin asked, but quickly put the pieces together, “Your wetting your diaper aren’t you?”
“Listen, my diaper is already soaked! If I pee anymore, it’ll leak!” he explaned.
“Here, let’s get you to one of the bathrooms.” Robin helped Tom over to the nearest bathroom. Thankfully it was empty.
“Take off your pants. If the diaper leaks, at least it won’t get your pants wet.” Robin suggested.
Tom quickly took of his shoes and pants, revealing his soggy diaper. To Robin’s surprise, she almost instantly got horny as hell seeing Tom in just his wet diaper. Tom as well got horny being in front of Robin in just his diaper. Tom let loose the rest of the pee he was barely holding in, and surprisingly, the diaper didn’t leak, but was of course extremely heavy with pee.
“Here, let me change you.” offered Robin. Tom decided to let her change her into a new diaper he had in his backpack. After getting changed and putting his pants and shoes back on, they both walked back over to the bench.
“You know, I actually have had some dreams that have given me this strange attraction to diapers.” Robin proclamed.
“Hey I have the same attraction!” said Tom.
“Is that why you where diapers?” Robin asked.
“Medical reasons actually.” answered Tom.
After discussing it somemore, they both made a pact to both get to the position where they would be able to wear diapers for the rest of their lives.
“Who cares if people laugh at us? At least we’ll have each other.” Robin proclamed.

(P.S. I know this post is long and I know the rules but I got a little carried away. I tried to edit it as much as I could but this is all I was able to do. Trust me, it was originally a lot longer)

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( Hey guys, just a quick break from the story for a moment.

I’m glad to see people taking an interest in this again and would definitely love to see it continue. I think considering the rate at which the story is going, I’m going to alter the rules just slightly to allow 10 sentences per post instead of just six, but would like to ask that we all please try and adhere to this. We still wanna give other authors a chance to contribute something in a fair manner afterall.

Furthermore, the story is going fantastic so far but do try and remember that as the story is being written in past tense to make sure you don’t accidentally switch to present tense in the middle of the story. I see a lot of great posts and definitely wanna see this continue!

Great job guys!

~Squeekycheeks )