The Roommates

[Author’s note: This is a story I originally posted on the now dead site under the screen name JJtheKid. I toned down the climactic passage a bit just to be safe, but I’m pretty sure everything is well within the rules of this forum. I consider this story “complete”, as I have no plans to continue it, but I am sharing it here to welcome feedback. Hope you enjoy it.]

The Roommates

Chapter 1

Crissy sat nervously in her Friday afternoon American Studies class. ‘My diaper is fucking leaking,’ she thought as her blood began to boil. ‘I just know it!’ There were fifteen minutes of class left. Crissy wished she had gotten up and left earlier but she really needed the class notes. Leaving class early was sure to draw at least a few looks, and if she got up now people were sure to see the wet spots on the back of her pants. Crissy silently cursed herself. She had been out of the hospital for months and knew how to manage her incontinence. She should not have let this happen.

To Crissy’s surprise, however, Professor Jones ended class fifteen minutes early and told the students, nearly all of them freshmen, to enjoy the weekend and the perfect weather. Crissy stood up slowly as classmates all around her shuffled out of the lecture hall. As discretely as she could, she reached back and felt the back of her high-rise jeans. No wet spots. No leaks! ‘Thank goodness!’ Crissy thought as her breath went out in relief. She stuffed her books and pens into her backpack, which she slung over her shoulder, and went to start her weekend.

It was a crisp, clear day in September. A wet diaper could not affect Crissy’s mood now. She was used to the clammy feeling against her skin, and she would be back in her suite to change soon enough. Crissy knew she was a sight for sore eyes as she walked across the campus in her black jeans and baby blue t-shirt. She was of average height and slender, with curves in all the right places. She had been captain of her high school diving team and still looked the part even after her time in the hospital. Her hair was a classic golden shade of blonde, long and straight, reaching past her shoulders. Her baby blue eyes were bright and intense. A confident, flirty smirk on her face completed the picture.

Crissy’s suite was in Smith Hall, a quiet dorm on the west side of the college campus. She had a single, spacious bedroom and shared a bathroom with the occupant of the bedroom on the other side of the suite. Crissy kicked off her sandals, dropped her book bag on her desk chair, and headed for the bathroom to finally change her diaper. She gave a tug on the doorknob but found the bathroom was locked.

“Fuck,” she hissed. She stood and waited, tapping her bare feet in agitation for several minutes, until she heard the doorknob click and knew the bathroom was hers. She opened the door and saw her suitemate Laura stepping through the opposite door into her own bedroom. Laura was wearing black t-shirt and a pale blue disposable diaper, no pants. Crissy figured Laura must have been changing herself… considering how long she took in the bathroom and how her diaper was dry and looked newly fastened around her small waist. Laura glanced over her shoulder and greeted Crissy with little more than a grunt hello before closing her door to the bathroom.

‘How did I get stuck with her?’ Crissy wondered as she dropped her pants and un-taped her soggy diaper. Unlike Laura, Crissy wore white Attends diapers. They were soft, perfect fitting, and super-absorbent. In addition, Crissy’s diapers and other skin care needs were all paid for by her step-father’s high-end health plan. Crissy giggled at the smell of her pee as she rolled up the wet diaper. It was hardly the worst scent in the world and she knew she had to get used to it. The doctor had said her incontinence was probably a permanent condition. She placed the diaper in the bathroom trashcan, and rolled her eyes as she saw another completely soaked diaper, Laura’s blue brand, in there already. It was hardly a coincidence that Crissy and Laura were suitemates. The only freshmen to be assigned single bedrooms in the Smith Hall suites were those with special requirements, such as a medical condition… urinary incontinence included! Crissy was grateful for the privacy of a suite and although she and Laura didn’t exactly get along, they had gotten this far into the semester without any kind of a fight.

Crissy gathered what she needed from the cabinet under the bathroom sink. She cleansed her skin with aloe wipes and rubbed in a liberal amount of cornstarch powder, before reaching back into the cabinet for a dry diaper. The open bag of Attends was about two-thirds empty but there was another bag, unopened, behind it. That was plenty of diapers to get through the weekend without a trip the medical center. Crissy noticed Laura had a stash of about a half-dozen blue diapers, loose with no bag, in the cabinet as well. She didn’t know what brand they were or where Laura got them, but she hardly cared either. She pulled her Attends diaper from the open bag and unfolded it. She placed the back of it against the closed door, held it in place with her small, tight bottom, and pulled the front of it up between her legs. She taped it snugly around her slender waist and checked that it was on perfectly before pulling her jeans back on and returning to her room, closing the bathroom door behind her.

It was 3:30 in the afternoon and Crissy had some time to kill. She got her American Studies textbook from her backpack and flopped onto her bed to get started on the assigned chapters. It was an easy read, but although Crissy liked Professor Jones’ class, her mind was elsewhere. In particular, she was anxious to meet up with a few of her new friends from class to go see the movie they had talked about. College wasn’t unfolding quite the way Crissy had hoped. Instead of living in a hopping, happening dorm with other freshmen, meeting new people and making friends, she was living in the quiet Smith Hall, mostly with busy, academic-minded upperclassmen. She wasn’t going to be on the diving team and her scholarship had been withdrawn, but her stepfather had the money for her tuition and Crissy figured he was only too happy to have her out of the house. Just days after high school graduation three and a half months ago, Crissy had been in a horrific car accident and spent several weeks in the hospital. Yet now she was a normal and healthy college student, with her incontinence the only lingering effect. Crissy couldn’t help but wonder what Laura’s story was and why she had to wear diapers, but that was something she just wasn’t going to ask. She barely spoke with her suitemate, and the cold, expressionless looks she always got from Laura’s dark eyes were enough to intimidate even a confident girl like Crissy.

By evening, Crissy had finished her reading assignment. She closed her textbook and dropped it on her desk, heading back to the bathroom. There was no reason to change – she had only peed a few drops in her new diaper – but after her little scare in class today she wanted to make sure she had another diaper with her when she went out. As she stuffed a diaper in the bottom of her large purse, she pulled out her small makeup kit as an afterthought and took a few minutes to adjust her makeup in the mirror and bright lights of the bathroom. Just as she finished, the other door opened and Laura stepped halfway in.

“Oh, sorry,” Laura said flatly. She noticed Crissy’s purse and makeup. “Going out?”

“Yeah,” Crissy replied.

“Where to?”

Crissy resented Laura’s quick tone, but figured it wouldn’t hurt to be polite. “Me and a few friends are going to see that new movie with Lindsay What’s-Her-Name.”

Laura smirked. “Typical chick flick.”

“Well,” Crissy said, trying not to get agitated. “What about you?”

“Going down to that club in town with some friends.”

“Oh,” Crissy said smiling. “Going dancing?”

Laura shook her head. “No, we’re going to watch some MMA matches.”

“What’s MMA?”

Laura rolled her eyes. “Mixed martial arts. Like Ultimate Fighting, you know?”

“Oh,” said Crissy, “that sounds intense.”

“It’s exciting,” said Laura. “I have to take shower before I go out though, if you don’t mind.”

“Sure,” Crissy replied. “Have a good time.” She left Laura alone in the bathroom and closed the door behind her. ‘What the fuck,’ she thought. ‘I try to have a pleasant conversation with her and still she’s the fucking ice queen.’

Shutting her suitemate out of her mind, Crissy slung her purse over her shoulder, put her sandals back on, and headed for the nearest campus bus stop.

Chapter 2

Crissy met three of her classmates from American Studies at the bus stop and they hopped on the free campus bus for a short ride to the movie theater in town.

“This should be a hoot,” said Tracie as the girls got off the bus.

“For sure,” agreed Joanne. “Classic Lindsay goodness.”

“Definitely a popcorn flick,” added Liz. She was a hefty girl with a million-dollar smile, who didn’t give a damn about what anyone thought of her. As soon as the girls had purchased their movie tickets from the electronic kiosk, Liz led them toward the nearest concession stand where she bought a gigantic tub of popcorn. Immediately, she turned and held it out to the other girls, eager to share.

“Thanks, honey,” Crissy said, taking a small handful as the girls headed into the theater to get seats. Choosing a row near the back, they settled into their seats to wait for the movie to start, and gorge on popcorn and soft drinks. Crissy had a bottle of spring water instead, and was careful to go easy on the popcorn. Not only was she mindful of maintaining her athletic figure, but salt and sugar made her have to pee like a racehorse and she wanted to make it through the whole movie without having to change her diaper.

Soon the previews of were over and the movie began. It wasn’t long before Crissy silently conceded that Laura had been right. The movie was cliché and unoriginal, but still it was funny and Crissy enjoyed watching it and laughing along with her friends. She could feel her diaper getting wet, but before she knew it the end credits were rolling and she still wasn’t in danger of leaking.

“That was fun,” Crissy said as she and her friends exited the dark theater.

“For sure,” said Joanne.

They went to the ladies’ room together, and Crissy took the large, accessible stall at the far end. As carefully and quietly as she could, she removed her soaking wet diaper and rolled it up. She took a travel pack of wipes from her purse and cleansed her skin, before taking out and putting on her dry diaper. Then she waited as the chatter in the public restroom died down and the other moviegoers trickled out.

“You’re clear, Crissy,” she heard Liz say, and finally she stepped out of the stall into the now quiet restroom where she threw away the wet diaper with no one watching. Only Liz was still in the bathroom, standing by the door with her back to the room.

“Thanks for having me covered, honey,” Crissy said.

“Any time,” Liz replied sweetly. Crissy was glad to have her for a friend. They had met during freshman orientation, where Liz’s unassuming, nonjudgmental nature gave Crissy someone to confide in about her incontinence and the inconveniences that went with it.

Once outside, the girls discussed what to do next. They agreed they were a little hungry for something more substantial than popcorn, so Liz suggested a casual restaurant that was a five-minute walk from the theater. Once they arrived and were seated, their discussion shifted to their American Studies class.

“Gosh, I love Professor Jones,” Liz said. “He really knows his stuff, and opens your eyes to things we take for granted.”

“That’s for sure,” said Joanne. “I mean, in America we refer to what happens as the NEWS! Society is obsessed with what’s NEW! I never thought about that before I had Professor Jones.”

“It’s my favorite course so far,” said Crissy. “I haven’t got a fucking clue about what to major in yet, but I’m glad I signed up for Professor Jones’ class.”

“‘Am-Stud’ 101 with Professor Jones,” Tracie mused. “The class they told us about in orientation, that EVERYONE should take.”

Crissy and her friends continued to chat about their class over pasta dishes – chicken, broccoli, and ziti for Crissy – and shared insights they had learned so far as well as some good-natured laughs about Professor Jones, their wizened and engaging teacher. Finally, Liz looked at her watch and told the other girls that they had to catch the last bus back to campus.

The girls grew quiet during the ride back. It was late and they were all getting tired after such a lively time together. Crissy was wet again, though not quite at the leaking point. She said goodnight to her friends when they got off the bus, and headed back to her suite. She just wanted to put on a dry diaper and crawl into bed.

Chapter 3

Crissy’s diaper was warm and clammy and very heavy when she got back to her room at last and kicked off her sandals. She pulled off her t-shirt and tossed it in the hamper, then unzipped her black jeans, pulled them off, and tossed them in as well. She was standing in her room, wearing only her bra and her diaper, when suddenly she peed again. Her already heavy, wet diaper got very squishy and droopy between her legs, and Crissy knew she was going to leak if she made any sudden movement.

“Aw, fuck!” Crissy wondered if she could somehow waddle into the bathroom without making a terrible mess on her bedroom carpet.

Suddenly Crissy’s heart skipped a beat as her bathroom door swung open. Her eyes went wide as she saw Laura, her icy suitemate, standing in the bathroom doorway wearing only a black lace bra and her pale blue diaper. Laura’s long black hair cascaded over her bare shoulders as she strode slowly, seductively, toward Crissy, looking her up and down. Likewise, Crissy got her first real look at Laura’s body. Laura was slender, almost the exact same size and build as Crissy, and perfectly curved. Crissy found it almost intoxicating to look at her, especially with her thick diaper hugging her hips.

Laura was now close enough that Crissy could see that her diaper, like Crissy’s, was completely soaked and sagging between her legs. Unlike Crissy, though, Laura seemed unconcerned about her own wet diaper. She held up Crissy’s Attends bag in one hand, dangling it in front of her.

“Looks like we need to change your diaper, Crissy,” Laura said in a husky voice, teasing and seductive all at once.

Crissy was spellbound, her baby blue eyes wide, staring into the dark, lust-filled eyes of her suitemate. She could barely breathe as Laura strode up to her, setting down the diapers and slipping her arms around Crissy’s tiny waist. She held Crissy for moment, and slowly lowered her hand till it reached Crissy’s bottom. She felt Crissy’s diaper firmly, even squeezing it a little. Crissy felt a few drops of her warm pee running down her legs, but she didn’t care if she was leaking. She put her arms around Laura and pulled her a little closer, then lowered her hands so she could feel Laura’s diaper too.

For a long moment, Crissy and Laura stood in each other’s arms, staring into each other’s eyes, breasts pressed together ever so lightly, and hands feeling each other’s squishy diapers.

“Kiss me,” Laura whispered.

There was no hesitation as Crissy leaned her head toward Laura’s. Their lips met and pressed together with a fiery passion as the girls held each other even closer, squeezing each other’s wet diapers at little harder now, so they now they were both leaking drops of warm pee down their legs onto their bare feet. Then their lips opened, and they pulled each other so close that their breasts smashed together, and their tongues played wildly in the warm wetness of their mouths, while their loins burned in the warm wetness of their pissy diapers. The smell of fresh pee drifted around them, intoxicating them. Crissy heard Laura moan softly in her throat, and she closed her eyes and let Laura lower her to the floor. Her heart raced as Laura leaned over her and un-taped her soaking wet diaper and pulled the front of it down. Smiling, Laura caressed Crissy’s nether regions with the fingertips of one hand, while with her other hand she fingered herself through the leg hole of her own diaper… till she brought both girls to explosive orgasms in the wet diapers!

Their release complete, Laura carefully removed Crissy’s diaper and folded it up. She took the aloe wipes and cornstarch powder out of the Attends bag and meticulously cleaned and powdered Crissy’s soft skin while Crissy’s panted for breath. Then Laura pulled out a fresh, dry diaper and unfolded it. She managed to fit it perfectly beneath Crissy small, perfectly-shaped bottom and pulled the front of it up between Crissy’s legs. She took her time to tape the diaper perfectly in place on Crissy, as Crissy caught her breath at last.

“Wow!” Crissy exclaimed, wiping her sweaty forehead with her hand. She sat up and looked Laura in the eye. “Where the fuck did THAT come from?!”

Laura couldn’t suppress a smile. “Did you like it?”

“Abso-fucking-lutely!” Crissy took a moment to ponder the undeniable chemistry between her and Laura, realizing that it had been there all long, hidden in the icy tension that had once existed between the but now had been swept away entirely. “I needed that,” she added.

“Me too,” Laura said. “I’ve needed to get laid for so long now. I was so horny after the MMA matches at the club. You have to have quite the body to do what those guys do. I thought of hitting on one of the fighters or one of the guys from school, but my diaper was wet and I was sure that would totally turn off any guy I tried to hook up with. So I got home and didn’t know what to do, and then you go back a few minutes after me. And that’s when it hit me.”

“What hit you?” Crissy asked, genuinely intrigued.

“Well, I never thought I’d fall for a girl but you have such an amazing body, and also, I didn’t realize or want to admit it when I met you, but the fact that my suitemate also wears diapers like I do really turns me on.”

Crissy sat quietly and nodded, taking in all that Laura was telling her. Then she smiled back and said, “Laura, I think I’ve felt the same way about you this whole time. To be honest, I’m actually bisexual. I’ll tell you all about it sometime. But it’s not just that. It sucked at first, having to go to college wearing diapers, but to have a suitemate who wears them too… that just made me want to get so close to you.”

“I’m glad,” Laura said. She stroked Crissy’s hair fondly, then stood up and stripped off her wet diaper. She wiped and powdered her skin, then picked up the Attends bag and looked at Crissy. “Crissy,” she asked softly, “could I have one of these?”

“Of course,” said Crissy. “I fucking love Attends, and I bet you will too.” She sat and watched Laura pull a diaper out of the bag, unfold it, and diaper herself in front of Crissy.

“Ooh,” said Laura, “you’re right. This diaper feels really soft and comfy.” She smiled widely and caressed herself through the diaper.

Laura took a few minutes then to clean up Crissy’s room, throwing out the used diapers and wipes in the bathroom trashcan. Crissy meanwhile checked the carpet to make sure it wasn’t badly stained. Satisfied that only a scant few drops had gotten on it, she flopped onto her bed. Then Laura came back in and lay down next to her, cradling Crissy in her arms.

“I’m sorry I’ve been such a bitch to you all this time,” Laura said softly.

“Forget it, honey,” Crissy replied. “Tonight we found each other. That’s what matters to me.”

“That we did,” said Laura. “I want to do a lot more of what we did tonight.”

“Me too.” Crissy smiled and pulled herself closer to Laura.

“Sweet dreams, Crissy,” Laura whispered.

Snuggled close under Crissy’s soft blanket, wearing only their fresh, clean, dry diapers, the two girls fell deeply asleep in each other’s arms.

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very good start. can’t wait to see more.

Re: The Roommates

Did you not see this? I consider this story “complete”, as I have no plans to continue it, but I am sharing it here to welcome feedback.