The Road Trip (Updated CH4+5 14/6)


“Come on pleaseeee , it will be fun I promise.”

Danny pretended to play it cool and tried to focus on the game he was in the middle of playing. Jessica was batting her eyelashes in an obvious ploy to steal away his attention. She always played the cute and playful card whenever she wanted something from him, and it hadn’t failed before. Danny was well aware of it too, he knew she would convince him but he still wanted to try and act nonchalant about it. Jessica knew that it was just a matter of time until he caved; she enjoyed the little back and forth they had.

“You know that eventually you will say yes, just save us both the time.”

She cheekily poked him in his ribs causing him to erupt in an uncontrollable spout of giggling.

“Knock it off.” Danny begged between laughs. “Alright I’ll go.”

“YES YOU’RE THE BEST!” Jessica shouted, throwing her arms around him.

Danny cautiously hugged her back with one arm, keeping his free hand steady on the controller. He savoured these moments with her, wishing desperately for a day where things would go a step further.

He was always the first one to stop any form of intimacy, the worry he might linger in the moment for too long always sat in the back of his mind.

When Danny let go Jessica was almost reluctant to let him go, she scrunched up his hair and met him with a pleasant smile.

“Rebecca and Allie will be so glad to hear.”

Ughhh Rebecca , Danny cringed at the mere mention of her name. The four of them were as close as anything it would be unusual to hear of any young man feeling any displeasure at being the only male in a group of females.

Danny enjoyed spending time with Rebecca in company with the rest of the girls but more often than not she would drive him crazy. She was borderline obsessed with teasing him; it was obvious to everyone when they were all together. Honestly even he realised it was blatantly obvious that he had very strong feelings for Jessica. They would never speak openly about it perhaps she was waiting for him to bring it up first. The problem was Rebecca had no quarrel making them both feel uncomfortable when she would casually make awkward comments about them when they were together. It was always unwarranted and unnecessary causing them both to cringe whenever she said something.

Jessica notable felt bad she didn’t have the same feelings for Danny that he harboured for her. She was consciously aware of it and tried to make sure she never led him on.

Danny on the other hand was sure he had some semblance of a chance with her. He wasn’t sure yet but with enough time he was confident he could conjure something up to win her over.

Going back in time several years ago to their high school days Danny and Allie used to date. It was about a year after they got together that Allie came out to him as being gay. He wasn’t sure how to react to the news, Allie was adamant that none of it was his doing and she just wasn’t being truthful with him or herself.

It was through this revelation that both Rebecca and Jessica entered their lives and helped form their little group. Allie and Rebecca had begun to date and in tow she brought along her best friend Jessica. Danny was quite reasonably devastated about his loss of the relationship. Especially since they were still hanging out together, only now as friends. He might have broken away from the uncomfortable situation altogether if he hadn’t become so infatuated with Jessica right from the get go.

He loved her company; she was so pleasant to be around. Altogether she was friendly, fun kind and very attractive. He quickly fell head over heels for her, but after his break up with Allie he had lost a lot of his self-confidence. It didn’t help him when word got around their school that Allie broke up with him because she was a lesbian. School turned into a cruel place for both of them, especially for him when they would harass him and say it was his fault she didn’t like guys anymore. Allie became really torn up about the whole thing; she was completely racked with guilt. She felt selfish for wanting to stay close with Danny even as he became reclusive and cut ties with some of his friends as a result of the ridicule he suffered through.

For a while she was hesitant to introduce he and Rebecca to one another but he was her closest friend and was always understanding of her. Sometimes she wished she had simply liked boys and chose to stay with him. He wasn’t at all unpleasant to be with it just felt weird, like something was out of place. Rebecca was cautiously accepting of him, unlike Allie she was completely confident when it came to her sexuality and had been out for much longer. Her parents however were quite conventional when it came to a proper domestic life between a man and woman. It was probably the reason why Rebecca was so outspoken; she didn’t need anyone’s approval to be herself. It helped Allie a lot with coming to terms with herself and thankfully on the opposite end her parents were much more supportive of her.

Rebecca had grown with a naturally dominant personality, and since Danny had lost a lot of his confidence and any assertiveness he came off as quite shy when he was around her. She couldn’t help herself but to exploit that, even ignoring Allie when she would tell her to stop teasing him. It was never anything drastic but it was enough to always embarrass or emasculate him to some degree.

“Well he can always just tell me to stop himself.” She would often say in a vain attempt at defending her own actions.

Rebecca would object that she was just trying to help bring Danny out of his shell, but Allie disagreed with her. He was different now, she had hoped Jessica might be equally taken by him as he was by her. It would be the perfect scenario; she was definitely interested in guys and had such a sweet nurturing personality. Whenever they were together it was like two peas in a pod, even Allie become selfishly jealous as he grew closer to her. She could never feel resentful about it though; after all it was her idea to brake off their relationship and she was the one trying to push the two of them together.

Rebecca told her to let it go; it would never happen and if it did it would come out naturally without her interference. But Allie was worried; Danny seemed so miserable and distant sometimes compared to he had been when they were still together.

When Jessica mentioned the trip she was all in, hopefully some time away from whatever they had going on in their lives would all do them some good. It was a much deserved escape for the four of them and maybe it would give her the chance she needed to help push Danny and Jessica together.

Rebecca was outright against the idea of the two getting together, she told Allie to stop acting like some fan girl shipping her favourite characters together. She said it was only because of her guilt she wanted them together and failed to see how they weren’t suited for one another. Their personalities didn’t click, it was hard to argue that point however when you saw how quickly their friendship blossomed.

She despised that guys were always so quick to disavow the friend zone and immediately pushed for something more intimate. She admitted that if Danny wasn’t so obviously infatuated with Jess then they could probably have become fuck buddies and he would reap all the best benefits without a label attached. There was no chance of that happening now though, Jessica was so careful to tip toe around him worried she might happen to lead him on in some way.

The whole situation was beginning to make things awkward in the group. Rebecca was sour and groaned when she saw Jess’s suggestion for the trip in their group chat. The holiday itself seemed like a fantastic idea on paper but seeing Danny’s reply really bothered her.

“Does he really think we actually believe his bullshit, that boy is such a child sometimes I swear.”

“Becca just let it go.” Allie grumbled.

Both girls were quick to jump on board with her idea; Danny however was being ridiculous and said he wasn’t sure if he could make it. He typed up an unbelievably lame excuse about not being able to get the time off work when all three girls were aware he only worked a casual retail job a few times a week.

“Ugh fine just get Jessica to deal with it.” Rebecca said throwing her arms up in frustration.

Jessica had jumped the gun and told Danny she was heading over the moment he started saying he wasn’t going to come. The resulting conversation as you already know didn’t last long and as expected he quickly changed his tune.

He hadn’t even needed to ask his mother for permission, she had quietly been eavesdropping the whole time. Like the girls she had noticed the shift in personality and was worried about him. Pretending to have overheard them as she passed by with a basket of laundry she soon invited herself into his bedroom.

“Ohhh a trip, that sounds lovely! I’m sure the girls will keep a good eye on you.”

Jessica giggled. “We’ll make sure he behaves himself Wendy, don’t worry!”

When it came to Danny’s choice of friends Wendy knew she didn’t have to worry. She loved all three girls like they were her own, they were all such sweethearts and she wholeheartedly approved of each of them. Even with Allie and her son’s history she never held her accountable, and a trip away together would do him a world of good. She was always encouraging him to spend more time with them, not that she minded having him around the house. His company was always welcomed and she cherished their time together; but any time away from staring at a television screen all day was a blessing.

With everyone accounted for they excitedly began planning out the trip; not knowing how much of an eye opening experience it would all turn out to be.


It was decided that Rebecca would be the one to drive; she had an SUV and it housed the most space. Danny didn’t like her being in any position of control over him but had little say since he still didn’t have a complete driver’s license. Along with most of the trip he left it up to the girls to plan it, he wasn’t too fussed with doing anything in particular.

He felt a little bothered when they tried forcing him to make some suggestions. His idea of a good time was relaxing at home watching movies or going out to dinner with them for a nice relaxing night. Everything they were talking about seemed like a lot of work and he knew it would take him out of his comfort zone and away from his PlayStation.

When the day of the trip rolled around he began to feel a bit flighty. When he vaguely hinted he was not really feeling up for it that morning when his mother came to wake him up and soon wished he had kept his mouth shut.

“I’m warning you Danny, if you disappoint those girls and bail on that trip then I will rip every electronic you own out of the house and you will never see them again.”

It was a loosely veiled threat that he wasn’t sure she would follow through with, but Danny got the message and quickly put any ideas about ditching to rest.

The three girls pulled up together in Rebecca’s SUV and were pleasantly greeted by his mother in the early morning and invited inside. There was no mention of the earlier conversation between her and Danny, thinking it was best not to mention it.

“I made sure he packed last night so he wouldn’t set you guys back, but well you know what he’s like.”

She shook her head in frustration and the girls giggled when she called out for him.

“Danny you better be changed and get your bum out here mister or I’ll come in there and dress you myself.”

Danny blushed crimson, horrified at the embarrassment from his mother’s childish remarks. He quickly headed out and apologised to them for not being ready earlier.

He turned to his mother and said goodbye, she insisted on giving him a cuddle before he grabbed his bag and rushed out the door. He didn’t want to loiter any longer in case his mother decided to embarrass him any further.

Allie greeted him with a hug as they left the house together.

“I’m glad you decided to come along Danny for a moment I thought you might bail.”

“Thanks, but I wouldn’t bail on you guys.” He managed to say with a straight face.

He blushed as he stopped to take in her outfit; she was really taking her new ‘cute’ phase to the next level. At some point as of late she had delved down deep into the rabbit hole of Lolita fashion. She was currently dressed in an ultra girly pink and frilly jumper skirt and blouse, even her t-bar shoes were pink and childish. Her hair had been platted and placed in a large white bow. She had never dressed like this around Danny, he guessed now she was free to be her true self.

“Do you like it?” Annie said swishing her skirt. “I normally wouldn’t wear something so brazen but I figured, what the heck were on holiday.” She said with a shrug.

Danny debated what to say next before lying on. “It’s cute.” He really wasn’t sure what else he could say about it.

“Hurry up you two, Annie has a dress you can borrow in the car Danny if you’re so inclined.” She grinned at him, before jumping in the driver’s seat without giving him a chance to retort.

Annie squeezed his arm. “Don’t let her get to you Danny; I’ll make sure she behaves herself.”

Danny watched as Annie skipped off to the front seat and couldn’t help take Rebecca’s words to heart as he imagined himself wearing the same thing. He shivered at the thought; he wouldn’t dare and mentally scolded himself for already managing to let Rebecca get into his head.

“Come on Danny.” Jessica called out from the car. “You’re sitting next to me!”

That was what he needed to hear and Danny quickly perked up, any doubts he had about coming along on this trip had washed away. He was always amazed the way she was in such a perky mood this early in the day. He had never been an early riser but all three of the girls seemed to be awash with energy. Hopefully if he let himself relax into the vibes they were putting off and got into the spirit of it then he would perk up.

He buckled himself in and met Jessica’s excited grin, everything seemed to be headed in the right direction.

Danny unconsciously gripped onto his door handle as Rebecca’s car roared to life. Her driving always made him slightly nervous; her disregard for the speed limit and over confidence weren’t her best features especially coupled together. At least her car was seemingly built like a tank, it still didn’t fill him with confidence as she clipped the gutter pulling out of the drive way.

“Sorry about that guys, think that morning coffee went right to my head, I feel alive!” She pumped her fist up in the air and the girls echoed her sentiment with their own cheers.

“Come on Danny get into the spirit.” Jessica said playfully shaking his shoulder.

“Wooooo.” He replied with a minimal amount of enthusiasm.

“Is that the best you’ve got?” Jessica teased.

“He’s just grumpy because we woke the baby up from his nap.” Rebecca chimed in.

“Yeah well…. You’re a shit driver.” Danny said, cringing at his own retort.

Rebecca scoffed. “Sorry, coming from the one without a licence?” She said flicking her sunglasses down at him for dramatic effect.

“Knock it off guys; I don’t want to hear this for the whole trip.” Allie complained.

Jessica kept silent, acting as if she were blissfully unaware of the tension that Rebecca and Danny harboured towards each other.

Danny despised that Rebecca seemed to always be the one who got the last word in. But being respectful towards Allie he decided not to push it any further. It obviously wasn’t because he never knew what to respond with, she had clearly gotten the better of him with that one. She was always better at their banter then he was; it would make him feel slightly emasculated that she never ceased to gain the upper hand on him.

As they drove away Jessica was first to offer her curated playlist for the drive. Being quite eager to show off the perfect list of travel songs she had prepared for the trip. She and Danny had an eerily similar taste when it came to music. Both of them preferred the hits of the 70s and 90s as opposed to anything modern. Rebecca and Allie weren’t as enthusiastic with her choice of music but ignored it.

With the familiar roads and street signs growing out of sight Danny realised he hadn’t paid much attention to where they were headed. He knew it was a fair across the state border and their first stop was paying Jessica’s Auntie Tessa a visit. It wasn’t a very exhilarating stop in their schedule but it saved them having to pay for a motel along the way. She mentioned how excited her Aunt was to meet them all and the fact she would have plenty of space to house them.

“So what’s this fair called?” Danny asked.

He quickly regretted it though, as the moment he did he got three faces staring back at him looking both puzzled and annoyed.

“Did you pay attention to anything in the chat?” Jessica asked with her mouth agape.

Danny sunk back into his seat; he hated the possibility that Jessica seemed annoyed with him.

“I dunno; you guys talk a lot I’m happy with wherever as long as I’m with you guys.” He responded with a cheeky smile.

Each of the girls rolled their eyes, and Rebecca mimicked her revulsion at Danny’s remarks by sticking her finger towards her mouth.

“Cheesy and I don’t believe it for a second but at least you’re getting into the spirit of it.” Jessica chuckled.

“We’re going to Disney Land Danny, so get excited.” Allie said practically bouncing in her seat.

“Wayyyyy better than any crappy state fair, besides it was Allie’s idea, anything for my girl.” Rebecca declared.

Danny watched as Rebecca pulled Annie towards her possessively and planted a kiss over her forehead. He swore he caught a glimpse of Rebecca looking back at him as she let her go. Neither Annie nor Jessica would ever admit it, but Danny was convinced Rebecca had some deep resentment towards him. He wasn’t sure where it all stemmed from or what he had done to deserve it but he hoped she would at least remain civil around him.

It still stung watching his ex-girlfriend being flirtatious and intimate with someone else. At least it wasn’t with another guy but this wasn’t much better. He still felt somewhat like a loser for deciding to stick around her after everything and it was situations like this that helped remind him of that. It would be worth it in the end though, all the embarrassment and awkwardness he had been through if he could win Jessica over.


The trip was well under way now and Danny had finally begun to relax and unwind. After making a quick stop for the restroom and grab a bite to eat, the car talks had begun to move toward something more personal.

After Jessica had managed to get Annie to admit that she was the submissive one in her relationship with Rebecca it became her turn to ask.

“So Jess, what type of guys are you into?” Annie asked.

In the reflection she watched Danny awkwardly scrunch up in his seat.

“Yeah, ahhhh I guess…… I dunno maybe I don’t have a type.” Jessica said brushing the question aside.

“That’s not a real answer.” Rebecca interjected.

She quickly shot Annie a look, as if to say what are you planning here? But she was still mildly curious what her best friend would say, hopefully she would describe the complete polar opposite of Danny and put the whole thing to rest.

“Ok fineeeee, someone sweet and nice, just a really sensitive and caring guy, someone like Danny.” Jessica suddenly tacked that bit on the end as she rested her hand over his shoulder.

Danny could feel his heart rate quicken when he smiled back at Jess; everything was coming along perfectly. He desperately wished at that moment he would have the confidence to speak up and tell her how he felt.

Thankfully he thought better of it; it would probably be an awful and uncomfortable thing to bring up in front of everyone else, especially if she didn’t reciprocate the same feelings back to him.

Annie felt equally optimistic as Danny had from her response; it was pretty much as close to the answer as she was hoping to get. At least that’s what she thought before she turned to look at Rebecca and saw the smug I told you so face she was pulling back at her.

It took a moment for her to figure it out but when it clicked her expression grew sombre and she quickly turned and hid her face from Rebecca so that she couldn’t see she had bested her.

Someone like Danny, she repeated in her lead like a mantra. She was almost embarrassed it had taken so long to figure out. She was completely stuck on making Danny and Jess work out that she had completely missed the truthfulness behind what she had said.

She didn’t want Danny, even Annie had pulled a similar move on someone years ago. You want someone like that person but you don’t want that person. It was clear as crystal now, but now her heart was heavy with worry for her friend. She looked back at him and realized the ditzy boy in the reflection would have no idea about the truth behind what Jess had said.

Maybe his delusions were better in that regard, at least it wouldn’t put a dampener on the trip if he found out how she felt already.

A few more hours of driving had passed and Danny was really getting into the vibe of everything. He was laughing and carrying along with the girls; all four of them were having a really great time. Annie still couldn’t put the nagging doubt she had to rest that something was about to happen and bring everything crashing down. When Danny eventually found out the truth all bets were off, she could only hope he wouldn’t discover it until after they got back. It was kind of selfish on her part, but they all wanted to have a good time so her intentions were for everyone’s benefit she convinced herself.

“We’re almost hereeeee.” Jessica suddenly spoke up.

As much fun as they had been having on the drive over, each of them were eager to get out the car and stretch their legs, so it was high spirits all around accompanying the news of their arrival.

Only Jess knew what to expect as they rounded the final street corner to her Auntie’s place. It was a pretty standard suburban home, it was neither impressive nor unimpressive they realised pulling into the drive way. It was a simple single story home through and through that seemingly fit in with the rest of the suburbs aesthetic.

The moment Rebecca’s roaring SUV pulled up to the curb a homely looking middle-aged woman stepped out onto the front porch to meet them.

Jessica was first to hurriedly step out the car and rush to greet her Aunt. Danny watched curiously with nervous anticipation as the two hugged, both clearly excited to be reunited with one another. He had always been a bit of a nervous nelly when it came to meeting new people. Even in the least threatening situations such as these where it was someone’s family member and he was surrounded with familiar faces.

With some slight hesitation he was the last to hop out the car and timidly walked behind Annie and Rebecca as they walked over to introduce themselves.

“Auntie Helga, this is Annie, Rebecca and the nervous looking guy standing behind them is Danny.” Jessica said playfully sticking her tongue out at him.

“Well hello everyone, I’ve heard so much about you all!” She said in a sickly sweet voice. “Especially this handsome young fella over here.” Helga said grinning towards Danny.

As Helga walked over Rebecca grabbed Danny and pushed him forward.

“Ummm Hello, Miss Helga?” Danny stumbled on his words as he greeted her.

Helga smiled and smothered him in a big bear hug like they shared something as close as she did with Jessica and weren’t complete strangers.

“You can all call me Auntie!”

She released Danny, leaving him blushing and standing awkwardly after the overly friendly introduction. He had an idea now where Jessica got her overly friendly and welcoming nature from.

After giving both Annie and Rebecca similar greetings she ushered them all inside once they had all grabbed their bags from the car. She insisted on taking Danny’s bag inside and so reluctantly he let her pull it off his shoulders and she gently urged him forwards.

He did find it strange she was taking his when he was fully capable of carrying it himself. He shrugged it off though; she was probably just being nice. It also wasn’t the best first impression he had given her, timidly hiding behind the girls when they first met. Maybe she thought he was younger then he actually was. Thankfully none of the girls seemed to have noticed she had taken his bag for him, they were too preoccupied making their own way through the house.

“Ok Jess I still have the old room that you used to stay in, girls I made up the guest bedroom for the both of you, and that just leaves us with Mister Danny.”

Danny had been secretly hoping he would be sharing a room with Jessica, it wouldn’t be the first time they bunked together and he would have thought the house wasn’t large enough from outside to house each of them in separate rooms.

“So you have two choices, this is option number one.”

To say he was disappointed would have been a clear understatement; it shocked him how nonchalant Auntie had been as she showed it to him.

It was a complete nursery fully equipped with its own changing table and what seemed to be a regular sized bed with railing installed to change it into a crib. He could even see a mobile hanging over the top of it, the colour scheme was neutral blues and yellows but he would still never choose to stay in here.

“I know it’s a bit juvenile but the bed rail’s come down, see.”

Danny watched hesitantly from the door way as Auntie tugged them down.

“Ta-da!” She declared with a bit of pageantry.

He was forced inside when the girls pushed by the doorway to get a better look.

Rebecca chuckled. “This room suits you Danny!” She said at his expense.

“It’s a nursery.” Danny whined openly.

“I know, I know.” Auntie tossed aside his concerns. “But it’s only for a night I’m sure you will manage.”

She dropped his bag on the crib as if he had already made up his mind.

“You said there was another option.” Danny reminded her.

He hoped that somehow the other option would be bunking with Jess, but he wasn’t too confident it was that considering she hadn’t mentioned it in the first place.

Auntie stared thoughtfully for a moment before responded. “Yes well, at you’re age under my supervision I’m not a fan of boys and girls sharing the same room.”

Danny briefly glanced towards Annie and Rebecca with an accusatory look.

“But I’m making a special exemption this time for Annie and Rebecca.” Auntie replied seemingly knowing what Danny must be thinking.

“But I am still expecting them to be respectful.” Auntie said waving a finger at the two girls.

“We will be on our best behaviour.” Rebecca replied.

Without anyone’s knowledge she gently nudged Annie and showed her fingers crossed behind her back. Annie shook her head and mutter for her to behave.

“So the only other option that leaves us with is staying together in my room. It’s a big double bed so I don’t mind sharing and I could keep a very watchful eye on you!”

The girls all laughed as they watched Danny’s face blush red, looking around the room he knew it was regretfully the better option of the two.

“I’ll stay here.” He sighed.

“Awwww, ok well if you change your mind, give me a shout!” Auntie said before scrunching up his hair.

The girls began nosing around the nursery and Rebecca rudely rifled through the changing table and pulled a plain disposable pull up from one of the drawers.

“Look Danny Auntie even has diapers for you in your size.” She shook it at him tauntingly.

Auntie chuckled and took the pull up from her and tossed it around between her hands. “”Jessie’s cousin’s eldest has always had problems with bed wetting, let little one stays in here but we always keep the pull ups on hand for him.”

She held it out sizing him up with it. “Now you mention it I reckon he would be able to squeeze inside, it would be a tight fit though!”

Everyone laughed and Danny’s face went even redder.

“Sorry Danny.” Auntie began to apologise. “I’ll stop teasing and leave you to get settled.”

She ushered the girls out to give him some space while Danny stayed behind in the room he would be spending the night in. He shivered, unsure if he was cold or if it was from all the embarrassment he had just gone through. At least it would only be for one night he thought, trying to look at it optimistically. He decided not to bother unpacking and left everything together in his bag, he switched off the light before he left the room to find the others.



The evening had gone by rather blissfully and Danny had soon forgotten he would be spending the night safely tucked away inside a baby’s nursery. Auntie had prepared a lovely home cooked meal for their dinner and each had put away their fair share. It was infinitely nicer than any of the truck stop food they had eaten that day and they all tucked away greedily.

After dinner they had gathered in the living room and were telling Auntie about their plans. It was sometime before Danny began yawning and Auntie announced it was probably time for them all to get some sleep.

They each said their goodnights and left Danny trudging off to his room. He sighed when he opened the door and briefly considered going back to Auntie’s room to tell her he had changed his mind.

He groaned as he closed the door behind him before changing into a plain navy shirt and a pair of boxer shorts. He switched off the light and reluctantly climbed into the crib, trying his best to imagine he was stepping into a normal bed. He tossed and turned under the sheets before he finally got comfy.

Danny was only moments away from sleep when his door creaked open and the feint light from the hallway crept inside and illuminated part of the room. His heart beat quickened as he briefly thought it could be Jess quietly sneaking into his room to climb into bed with him.

He slowly turned to face the intruder, immediately disappointed when he realised it wasn’t her who was skulking around.

“Oh good you’re still awake, I’m sorry if I woke you.”

“Auntie what’s going on?” Danny asked sheepishly.

She cautiously made her way over to him after leaving the door slightly ajar to faintly light the room.

“It’s about what Rebecca said earlier, you still wear diapers and I just wanted to make sure you had remembered to put one on.”

Danny was perplexed; he screwed up his face as he sat up in the bed. “No she was just teasing me I don’t wear diapers.”

Auntie took a seat beside him. “Honey its ok you have nothing to hide from me.”

Without taking his word for it she lifted up his sheet revealing what he said to be truthful.

“See I told you I don’t wear them.” He replied obnoxiously.

Auntie shook her head. “All I can see is someone who was too embarrassed to put on his protection.”

She gently placed her hand on over his knee, offering him a kind smile before pulling something out from behind her back that Danny had failed to notice before.

“I took it out earlier; I thought this would be a better way to approach it when we were away from everyone.”

Danny was taken aback, what could he say that might deter her.

“Auntie seriously I don’t wet the bed.” He said desperately.

He tried pulling his blankets back up, but Aunties firm grip on his sheets prevented him from doing so.

“Then just…. Humour me .” She smiled sweetly. “No one outside this room has to find out and I get the peace of mind that my sheets will still be dry in the morning.”

She began gently caressing his thigh like a mother would to comfort a troubled child.

“Jessie’s niece uses this room and she comes over often, so I would prefer if the mattress didn’t get stains on it. She wear’s diapers for that very reason, so the least you could do is wear this.”

Auntie sat the pull up down in front of him.

Danny gulped. “No one will find out?” He could hardly believe the words that were coming out of his mouth.

“I promise I won’t tell a soul.” She crossed a hand over her heart.

Danny had no reason to doubt her, but he was left with little choice in the matter anyway. It was only one night, he told himself.

“Ok fine.” He gripped the rails and was ready to push himself out of bed but Auntie stopped him.

“Here love just let me.” Auntie started to pull down his boxer shorts but Danny quickly stopped her and looked up at her with a fearful expression.

“If you make a fuss someone might hear us.” Auntie said warily.

It almost felt like she was threatening to bring the others in here with the way she had said it. However it was enough for him to loosen his grip on his underwear and meekly allow her to strip them off.

In one sudden swoop she had pulled them off his legs and Danny was forced to bare his nudity to someone he had just met. Instinctively his hands immediately went down to cover himself but Auntie pried them away before she started threading the crinkly pull up over his legs.

She had been right with her earlier assessment that day, the pull ups did fit but like she predicted they were quite snug. Danny couldn’t believe he was letting her do this to him, strapping him inside a pull up like he was some kind of bedwetting toddler.

Auntie fiddled with the crinkly pants for a moment, urging him upward so she could adjust them underneath.

“Seems like a good fit to me.”

She gave him a satisfied pat on the front of his crinkly pants.

Danny sat absentmindedly staring daggers at the pull up around his waist. He looked at it in disgust and was so distracted he hardly noticed when Auntie planted a kiss on the cheek and wished him goodnight.

It wasn’t until he heard the click of the railing and chiming from the mobile spinning above his head that Danny finally broke from his trance to watch Danny walk from the room. His first instinct was to call out for her but he was terrified the girls would hear him calling out and find him like this.

Instead he watched her leave and quietly closed the door before he started to fiddle with the latch on the crib. He took some time playing with it in the dark but clearly it was designed to be difficult, at least he told himself that to make him feel better. He wasn’t even sure how to stop the mobile from spinning and playing its hypnotising melody. He decided to lie back on his pillow for a moment and regain his composure. He briefly focused his attention on the mobile spinning around, watching the little plane and the little train next was the little car.

It was at that moment that he fell asleep without even realising it.

While Danny slept away blissfully with the adorable melody chiming away above him a pair of footsteps quietly made their way into his room and slowly approached him in the dark.

Morning came as the sun rays shined through the curtains and rested over Danny’s pillow. His eyes slowly began to flutter as he began to stir awake. He yawned and rubbed his eyes as he stretched, his arms connecting with the bars of the crib caused him to flinch and he soon remembered where he was.

Upon that revelation his eyes shot open as the events of the night before came flooding back to him. Carefully he pulled up the blanked from his body and couldn’t believe what he saw.

“No way.” He cried out in horror.

Slowly his hands crept forward and he gripped the swollen padding instantly confirming his suspicions.

“I wet myself.” Even saying it out loud he could hardly believe it to be true.

Danny was in shock; it didn’t make any sense he hadn’t wet the bed in as long as he could remember. How could this have happened, he couldn’t even fathom a reason as to why he would have now of all places.

He felt gross and teary eyed as he stumbled around the crib for the latch to pull the side down. At least the mobile was no longer spinning around him ne noticed looking at the dormant hanging vehicles.

“Come onnnnnnnn. ” He whined in frustration as he pulled on it without success.

He realised someone must have heard him carrying on based on the sound of someone fast approaching his room from the hallway.

Danny griped the rails in terror and waited for whoever was outside to announce himself.

“I thought I heard something going on in here, looks like someone’s finally awake.”

It was Auntie who came through the door and was greeted by the sight of Danny kneeling over the railing; his soaked pull up sagging between his legs and looking like a deer caught in the headlights.

“Oh my, did I do that, sorry Danny just a force of happen please forgive me.” Auntie said, quickly walking over to release him from the crib.

Like an expert she unlatched it with ease and pulled down the railings where she got a good clear view of Danny and his wet padding.

“Well I can definitely see I made the right decision putting you in pull ups.”

She nonchalantly gripped his soggy pants and was quick to comment on its capacity.

“Jeeze you did a job on this I’m surprised you didn’t leak everywhere, if only I kept diapers around in your size!”

Danny sat their ashamedly as Auntie played with his pull ups, wishing he could just sink into the mattress and be teleported far away from here. As she spoke all Danny could do was keep his eyes looking over her shoulder fearfully at the open doorway, afraid at any moment one of his friends would come gallivanting into his room.


Auntie noticed the fearful look across Danny’s face as he peered over her into the hallway.

“Oh the girls are out at the moment, you hadn’t come out of your room so I told them not to wake you.”

Danny’s heart sank as he filled with dread; his friends had left him behind he thought assuming the worst. Had they walked in and seen him and decided they didn’t want to bring a bed wetter along for the rest of the trip.

Auntie quickly reeled back as she saw how devastated he suddenly looked.

“Just for breakfast darling, my goodness I could really feel you tense up then, they wouldn’t leave you behind.”

His fears quickly alleviated but he was still feeling incredibly docile being in such a compromising position.

“Now I think you better get yourself into the shower and get cleaned up before they get back.” Auntie said as she helped him to his feet.

“Unless, you would rather me run a bath for you?”

Danny shook his head, he would much rather have a shower he couldn’t even remember the last time he had taken a bath.

“No worries darling it’s just down the hall.”

He had already used the bathroom multiple times since arriving and he didn’t think the reminder was necessary. Since he had arrived Auntie was treating him as if he were a child incapable of taking care of himself. Although as he padded down the hall way with his wet squelching pull up sagging between his legs, he was beginning to agree with her sentiment.

His padding fell to the bathroom floor with a wet thud and he quickly jumped inside the shower. He relished beneath the warm water as it poured down over his body, washing away the gross feeling of stale pee between his thighs.

He wanted to stay inside the shower for longer but he heard voices circulating around the house and realised the girls must be back.

He reluctantly turned off the water and was towelling himself dry when there was a sudden pounding against the door.

“DANNY, I need to piss.” Rebecca shouted.

“I’m coming, hold on.” He said annoyed.

Danny quickly gave himself another once over before pulling the towel around his waist and leaving the bathroom.

“About time.” Rebecca said, swatting his backside as she pushed past him.

She was always emasculating him in some way, but being completely honest Danny didn’t mind that playful side of her. She only took things too far when she made comments about his feelings for Jessica.

He was stopped in the hallway when Jess and Annie appeared from the kitchen.

“Someone’s finally awake.” Jessica said giving him a cheeky grin as she stared at his near nakedness.

Danny felt quite anxious being so underdressed in front of his friends. He was always nervous about his looks; he had a pretty scrawny body and had always been unimpressed by it. He almost looked underdeveloped when he was with the girls and they were all equal his size. He had considered joining a gym but he was always way too nervous to go through with it.

“We got you breakfast.” Annie said cheerfully, holding up a brown paper bag.

She was dressed again in a similar dress, this one was lavender and adorned with little white buttons shaped like flowers. It was funny that he always thought her choice of clothing had become so juvenile and childish when he had been wearing a soaked pull up not long ago. He quickly averted his gaze when he realised he had been staring at her for an awkward length of time. Turning to Jessica it was a stark contrast in what she was wearing with her thin spaghetti string tank top and navy denim shorts.

“T…thanks.” Danny stumbled. “What did you get me?”

“Youre favouriteeeeee.” Jessica said. “Now go get dressed we have to leave soon.” She commanded.

The girls eventually stepped aside and allowed him to pass freely into his room.

Danny shut the door behind him and let out a sigh of relief. He still felt rather rattled after waking up that morning in a crib with a wet pair of pull ups. He shuddered when he recounted the events in his head, how Auntie had caught him and chastised him for not having his padding on before doing it herself.

It was a relief pulling up a pair of underwear over his legs, but it was that moment that he remembered what he had left on the bathroom floor.

“Fuck…” He whined squeamishly.

Danny had left his soggy pull up with his shirt and he couldn’t recall if he had dumped it over the top or not. He sat on his bed stressed out of his mind that Rebecca may have discovered it that he completely disregarded that he was supposed to be getting dressed so they could leave.

He had been so distracted that he still had his underwear at his feet when suddenly Auntie opened his door. He tried pulling them up the moment the door creaked open but all he managed to do was trip over his own feet and fall flat on the bedroom floor.

“Oh Danny are you alright!” Auntie said, rushing to his aid.

Jess and Annie had rushed inside when they heard the loud thump and Auntie’s shock.

“Auntie?” Jess asked walking in and seeing a naked Danny being pulled to his feet. “What’s going on, why do you have that?”

Danny followed her gaze and saw the pull up she had dropped at her feet as she had helped him up. Why did she have that with her, he wondered nervously.

He was too focused on covering his nudity to even ask her himself.

“I was just coming in to help Danny with his protection.” Auntie told her as if it was the most normal thing in the world to be doing.

Danny quickly tensed up, he saw the strange glances he was getting from Annie and Jess and quickly blurted out. “I don’t need that!”

“Guys what’s going on?” It was Rebecca this time. “Danny did you leave this in the bathroom.”

At once everyone turned to see Rebecca holding his dirty pull up with an outstretched hand like it was the most revolting thing in the world to be carrying.

Danny’s face had gone beet red, no one was supposed to find out about this, he had no idea how to even begin explaining himself.

“Danny had an accident last night in his pull up, it’s nothing to make a big deal over I was just bringing him a new one for the drive.”

“NO.” Danny shouted. “I’m not wearing that, I don’t wet myself.” He whined.

“That’s what you told me last night Danny; I already told you it’s nothing to be embarrassed about.”

“I’m not wearing it.” He refused.

“Well I’m not having you piss all over my car, just put it on we don’t care.” Rebecca said dumping the soiled pull up on the floor.

“Girls!” Auntie threw her hands up in exasperation. “Please would you give us a minute?”

Reluctantly Rebecca and Jessica left the room; Annie was about to step outside but decided to ignore her and stay.

Before Auntie could say anything Annie had already grabbed the clean pull up from the floor and brought it over to Danny.

She gently took one of his hands in her own as she spoke softly to him. “Come on Danny I promise no one will judge you for it.”

“But I don’t need it.” He pleaded, not noticing the tears starting to form in his eyes.

“Just wear it for me then.” Annie smiled sweetly at him. “You can take it off when we get there.”

She handed him the pull up and he reluctantly took it from her.

Auntie watched with an approving nod at Annie’s handling of the situation.

“Can you guys at least turn around?” Danny asked.

They obliged and allowed Danny to put it on with relative privacy.

For the second time he had found himself in a pair of crinkly underwear, he couldn’t fathom the humiliation waiting for him when the girls finally confronted him about it.

Auntie heard the tell-tale signs of the pull up snapping into place and turned around to help adjust his padding.

Danny and Annie locked eyes as Auntie fixed the sides, she gave him a sympathetic look and he timidly looked away.

“It will have to do.” Auntie said in a huff. “If you guys have a chance you should really stop by and pick up something that fits him better.”

Annie snapped to attention when she realised it was directed at her. “Ohhh, ahh yes of course, well stop by… somewhere.” She said trailing off, unsure where she was going with it.

They left Danny alone to get dressed but not before Auntie peeled away his soggy pull up from the carpet.

Finally Danny was left to process what had just happened, he shakily pulled on some clothes as he fought back the urge to cry.

How could this have happened, he wondered hopelessly. Swallowing his pride he pulled his bag over his shoulders and left the room.

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