The Rise of the Werebabies

Part I

Liz sat triumphantly, on a throne of dirty diapers watching the little diapered world she had made unfold. Emily and Rebecca were having a messing contest right in front of her.

“No fair, I saw an enema bottle in the bathroom trash,” accused Emily. “You must’ve used it before the match…” she paused to grunt out more mess in her sodden diaper, “… started,” she let out with a sigh.

“How do you know that was my enema, Em? Besides, I’m no cheater,” Rebecca said with an obviously guilty smirk on her face. Her diaper, already mostly brown, began to fill up her entire backside to the top of the diaper. Liz just watched, grinning all the while.

Liz was the alpha werebaby, an ancient creature that only has power when the moon is full. That power, is to turn innocent people into dumb diaper loving slaves. Liz was the first to “turn” another in this area; a girl named Judy at an all girls sleepover. Her and Judy then took on all the other girls, turning them into poopy, happy, baby slaves who were obsessed with making more diaper lovering sluts. First, she and Judy ambushed a small group of girls, completely surprising them and added five more to their pack. Then, they overwhelmed the rest of the girls. Soon, the party was a full-on messy diaper orgy; the type of scene happening now at the clan’s rather large clubhouse, and Liz was the Alpha werebaby, her subjects deeply loyal to her command.

The full moon was only five hours away and the girls were beginning to change. Their street clothes were beginning to change into pastel sundresses, onesies, and other extremely girlish clothing. Liz was changing too as she gained her special power back. But for now the pack could not turn anyone so they contented themselves to playing in their diapers and smelling each other’s messes.

After several hours of playtime, it was time. Liz inspected each and every werebaby personally. Each girl was required to have completely changed into their werebaby clothing. For some, that meant a revealing, pastel cheerleader outfit with ABDL spelt in baby block letters on the front. For other werebabies, they gained onesies and bright filly dresses during their transformation. Liz also would not let any girl leave without a diaper inspection. Any werebaby that hadn’t completely wet and messed her diaper was told to do so immediately or risk having the entire werebaby pack think suspiciously of her.

Thankfully, all the werebabies had messed their diapers beyond anything a mere spy could imitate. They were loyal werebabies who would stop at nothing to carry out Liz’s will. Now that the pack had fully transformed, they began to look eagerly to one another, wanting to turn other girls into obedient werebabies. Liz wasted no time dispatching her loyal slaves, and the werebabies ran from the clubhouse, howling at the moon and squishing their messy diapers as they headed for their objectives.

The Mayor of Bridgeport was on her phone checking her Twitter page. The Mayor, only 28 and beautiful, was on her way back to City Hall. It was dusk. She had just given a speech at a business development meeting for over an hour, and she desperately had to pee. And, the car would just not move fast enough. A little pee escaped into her panties, as she tried to hold it.

“Can we step on it please, I have to use the restroom,” she testily addressed her driver.

When all of the sudden, the car shreaked to a stop as shadowy figures lept in front of the car from the street, blocking its path. The driver shouted curses at the people, as the Mayor tried to calm her heartbeat.

“Oh my god, we almost plowed over those poor people,” the Mayor said, shuddering at the thought.

Then, a loud popping sound has heard behind the car, as Jamie and Tara slashed the Mayor’s back tires with large kitchen knives.

The pack surrounding the car began to close in.

The Mayor reached for her phone and started dialing the police, but then Liz herself tossed a stone through the window of the car. To the Mayor’s horror, this did not set off the car’s alarm. The werebabies had the car surrounded. Their blank expressions, determined walk, and girlish attire was really creepy. She was too frightening and confuzed to scream.

At once, the driver was pulled out of the car, but his brief shouts were muffled.

Amy then saw Liz, calmly reaching through the broken window. She unlocked the car door, and climbed in with the Mayor, shutting the door behind her.

“You should thank me, Amy,” said Liz, defiantly using the Mayor’s first name.

“Now why the fuck would I-“ Amy shouted before Liz cut her off.

“Because of me, you won’t lose the election. With me, you’ll keep your position as Mayor… forever.”

And with that Liz pulled one of her nipples from under her dress and shot a bullet of warm milk right into Amy’s gaping mouth.

It was the sweetest thing Amy had ever tasted. She was instantly trembling as her body acked to have more. She also had forgotten how badly she had to pee before the werebabies showed up. All of the sudden, without her control, her bladder let go at full force. It felt amazing to Amy, who forgot what she was doing for a second until she remembered she wasn’t on a toilet.

“Oh no,” she said as she reached down to her business skirt. When she lifted it up, a girly pull-up stared back at her, and it was soaked with pee.

The more Amy let go into her pull-up, the cloudier her thoughts became before all she could think of was that delicious milk. She didn’t even notice Liz turning around in the backseat, revealing her brown, stinky diaper. Before Amy could react, the diaper pressed right against her face and Amy took a deep breath.

At first, the smell was horrible, but in less than half a second the smell became the best thing she had ever smelled in entire life. It didn’t take long before the werebaby magic took hold. Her pull-up transformed into big, adult diaper as she continued to smell Liz’s messy diaper.

“Well Ms. Mayor, how do you like your diaper?” Liz asked as Amy finally broke her face away from her Alpha’s intoxicating mess.

“I just love it Alpha, thank you,” she said with a grin; messing it to show her new allegiance to Liz.

Just then, Amy noticed her driver make his way through the small crowd of werebabies, a pacifier in his mouth. He was wearing nothing besides a big blue t-shirt and a sodden yellow diaper. Amy clapped in excitement.

“Are we going to make more of us Alpha!?”

“Yes,” Liz said. “And I have a plan to make the whole town like us, but first we need your driver to take us to City Hall.”

She turned to her werebaby pack gathered around the car.

“Claire, and Jody, and Amanda. Find the Mayor and I a new car. Do it quietly, we can’t arouse the police or citizens yet. The rest of you will execute phase 2. Now go!”

The pack dispersed at once.

As Mandy and Freya exited the elevator to the third floor of the parking garage, they heard the sound of scuffling. Freya, the braver of the two grabbed her girlfriend’s hand and pulled her along. Mandy was noticeably spooked.

Freya grabbed her keys from her pocket, but as soon as her car beeped open they were both jumped and separated.

Amanda got Freya on the ground before she knew what was happening and Claire was quit to faceshit Freya, muffling her cries for help.

Jody’s job was to silence Mandy while Freya was being turned so that in the end her own girlfriend would be the one to faceshit her. She did her job wonderfully. She grasped her hand over Mandy’s mouth as her lover went down, and her werebaby strength made it easy to hold on to Mandy as she struggled. To Mandy’s horror, Freya stopped struggling, and Claire stood up, her messy diaper swaying as she did. Then Freya stood up.

She looked like a completely different person. She only wore a bra and a diaper, which was filling up with pee. Then she started to walk towards Mandy. She had a twisted smile on her face that made Mandy speechless with fear and confusion.

It didn’t take long for the girl to submit to the werebabies after Freya faceshit her and join Liz’s ranks. All five filed into the car that was now property of the werebaby pack, to return to the Mayor and Liz.

When they parked the car right next to Liz, their Alpha gave a short speech. “Good job my werebaby slaves. All of you performed exceptionally. You will all be officers in my future diapered army. And welcome Freya and Mandy, you both will make excellent werebabies. Thank you for loaning me your car.”

“Yes Alpha,” Freya and Mandy said obediently.

Part II
Allen was making one of his hourly rounds as guard to the Bridgeport Water Tower, the singular water source for the surrounding towns. Approximately 50,000 people drank water from this source daily, thus a guard was always posted to make sure this important resource was always protected. However, Allen has never even so much as pulled his gun from his holster in the 15 years since coming to the job. The job was so low profile that he even left his firearm at home sometimes. His main concern was usually keeping the local teenagers from hopping the fence and spray painting the water tower.

Just then he heard a rustling in the bushes. Turning on his flashlight, he searched the underbrush.

“Who’s out there?” Allen said sternly.

All of the sudden, a naked woman, or an almost naked woman, was walking right towards him out from the line of darkened trees surrounding the hill. She was wearing something, like large white underwear around her waist. Allen couldn’t quite make it out in the distance. He could only see her perfect figure, and large supple breasts walking slowly towards him. No woman had ever walked toward him the way she was walking now. He forgot himself and walked towards her, not quite noticing the quiet sounds of footsteps behind him. He flicked off the flashlight.

“This is no place for you to be miss,” he said nervously.

She stepped into a ray of moonlight to fully reveal herself. She was a stunningly beautiful woman, with long brown hair, long legs and arms, perfectly shaped breasts. He saw clearly now that she was wearing an adult diaper.

Staring up at the moon as it shown down on her she said, “On the contrary, I think this is exactly the place for me to be. Why don’t you come closer, Allen?”

How did she know his name? He was beyond confused. Why was such a beautiful woman wearing nothing but a diaper? Why was she naked out in the woods? This must be a prank by the teenagers in the town. No, it couldn’t be. This was too strange. He stayed frozen there, immobile with confusion.

“I said, come closer.” She said sternly. Her expression of virgin-like innocence changing in an instant to one of domination.

All of the sudden, he was seized by several pairs of hands. About six or seven werebabies had him restrained and gagged in a matter of seconds.

“Fine,” the woman said as she threw her hands up in a shrug. “I’ll come to you.”

She walked slowly towards him, her diaper crinkling every time she took a step until she stood over the man on his knees. He was sweating profusely.

“Are you comfortable, Allen? Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Judy, I’m a lieutenant in the werebaby army you’ll soon be joining along with everyone who drinks from this water tower. You see, we gain special powers during the full moon. Our breasts swell and our diaper grow big to hold our enormous messes. We also produce special milk from our breasts. Do you know what our milk and messes do to people?

She paused for effect.

One single smell of our messy diapers will turn anyone into a happy, poopy werebaby in mere seconds. Our milk, is even more effective. Trace amounts in water is enough to make a full grown adult, how should I say this… suggestible.

We’ve already turned the Mayor into one of us, and right now we’ll turn you. After that, you are going to open up this water tank for us, and we’ll use all of our milk to contaminate the water source. When anyone drinks even a sip of this water, they will semi-transform into one of us. In their half-transformed state, no one will think twice about coming to our leader Liz to fully join our pack. They’ll essentially be begging for our milk, while on the inside their former personality will try desperately to break free of the spell. Ordinarily, our milk would lose its potency with rising of the sun, but this is the first night of the super blood moon. Our powers will last the entire week. It’s a rare event we can’t waste, you see.”

She bent down to get at face level with Allen as the werebabies held him tightly.

“You will be rewarded by Liz personally for helping us. This phase of the plan is very, very important to her, and your compliance will make you a hero among the new society we plan to build. You may even be able to take a diapered wife, if you’re cooperative.”

Allen struggled to get free but found the grip of the werebabies too strong.

“Don’t fight it,” Judy said. “You’re going to love being a pissy little werebaby. Maybe I’ll even turn you into a younger sissy so you don’t look quite as pitiful,” she said in a cruel tone.

She rose to her feet, spun around, and grunted. A large mess spread across her diaper. One of the werebabies behind Allen took out the gag in his mouth. The hold on him weakened. Judy lowered her messy diaper towards his face. Careful not to breath in, he grabbed a stone off the ground and hit the werebaby holding his left arm straight in the face. In one burst of adrenaline he pushed the stunned werebabies off of him as he took off running towards the woods.

“After him!” Judy commanded as about a dozen girls started chasing after Allen, their diapers squishing loudly as they ran.

Allen dashed through trees and over rocks. He had never run so fast in his whole life. All of his focus was on running. The pack of werebabies were right behind him. Cackling and squishing their diapers, like it was a hunt.

In the darkness it was hard to see obstacles on the ground, and all of the sudden, Allen’s foot caught on the root of a tree. He dropped to the ground with a thud.

He tried to scrambled to his feet, but the next thing he saw was a large messy diaper, right over his head. The moon, glistened through the gaps in the trees, onto the diaper. He felt half a dozen hands on him. Besides, he was so dazed from falling that he couldn’t stand even if he wanted to. This was the end, and he knew it.

Lily, one of the first werebabies to join Liz’s pack, had Allen right where she wanted him. She lowered her full diaper onto his face, knowing how well she would be rewarded for faceshitting the escapee.

Allen tried to hold on, but he ran out of breath after two minutes, and in single a gasp of air, the transformation began.

A girly pullup, then a pink diaper ripped from his uniform in a burst. He began to shrink in size, his waist, arms, legs, and every part of his body becoming slender. His hair became long, as the hair on his body disappeared. He felt his penis shrink until it came back up into her body, as a wet vagina formed.

The desire to flood that diaper with pee became unbearable. She used her womanly parts for the first time in a diaper of Liz’s creation. She felt a rush of incredible devotion and allegiance to a woman she had never met. She wanted to make everyone in this town like her. An obedient, diaper loving slave.

Judy was smelling Megan’s diaper and squishing her own. It felt so great to be a werebaby during a full moon. She felt so powerful being a leader in Alpha’s pack. She couldn’t wait to make more obedient werebabies for Liz.

Judy paused as she heard footsteps coming from the woods. Then, Alana suddenly emerged. She looked stunning. A visibly messy diaper wagging behind her. Around her was an entourage of werebabies, the ones who had pursued her when she was a man.

Alana, knelt before Judy.

“Please faceshit me, so I may make amends for my behavior earlier. I want to serve you and Alpha, with all of my heart.”

Judy turned around gleefully, and pushed a fresh mess out as Alana’s face met her messy bum.

After that, Alana was all the more willing to open the gate surrounding the tower. She led the werebabies to the foot of the structure. In minutes, naked werebabies were climbing up the ladder to the top, with Alana leading. When she reached the top, she grabbed a key from her messy diaper, wiping it on the side of the water tower. She inserted the key into a hatch and flung it open in one movement. Soon, 20 werebabies were standing on the top of the water tower, howling at the moon as they squirted their magical milk into the water source for thousands of citizens.

Judy was handed a walkie-talkie by one of the werebaby soldiers standing at the foot of the water tower as the other werebabies finished spraying their breast milk into the reservoir.

“Judy to Alpha, Judy to Alpha. Please respond. Over”

She waited to hear a response.

“This is Alpha. Over.”

Judy grinned in the waning moonlight.

“Phase two complete, Master. The water supply is ours, over,” Judy said.

“Well done, my pet. Begin Phase 3.”

“At once, Alpha,” Judy said pee leaked from her diaper down her leg.

“Over and out.”

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Interesting concept. Please continue.

So do Werebabies only come out during a full moon? Can’t wait to see what happens next.


Actually this story is one deviantart if you want to see the rest of it.

Correct! The rest of the story can be found on my deviantart profile, along with other captions and stories.


That’s so cool! The Werebabies must rise!