The Return to Innocence (completed)

The Return to Innocence

By BBoy

Part 1

“I’m not sure what to expect.” Jeff sat on the side of the bed, being consoled by his wife Margaret. All Jeff could do was think back to the other day at the lab and how he could have been exposed to the device…

Jeff was an assistant in Prof. Leahey’s lab, a PhD student almost finished his degree in Biochemistry. Dr. Leahey, a world-renowned researcher, was on the verge of a major discovery in DNA recovery and modification. His future employment options were endless, he could get a job at any university or scientific institute as soon as he finished his thesis. Now Jeff wasn’t sure what would happen with his life.

Life is funny one day you’re the pigeon the next the statue. It was an accident, no one was at fault but the damage was done. Jeff with the help of Tim, the other lab assistant, were replacing a burned out light bulb above the door. Jeff was on top of the ladder when Dr. Leahey walked into the lab bumping the ladder causing it to collapse. Jeff fell onto the lab’s most important experiment the DNA modifier. A suit case size device with cables running into the box, with three lens focused towards a wall.

The DNA Modifier was sent spinning off the table, crashing to the floor. “Oh crap! The device it is alright!” Tim yelled as they ran to the device and inspected the box and computer. Aside from a few scratches and a small dent everything was okay. “Wow that was lucky for us.” Tim yelled in relief.

Unfortunately the experiment that was running would have to be restarted as the computer restarted loosing the unsaved data, however it was a minor delay in their schedule compared to loosing the prototype. The DNA Modifier was presently going through an overload phase to register how much energy could be produced in one burst. A meter was set-up in the DNAM target area against the wall.

“Sorry Professor but the experiment will have to be restarted, the recording stopped just before the DNAM was hit and the data was corrupted. It shows the feedback beginning and the meter had just spiked but no results after that point. The data is useless!” as Jeff reviewed the data in the laptop. “No problem guys, it will only take an hour to rerun the experiment, fortunately the device seems to be okay. But next time please take greater care in the lab.” Leahey said with an air of frustration.

The day progressed normally and nothing else seemed out of the ordinary. The following morning Jeff was shaving when he noticed the few gray hairs were gone and his hairline was returning. Thinking nothing of it he finished getting ready for work. Today he had a little more spring in his step and a renewed interest in the female students on campus. Especially Karen Mallet, an athletic 25 year old Masters student in the department, when he passed her table at lunch she smiled at him.

During the afternoon the three scientists were in the lab busy planning their fall schedule, when Jeff was hit a wave of heat and dizziness. Just as it started it stopped. “Jeff you alright?” The Professor looked over at his workmate, a flushed Jeff responded. “Yeah I was feeling a little weak all of a sudden, but I’m felling better now.”

“Good to hear, we have a busy schedule starting next month so we need to be ready.” The Professor noted. "Anyways, everything seems to be in order. I’ll be gone for a week or two on vacation with the family. When I return we will get started. With that the Professor packed his briefcase and made his way to the door. “See you all in a couple of weeks!”

That night Jeff returned home to find his wife Margaret had prepared dinner. He had time to open a beer before sitting down to dinner. His three kids came running into the dinning room and sat down waiting for dinner to be served. Fridays were always ‘pork chop night’.

Susan, the oldest daughter at 14 sat down at the table and hurried through dinner to prepare for her date. Jeff immediately noticed she was wearing a denim mini-skirt and a an almost see through blouse. “Don’t you think that outfit is a little revealing?” Jeff inquired of his daughter. “Nah, all the girls are wearing them these days.” Susan replied.

“Well I don’t like it. You are showing too much and boys will get the wrong idea if you wear that.” the overly protective father replied. “Maybe I want the boys to look at me! Your just too old to understand.” Susan sneered and quickly left the house. Jeff then settled back in his chair and relaxed with a beer. Rolling his eyes at the attitude of kids, he would never understand how kids think the way they do. Watching his two younger children Michael and Mary play in the yard wondered Jeff wondered if his other kids would be as insolent when they reached teenage hood. Michael the middle child was 10 and stubborn just like his dad. Michael came running into the house. “I didn’t do it!” charging through the living room and into the bedroom.

Mary then walked through the door crying at the top of her lungs. Mary had just turned 7 and the youngest in the family. The little girl walked straight up to her Daddy, looking for an instant cure that heals everything. Jeff looked at the bump on her head and gave the boo-boo a kiss, then consoled her until the wails quieted and the tears dried up.

“Are you okay honey? What happened?” Jeff asked as the little girl spoke between her whimpers, “Muh…Muh…Michael pushed me!” she blurted out.

“And why did he push you?” asked the sympathetic father.

“I wanted to play with the ball and he took it from me.” Jeff sat there and consoled his daughter stopped crying and the original issue of the ball had been forgotten. Little kids never have a long attention span, so within 5 minutes Mary noticed the family dog in the corner and ran off to play with it. “Another job well done.” Jeff smiled to himself as he took a long haul on his beer.

Suddenly another wave of nausea hit Jeff, almost causing him to fall off his chair. Again the feeling of being sick passed as quickly as it came. Jeff got up and walked to the bathroom, washed his face in cold water and looked into the mirror. The wrinkles in his face seemed to disappear and his shoulders seemed a little broader. Again Jeff figured nothing was wrong and continued on with the evening.

11:00 pm came and went. Susan had returned from her date and all the kids were in bed. Jeff feeling especially frisky tonight wasted no time getting into bed with Margaret. Two fooled around all night not getting a wink of sleep. By 6:00 am Margaret had all the sex she could handle and had to push her lover away. Jeff was still ready to go, he hadn’t felt like that since university! Musing at his accomplishment, Jeff fell deep asleep.

When Margaret and Jeff awoke it was 11:00 am, they had both overslept. Jeff groggy rubbed the sleep from his eyes, got up and walked into the bathroom. He showered, dried off, moved to the sink and looked in the mirror. Looking back at him was a man no older than 25, Jeff stood there mouth wide open in total shock. “Margaret!” he shouted as he ran back into the bedroom. Margaret took one look at him and almost screamed believing he was an intruder, however she noticed Jeff’s birthmark and recognized the man she originally fell in love with.

“Jeff is that you?” she asked apprehensively. “Of course it’s me, what is going on!” the hysterical 25 year old retorted. Jeff frantically searched his memory for any reason this could have happened, then it came to him. “The DNAM accident on Friday! I must have been exposed somehow.” With the revelation, Jeff called his work mate Tim and asking to meet him at the lab at noon.

Margaret and Jeff left Susan in charge and drove straight to the lab. “Jeff what is going to happen? How do you plan to reverse this process?” Margaret asked her younger husband. “I don’t know, this is all very new to me. There isn’t a reversal process developed yet. The Professor has been working on one but hasn’t told us about it’s progress…”

“Well that is just great! What are we going to do in the mean time?” Margaret barked at Jeff. “I don’t know hopefully Tim and I will come up with a solution.” Jeff replied.

— to be continued.

The Return To Innocence - Part 2

By BBoy

“What the hell happened to you?” Tim stood there almost stunned by the sight of his diminished lab mate. “Your guess is as good as mine. I’ve been getting younger since yesterday, I think. It must have been the DNAM, I must have been exposed to the device as it toppled to the floor.” Jeff sat down and began to explain his theory.

“No, not possible, you were only exposed for a brief second. The animal experiments had been given 5 minute doses, far more exposure than you.” Tim responded but Jeff shook his head. “But we were overloading the DNAM, isn’t it possible that the increased output of the device could have triggered my regression?”

“It’s possible however there is no way to measure how much the output was at the time of the accident since the data was corrupted when the laptop hit the ground. There is no way to figure out how much exposure you received.” Tim sat back and contemplated the possibilities. “All we can do is wait and see what happens.” With that Jeff rolled him eyes and put his head in his hands.

Arriving home from the lab, Jeff and Margaret broke the news to the family. “How old will Dad get? Will he get an earlier bedtime like the others? Will he get pimples? Will he have go to school like us kids?” All these questions but very few answers. Jeff especially squirmed when asked if he would have to listen to the kids if they were older. “No! I’m your father and that will not change.”

By Monday, Jeff was again looking a little younger and far more fit. The 40 year old spare tire around his waist was gone and renewed energy he hadn’t felt in twenty years. Jeff was now looking more like a freshman. In the school hallway he passed Karen, the beautiful blonde, who looked him over and smiled. As their eyes locked on each other, volumes were spoken without a word being said. She then disappeared into the crowd leaving Jeff standing there with a large woody.

Jeff went back to the lab and reviewed all the data possible while he began to theorize how to stop the regression and restore to his former age. While studying the problem he realized this new body had some benefits, his new figure and sex drive were a definite plus. Even if the process could not be reversed, he would be happy if it could be stopped soon. The other possibility, regression past another year or two could be disastrous. If the process continued he’d started getting zits, which would definitely spoil his good looks.

By Wednesday Jeff was starting to fear the worst, his body had continued to regress. Now in his muscles were disappearing. The athletic frame he had a few days ago now lost its tone but worse his hairy chest was starting to thin. During the afternoon, Jeff passed the beautiful orientation in the hallway and decided to talk to her. “Hi there I’m Je…” The girl cut him off and motioned towards the classroom. “You must be with the high school tour of prospective students. They have already headed into the classroom over there.” Then she turned and walked away. Jeff was a little insulted by the comment however under the circumstances it was somewhat expected.

Wednesday night Jeff jumped into bed eagerly anticipating another night of sex. Margaret got into bed but was cold to his playful intentions. “Jeff I can’t do this. I can’t have sex with you tonight, your about 15 years old, I can’t get past the morality issues.” Jeff was incensed. "I’m your husband, not some kid you picked up from the street. By the end of the week Tim and I will have produced a solution to the regression and I’ll be your old hubby.

“Then you will wait till Friday.” With that Margaret turned away from Jeff and went to sleep. Jeff however laid in bed beside his wife unable to sleep. He was an adolescent with adolescent hormones laying beside a naked woman, as a result he had an erection that wouldn’t stop. He tried not to touch his swollen member however all-15 year olds have a hard time resisting their urges. Soon he touched his penis, causing an instantaneous wave of pleasure. He carefully and lightly stroked it until he never really noticed when he began to fully masturbate, lost in the moment.

Suddenly Margaret turned over, pushed her husband out of the bed and onto the floor. “What do you think you are doing! That was completely disgusting and lacked any dignity I’d expect from an adult. You can just march downstairs right now and sleep on the couch.” With an angry woman standing over him, Jeff embarrassingly fled the room grabbing his shorts and a shirt on the way out. Jeff ran down to the living room, sat on the couch and quietly wept at what transpired.

In the morning the kids ran downstairs for breakfast waking Jeff. He got up and walked into the kitchen where the entire family; including the dog were waiting to be fed. As he walked up to Susan they both stopped, she was now the same height. “Dad looks to be the same age as Susan!” Michael said loud enough for everyone to hear. “No I’m not!” he snapped back. “I’m at least a year or two older.” Susan turned away and snorted “Yeah right.”

  • to be continued

The Return to Innocence - Part 3

By week’s end Tim and Jeff were no closer to a solution. The corrupted data held a clue to the amount of exposure Jeff had been subjected and a possible lead. Ultimately it didn’t matter, they had no idea how large a dose it would take to regress a human male subject. All their experiments had been on rats and guinea pigs, nothing as large as Jeff. Sooner or later the regression had to stop and when that happened they could start to work on reversing the process. Now living in the body of a 13 year old Jeff was left guessing when the he would stop getting younger.

Jeff walked in the door of the house and noticed the kids hadn’t arrived home yet. He made his way into the kitchen where Margaret was starting dinner. Without turning to look at her husband “Did you find a cure today? It’s Friday and you said a solution would be found.” Dejected he hung his head and quietly said “No.”

“If you don’t stop regressing by the end of the weekend, I’m afraid changes will have to be made. You can’t sleep on the couch forever and I can’t sleep with a pre-teen in my bed. Plus your relationship with your kids will inevitably change as you regress.” Jeff knew his kids were seeing him different already. Susan had been great not overstepping the bounds of decency and respect once it was obvious Jeff was the younger of the two. Michael on the other hand had been much crueler with his jokes If Jeff regressed much further there would definitely be problems dealing with his son.

Saturday afternoon, Margaret decided to take Michael and Mary to the park. It was too nice outside and Mary really wanted to play on the swings. Jeff was told he would be going to the park “You have been sulking all day and besides some fresh air is good for someone your age.” All Jeff could do was scowl at Margaret before accepting he had no choice and relented to the much larger and older woman of the house.

Once at the park Michael and Mary ran around playing on their favorite apparatus, however Jeff refused to have fun and sat down on the bench. After a while Margaret came over and sat beside the child. She put her arm around the diminished frame and tried to consol him. “Honey it isn’t all that bad, try not to dwell on it, go and have fun.” Jeff looked up at her, “Dwell on it? What else can I do? I’ve lost my adulthood and I might loose my pre-teens. I could end up being introduced as Mary’s twin! What is worse is that pretty soon Michael is going to figure out he can push me around, then I’m screwed.”

“Well then I suggest you start to make friends with him right now, so he isn’t as tough on you. I can’t watch over the two of you 24 hours a day. Now get up and go play with Michael.” With that Margaret grabbed Jeff’s hand and walked over to the monkey bars. “Michael would you please play with Jeff. He is looking down and could use some fun.”

“Alright, I guess but I get to choose the game.” Michael grudgingly replied. With that Jeff knew that his control over Michael was starting to slip. It was only choosing a game but Michael made the decision instead of Jeff for the first time. “Let’s play spaceman. I’m the captain and you are the other spaceman. Let’s go into outer space. Michael climbed the jungle gym and proceeded to shout orders.”

Jeff slowly got into the play-acting roll of a spaceman in a rocket ship. With his youthful age also came with an overactive imagination, after a short while Jeff started to enjoy himself. Soon he was caught up in the game and forgot he was a mature husband and father. Instead throwing himself into his newfound role as a spaceman roaring across the galaxy.

After a couple of hours everyone was ready to go home. Michael and Jeff had become friends at the park, Jeff’s fears were eased by the new bond he had formed with his son. They all got into the mini van and proceeded towards home with a quick stop at the store for ice cream. Michael and Mary were both excited at the announcement but Jeff was less enthused about the treat. Mary got a Fudge-sickle while Michael and Jeff picked ice cream sandwiches. As Jeff bit into the ice cream the flavours jumped in his mouth. He hadn’t noticed until now that his tastes were changing. After arriving back at the house they all went inside. Mary was immediately sent upstairs for a nap while Michael went to use the Play station and Jeff went into his old study to contemplate what to do next.

Sunday morning not much had changed, Jeff was still regressing and now it looked like he was 9 or 10 years old. His voice was beginning to change becoming higher pitched. As he inspected his body he noticed all the hair was gone except for his head. He knew puberty had passed him by and for the first time he recognized he really was a child, not an adult nor a teenager but a child. No longer could he drive, work or even have a beer. Jeff dreaded the day ahead of him. He walked over to a doorway, stood with his back to the frame and with a pencil drew a line at the top of his head

By dinner hour Jeff was sure he had lost more height. He sat beside his son and was sure Michael was now a couple of inches taller. He had stayed clear of Michael all day but now he couldn’t avoid the obvious. “So how you feeling squirt?” Michael joked at Jeff’s condition. “I’m not a squirt! I’ll show you.” Margaret jumped in to stop the fight before it started. “All right you two, that is enough you will both be quiet! Anymore and you will both be sent to your room.”

“But I don’t have a room anymore?” Jeff responded in a sarcastic tone. “I said BE QUIET!” With that the dinner table became dead silent. Once the family had finished their meal, Margaret made Michael and Jeff clean up the dishes while she and Susan went upstairs. Jeff walked into the living room, where Michael was looking through his Play station collection. He jumped on the couch and turned the TV to the evening news. “Hey I was going to play video games.” Jeff looked at him and smiled. “First come first gets the TV.” With that statement Michael got up and walked over wrestled his father for the remote.

“Give that to me now.” Screamed Michael, “No its mine! I wanna watch the news!” Jeff yells back as they roll off the couch knocking over a vase causing it to shatter as it hit the floor.

“That’s it!” yells Margaret who came downstairs to see what was going on. “Michael started it, it’s his fault!” Jeff blurted out as Margaret walked into the room. “I don’t care who started it but both of you come with me.” With that she grabbed both boys by the hand and marched them upstairs to Michael’s bedroom. I’ve had it, both of you can go to bed right now, pointing to the door.

“But I don’t have a room.” Jeff retorted. “You do now, Susan and I moved the old spare cot into Michael’s room, you two are going to share the room. Is that understood?” Michael looked up at his mother, “But that is MY room, I don’t want to share it with a little kid.”

Jeff flew into a temper tantrum. “I’m not LITTLE!” Before Jeff could continue Margaret shut him down “I don’t want to hear it okay. The two of you are roommates so get used to it. I want the two of you to get ready for bed now and no more fighting.” Before Margaret got down the stairs the Jeff began to plead. “Honey, please don’t do this to me. I’m 40, I’m your husband. Don’t make me go to bed now.” Margaret stopped and turned around. Veins were bulging in her forehead, last time Jeff saw this she gave Michael a huge spanking. Jeff immediately retreated into Michael’s bedroom and closed the door.

Jeff turned around to find Michael standing behind him. “Listen Squirt this is my room and everything in here is MINE and that includes your bed.” Jeff couldn’t believe what had transpired, he had to sleep with his son but he wouldn’t live by his son’s rules. Jeff growled back “I don’t have to take this, who do you think you are? I’m the older one you will listen to me!” Jeff was getting very frustrated and found it hard control himself otherwise he would not have pushed the issue with Michael so far. Michael was bigger than Jeff and could probably take Jeff if it got physical but he didn’t care, he was tired of being pushed around and he was tired of being small.

Jeff took a swing at Michael but his new uncoordinated body missed wildly. Michael grabbed the diminutive form and put him in a headlock and switched between noogies and wet willies. “Who is the big kid? Who is the older one? Come on say it.”

After struggling hopelessly for five minutes. Jeff’s head was hurting from the noogies and was utterly humiliated from the wet willies. Finally Jeff relented and with a sobbing voice he begged Michael to stop. “Please stop! You are bigger and you are the oldest in the room. Please stop! I give up you are older.” With that Michael let go, leaving Jeff sobbing beside his bed. He crawled into bed without saying a word and cried himself asleep.

  • to be continued

The Return to Innocence - Part 4

by BBoy

When Monday morning came Jeff was woken up by his roommate. “Get up Squirt. You better not tell Mom what happened last night or I’ll beat you up. I can do it cause I’m older right?” Jeff knew Michael wasn’t joking and he had had enough humiliation from his son. Cowering under the bed covers Jeff meekly replied “Okay I agree and you are the older one.” With that Michael, left the room triumphant over his sibling.

Jeff got up as his pajamas slid down voluntarily off his waist. He turned and looked in the mirror, he had regressed over night. “I can’t be more than 8 years old! No wonder I lost the fight to Michael.” He could see his manhood had all but disappeared. His skin was much softer and not the dry somewhat wrinkled skin of his middle-age. Even his teeth looked smaller with gaps in between. “At least they are white now instead of coffee stained yellow like before.” After getting dressed in some of Michael’s old clothes, he made his way downstairs. It was Monday morning and everyone was in a rush to get to school or work. As they all piled into the min-van, Margaret turned to Jeff, “Honey I don’t have time to take you with me to work however Tim suggested he could watch you at the lab for the day.” Tim was almost stunned by the statement. “Are you suggesting I need a babysitter?” Margaret gave a little smirk. “Of course not honey but I don’t want you to be alone either.” Margaret turned and started herding the children and Jeff towards the vehicle.

Jeff went to sit in the front seat but Margaret stopped him. "No honey. I know you always sit in the front seat but I’d be more comfortable if you sat with the other children in the back seat and have Susan ride up front. She is larger and will fit in the front more comfortably. Jeff just hung his head and went to sit with the younger children. Was strategically placed between Michael and Mary since they squabbled all the time in the car. On one side was Michael who looked to be far superior in size and strength.

Mary seemed more frightening than her 10 year-old brother. Not by her size but that she was sitting in a booster seat. Jeff knew the childish booster seat was only a day or two away and if the regression continued he would be sitting in a child’s car seat by the end of the week. He sat back and looked at the tormentor on one side and his future on the other. Jeff felt helpless as he could do nothing but sit in his seat, he couldn’t drive let alone look out the window. Neither image seemed inviting. “At least the booster seat might give him a better view outside the car.” Jeff mused.

Jeff spent the day at the lab but was little help. His new height was not designed to work at the stations, seats were too low and tables too high. Jeff also found Tim annoying, always looking over his shoulder checking up on the little guy. During the afternoon Jeff was roaming the halls and bumped into the beautiful Karen. She looked at him as if he had reminded her of someone, “Are you lost? Can’t find your Mommy?” All Jeff could do was shake his head 'No. I’m visiting Mr. Leahey’s lab."

Karen the stunningly beautiful student, smiled. “Well you shouldn’t walk these hallways alone. Come with me” grabbed Jeff by the hand and started walking towards the lab only a few doors away. Turning into the lab, she stopped at the door, letting go of the child’s hand. “Tim. I found your little friend in the hallway. I think he might have been looking for the bathroom and wandered off on his own.” Tim was a little stunned by the statement but quickly came back with a reply. “Uhhh, thanks Karen. I didn’t realize he left the lab. I’ll make sure to close the door when he is around.” She smiled back. “You should keep a better eye on him, he looks like the type to get into everything.” With that statement Karen headed off to class.

Jeff groaned at the conversation, completely humiliated that he was treated like someone not trusted to even walk a hallway alone. When Karen finally left Tim appologised to his labmate however the damage was done. Jeff moped around the lab for the afternoon not wanting to talk or involve himself in the work.

As the week progressed the regression slowed, Jeff hoped it would stop soon. He had already lost a couple of teeth and didn’t want to consider what else he might loose soon. By Wednesday Jeff was an adoring 7 year old. By Thursday evening the inevitable happened and his bed was moved into Mary’s room. Looking more like a 6 year old, Michael was able to convince his mother that Jeff belonged in the younger room. Mary was much nicer to Jeff, she was very happy to have a friend to sleep with, as it would scare away the monsters in the closet. Jeff thought the belief in monsters was very childish however he liked having the night light in Mary’s room.

By Friday Jeff was looking more like a 5 year old, Mary loved to play with the younger Jeff and they both enjoyed going to the park in the evening. Jeff now found the swings a bit too big and scary but loved to climb up onto the slides and jungle gym. By week’s end Jeff was resigned to the fact he would be the youngest member of the household. It couldn’t be missed he was now the shortest person in the house by 4 inches. Mary was polite to Jeff however even Mary asserted some control by taking Jeff’s hand and leading him to the sandbox or suggesting what games they would play. Jeff didn’t try to rebel, he didn’t mind the games but especially didn’t want to pick a fight with the only person close to him in age. She may have been his daughter but now was his only real friend.

The weekend only got worse for Jeff as a few problems surfaced. Saturday morning Jeff had his first bed wetting accident. Jeff wasn’t sure what had happened but he was sure Pull-ups would be presented to him at bedtime on Saturday. When Mary saw the accident she went over to consol Jeff putting a hand on his back and talking softly like one would to a 4 year-old, “Don’t worry you will learn to control it, all little kids have some trouble overnight.” Mary had meant it as support however Jeff was completely embarrassed by the comment.

Margaret had to bring the kids clothes out of storage from their pre-school days. Jeff had become too small for Mary’s clothes and was now dressed appropriately for a 4 year old. By now he was used to Michael’s ‘squirt’ comments and began to accept it as his new nickname. Michael still teased Jeff but the physical intimidation had stopped mainly because Jeff accepted Michael as the alpha-male. Slowly the household no longer treated him as a father but as their brother Jeffery. A few days ago everyone started calling him Jeffery, he didn’t object mainly because he was the smallest and trying to fight it was a lost cause. Jeff had accepted his new status with only a few tantrums. To Jeff he was still the father even with his physical size and he tried to remind everyone that he was still father and husband.

Saturday night Jeff was getting ready for bed. After taking a bath and brushing his teeth he made his way to Mary’s bedroom. Margaret was waiting for him as he crossed the threshold. “Honey lets put some underwear on before bed please.” She was holding a pair of underwear which seemed normal enough. He pulled down his pajama bottoms and stepped into the underwear. As Margaret pulled them up he noticed they were not normal but thickly padded in the front, training pants! Jeff groaned as he realized Margaret had little confidence in his nighttime control.

Sunday morning Margaret’s prediction had been well heeded, Jeff had woken up with wet training pants. Margaret helped him take a bath and get dressed for the day. By the afternoon, Margaret started dressing Jeff in training pants after she noticed he was dribbling in his pants leaving a small stain. Margaret had also begun to take Jeff to the potty at regular intervals whether he asked to go or not, since he wasn’t always sure whether it was time to go. At night Jeff was in Pull-ups for the inevitable bedwetting. When Monday came Jeff was feeling a little better. The age regression was definitely slowing down however he was looking every bit a toddler.

Tuesday afternoon the damn broke as Jeff watched his independence slip away. Jeff had been trying hard to maintain his toilet training however his training pants were always damp. By Tuesday evening it was obvious Jeff had slipped below 3 years. The family was sitting around the living room when Jeff walked in wearing one of Michael’s old matching shirt-pant set covered with pictures bears and bunnies. “Hey Squirt you are wearing my clothes from when I was a baby.” Michael smiled at his backhanded comment. For Jeff it was too much, his immature emotions were once again taking hold of the situation, his self-control slipped. “I am not a baby, you take that back.” Michael just smiled, “But Squirt, your pant legs have snaps for diaper changes.” Jeff looked down at his clothes realizing what he was wearing. “I don’t wanna wear this stuff!”

Jeff left the room yelling, “I’m not a baby!” He ran upstairs to Mary’s room and proceeded to dress in Mary’s less feminine clothes. Even though Jeff was far too small he dressed up in them anyways trying to hold onto what remained of his age and dignity. After changing his outfit Jeff ran down stairs to show everyone the clothes he had picked out. Upon entering the living room he tripped on his oversize pants and crashed to the floor. Jeff sat there, looked down at his pants and started to cry. Jeff couldn’t believe it, he was peeing his pants uncontrollably. A growing wet stain formed around the crotch of his pants for everyone to see.

  • to be continued

The Return to Innocence - Part 5

by BBoy

Margaret had seen enough. She confiscated the oversized clothes leaving Jeff sitting in the middle of the living room wearing only a shirt and a pair of training pants with a large wet stain in the front and back. “Mary and Michael you are charge of Jeffery. He is to remain in the living room until I’m finished, is that clear?”

Margaret turned and asked Susan to follow her up stairs leaving Jeff under the care of his two youngest kids. For the first time Margaret had crossed the line and sided with the children, making them responsible for their former father. To Jeff this was a terrible insult, that his own kids were considered more responsible than he was!

Jeff wanted to find out what was going on upstairs however Michael wouldn’t let him anywhere near the doorway. He was a jumble of emotion that moved between curiosity and fear of the unknown. One minute Jeff tried to get past Michael, the next he wanted to cry. Every time Jeff tried to leave he was hoisted up and dumped in the middle of the room. “Your not gong any where squirt.” Jeff felt like he had hit the lowest point in his life. Now his 10 year-old son was babysitting him while his little accident was visible the entire time.

Michael was thoroughly enjoying the new ‘official’ control he now had over his father. No longer did the son have to obey to every command from the father. For a 12 year old, this newfound power was thrilling and he was living it up to the fullest. It was Michael’s turn to give the orders.

For Jeff it couldn’t get any worse than this. He wanted to cry.

It seemed like an eternity before Margaret finally returned to the living room. Walking in she went straight over to her husband. Jeff immediately stood up thankful for her return. However he was a little taken back when Margaret walked right up to him and put out her hand. It was obvious she wanted Jeff to clasp her hand, but was a little tentative by the odd gesture. When he did raise a hand, Margaret grabbed it, turned and walked away with Jeff in tow. Jeff was being led away like a child, past Michael and towards the stairs. One hand grasping Margaret and the other holding up his loose, wet underwear.

Jeff was somewhat happy for Margaret’s hand leading up the stairs, his legs were much shorter now and climbing the stairs was a bit difficult. Suddenly Susan came running around the corner, down the stairs, past Jeff and Margaret, grabbed her purse and headed out the door. Charging past, Jeff cowered momentarily behind Margaret hugging her leg like it was an area of safe hiding. Margaret looked down at her charge, gave a motherly smile and continued up the stairs. “I told you things were gong to change if you didn’t stop regressing. I never thought we would need to do this but it’s for your own good.” With that Margaret pushed open the door to Mary’s room.

Jeff stood in the doorway his mouth wide open in a state of shock. The beds were gone. In its place was Mary’s old crib and changing table. “You can’t be serious, I’m not going to sleep in a crib and use a changing table like a baby.” Margaret calmly discussed the issue with Jeff, until Susan came running into the house and up to Mary’s bedroom (now Jeff’s nursery) carrying two large shopping bags.

“Here you go everything you asked for to take care of Dad, errr I mean Jeffery.” With Susan’s entrance, the discussion was ended and Jeff was lifted onto the change table. “Does Susan have to watch?” Jeff protested, however Margaret didn’t listen. “Susan stays because I’m not always going to be around to change your diaper.” Jeff already knew the answer but had to try anyways. “Besides this is good experience if she wants to find a job babysitting.”

“Does this mean I am going to get money if I have to babysit Jeffery?” Susan asked hoping for a payday.

For Jeff it was another humiliating experience. “What do you mean I have to be babysat? I’m 40 not 4. This is ridiculous.”

Margaret looked down with a sympathetic smile on her face. “Actually Honey you’re not 4 but more like 2. You know as well as I, you are going to need help taking care of yourself. You can’t reach the fridge shelves, get into your new bed or even take a bath with out help.” Jeff was going to refute her points, but the glare from a woman who had already made up her mind convinced him to move his stare to the ground.

Jeff stood beside table in his dirty training pants, as Margaret went over all the products and procedures with their daughter. It took about five minutes as she showed Susan where the diapers, baby powder and other products were kept. It was a long five minutes, however it gave Jeff time to adjust to his new surroundings. Everything in the room was huge and he was truly dwarfed by all the furniture in the room. Even the rocking chair in the corner would take a great effort to scale. Looking up at the crib he could see a stuffed animal between the bars. On the backboard a painting depicted a bunny rabbit wearing overalls that bulged around the waist, obviously it to wore a large diaper that would relate to the occupant of the crib. Jeff shuddered at the thought of waking up to that image everyday. “How could I have been so stupid to have picked a crib like that for our kids?” After looking around the room he returned his attention towards the women who were busy organizing the contents of the changing table. The table was rather high, at least by a 2 year-old’s standards and was amazed by how much stuff was kept on the shelf below.

Finally the women stopped and looked down at Jeff. He was feeling very small right now. Susan easily hoisted him to the table with out trouble and he sat there in his wet training pants that were cold and uncomfortable. The women continued their conversation, again the topic was about him but he was not included in the discussion. He listened intently and cringed when another baby product was removed from the bag. “I’m not going to be needing any diaper rash lotion, cause I can still use the toilet.”

The two women looked at each other and smiled. “Okay sweetie but lets just put it down here just in case.”

Finally the dreaded moment had arrived. His first diaper change began.

The two women removed his shirt and told him to lie back on the pad. They lifted his feet easily and removed his dirty underwear. Jeff looked up at the ceiling, closed his eyes as the cold wipe caressed his bottom. He shuddered at the chill and knew he would never get used to the wipe down. Margaret pulled out the baby powder and proceeded to smooth it all over his bottom and around the crotch. This was surprisingly comforting to Jeff and he closed his eyes. The boy relaxed with the smell of baby powder, it was a nice homey scent that reminded him of the times he had changed his kid’s diapers.

As he daydreamed the next step brought him back to reality with the popping sound from a jar. “No! not the Vaseline. Pleeeeease!” Jeff whined and started to squirm.

“Now settle down and stop moving, I’d expect this behavior out of a 2 year old but not an adult.” Margaret noted. Jeff continued to resist but it was no use, Margaret grabbed him by the feet, lifted him up, took two fingers of Vaseline and spread it between his butt cheeks. Jeff was surprised, having two fingers running between his cheeks was actually pleasurable and barely noticed the thick layer of protection left behind. Finally his diaper was slid underneath and pulled up between his legs, tugged snug and taped shut. “There we go all done, he shouldn’t have any leaks now.” Jeff could only lie there and thump his legs on the table impotently from embarrassment and frustration.

Finally Jeff was lowered to the floor. Before even taking a step he cringed at the underwear he was encased in. The diaper was huge and covered his entire waste. Worse was the bulk between his legs, which created a slight gate as he waddled around the room. As he inspected the new room, Jeff immediately noticed it had been baby-proofed. All breakable items and anything small enough to be put in his mouth had been removed even the electrical outlets were covered over. Jeff walked out into the hallway and gazed wide-eyed around at the massive stairs that seemed scary from the shear drop to next floor.

“Where do you think your going mister?” Margaret grabbed Jeff from behind and rested him on her chest. “Susan, never let Jeffery out of you sight up here. The stairs are too big for a little man and he might fall down. I’ll have to find the baby gates and place them around the house. Right now let’s take him downstairs and introduce your new brother to the family.”

“Brother? I’m their father and could I get something to wear? At least a t-shirt and something to cover up my diaper.” Jeff whined just like any toddler. “Sorry honey but I have to unpack all of Michael’s baby clothing, along with the kids toys, highchair and other items. I’ll see what I can find however it will all need washing first.” With that Jeff was taken downstairs and stood on the floor in front of Susan, Michael and Mary. Jeff was still embarrassed that he was being displayed in almost nothing but knew that there was little he could do but try and get used to his new status. Wearing only a diaper happened a fair amount at his age.

“Mary and Michael, you have to play nice with your new baby brother. You also have to watch out for him and make sure he doesn’t get hurt. Remember he is a lot smaller and can’t get pushed around like you two normally play, you have to be gentle.” Margaret instructed.

“I have a new baby brother! Yipee! Can I change his diaper?” Mary screamed with excitement and Margaret giggled “No honey, leave that job to Susan or myself. However if he has an accident you should tell us right away.”

Jeff could only lower his head, stared at the ground and quietly listened to the discussion. For the second time today, the discussion was about him but he was ignored. Jeff saw a trend developing. Margaret was setting the rules for how he would be treated and cared for. “If you are watching Jeffery you can not let him out of your sight, if you have to leave him alone put him in the playpen or put the baby gates up. And remember you to are in charge of Jeffery, not the other way around.” Jeff was about to protest when Margaret cut him off, “And another rule, from now on Jeffery gets a nap every afternoon. Is that understood?” Jeff just stood there and nodded his head ‘yes’ in defeat. There was no way to stop this from happening. He was trapped and frankly, he realized he needed the help. “Alright then, Susan and I have to finish getting the nursery together.” Michael jumped up and offered to help, leaving Mary to watch over her new baby brother.

Mary was very happy to play with her new younger brother, “Let’s go play with my dollies” Jeff shook his head No. “Let’s go play on the swings” Jeff shook his head again, Mary getting a little frustrated inquired what he wanted to do. “Watch the news on TV.” Mary giggled “Babies don’t watch the news. You need to be more like a baby.” Jeff found the statement amusing. “And how do I become more like a baby? I’m already shorter than you and in diapers.”

  • to be continued

The Return to Innocence - Part 6

by BBoy

Mary had to think about this for a few seconds, “Babies suck their thumb. You should suck your thumb.” Jeff scoffed at the notion, but Mary insisted since she was in charge. “You have to suck your thumb, I dare you.” Jeff thought this was harmless and hoped Mary would tire of the game soon, so he stuck his thumb in his mouth without trying to suck. What he didn’t expect was his tongue and cheeks betraying him as his mouth involuntarily started to pull the thumb in and out. Jeff tried to remove his thumb but his now older sister put her hand in front forcing it to stay in. As Jeff’s mouth and tongue pulled on his thumb he began to relax and feel more secure. After a minute Mary removed her hand, Jeff continued to suck his thumb for a moment before stopping. “See I told you were a baby!” Jeff would have cringed from the comment however after peeing his pants, getting his first diaper change and then being told the new house rules he realized that sucking his thumb was pretty much what he was supposed to do.

Mary grabbed the TV remote and found Sesame Street, “At least its not Barney.” Jeff thought to himself and went over to sit down beside Mary. The couch was huge to Jeff, as he stood there. The seat was half way up his chest however with his slender 25 lbs frame he was able to scale the couch with only a little difficulty. As he sat down the diaper crinkled heavily and the smell of baby powder wafted around him. Jeff poked at his diaper trying to get used to his new form, he found it warm and humid however it also somehow made him feel more comfortable. Distracted he looked up at the TV and got caught up in a skit with Big Bird. After 15 minutes Jeff was thoroughly into the program and didn’t notice his hand slowly moving up in front of his face and depositing his thumb back in his mouth.

After an hour Margaret came back down stairs to see the two kids watching TV. Mary was squealing and giggling at the cartoon while Jeff was lying back on the couch sucking his thumb. To Margaret Jeff had become the epitome of an adorable baby. His blonde hair, big dimples and protruding belly melted Margaret’s heart, having another baby in the house had somehow made it much more warm and loving.

“Jeffery, it’s time for your nap.” Margaret sang as she walked in the room.

“Awww come on it’s the middle of the afternoon. I really don’t need to go to bed.”

Margaret picked Jeff up and carried him upstairs. “It’s a crib not a bed honey and yes it is time for your nap.” Jeff was dreading the moment, a crib was as much a cage, just made to look nicer. As they entered the nursery he noticed most of the renovations were done. Along with the crib and changing table, there were drawers for clothes, a shelf with a few baby products although he figured it would be full soon.

Margaret dumped her baby in the crib then turned to get an outfit from the drawers. Jeff grabbed the bars and stood up looking over the side of the crib. His chin rested on the railing while he watched his former wife. “I’ve taken most of the clothes downstairs to wash but this will do for now.” She presented Jeff with a plain yellow one-piece sleeper and rested it on the rail while she reached between the bars and stuck two fingers down the front of his diaper.

“Hey, if I’m wet I’ll let you know!”

Jeff protested but Margaret didn’t listen, “No honey I have to check your diaper cause little boys can’t always tell. Actually it’s a little damp, but you will be fine for your nap.” This shocked Jeff, he never felt himself dribble. In disbelief he looked down at his diaper to find the images on the front were partially faded. Margaret paused to give Jeff a chance to inspect it and allow reality to set in. “Now give me your arms and we can get the sleeper on.” Jeff didn’t resist and tried to help as best he could for an uncoordinated two year old. Margaret finished tucking Jeff in under the covers. “Now you go to sleep, if there are any problems I have the baby monitor with me, just shout or cry if you need me.”

As the door closed Jeff looked around the crib. The foot and backboards were painted with bunnies and one of Mary’s stuffed toys, a fuzzy elephant, had been placed at the head of the crib. Jeff was left to ponder, "I’m not even tired why can’t Margaret get past my size and realize I’m not a baby. This is ridiculous, when I get up from my nap I’m going…I’m going to have…have words with…zzzzzzzzz. With that Jeff fell fast asleep. Margaret smiled as she heard his snores through the monitor.

A few hours later Margaret came into the room and quietly walked over to the crib where soft snores emanated. There was an adorable 2 year-old, eyes shut with his thumb between the lips. Margaret reached down, lightly rubbed his chest and softly talked to her youngest. “Time to get up sleepy head. If you keep napping all afternoon you won’t go to sleep till way past your bedtime. Come on let’s get you changed into something presentable.”

He was a little groggy however he came to quickly, opening his eyes and smiled. He gazed up at her for a moment before becoming active, rolling over and climbing to his knees. Jeff crawled over to the side, grabbed the rail and hoisted himself up to a standing position. He held on to steady his balance while Margaret unzipped his sleeper. Once she removed his arms and pushed it down it pooled at his feet. Then gently she grabbed him under his armpits and hoisted him into the air, sitting him on the change table. Being lifted he could feel the diaper sagging low on his hips, however Jeff realized the accident when he was seated on the change table as the wet piling pressed coldly underneath him. Looking down at the sodden mess, he hesitantly reached down and squeezed the diaper to confirm his worst fear. The cold wet liner had compressed becoming heavy and thick and he groaned at his growing lack of toilet training.

“Its okay honey. You were bound to expect this in your condition.” Margaret noticing Jeff’s distress tried to comfort him and rubbed his back as he sat there motionless starring at his failure. Finally Margaret changed Jeff, placed him in a dry diaper, then proceeded to put him in a red shirt, blue pants, socks and little shoes.

“There we are. Let’s get going we have a big afternoon of shopping.” Mary picked Jeff up and carried him downstairs.

He looked at her with a hint of terror in his voice. “Shopping! You can’t take me out in public like this. What if I’m recognized?”

Margaret just laughed. “No honey, no one could recognize you, if someone did they would automatically assume you’re your own son.” Mary stopped in the kitchen to give Jeff a quick drink of water as babies usually wake up thirsty after a nap. Margaret handed him a plastic cup with water, "Honey drink this carefully, I don’t have any sippy cups or other stuff for you to drink from and I don’t want to change your clothes again if you spill. Jeff gladly accepted the cup with two hands and carefully lifted to take a drink, immediately pouring water on his shirt. Margaret bent down and helped him drink the rest of the water, then dried off his shirt.

Margaret grabbed a backpack and took Jeff’s hand as they walked out to the mini-van. When the car door opened he noted that Mary’s old car seat had already been installed behind the driver’s seat. With his diminutive physique Margaret easily lifted him into his new seat and was strapped in securely.

Margaret climbed in behind the wheel and they were off. “Jeffery, I need you to act a little more childish when we are in public. I have no problem discussing world events when we are at home but in public you have to act your age.” Jeff shrugged and agreed he wouldn’t want to jeopardize the secrecy of the DNAM experiments. "You will need to shorten your sentences and use a very limited vocabulary, remember our kids only knew about 50 words when they were your age.

“Me want more milk.” Jeff called out.

“No honey, that is too long. It needs to be even shorter to sound like someone your age.”

Jeff smiled. “more milk.” then with a finger stuck half way in his mouth he giggled. “dydee poopy!” Margaret turned her head quickly. “You can’t be serious, I just changed you.” Jeff laughed at the joke he played on her.

Margaret turned her attention back to the road and smiled at Jeff’s growing acceptance of his new role in life. Margaret’s surprise reseeded but her serious tone continued, “And one more thing from now on you have to call me Mommy or Mama, not honey, sweetie pie or Margaret, babies your age only know a few words and they all address their mothers as Mommy.”

Jeff nodded in agreement, “Okay I’ll call you that in public.”

But Margaret cut him off, “No, you should call me Mommy all the time, it’s more appropriate and less chance of making a mistake when in front of others.”

Jeff started to squirm at the concept, “But you’re my wife not my mother.”

However she wasn’t about to budge on the issue. “Not until your older. If I have to change your diapers, feed you, cloth you and care for you 24/7, then you will call me Mommy. The rest of the family are treating you like their younger brother, it’s time I did the same.” All Jeff could do is sit in his child car seat and listen. “You not only have to act the part of a toddler, you have to accept that you can no longer do the activities of an older person. Am I clear baby?”

Jeff was stunned by her demands and tears began to trickle down his cheeks as he sat there. “Yes, I understand.”

But that wasn’t enough for Margaret, “That is not was asked from you, what does a BABY say?” Jeff was almost of the verge of crying as his emotions filled the pit of his stomach. He was being forced to give up last vestiges of his adulthood and accept he was no longer a husband and father by the smallest and least responsible member of the family, it was almost to much to take.

“Yeth, Mommy.”

After a while, Jeff 's tears dried and it was quickly replaced with boredom. Due to his stature, the windows were too high to look out. Instead of seeing buildings and other cars, all Jeff saw was sky and the occasional 18-wheel truck they passed. Boredom was soon replaced by curiosity so he decided to see what Margaret had put in the knapsack beside him. As he unzipped the top and looked inside Jeff shuddered when he saw a couple of disposable diapers, baby wipes, baby powder and an extra change of clohes. Obviously it was the start of his diaper bag, he knew that eventually it would be replaced with a proper large baby blue diaper bag and filled with every baby product available.

A few minutes later Jeff assumed they had arrived at their destination as he could feel the mini-van turn hard into what was probably a parking lot. Margaret parked, got out and opened the side door. She then threw the knapsack over her shoulder, unbuckled Jeff and rested the child on her other shoulder. As they walked through the parking lot Margaret carried Jeff patting him on his cushioned butt, with every touch his diaper it crinkled. Jeff was continually reminded with each hit that he was small child and when they walked into the store he would be seen as Mommy’s diapered little baby. He tucked his head into the crook of Margaret’s neck as he tried to hide from the impending stares of everyone in the store.

  • to be continued.

The Return to Innocence (completed)

The Return to Innocence - Part 7

by BBoy

As they entered the store he immediately recognized the blue and gray décor of the local Wal-Mart. Margaret placed Jeff in the shopping cart seat and proceeded to push him through the store. Because the seat pointed towards the driver of the cart Jeff could only see behind Margaret instead of what was in front of him and what Margaret was looking at. However Margaret paid special attention to making sure Jeff knew what she was purchasing allow him to be part of the buying decisions. Margaret wasn’t a cruel person and she understood that Jeff was not a real child and tried to be a little more inclusive.

They walked the isles, Margaret would quietly ask which item he liked and the baby Jeff would point or squeal his approval. He actually got excited through the whole process and eagerly helped choose everything from toys to a stroller. Jeff would not be given many decisions these days so when Margaret allowed him to pick out the various items Jeff became very interested. He even tried to convince Margaret to buy a new crib but she refused sighting financial limitations.

During the adventure, Jeff only squirmed a few times, the first when Margaret stopped to investigate playpens. Jeff was going to protest however Margaret suggested they would have one around the house for ‘appearances’ and he nervously agreed. The second problem arose when Margaret picked up a set of baby bottles. Using his best baby voice “No baba. me cup!”

Margaret smiled maternally at her new son and the effective use of his new vocabulary. “No honey, you made a big mess on your shirt when I gave you a glass of water. You are going to use sippy cups and nursing bottles, its what all babies your age use.”

Jeff frowned at the comment. His frustration was as much to do with her saying no, as the reality of how his life was changing. “Well I’m not going to drink toddler formula. This is all starting to get a little overboard.”

“Well honey, we shall see what happens.” Her remark was directed at Jeff however she wasn’t about to change her mind on the subject. In fact it was a little humorous since she had already put a dozen cans in the shopping cart. Jeff also knew she wasn’t really paying attention to the conversation, instead it seemed she was paying lip service which only frustrated Jeff even more.

Half way through their shopping trip Jeff’s bladder started to exert pressure. “Me potty.”

Understanding the necessity of time she quickly turned he cart towards the bathroom. However halfway there Jeff’s expression turned to relief then shock as his bladder released itself. Jeff squirmed in his as the diaper grew warmer embarrassed by his lack of control. He knew that his incontinence was getting worse as he found it harder and harder to hold it in. His little bladder must be getting smaller and with it the ability to control the flow. For the most part he’d been able to make it to the bathroom, lately there had been a lot of close calls but he had always been near a bathroom. But this journey to the bathroom was far too long.

Margaret seeing the expression on his face stopped the cart and patted his head trying to consol the little child. “It’s okay honey, you can’t be expected to control yourself. Just relax, finish up what you are doing and I’ll change you in a couple of minutes.” All Jeff could do was sit in the cart as tears silently rolled down his face. He whimpered and fussed as Margaret walked the isles towards the bathroom.

As promised they pulled up in front of the washroom and Margaret reached behind the dirty toddler, opening the package of Pampers and other changing supplies. Finally Jeff was removed from the cart and carried into the women’s bathroom, his head hung low. Margaret carried him in shutting the door behind her. As Jeff was placed on the changing table, his head shot around looking from one side to another happy to note there were no other women in the washroom. He tried to relax however the cold hard plastic changing station was not easy to get used to. Jeff put his hands over his eyes in discomfort and embarrassment wishing he was a thousand miles away. Without thinking one of his tiny hands quietly moved south depositing its thumb in his mouth. He sucked furiously as his former wife started unbuttoning his pants to gain access.

As Margaret began to unfasten the tapes on his diaper as the bathroom door swung open and a customer walked into the room, “Why Margaret, I haven’t seen you in a while. How have you been?”

Both Margaret and Jeff were taken by surprise. “Janice…why hello. I didn’t expect to see you here…well at least not in the bathroom.” Margaret turned back to Jeff and began to remove the sodden diaper, however as she pulled it back pee poured out the side and a light splatter could be felt through the front of the diaper. She instantly realized Jeff had begun to pee again and quickly pulled the front of the diaper back up. As soon as Margaret began to remove the diaper Jeff could feel the pee flow freely over his crotch, down the sides and leak onto his pants.

He had started peeing and never realised until now! Shock and amazement at this revelation caused his emotions to overwhelm him and began to cry in distress without a second thought.

Janice upon seeing the upset baby, moved quickly towards the stall allowing the mother to focus her attention on her son. “Good to see you again, we should chat soon.”

“Sounds great, give me a call and we can have coffee sometime.” Margaret now turned back to Jeff and patiently waited for him to finish with his latest accident before changing. Finally satisfied he was finished Margaret removed the diaper and proceeded to clean the mess. Before Jeff knew it he was wrapped in a dry diaper. “There there little one, everything is alright now.” Once Margaret fastened the snaps on the pants, she picked up him up, holding him against her chest and began to comfort the sobbing child.

Margaret gave a quick wave of the hand as Janice quietly exited the stall and left the bathroom trying not to disturb the baby as he had begun to calm down and hadn’t noticed her presence. Margaret continued to console Jeff as he’d stopped crying and the tears dried up, leaving him a little exhausted, content to rest his head on her chest and sucking his thumb.

They continued back to their shopping trip. Margaret steered the cart into the clothing section and begun to look through the various matching sets. Jeff picked out matching pant/shirt along with a couple of coveralls, a sleeper and a half dozen diaper shirts which Margaret was particularly determined to get over Jeff’s protests. “You are going to wear these onesies baby. When I dressed Mary in them, it always helped to keep her diaper in place and I found she had less leaks.”

Jeff looked truly insulted however he kept his composure and in a quiet voice being careful not to be heard. “I’m not going to have leaks, I’m not a child. I still have the mind of an adult.”

“Adult mind. Baby’s body.” Margaret was feeling sorry for Jeff but her patience was beginning to wear. She hadn’t cared for a toddler in a few years and had taken for granted the independence her daughter had already shown. More and more she was seeing Jeff as the toddler he was, no longer the responsible independent adult. Now he needed constant attention, which meant a mommy would now be her role.

Jeff groaned and fussed when Margaret selected particularly feminine or childish outfit, “No Mama, no wike!” Margaret smiled at her little boy, kissed him on the head and whispered, “Okay honey but I get to choose one outfit.”

Jeff rolled his eyes and nodded his head in acceptance. He watched as Margaret slowly walked through the stacks finally stopping and inspecting a set. Jeff tried to crane his head to see but she was partially blocked by a rack of jumpers. Margaret had a broad grin and came back to the cart to show him the prize. Margaret presented him with a white/blue two-piece shortall set with bloomers that looked like short-shorts except they had elastic around the legs, which only highlighted a bulging diaper underneath the bloomers. Jeff was stunned by the choice and he knew this would be something he could be taken out and presented to her friends. “No! Please Marg…Mommy not that, I can’t be seen in that outfit.”

Margaret just cooed “It’s alright honey, you are going to look precious in this outfit. Besides this is my choice, you promised.”

Jeff was getting frustrated with his situation, he tried to be patient with his family and how they treated him. When moved into Michael’s room he said little, when moved into Mary’s room he conceded, when put in diapers and made to sleep in a crib there wasn’t a struggle. Now he felt like he was taken advantage of by his wife and now mother. The shortall suit, although appropriate for his age was not for an adult. “No! I will not wear that. No No No!” Jeff was loosing control, his voice getting louder.

“Enough!” Margaret said sharply like talking to a child. “You will be quiet or I’ll give you a spanking right now! Is that understood!”

“But…but…I…” he began to plead but the ferocity behind her eyes knew that it wasn’t a good idea to push the issue anymore.

“I said no. I am not going to give into a tot who behaves like someone his age. You will learn to sit and behave yourself. I AM CLEAR?” Jeff could only sit in the seat sniffling with tears of humiliation running down his face.

The shopping trip continued however Jeff didn’t show much interest. After a short while he fell asleep and snoozed as Margaret finished up. Jeff was woken up when he was lifted into his car seat and strapped in, however being stuck in the seat with little stimulation he fell back to sleep. Jeff was again woken up when they arrived home. Margaret lifted him from his seat and placed him on the ground. Jeff stood there for a minute still very sleepy, he took a few steps then stopped, wobbled in place finally he crouched until he fell on his diapered butt. Jeff sat there in the shade sucking his thumb as he slowly removed the cobwebs of sleep from his mind. His mind was still an adult’s however he had noticed some minor changes that he assumed were due to his physical condition. Balance was becoming a problem, he had fallen a couple of times today however he was relatively close to the ground so it didn’t hurt. His speech was also getting tougher to control, with the loss of some teeth he had to concentrate otherwise his new lisp made him a bit incomprehensible.

Jeff sat there as Margaret and the kids carried boxes and bags into the house. After a while he noticed that his crotch was warm, he put a hand down and pushed down on this diaper. It squished from a very recent wetting. Jeff rolled his eyes at the growing incontinence however the fact he hadn’t noticed when he had peed himself was more than a little troubling.

Recognizing he needed help with his soggy underwear, Jeff got up and waddled towards the house. He only got a few steps before his stomach started to grumble giving him notice of an impending need to use the toilet. There was a slim chance he would make it to the bathroom, it was a long way for a little kid to go from the driveway, up the steps, through the front door, down the hall and finally at the bathroom. Then after all that distance he’d have to try and get his pants off and scale the toilet seat, it seemed insurmountable.

Each step was difficult and each time he moved a leg it felt like it might explode out his backside. Clenching his butt cheeks hard together and holding his concentration as best as possible, he continued to struggle up the path. Part way up the front walk Jeff couldn’t hold it any longer and as he stood there as his sphincter relaxed and a wave of pleasure rippled through his body. He was surprised how much pleasure the act of pooping in his diapers made him feel. For the moment he was satisfied to close his eyes, slide his thumb in his mouth and concentrated on the soft expanding mass in the back of his diaper.

“I could get used to this.” He thought to himself.

  • to be continued.

The Return to Innocence - Part 8

by BBoy

After what seemed like an eternity standing on the walkway, Jeff awoke from his almost meditative state but did not take his thumb from his mouth. Standing in place he could feel the warm mess mould to his butt, suddenly and without warning his bladder also released sending more warmth spreading across his diaper.

Jeff was neither shocked nor disheartened by his sudden lack of toilet training and the experience did not cause him the anguish he would have felt just a few hours earlier. Slowly he was adjusting to the situation and the role he now played. It seemed more familiar and a sense of contentment was slowly washing over him. For the moment he was satisfied to be just over a year old. He was content with who he was.

As he stood there in a semi-meditative state staring at the flower bed his sister Mary walked past to get another load of baby supplies from the van. As she pasted, Mary stopped and sniffed the air. As she looked at Jeff, he was standing with his thumb in his mouth and eyes closed not taking notice of her.

Quietly and somewhat sympathetically she spoke to her younger bother. Mary now had a sense of responsibility for her younger brother and felt sympathy for him. “Jeffery did you go poopy in your diapers?” The little boy did not make any motion at first but finally nodded his head without removing his thumb. “We have to go tell Mommy. Take my hand baby.”

Jeff did not fuss nor refuse her orders. He quietly held out a hand and kept thumbsucking with the other, finding it very soothing at this time. He submissively followed his sister up to the steps and used her helping hand to scale the steps. With each step he could feel the mess shift in his diaper. It didn’t bother him much although he would rather get rid of it soon. So getting a helping hand from Mary was somewhat convenient.

He could feel the extra weight which bunched soggily between his legs and as it cooled, it was not the same comfortable feeling just a few short minutes ago. Swinging his leg up, his knee buckled and balance failed him completely as he fell back on his bottom. Jeff could feel the poo spread out across the inside of his diaper. The feeling was quickly changing from bearable to uncomfortable as he found the mess more difficult to deal with. Now he knew why his children cried soon after pooing in their diapers, he was right that they didn’t mind messing themselves at all but the enjoyment would soon were off.

As he got back up he knew that this was a huge mess to clean up and would make him look all that more babyish in front of his wife. He doubted Margaret would let him out of diapers before a solution was found to the regression.

Mary marched into the house with her little bother in tow. “Mommy! Jeffery needs a diaper change!” Mary yelled loud enough for the whole house to hear. Margaret walked over to the door to find the two children standing there.

Jeff hung his head, not in shame, instead he was resigned that he’d need help changing ‘his’ diaper. For the first time Jeff truly understood he was married to his diapers. No longer was the package the house supply of diapers but they were ‘his’ diapers and now he longed to be put in a fresh clean one. As if his personality had snapped, something inside him decided his new life would be alright and he was safe. His diapers didn’t seem foreign but somehow normal and comforting. Without his new underwear, there would have been disastrous consequences in the crib, at the store and in the driveway. Jeff had reasoned that they were probably a necessity and to be tolerated.

Although Margaret could smell the accident, she asked the obvious. “Jeffery did you make a mess in your diaper?” Jeffery just stood there sucking his thumb and did not answer, a little embarrassed at the moment. She walked over and knelt down beside him, placed one hand on his back while she used the other hand to pull back his diaper to take a look. Jeffery just stood there one hand in his mouth barely flinching by his Mommy’s actions. “Oh dear, I’m afraid baby needs to be changed. Come with me honey.”

Margaret picked up her new son and carried him back to the nursery. Jeff was dumped in his crib while Margaret went to start a bath. Jeff noticed his height had dropped since last night. Now he was eye level with the railing, it hadn’t been a huge loss in height but it was obvious the regression continued.

Margaret returned and gave Jeff a cursory cleaning before whisking him to the bathtub. While in the tub Jeff noticed he was not given the opportunity to wash himself instead Margaret went about the process of cleaning all parts of his body. Once finished he was rinsed, lifted out of the tub and wrapped in a towel. From there he was brought back to the nursery where he was diapered and placed in a new red sleeper. He was now far happier and content than a few minutes earlier which showed as he smiled at his Mommy.

From there he was brought downstairs and deposited in his new high chair. Now it was Susan’s turn to feed her new baby brother. She tied a bib around his neck and proceeded to place pre-cut food in front of him on the chair’s tray. Jeff quietly began to eat his meal with his fingers while getting half of the food on his bib and the floor. Jeff watched as the rest of the family sat down and proceeded to eat their food, he was very jealous that they had meat and potatoes while he was stuck with far less interesting foods. Then Susan sat down with a jar of strained carrots and proceeded to feed the semi-solid food. After a couple of mouthfuls Jeff had enough of the substance but decided to bear the taste without of making a fuss. Instead he would talk to Margaret about the baby food.

Jeff was finished eating a few minutes before the rest of the family had completed their meal. The kids proceeded to clean up the dishes while Margaret picked up Jeff and brought his to the living room. She sat down and rested Jeff in her lap and produced a baby bottle filled with warmed formula. Jeff eye’s grew wide at the site but wasn’t given a choice as the nipple was placed in his mouth and he instinctively started to pull the formula from the bottle. He wasn’t really that shocked, after being diapered and treated like a baby a nipple bottle seemed pretty normal. About half way through the bottle Margaret was called to the phone, leaving Jeff to sit on the couch watching the news.

Margaret returned a minute later to find a very cute little boy finishing off his bottle, laying tucked into the arm of the couch focused on getting the last drops. She could tell he was done as he slurped on the remains. Throwing a towel over her shoulder she picked Jeff up and burped him. “Tim just called. Apparently Professor Leahy is back from vacation and wants to meet with both of you. He didn’t have much information other than to be at the lab for 10am.” Jeff was quite excited by the news, hopefully his boss would have a solution to the regression.

Jeff sat back on the couch and eagerly awaited the news updates at the top of the hour, but as the program began his bladder started to warn him of an urgent need to use the bathroom. Torn between getting to the bathroom and missing the hour’s top stories was too much for Jeff. He hadn’t watched, read or seen any news in a couple of days and as a self-declared news junkie he needed a fix. As the newscast began Jeff quickly looked around to see if anyone was watching, however he was safe from prying eyes. Before the little man had been able to rest back on the couch he began to pee in his diaper. For once he’d use his position and status as the family’s baby to his advantage.

Soon bedtime came and he was taken upstairs, changed and hoisted into the crib. Margaret made sure he was tucked in with a couple of fuzzy stuffed bears to keep him company. As soon as Margaret left the room Jeff pulled a bear close to him, put his thumb in his mouth and drifted off to sleep.

When morning arrived Jeff was woken by the sounds of his kids getting up and showering. Grabbing the bars of his crib, he hoisted himself up to a standing position. The soft footing of the mattress made standing difficult and he naturally grabbed for the bars for assistance these days. Looking at the railing he let out a sign of relief as his chin was still the same height with the crib. At least for the moment it seemed like the regression had stopped. Jeff felt a little better about his situation however he was still small and unfortunately very wet. The smell of stale pee surrounded him however for the moment he wasn’t miserable just a little uncomfortable.

A few minutes later, Margaret came charging into the room and busied herself at the changing table getting a fresh diaper, powder and cream prepared. “Good morning sunshine, I heard you getting up on the baby monitor. You slept in late this morning, obviously the changes in your body have finally caught up to you. You will definitely go down for your nap on time today.” Jeff looked over at the dresser and on top was an old baby monitor. The monitor reminded him there would be little privacy these days even in the solitude of his own bedroom.

Margaret lifted the little man on to the changing table and proceeded to clean him up and dress him for the big day. “Come on honey, let’s get moving we have a busy morning ahead of us. We are supposed to meet with Dr. Leahy.”

After getting dressed, Jeff was placed on the floor and left to toddle around the room. He made his way towards the mirror but fell half way there. As he stepped awkwardly forward his upper body didn’t seem to be in unison with his feet which couldn’t keep a steady pace. Each step seemed to be awkward as his arms swung around trying to keep his balance, but with one false step he teetered forward and landed on his knees. Determined to keep walking on his own, Jeff got on all fours, stuck his butt in the air and slowly got to his feet. He stood momentarily to gain his balance before tottering across the room. Jeff grimaced at his lack of balance but knew that if he got any smaller it could get much worse. When he arrived at the mirror a 15-month-old boy looked back at him. Even when looking at his reflection in the mirror he had a hard time accepting his new size.

Margaret picked him up and carried the toddler downstairs to the kitchen placing him in the high chair. Susan sat down in front of him and helped out by feeding him the baby his food. Jeff quietly accepted the pureed baby food without a fight. It was bland and without any real texture which made him grimace with each mouthful however he patiently accepted each mouthful until the bottle had been scooped empty. Finally Jeff was picked up and rested in Susan’s lap while he sucked on his nipple bottle.

After breakfast, the kids were sent off to school and Margaret was left to get her son ready for the trip to the lab. She packed his new diaper bag with lunch, diapers and extra clothes in case he made a mess. Soon they were both in the min-van and off to the lab. By the time they arrived Jeff was bubbling with excitement. Hopefully there was a plan to get him back to his normal age however if they were only able to get him partially restored it would be a success. Although being a baby had its moments, his adjustment was not without some frustration.

Soon Margaret parked the van and went around to the passenger door, removing Jeff and carrying him into the building. As they entered the building, Karen the gorgeous student almost ran over the two of them. Startled by the near collision she looked directly at Jeff and then at his mother, “Oh I’m sorry, I should have been looking where I’m going. You have a very cute son.” She tickled him under the chin and stopped to gaze into Jeff’s eyes and scan his face. “Do you have another son? Your little boy seems awfully familiar.”

Jeff was almost frozen with fear at the thought of being recognized, however Margaret seemed much more comfortable. Realizing that Jeff had been working in the building over the past week while his regression was in full swing, she needed to think quick. “Well yes I have a couple of family members who pass through here.”

“Well I guess that would explain it, I’d seen a couple of people this week that had to be related. I guess your other son is going to come here next year?” As the two adults chatted Jeff knew that Karen was still curious as there was a distant look to her eyes that caused him to believe she was thinking about something other than the immediate conversation.

Soon they entered the lab, where Tim was busy cleaning before the arrival of their boss. Tim poked his head up from behind the desk and stood there looking stunned at his diminutive lab mate. He slowly took in the small child who stood on the ground, if front of him. He wasn’t sure but Jeff might have been a little over a year old however the look from the baby’s eyes told Tim there was much more than a small child in there.

Finally Jeff took a few uneasy steps before toddling over to Tim, where he was still sitting with his mouth wide open. “Be careful or you will start drooling like me.”

Tim shook himself from the shock. “Uhh sorry I just didn’t expect to see you so young.”

Jeff looked up at the giant in front of him. “I didn’t expect to wook like dis either.” Suddenly wincing at the sound of his lisp.

Tim picked up Jeff and placed the child on his lap. As Jeff sat down he felt his diaper squish underneath him. “Mom…Margaret!”

Also noticing the state of the diaper Tim, patted the child on the shoulder, “Margaret left the room a couple of minutes ago, let me take care of you. Don’t worry I used to change a lot of my bothers and sisters over time.” With that Jeff was hoisted up and placed on the lab’s counter. Tim grabbed the diaper bag, opened it up and removed the necessary items.

Jeff was agitated looking around the lab to see if others were watching. “Tim, I don’t think it necessary for you to do this. I’m sure Margaret will be back in a minute.”

Tim cut off his lab mate. “Not to worry, I promise not to tell anyone. Let’s get this diaper changed or that pee is going to stink. Besides I doubt you’d rather be wet when the Leahey gets here.”

With that Jeff was placed on the changing pad and laid on his back. The snaps on his pants made for quick entry and the next thing his diaper was off and his crotch and bottom wiped. With a new diaper fastened in place the process was finished. The last fasteners were attached and he gave the tot’s stomach a tickle sending Jeff into a laughing fit. “Oh pwease, no don’!” Jeff grimaced at his infantile speech.

Tim smiled at his charge “Sorry buddy but I couldn’t resist with the way you look.”

“No problem but please try to keep the tickling to yourself…and thanks for the change.” Jeff said with a sense of relief. “Did the Professor mention if he had a solution to the regression?” Jeff said with an air of excitement. “Nope, I talked with his wife Michelle. She asked if we could both be in the lab today for a meeting. I’ve been trying to contact Leahey for a week but no success. If anyone can figure this out, it’s the Professor.” With that the two scientists sat back and discussed their activities for the past week.

About 10 minutes later the unmistakable clicking of Michelle’s high heels could be heard as she approached the lab. Tim lifted Jeff by the armpits and placed him unsteadily on the floor, not letting go until the little one had control of his balance. Upon being released Jeff carefully proceeded towards the door where he stopped dead in his tracks.

First Margaret walked in carrying his folded playpen looking a little shaken. “Jeffery, look who I ran into in the hallway.” Following behind her was Michelle who came into the lab dressed in a casual blouse and slacks; her long brown hair was pulled back into a ponytail. Walking into the lab she was pushing a stroller, careful to avoid the experimental equipment stacked neatly beside the door. In the stroller was a 10-month-old boy in a white shirt with coveralls and little blue shoes. He was the epitome of cuteness as he sucked his thumb. Jeff looked up at Michelle, “I thought your son was almost two?” She looked down at Jeff and gave a little smirk, “Our son IS two.” Jeff a little confused looked at the infant, “Then who is…oh no! Professor Leahey?”

  • to be continued.

The Return to Innocence - Part 9

by BBoy

The little child removed his thumb and looked directly at Jeff. “Yeath it me. What do you think of my new ride?” Rob Leahey giggled and kicked his legs in the air at the comment. Michelle reached down unclipped the safety belt and lifted her husband out of the stroller, placing him on the floor. The professor stood unsteadily for a moment before he walked awkwardly towards Jeff. After 10 steps the professor wobbled and fell backwards onto his cushioned butt. The professor got to his knees and made the rest of the way over crawling like a child just learning to walk. It was obvious the physical age of 10 months had an overwhelming impact on the Professor’s balance and ability to walk. It couldn’t be any easier with a thick diaper widening his stance making him waddle more than walk normally, Jeff knew this from first hand experience as his diaper constantly reminded him.

It was getting almost too much for Jeff. The past week had been overwhelming and more than once he had broke down crying, especially with his new regressed emotions it was hard not too feel beleaguered by the events. First he was regressed, then without any consultation he was treated more and more like someone his physical age. He was only starting to get used to his situation and the routine of feedings and naps developed for him by his wife and now his mentor was younger than him! As Rob crept towards him, Jeff stepped back in shock not sure how to react however his balance was also poor and he fell on his bottom. Sitting there mouth wide open as a little stream of drool began to trickle down his chin.

Rob made his way over to Jeff and sat down beside him, both babies had their legs spread apart and their diapers were clearly bulging under their pants. Jeff was speechless as he looked at his boss, the drool was now dripping on to his shirt. “At least I’m bigger than you.” Jeff struggled with any response while struggling with the sight of his new boss.

Jeff then noticed a growing wet spot on the crotch of Rob’s coveralls. It was obvious that the professor was having an accident right in front of him but what surprised Jeff most was that it went unnoticed even as the pee leaked around the diaper and onto his clothes. “Uhhh…professor, your diapee is weaking.” With that Leahey rolled his eyes and looked down at the growing stain. “Mama bought these cheap diapers yesterday and this is the second time today I’ve made a mess.” Jeff was a little surprised that Leahey just sat there not attempting to get help with his diaper change, then upon reflection Jeff had also slipped into the same passive mode the other day. It almost made sense. “Please call me Rob, Professor seems to formal at this age.”

“Any problems since you ended up as a baby?” Jeff inquired. Rob smiled shyly, “Yeath, this morning I finally got over a bad case of diaper wash. I woke up yesterday morning and it must have been there all night, it really hurt all day yesterday.” Jeff nodded I know what you mean, when that stuff wants to come out there is no way of stopping it from going everywhere inside your pants."

“Have you tried cloth diapers yet?” Rob inquired back. “Nah haven’t had the chance yet. But they have to be better than these paper lined disposables.” Jeff giggled, “You know instead of talking about football or something else we’re discussing diaper fashions!” With that comment both infants broke out into uncontrollable laughter.

Finally Jeff had someone to relate with, someone to confide in. For the first time Jeff was getting comfortable with his new life, for the moment his fears were washed away. It no longer bothered him that he was wrapped in a diaper, and stripped of his former status as an adult. It almost seemed normal to be dressed in babyish clothes and only 30 inches tall.

“You called your wife Mama? Mine made me change her name too but it does roll off the tongue pretty naturally.”

Their conversation continued for about fifteen minutes until Michelle and Margaret noticed the large stain on the front of Rob’s pants. Both mothers picked up their babies, Margaret cuddled Jeff while they both watched Michelle change Rob. Michelle rested Rob down on the counter top and proceeded to change the wet mess. Margaret and Jeff noticed right away that Michelle cooed and talked the way she would with a real baby. Rob laid back and smiled at her making small short babyish noises and obviously enjoying the attention. Margaret unconsciously started making loving baby talk and patting Jeff’s diapered bottom. Jeff responded by laying his head on her breast and deposited his thumb in his mouth.

Michelle unbuttoned Rob’s blue coveralls and removed the dirty clothes. Then undoing the diaper’s tapes she removed the wet package throwing it in the garbage can. Rob shivered as Michelle gave his skin a cleaning with a baby wipe. Michelle was about to reach for a new diaper when Jeff removed his thumb. “Michelle why not use one of my diapers, Rob’s seems to leak a lot.”

Margaret handed over Jeff’s diaper bag to Michelle and giggled, “Might as well listen to the experts!”

Michelle gladly accepted the bag and proceed to take out various items in the bag. She used the cream rubbing it into every fold of Rob’s skin. As Rob laid there his penis straightened slightly with a small erection, Rob was getting off on this how it wasn’t a complete surprise as this happened often with little boys. However the surprise was that Rob didn’t show any signs of embarrassment. The little child just kept giggling and playing with his hands as Michelle worked on his. Finally she removed the Pampers and laid it under Rob finally pulling it up between his legs and fastening it. She then dug into Rob’s diaper bag and pulled out a yellow set of shortalls and proceeded to pull it over the little man’s head and down his body, finally pulling it under his diaper and attaching it with snaps.

As Michelle finished up she reached into Rob’s bag and pulled out a jar of baby food. "Alright time for Robbie and Jeffery’s lunch. With the announcement, both babies had their bibs tucked around their necks and feed bottles of green beans and strained carrots. Jeff was able to get most of the food in his mouth, however the bib did catch it’s fair share of the meal. It was a little embarrassing to look so childish in front of others being spoon fed pureed mush but he understood he needed Margaret to help him. What was worse, his insecurities were exposed to the world. He looked exactly like he should for a young toddler, especially wearing a large bulky diaper.

However Jeff was doing was much better than his friend, Rob who was having more difficulty eating and his bib was a mess. Being 5 months younger must have made a difference in their coordination. All be it small difference it was enough for Jeff to hold on to some dignity.

As the babies finished up their meal, it was time for a drink. Margaret laid Jeff on her lap and produced a bottle full of formula. Jeff initially didn’t want to take the nipple self-conscious others would watch him nursing like a baby, however after his initial refusal he accepted his fate and began to nurse. Jeff surrendered to the moment, relaxed and became content to lay back in the comfort of his mother’s lap. It wasn’t that he was really thirsty but it was very comforting and enjoyable to just be in Margaret’s arms while his tongue and checks were rhythmically pulling on the nipple. Jeff looked over at Rob to find Michelle had unbuttoned her blouse and slipped a breast out for Rob to take. Laying in Michelle’s arms Rob eagerly accepted the teat and began suckling.

Jeff stopped momentarily as he watched in amazement as his former boss nursed, after a few seconds he continued to feed from the bottle but kept watching in amazement and curiosity. Michelle looked over and smiled, “Jeffery must want a little titty also?”

Margaret giggled and patted Jeff’s bottom, “I think Jeffery is a little to old to be breastfeed.” Jeff had been caught staring. Embarrassed he turned his head away, impotently kicked his feet in the air and kept sucking from his bottle.

“Oh no, 15 months isn’t too old. Our Pediatrician recommended our son be breastfed until his 1st birthday then slowly wean him off it. He still had a feeding once a day until he was 18 months.” Michelle suggested with a fiendish grin.

“Well we shall see but I’m not sure, I’m not ready to start breastfeeding, I haven’t lactated in almost six years.” Margaret could tell Jeff was uncomfortable with the conversation by the way he was shifting around in her lap while nursing.

Michelle also noticed Jeff’s discomfort and continued to press the conversation, “You know Domperidone is an excellent drug to promote milk production. Robbie was feeding about two days after I started taking the medication.”

“Well I’ll think about it however for now we will stick to the nipple bottles.” With that comment Jeff calmed down a little. The thought of nursing from a bottle was bad enough but taking milk from Margaret’s teat was another matter. Jeff snuggled in her lap and concentrated on the milk in front of him, only looking briefly to watch Robbie happily accepting his lunch. The sight didn’t revolt him but somehow deep inside fascinated him.

Both babies kept nursing while their mothers talked about clothes, strollers, feeding routines, ect. Neither Jeff nor Rob seemed to care that they were the center of the conversation, instead they concentrated on getting their fill of milk." Jeff kept looking over at Rob curious at what it must be like to suckle from his mother’s breast. It wasn’t a sexual feeling but he didn’t debate the issue, instead he watched and finished off his bottle.

Margaret picked up Jeff, rested his head on her shoulder and proceeded to pat his back. A large belch came out waking Jeff from his trance. Jeff looked around and realized what he had just done but didn’t care, he was a little groggy from the formula, warm and being held close and secure. For the first time since being transformed into a little wet baby Jeff was happy and secure. Secure with himself, secure with his place in life. Jeff slipped his thumb into his mouth and laid his head on his mommy’s breast.

Soon Rob was done and burped. Both men were then place in the playpen, “Okay Robbie and Jeffery you two be good while we leave the room for a minute. We are just running down the hall to get a coffee and will be right back. You two be good babies!” With that Margaret and Michelle left the room. Rob grabbed the mesh walls and pulled himself up so he could watch the two women leave. Rob started to fuss but Michelle turned around, walked over to the playpen and rubbed Rob’s head. “Now come on Robbie you can be without me for a few minutes. Jeffery’s mommy and I need to have a private chat about the two of you. I want both of you to play quietly in the pen. If we have to come back prematurely there will be a spanking. Have I made myself clear to both of you?”

The two babies looked up at the dominating figure and nodded their heads, while looking innocent at the same time. The look from the babies melted Michelle’s heart, a broad smile came across her face. She reached down and kissed Robbie’s head getting a giggle from the infant, then in his mirth he let go of the playpen wall and dropped to a sitting position. Michelle stood up and the two women walked out the door leaving the babies sitting in the playpen.

As their mothers left the room Jeff remained sitting with his legs spread out before him and a thin stream of drool running from the side of his mouth. He was a little groggy from his meal and knew that a nap time was coming soon. Michelle and Margaret had left two small blankets in the playpen in case they decided to nap before they returned. Jeff looked around at his rubber jail cell and wondered if these soft bars would become a permanent part of his everyday life. He wasn’t distressed by the realization that his movements were restricted but instead he wondered what sort of life he would start to lead inside the playpen. Would he be allowed to read scientific journals or would he be subjected to blocks and colourful picture books designed for people of ‘his age’.

As Jeff sat on the soft rubber floor he noticed that the front of his diaper was getting warmer however it barely fazed him It was becoming routine, even though he had been in diapers for only 48 hours their use had become a normal and an unavoidable part of his day. No longer humiliated by their presence Jeff was starting to take the situation in stride. He still found the concept of loosing his toilet training unnerving however it was less disturbing then the actual act of peeing and pooping. For the moment he was content to sit and feel the warmth travel up the sides of his diaper.

Jeff turned back to his former boss and noticed that Rob was lost in thought, for the moment the much smaller infant was almost unrecognizable as his superior. The PhD scientist was now a mere shadow of his former self, sitting across from Jeff staring up at the window.

“So what happened? Why didn’t you get in touch with us?” Jeff inquired.

Rob looked down at himself and his fresh diaper then pulled his index finger from his mouth. “It’s been a crazy week. I’m still living in a dream or nightmare…I think. I know its real but it’s so bizarre. I think I know how it happened but the chances of something happening so spontaneously without being planned seems almost impossible. But it has happened and look at us know!” Rob looked like he might be on the verge of crying. His emotions were once again taking hold of him but struggled valiantly to keep them at bay. He grabbed a fuzzy bear that was laying near by, hugged it and stuck his thumb into his mouth gaining comfort and strength in the process. He rocked back and forth as a few tears trickled down his cheek but he managed to keep his composure as he prepared to recount his tale.

  • to be continued.

The Return to Innocence - Part 10, Rob’s Story

by BBoy

This is the first chapter which is about Rob Leahey, the Professor from the lab, and his experience regressing into infancy. Rob who is now a mere 10 months old had to get there somehow. This is his story…

Rob looked down at himself and his fresh diaper then pulled his index finger from his mouth. “It been a cwazy week. It started the day afta da accident wiff da DNAM…” Rob began to reminisce about the past week, his tiny high pitched child’s voiced seemed odd when coupled with the large vocabulary.

For Rob the nightmare started as he walked into the lab Friday morning when he experienced a wave of nausea. “Not today, not the flu when I’m going on vacation. Just my luck, at least it can’t get worse.” Rob said under his breath.

Today’s schedule was tight if he wanted to be out of the lab by early afternoon. Margaret, his wife should have the mini-van packed and their son Benjamin ready to go. He had to make sure everyone had their tasks to be done over the next week while he was gone. There were meetings and last minute paper work that needed to be done before leaving.

The DNAM tests had been going well however the next round of tests needed to be prepped. Rob was hoping to start the next round of experiments once he returned from vacation. He busied himself all morning and skipped lunch so he could be done as soon as possible. His final task was a meeting with his assistants and make sure the lab will run smoothly in his absence. As the meeting wrapped up, his lab assistants duties spelled out and plans for the next couple of weeks Rob felt confident the lab would be on schedule.

After the short meeting at 1pm Rob was out the door of the lab and on his way home. The bouts of nausea were brief but annoying, however he could live with it as long as they were out of town by 2pm. Michelle was a stickler for schedules and organization, which was fine as he was more than happy that someone else ran his home life.

He sat back and pondered what the next two weeks would be like, sitting on the cottage deck having a beer and reading a book. No deadlines and no pressure. Suddenly Rob groaned as he realized his cell phone was back at the office. “No matter, I didn’t need it anyway, I’m on holidays!”

The small Honda pulled into the house at 1:30 pm, Rob was impressed that he was still on schedule. Jumping out of the car, Rob doubled over as a wave of nausea hit him. Once the sickness passed Rob felt like he had more energy. It seemed to be the only positive thing about his latest illness is that he could keep going and stay to his hectic schedule. His back which he injured skiing a few years ago didn’t hurt like it normally did and the tendonitis in his shoulder ached less since getting this flu…

Rob charged into the house where Michelle was cleaning up from lunch. “I honey I’m home from work!” Michelle looked over from the dishes in the sink and smiled at her hubby, “You actually made it home on time, why don’t you help me by getting Benny ready for the trip. Everything is packed and ready to go as soon as you are ready.” Jeff was happy to help and get the vacation under way as soon as possible.

Rob turned into the living room where Benny was in the playpen. His 26 month old son was standing at the side holding on to the mesh wall jumping up and down while squealing at the arrival of Dad. As Rob came close to Benny he could tell that the toddler had processed his lunch. “How can you stand that smell?” Rob stated as his face twisted from the reek emanating from Benny’s back end. He enjoyed being with his son but there was one indisputable fact about babies, they were messy. Toddlers threw up, drooled, smeared dinner everywhere and made the worst stenches. What was worse, they didn’t seem to care. Diaper clad children always seemed impervious to the rank odor.

Michelle had wanted to have a second child but Rob had made excuses why ‘now was not the time’, but for Rob it was that he didn’t want to deal with another baby while they had Benjamin. One baby was enough to deal with at a time. More than once Rob had been thankful for Michelle’s organizational ability and she did run a tight household.

Rob picked up Ben and carried his son upstairs to the nursery. Ben’s nursery was a baby’s dream room. Brightly coloured with pictures of clouds, bunnies and ducks surrounded the walls and all of the furniture. Rob had made the creation of Ben’s room a personal hobby of planning, imagining and painting. Rob had spent most of his time before Ben’s birth preparing the room. All the furniture was hand picked , Rob enjoyed building the room as he reflected on what a child would want in a room. There were even times where Rob kneeled down so he would get his son’s perspective from the crib or floor.

The building of the baby’s room did not lessen Rob’s distain for changing stinky dirty diapers. Ben was lowered on to the changing table and his pant’s legs unbuttoned for quick changes. Next the diaper was opened showing the area of devastation, Rob deftly used the dirty diaper to wipe up his son’s skin before throwing it in the garbage. Then using a baby wipe he cleaned up the last of the mess. Rob then applied a good dose of baby powder and a fresh diaper. Finally refastening the pants Rob was done the most hated of tasks. “I’ll never get used to that smell.”

Benjamin was then given a kiss on the cheek and taken back to the dining room, where Michelle was finishing up. “All right you two let’s get going!” With Michelle’s announcement Rob headed straight to the van, where everything was ready to go.

After locking up the house they were on their way, as the day progressed Rob had a few more bouts of nausea however he was sure he was feeling better. By nightfall they were at the cabin, a beautiful red cedar log cabin beside a small lake. It was Rob’s job to haul all the gear from the van and into the cabin, the task wouldn’t be so bad except it included all of Benjamin’s furniture or it seemed like most of it. Along with Ben’s playpen, there was his change table, crib, high chair, toys and other items that were essential. It was Rob’s job to get Ben’s gear set-up and he didn’t have long before the baby would be off to bed.

After setting up a make shift changing pad on a small dresser, Rob got to building the crib. It didn’t take too long since he had already set it up a few times in the past. By the time Benjamin was ready for bed his nursery was prepared. Even with all the effort his father put into the new room, Ben whimpered when finally put in his crib for the night. It was obvious that the little guy wanted to be in his old room.

Finally the two were alone. Michelle had put their food and clothes away but now she wanted a break. They sat on the deck over looking a beautiful lake with the moonlight reflecting off the water. It was their piece of heaven for the next week.

Michelle looked at her lover and gazed over him. “Honey, have you died your hair? It seems darker and fuller than usual.” Rob was surprised by the comment but thought nothing of it. “I don’t need to dye my hair, I’ve only got a couple grey hairs.” Michelle giggled at Rob’s response. He had started going grey when he was 35 but now at 42 Rob was looking more mature and respectable with his salt and pepper appearance, now covered by the darkness.

Finally she reached over and kissed her lover on the lips, Rob was immediately aroused and joined in. He straddled her, enthusiastically kissing and probing her mouth with his tongue. Rob caressed her breasts before moving down to suck on the ends of her teats. As he began to touch them the nipple became hard and she groaned in ecstasy, she missed the feeling of nursing Benjamin but Rob was a close second. Michelle was surprised by his arousal and aggressive love making. Rob hadn’t been like this since they started dating years ago. Not that she was complaining but it did take her by surprise.

In the morning Rob got up first and decided to go for a jog. He hadn’t felt this good in years and decided it would be a good way to start off his vacation. He left Michelle sleeping and snuck into his son’s room where Benjamin was already awake. Quietly he gave his son a diaper change and a baby bottle full of water. This immediately calmed Ben down and allowed him to put the baby back to sleep for another hour or two. With his son taken care of Rob was on his way for a run.

Rob enjoyed a morning jog. Recently he hadn’t been out as often, this was mainly due to Benjamin and the responsibility of having a baby. Rob wouldn’t change a thing but he did miss jogging regularly. The run was going surprisingly well, after 5 km Rob hadn’t felt like slowing down; however a new wave of nausea hit him and almost caused him to fall down. Rob was dejected, he thought his mysterious illness had passed instead he was feeling the worst cause of nausea since it began.

After stopping for a few minutes Rob decided to turn back for the cabin. He started jogging back but after another 3 km Rob again was hit with another wave of nausea. Once it passed he again started jogging determined to finish his run. Before he arrived back at the cabin he had to stop once more, somehow the exercise seemed to double the amount of nausea.

As he walked in the door of the cabin, Rob was again feeling pretty good. The nausea had passed and everything was back to normal. Michelle was up and preparing breakfast, when she turned around and jumped back when seeing a much younger version of her husband.

“What the hell happened to you!” Michelle almost screamed at the sight of Rob. It was obvious the person in front of her was her husband but there were some drastic changes. Rob looked dejected and started to explain his bouts of nausea but Michelle cut him off. “No! Go look in the mirror, your not the same!”

Rob was not completely sure he understood his wife’s hysterics. He went to the bathroom and looked in the mirror. He almost fell over when he saw his reflection. It was him but back when he was 18! The slender athletic frame and full dark head of hair was and instant reminder of his youth. Rob sat down on the toilet and began to think, trying to reason how this could be happening.

"It must have something to do with the DNAM but how? It was never designed for the output needed to do something like this, if it was even possible. Finally it dawn on him, they were running an overload test on the system when the accident knocking the equipment over. That explained part of the problem and why he would be regressing in age but certainly didn’t give him an immediate answer how to reverse the process.

Finally he walked out of the bathroom and over to Michelle where he sat down at the table. “It must have been an accident at work that caused me become younger.” Michelle stood there stunned still trying to understand what was happening. “Are you going to die or get sicker?” Michelle queried.

“No I’m not going to die or get sick, in fact I’m very healthy right now. I doubt I can get much younger than another year, maybe two.” Rob went on to explain what had happened at the lab the other day and how the changes were happening. Once Michelle understood that it wasn’t permanent, that she would get her husband back within a few weeks, her actually started to get excited. “I guess it’s not really illegal then if I sleep with a minor tonight?” as she bent down to kiss her husband, then went back to finish breakfast while Rob had a shower.

He still couldn’t believe what was happening but there was nothing he could do. Even calling Tim or Jeff, his lab assistants were out of the question because he left his cell phone at home. Not that either of them could do anything for him right now. All Rob could do was wait for the regression to stop before trying a couple of ideas he had to reverse the process.

Rob busied himself for the day working on odd jobs around the cabin. He still suffered from the inevitable waves of nausea however they were never as intense, however he still seemed to get younger slowly.

By Monday Rob had not stopped getting younger as he had promised. Now he looked more the part of someone who was 12 years old. His voice had begun to crack getting higher and the hair on his chest had begun to recede. The well shaped muscles had all but disappeared on Saturday and Sunday he watched the last vestiges of adulthood disappear.

As the week progressed Rob was adjusting to his new temporary life. Michelle had all but taken over the family and was now telling Rob what to do and when to go to bed. Rob never complained as he realized his new place in the family and besides deep down he always wanted to be dominated by his wife. She was an ‘A’ type personality, someone who wanted to be in charge, whereas Rob was more willing to follow.

  • to be continued.

The Return to Innocence (completed)

The Return to Innocence, Part 11, Rob’s Story

by BBoy

Wednesday came and Rob was now looking more like a 6 year old. His small body had become skinny, without most features that told a person he was beyond the first grade. Rob could hardly recognize himself except that he remembered all the old family pictures from this age.

His adult clothes had been out grown by Sunday forcing Michelle to run into town and get a few temporary sizes. Michelle was a little less naïve than Rob and realized that the regression might not stop for a while. When Michelle went shopping for clothes she made sure to get a variety of sizes just to be on the safe side.

Even now those clothes Michelle purchased on Sunday were far too big for his size and Rob was constantly pulling up his pants. She decided another trip to the clothing store was in order however she figured that this trip would be better made without Rob around. He had protested during the last trip when Michelle brought sizes down to age 7, “I will never need anything that small.” Those words still reverberated in her head. “This time I won’t make the same mistake.” She mused to herself.

Michelle collected up her purse and car keys before stopping to talk with Rob. “Honey I won’t be gone long but I have to run into the local town and purchase some new clothes for you. There is no way you can go on using those oversized clothes. Besides I still have the receipt so they can probably be returned.” Rob nodded in agreement, “But what about Benny, we can’t leave him here alone?” Michelle giggled at his comment, sometimes Rob could be a little dense. “No honey I need you to stay behind and watch Benny. I realize there probably isn’t much you can do so I’ve put him in the playpen, you just need to watch over him.” Rob agreed with Michelle and watched as she marched out the door and to the van.

Rob was a little dejected, partially because he needed new clothes however he was mainly sad because he was no longer able to do the tasks afforded to people his age. The point was driven home when Michelle had stated that Ben was beyond his capability to care for.

Michelle returned a couple hours later carrying all sorts of bags, Rob assumed his wife had gone over board with her shopping trip as was her style. Michelle brought the bags into the cabin and placed them in the second bedroom where Benny was staying. Upon returning to the living room Michelle stopped and sniffed the air, “Someone smells poopy!”

Rob immediately felt threaten by the comment and blurted out, “Not me, I can use the toilet. I don’t need diapers! It’s Benny’s fault!”

Michelle grinned at her young husband’s immature response to the situation. Just to tease Rob, she walked over and kneeled down beside her husband. Before Rob knew what was happening Michelle held on to Rob’s shoulder with one hand and pulled on the back of Rob’s underwear with the other as if she was looking to see if there was a mess inside. She then put two fingers down the front to see if he had wet himself. Rob tried to move away in embarrassment however Michelle had a firm grip of his shoulder. “What are you doing?” he yelled. “I’m not a baby, I didn’t mess my diaper…I mean underwear! I told you it was Benny, go check his diapers”

“I’m just checking both my little guys, you never know when they might have an accident.” Michelle giggled as she made the comment. Treating Rob like a little kid was actually fun and poking at his insecurities was going to be the highlight of her day. “Okay then, you didn’t make the mess this time, now go run along and play while I take care of Benny.” Rob didn’t complain about the comment since he was relieved to get away from Michelle. Frankly he was a little scared Michelle might find something. His control had weakened over the past 48 hours and found it difficult to hold on for extended periods of time.

After Michelle had finished changing Benny she returned and led Rob by the hand into the bedroom. “Honey I bought some new clothes for you, why don’t you try some on that fit?” Michelle then dug into the bag and removed shirt and pants set, as Rob removed his clothes Michelle produce some new underwear for him to wear. As Michelle handed it to Rob he noticed right away there was something different about them, “You’re not going to make me wear training pants? I’m too old for that.” Michelle was waiting for that response, “Honey, you should wear these training pants. Your underwear is damp, so I think it’s time for these, unless you want the alternative.” With that statement Michelle removed a bag of Pull-ups to show Rob. This gave an instant reaction of horror from Rob, who immediately accepted the offer of training pants.

Although the underwear had no fly and a little more padding in the front they were otherwise the same. Rob started to wonder why he had complained in the first place, besides the cute picture on the front of Mickey Mouse made him smile.

The rest of the day was uneventful. Rob still had sporadic waves of nausea however they would pass. He would read for a while however the books seemed somewhat boring and would soon get distracted by one of Ben’s colourful toys or a bird sitting in the tree.

When 9pm arrived Michelle took Ben from his playpen and prepared him for bed. Rob sat on the couch fiddling with the DVD player controls, he tried to read scientific paper he’d brought with him but he had struggled to hold his attention especially since it was getting late and he was tired. 15 minutes later Michelle came back for Rob. “Honey, come on it’s bedtime.”

Rob looked up at Michelle with his big blue eyes looking mournful before he had even asked the question. “Am I sleeping with Benny tonight?”

Michelle was a little surprised, not expecting Rob to have known that the decision had already been made. “Yes hon. You are about the same age as Ben so I think it is wise to keep the same sleep schedule also. Having the two of you sleep in the same room makes sense.”

Rob had predicted that Michelle would ask to bunk them together either tonight or tomorrow. It was logical and Rob was too tired to object. He slid down off the couch and followed his wife into the bedroom.

As he was getting ready for bed Michelle opened the bag of Pull-ups and handed one to Rob. The little man seemed confused by the offer, “I thought we already discussed this and I don’t need diapers?” Rob said being a little confused. “No these are disposable training pants, not a diaper. You have been a little damp all day and I’m not going to clean up the sheets in the morning. It’s either these training pants or a spanking.” Michelle stated with a determined look on her face. Rob knew right away she meant business and did not want to start a fight, it would only end in Rob’s defeat. As he removed the cotton training pants he noticed they were in fact damp, no matter how hard Rob tried he seemed to constantly dribble.

Rob put on the new underwear but struggled to get it over his waist, Michelle put her hands on both sides and gave it a gentle tug and the training pants easily slid up over his hips. Rob took a step forward and cringed as the outer plastic covering crinkled between his legs. Rob was not pleased with the new clothing however there was little he could do about it at the present time. Tomorrow he would have to talk with Michelle about the training pants and have her stop this unnecessary practice.

When morning came he was woken up by his roommate’s squeals and smells. It was obvious that Benny had messed in his diaper. Rob could only roll his eyes and try to sleep however the noise and commotion was only going to get worse as Michelle entered the room. She quickly changed Ben, “Oh Benny, when are you going to be potty trained.” They had started two months ago however Ben’s success was sporadic. “I guess we can’t expect you to be dry over night but it will come with time.” She then picked Ben up, and laid him back in the crib, handed him a baby bottle of water and turned her attention to her newest child.

Pulling back the sheets she slid two fingers down Rob’s Pull-ups. Before Rob could object she smiled, “Honey it’s time to get you changed, your soaking wet.” Rob was stunned by the comment, it was one thing to be a little damp but to complete soak one’s underwear was far more embarrassing. She helped Rob out of bed and walked with him to the bathroom where she removed his wet Pull-ups and helped clean him up. Finally she put a clean pair of Pull-ups on Rob instead of the regular cotton training pants.

Michelle put a shirt on her husband and told him to go play. Rob ran from the bathroom stopping momentarily, he looked down and groaned and realised he was still wearing disposables. In the end it didn’t really matter and he quickly carried on his merry way to find a book to read.

As the day progressed Rob was getting a little concerned. His height had continued to drop and was now just taller than Benjamin. This could only mean he had slipped below 3 years old, if the regression didn’t stop soon he would become the one thing he loathed. A small stinky, smelly baby, that would need changing and constant assistance, unable to do anything for himself. Rob hated to change Benny so he couldn’t imagine what it would be like to live in the stench.

That afternoon he was reminded of the tenuous hold he had on his bodily functions. Busy playing on Benny’s rocking horse he got excited and started laughing while bouncing up and down in the saddle pretending to be a cowboy. The sudden up and down motion had caused him to start peeing. Realizing immediately what he had done, he stood up, grabbed the plastic covering around his crotch and concentrated until the flow stopped. Then quickly he ran to the bathroom and sat on the potty chair. It took some time and effort to start peeing again. For some reason he had a hard time making himself pee. He had a hard time stopping it a minute ago and yesterday it would have been no problem to pee on-demand but now it took a real effort. Rob stayed there for ten minutes until the familiar sound of splashing could be heard in the potty.

Relieved that he had finished, Rob now had to hide the wet underwear. He could not put them back on because they were very wet and the wetness indicator had changed colour which Michelle would notice the difference and want to change him. What was worse she might think he was now beyond hope and needed to wear more protection than training pants provided. He didn’t want to be caught by Michelle walking to the bedroom naked, so he had to wear his mistake. Feeling slightly disgusted he put the cold and wet training pants back on and walk through the living room, past Michelle and into the bedroom. There he found a new disposable training pant under the changing table. Removing his used pair he pulled on the clean underwear, placed the used one in the garbage can. It was higher then he expected and had to reach up to put them in the can, when the wet pair hit the bottom it made a loud thud. Rob grimaced hoping no one heard. He waited a moment then quietly made his way from the bedroom and past his wife, without looking guilty.

“Honey, is everything okay? I heard you in the bathroom and bedroom.” Michelle inquired while reading a magazine.

Rob stopped dead in his tracks, afraid he had been discovered. “Yes. Of course everything is okay. Why wouldn’t it be?”

“No reason.” She said while hiding behind her magazine. She had guessed there might have been an accident but it really didn’t matter. Pressing the issue would have only caused undo humiliation.

The rest of the afternoon and early evening Rob was paranoid by the idea he might have another accident. Every 20 minutes he would rush to the potty just to make sure there were no problems. By early evening he was still in the same pair of training pants and proud of his success even if they were a little damp. Unfortunately the dam broke at dinner time. After finishing a meal of macaroni, which he mostly ate with his hands and a jar of yellow mush spoon fed to him, Rob was content to lay back on the floor and drink from his sippy cup. His mind relaxed as he drifted in memories of his childhood. Images of his first Mommy and how happy he was, how peaceful his early childhood had been flooded his mind and created an inner calm. Half way through the sippy cup his bladder exerted pressure, he opened his eyes, stood up and quickly made his way to the bathroom. When he arrived he found Benjamin happily sitting on the potty. Rob was stunned that he could not use it immediately. Moving over to the toilet he was going to scale the porcelain bowl when Michelle came in and stopped him. “Oh no, you are too small to be using the toilet. You might fall in which neither of us wants to happen. You can wait for Benny to finish.”

Rob looked up at Michelle with desperation on his face. “I have to go now! Can’t Benny wait for two minutes?”

“No. We are trying to train Benny and I don’t think it’s a good idea to stop him now.” Michelle reached up to a shelf above the potty and grabbed a disposable pull-up, handing it to Rob. “If you can’t wait, then just go.”

Rob did agree that training Benny to use the toilet was important. Both he and Michelle had been frustrated by their son’s progress and desperately wanted him to be successful soon. Rob had no option and he couldn’t wait much longer. Walking out of the bathroom he turned the corner, stopped and dropped his head in shame. He could feel the pee wash over the front of his training pants. Michelle knelt behind him putting a hand on his shoulder. “Its okay honey, this is not an accident. The potty was busy and you had no choice right now.” When he was done Michelle led him into the bedroom. She removed his wet training pants, gave him a cursory wipe while he stood there and helped him step into a fresh pull-up. By the time he was in a fresh pull-up, tears were trickling down his face as he tried valiantly to hold onto his composure as best he could. Finally he left for the living room where he could recover from the embarrassment in private.

That night, when bedtime came he made one last prayer that this whole nightmare would stop by morning. Michelle tucked him into the bed beside Benjamin’s crib as he quickly slipped into unconsciousness. “Tomorrow will be better than today” he repeated over and over in his head.

  • to be continued.

The Return to Innocence - Part 12, Rob’s Story

by BBoy

When Friday morning came Rob was again waken up by Michelle as she entered the room to check up on the two kids. As Michelle busied herself with Ben, Rob just laid in bed trying to erase the cobwebs from his mind without luck. Rob could hear Michelle making baby talk with Ben and the unmistakable coo’s and bah’s that came from Ben’s as he reveled in the attention. Once Ben had his diaper changed and given his bottle Ben quieted down.

Michelle then checked up on her husband, by again slipping two fingers down his Pull-ups. “Oh dear honey, you’ve had another accident. It also seems that have gotten smaller over night because your Pull-ups don’t fit anymore and you peed all over the bed.” Rob began to cry when he realised his total lack of toilet training. As a man, loosing control of something as infantile as his bladder was too much to bear. His inner child began to surface and he started to vent at the world around him, releasing the high pitched wail of an upset baby.

Michelle picked up her husband and began to cuddle and console him. Slowly Rob calmed down and his cries became sniffles. While holding Rob, Michelle noticed how small he had gotten overnight. Her husband was now definitely smaller than Ben and if she had to guess Rob was probably about 18 months old. Michelle laid her husband on the changing table which immediately brought a response from the little man, Rob began to cry again as he knew what the changing table meant. Michelle tried to console him but there was no stopping the tears right now, he was completely humiliated and miserable that he was now going to wear a baby’s diaper.

Michelle removed his wet pajamas and socks before releasing the tabs on his Pull-ups. She lifted up his tiny bottom and pulled away the wet undergarment. Rob then stopped crying momentarily as he shivered at the cold baby wipe that was rubbed across his groin. Michelle then spread a liberal portion of baby power onto his skin before lifting his legs, sliding one of his son’s diapers under his bottom and fastening it shut. Michelle then put Rob in one of Ben’s sleepers which fit even though it was a little large. Finally she put Rob in the playpen with a blanket and small pillow, “I’m sorry honey but until I get the bed cleaned up you will have to sleep in the playpen. I want you to sleep for another hour before I get you up for the day.” With that Michelle closed the door behind her leaving Rob to lie in bed completely exhausted from his crying episode.

As Rob lay in bed he put his hand down into the sleeper and felt his new diaper. It had a soft plastic outside that crinkled when he pushed it but what he noticed most was how big the garment was. He tried to put his hand down the front however Michelle had fastened the diaper tightly, just like he did with Ben’s diapers so kids couldn’t play with themselves. As Rob lay in bed and pondered what the next few days would involve, as he slowly drifted off to sleep.

Later that morning Rob woke up when Michelle entered to deal with her two children. Michelle first busied herself with Rob, she lifted the little man out of the playpen and onto the changing table. She again put two fingers down his diaper, which brought an objection from Rob. “I can tell you if my diaper needs to be changed, you don’t have to keep checking.” Michelle just cut him off in mid-sentence, “Nonsense, babies don’t always know if they have peed in their pants, I’ll have to check you regularly just like we do with Benny.” Rob knew she was right, Ben had his diaper checked every few hours because most babies don’t notice or care it they are clean or dirty. Without regular monitoring babies tend to get diaper rash, which was painful and made Ben fuss constantly. Yet another humiliation was forced upon Rob, which he would have to endure.

“Well this time you are dry so I won’t change your dyedee.” With that statement Michelle proceeded to dress Rob in a cute set of blue and yellow shortalls. Rob recognized the clothes since he picked them out for Ben about 6 months ago. At the time Rob thought they were cute and expected Benny would like them also, however when Rob was dressed in them now and he felt very odd wearing pastel blue and yellow. Finally he had socks and little running shoes put on his feet before being lowered to the floor.

Rob stood there for a few seconds under the watchful eye of Michelle. Not knowing how Rob would react to his new babyhood, she hovered over him while he wobbled uneasily with his new uncoordinated balance. Finally Rob took a few steps forward before he looked around him at the massive size of all the furniture. The baby’s crib used to reach his belly button but now it stood at least two or three times larger than him. Even the chair in the corner would take a great effort to scale.

Rob then noticed the mirror hanging from the door. He slowly waddled over and stood in front, the reflection looking back at him was quite impressive. Standing in front of him was an 18 month old toddler with wispy black hair and very cute dimples. Rob tried to look behind himself but found that he couldn’t move his head without twisting his torso. He had noticed this in Ben also, apparently the spinal column was fused at this age and only gave him limited movement. When he again tried to look behind his balance gave out and fell on his padded bottom. At first he expected it to hurt, instead he was quite surprised at the lack of any pain from falling over. Now he realized why babies and small kids didn’t mind and even enjoyed falling all the time.

Rob turned around in his sitting position and looked up at Michelle as she worked on their son. Unfortunately there was not much to watch from this perspective with all the activity happening above the counter which was obscured from his view. He could hear Michelle as she played and made baby talk with Ben as she dressed him for a day of fun and games. Rob became fixated on the activity above him and the conversation the two were having. It wasn’t much different than when he took care of Ben however from his new perspective it became fascinating, he was almost jealous of the attention Ben was getting.

When Michelle was done she put Benjamin back in the crib and started to move the playpen into the living room when she almost tripped over Rob. “Rob be careful! Someone is going to step on you if you don’t watch out.” With Michelle’s sudden shock and exclamation, she instantly reached down and picked Rob up depositing him in the crib. When Michelle stood Rob on the crib mattress his legs almost collapsed. Reaching up and grasping the rail allowed the little man to keep his balance long enough to steady himself.

“Wow, dis isn’t as easy as it seem. I not used to these wegs yet” Rob frowned at his pronunciation, he hadn’t spoken since last night and his speech had drastically changed. He put a finger in his mouth and probed the inside and found he was missing a lot of teeth. From his best guess he had three or four on the top of his mouth and about the same on the bottom. At least for the moment.

Once Rob had braced himself, Michelle busied herself with the playpen moving it into the living room where she could keep an eye on her children. Rob for the first time was trapped without an exit, forced to stay in his new confines until Michelle returned. Rob found this a little unnerving that he was now completely under another person’s control. If it had been someone else other than Michelle he would have objected more, however he new that Michelle would take good care of him.

On the other side of the crib was Ben dressed in a dark blue shirt and red coveralls with yellow socks and shoes. “Now that outfit looks much better. At least I did have some fashion sense when shopping.” Benjamin had a finger stuck in his mouth and a huge grin on his face. Right away Rob knew what Ben was thinking. His son had a new playmate, another baby his size to play with and babble at. Rob realized he would be spending a lot of time with his son and would have to play a lot games with him. The idea of stacking blocks and sharing a soother did not excite Rob in the least.

Benjamin showed his excitement and toddled effortlessly across the mattress. Now standing toe to toe with his son, Rob had a sinking feeling in his stomach. Ben was an inch or two taller than he was and by the way he cruised across the mattress his balance and ability to walk were far better than his. Unless Rob was very careful he was going to be the weaker, less dominant member of this pair.

“Da-da wittle!” Ben exclaimed.

“Oh god, it has already started. I’m really not going to like this.” Rob realized.

Soon Michelle reappeared, picked up Ben and took him to the living room where the playpen was set up. Next she came back for her husband, picked him up and carried him next to her chest. Rob was impressed how easy it was for Michelle to bear his weight. With one arm under his butt he was carried effortlessly. Rob laid his head on her breast and enjoyed the ride. He noticed that Michelle’s breasts seemed larger than normal however he just assumed that like everything else in his new world Michelle was bigger just like everything else.

“Pwease don’h puh me wiff Benny in da pwaypen. He’s bigga dan me.” Michelle giggled at the increasing problems Rob had with speaking, Rob was really sounding like a toddler except with a larger vocabulary. She wondered if he got much smaller if he’d loose his ability to speak, similar to the toilet training problems he now faced.

“It’s okay honey I’ll keep the two of you separated but you are going to have to play with your son part of the day. There are going to be times during the day I can’t keep an eye on you, so you will have to spend time with him in the playpen.” Michelle understood that it was not going to be easy for Rob to adjust but he was going to have to try and make the best of the situation.

Rob was placed on the floor and allowed to roam free. For the first time he was given the chance to move around and get used to his new body. Rob immediately noticed he was not walking normally, both the thickness of his diaper and the angle of his feet which rotated out caused him to waddle instead of walking normally. This didn’t completely surprise Rob as he just watched his son learn to walk. He toddled around the room finding that at this age the act of walking seemed like a fun expedition. Again he noticed his balance was not very good and toppled over every few minutes, especially when he didn’t concentrate on the act of walking.

Soon Rob was hoisted off the ground and carried into the kitchen. As he passed the playpen Ben was happily drinking from his sippy cup, obviously Ben had finished his breakfast and now it was Rob’s turn. Michelle placed her husband in the high chair and strapped him in. Next Michelle maneuvered behind Rob and wrapped a feeding bid around his neck. Rob was already starting to feel uncomfortable about the whole process however he was somewhat prepared as he had done the same to his son Benjamin.

Michelle sat down in front and opened two small bottles of baby food. “Now I really don’t think I need to be hand fed baby food, just give me some cereal and a spoon.” Rob inquired to his much larger wife. “Absolutely not! I saw you check how many teeth you have and baby food is exactly what you should be fed at this age.” With that statement Michelle shoved a generous portion of strained pears into his mouth. The food had little in common with real pears and he didn’t remember ever eating pears that had been liquefied.

By the end of the meal Rob’s bib was a mess. It seemed like half the meal ended up on the bib instead of his mouth. This did frustrate Rob somewhat, he had always assumed that Ben’s bad eating habits were more a matter of effort and not coordination. Once finished Michelle removed the bib and wiped his face and fingers clean. Michelle then set Rob on the floor and handed him a baby bottle full of formula.

“You can’t be sewious, I am not going to drink dis. At weast Benny gets a sippy cup, this is just stupid. I’ve had it with this baby stuff you can just give it a west” With that statement Rob tossed the bottle at his wife’s feet and toddled away. Michelle was stunned by her husband’s actions, he had never treated her like this before and it shocked her into silence. She stood there are watched as he turned and waddled away, finally as if waking from a dream she immediately picked up the child, sat down on the couch, pulled down his diaper and gave the surly little man a spanking.

Rob couldn’t believe it! Out of surprise and shock he started yelling for Michelle to stop but quickly the pain became too great and the yelling turned to a baby’s cries of pain. “You will learn to be polite and respect my authority, I am not going to be the mommy to a brat!” After only a couple of swats Michelle stopped. “Now who are you going to obey baby?”

Rob stopped crying and sniffled as he spoke, “I…I am going to listen to my wife.” This statement did not please Michelle, “I’m not your wife, who are you going to obey baby?” Rob sniffled for a few more second before answering in a soft quiet voice. “I wisten to my mommy. Pwease stop, I be good baby” With Rob’s statement of surrender she pulled up his diaper and pants then cleaned the tears from his face.

Michelle then walked over and deposited the new baby into the playpen and placed his bottle on his lap. The defeated little child looked down at the bottle and up at his new mother. She stood over top waiting for him to start nursing. Rob had no choice, he picked up the bottle and stuck the nipple in his mouth, hoping it would be enough for Michelle to go away and leave him alone. What he didn’t expect was that his mouth and tongue began to automatically start sucking. Rob noticed the formula was like milk but a bit sweeter. As he started to drink in the formula he realized how thirsty he was, Rob sat back against the pen’s wall and drank his fill. Rob closed his eyes and relaxed, focusing solely on the baby bottle and its contents.

Before Rob realized what was going on he had emptied the bottle. Michelle had been monitoring him to make sure he finished the bottle. She laid a towel over her shoulder, picked up the baby and proceeded to pat his back producing a huge burp along with a bit of his breakfast which deposited itself on the towel. “Smart move with the towel, I got it diwty.” Rob said with a little humour.

“I have to go take a bath, I want you to play nice with Benny while I’m gone, okay?” Michelle made statement more than asked for permission, but Rob understood. “Okay, I be good while you are away.” With that Rob was lowered into the playpen and left to hang out with his son. Ben was standing in the corner chewing on a set of plastic keys while drooling.

Rob got up and was about to go over to Ben when his stomach and intestines started to rumble. He was about to call for Michelle when the sound of the shower told him she was indisposed. Rob looked around as if there was a way out only to realize he was trapped and forced to wait. He was stuck in this soft cell, forced to hold-on until she was done in the bathroom. If he wasn’t stuck in here, he could walk into the bathroom on his own and use Ben’s potty chair. It was so close, yet so far away.

The little professor decided to walk around the playpen to take his mind off this predicament. He started to cross the middle however the unexpected soft floor caused him to topple over. While sitting in the middle his gut continued to remind him of his impending constitutional. He crawled to the side of the pen and used the mesh wall to help him stand up. The intensity and pressure were getting worse and he didn’t know how much longer he could hold on.

He tried to get his mind off the pressure in his behind and focus on the accident at the laboratory. “How could I have received such a large dose of the radiation? How could I have been exposed long enough? Would it be possible to switch polarities of the transformer to induce the opposite effect?” Rob paused, with the depressing thought coming back to him. “Is my regression finished. And how many more months could I possibly loose?”

The scenarios ran through his mind, the ‘what if’s’ kept him guessing with endless possibilities. He was 18 months now, what if he ended up 6 months? Crawling around on all fours with a large butt sticking up in the air, unable to stand up or walk on two feet, crawling over to his Mommy to ask her to change his dirty diapers.

Then the image of him as a 3 month old baby flashed in his mind vividly and this he knew this image would haunt him for days. There he was lying in his crib unable to crawl or even sit up, just lying there starting at the ceiling as his limbs twitched uncontrollably, not even sure if he would be able to tell when he’d peed…


Suddenly Rob was brought back to reality by the warmth building in his groin. He had started peeing and hadn’t noticed! He could feel the hot rush of urine flowing around his pubes.

He hadn’t even known he was peeing! “How could it get worse than this?” As Rob began to reflect on his latest failure, instinctively he grabbed the side of the playpen as his sphincter involuntarily spasm. Suddenly a wave of pleasure rose from his anus and traveled up his spine. Simultaneously a warm expanding pile of poo spread into the back of his diaper. As his bowels finished their job, Rob gripped the mesh wall with all his might not moving, overwhelmed by the moment, during this nearly orgasmic experience. All he could do is stand there lost in the experience as weight in his diaper grew heavier by the second. “This isn’t so bad.” As he smiled to himself.

The toddler stood at the side of the playpen in a blissful state. Slowly he started to contemplate what had just happened. While in a playpen wearing nothing but a pair of shortalls and a diaper, he managed to completely mess himself. It wasn’t a small mistake but the gesture of a small child not an adult. Rob also noticed that the odor wasn’t as rank as he remembered. It wasn’t a smell he wanted to live with all day but he could stand it sometimes. “Maybe I’m not as smelly as Benny?”

Rob took a few steps and could feel the mess in the back of his diaper shift. Suddenly Ben yelled out, “Da-da go poopies!” Ben squealed at the top of his voice, he was very proud of the fact he could tell that someone else needed to be changed. Immediately Rob tried to turn towards his son but not used to this new coordination he fell on his bottom. The mess inside his diaper immediately spread across his butt however it was the feeling of this poo oozing around his crotch towards the front which disturbed him.

All he could do was sit and wait for Michelle to come and take care of him, there was nothing he could do for himself. For the first time Rob truly felt like a small helpless little baby, especially since it felt like he was about to start leaking all over the floor of the playpen. After a few minutes Rob wasn’t feeling any better about his condition as the recent events played a continuous loop in his mind. A small tear came from his eye as his thumb unnoticed snuck up and deposited itself in his mouth and he instinctively began to rock back and forth waiting for his mommy.

  • to be continued.

The Return to Innocence - Part 13, Rob’s Story

by BBoy

Finishing off her shower Michelle threw a robe on, walked into the living room and looked down at her two sons. She pulled back Benjamin’s diaper and found nothing. Then turning to Rob with a devilish grin on her face she was about to check her husband’s tushie when he spoke up, “It it was me, I’m…sowwy.” Rob looked up with a deep expression of embarrassment on his face as tears were rolling down his cheeks.

Seeing the expression on his face melted Michelle’s heart, “It’s okay honey, I want you to finish up before I change you. You stay there and play with Benny while I get dressed, then I’ll change your diapee.” All Rob could do was sit there and nod his head. Even Ben looked superior to Rob right now, standing on the other side of the pen smiling broadly at the fact his diaper was still clean.

Rob remained on the floor of the pen sitting there reflecting on his latest misfortune. His diaper was already starting to cool but the injury to his ego was immeasurable. Rob wasn’t an adult nor a brilliant scientist but a very small, diapered baby that was very wet and dirty, incompetent and incontinent. Rob could feel his self-respect and modesty slipping away. He had lost his ability to control a basic bodily function which differentiated adults from the most immature of children. There was nowhere to hide when she re-entered the living room. She would want to strip him naked exposing his private parts and his level maturity to the world.

Rob looked up at the world around him. The soft mesh walls rose up vertically to what must have seemed like the ceiling. Rob already knew that there was no way he could climb out of this cubical, Michelle had total control over him and could leave him there when ever she wanted to. She would choose when he was fed, when he slept, when he got to play and what he would play with. Rob could tell his manhood slipping away, only to be replaced with the trappings of babyhood. The soft floor, plush toys or brightly coloured toys and scents of infancy were now becoming home to him, whether he wanted them or not.

Ben crossed the playpen and stood over his father. Rob grabbed the wall and pulled himself up to face his son. As he stood up he started peeing yet again. Rob groaned with futility at his growing incontinence. This time it didn’t phase him as badly, the diaper was already feeling heavy hanging from his waist and another wetting at this point was almost expected. The only thing that concerned him, if it leaked would it make a mess of his clean clothes.

Benjamin was overjoyed to have a playmate and squealed at his arrival. Ben pushed Rob then turned and charged to the opposite side of the playpen. Rob decided to follow and carefully crossed the soft floor without falling. Rob was proud of his accomplishment, he was sure his balance was getting better as he adjusted to his new new body, hopefully it also meant the regression had also stopped. Rob began to chase his son around the perimeter both of them laughed and squealed as their game proceeded. Rob continued to chase Ben stumbling a few times which would result in a face plant on the soft rubber floor but he would get up and continue the chase. Not even the fact that all the running and falling would continue to smear and make a further mess around his tushie really didn’t matter to him. The chase was on!

Soon two hands reached underneath Rob’s armpits and hoisted him up into the air. Michelle was now ready to deal with her newest child and deftly carried the little guy away from her chest concerned the smell would get her dirty. Ben feeling left out of the attention squealled “Me go potty!” Immediately Michelle turned around dumping Rob in the playpen while she took care of more immediate concerns. Hoisting Ben out of the playpen she whisked him off to the bathroom where his potty chair awaited.

For Rob the humiliation was brought back, sitting on the floor of the playpen. He could feel the soft sticky mess as it had cooled around him and the smell wafted up reminding him of his predicament. He was surrounded by his mistake, no matter how he tried to forget what he had done. He was now feeling abandoned and ignored. To Rob, Michelle seemed to give more attention and importance to Benjamin. He could hear Michelle praising Ben for his accomplishment and telling him “what a big boy he was.” Rob was sure that Michelle must see him as even less of a human being due to the lack of some abilities.

“What’s so big about sitting on a potty chair? I was able to do that.” Rob noted how even he used that statement in the past tense. “How could I have sunk so low in such a short period of time?” Dejected Rob unconsciously slipped his thumb into his mouth to sooth his bruised ego. Rob fixed his gaze on the mesh wall in front of him and tried to reason how fate had left him in this latest state incompetence and incontinence.

Finally Michelle grabbed Rob from behind lifting under his armpits and carried him back to the converted nursery where his second diaper change of the day would commence. All Rob could do was pray that the operation would end quickly. Unfortunately Michelle had other plans and would make the most of Rob’s predicament. From the time she picked Rob up the mother-baby talk had begun. Not talking in a normal voice but a higher pitched tone with a smattering of infantile words and phrases. “Aww, don’t worry Robbie, Mommy is here for you. Let’s get my little man out of that poopy dye-pee.” When they reached the table, she sat Rob in the middle and proceeded to pull out every conceivable baby product from the diaper bag.

Finally after what seemed like an eternity Michelle began to unbutton his pants. Rob couldn’t bear to watch anymore and laid back on the pad, resigned to his fate. Rob closed his eyes tightly as waves of humiliation flooded his psyche. His wife immediately noticed his distress, stopped the process and began to console her baby. “There there little one, its not that bad, you will get used to it.” She cooed and she dug around in the large blue diaper bag of nursery items. “Don’t worry honey, everything is going to be alright.”

It took all of Rob’s composure not to start crying. “P P Pwease change me now, stop going so swow.” Tear’s rolled down his face.

Michelle enjoyed the commanding position she had over her husband, she had always known she was the dominant one in their relationship but this was much different. No longer just telling him what to do but now she physically dominated over her one time equal. “Honey, what is wrong? And why do you need to be changed?” A sly smile crossed her face as she looked maternally down on Rob.

“You know alweady! P Pwease change me. Diapuh poopy!” It was only getting worse for Rob as his speech became more infantile when his nerves frayed.

Removing her hand from the bag she held something however Rob was unable to tell what it was. Michelle smiled like a content mother, as she stroked her new son’s forehead. “Here you go a little something to sooth your frayed nerves.” Next, Rob found that a large hand slid up his chin deftly and deposited something between his lips. His lips and tongue could feel the slick smooth object slip into his mouth, suddenly without thinking his mouth pulled it in and began to rhythmically suck. Rob moaned as he realized he was sucking on a pacifier! He squirmed at his embarrassment and could feel the soft sticky mess against his bottom.

Michelle unbuttoned his shorts and pulled them over his waist exposing his diaper. He could hear the tapes ripping away from the front of the diaper, then felt his legs lifted into the air as the diaper was then used to remove the majority of the mess. “Oh honey, this is all over! How could you make such a mess at your age?” Rob just closed his eyes, clenched his fists and feverishly sucked on his pacifier. Finally removing his shirt, shorts and socks Rob was carried into the bathroom and placed in a warm tub of water. He tried to grab for the wash cloth however Michelle took it away from him and proceeded to give the little man a scrub. Once clean, the child was removed from the tub, dried off, picked up and taken back to the changing table where a new diaper was taped in place and his shirt put back on. “Come on honey, let’s put you in the living room. I’m not going to put your pants on, it’s warm enough this morning.” Michelle said. Rob was lifted off the change table and deposited in the playpen in the living room.

While sitting in the pen Rob realized he was still sucking on the pacifier non-stop for the past 20 minutes. It didn’t bother him, in fact he found it soothing and relaxing. For now he decided it would stay, but only a few more minutes, as he was too old too be sucking on a pacifier. Rob seemed to loose track of time soon he was lost in thought jumping from one thing to another as his attention drifted.

The rest of the day went without many crisis, he wet himself before lunch but didn’t get upset by his incontinent act. Instead Rob called for his wife who whisked him away for a speedy change. The little man took it in stride, as he slipped his thumb into his mouth and looked up into his wife’s eyes for consolation. Michelle did show empathy for her charge and did feel sorry for his condition however she was also enjoying her new control over her husband. She now decided when he would eat, what he would wear and when he would go to bed. The new level of control made her feel more empowered. The new control also fostered a greater level of motherly nurturing she felt towards her new child. Although she may have lost a husband she now had a new son and as long as he was young she would love and care for him.

By the evening Rob had now accepted his new clothing and status in the house. He tried to remind both wife and son he wasn’t a baby however they weren’t completely convinced. Michelle had forced him to eat food appropriate for someone his size, Rob knew that his body would probably rebel like his son’s had when Benny ate chocolate or other foods normally off-limits to younger folk. Michelle was willing to give Rob more freedom around the house and had let him toddle about unmonitored whereas Benny was kept in the playpen. Rob more than once had waddled up and said hello to his son, reminding Benny who was trapped inside while his father was free to move wherever he wanted.

Later in the day Rob noticed Michelle had stopped clothing him in Benjamin’s diapers, instead she used a different package of smaller diapers. Rob wasn’t distressed by his continued regression after the last major milestone had been passed when babyhood was attained. Rob knew until this age could be reversed baby bottles and diapers would rule his future. He was still uneasy with what awaited him, his teeth were disappearing and food with less consistency and taste was in the offing. What was worse, if he grew much smaller he could loose his ability to walk or worse be stuck as a newborn unable to even rollover. For now he could still talk and convey his theories on reversing this processes but once he lost the ability to talk it would take much longer to get his ideas across to his lab mates.

Not only would he not be able to communicate but also would truly be younger than his son. Presently Rob told himself that he was still the elder of the two. Mommy, errr Michelle was treating them different and gave him far more freedom than Ben. Rob was also able to hold a conversation with her, something Benny could only do for half a sentence. These arguments were enough for Rob to hold some semblance of dignity. All he had to do was continually measure himself against his son, at least that was what he told himself.

After dinner Michelle busied getting the mess cleaned up, then sat down with her son’s and watched them nurse on their milk. Rob no longer protested his use of the baby bottle, instead he enjoyed the moment with Michelle cuddling him on her lap. Her figure still excited him even though getting his penis erect wasn’t a possibility. Somehow her full figure and large breasts fixated him and longed to be near them. They seemed bigger and rounder than normal, but Rob dismissed it as everything in his life was now bigger than normal.

Once Ben had finished the sippy cup, she picked him up and carried her son to the bathroom depositing him on the potty chair. Knowing that Ben would soon need to go in the after dinner period she pre-empted her son and worked on his toilet training. Once on the potty chair Michelle started the evening bath and got their bedtime clothes ready. Michelle was soon rewarded with Ben yelling that he had gone poppy. She went back to the bathroom, wiped up her son, removed his clothes and deposited him in the bathtub.

“Rob would you please come to the bathroom right now.” Michelle called to her former husband. The little man climbed down off the couch and toddled towards the bathroom. His balance and ability to walk were deteriorating, he was not sure if it was due to a further drop in age or his physical abilities were catching up. Either way it was a little disconcerting however Rob was quickly becoming accustomed to stumbling, weaving and wobbling around the cabin.

As he reached the doorway he was overcome by a wave of discomfort from his gut, Rob knew it wouldn’t be long. He looked up at his wife with a deep sense of urgency, “Michelle I need to go to the…” It was too late, Rob grabbed the door and bent his knees a little as he instinctively pushed and gave a little grunt. Michelle recognised an accident in progress stopped washing Ben to comfort her husband in his time of infancy.

A tear rolled down his face as he reached his arms out for his new mommy to pick him up and console him. Rob had no words in his mind, nor was he reliving the past moment. All he felt and could think about presently was that he wanted to be held by ‘my mommy’. She reached down hoisted him into her arms and sat down on the toilet cradling her son, she could feel the diaper getting hot as he started to pee. “Aww that’s okay honey, you just relax and finish up. It’s alright honey you can’t be expected to control yourself at this age.” Rob could only slip his thumb into his mouth and quietly console himself. He knew soon mommy would make everything right again. As his thoughts drifted, he was somehow comforted by the warmth that was surrounding him. Just like the accident in the playpen, he was getting a sense of enjoyment and contentment from the accident.

After a few more minutes Michelle took her new son to the changing table cleaned him up, removed all his clothing before carrying him to the tub to join his son. She carefully placed Rob in the tub and proceeded to wash him from top to bottom, just like he used to do with Ben. Once finished cleaning Rob, she removed him from the tub. “Shouldn’t you deaw wiff Benny first, he has been in here wonger dan me?” the little man inquired. Michelle just toweled him off. “No honey you are too small to leave unattended in the bathtub. I’d feel safer taking care of you first.” Once Rob was dried off, she then removed Ben and drained the water. Picking up Ben, she asked Rob to follow her to the nursery and he happily toddled behind them.

As Michelle prepared Ben for bed, Rob quietly stood below and watched the procedure not phased a bit that he was next. As Michelle powdered, diapered and put Ben’s sleeper on Rob toddled naked around the room looking into various bags. In the Wal-mart bag he found another package of diapers, for children under 12 months. Rob hoped they would not be needed. He also found a prescription for Domperidone, not sure what it was he decided it must be for a ‘womens’ issue and of no concern him. He continued to look through another bag of clothes which were obviously for him, most were sensible however there were a couple of sets of clothes he hoped never to wear. Especially one baby blue pair of shortalls with no pant legs instead there were elastic leg holes, the outfit looked like it had been crossed with a diaper shirt. It was guaranteed to show off his diapered butt and make the wearer look truly infantile.

Finally she picked up Rob and proceeded to diaper and dress him in a sleeper. Again Rob did not flinch nor did he want to cry. In fact he was eager to get a new diaper on, at least it covered up his nakedness. Rob played with a finger as he happily looked up into his wife’s eyes. Michelle instinctively started using cute baby talk to Rob, which he enjoyed and giggled while a little drool again escaped his lips. Before he knew it he was changed and clothed in a yellow sleeper for the evening. Rob contently lay on the changing pad happy to just look into his new mother’s eye. Michelle picked him up and placed him in the playpen while she returned her attention to Ben. Rob was serene and happy from the attention he received. He was calm and without a thought in his mind, almost as if he had been mediating. After a moment of gurgles and squeaks Rob placed a thumb in his mouth and laid there on his back with his legs turned out by the thickness of the diaper. Rob again watched the attention Benny was getting as she talked with her older son. He was getting sleepy from the warm comfortable sleeper he was in, the footed sleeper again made him comfortable like much of his other clothing, he made a mental note that if he got back to age 42, he’d get a footed sleeper made for himself.

The mother tucked her 2 year old in and kissed him on the forehead before raising the crib’s rail. Michelle picked up Rob and carried him out of the room turning off the light as they left. “I’m not sleeping with Benny tonight?” Rob asked his wife.

Michelle smiled and picked up another baby bottle from the warmer. “I thought we could spend some quite time together tonight honey. You can stay up a little longer than Benny.” She then walked out on the camp’s deck and sat him in a chair beside her. Under the moonlight Michelle poured herself a glass of red wine while Rob joked, “What no vino for me?” Her response was to place a baby bottle of formula in his lap.

Rob quietly smiled, sat back to relax with his wife and slowly nursed on his bottle. Michelle gazed at the moon and they quietly talked about the past few days. Soon Rob began to get bitter and irratable while reflecting, his mood changed from being upbeat and playful to frustrated and cranky. Michelle picked up Rob and cradled him against her breast and patting his diapered butt. “There there Robbie, be a good baby and calmed down. Everything is alright, I’m sorry I kept you up past your bedtime from now on you will go down just like your brother.” As Rob continued to whine and complain his speech grew quieter and less distinguishable. Soon all mumbling ceased and the baby fell asleep in his mother’s arms.

  • to be continued.

The Return to Innocence (completed)

The Return to Innocence- Part 14, Rob’s Story

by BBoy

Rob woke up in the playpen again. The light shown through the curtains creating sunbeams as Rob played with his fingers and the cobwebs slowly dissipated from his sleepy mind. Benny was still sleeping and the cabin was quiet. Soon Rob realized he was wet however he was not uncomfortable and nor in immediate need of help. The air had the smell of a mess but it could have been his roommate. As he shifted around it didn’t seem like he had pooped in his diaper but he was not sure. He laid back and wondered what time it was, it was hard to tell without a clock, so his best guess was some time after sunrise at 6am.

Soon he realized his sleeper and the floor of the playpen were wet from a leaky diaper. Rob groaned at the fact he probably regressed during the night. His frustration over the pass week began to well up inside him. He had tried to be a good sport over the entire affair, Michelle had not been responsible however she had been supportive and tried to make the best of a bad situation. However it didn’t seem to matter to the little man right now as he balled up his tiny fists fighting back the tears. The more he fought his emotions to stay in control the angrier he became. He squirmed in his wet clothes, which only made him feel more uncomfortable. Sitting up he could feel his sleeper had been soaked all up his back. This didn’t feel like a small accident but the complete emptying of a full bladder. Finally his mind snapped, reverting to a more primal stage in life and he began to cry like the baby he had become.

It felt like an eternity until Michelle came into the room. She picked up Rob and quickly removed his sleeper and before he knew it a dry diaper was fastened into place. He was dressed in a new red sleeper and then placed in the crib with a nipple bottle. Rob picked up the bottle and began nursing while he watched Benny receive the same treatment. After placing Benny back in the crib beside him with a sippy cup. “I’m going to clean the playpen then I’ll let it dry so you two have fun sleeping together for an hour or two.” As turned and grabbed a ragged to mop up the mess. The entire time Rob kept sucking on his bottle as if it was all that matter in his life right now. Michelle tucked her two sons under their blankets and closed the door behind her.

Later in the morning Michelle waked Rob as she entered the room. She removed him from the playpen, checked his diaper and dressed his in a shirt. Finally she placed him on the floor and let him roam free while Ben was dressed for the day. Rob waddled towards the mirror and noticed his balance had decreased substantially over night. Halfway across the room he fell backwards on his bottom however it didn’t hurt dropping from this short height. Attempting to stand up had become much more difficult. Climbing to his knees, he stuck his diapered end into the air before leaning back and finally standing up. Rob swayed in place for a couple of seconds before continuing to the mirror.

Rob stood in amazement at how small he’d become. Now a very cute dimpled 12 month old child smiled back at him. His shirt had a small child kicking a soccer ball and his thick white diaper visibly protruded from below. He giggled at the sight. With a finger stuck in his mouth it did not faze him that a stream of drool ran down his hand. He had noticed a continual drool yesterday and figured it would get worse as his teeth disappeared. Rob happily wandered off into the living room to start a brand new day.

By mid-morning Rob had another accident while sitting in the on the living room rug. He was playing with blocks when the urge in his gut came and just as quickly released without any ability to contain it. This time he didn’t get upset, instead he called for Michelle who took care of him quickly and efficiently. In fact the experience was sort of comforting, as he was content to sit and wait for assistance.

The rest of the day passed without incident. He played by himself mostly preferring to spend time on the couch reading a book or sometimes, when people weren’t looking he might try his hand at the blocks. Rob liked the blocks because they were made for someone his size, even books were awkward to lift and turn pages with his small pudgy hands.

Dinner and then bedtime seemed to come quickly, he noticed that his sense of time had dimished at some point. At one point he was playing with the blocks and didn’t realize an hour had passed until his diaper reminded him lunch had been digested. Tonight Ben and Rob went to bed at the same time and Rob didn’t make a fuss. When Michelle changed him this time she used a size 3 diaper which Ben hadn’t used since he was 11 or 12 months. Seeing this, all he could do was put his thumb in his mouth and hope his regression would end soon.

Sunday started like the past few, his diaper was wet along with the playpen floor. Michelle took care of her boy and afterwards he toddled over to the mirror to see a 10 month old baby looking back at him. Rob unsteadily toddled into the living room to start yet another day of carefree fun.

After lunch Ben was placed in the playpen and given a sippy cup. Michelle picked up Rob and carried him to the couch, where he expected his bottle while cradled in her arms. This had been the routine over the past few days and it was one of Rob’s truly favourite times of the day. He was so close to his wife and she made him feel warm and safe, he had fallen asleep a few times while he nursed on his bottle.

Rob was already feeling groggy from the food he’d consumed and laid back expecting to nurse. “I’ve got a surprise for you honey, I have been taking Domperidone. My breasts are lactating again.” Michelle’s voice wafted across the air and Rob slowly opened his eyes. Her blouse was gone and her breasts lay open before him. He gazed up at his wife however his eyes slowly drifted toward her large bosom. They were inviting as he fixated on the large round nipples. She stroked his hair and soothed him with a slight rocking motion. All he could do was sit in his warm comfy sleeper and suck his thumb longing to touch.

Michelle slowly lifted him towards her breast, instinctively he reached out and touched the left with both hands. The little hands caused a rush through Michelle’s chest. She guided Rob’s head towards her nipple and while half in a trance Rob’s lips unconsciously warped around the tit and began to nurse. Michelle closed her eyes as another orgasm washed over her. Rob hungrily gorged on his mother’s breast. He never recognized he was breastfeeding instead his infantile reactions took over and he had a very narrow focus on life that would only focus on getting his fill of milk. Rob’s attention was momentarily disturbed by the warming sensation in his crotch however it was comforting, not disturbing, so he quickly returned his undivided attention to his mommy. Soon his eyes were getting droopy and while nursing he fell asleep.

The rest of the day went without incident. More and more he noticed Michelle was leaving him in the playpen with Ben. At first he resented being stuck in the same confining space however soon Rob didn’t care. Like most little babies they were only interested in themselves and don’t care about others around them. The same was true for Benny, as he had lost interest in playing with Rob especially when Rob become so much younger. Rob happily played by himself entertaining with his favourite blocks and periods of almost mediation where he’d suck his thumb and stare at the playpen’s wall.

Monday morning, Rob awoke a little happier. He was wet and most likely messy, however this time his playpen’s floor wasn’t wet. It looked like his diaper had not leaked overnight, Rob gave a sigh of relief as it looked like the regression had slowed or stopped. As he lay in his playpen, Rob thought back over the past twenty four hours. He had breastfed more than once and become engrossed in the action loving every minute. There was no regret or revulsion for his truly infantile act, instead he lay in ‘his crib’ sucking his thumb dreaming of his next chance to nurse.

After a short time Michelle came into the room and changed her sons. As she lifted him onto the table her face screwed up. “Oh Rob, you are truly stinky this morning! How can one little man make such a large smell?” Rob giggled at the comment. “I don’h smew dah bad Mommy!” He waived his arms around and beat his legs against the table playfully as Michelle started unbuttoning his sleeper. After getting cleaned up, Michelle put him back in the playpen and gave him a bottle. Rob looked at the baby bottle a little confused. He didn’t want the bottle, he had expected to be breastfed. Before Michelle could turn to leave Rob began to fuss and cry. Michelle picked up her youngest son and cuddled him in her arms. Rob reached for Michelle’s breast but Michelle swatted his hand, which caused him to cry. Michelle quieted him down and slipped the bottle into his mouth. He reluctantly began to nurse and after a few minutes Rob’s belly began to fill as he drifted off to sleep.

The morning routine had become predictable as he expected to get a morning bottle, nap before getting up for breakfast and then play time. The only major difference was in his physical abilities. Rob was a little discouraged to find walking was becoming increasingly difficult. The diapers seemed a little thicker spreading his legs apart however he didn’t figure that was the real reason. It was difficult to balance correctly and his walk seemed more awkward. He fell constantly as he tried to cross the room. Even standing took effort as he usually needed a couple of attempts to before he was successful. Rob would get to his knees, stick his diapered butt in the air, then using his hands push his torso up until he could stand but somehow he seemed to fall backwards most of the time needing a second or third attempt. Soon he got tired of struggling to walk and started to crawl on all fours.

Around 10am Rob noticed Michelle began to pack Benny’s diaper bag. Rob figured they were going somewhere however it he wasn’t concerned, he was far more interested in his blocks. Michelle collected up extra bottles of baby food and prepared baby bottles before placing it all in the bag. Soon Michelle picked up Ben and took him back to the nursery, a few minutes later Ben came out dressed in smart clothes and shoes ready to go out.

Next it was Rob’s turn, he was stripped of his clothes as she stuck two fingers down his diaper. Rob didn’t even flinch at his lack of privacy, he had been checked for dryness continually over the past few days and had become used to the action. In fact more than once Michelle had checked his diaper and found he’d soaked it yet he hadn’t realized the mistake. “Just a little damp honey, but I think you will be fine until we get to the neighbours.”

Rob’s eyes grew wide as he realized what was happening. “You can take me out like dis, I’m wearing diapahs!”

Michelle just giggled at the obvious comment. “No honey we are going out, I’ve been stuck here with you two rugrats. I need to socialize with adults for a change. We won’t be there for too long, just relax and enjoy the attention.”

Public attention was the last thing Rob needed right now. It was one thing having Michelle, his life partner, taking care of him and knowing about his condition. However it was a completely different having others around when he was diapered and toddling around in this infantile state. “Pwease honey, I’m an adulw. I can’t be seen like dis.” Rob pleaded with his wife, his baby blue eyes begged for understanding. Michelle finished dressing her little man and picked him up cuddling and bouncing the child in her arms to calm him down. Rob burrowed his face in between her arm and breast hoping he could hide from the world.

Michelle finally calmed the baby down and stood him on the floor. Rob got about three steps before falling on his bottom. Again instead of trying to stand, he just got on all fours and made his way to the mirror. Once at the mirror he grabbed on to the leg of a chair and pulled himself up to a standing position.

This time he saw the 10-moth-old child, this time wearing the baby blue romper with a yellow t-shirt that had pant legs, instead there was elastic openings with lace around the edge. The soft blue outfit with a yellow shirt, socks and shoes was obviously bought as a set since the bird pattern on the socks matched the romper. Because there were elastic leg openings and the curved features of the waist Rob’s diaper bulged significantly from underneath. He stared at the sight for a minute, he looked like the epitome of a cute baby. A high pitched giggle came out as he wiggled his butt. Quickly his attention span drifted and he proceeded to the living room. After about 10 steps of an awkward waddled, he ended up on all fours, crawling madly towards his destination.

Rob stopped in mid crawl when a knock came at the door and a 14 year-old came wandering into the house. “Mrs. Leahey! It’s Sarah Barton! I’ve come to give you a hand!” Michelle scooped up Rob and deposited him in Ben’s stroller. “Thanks Sarah, if you could push Robbie’s stroller and carry the diaper bag, I’ll take Benny and the playpen.” With everything packed Michelle took Ben by the hand and proceeded to the door. Rob tried to look up and see the teenager but the stroller’s roof blocked his view, the only person he could see was his brother…err, son Benny.

As they walked down the lane, Rob saw the cottages he’d jogged past a few days before. The mailboxes were gigantic like everything else they passed. Suddenly a woman’s voice came from behind. “Margaret! Is that your son Benny? I haven’t met your son yet.” It was their next-door neighbour, Rachel. He had said hello during his jog but never stopped to have a conversation and this was definitely NOT the time to start.

  • to be continued.

The Return to Innocence - Part 15, Rob’s Story

“Oh so this is Benny. How are you?” Rachel poured her attention on Ben however the 2 year-old was a little shy and hid behind his mother’s leg. “Oh dear I hope I didn’t scare him. But who is this in the stroller, I didn’t know you had a second son?” Michelle shook her head, “No this is Robbie, my nephew.” Rachel moved in front and kneeled to say hello. Rob’s eye grew big as saucers and panic started to overwhelm him. What if he was recognized! He might be 10 months but he still had many of the same facial features. “Oh now aren’t you a cute baby! You are obviously got your looks from your daddy’s side of the family, I can see the resemblance.”

Rob was living the nightmare and there was nothing he could do, he was completely out of control of the situation. Suddenly his diaper was getting warmer as his bladder instinctively began to empty. The entire situation had completely overwhelmed Rob and the infant began to cry. He was scared and wanted his mommy. He closed his eyes as the inner child flowed to the surface and gained control.

Rachel lifted the upset infant from the stroller and started bouncing him. This only made him more upset. At this point the only thing Rob could focus on was his mommy, it was the only thing that mattered. It was obvious to any mother what was happening and Rachel looked to Michelle for help.

The little baby cried with a large high pitched wail, Michelle reached out and took him into her arms. He continued to cry for another 2 minutes however his voice was muffled by her arm and breast where he buried his head. Now he was safe, it could have been a raging storm but he was safe here. Once Michelle calmed Rob down, he instinctively slipped a thumb into his mouth to calm his frayed nerves. Sandra grabbed the folded playpen and put Ben in the stroller, leaving Michelle to hold onto her youngest.

Time passed unnoticed. Rob finally realized the conversation with Rachel had ended and they were walking again. Rob poked his head out to see the quiet lane passing by. Rob looked over his other shoulder to see the back of Sandra’s head. From this angle, she seemed to be a slender brown haired girl wearing shorts and a turquoise shirt. The girl turned towards Rob noticing his curiosity. She smiled and waved her hand at the little guy and he giggled through his thumb still tucked in his mouth. Sandra looked far less threatening than Rachel. It was also much easier to meet new people from the security of your mother’s arms. Rob smiled at the girl’s babyish gestures to him, not realizing he was enjoying the attention Sandra paid to him.

“This is our cabin.” Sandra piped up and they turned into the driveway. The cabin was similar to Michelle and Rob’s except painted white. As Michelle walked in Sandra’s mother, Grace Barton, a friend for the past couple of summers at the lake greeted her “Grace would you mind if I quickly took Robbie to the bathroom for a change?” Michelle inquired of her friend.

“Oh heavens no! You can do it in the living room we are all women here. Besides there is more room here than in that tiny bathroom.” With that statement Michelle could hear a groan of impending embarrassment coming from Rob. Michelle lowered Rob to the flower, where he quickly grabbed the table leg to steady himself. She then opened the diaper bag, unfolded the changing pad on the table and then lifted him on to the pad where he laid quietly. She slipped a pacifier into his mouth as his privates were exposed to the world to see. He laid there looking up at the three women who were chatting away about how cute he looked. Rob barely noticed what Michelle was doing; his body was pushed around and his legs thrown in the air as the coldness of the wipe announced he would soon be clean. Michelle barely focused Rob as the process of diaper changing was almost an autonomic response after changing so many of Benjamin’s. Michelle continued her conversation with the other women instead of paying attention to Rob. Surprisingly Rob barely noticed as he scanned the room, light fixtures and fan mounted on the ceiling.

Finally his feet were lifted into the air again as the diaper was slid underneath, he did note that laying on the diaper was far nicer than the cold plastic of the table. He could feel Michelle massage the baby powder into his skin and the three women giggled as he uncontrollably had an erection. Rob also giggled, partially in response to the women but mainly because of the massage and subsequent erection made him feel so good. He squirmed wanting to get up and explore the cabin however Michelle had a firm grip while covering his bottom in powder. Soon he was wrapped in a new diaper, his clothes refastened and finally placed in the playpen with Benny. He would rather have been able to explore the cabin on his own but knew for now he would have to play the part of a baby until he was alone with the family.

Rob ended up having a wonderful day. He didn’t like Mrs. Barton too well and fused whenever she picked him up. However he was happy to be pampered by Sandra. Sandra played with Rob all morning, mostly teaching him how to walk. Rob wanted to tell her walking was a skill he could do, all be it with difficulty. Instead he enjoyed the attention the teenager lavished on him and let Sandra grab his two little hands and helped him along. When she let go of the infant, he would waddle for 8 or 10 steps before his weak muscles and deteriorated balance caused him to fall. Rob, like most babies learn quickly how to fall. If their balance starts to go it was better to fall backwards and on their butt to cushion the fall.

Michelle was happy to let Sandra take care of Rob, one less child to watch. Sandra also babysat on a regular basis and was fully capable of taking care of both children. Rob had also realized a teenager was in charge of him. The fact he was older than her made it seem comical however he didn’t want to cause a problem that would blow his disguise. They played together as Sandra stood over him, holding his hands, trying to help his tiny legs figure out the proper motor skills to walk.

Caught up with all the attention, Rob didn’t even realize what was happening until it was too late. One minute they were playing and the next, Sandra turned and grabbed the diaper bag. She pulled out the changing pad, a new diaper and wipes. Rob wasn’t sure what was going on until he looked down at his diaper, which sagged noticeably. Sandra laid him on his back and proceeded to change him. Rob unconsciously went into an automatic mode and remained quiet not really realizing someone other than Michelle was changing him. Rob liked Sandra and had placed his trust in her throughout the morning. So it became no surprise he had become comfortable in letting this woman take care of him and expose his privates to her tender care.

As she snapped the last fasteners on his romper and stood him up it sunk in what had just happened. Another woman, not his wife, not even an adult had changed his diaper, wiped his private parts, applied a generous portion of cream, powdered his butt and made sure he was clean. All without any assistance from him. Rob wasn’t humiliated instead he figured if this was the worst thing to happen today life was pretty good. As Sandra put the items back in the diaper bag, he climbed onto all fours and scampered towards his blocks, if he wouldn’t be able to read a magazine then blocks seemed like a good substitute. Suddenly he was picked up off the ground by Sandra and dumped in the playpen while she walked into the kitchen. Rob stood at the side of the pen using the mesh to hold himself up. He cried momentarily as he looked at the blocks just beyond the mesh walls however he was distracted easily and re-focused his attention on Sandra as she turned the corner into the kitchen. He could hear the three women talking in the other room however he quickly lost interest in the conversation and start to fidget with Benjamin’s teddy bear.

Soon Michelle removed Benny from the pen, leaving Rob to watch the mother and son disappear into the next room. After what seemed like an eternity Ben was brought back and placed in the pen with his sippy cup. As Benny was lowered to the rubber floor Rob could see Benny’s diaper was drooping from a very recent accident, however he wondered if they were waiting for Benny to digest his formula before checking again. Rob was then removed, carried to the kitchen and strapped into the high chair. He squealed with joy as the three women fussed over him. He was happy to be fed, face wiped then another spoonful of puree deposited in his mouth. He had forgotten that these jobs were now well beyond his abilities. Holding a spoon while guiding it towards his mouth was nearly impossible and he made a complete mess of the meal. This was a facet of everyday life for a baby. After lunch he received a bottle and then down for his nap.

Rob dreamed he was walking in the warm waters of the Caribbean, holding hands with the love of his life. The sun beat down on them only warming the water more. It was idealic Rob was happy and without a care in the world. Slowly he woke up sitting in the stroller as he was being pushed down the lane. Michelle and Sarah were chatting above him as Rob slipped his thumb into his mouth and sat back while the cobwebs slowly lifted from his mind. He also realized the diaper was cooling off after a recent mistake. He reflected on the dream and hypothesized that it was may have been the dream which triggered his accident. It didn’t really matter, for now he was content to sit back, wait and watch as the world pass by. In fact he doubted Michelle would be in any rush to change him, his diaper could probably take another wetting before it needed to be changed.

Once they had returned to their cabin Sarah helped get both children into the house and then left after waving bye to Robbie. He let go the side of the playpen, squealed at Sarah’s attention then toppled to the floor. Quickly distracted Rob was content to work on his blocks for a while. As the day progressed, his routine returned to normal. By dinnertime Rob was excited to be feeding from his mother’s breast again and made sure to get his fill before drifting off to sleep in her arms.

Tuesday started with his regular routine which was comforting and left him without a care in the world, in fact Rob had lost track of time and wasn’t sure when it was anymore. Nor did he care, his life had turned into an easy routine. The security of knowing what would happen next, that no surprises or dangers truly faced him was comforting.

Michelle busied herself, cleaning and packing. The vacation had not gone well, since her lover had now become only loved, no longer a caregiver only to be cared for. Michelle had made the best of the situation and frankly was thrilled how it turned out. She had wanted another child and having Rob in this state would only make her more determined to have another child be it Rob or son-of-Rob. For now it was time to get back to town. Rob had finally stopped regressing and Michelle was ready to move two young children by herself. It was time to find out how to get her husband back to normal.

After putting her two children to bed for the evening, Michelle took advantage of the ‘quiet time’ to begin packing the van for the trip home. One youngster can be very time consuming but two kept her moving all day. Over the past few days Michelle had begun to watch over Robbie more and more. Her little husband had become very unstable on his feet and was falling over more and more often. More than once Michelle had rushed into the living room because Robbie was crying after falling unexpectedly. Michelle found it was safer to leave him in the playpen so she didn’t have to remain in the same room or at least she could feel at ease when he was out of sight.

When morning came Michelle started the routine all over again. She entered the room to find Rob hadn’t leaked over night which was again a good sign however he was miserable and his bottom hurt. Michelle removed his diaper to inspect the situation. “Oh honey, you must have slept in a messy diaper all night. Your poor tushie has a nasty case of dydee rash.” Rob wasn’t relieved by her statement, instead he fussed and whimpered wanting relief. Michelle wiped him with the used diaper, getting the rest of the mess with a disposable baby cloth. Michelle then applied a heavy coating of diaper rash cream to the affected area. She noticed his relief immediately as the cream soothed his sore skin. Rob was happy to be attended to and to be in a fresh diaper. He couldn’t imagine not wearing one any more, it had become a comforting and reassuring piece of his daily life.

Michelle got her two sons cleaned and ready for breakfast. While they were busy playing, Michelle got the last items packed in the van. Finally she came back, removed Ben from the playpen standing him on the floor and picked up Rob preferring to carry him. “Come on Benny, follow Mommy and Robbie.” Michelle said with a lilt in her voice. Rob looked down to see Ben, walking along beside his Mom. He knew that Benny was stronger and better able to keep up. His ability to walk for any distance was limited. More and more he was feeling like the younger of the two.

The ride home was long but uneventful. Michelle stopped for gas and to pick up a new pack of diapers for Rob, it was a generic brand which he didn’t recognise however it was probably all that the store had at the time. Half way home Michelle stopped to change Benjamin. Once finished changing Benny she stuck two fingers down Rob’s pants only to find him dry. He barely noticed or cared about her actions as it became more routine by the hour. “Hon, do you need to go to the bathroom?”

Rob had a quizzical look and concentrated about it for what seemed like 30 seconds but finally shook his head ‘no’. However after only 10 minutes on the road the inevitable happened as his gut began to rumble with no real ability to stop he released a load of warm poo, followed up by the emptying of his bladder. Michelle was not amused by the events but knew Rob probably had no control or prior knowledge when Michelle had checked him last . She still decided to wait, instead of stopping to change him and she rolled the window down as she kept driving. Rob shifted in his car seat trying to get more comfortable, after a moment he rested. “Michewwe, could you pwease puw ovew?” A small voice came from the backseat. Michelle smirked from the driver’s seat knowing that Rob could not see. “Not right now honey. You can wait a few minutes?” Rob knew he had no choice, even if he tried to escape without Michelle’s help he couldn’t even leave the car seat.

His mind drifted and Rob lost sense of time as he watched Michelle drive or played with the plastic blocks attached to his arm wrest. However after sometime Rob was brought back to the present as his crotch became clammy and the warm comfortable sensation he had been feeling was replaced. “Michelle I need you. I’m uncomfortabwe. Pwease?” Michelle looked into the rearview mirror to see him squirming in the seat. “Honey. What do you need?” Rob realized he was completely at his wife’s mercy. A tear formed in his eye as he held back his tiny emotions. “I need my diapuh changed pwease.”

Michelle just looked forward and inquired, “I need my diaper changed please, What?”

Rob started to loose control, “I…I…I need m…my diapuh change pwease, m…mommy.” He couldn’t hold it back any longer as he began to cry.

Michelle pulled over to the side of the road and went around to her son’s door. Removing Rob from his seat she picked him up and held him close, consoling and trying to calm down the upset child. After a few minutes, he calmed down and she placed him on the front passenger seat to change his smelly diaper. As Michelle proceed to change him he could hear the cars whizzing by and he wondered how many looked over to see his privates exposed for what seemed like a eternity. He wasn’t embarrassed by his nudity but wanted it to be over it was one thing to be changed in private or at least in a house. But to be stripped of your clothes and changed in front of the world on the side of the highway was not something he wanted to remember. For a second he wished he was a big kid around the age of 7. The idea was quickly discarded as he remembered he was 42. After a few minutes Rob, was placed back in his seat and a pacifier placed in his mouth with the other end tied to a ribbon attached to the front of his coveralls. Finally they continued on their way.

It took another three hours, which seem like an eternity to someone stuck in a baby seat. Michelle left both children in the car while she removed a few items including the playpen. Finally she lifted Benny out of the car standing him on the ground then carried Rob into the house. Michelle dumped both into the playpen while she brought bag after bag of clothes and other gear in from the car. Most of it was Ben and Rob’s stuff. It never stopped amazing him how much was needed to take care of Benny and now him also.

Finally, Michelle stopped to make a phone call. Rob tried to listen in however once again it was in another room and he was not invited to listen in. After the call, she came out to give her sons their dinner. Once Michelle finished feeding Rob, she cleaned him up and laid him on his back to provide support during his latest breastfeeding session. Rob gazed up at his mother’s tits with a single thought in his mind. His tiny instincts told him the only thing in his life was getting his fill of milk. As his head was slowly lifted up to her breast the last thought he had for the evening was…bliss.

  • to be continued.

The Return to Innocence - Part 16, Rob’s Story

Wednesday morning started like any other day except Rob woke up to find he now slept in a crib. It was the temporary crib he had set-up for Benny when they were at the cabin. Now it was being put into use as his full time bed. As he lay in bed, he noticed the bed now had a rubber mat underneath the sheet and a soft furry bear lay beside him. The fact he was laying on a water proof pad became mute when he realized he was wearing a wet and messy diaper however he was content to lay back and wait for his mommy to come and rescue him from this safe secure prison.

Michelle finally came in and changed her two sons getting them dressed and ready for the day. As Rob had his shoes tied he looked puzzled, “Why putting on my shoes? Where we go today?” Michelle smiled at her son’s lisp. “I called Tim last night and he asked us to come into the lab this afternoon. I have a few errands and then into the lab to see what can be done for you.” She place Rob on the floor and he uneasily waddled over to the mirror. Again he was the same height but this time dressed in a white shirt with coveralls and little blue shoes.

He seemed to be the same height as yesterday although it wasn’t easy to tell. He might have gained a little baby fat over the past day so he just assumed that there no changes vertically, just horizontally. He was finding it more difficult to walk today, with his short legs and thick diapers taking each step needed more concentration. He just assumed the extra baby fat had changed his center of gravity and balance.

Before he could make it out of the room Michelle scooped him up, standing him by the door as she tracked down Benny then proceeded to breakfast. She placed Benny in the high chair while Rob stumbled around the room and watched the two them start the morning feeding ritual. There was no surprise when Rob noticed he would also receive a similar routine to his son. After Benny was finished, he was placed in the playpen and given a sippy cup before Rob would begin the same procedure.

Once breakfast was done Michelle put the two children in the living room to play for the morning. By 10 am the father had a plastic rattle in his mouth, feeling and exploring the toy with his tongue and mouth. His son was looking at a softly padded picture book of Farm Animals for children age 2 and up. Benny would point at a picture a yell “doggie”, every animal he pointed to was a doggie.

Rob got to his knees and crawled over to Benny to teach him the difference between a dog and a duck. Crossing towards Benny he could feel the diaper pull on his hips. He stopped crawling and looked down between his arms to see soaked diaper hanging low. He was slightly embarrassed but not for his growing incontinence but that it probably looked bad to have a diaper hanging low like that. He also reasoned that he might as well get used to it since this was a daily look for most babies. Getting on all fours he began to crawl again but felt an urgency coming from his gut. It was that unmistakable feeling he had before it was time to poo. Without warning his sphincter muscle relaxed and he could feel the hot soft poo spread across his bottom. Half way through his bladder released to complete the experience, as a small wave of pleasure ran up from his anus up to his belly button, leaving him to shiver in ecstasy. He just remained on all fours, staring towards Benny. His son could have done a back flip in from him and Rob wouldn’t have noticed as he focused on himself, thinking of little but the feeling between his legs and the possibility of a fresh diaper to begin the process again.

“Oh honey. You are making a mess on the floor.” Michelle said in a warm motherly tone. Rob looked down between his arms to see his pee laden diaper was now hanging halfway to the floor. What he thought was pee splashing against his leg was actually leaking down his leg onto the floor. “What do I care, its not like I can control when I need to go. It’s her fault, she should have checked my diaper sooner.”

Michelle was not mad; she knew his potty training was completely gone. She doubted if he knew there was a problem before now. “It’s okay honey, you made a mess on the wood floor which is easy to clean up. You were a very good boy for making the mess over here. Could you stay there for a few seconds while I take care of Benny, then I’ll be back for you.” Rob nodded his head in agreement then stuck a finger in his mouth and smiled at recognizing his achievement.

She quickly went over to Benny and placed two fingers down the front of his training pants before pulling on the back to see its state. “Oh dear. Benny your undies are damp. Does Benny need to go potty?” Benjamin sat there with a look of concentration, then stuck a finger in his mouth and nodded. Michelle laughed at the similar response from the two of them. “Life father, like son.” Michelle said before hoisting up Benny, carrying him to the potty, stripping him of his wet diaper and leaving him to do his business.

Rob remained kneeling on the floor for a minute before he was distracted by a soft toy dog in the corner. One thought came to him before he moved towards the toy. “Doggie!”
As he was crawling a pair of hands reached down and picked him up. Michelle held him under his armpits and carried him towards the nursery. Rob’s diaper hung at half mast threatening to fall off it too much stress was placed on the garment.

She placed Rob on the change table and removed the messy diaper, applying a generous amount of diaper rash cream not wanting her son to experience anymore pain. Finally she dressed him for the day before standing Rob in the crib while she retrieved Benny. Rob stood at the side of the crib watching Benny getting the same treatment and giggled as he said. “Like father, like son.” After dressing Benny she took the two children and placed them in the car along with the playpen, diaper bag and a few toys to keep them amused.

First stop was to Ben’s daycare centre. Mrs. Jenkins, the daycare’s manager, met the three of them at the car, grabing little Benny’s hand and walked with him while Michelle carried Rob. The daycare manager looked Rob in the eyes and inquired, “Who is this cute little man in your arms?” Rob looked up and smiled behind his thumb. Rob wasn’t very concerned with the possibility of being discovered. He was pretty sure she would have a hard time figuring out the difference between himself and another tot his age. With each passing hour Rob felt more secure as the child he’d become. His head jerked back and forth looking around the room at all the colours and the general buzz of energy that two dozen pre-school children will create.

Michelle noticed Rob’s excitement and started to pat his diapered bottom, trying to calm him as she held him against her chest. The little guy squirmed struggling to see everything that was happening around him. He could hear the other children playing and wanted to discover for himself what was happening.

The manager noticed Rob’s activity, she had seen it thousands of times and immediately recognised it as a child who needed to be active. Children, especially someone at this age needed to move around and release pent up energy, otherwise they were frustrating to deal with. She could see this baby was just like all the others and needed time to play, if he got to be active now he’d probably be much easier to deal with for the rest of the morning. The manager suggested that Rob would be alright playing with the other babies while the two talked.

The two women talked for a minute or two before Michelle was finally fed up with the squirming bundle. She handed him over to the manager who settled him in her arm. The manager walked away with Rob tickling him under the chin and prattled baby talk. He wasn’t concerned about being found out by this woman. Being only 28 inches tall and weighing 21 pounds, automatically made people think he was a baby. He’d also become more comfortable with who he’d become and how to behave in front of others. If he accidentally spoke a few words they would celebrate his achievement. Not much else could go wrong as long as he tried to play the part of a baby without really screwing up in the process. Besides, right now all Rob really wanted to do was investigate the toys and general commotion that was going on in the daycare. It seemed doubtful that his actions would be seen as anything else than that of a small baby.

The manager entered the main room for children under the age of two. As they walked into the centre Rob’s eyes grew wide at the spectacle in front of him. Everything was big and coloured bright blue, red, yellow and green. It wasn’t the toys that excited him as much as the décor, the bright colours seemed to attract him and focus his attention. In retrospect, it did make more sense, he had liked Benny’s blue plastic truck and the bold bright colours did seem more interesting. As the manager reached to the floor and placed Rob down he broke free of his caretakers grip as he ran off into the main room to play with the toys. He toddled for about 10 steps before he fell forward, he immediate got to his knees and started crawling towards the large pile of toys. Normally he might have cried at falling on his face but there was an exciting and colourful pile of toys waiting for him and nothing seemed more important at this time.

“Now Mrs. Leahey, we need to sit down and quickly review Benjamin’s progress along with the payment schedule for the next few months. It shouldn’t take long but I was hoping we could get the paperwork out of the way today.” Michelle looked out the window at Rob and showed some hesitance at talking while she watched her youngest son leaving her grasp. It wasn’t an issue of controlling Rob, instead it seemed much like the concern and attention she had for Benny. It was a motherly concern for Rob that made her worry for his safety even though he was in a highly protected, soft, monitored environment.

At first Rob was so focused on the bright colours and plethora of toys he didn’t notice Benny wasn’t in the room. He looked around for his son and realized Benny was not there. All around him were other babies ranging in age from 6 months up to 12 or 13 months. Almost none of the children were walking, most were on all fours. He looked around and was unsure where Benny could be. Then in a moment the blue and red clothing his brother had been wearing flashed across the doorway. Rob crawled across the room to the doorway where a baby gate had been installed to separate the two rooms. Once at the gate he used the fence to haul himself up to a standing position.

Looking through the fence he could see all the older children running around and playing with each other. There he could see groups of children some playing together with the plastic cars and trucks, while others were playing tag and a group of young girls were playing house their dolls sitting around a table having tea. Another thing he noticed was that most of the children were not in diapers! Some were wearing diapers, two already had nothing but a diaper and t-shirt since they had probably ruined their pants from an earlier accident. There were some he though might be wearing training pants since they seemed to have only a little bulk under their pants, much like Benjamin. But there were also others who were obviously much older, probably four years old and were beyond the need for toilet training.

Rob slowly turned back to look into his room. While still holding on to the fence for balance he saw his play mates. Very few of the babies were playing with each other and most were stacking blocks by themselves or chewing on some toy while drooling all over themselves. Then there was the constant smell of pee, poo and baby powder that reminded him of his state.

Rob wanted to play with the big kids, they looked like they were having more fun. However the fence was in his way. He grabbed the gate with both hands and began to shake it. When it didn’t budge he screamed and shook the gate as hard as he could, still it did not budge. Rob’s frustration grew, again he shook the gate while yelling hoping that someone would let him out. His outburst quickly turned into a temper tantrum, which turned into the cries of an unhappy baby. He stood there wailing and hoping someone would come to appease him.

  • to be continued.

The Return to Innocence - Part 17, Rob’s Story

Within 30 seconds there was an attendant standing behind him ready to comfort the little baby. Instead of picking him up and holding him as expected she put one hand on his shoulder while the other grabbed the back of his pants and diaper, pulling them away and looking inside. “Oh! Poor dear what is the problem? You haven’t made a stinky in your dydee?” She then turned Rob around and stuck two fingers down the front of his diaper. “Uhhh, Gross!” she said, as she reached for some paper towel and wiped her hands.

Rob wasn’t sure why she had reacted that way, then a few seconds later he realized he was peeing in his diaper. Piecing together the events, he concluded she must have immersed her fingers into a pool of fresh pee that hadn’t been absorbed by the gel yet. Rob stuck a finger in his mouth and giggled at her. After the assistant cleaned her hands, she stopped for a second, looked down at Rob and smiled at the infantile behaviour. “How can I get mad a little cutie like you.” She picked him up and carried the child over to the nearest changing station where he was quickly changed and placed back on the floor and allowed to return to the toys.

By the time the diaper change was completed he had completely forgotten about why he had been crying in the first place. The fact that Benny was allowed to play with the bigger kids was completely forgotten as if it had never happened in the first place. With his freshly diapered butt sticking up high in the air, Rob crawled over to the toys scattered in a corner of the room. He found an interesting plastic car with large green wheels that he pushed back and forth. He pretended that it was his work vehicle and he was driving home from work stopping at the grocery store before making his way to the daycare to pick up Benny.

Rob was thoroughly into his game when he stopped. He looked up towards the ceiling, then stuck a thumb in his mouth and took a short break like a man stepping outside for a quick cigarette. He slowly pulled the thumb in and out massaging his cheeks. The rhythmic motion relaxed the child as he meditated barely conscious of what was going on around him. Suddenly and baby stumbled past him, stopped and looked down at Rob. Without removing his thumb he looked up at the larger boy dressed in a yellow t-shirt and nothing below the waist except for his white disposable diaper. The child spied the toy car then reached down grabbed it and toddled away.

Rob was stunned. He sat there thumb still in his mouth as he watched his pride and joy walking away. Rob wasn’t sure what to do but he wanted it back. It was his, no one else can hold it. No one else but him was allowed to have it and it made him furious someone took it away from him. Rob was going to go after the toy when his emotions got the best of him. He started to cry as a baby could only do. His wails got louder as he became more irate. He couldn’t help himself, he’d lost all self-control.

An attendant came rushing over to check up on Rob, she made sure he wasn’t hurt and deduced that he was upset about something of little consequence. She picked Rob up and bounced in her arms as he slowly calmed down. Rob was still frustrated but soon he had forgotten why which allowed him to calm down faster. “There there little Robbie, everything is going to be alright. You just calm down and stop crying and act like a biiiig boy. There there, everything is going to be allll right. Oh, you poor thing it must be almost time for a nap, you look tired.” The attendant coddle Rob as he slowly calmed down. He was happy to be bounced in her arms as she rubbed his back. It was wonderful and secure even if it wasn’t his mother’s musings. It was almost meditative as he burrowed his head into the attendant’s chest. It was calming and his mind drifted into thoughtlessness where he focused on the rubbing and patting of his back.

Suddenly he realised the attendant was putting him down on the floor. He was a little annoyed not to have her complete and undivided attention, he wanted to be held in her warm and comforting embrace and he was becoming frustrated by her lack of attention to him. Without thinking he began to fuss and cry wanting to be picked up. He wanted to be in her arms and didn’t see why he shouldn’t be there. Over the past week his world had spiraled inwards to the point that he only saw the world from his perspective, he only saw his place in the world and had no interest that some other baby needed her help. His fussing quickly became a cry for help as he wanted her to pick him up now and cuddle him.

The attendant returned quickly and bent down to check that everything was okay with Rob. She knew he wanted her undivided attention, something she was used to seeing around the daycare. She also knew how to deal with such a situation. The attendant returned and bent down in front of Rob, placing a hand on his back. He immediately calmed down expecting her to pick him up. However the attendant deftly shook a set of oversized plastic keys in front of Rob, distracting him and causing into to grab the keys to investigate. Quickly the keys found a home in his mouth as he explored their texture with his lips and tongue. With his attention distracted he never realised the attendant had left to deal with another child. Rob was satisfied to remain on the carpet idly sucking and playing with his new toy.

A few minutes later Michelle came into the room to collect her son. She thanked the attendant for taking care of Rob and held out her arms for the little guy. Rob was very happy to finally be back in Michelle’s arms. He didn’t know why, nor did he care why he felt better in her arms but something about her feel and smell made him more secure. Especially in times of distress like now, Rob was happy to be held by her and only her.

Michelle cuddled her son close and prattled baby talk for a few seconds before looking at the clock on the wall. “Thank you for letting Benny play with the other children for a while, however I think he needs to come back more often to learn how to play with others. He hasn’t had as much experience playing with children other than Benny.”

Rob still had his thumb in his mouth but looked up at Michelle with a look of distain on his face at that comment. “How can she say that about me? Who does she think I am?” However he was willing to wait to discuss that with her, this was not the time nor the place to have that discussion.

Michelle thanked the manager for her help and left with Rob while Benny stayed at the daycare for the day. She walked out to the van and strapped Rob into his car seat before lowering the arm wrest. Michelle then jumped into the front seat and they were off. “Michelle. Dat wasn’t fair to claim I need to learn to socialize. I am 40, I think I have more than enough experience thank you.”

“Well hon, you didn’t handle that situation very well. You have to share with others and not have a tantrum when you don’t get your way. You are going to have to learn to play better with others or you are going to have an awfully rough time.” Rob just sat there and pouted. He told himself, “She doesn’t understand. Grown-ups never understand.” For the rest of the journey Rob sat is his seat and said nothing just stewing over his latest frustration.

Once Michelle pulled into the parking lot near Rob’s lab facilities his demeanor changed as his anticipation grew. By the time Michelle had parked Rob was a chatter box of excitement. At one point Rob realized his diaper was getting warm however it was quickly dismissed as he strained to see what was going on.

Michelle opened the side door of the van and unstrapped the baby standing him beside her. “Please baby, don’t move you are standing in the middle of the parking lot.” Rob nodded in agreement however it did not stop Michelle from worrying as she kept a close eye on Rob. He was impressed by the ease it took to unfold the stroller. As an adult it was simple, however in Rob’s position he could see everything from a new perspective. Rob did not struggle or complain when Michelle grabbed him under the arms and hoisted him into the stroller’s seat. As he was carefully placed in the seat, Rob could tell he was damp as the diaper seemed a bit cold against his skin however he didn’t feel like it was soaked.

They walked across the parking lot and to the main doors. Once they arrived he could hear Michelle grunting and struggling with the door. Although he couldn’t see he knew that having a diaper bag, purse and stroller to navigate through the large wooden doors of the physics building was no easy task. Why they had never installed a hydraulic handicap door all of a sudden seemed perplexing, he would have to discuss it with the administration once this crisis was over.

Then out of nowhere a familiar voice called out. “Let me get that door for you.” Michelle stopped struggling and smoothly passed through the entrance.
however it was readily He realized this as Michelle walked up to the front doors only to be met by a grad student who politely held the large wooden doors open for a mother and her son.

“Why thank you for helping. I don’t know how I’d have opened these old doors. You think they would have modernized the building with all the high-tech research going on here.” The 25 year old student just smiled and agreed with the statement. “Now that is a cute little guy you have there. What is his name?” The student bent down to look at the child but Rob was not happy being examined by someone especially someone he recognized from his lectures. She was a top of the class student. He had many conversations with after class discussing complex theories about field dynamics and temporal equations. Rob had briefly considered bringing Karen into the project in a junior role however it’s sensitivity has made it implausible.

Now she was just another woman in the eyes of a year-old baby. Rob looked up at her with wide eyes and an open mouth. Not sure what his next move should be, Karen acted immediately. She produced a Kleenex and wiped away a large gob of drool hanging from his chin making its way onto his shirt. “Now he looks much more suave.” As she looked down into the eyes of the professor. “Someday your are going to make a very cute man with your big dimples.”

Suddenly Rob became very uncomfortable as this foreign woman stuck her face in his personal space. Frankly, the only person Rob felt comfortable around was Michelle and he felt a growing panic rising from his gut. This feeling wasn’t like his need to poo that gave a low rumble from the same area but a sense of impending doom that this strange woman represented. Rob didn’t understand why he was scared by her. He’d had many discussions with her and besides no student had ever scared him like this student did at this moment. As the panic continued to rise in Rob it felt like it could overflow causing him to explode. If fact, he wasn’t if he might have peed himself, as his diapered seemed warmer than usual.

Susan could also see the tell tale signs of a baby in the midst of a panic attack. The fidgeting and grunts of displeasure were enough to let Susan know he wanted his mommy right now and was not comfortable around her right now. Michelle also recognized her son’s discomfort and understood it was time to continue to the lab. “Well we should be off and thanks again for helping with the door.”

Susan just smiled and waved at Rob before disappearing into the crowd. Rob did not wave back as he still didn’t like her, at least for the moment. He did feel bad not being more friendly and at least smiling but for some reason he just was comfortable with a new person today.

Michelle pushed the stroller, towards the annex where the research labs were located. As they passed through the crowded hallways Rob noticed an added bonus to his present height. From this position he could see underneath most of the ladies skirts. Surprisingly a few did not have underwear however this was just a passing note that barely registered with Rob. All children at his age didn’t care what others wore and frankly most babies didn’t care what they wore either. It did surprise him that the women were not more modest. They must realize he was looking up their skirts however if they did notice they didn’t seem to care. He giggled at the thought of what he might be able to get away with.
For the first time Rob saw a bonus to his situation. Imagine the conversations he could overhear because the participants would expect he didn’t understand. He daydreamed possible situations, like pulling off a heist with him as the ‘inside man’ or maybe a career as a model.

He was brought back to reality when a familiar voice appeared from nowhere. "uuuh…Hi Margaret, what are you doing here? Is your husband with you today? " It was Margaret, Jeff’s wife, she stepped across the threshold of the elevator. Rob began to tense up as he was unsure if their disguise would survive in front of someone who knew him.

“I’m here to meet with, Tim. We talked on the phone yesterday, he asked we meet in a few minutes.” Michelle’s speech slowed as a quizzical look came across her face. “There haven’t been any problems over the past week?”

“Well…no, not really.” It was obvious that Margaret was uncomfortable with the question. The elevator doors closed behind Margaret with an ominous thud, leaving her alone with Michelle and the child. She started fidgeting with the foldable playpen in her other hand. “Jeff has been a little ‘under’ the weather.”

Michelle and Rob looked at each other at the same time. Michelle gaze moved to the playpen and then up towards Margaret. “Your daughter is a little old for a playpen. Is there someone else in your family with a recent need to use it?” Michelle continued to sense a growing uneasiness from Margaret as she nodded ‘yes’.

“Margaret, is that playpen for your husband?”

  • to be continued.

The Return to Innocence (completed)

The Return to Innocence - Part 18, Rob’s Story

Margaret’s eyes almost popped out of her head at the thought her husband’s secret had been exposed. “How did you know? What did Tim tell you?” Michelle just smiled and looked down at her own son. Margaret slowly followed her gaze towards the stroller when she was met by two eyes starring back at her. Rob didn’t say a word he just let out a small giggle and waved up at her.

“You mean…that is Rob?” Margaret was stunned at the idea however her shock quickly turned to amusement.

“Yes. This is my 8 month old baby husband.” Michelle gave a smirk, knowing she was on the inside of a secret.

Rob wrenched his tiny body around to stare up at the two women. “Hey! I’m 10 months, there is a big difference.” The statement was capped with the laughter of a small child. Michelle snickered. “Hon. I think I know how old my children are. Besides, your not even supposed to count that high.”

The doors to the elevator opened as the three exited, with Michelle and Margaret deep in conversation. As they neared the lab, Margaret quickened her pace concerned how Jeff might take the news his boss had also been exposed by the experiment. She entered the lab to see Jeff on Tim’s lap. The baby looked at the baby in the stroller and up at Michelle. “I thought your son was almost two?”

Michelle stopped and looked at the little child speaking well beyond his age. Even though she was prepared to see Jeff in this condition it still amazed her to see a diaper clad child carrying on a conversation. She looked at Jeff and gave a little smirk, “Our son IS two.” Jeff a little confused looked at the infant, “Then who is…oh no! Professor Leahey?”

The little child removed his thumb and looked directly at Jeff. “Yeath it me. What do you think of my new ride?” Rob Leahey giggled and kicked his legs in the air at the comment before his mother removed him from the stroller. He was placed on the floor and the professor toddled awkwardly for a few steps before resting on his diapered butt and continuing towards Jeff at a crawl.

Jeff was placed in a sitting position staring at the infant crawling towards him. Rob sat down in front of his friend with knees spread out, as his heels were almost touching. They stared at each other for a couple of minutes before they began to talk and giggle like two little children.

After a while Jeff noticed Rob was having an accident as the infant didn’t recognise he was leaking around the side of his diaper causing a small but growing wet spot on his pants. Rob didn’t seem worry about the mistake as his attention quickly was drawn away. Rob wasn’t sure but it seemed that he was never dry for long. For the past day or two, whenever Michelle changed him into a dry diaper however it was usually damp within half an hour. Rob assumed his sphincter muscles were undeveloped and too week to maintain closure of the urethra. If the muscles can’t sustain a constant pressure small amounts will escape, usually unnoticed. But not always, as Rob could sometimes feel those small spurts when he bent over or giggled uncontrollably. Then a momentary burst of warmth surrounded his penis and groin before being absorbed into the diaper. Because of his growing inability to remain dry Rob had become accustomed to feeling a bit wet and was quickly getting used to it. He didn’t always notice when he started peeing, the sudden urge or pressure on his bladder didn’t always happen. He was also convinced that there must have been a regular dribble which also went unnoticed. This wetting was much more than a mere dribble but a full blown accident. To Rob it was all the same and unless he was uncomfortable he wouldn’t bother to deal with it. Soon Michelle saw the mistake and proceed to change him using one of Jeff’s diapers, a request from the children since the brand she bought the other day didn’t absorb well.

The mothers saw this as a good time to get lunch out of the way before they could figure out how to reverse this situation. The children ate their food without incident as the women spooned it into their mouths. Once the pureed baby food was finished Margaret removed a bottle from her diaper bag and laid Jeff back in her arms. Initially Jeff refused the bottle, squirming as he fussed as he felt awkward but he quickly realized his embarrassment at acting like a baby was probably an over reaction. Finally accepting the bottle he lay flaccid in her arms, wrapped his lips around the rubber nipple and began to rhythmically suck from the bottle of formula.

After watching Jeff resist momentarily Rob was not going to put up a fuss and he was pleasantly surprised to see Michelle unbutton her blouse. Jeff had hoped he would get a breast to drink from and eagerly waited. Since Michelle had started breastfeeding he began to have an irresistible urge, drawn to his wife’s teat. He watched as her breast slid out from its cup, exposing an engorged nipple. Rob had long forgotten anyone was watching this immature display. All he could recognize in his simple world right now was his mommy’s touch and his mommy’s milk. When the teat was within range he grabbed her bosom with both hands, wrapped his lips around the nipple and began to nurse nosily.

Rob briefly looked around as Michelle transferred her son to the other breast. He made eye contact with Jeff and so much was said without speaking a word. He could see an envy and wonderment in Jeff’s eyes. To Rob it was obvious that his co-worker wished to be in his place getting nourishment. Rob was thrilled to be the center of attention until the other teat was offered and accepted, then Rob’s focus narrowed once again.

Once finished, Michelle put a clean diaper over her shoulder, rested Rob upon his underwear and proceeded to pat his back. Suddenly formula and a huge burp erupted from Rob. He looked over her shoulder and saw Jeff resting in Margaret’s lap, sucking his thumb watching his friend. There was no surprise or shock in Jeff’s eyes, only what seemed liked interest and envy.

Finally the two children were left in the playpen while the women exited to discuss their situation, caring for two new babies. There was a mall less than a kilometer away so they felt comfortable leaving the children in Tim’s care for a short period of time. After giving Tim their cell phone numbers and special instructions, they said goodbye to their babies and left the room.

Rob fell on his cushioned butt and watched their mothers leave the room, then sat in the pen surveying his surroundings. Tim was sorting papers he’d printed before leaving for the bathroom. Rob turned to see Jeff sucking his thumb and looking down at his diaper. Jeff didn’t see Rob stating at him as he used the other hand pushing on the front of his pants. There wasn’t any distress on his face but more of a curiosity. Rob noticed his crotch was also a bit warmer. He reasoned they were both processing their bottles as he remembered how fluids flushed through Benny so quickly. Rob sat back and stared at the playpen’s wall as he felt the diaper grow warmer and concentrated on the sensation.

He was pulled back by his playmates high-pitched voice. “So what happened? Why didn’t you get in touch with us?” Rob gazed down at his crotch and at the symbol of his new status. Taking a deep breath, he pulled an index finger from his mouth as tried to figure out where to start telling his tale.

By the time Rob had finished the story, he was getting weary. Recanting the tale had allowed him to vent his feelings almost causing him to breakdown a couple of times. Jeff had listened intently and squealed multiple times when he recognised a similar experience. Both children had slowed and their enthusiasm was waning, both knew nap time would come soon.

Michelle and Margaret strode through the lab door carrying multiple bags from various stores, clearly happy to have spent time away from their children conversing with another adult. “Honey what are you still doing up? Its past your naptime. We left an hour and a half ago and expected the two of you would be fast asleep by now.” The two babies looked at each other with smug grins on their face for having flaunted their daily routine. Both mothers came over and lifted their children into their arms. Margaret wiggled two fingers under Jeff’s pants and down into his diaper to confirm what she had guessed. Michelle didn’t bother to check Rob, she knew he would need a change.

Both mothers pulled out their diaper bags and spread the changing pads on the counter. The children laid on their backs with their legs spread apart looking up into the eyes of their loving mothers. The snaps around their crotched popped as the women accessed the diapers. Jeff spoke before the women began to undo the soiled underwear. “Michelle, you can use another one of my diapers instead of one of those leaky ones.”

Michelle smiled and reached down for one of the shopping bags. “Thank you Jeffery, however while at the mall I picked up some new diapers for Robbie.” Michelle pulled three items from the shopping bag placing them beside her son. Rob was curious what Michelle had purchased however he couldn’t sit up to see because her hand softly held him down while she removed the diaper and wiped his private parts. She lovingly spread the baby powder around his crotch before reaching for one of the products he couldn’t see. “Honey, we heard your conversation with Jeffery earlier about your diapers. I have to say it was quite funny for us too.”

“Hey Rob. You are moving up to Pampers now!” Jeff screamed about as he squirmed and let loose a babyish laugh.

“No, not Pampers but I did buy a small pack of Huggies. However I found a store that sold cloth diapers. You seemed interested when Jeff mentioned them earlier, so your going to wear one of your new reusable diapers.” Michelle then picked up Rob’s feet and slid the cotton pad underneath. Then letting go of his little feet she firmly pulled the diaper up between his legs and used a package of diaper pins to fasten it in place. Finally lifting each foot the plastic pants were guided up the legs and coming to rest around his groin and waist. Finally after he was checked to make sure the rubber pant was properly in place, he was helped to the standing position on the floor. Across the room he saw Jeff standing there holding on to his mommy. Jeff smiled in amusement wearing nothing but a green t-shirt and a brand new pristine white disposable diaper.

Rob then looked down to see his pants had also been removed, leaving him in a white shirt and what looked like a huge puffy yellow diaper. In fact it was the plastic pants he was looking at that were a milky yellow and the thickness of the cloth made it puff out. It looked huge compared to the disposable, however Rob wasn’t annoyed by the look. In fact Rob let out a squeal of approval for wearing something new and upgraded from those terrible generic diapers. He was happy to be held in Michelle’s grasp while trying to stand, the cloth diapers bunched between his legs far worse than those disposables. He could feel his legs being spread apart further making his balance that much worse. He doubted he could take more than two or three steps before falling over.

The boys were laid on their backs in the playpen, then had a blanket tucked around the two of them. “Now I don’t want to hear a peep out of the two of you for the next hour.” It was a moot point as Jeff was all ready softly snoring. They retreated from the office quietly closing the door behind them. Then turning towards Tim the mothers were ready to hear a solution that could solve their present dilemma.

  • to be continued.

The Return to Innocence - Part 19, Rob’s Story

Soon it was time to wake up the infantized scientists and get them ready for a short discussion. The two were woken up and the groggy men did nothing when the women stuck two fingers down the front of their diapers. The playpen was cleaned up and the two were given bottles to quench their thirst. Once they had finished half their bottles, the women carried them to the conference room where everyone sat down or stood on their chairs. With the women sitting beside them to make sure nothing went wrong.

Tim came in and sat at the head of the table placing a stack of papers in front of him. Handing out a small packet of information to each person he began to review the computer logs up to the time of the accident. Tim then began his assessment of the overloaded circuits and the approximate amount of power that was emitted at the time of the accident. Everyone sat quietly listening to Tim and his assessment. The women helped the children turn pages, wipe noses and keep their attention from wandering.

At one point Rob was standing on Michelle’s lap, she had allowed him out of his seat as he fidgetting more and more. Standing allowed Rob to move around a little. Even though he was an adult in mind, Rob still needed to expel the excess energy his little body produced. Michelle smiled at her husband’s antics. He might claim to be an adult but this just reinforced in her mind how infantile her husband really was.

After half an hour of listening to Tim’s report on the results from the accident and possible scenarios that could have caused it, both children were a bit hyper. Even though they were adults, the fact was they were trapped in a baby’s body. Pent up energy combined with their short attention spans were a poor combination. They tried to move around in their chairs, soon both they were sitting in mother’s laps, bouncing on their respective mother’s knee. Both Michelle and Margaret were more comfortable if their boys were safely with them until they calmed down. In the future, they might include a couple of high chairs at the conference table.

Tim was hoping that the two children could be able to contribute to the discussion. He had only a short conversation with Rob which had been fruitful but noticed how easily his little boss had trouble holding his focus. Rob was still able to discuss higher function physics and had already created a few scenarios to explain how the overload could have resulted in the transformation. However Tim had also been disturbed by Rob’s regressed emotions when frustration had almost resulted in a tantrum which had been stopped at the last moment by a soothing hug and pat on his diapered rump.

In the conference room was a bizarre situation that would have confused most people. Arranged around the long oval table where adults and babies holding a higher function debate on physics and their present reality. The children had moments of joyful screams when they had a revelation or saw the solution on the horizon. Rob was happy to be part of the discussion and actively took part although he got overly excited a few times. Jeff was more quiet and contemplative but added unique insights when asked for an opinion. Jeff struggled more than Rob to pay attention or hold a conversation and at least once while making a comment his attention drifted off. He’d been giving his opinion on the stability of the capacitors when he suddenly feel his diaper getting warmer. It did not shock him however the sensation slowly enveloping his groin caused him to focus on the warmth and sense of security it brought him knowing his accidents would not escape the confines of his underwear.

As the discussion rotated around the table, Rob was allowed to stand on a chair by himself while Margaret kept a watchful hand on his back in case his weaker baby legs gave out. Terry wrote their arguments on the board while Jeff and Rob added their comments to define the problem and create new understandings of field manipulation. It was getting on to 1:30 pm and the mothers warned their children of their upcoming nap time. Rob complained bitterly about having to end their discussions soon however Michelle refused to listen. “You go down for your nap everyday at this time and I am not going to change your routine now.” Rob fussed for a minute or two however he was quickly distracted and returned to the problem of field dynamics.

Soon Rob’s daily routine presented itself as his gut announced it was time. Rob looked around the room and knew that there was no privacy to do his business however it didn’t matter as he could barely exert any control over his bowels. He didn’t bother to ask Michelle to take him to the toilet since the answer would be ‘No’, she would remind him that his diapers were for taking care of those messes. Besides he doubted he could hold on till he was on a suitable potty chair. He decided to hold on until there might be a chance for a more private setting. Rob knew that he would be expected to use his diapers and that no one would question his lack of control however it still embarrassing. He was an adult discussing adult issues, it was not the time to show to everyone he was nothing but a tiny little child.

Terry turned towards his boss hoping he would have the magic answer. “Rob, what do you think of the proposal to bring a student assistant into the project. I need help with formulating the procedure and testing some of the theories before we can put a living subject before the DNAM. A while ago you had suggested we invite Karen Mallet to help out?”

Rob was distracted trying to control his bowels as it took all his concentration to hold it in. He could feel his bowels were full and ready to expel but it wasn’t the appropriate time. “Huh? Karen Mallet. Yes yes, she would make an excellent assistant for the lab. Plus her salary could be paid by the university grant which allows students covers Instructor Assistants.” His conclusion ended as he realised that he was already messing himself as a warm semi-solid sensation spread across his bottom. As it spread he was awarded with a wave of pleasure that ran through him like a electric wave rippling through his body. Rob started at the far wall as he was lost in the moment. The ripple of pleasure had dissipated however he focused on the expanding warmth in his diaper. He soon realised that he must have started peeing as the warmth continued to expanded up the front of his diaper. He had come to enjoy the feeling of being encased in a warm diaper and enjoyed every second, it had become the highlight of his day.

When he finally opened his eyes no one was watching him. In fact Terry had turned to the white board to modify his latest formula while Michelle and Margaret were busy in conversation concerning naptime routines. He wasn’t surprised to see Jeff also starting at the wall lost in concentration, obviously messing his diaper also. He watched Jeff in fascination and figured he must have looked just the same a minute ago. Jeff stood on his chair, knees slightly bent and his little pudgy hands holding on to the table. Rob knew when Jeff was done as he gave a slight shiver of pleasure, smiled then stuck a thumb in his mouth. Rob giggled in glee at watching a mirror image of his actions happening beside him.

Within a few seconds all three adults stopped and noses twisted at the rank smell which invaded the conference room. Terry turned to the women and nodded in understanding without saying a word. As he walked out of the room, there mixed feelings as he was glad the women were cleaning up the mess but longed for the day he would have a family of his own.

Michelle and Margaret also turned towards their charges and pulled out the necessary items to clean the two up. Both laid out their changing pads side-by-side, before lifting their sons up and laying them on the pad. Like they had been changing diapers for years, the two women undid the snaps between the baby’s legs and lifted the pants up to exposed two very stinky diapers. Unfastening their diapers, they pulled it back to reveal the depth of the boys’ accident. Rob and Jeff’s face turned slightly red, they had had their diapers changed in private but never had they been changed in front of another person. It probably would have been alright if the other mother had been present however having his colleague stripped bare beside them while being smelly, dirty, incontinent and exposed was humiliating. Without a word the two babies looked towards each other before reaching out to hold hands as their free hand moved up and deposited a thumb in their mouth for soothing comfort. Both women smiled at their children and their infantile act as they saw Jeff and Rob acting more and more like their ages. It made the women somewhat happy to see them acting their cute and adorable ages.

Once their bottoms were cleaned, powder was spread before a white pad was slipped underneath. In unison the children automatically spread their legs apart waiting for the diaper to be pulled up between their legs and firmly taped on both sides. Finally they were dressed in sleepers before their mothers took them to the playpen for an afternoon nap.

After the children were put down for a nap the adult quietly retired to the next room closing the door carefully behind them. In unison both women turned to Terry with a determined look on their faces wanting answers to their infant husbands’ condition. They were both enjoying having a new child in the family however both also wanted their husbands back. “We married men, not babies. How are YOU going to fix this?” The women didn’t need to voice their concerns, it was written on their faces.

Terry knew this was coming. He had two women wanting answers to help their adult-children out of their predicament. He was prepared for the onslaught of questions.

“Ladies, I have a plan.”

Both women were ready to hear his solution to their problem. Terry laid out his proposal, a combination of what he had already figured out on his own and with a few of the holes in the plan filled in by Jeff and Rob at their latest meeting. He was a little hesitant explaining the plan to the mothers as he was waiting for an explosion of anger and frustration. After all, he was the only remaining adult in the lab and rightfully could end up taking the blame for the accident which he was only partially responsible for.

The discussion continued equitably, without rancor or animosity. Both mothers knew Terry couldn’t be blamed for this freak accident that really was a one-in-a-million chance. They also knew that Terry was the only person who could find a solution unless they wanted to wait a long time for new scientists to come in, learn the technology, the nuances of the equipment and safely test new theories on their husbands. There wasn’t really a choice other than following Terry’s lead. Besides, his plan was solid and based on the foundation of the theories and equations developed by their husbands. Tomorrow morning they would return with their husbands and begin organizing the next round of tests. It would also be a good time to introduce Karen and let Michelle and Margaret get to know her. After all Terry wanted to make sure they were alright having Karen assist in the lab and with the children.

There was also an issue of time and the possibility of mental deterioration also. Over the past week both women had begun to see slight changes in their baby’s personalities. Each day they seemed more immature, more child-like. Both men still had their knowledge and intellect completely intact however their personalities had taken a greater toll. Everyday their mothers noticed how a little more of their men had slipped away. Each day Jeff and Rob seemed to become more relaxed in their new roles, not they were used to being a small child but their reactions and emotions seemed to mimic ever more like their physical ages. They were getting more comfortable eating from a high chair, showing little resistance to playing passively in their playpen or even marching around in nothing but a diaper in public.

Diapers…that was also becoming a concern. Their toilet training had completely disappeared. Neither child seemed to have any control over their bladder or bowels. Just as concerning was that neither child seemed to notice when accidents were being made. Earlier today Michelle had watched Rob as he had an accident in his diaper which ended up leaking on his pants. For the longest time Rob hadn’t noticed but when he finally recognised he’d ruined his pants there was no attempt to fix it or call for help. Rob seemed content to sit in a wet diaper and wet pants, just like a little baby.

For Margaret she’d watched Jeff get changed by a teenaged girl and not even put up a fuss. Jeff had laid back and allowed the girl to clean him without trying to get his wife’s attention or help. He had acted relaxed and nonchalant when he was naked in front of a stranger. Michelle was also concerned how quickly he had lost his toilet training. It seemed like it had been a couple of hours after Jeff was put back in diapers that she found him sitting on the couch in a wet diaper and he hadn’t even bothered to get help with his accident. He almost seemed to enjoy it.

It worried both mothers that their husbands were slipping mentally into their new roles. It wasn’t that they acted their new age, in fact it made taking care of them much easier. However it worried the women what would happen when they were reverted back to their adult forms. Would their emotional instability remain? Would they become irritable around 8pm, would they see an adult woman as a sexual partner or purely as objects of comfort and safety? What concerned them most was if their men would have to be toilet trained all over again. They lost that ability so quickly, their wives wondered if it would also come back just as quickly. Would they have to keep their husbands in diapers for the next six or twelve months while they constantly checked for wetness? The idea of changing an adult size poopy diaper was almost too much to imagine.

When the clock struck 4pm, the women went to the office where a temporary crib had been set-up. Both children were snoring quietly as they slept side-by-side. From this view no one could have deduced they were anything but small babies.

Michelle and Margaret woke up them up, changed a wet diaper and dressed them in preparation for the drive home. Jeff and Rob were both groggy from their nap but eager to find out if any progress had been made however it was decided they would discuss it tomorrow as their mothers were running behind schedule. This didn’t help their temperament as they both became fidgety and demanding, wanting whatever their attention was fixated on immediately. However their enthusiasm soon waned as their shortened attention span distracted them by their mothers’ prattling.

Soon the diaper bags were packed and babies cradled under arms as Terry helped carry their extra gear out to the cars. As they drove away Terry stood and waved while a heavy weight in his stomach told him there would be long hours of research and planning, especially with two women that expected 100% success. He could feel the pressure to perform and he knew success would come however the road seemed daunting.

By the time Rob arrived home, he had woken from his slumber. He looked over surprised to see his son Ben in the car sear beside him. His son was quietly prattling away chewing on a toy, just happy to be with his family again. Rob knew from experience his son didn’t mind daycare but had a very strong attachment to Michelle and was excited and needy as soon as saw his mother. As she unbuckled Ben, Rob watched intently as she made baby talk and cooing while paying complete attention to her son. Ben responded in kind, by smiling and giggling excitedly as he held his arms out. Michelle picked him and instinctively Ben wrapped his arms around her neck and buried his face into his breast. Ben looked so serene and confident with his eyes closed, as Michelle carried him away across the threshold into the house. A minute later she walked back outside and moved to the passenger side, opening the door and unbuckling Rob. He was also excited to see Michelle and received her undivided attention. She also prattled baby talk with him, as she picked him up. Nestling his head in the space between her arm and breast he unconsciously stucked a thumb in his mouth, relaxing in the thought his mother would care and comfort him. His life was soft and easy, without the stress to perform. No one would demand anything from him other than a smile and a hug. A total lack stress washed over him in a warm glow, for the first time in a long time he didn’t have to worry about the projects at work and continual expectation for success.

As Rob was carried into the house, the pressure from her hand resting under his bottom caused him to notice he was damp however it didn’t matter to him. His lack of toilet training wasn’t his problem at least for another year or two. When his mommy was ready, she would check his diaper but until then he was content to let it go unchecked. His mind was vacant in an almost meditative state as Michelle carried him inside and lowered into the playpen beside Ben. Rob didn’t move from his sitting position as a warm stream pee ran across his groin as it the warmth absorbed into his diaper.

He was happy to be home where he could fall back into the routine and daily schedule. Soon it would be time for dinner and a bottle. Then a diaper change and a little more play time before bed. Rob was looking forward to his evening, especially since he had no responsibilities, not even the planning of his routine. Michelle would take care of everything. His life had simplified and he was perfectly fine to waste the day playing with sunbeams and chewing on whatever was placed in front of him.

The passage of time also seemed to go faster now days. Rob never noticed how the hours passed quickly. After breakfast it was playtime till lunch. Unless their stomachs growled both boys didn’t know lunch or dinner was coming soon. Rob only knew it was dinner time because he’d noticed the van’s clock read 5:14pm while being lifted from the car seat. He knew that dinner would be soon and he was content to wait a few minutes.

Tonight Rob was served dinner first, then placed back in the playpen with a bottle before it was Ben’s turn. As Rob was lifted from the high chair he could feel the diaper pull heavily on his hips, then he noticed his legs felt a little clammy. Normally he would have chalked it up to the feel of a wet diaper however the cold reached down the back of his legs. When placed in a sitting position he thought the diaper might leak as it squished below him. He knew his pants were wet, which was confirmed when he looked back to see Michelle wiping the seat of his high chair before sitting Benjamin. For now Rob was most interested in the apple juice, the floor of the playpen was waterproof so no damage would be done. He laid on his back and happily nursed from his bottle.

Rob’s incontinence was about as bad as it could have gotten. Most of the time he seemed to be damp since he dribbled with little control over his bladder, much like Ben used to do. Fortunately his son was getting better all the time and remained dry between accidents. Rob and Michelle figured their son would be potty trained pretty soon. Rob giggled around the nipple of his baby bottle at the thought that Benjamin would probably have to help him to learn how to use the potty.

  • to be continued.

The Return to Innocence - Part 20, Rob’s Story

The days turned into weeks as Terry worked on a solution. His efforts to find a solution were assisted by the young and talented Karen to help out in the lab. Karen was enthusiastic to be hired for such an exciting project. She’d heard rumours of a project focused on discovering new aspects in the relationship between space and time. Her aptitude for the subject was very promising and she added innovative ideas to the discussions with Terry which helped them overcome hurdles. Karen became indispensable with the repairs to the DNAM and other duties around the lab. As the testing phase of the project began she was in the lab 12 hours a day helping prepare and conduct. As the tests on the lab animals came to an end she suggested new experiments using a human subject to test small changes in age. She was so confident in the process she wanted to be the test subject and argued at length to be allowed to go in front of the DNAM. Terry already shy from the accident was reluctant to conduct trials on more humans at the time. However Karen kept suggesting a new test which Terry would only agree to consider.

For the two babies the passage of time was nonexistent. Each day seemed the same but no less interesting and they all seemed to blend together. Both would wake up and roll around for a few minutes until their mothers came in changed dirty diapers and brought them downstairs for breakfast before playtime began. Usually by mid morning they would receive juice or formula and another diaper change before going down for a nap. Then lunch, more playtime, diaper change and an afternoon nap. Up again in time for more playtime, suppertime, then it was soon time to get ready for bed.

Usually two or three mornings a week would be spent in the lab with Terry. Both mothers expected and received a spare room attached to the lab be converted into a nursery, so the children wouldn’t miss their morning nap. Although it was a bit odd to have two babies spending so much time in the building Terry found it extremely helpful to have them for bouncing ideas off of. When they had an epiphany both children would get excited bouncing up and down or squealing in joy. For Terry, the hours were long but a solution was coming into view. With some help from Jeff and Rob, the answer crept closer although it still took over a month before the first tests began.

For the two children life seemed to be getting easier as they slipped further into their roles as the incompetent, cute and adorable babies they were. Rob had adjusted well to his new life, becoming more like the infant he had become. He enjoyed the love from his wife especially since she paid more attention to him now than before the accident. She would take care of all his needs, all his wants and he rarely had to ask, she always seemed to know what he needed. Admittedly his needs had become far simpler than before but her ability to forecast his needs were still impressive. When he woke up she was there to quench his thirst, when he was tired she would carry him into the nursery and when he upset she was there to comfort him. His love for her hadn’t dissipated, instead it had morphed into a form of complete adoration and trust that any 10 month old baby would have for his mother. His eyes would light up every time she would enter the room or pay attention to him. When she changed his dirty diapers he would lay in submission looking up into his mother’s eyes, knowing he was safe and secure.

Rob eagerly anticipated the contact between him and his new mother. When he laid on the change table there was an unspeakable bond between the two. He would gaze into Michelle’s face and lay there completely limp as she took care of his most basic needs. Even if something as embarrassing as peeing in the middle of a diaper change did not bother him, instead he’d laugh as if it was the funniest thing to happen that day.

Even Rob’s relationship with his son had changed. Benjamin was becoming accustomed to having a room mate and friend. He liked having Rob around to play with but also proud that he wasn’t the youngest in the family, it was a new concept to Ben and he really enjoyed it. Showing his fondness for his younger brother, Ben constantly gave Rob more of his older toys he didn’t use. Most were meant for younger babies, toys that were less complex and more interesting for a 10 month old baby. Being the older brother, Ben had started to behave like the older sibling, showing greater maturity than before. Within a few weeks he became successful staying dry during the day. More and more Michelle was dressing Benjamin in training pants and he had responded in kind becoming a model 2 year old throwing off the image of the terrible two’s. Everything was going well for Rob and he enjoyed the love and bliss that came with being a child in the family.

For Jeff, life was also going well but he felt guilty watching his wife managing a household with three children and no father. Jeff had tried to show leadership however when your daughter takes you by the hand to your nursery for a diaper change its difficult to command any respect. Mary had also tried to be helpful however her real reason for helping was to get to play with a real life baby. Mary enjoyed sitting down and playing with Jeff, however it also took all of Jeff’s tolerance. He sat patiently as Mary wanted to play afternoon tea with her baby brother. The worst came regularly as Mary would to check his diaper before running to find her mother to announce he needed a change.

Jeff also enjoyed the new time he spent with his family. Before the accident his time with the family was limited. Between working, traveling to scientific conferences and spending nights in his study, there was little time to play with his children. He had missed the days when he had time to spend with the family. Now that is all he had time to do.

He was surprised to find out how mature all the kids had become, especially Susan, who had shown a remarkable amount of maturity since he’d been unable to help out around the house. Susan hadn’t complained about the constant babysitting duties, which included all the feeding and cleaning involved. In fact she enjoyed taking care of Jeff to the point that she started hiring herself out as a local babysitter. More than once Jeff had to spend an evening stuck in a playpen with other neighbourhood children. It didn’t bother him unless they became rough or irritable. When they did annoy him, he would get Susan to separate them by putting Jeff in another room. He’d become very good at acting like a real baby when others were around by speaking in two-word sentences and crying when he wanted something. This became especially poignant when Susan babysat the Watson kids who were 8 and 10 years old. On one occasion Jeff’s acting slipped when swore after he tripped and fell while toddling across the carpet in the living room. Both Watson kids were surprised to hear a baby swear and in such good diction. Jeff realised his mistake as he stood in front of the kids, wearing a onsie and sagging diaper, mouth open with a look of distress on his face. He didn’t know what to do he had made a grave mistake and was panicking. Adrenaline began to course through his tiny body as his mind began to race. It seemed like an eternity until he was woken from his stunned state by Susan, as she picked him up. “Jeffery don’t use that bad word. Tomorrow I’ll have a talk with mommy about Michael teaching you such horrible language. Bad baby!” She then gave him a heavy swat on his padded bottom causing the baby to start crying. “Come on baby, you’re tired its time for bed.” He was then carried upstairs to the nursery where they were alone. “I’m sorry Jeffery but I didn’t know what else to do. I hope you understand why I spanked you.” Behind the tears Jeff nodded in understanding and agreed with her handling of the situation. She put a pacifier in his mouth and consoled him until his sniffles stopped. Once he’d calmed down Susan changed his diaper and dressed him in a sleeper before tucking him in the crib for the evening. Tired and nerves frayed he fell asleep quickly.

After two months Terry believed he had solved the problems with the DNAM and had successfully test the machine. Karen was available to help while she recovered from a mishap but was still in contact and hoping everything went well. Rob and Jeff were brought in to help out with the theoretical side of the planning while Karen was laid up. When the time came to test the machine on Jeff and Rob there had been many questions presented by the mothers. Like any mother they didn’t want a scratch on their children and if any problems arose during the test it would be stopped immediately. For Terry this scenario seemed the worst, he wasn’t sure how he’d possibly convince them a second time to put two babies in front of the machine. Terry had gone over the calculations a hundred times and planned for every circumstance.

When the morning finally came to put Jeff and Rob in front of the DNAM it was not a happy day. Both mothers were so scared what might happen to their newest children the lab was a very tense environment. Michelle had to be consoled my Margaret and convinced that it was the best thing for Rob. For an hour while Terry configured the machine and took last minute data on the two subjects Margaret had an arm around Michelle trying to keep her calm.

The moment of success or failure had arrived. Terry asked the two mothers to place the infantized men in front of the DNAM. Jeff and Rob sat there however the excitement and anticipation was too much for two children. As Terry made last minute adjustments to the DNAM both boys tried to sit still however it wasn’t easy. Jeff kept standing up or fidgeting, not able to remain in one place for long. Rob on the other hand wasn’t so mobile however he was still very active. Because he struggled to walk, he remained sitting for most of the time. However after a few minutes of waiting the excitement was too much as he began to cry when he flooded his diaper.

When the experiment finally began the DNAM hummed to life and a dim white light came from the machine. The event seemed anti-climactic, especially to Michelle and Margaret who were expecting bright colourful lights or mini-explosions. To the others it was pretty much as the predicted. When the DNAM finished Jeff and Rob looked the same. Once Terry gave the okay both women ran over and picked up their boys, checking them over for any injuries before changing diapers and getting them ready for their nap.

After the experiment there were no noticable changes in Jeff and Rob’s physical size. When woken up from their naps both boys noticed a little extra attention from their mothers as they checked the baby’s bodies for any changes. By the morning both boys noticed slight changes in height while standing by the rail of their crib. As the days passed both toddlers grew into children. Within the week they were back into their mature adults bodies. Jeff’s children immediately changed the way they behaved treating him like their father instead of a brother. No longer taking him by the hand, caring for him and checking up on him all the time, instead they started to respect his authority as the alpha male in the house.

Both men took time adjusting to the changes in their bodies. Their coordination returned quickly as their bodies matured however both had a few problems to overcome. Both men had a bad thumb sucking habit for the first couple of weeks but it dissipated for Jeff however Rob’s habit continued. In fact Rob hadn’t faired as well adjusting to his adult body. Physically he was fine however mentally his personality was partially stunted. He had a strong attachment to Michelle, uncomfortable when she was not near by. He spent more time at home than Jeff, usually making excuses why he didn’t want to go to work.

Not only had Rob’s thumb sucking continued, he also had more trouble staying dry during the day and almost no control at night. Michelle decided he’d need to stay in adult diapers for the near future, which didn’t receive a single complaint. He seemed resigned and somewhat comforted by the decision that his accidents would be contained. When he was wet or messy Rob could change himself however Michelle did it most of the time around the house because he wasn’t as thorough cleaning up as Michelle. Rob became depressed after transforming into his adult self. The pressures of a highly successful scientist became too much and most of his cohorts found him short tempered and irritable. Usually when at home, Michelle would convince him to take a short nap in the afternoon after she noticed him starting to yawn or rub his eyes in a tired manner.

Michelle watched her husband and hoped the mental regression would end soon. Rob struggled to maintain his adult maturity and control however it wasn’t easy, nor was always successful at controlling his emotions. For the most part Rob didn’t go out in public unless it was with Michelle or he went directly to work and home again. Although she was concerned by the regression there was also a hint of satisfaction in having another baby in the house. Benjamin was becoming a pre-schooler, a small boy who was beginning to do things for himself. He was in his terrible two’s and started to show elements of a new found independence. Mary knew the bond bred from closeness and utter dependence was slowly dissolving and she would miss it. When Rob was a baby she had noticed a well of motherly affection and attachment spring up inside her and she already began to miss those feelings.

Within a few months Rob, Jeff and Terry had managed to understand the physics behind the DNAM experiment and how to control the output. Soon they were testing the device on lab rats and other small animals, continually refining and perfecting the device. The three men were excited by their achievements and published their findings in a leading scientific publication. Overnight their project was a success. All three scientists became very wealthy from the patents and salary bonuses the school lauded on them in anticipation of a huge return on their investment.

Everything was going well. As the accolades came in and their futures seemed bright, however Rob still remained depressed in his adult life and the pressures that came with it. Michelle noticed that Rob spent more time with Benjamin, she assumed at first he wanted to be a better father. Rob played and talked with Benny which his son reveled in, but after a while she realized Rob wasn’t trying to be a better father. Rob wasn’t playing games with Benjamin but engrossed in the activity of stacking blocks and pushing the toy train around in front of him. A few times she noticed Rob would begin exploring the textures and shapes of a toy with his mouth and lips. His behaviour concerned Michelle but she hoped that like Jeff he’d grow out of it. In time she did not see a great deal of improvement in his behaviour and became resigned that his immature mental state might be permanent.

It troubled Michelle that Rob wasn’t happy as an adult and after consultations with Jeff and Terry it was assumed that the resulting time as a baby had caused irrevocable emotional damage. Jeff had also shown similar behaviour however it had dissipated within a week or two. They all agreed that his behaviour might be permanent or at least his emotional state might take years to mature, much like a child matures over time.

After a period of discussion and debate the four agreed that Rob could not remain in his present state. Signs of depression crept in and an unhealthy mental state began to worry everyone. When Michelle approached the subject with Rob he agreed that he wasn’t cheerful as a big boy. "Maybe you should consider becoming my baby boy again. You were adorable and I don’t mind if you need to be that child again. Rob agreed without much consideration since he remembered how happy he was before.

Three months after the two men were returned to adulthood Rob stood in the lab making one of the most important decisions of his life. Stepping slowly in front of the DNAM Rob could feel the radiation wash over his body as Jeff and Terry adjusted the controls. After what seemed like 5 minutes; although he knew it had only been a few seconds, Rob sat there with his eyes closed basking in the glow. Gradually he opened his eyes to find everything was the same. Rob wasn’t sure why he expected it to be different but somehow he had hoped he might already be smaller. He knew though the process would begin soon.

Within hours the results began to show as his body rejuvenated. Within a week Rob stopped regressing and after a brief examination by the university doctor he was declared as a healthy 18 month old. Rob had asked to be 6 months old. He wanted to be small and completely dependent on his mommy however Michelle, Jeff and Terry were adamant he had to be old enough to walk and able to move around on his own.

It had been decided that Rob was still needed to research the DNAM and other side projects. His office was converted into a nursery and spent two or three days a week helping with the others with the research. Although his attention span was short, there were essential concepts which Rob had grasped that the others didn’t understand. It was a small inconvenience to have to take care of a baby at work so new discoveries could be made. Besides, this was no ordinary baby. They didn’t have to watch him constantly like a normal 12 month old. Rob was free to wander around the office and spend his time working on the problems of the DNAM. If his attention wandered usually Jeff and Terry would find Rob sucking his thumb and staring at the wall or sucking on something he found in the lab.

There was a playpen in the lab which was used from time to time. When the two left the office, they would unceremoniously dump Rob in the mesh walled prison while they were gone. Although Rob was perfectly fine being left on his own for short periods, all three were concerned if someone else walked in to find a baby alone wandering the lab. Besides Rob was comfortable being left in the playpen. As long as he had some toys and a bottle of water he was happy to sit and play.

Life hadn’t turned out how Rob had expected. In fact it had turned out better. He had the opportunity to start over and enjoy the short but exciting life of a child. He had a brother and a loving mother who would protect and guide him as he grew up all over again. He would get to experience the highs and lows all over again. However as a 18 month old baby there were no expectations other than playing and loving his mommy.

Life couldn’t be better.