The Request (Updated with chapter 6)

Author’s Note: This is the beginning of a new story I am working on. I will add more chapters as I finish writing them. Your critiques are welcome. I have done some writing before, but this is my first real attempt at a longer story.

Chapter 1

I heard the doorbell ring on a cold Saturday afternoon in February. I opened the front door and a young man with a carrier bag slung across his body stood before me.
“Is Allison Warner available?” the young man asked.
“Yeah,” I replied. Then, like any other ten year old boy, yelled behind me, “Mom! There’s some guy at the door for you.”
“You shouldn’t yell,” my mom scolded as she came from the kitchen. She crossed the living room to the front door and looked over the young man. “Can I help you?”
“Allison Warner?” My mom nodded. “I have a parcel for you,” he said pulling out a clipboard from his bag. “Sign here please.” After my mom signed, he handed her an envelope. “Have a nice day.”
“Thanks,” she replied as she closed the door. She examined the envelope. It only held her name. No address or information about the sender. I watched as she opened the envelope. Inside was a handwritten letter in a language I did not recognize- which was not hard given I only knew English.
“What’s it say?” I asked with interest.
“I’m not entirely sure.” A small look of worry flashed in her green eyes, a trait I inhered from her along with dark brown hair. “I will have to get my glasses. It’s been a while, but I can tell it’s in Russian and that it’s from Andrei Dobra, my father- your grandfather.” She walked back towards the living room.
My grandfather? Wow. I only remembered seeing him once about four years earlier. I was six at the time. We had been introduced, but his English was broken and he had a thick accent. We didn’t really spend much time together. He had not smiled once during his stay. That was what I remembered most.
I decided to continue to be nosy and followed my mom into the living room. After she finished reading it to herself, she read it to me:


I know we have not been on the best of terms these last 15 years. That is partly my fault. I wish that things had been different, but the past can not be changed. I should have come to see you more often, instead of staying here. My doctor now forbids me from lengthy travel. That is part of the reason I am writing. My doctor says I only have 18 months left. I really wish to see Ted again. A grandfather should visit with his grandson more than once during his life. I know I should have no right to ask, but I implore you to bring him to see me. Please call me and we will take care of the details.

Your Father,
Andrei Dobra[/i]

This was exciting. “Are we going to go see him?” I asked after she finished reading the letter.
“I don’t know. It is expensive to fly to Russia.” She sighed. “I will have to discuss it with your father.”
Well, that pretty much killed the idea. I knew it wouldn’t happen. I always heard my dad talking about how there was never enough money. After the advertising company he worked for went out of business last year, things had been a little rough. He was out of work for months before finally taking a job as an art teacher at a high school. We rarely went out to eat anymore. I really noticed at Christmas when my parents didn’t even give each other a gift.
I decided going out to play would be a good way to help take my mind off not going to Russia. It had been snowing for a few days and there was over a foot of snow out there. I really hoped this would keep up so I wouldn’t have to go to school on Monday. I pulled on my boots and coat, grabbed my hat and gloves, and opened the door to the mountains of snow. I smiled. This would be fun.

Four hours later, as it was starting to get dark, I opened the door again. This time to oppressive heat. I had to take off my coat, gloves, and hat to feel more comfortable. The hours spent in snowball fights and sledding down massive hills had acclimated me to the cold. Soon, though, the warmth would feel more than welcome. I started to walk towards the living room when my mom caught me.
“Take off your boots! You’re tracking snow everywhere.” She sighed, “and when you’re done, wash up. Dinner will be ready in a few minutes.”
I did as I was told. Not doing so might have gotten me gotten me grounded, and there was too much fun to be had outside to risk that. Just as I finished, my mom called me to dinner ready. My dad was already seated at the table when I entered the dining room.
“Ah, there you are,” my dad said sternly. “I thought the abominable snowman had gotten you. I was hoping to have your bowl of stew.” We stared at each other for a moment, then he cracked a smile, and we both laughed.
I sat down and started eating. I told my parents about my afternoon in exaggerated detail. Sledding down a mountain to outrun an avalanche. An epic battle to take a frozen fortress. My dad listened with rapt attention.
Midway through the meal, when my tale was done, my mom told my dad about the letter she had received. “My father wants us to take Ted to see him.”
“I don’t think we can,” my dad replied. “At least not now. Maybe in a year or two.”
“I thought that might be the case. I’ll call him in the morning and let him know.”
And so my earlier suspicion was confirmed. Russia was too far away to grasp. After dinner, I watched some TV. I went to bed around 10:30 and drifted off to sleep, and forgot about Russia.

Chapter 2

BOOM! The crash was so loud it shook the house. I was so startled I nearly fell out of bed. Another crash accompanied by a bright light. Lightning, I realized as I struggled to regain my composure. Heavy rain accompanied the thunder and lightning. I sat up and looked out the window. It was still pretty dark. I wondered what time it was.
I looked to where I knew my clock was and waited. BOOM! 3:47. It was still early. I turned back to the window and watched the storm for another minute before realizing dinner had caught up with me.
I walked out of my room and across the hall to the bathroom. After closing the door, I pulled down my pj pants and underwear and sat on the toilet. While I sat there answering the call of nature, I looked down at my underwear and saw that nature had already run some of its course. It was good thing I wore absorbent underwear at night. I had been wearing Goodnites for as long as I remembered. There had never been a time when I had been dry at night.
When I was finished, I took off the Goodnite completely and tossed it in the trash. I washed my hands, grabbed my pj pants, turned off the light, darted across the hall, and closed the door. I crossed the room to my closet and pulled out a fresh Goodnite when the next lightning strike provided me light. I pulled it on and replaced my pj pants. All ready to get back into bed.
I lay down and watched the storm for a while. It was starting to move off, but the rain was continuing. The lightning still occurred every now and then, but I couldn’t hear the thunder anymore. Soon I was asleep again.

I woke in the morning to the smell of coffee brewing and bacon cooking. It had stopped raining, but was still cloudy. I was hoping for better weather, but it would still be hard to bring me down today. I got up and crossed the hall to the bathroom. I undressed and noticed my Goodnite was dry. I was surprised until I remembered I had gotten up in the night. I took a quick shower.
After getting dressed, I went downstairs to the kitchen. Dad was reading the paper and drinking coffee. Mom had just finished scrambling eggs. I sat down and was presented with a full plate of food. I devoured it.
“That was some storm last night, huh?” I said between bites.
Dad put down his paper and nodded. He took a sip of his coffee and said, “I’ll say. One of the trees in the back yard lost most of its branches.” He took another sip of coffee. “Since school’s out, you can help me clean that up today.”
“But I was going to Tosche Station to pick up some power converters!”
“You can waste time with your friends when your chores are done.”
Well that didn’t work. But what did I expect? It didn’t work for Luke either. The first day of summer break and I had to help with cleaning up branches instead of hanging out with my friends.
We got outside and surveyed the damage as Mom left for work. There were about a dozen large limbs and lots of little ones scattered across the lawn. I sighed. This was going to take forever.
“The quicker we get started, the quicker we’re finished,” my dad said noticing my mood. I had heard that before. It never seemed to be true. I just nodded and started picking up the smaller branches.
After about an hour, most of the small branches had been placed in a pile in the back corner of our yard. Dad told me to keep going as he went back towards the house. A few minutes later, he returned with an electric saw.
We spent the next two hours cutting the large limbs into smaller ones. That was followed by another hour of moving the now smaller branches to the pile in the corner with the rest. By that point I was worn out, hungry, and a little depressed. None of my friends had even stopped by to see if I could run off with them.
We went inside and had lunch. Afterwards, it felt like some of my energy had returned. I went to the garage, grabbed my bike and hit the road. This day would not be a total loss.

After a great afternoon with friends, I returned home. My stomach was grumbling. Dinner was the only thing on my mind. The aroma of something cooking was heavenly. I made my way to the kitchen and asked what was for dinner.
“Meatloaf with corn and mashed potatoes,” Mom replied. “It will be ready in about a half an hour. In the meantime, will you go get the mail?”
Half an hour?! How could I survive that long? I sulked out to the mailbox and retrieved the contents. On the way back, I looked over the envelopes. For Dad. For Dad. For Mom. For Dad. For…me? Was that right? The only time I got mail was my birthday and that still months away. I ran inside.
I tossed the other envelopes on the table and tore open mine. Mine- that was still cool. I pulled out the contents. It was a letter. I didn’t understand a word of it. Then I got to the bottom: Andrei Dobra.
“Mom,” I nearly screamed, darting to the kitchen. “I need you to tell me what my letter says.”
“Slow down. What letter are you talking about?”
“This one,” I replied, shaking the letter at her. “It’s from my grandfather.”
She put on her glasses and read the letter. Surprise spread over her face.
“Your grandfather really wants to see you.” Looking at me, “he paid for a plane ticket for you to go and see him.”

Re: The Request (Chapters 1-2)

This story looks promising! I strongly suggest you either post each new chapter as a new reply, or at least post a reply when a new chapter goes up as a notification to others. Keep in mind if you keep adding chapters to the same post through the edit button, eventually you will hit the wordcount limit and might lose part of the story.

Keep it up! :slight_smile:

Re: The Request (Chapter 3)

Chapter 3

The last month had gone by like a flash. It was filled with hectic preparation. Getting a passport. Finding suitcases (they were in the attic hidden beneath boxes of Christmas ornaments). Having to go shopping for some “nice” clothes (I was so bored, I could have died). On top of that, my parents seemed to want to spend every weekend on a day trip somewhere. They must have thought I would forget them or something.
Tomorrow was the day. I would get to go on a great trip. When I came back, I would be able to tell stories of my Great Russian Adventure to all my friends. But I had to get there first. Twenty hours to get there from here. I had the route memorized. The ride from here to Amsterdam would take twelve hours. After that was a four hour layover (just enough time, Dad said). Then another four hours on the plane to Moscow. But Moscow wasn’t where my grandfather lived. He lived south of there. It would be more time spent in a car after that.
I was finishing packing my suitcase. Mom was looking it over to make sure I had everything. She had written a list and was checking things off as they went in. Shoes and clothes went in. They were followed by the bag with my toothbrush, toothpaste, comb, and other bathroom stuff. Then two packs of Goodnites (enough to last the entire trip). Finally, there was a container filled with legos. Mom had said I should bring them because she wasn’t sure if there were any toys in my grandfather’s house. Once everything was in it, she put the list inside one of the suitcases and zipped them up.
I moved the bags to the front hall near the door and looked at the clock. It was just after 8. I would have to go to bed soon. Mom said I had to go to bed early since I had to get up early to leave for the airport. I was going to delay that as long as possible. There were a couple of shows on TV that I wanted to watch before going to bed.
I went into the living room and found Dad was already watching something. News- boring. I guessed I would have to watch TV in the basement. It was a smaller TV, but still better than watching the news. I walked through the kitchen to the basement door. Three hours later, Mom finally forced me to go to bed.

Blinding light. A shaking sensation. Someone calling my name from a distance. Now it was getting louder. “Ted…Ted…”
“Ted,” the voice said, “it’s time to get up.”
The voice was wrong. It couldn’t be time yet. I had just closed my eyes to go to sleep. I realized I couldn’t move. I couldn’t even open my eyes. I tried to tell the voice, but only a groan came out.
“This is why I didn’t want you to stay up late last night,” retorted the voice, which I was beginning to realize belong to Mom. “You need to get up and take a shower.”
Gathering all my will power, I opened my eyes. Blinded, I groaned and quickly closed them again. I turned my face towards my pillow, away from the light.
“Theodore Michael Warner, don’t make drag you out of bed.” Three names…that wasn’t good. I breathed in, counted to three and sat up. I opened my eyes again (only just), and forced myself to stand up. Mom sighed loudly. “Now go take a shower.”
Shuffling, I crossed the hall into the bathroom and closed the door behind me. It was even brighter in here. I removed my pjs and pulled the Goodnite down until gravity took it to the floor with a squishy plop. I stepped into the shower and spend the next ten minutes mostly asleep standing up.
A knock on the door roused me from my dazed state. “Are you almost done in there?”
“Almost,” I responded.
I quickly washed up and rinsed. I got out of the shower and toweled off. I noticed the used Goodnite in the middle of the floor and moved it to the garbage. I wrapped the towel around my waist, picked up my pjs and went back to my room.
Mom was there again (still?). She took my pjs from me and motioned to my bed.
“I got out some clothes for you to wear today,” she said, putting the pjs in my hamper. “Get dressed.”
“Not with you in here,” I said. I wanted that small privacy. I eyed the pile of clothes. “Besides, you didn’t even give me real underwear to wear. You put out a Goodnite on accident.”
“That wasn’t an accident.” I must have misheard that. “I want you to wear one today while you’re on the plane.”
“Wh… why?”
“I think you know,” she replied. “I can tell you are still very tired. How long do you think it will be before you fall asleep?”
I had nothing I could say to that. We both knew I wouldn’t make it through all the way to Russia without falling asleep. And we both knew what happened when I fell asleep.
“I’ll let you get dressed in private,” she said looking me in the eye, “but you had better be wearing the clothes I set out for you…all of them.” With that she walked out and closed the door.

After a quick breakfast, we got in the car and drove to the airport. When we arrived at the terminal, Dad got the suitcases out of the trunk and set them on the curb next to the car.
“Goodbye, comrade.” He gave me a bear hug. “Have a good time, son.”
“I will,” I said smiling.
“I’ll be back in about an hour to pick you up,” he said to Mom as he got back in the car. I waved as he drove off.
“Come on,” Mom said, handing me my backpack. I slung it over my shoulders and grabbed one of the suitcases.
After checking in and checking the suitcases, we made our way through security. Mom had been given a special pass to see me to my gate. We walked to the other end of the terminal to gate G9.
A sign said boarding would start at 7:00. That was only a few minutes away. I couldn’t believe how early it was. Mom walked up to the attendant at the desk. Her nametag read Mira.
“Hi,” Mom said, “I’m Allison Warner and this is my son, Ted, he will be flying alone on your airline today.”
“Glad to have you, Ted,” Mira said sweetly, grinning at me. I was too tired to respond. Back to Mom, “I just need you fill out this form for me. It will help the flight attendants make sure the flight is as comfortable as possible for Ted.” She smiled at me again.
After Mom was done, Mira looked over the form. In a hushed tone, she said, “I see you marked that he has a… nighttime problem.” She glanced at me, then back to Mom. “What kind of protection does he have?”
Mom had me take my backpack off. She opened it up and held it open for Mira to see. “He’s wearing one of these now.” I blushed as Mira looked at me again. “This is a spare in case he needs to change.” Mira nodded, satisfied.
“I will make a note of that for the flight attendants.” She wrote something on the paper as mom handed the backpack to me. “We are going to start boarding shortly.”
Mom gave me a long hug and kissed me. “Be good for your grandfather and behave on the plane.” She hugged me again. “I love you, sweetheart.”
“I love you too, Mom.”
“Atlantic Air Flight 201 with service to Amsterdam will now begin boarding,” came Mira’s voice over a local intercom. “All passengers in first class and those who require special assistance with boarding the plane may come to the gate now.” She motioned to us to come over.
Mom handed my ticket to Mira along with my passport. Mira scanned them and handed them to a blonde woman in a uniform similar to her own.
“Hi, Ted,” the blonde said. “My name is Jean. I am going to make sure you have a great flight.” Then in a hushed tone, “wave goodbye to your mom and smile. It will make her really happy.”
I turned back to look at Mom. She did look a little nervous. I smiled and waved at her. She smiled back, laughing a bit, and waved to me.
I felt Jean take my hand. “Let’s go,” she said and led me down to the plane.

Re: The Request (Updated with chapter 3)

Great so far can’t wait to see what comes next!

Re: The Request (Chapter 4)

Chapter 4

My seat was three quarters of the way to the back of the plane. The rows were set up with two seats on the left, three in the middle, and two more on the right. Mine was an aisle seat on the right side. Jean took my backpack from me and placed it under the seat.
“It will be right there in case you want to get anything out of it,” she said. “Now, why don’t we get you all settled in.”
She pulled a sheet of paper from her pocket, unfolded it, and scanned it carefully.
“Ooh, this is nice.” She seemed happy about what she saw. “You don’t have to share your armrest with anyone. That window seat is unoccupied. You’ll have plenty of room to stretch out.”
I sat down while she grabbed a pillow and a blanket from the overhead compartment. I took them and placed them on the seat next to me.
“Go ahead and buckle up. Is there anything else you think you need right now?” I couldn’t think of anything and shook my head. “Well, let me know if you do. I’m going to go help some of the other passengers now, but I’ll be back soon.” She smiled and started walking back down the aisle toward the front of the plane.
More people were starting to settle in to the seats around me. Everyone seemed to be in a rush to get to their seat. People put their bags in the overhead bins, then sat down with a sigh. There was a lot of conversation, but I couldn’t really focus on any of it. After about a half an hour, it seemed like everyone was in their seats.
A voice came over the intercom, “Ladies and gentleman, this is your captain speaking. I would like to thank you for flying with us today. We are now beginning our taxi to the runway and are third in line for takeoff. Our flight time is estimated to be twelve hours and seventeen minutes to our destination of Amsterdam. Your flight crew will now give a short safety presentation.”
The flight attendants gave their presentation about how to buckle your seat belt, where the emergency exits were, what happened if the plane lost pressure, and that your seat also doubled as flotation device. After that was over, the attendants started making their way to the back of the plane, stopping every now to help someone get ready for take off. Jean stopped at my seat.
“All ready for take off?”
“All right. I’ll be back to check in on you after we take off. Make sure you look at the window when we do.” She grinned at me. “It’s the best part.” She continued toward the back of the plane.
About five minutes later, we turned onto the runway and started to pick up speed. The engines got louder as our speed increased. The world outside was rushing by, when all of a sudden, the ground began to fall away. We were going up. After a few minutes, we leveled off.
Jean came by and asked, “That was cool, right?” I nodded as she handed my some headphones. “These are for the movies. They’ll be shown on the screens,” she said pointing forward. “The second one will be really cool. It’s the new Pixar movie.”
That made me smile. I had been looking forward to seeing that. I thought it was still in theaters. Jean smiled back at me and continued passing out headphones to other passengers.
After ten more minutes, the first movie started. I plugged in the headphones and used the pillow and blanket to get comfortable. It was some romantic comedy (bleh), but it was better than nothing. Less than twenty minutes in, I was sound asleep.

“We are going to begin our first meal shortly,” an unexpectedly loud voice said, waking me with a start. “It will be a breakfast sandwich with a banana and choice of drink.” It took me a moment to realize the voice was coming through the headphones.
I was still a bit groggy, but not as tired as I had been. And food did sound pretty good, too. I looked forward and saw a food cart being pushed toward the back of the plane by Jean.
When she finally made her way to me, she put down my tray table and placed my food on it. “I guess I shouldn’t waste my time with the movie, huh. You fell asleep early on. It must be really boring.”
“I was kind of tired,” I said while unwrapping my sandwich.
“I could tell. But you don’t look tired now.”
“Nope,” I said. “Just hungry.”
I started eating the food as she continued on. It was alright, but it just seemed to make me even hungrier. I had a couple of snacks in my backpack. I decided that I would get one out. I moved the trash to the empty seat next to me and put up the tray table. I grabbed my backpack and opened it up.
Right on top was a Goodnite. I quickly shoved it down into the bag to make sure no one could see it. That’s when I remembered I was wearing one. I looked down. I didn’t see any signs of wetness, but I couldn’t tell for sure.
“Is everything ok, Ted?” I nearly jumped out of my skin. I closed my bag to try and hide what was inside. “Sorry. I didn’t mean to scare you.” She leaned in and whispered to me. “Do you need to change?” How did she know? Could she tell I was wearing one? Then I remembered the conversation with the gate agent.
“I don’t know.” I’d never really had to try and tell before.
“Let’s go to the back of the plane, and you can check. Make sure you take your bag.”
I zipped up the backpack and got up. Jean led me to the galley at the back of the plane. She pulled a curtain closed to seal off the view of anyone else.
“Go ahead and check. I will keep the curtain closed to make sure no one can see.” She turned her back to me.
I hesitated for a moment. Jean kept her hand on the curtain to make sure it stayed closed. I unzipped my jeans and pulled them down a bit. I felt the front of the Goodnite. Yup. It was wet.
“I need to change.”
“Do you need any help?”
“Just making sure. Well, do it. I won’t look.” She was still looking right at the curtain, holding it tight. I watched her for a couple of seconds. She wasn’t moving.
I took off my shoes and pulled my pants down. As I was pulling my right leg out, the plane shook violently and I lost my balance. I hit the floor hard.
The back of my head hurt and my right arm was throbbing in pain. I started to cry. I hated crying, but it hurt so much I couldn’t help it.
Jean saw what had happened and rushed to me. “Shh. Shh. Don’t move, hunny. Let me take a look.” She examined me closely. “Where does it hurt?”
I was trying to force myself to stop crying. “H-head…and arm.” I managed with hitched breaths.
I winced as she felt the back of my head. “It’s a big bump, but that should be ok. Let me look at your arm.” She held my right arm and I cried out as she turned it. “That might be broken. I have a sling you can use to keep it from moving around too much. That will have to do until we land.”
She got up and went to a cabinet with a red cross on it. As she opened it up, another flight attendant came through the galley entrance.
She saw me lying on the floor. “What happened?”
“He was changing when we hit that turbulence. He fell over. I think he has a broken arm.” Jean found the sling and closed the medical cabinet. “Karen, can you make sure that curtain stays closed until I’m done?” Karen nodded.
Jean turned back to me. “This might hurt a little.” She put the sling on me and it hurt more than just a little while she was doing it. But even though it hurt, I was starting to get myself under control. My breathing was still unsteady, but I wasn’t crying any more.
“Now we need to take care of what you came back here for,” Jean said solemnly. I remembered the state I was in and begin to blush. She saw my embarrassment. “I know you usually take care of this yourself, but since you’re hurt, you need some help. There’s no shame in that.” She brushed my face with her hand. “Now just relax.”
Jean removed my pants completely. She opened my backpack and took out the Goodnite that I had pushed into the bag. She started to pull down the Goodnite I was wearing and stopped. She looked around for a moment, then grabbed a blanket that was in a cubby hole. She lifted my legs and placed it under me. She proceeded to pull down wet Goodnite and remove it. She grabbed the clean one, examined it for a second, then pulled it on me. She grabbed my jeans and put them on me.
Jean got up and picked up the used Goodnite. She placed it in the trash and washed her hands. Karen came over and both of them carefully helped me up. Karen grabbed my shoes and backpack. Jean took my hand and led me back to my seat.
She carefully buckled me in and asked me if I wanted anything. I said I was thirsty. Jean went back to the galley and came back with a cup of water. It had a lid and a straw.
“Anything else?”
“Just my headphones. The Pixar movie is starting.”

Re: The Request (Updated with chapter 4)

I could have sworn that I had commented on this story before. I’m hearby rectifying that!

This is really good! You have nice pacing and have built up the characters well.

I’m looking forward to more. Please keep writing!

Re: The Request (Chapter 5)

Chapter 5

The movie was okay. I’m sure I would have enjoyed it more if I wasn’t so uncomfortable. I had to stay seated upright instead of lounging, and I had a headache. When I told Jean about it, she gave me a pill and said it should help. The headache had dulled, but so had everything else. I lost interest in watching anything just then. When the next movie came on, I pulled off the headphones and closed my eyes.
I was tired again, but I couldn’t sleep. After a while of sitting with my eyes closed, I gave up and decided I wanted to read one of the comics I had brought in my backpack. That would at least help pass the time. I pressed the call button on my armrest and waited. A minute later, Jean was there.
“Hi, Ted.” She smiled. “What do you need?”
“I want to read one of my comics, but I can’t reach my backpack.”
“Oh. Okay.” She pulled the backpack from under the seat and unzipped it. “Which one?” she asked pulling three out. “Grimm Justice, Dented Space, or Dark Tower?” She frowned at the covers. “I don’t recognize any of these.”
“Dented Space,” I replied. “It’s about these two guys who travel across the galaxy getting into trouble. It’s pretty funny.”
“Sounds like it. I’ll have to check it out sometime,” she said handing the comic to me. “I’ll put the others away. Let me know when you want to read on of them.” After putting the backpack back under the seat, she picked up my now empty cup. “Want some more?” I nodded. “Then I’ll be right back.”
Jean smiled as she placed the water on the tray table. I smiled back and opened the comic. Arthur and Ford’s misadventures filled the next hour, until a voice over the intercom announced they were about to begin serving the second meal. I closed the comic and tossed it into the empty seat.
About fifteen minutes later, a small tray with ravioli, a roll, and a salad was placed in front of me. I asked for a Sprite to drink. After a few minutes, I had the fork out of its plastic bag and was clumsily trying to eat. I normally used my right hand. The ravioli didn’t want to stay on the fork. If I tried to scoop it, it fell off. If I tried to stab it, it just broke apart. It took almost twice as long as it should have to eat. Just as I was finishing up, the plane shook again and the fasten seat belt sign came on.

The turbulence was more extended this time. The fasten seat belt sign had been on for three hours and no one was allowed to get up. The drinks I had earlier were starting to catch up with me.I looked up at the sign, praying it would turn off. I pressed the call button, but no one came. I tried to focus on the new movie that was playing.
Another 20 minutes went by. The pressure on my bladder was starting to build. I was barely paying attention to anything on screen. The pressure on my bladder was really intense now. I was fidgeting. My legs were shaking. I looked at my watch. We still had about an hour until landing.
Twelve more minutes passed. The light was still on. I was watching the clock as every second painfully ticked by. Forty-eight minutes. I felt like I was about to burst. I grimaced with the effort it had taken to hold it this long.
I pressed the call button again. Still no one came.
A voice came over the intercom and announced, “The captain thinks we are through most of the turbulence, but just wants to be safe. If we do not experience any more in the next ten minutes, the fasten seat belt sign should be turned off. Thank you for your patience.”
Great. There would be no use in pressing the call button again. I’d just have to wait it out. The pressure on my bladder was becoming unbearable. I was trying to focus on the movie again when I felt a small squirt of pee escape into my underwear. I clenched and looked down. No visible wetness. I remembered the Goodnite. I looked back up at my watch. 45 seconds to go.
Fifteen seconds left and another squirt escaped. I looked again and saw my pants were still dry. I had stopped paying attention to the movie and was completely focused on the time. The ten minute mark came and went.
Two minutes later, the fasten seat belt sign turned off. I tried to unfasten my seat belt, but it was stuck. I swore under my breath and hit the call button again.
Jean came by after a few more minutes. She had had to make her way past a number of other people heading towards the back of the plane. It looked like I wasn’t the only one who needed to pee.
“Please help me with my seat belt. I need to go to the bathroom,” I said, surprising myself with the lack of panic in my voice.
“Of course,” she said and bent down to unbuckle me. It didn’t move at first. “Hold on.” With a grunt, she pulled it loose and helped me up. “It looks like there is a line. Hopefully, it shouldn’t be too long.”
I joined the line and waited as patiently as I could. Jean waited with me, probably to make sure I didn’t fall again. There were six people ahead of me. The first three were in and out fairly quickly. The fourth took a longer time. I was beginning to get very desperate again.
I considered asking the other people waiting in line if I could cut them, but everyone had always said it was rude to cut. Ten minutes went by and the line had not moved. The pressure was really bad. Another squirt, longer than the first ones, escaped. I could now feel the wetness in my Goodnite. The door finally opened and a man who looked as bad as I felt walked out.
After ten more minutes it was my turn to use the toilet. I went in and quickly locked the door. I tried to unfasten the button on my pants. It wouldn’t budge. I normally used both hands to do this. The pressure was really starting to hurt. I opened the door and Jean was still standing there.
“I need help. I can’t get my pants off.” The panic was clear in my voice and on my face.
Jean nodded and went to a knee in front of me. She looked at the other passengers waiting in line. “Would you mind taking a few steps back so he can have some privacy?” They complied, obviously embarrassed by the situation.
I was doing a full on potty dance now. I could not stand still. “Please hurry,” I pleaded as she worked the button.
“You have to stand still or I can’t get this undone.” She looked directly into my eyes. “Calm down, just a little. Take a deep breath.”
I looked at her, took a deep breath, and focused everything I had on not moving. Jean unfastened the button and unzipped my pants. She had my pants to my knees when she stopped. She was staring at my Goodnite.
A moment later it dawned on me why as I heard a faint hiss. I looked down, horrified. The damn had finally broken and I couldn’t stop it.

The Request (Chapter 6)

Chapter 6

“We are going to begin preparing for our descent,” a voice over the intercom said. “All passengers should return to their seats and fasten their seatbelts. Please return your seat backs and tray tables to their upright and locked positions.”

Jean pulled my pants back up. “We will have to wait until after we land to get you changed,” she said fastening the button. “Right now we need to get you back to your seat.” Once there, Jean buckled me in and said she would be back after we were on the ground.

I looked at my pants. I could feel the wetness that was hidden by the Goodnite. I was still in shock. I could not believe I had just wet myself. Sure, it happened when I was asleep, but that was different…wasn’t it? I couldn’t even-

The thought was cut short as the front of the plane suddenly tipped down. It had caught me off guard. I realized we were preparing to land. I watched out the window as wisps of clouds went flying by and the ground started to rush up towards the plane. A minute later we touched down. That was cool, almost as cool as the take off. The plane slowed and we taxied to the terminal.

Once we reached the terminal, Jean reappeared. She unbuckled my seatbelt, grabbed my backpack, and led me off the plane. “Once we get through customs, I am going to take you to the medical response terminal.” She ruffled my hair a bit, smiling. “I’m sure you’ll be just fine.”

While at the customs station, Jean asked for directions to the medical terminal. The customs officer glanced at the sling around my arm and said he would have a cart take us there. We just had to wait at the top of stairs in front of us. A few minutes later, we were riding through the airport towards our destination.

The medical terminal was mostly empty. There was a woman sitting alone reading a magazine in the waiting area and another behind the reception desk. She looked up as Jean and I approached, smiled, and said something I couldn’t understand.

“Do you speak English?” Jean asked.

The receptionist nodded. “How can I help you?” Her accent was audible but not overly thick.

Jean pulled me forward. “He was a passenger on Atlantic Air Flight 201. We hit some turbulence and he had an accident.” I was horrified that Jean would just say that to a random stranger, before I realized she was talking about my arm and head.

The receptionist nodded again. “Fill out this form,” she said handing a clipboard to Jean, “and we will attend to him shortly.”

We took seats opposite the woman in the waiting area. While Jean filled out the form, I found myself looking at the woman. She had dark hair, with an outfit to match. It was black skirt and blouse with red accents. There also was some sort of emblem on the left sleeve. Her clothes looked similar to the ones Jean was wearing. Maybe she also worked for an airline.

She must have sensed me staring, because she lowered the magazine and was looking right back at me. Flustered, I quickly looked away. I glanced back, a hint of a smile touched her red lips before her face was once again hidden by the magazine.

Jean got up and gave the clipboard back to the receptionist. As they were talking about the paperwork, the door to the back opened. A girl who looked to be about my age walked out with one of the staff. She didn’t look very happy. It was easy to tell she had been crying, even though her dark hair hid one of her eyes from view. She was wearing a blue dress that looked like it might be a bit small for her. The woman sitting across from me got up and went to the girl. There was an exchange that I couldn’t understand and the staff member handed her a plastic bag.

During this, the girl just looked at the ground and tugged at the bottom of her dress. She looked up and gasped when she saw me. She was obviously embarrassed, though I couldn’t tell what about. She looked back down and continued pulling at her dress.

“Ted,” Jean called and waved me over. “They’re ready to see you now.” I shared one more brief look with the girl before I walked through the door into the back. Her blue eyes brimmed with held back tears. I didn’t know what was wrong, but I felt like I would do anything to take away the pain in those eyes. But as quickly as the moment had begun, it was ended. And I knew she would be gone by the time I returned.

Nurses took my temperature, blood pressure, heart rate, pupil response and a half dozen other things before leading me into another room with a large table under an ominous looking device in the middle. I knew it was an x-ray machine, but that didn’t make it look any friendlier.

“You will need to lie on the table,” a nurse said to me. “But first, we need to take off this sling.”

She raised the strap over my head then slid my arm out. It still hurt a bit to move it, but not as much as before.

“Hold your arm close and I will help you on to the table.” She put a hand on my back and one behind my legs. With a quick movement, she lifted me up. As she set me down, there was an odd look on her face. “Now lie back. This will not take long.”

True to her word, in less than five minutes she said we were done. She had positioned the x-ray camera over my right arm and my head, taking several shots of each. When we were done she helped me off the table and said we needed to go back to the previous exam room. I was told to sit on the exam table and wait. I didn’t need help to get on this one. There was an attached stepladder that helped me get up.

A couple minutes later, the nurse returned with Jean. “The doctor will be in after he looks at the x-rays. It should be no more than ten minutes,” she said closing the door as she left.

Jean smiled warmly at me. “How are you holding up?”

“Okay, I guess.”

“Good.” Her smile continued for a moment more, then faded as her face became serious. “Since we have a few minutes, we should take care of the little problem that occurred just before we landed.” I blushed, knowing she meant the wet Goodnite I was wearing. “I know you’re embarrassed, but it wasn’t too bad when I helped you before, was it?”

I could only shake my head in agreement. Jean had my backpack on her lap and opened it. She rifled through its contents, but did not seem to find what she was looking for. She frowned, and then started pulling everything out.

“I guess you don’t have any more spares,” Jean stated showing me the empty bag. “But don’t worry. I’m sure they have some here that you can use.”

She returned everything to the backpack, set it down, and left the room. A minute later, she reemerged with the nurse from before.

“Stand up for me,” the nurse said once the door was closed. I complied and she started to reach for my pants. I blocked her with my left hand.

“What are you doing?” I asked defensively.

“It’s okay,” Jean returned. “I told her about your situation.”

“Yes, but I already had a suspicion from when I lifted you onto the x-ray table” the nurse said, moving to unbutton my pants. “This started peaking out of the top of your pants while I was holding you,” she said as she pulled down my pants and examined my Goodnite. “I do not have this kind, but I have something like it that will fit. It is in the next room. Lie back on the table. I will be right back.”

Jean helped me lie back on the table. With my pants around my ankles, I would have probably fallen if I had to do it by myself.

“Let’s make it quicker for when she comes back.”

“Quicker?” I asked, then felt her removing my shoes. “Oh.”

As Jean removed my pants, the nurse came back in. She put the items in her hands on a shelf under the exam table. She grabbed a pair of exam gloves and pulled them on. “All ready,” she stated.

I was surprised when she didn’t pull down the Goodnite, but tore it open at the sides. She pulled the front down and grabbed a container from the shelf below. It turned out to be sanitary wipes, which she used to clean the area. I looked away when she started, too embarrassed to allow myself to watch. She lifted my legs, finished wiping, and pulled the soiled Goodnite from under me. I heard the nurse adjusting the exam table paper before setting me down. The paper felt different than I expected, softer somehow. A moment later that same softness covered my front, quickly followed by the sensation that it was closing in on my left then my right.

Curiosity over the weird feeling overpowered my embarrassment as the nurse proclaimed she was done. I was dumbstruck as I looked down to see I was not wearing a Goodnite or some other pull-up, but a diaper.

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