the reformatory

Warning, this story contains diapers, handcuffs and other restraining devices, strong language, forced incontinence both urinary and bowel, and at one point the character is naked. if you do not enjoy reading about any one of these, or if at any point you feel offended, please click away.

Anna Marlo was an 18 year old girl that just couldn’t seem to stay out of trouble. She had been arrested multiple times but got out of trouble without a smack on the wrists due to her parents having so much money and pull in the states government. It wasn’t all her fault though, she had gotten mixed up in the wrong crowd and her parents where too focused on their jobs to notice it. But one time she did something that they couldn’t just ignore.

Jane Marlo got a phone call at around 9:00 p.m. from the police department saying that their daughter was in jail once again and they would have to come in to the station to speak with the sheriff. So Jane told her husband and they drove off to the sheriffs station in their Porsche Cayenne SUV. they arrived to find their daughter locked up once again but this time she was handcuffed still behind her back and had leg irons on. just as they where about to walk up to their daughter, a deputy stopped them. “Mr. and Mrs, Marlo?” he said. “yes, what has she done this time?” Mr. Marlo asked. “Oh I’m afraid that I cant tell you that, but the sheriff is in his office, he needs to talk to you.” the deputy led them down the hall and into a small office that had grey walls, a metal desk and a book shelf. “sheriff, Mr. and Mrs. Marlo are here.” the deputy said peeking into the office. “send them in.” the sheriff said. they walked into the office and sat down in front of the desk. the sheriff sighed and said. “well, shes gotten into a pretty big mess this time, she robbed a local gas station at gunpoint and fled form the police when they showed up, she even went as far as to fire a few rounds at them as she exited the store with the clerk as a hostage. im afraid that you two wont be able to cover this one up as you normally could, it made the news and they have already identified her as your daughter. there is just too much against her. her bail has been posted at $30,000. after that, you may take her home as long as she makes her court date.” they posted bail and their daughter was released to them under strict rules that she could not leave the house until her court date 3 weeks from now. the ride home was silent and when they got there, her dad said "Anna, go straight up to you room and don’t come out until dinner. it was pretty late so they ordered pizza when it arrived they ate in silence. when they finished, her father spoke. "Anna, you know that you are in big trouble, and we cant cover for you this time, i mean what exactly where you thinking, why would you rob a store when you have access to all the money you need here? " before she could answer, her father kept going. “look, they are trying you as an adult since you are 18, so tomorrow we are going to go and look at some institutions that would be an alternative to prison.” and with that, they all went to bed.

The next day Anna woke up groggily to her mother yelling at her from the stairs to get up. “coming mom!” she said irritated that it was merely 7:45 a.m. and she was being woken up. She went downstairs to see her family sitting in the living room along with a person that she has never seen before. her mother quickly introduced her as the warden from the Tampa Area Institute for Troubled Teen Girls. “this is the institution that we have chosen for you weather you like it or not.” Her father said sternly. “why don’t I get a say in this?” Anna said. "well, when you decided to rob a store, you showed us that you obviously cant be a responsible adult so we took the liberty of choosing for you. they sat there and talked about how the institution worked and what the schedule was for the girls’ day to day routine. “well here at TAITTG, we believe in starting over, the girls that come here are immediately regressed to an infantile state to the point that they can fully understand what is happening to them but they have no control over it. during the intake period, the inmates are put into diapers and locked into them using a pair of locking plastic panties. then they are dressed in an orange prison jumpsuit modified to look like a footed sleeper with snaps at the crotch for easy access to change them. next, they are handcuffed behind their back and shackled and led to their cell. the shackles are standard procedure when moving the inmates around the facility. once in the cell, the handcuffs and shackles are removed and they are free to move about their cells until lights out at which point, a guard comes around and secures each one of them into their cribs for the night. this phase usually lasts for a week or so then they are transferred to the section one area where they have the same basic freedoms of an infant. they will be secured to their cribs and not be allowed to move for a month or so all depending on how good they are. then they will be transferred to section two. There they have the freedoms of most toddlers around age1-2 years old. They will have to crawl around every where they go and will wear specially made handcuffs and shackles that allow them just enough movement to crawl. Finally they will transfer to section three where they have the freedoms of a toddler ages 3-4 still wearing diapers but able to walk. They still have to have shackles on and they will be handcuffed behind their backs at all times.”

With that the lady said that she had to get going as she had another appointment to be at. When she left, Anna shouted at her parents. “you cant possibly be serious can you!!! I am not going there!!!” with that her father pulled her over his knee and gave his daughter her first spanking that she has ever had. By the time he was done, she was bawling her eyes out. Well now, if I here one more outburst like that, I will change you court date to tomorrow and have you sent there the next day! Then out of nowhere she snapped. Anna came at her father and with a running start, she landed a left hook square on the right side of her fathers face. That is it, as he tackled her to the ground and called out to his wife to get the rope. When his wife arrived, he hastily, but securely tied his daughters arms together behind her back. With another length of rope, he went to work on her legs leaving them in a makeshift set of shackles. He then called the sheriffs office and rescheduled the date it turned out that the court was open. The police arrived moments later replacing Anna’s ropes with cuffs and shackles.

Once Anna’s shackles where on her she was hoisted up roughly by her right arm and pushed through the house, out the door and into a police cruiser, shouting obscenities the whole way to the police station. There she was carefully stripped and was told to turn around, spread her legs, and put her hands on the table. “FUCK YOU!!” she screamed. The officer was quick to react turning her around and forcing her onto the table. She was given a thorough strip search, and changed into an orange prison jumpsuit. She was then re-shackled and led to a jail cell where she would wait until her hearing.

Meanwhile, her parents finished the last of the paperwork to admit Anna into TAITTG. When they had finished, the warden said that one of her representatives would be at the courthouse in about an hour or so to make it to the hearing and ensure that Anna would be sent there. They changed into formal attire and headed off to the courthouse.

Chapter Two

The hearing

They arrived just in time as their daughters hearing was about to begin. They walked in and found a seat, the courthouse was fairly empty. Aside form them and a few news reporters, there was nobody in the audience. a few moments later and they saw their daughter being led into the courthouse handcuffed, shackled and in a prison jumper. Her hair looked to be a mess as if she had just been roughed up a little. but there was no marks on her face to make them believe so. The judge entered the room and started the case.

“Anna Marlo, you stand charged with armed robbery, reckless endangerment,three counts of attempted murder of a police officer, and resisting arrest, how do you plead.” The judge looked at her with stern eyes, she knew that what she had done was wrong, and that she might as well confess to what she had done. “Guilty as charged your honor.” she said calmly, hoping that she could get a reduced sentence if she fessed up to her crimes. The hearing went slow and finally the jury had come up with their decision “we find the defendant guilty as charged on all accounts your honor.” Even though she saw it coming, her heart still sank hearing this. “very well, young lady, the minimum sentence for your crimes is 30 years, but I am told that your parents have signed you up for one of the stricter institutions so I hereby sentence you to 15 years in the Tampa Area Institute For Troubled Girls.” Bailiff, please escort her out of the courtroom. tears welled up in her eyes as she was forcefully led out of the courtroom and into a waiting prison van. There was a couple of other prisoners in there as well. two men and one girl that appeared to be around 15 or 16.

Soon an officer came out and stepped up into the van he had what looked looked like three black cloth bags and one pink one. He sat them down and turned to the first man in the van. He removes a gag out of the bag and proceeded to gag the man and then pulled the bag over the mans head. This was done to all three of the prisoners and when by time the guard came to Anna, all that was left was the pink one. The guard reached in and pulled out an over sized pacifier that had straps on both ends he placed the pacifier in her mouth and secured it in place and pulled the pink bag over her head. The bag was black on the inside and she could see nothing but darkness she felt the van start up and lurch forward as the guard put it in gear and drove off.

Anna was the last one to be dropped off just after the teenager was dropped odd at the juvenile hall. the van came to a stop at the gate and she heard the back door open up. she was roughly pulled to her feet and the hood was removed from her head. “get out of the van slowly.” the armed guard said. she did so almost falling on her face in the process.

Anna’s shackles where replaced with pink ones and she was led by her arm into the secure facility and into a room that had a large changing table. she was ushered in and she heard a loud clang as the prison cell door shut. her shackles where removed and she was pushed up onto the changing table. she was then pushed gently down so she was laying and the guard made quick work securing her, arms above her head and her legs to the corners of the table with hospital restraints. then the guard walked out a back door that she hadn’t noticed. about ten minutes passed and the guard walked back in with a man in scrubs and a white lab coat. the man walked up to her and gave her a detailed strip search. finding nothing, he went over to a drawer and removed two tubes, one was a catheter and the other was much larger. Anna looked on in wonderment as the doctor explained to her. “these are two tools that we implement here to reduce your continence. one is a urinary catheter, and the other goes in your rectum and makes it so you have no control over your bowels. this may hurt slightly, but after a day or so you wont even realize that they are there, the tubes are lined with a special adhesive that make them permanent until we inject a solution that decays the adhesive. although when they are out, we have found that most prisoners never regain continence after their stay.” Anna had a scared look on her face. was he serious, will she have to wear diapers for the rest of her life? these thoughts quickly diminished as she felt the pressure of the urinary catheter being placed in her vagina. "now, the guard is going to unstrap you, if you give and fight, you will be severely punished. with that, Anna’a arms and legs where unstrapped and she was swiftly pulled off of the changing table, and into a standing position bent over the table. her arms where handcuffed behind her back and the guard stepped back. the rectal tube was inserted and she was back up on the changing table and re secured. then the doctor reached into a drawer in the table and pulled out three large disposable diapers and a pair of plastic panties. the first two where just plain white, but the third one looked to be an adult sized pampers. the doctor made quick work putting the three diapers on her even through her struggles putting slits in the first two allowing her pee to flow into the other two diapers. she was then unsecured form the table and the plastic panties where pulled up her legs. she heard a small click, she was not sure what it was and she didn’t have time to find out as she was thrown a large prison orange footed sleeper and was told to put it on. she did so and the guard came up behind her and zipped her up, then she heard another click.

she was then handcuffed and shackled with the pink set and led out of the room and down the hall and into her cell. she was un cuffed and pushed into the over sized crib in the room. she was told to lie down on her back and she was then strapped into the crib with hospital restraints this time though her arms where at her sides, and she had a strap that went across her chest, the guard walked out of the cell and disappeared. the cell door clanged shut and Anna looked around her cell to see what it looked like. she was in what looked to be a child’s nursery, it had a changing table with restraints, the crib that she was in, a lone armless chair, and a diaper pail. it wasn’t long before she felt her diaper growing warm between her legs, it didn’t take long for it to register in her head that she had just wet her diaper. about five minutes later, she heard the cell door open. a lady walked in that she recognized, it was the warden that was at her parents house to talk about her coming here. “well it seems that we had a little mishap whilst out on bail didn’t we Anna?” the warden said. “MMPH MMPH?” she screamed through her gag. “well, welcome to the facility, those diapers that you have on, they wont me changed for quite some time, it all depends on how good you are. we wont change you until you have graduated from the infant stage. so make sure you are good, we don’t want the diaper rash that you will get to get too bad now do we?” Anna was crying now, she couldn’t believe what she was hearing. was this really happening to her?" the warden walked out and another woman walked in. she was carrying what looked to be an iv drip with some mush inside. the woman walked up to her and inserted the end of the drip into Anna’s pacifier. warm, disgusting tasting mush quickly entered her mouth and she was forced to swallow it. a few moments later, her meal was over and the cell door clanged shut once again, leaving her alone in her cell.

three weeks had passed, and Anna hadn’t had any mishaps as of yet. the warden came into her cell and walked over to Anna. " congratulations, you have graduated to the level of early toddler-hood. you will be changed out of that dirty diaper and cleaned up, you will be allowed to bath yourself, but that will be the only time that you will be allowed to clean yourself. the rest of the time, you will be bathed by the staff here. you will also be allowed to crawl around the cell, mind you that if you attempt to walk, there will be hell to pay. do you understand?" Anna nodded her head and the warden left and three women entered un-securing her from her crib and let her stand. she was a bit wobbly since she had been strapped down for so long, but she quickly regained her composure. a guard came in and her arms and legs where shackled and she was led down the hall to a bathing room.

Anna’s shackles where removed and she heard another click then her sleeper was removed. then another click came from her waist as her plastic panties where unlocked and pulled down. her hands where then brought around the front of her body and handcuffed. then her now completely soaked and very messy diapers where untapped and each fell to the ground with a loud plop. she was then led over to a shower head which was turned on to luke warm water. she was handed a bar of soap and was pushed under the shower head her left hand was released from the cuffs and she was allowed to wash herself thoroughly as she did, she realized just how bad her ass stung, she defiantly had a really bad diaper rash. she used almost the whole bar of soap up when a guard came over to her and roughly forced her hands behind her back and pulled her over to yet another changing table and was strapped down just the same as she was before. now in tears, she was diapered with the usual three diapers and locking panties. then she was unsecured and a new sleeper was put on her this one with snaps at the crotch for easy changing. then she heard the other click as her sleeper was locked on her. she was then shackled yet again and led back to her cell. she was ushered in and her shackles where removed. she was then told to get on her hands and knees and her arms and legs where secured with a different set of shackles that had chains that where just long enough to allow her crawl around her cell. the guard left and the cell door clanged shut behind him.

Anna decided to try to test her limitations. she first tried to stand, she got to her feet, but wasn’t able to stand fully upright. the shackles she had on didn’t have a very long chain and she was forced to stand bent over. she pulled at her chains to try and get them to give but it was no use, she pulled too hard and she wound up falling on her butt, causing her to wet herself. this was the first time that she actually was aware that she was going, while she was strapped down to the crib, they had given her some sort of sleeping agent that caused her to sleep for the time that she was on lock-down. she began to cry as the full impact of her situation hit her like a freight train. as she was crying, the warden walked in and picked her up. she led her over to the chair and sat down with Anna in her lap. “welcome to pre-toddler hood, as im sure you have figured out, you will be fully aware of your actions now, and you are not allowed to walk or stand up. your diaper will be changed twice a day, and you will be allowed to go down to the common areas, you will be on this stage for about two to three years depending on your behavior. any time that you misbehave or break one of the rules, you will be either spanked, put in time out, or given a super laxative and not changed for a full day. any serious infractions will be dealt with accordingly.” with that, the warden rocked Anna untill she stopped crying and left. Anna quickly realized that the warden hadn’t re shackled her and the cell door was open. she first tried to get the prison sleeper off, without any luck, she tried at her diapers quickly realizing that both where locked snugly in place. she decided that now was the perfect time to try her escape. she stood up quickly and bolted out the cell door towards the front gate. upon exit of the facility, the alarm sounded. she ran faster and was about ten feet form the gate. “where are all of the guards?” she thought and just then she was tackled to the ground. “HANDS BEHIND YOUR BACK, NOW!!!” the guards screamed. she struggled against the guard as she was cuffed and shackled and led back into the prison.

Anna was led through the corridors and into the secured facility. She was led in past the regular prison cells and into a darker section of the prison. She was walking for what seemed to be forever until she reached an area that had a large sign reading “punishment sector.” Anna grimaced at what she saw. it was a dark hallway with steel doors and no windows on the doors. She was led down the hall until she reached an open cell and was ushered in. The door clanged behind them and the guard spoke. “Well now, looks like we have yet another test failure.” Anna looked at the guard dumbfounded. Then the guard continued. “Leaving you in an unsecured cell was a test to see whether or not we could trust you or not. The ones who pass are allowed to make a phone call home and are less restricted at the toddler stage. The failures get three months in punishment and on top of that, when you go back to the normal cells, you will be more restricted and watched constantly. Now for your little escape act, you are going to spend three months in a straight jacket and shackles being spanked twice a day starting next week. But for now, you get to sit in that diaper for a full week until we change you. You will be fed super laxatives for the duration that you are here. These laxatives get injected directly into your blood stream and take only seconds to take effect.” Anna’s heart sank, her diaper was already messy after being tackled to the ground. Then her shackles were removed and a white jacket that had no wrist holes was placed on her. She heard a zip as the jacket was zipped from behind. Then she felt a tug on her arm as it was forced up to her chest. Then came her other arm and she heard some clanging as the straps were secured behind her. Then she felt a strap being pulled from the front of her crotch and secured in the back. She grimaced again as the strap smooshed the poo on her butt, then her ankles were secured and she felt a sharp sting in her side. She looked down just to see the guard injecting the first dose of super laxative.

Anna woke up with a jolt. Was that a dream?? She quickly surveyed her surroundings and quickly realized that she was safe in her room. She then felt her crotch area and made sure that there was no diaper, there wasn’t. She sighed in relief, it was all a dream. But so vivid, and it felt so damn real. She walked downstairs to find her parents sitting at the breakfast table, as if nothing had ever happened. “Well sleepyhead, I was beginning to think you were never going to wake up.” her mother said with a smile. “What time is it?” she asked, sleepily. “8 0’clock. Saturday morning. You were out for a whole day.” her father replied. ‘Wow well at least one part was a dream. But I was still arrested, and I will still have a court date tomorrow.’ she thought “so, how do you-all think the courts will play out, do you think I can get off the hook?” she asked. “Well, your lawyer called and told us that the state wants to try you as an adult, you may have to spend some time behind bars, or on house arrest.” her father replied sternly, he didn’t like it when his baby girl was in trouble. That’s when it hit him, he now knew how he would punish her for her deed if she were to not get jail time. The rest of the way went by fairly slowly and without conflict. It was it was getting late so she decided to retire for the night.

It was the morning of Anna’s court date and she was nervous, what was going to happen to her? Was she going to jail? Was she going to be thrown in a solitary cell to rot for the next 30 years? Or would she be stuck with not being allowed to leave the house except for school? So many questions were going through her head. she couldn’t concentrate on anything other than what was about to happen. Her mother had helped her get dressed that morning setting out her suit jacket, a black dress skirt and a red blouse. she wasn’t exactly comfortable. she preferred to dress more casually, but she understood why, maybe if the jury saw that she could actually dress like a civilized young lady, they would go easy on her. “ALL RISE!” she heard as everyone stood up. “be seated” the judge said and the proceedings began. (I’m going to skip through the hearing to the end it basically goes as it did before.)

“has the jury come to a decision?” the judge asked.

“yes your honor, we the jury find Ana Marlo guilty as charged on all accounts.”

“very well, Anna Marlo, I hereby sentence you to three years in a state prison or authorized substitute and two years of house arrest afterwards. Bailiff take her away.” Anna was stood up and handcuffed behind her back and led out of the courtroom to the holding cells in the back.

“take all of your cloths off and turn and face the wall with your hands on it.” a female officer said as she was nu-cuffed.

She did as she was told and was searched from head to toe. she then felt the officer pull her hands behind her back and cuff her once again.

“sorry, but you will not get any cloths until we find out where we are going to be sending you, which is totally up to your parents.” the officer said leading her over to a cold steel chair and sitting her in it.

A few hours passed and the officer came back into the room.

“Okay Anna, stand up and face the wall.” the officer said sitting a pile of clothing on a table in the room.

she was un-cuffed told to stay there and to keep her hands on the wall. The officer went over to the table and retrieved the first two items, a white bra, and a pair of panties. the officer told Anna to put the bra on and step into the panties. Then she went and got the next item, she brought it over to Anna and told her to put her arms through the arm holes. Anna did so and realized that there were no holes at the end of the sleeves, before she could do anything, she felt her arms being forced up her body until it looked like she was hugging herself. then it hit her, this was a straight jacket. she started to fight it. but the officer was quick to react and tackled her to the ground and finished strapping her into the jacket. after that, she felt her legs being cuffed and then she was pulled to her feet. she was led put to a white van and sat down. she sat there looking around the van at the others, there was two men and one girl. just like her dream. moments later, an officer entered the van with three black bags and one pink one. Anna nearly fainted on the spot as her nightmare was about to unfold into her life.

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Re: the reformatory

Not a bad story at all. I will confess though that while reading the dream portion I was thinking this is totally unrealistic. Going three weeks in a diaper, or in this case three diapers was totally unrealistic. Most people use the restroon 5 to 6 times a day and have at least one bowl movement a day. No diaper made could contain that much. Still it turned out to be a god read.

Re: the reformatory

It’s well written enough, I had no real problems with its content.

My main issue is the paragraphs. They’re simply too large. You should always start a new paragraph after a character finishes talking (and another character starts and so on). Also start a new paragraph when you change settings or skip ahead some time, the paragraph shift will help illustrate the change in time and/or place. It’s important to keep paragraphs small to prevent readers from getting lost, if they lose their place they’ll lose interest.

Also it’s “‘whether’ or not” not “weather”.

Also, Also, a urinary catheter wouldn’t be inserted into the vagina, it would be inserted into the urethra. The vagina doesn’t connect to the bladder.

Also, also, also, don’t interrupt your story with an author’s note, it ruins the flow and emersion. Instead of saying “(I’m just going to skip ahead because it went the same as before)” add that into the narrative, have the story say something like “the court proceeded just as it had in her dream, Anna hoped it would end differently this time” and then bring us to the verdict.

That’s all I can think of off the top of my head.

Re: the reformatory

thanks for the feedback ;D this story was not written to be realistic. and as mentioned, the part that you where referring to was a dream sequence. the things that will be actually happening to her will be a bit more realistic, however some facts may be a bit off.

and to the one who sees, i apologize for the catheter, i honestly did not know that, i just thought it was all the same area. and i will work on the paragraphing.

i promise that i will write more soon, whenever i get back in the writing mood.

p.s. before somebody asks. yes i am one of those writers that hold the readers hostage until i see that people are interested. i do not see the point is continuing something that there is no interest in.

Re: the reformatory

Around here you will find that while many peope are reading the story, there are not that many who take the time to comment. I try and provide feedback but am not always the best either. Look at the number of reads to bet a better idea of those looking over the story.

Re: the reformatory

I would recommend posting this at Dailydiapers or ADISC. I am not sure how old you are but these are 18 plus sites.

I enjoyed the story. I wonder what happens next.

I do get jealous and frustrated sometimes when I see other stories get comments and mine barely get any. But I know at least one person here enjoys it and comments so I post it. I have been thinking about posting mine on the other two sites but haven’t yet.

Re: the reformatory

i have posted this on daily diapers, and adisc removed it and told me that some of the scenes where too graphic in nature to keep on the site. this is actually the most recent place that i have posted it. and i have not forgotten it, i have just been too busy to have time to write. its not like i can write this stuff in a public setting, especially not at work where i have everybody looking over my shoulder all the time. i promise though i will complete it.