The Red Dress

So… I had the idea for this story one morning, and I figured I liked it enough to write it down. I’m not really a huge fan of fantasy, which is where I was going with the story up until the end, where I’ll probably create some fake… thing… that describes what happens to the main character. This is my first “ABDL” story, as I do have experience with normal stories. It’s harder to write about ABDL topics though, but whatever. Looking back on this story, I’m seeing it isn’t fantastic, but hey, it’s my first story, and I’m actually going to spend more time on the next one, if I make one.

EDIT 1 - Fixed indentations and line breaks


The beautiful, silky red dress was a sight for sore eyes. It was the most beautiful piece of clothing Allison had ever seen, and she just had to have it. Her summer jobs babysitting had not been easy, but definitely worthwhile. She was sitting at $800 in disposable cash. Her mother had told her to save the money for something useful, like College textbooks, or a new cellphone, or even her first car. However, Allison was at the age in a teen-aged girl’s life where shopping was on her mind, practically all the time. Being 16 meant she had so many freedoms, like a cellphone, the internet, and soon, a car.

After the cashier had confirmed her bills were indeed not fake, Allison proceeded home with her new dress. She was absolutely ecstatic and wanted to try it on. She decided to hide the dress from her mother for a little while, after all, $500 was just spent on a useless dress. But Allison didn’t care. She had a new dress, and she loved it. Her prom was coming up in a week, and this was the perfect chance for her to try it out.

Finally, after a hefty hour of walking, she made it home. Her parents were at work, so she had time to try out her brand new purchase. Allison raced upstairs and immediately undressed. She couldn’t believe it: she was absolutely stunning! It felt great on her, and in her moment of heaven, she stopped and felt her bladder starting to burst.

“Huh, could have sworn I used the bathroom before I went shopping. Must be losing my mind,” she told herself. She took the dress off and headed to the bathroom. Her mind could not focus on anything other than that dress. What was it about that piece of silk that was so captivating? When she had finished, she immediately went to her room and put the dress back on to marvel at herself.

“Jessica is going to be so jealous! I finally have something that she wants, and I’ll look better than she could ever even hope to be.” Jessica used to be Allison’s best friend, until an incident in 8th grade. Allison had not been feeling well at school, and during lunch she ended up wetting herself. Rather than help, Jessica stood there with Allison’s other friends and mocked her. Without warning, her bladder erupted and she wet herself on the spot.

“What the hell? I just used the bathroom, I don’t understand.” Thankfully, none of it managed to get on the dress itself, for which Allison was grateful. She decided to hide the dress in her closet and try it on again tomorrow. However, she couldn’t shake the feeling that something was wrong. Why did she wet herself with no warning, after using the bathroom only 5 minutes ago? She chalked it up as some freak accident and left it at that. She had homework to do, and she wasn’t going to let it bother her.


It was Friday, the day of Prom. Allison was in love with her dress, and had tried it out more and more. She found that every time she put it on, she had to urinate almost immediately. She was starting to get worried, and had actually attempted to put on a pull-up before the dress. Needless to say, as soon as she slid the dress on, she filled the pull-up to the point where it leaked.

“I can’t go to the prom like this, what if I have an accident? What if I leak through a pull-up? There’s got to be something I can do… wait a minute,” Allison had just remembered that her mother had kept the last package of adult diapers Allison had used a few years back, when she had bed wetting issues. Sure enough, the adult diapers were still there, under her mother’s bed.

“Why the hell does she even have these anymore? I would’ve thought she’d throw them out by now,” thought Allison. The package read “ABENA M4, 42-CASE.” She took the entire package back to he room to try out her little experiment. A diaper later, she threw on her dress and sure enough, she soaked it. Allison was relieved, however, to find that the diaper had held it all. She had become used to the feeling of a wet diaper, and had even enjoyed it somewhat. After removing it and cleaning up, Allison put the dress back in her closet and began to get ready for her prom. Her boyfriend was set to pick her up at 8 P.M. and she wanted to be ready by then. Half-way through her preparations, a question rose:

“Why am I having accidents? Why did I wear a diaper, much less wet it?” She started to panic. Was she losing her control? Her mind? These accidents had only started happening after she put on that dress. Maybe if she got rid of it, her problems would go away? No. Allison loved that dress. There was no chance in Hell she was going to trash it, not after she spent so much money on it. She figured it was probably some weird coincidence, and it would probably pass.

The clock struck 7:30 P.M. It was time to diaper up and throw on her dress. She decided for good measure, to double diaper. She cut a slit down one diaper, taped it up, and taped the the second one. She threw on the dress, and found that she did not immediately wet like she had previously. Was it over? She looked at herself in her mirror. You could see a small part of her diapers ride out from under the diaper, but it wasn’t terribly noticeable.

“Maybe I should take them off, I mean, I’m waddling like a toddler, here. But, then again, I should leave it on just in case,” and that was that. 8 P.M. comes, and Allison and her boyfriend, Jason, leave for Prom.


An hour into prom, Allison was having the time of her life. She met up with friends, and even saw Jessica’s jealous face, admiring her dress. This day was going great, and there was nothing that could happen to ruin it. The lights dim, and the DJ throws on a slow-dance song. Allison and Jason proceeded to the dance floor to have the time of their lives. Allison was having slight trouble moving around what with her two diapers underneath her dress. Not even 30 seconds into the song, Allison’s stomach began to grumble, and a growing pain rose in her bladder.

“Not now, of all times!” she screamed internally. 45 seconds into the song, she left loose. Fortunately, everything was masked by the sound of the song and the chatter of teens. What wasn’t masked, however, was the smell. People begin to close their noses at the fierce smell. Allison began to look incredibly embarrassed. Here she was, a 16-year old teenager, sitting in 2 incredibly messy and wet diapers.She excused herself once the song was over and headed to the nearest bathroom to inspect the damages. Upon reaching the bathroom, she picked a stall and locked it. Flipping her dress open, she could clearly see a very discolored adult diaper.

“What the fuck is going on with me? I can’t control my bladder or bowels. Am I some kind of giant baby now? All of this shit started when I got this dress! It’s time for me to get rid of it,” Allison said to herself. There was no where for her to change out of her messy diaper, so she was stuck in them for now. She remembered that she had stashed a can of Febreeze for god knows what reason, and decided to mask the smell with that. It wasn’t great, but it was good for now.

She told Jason that she wasn’t feeling well and Jason took her home. Once home, she walked up to her room. Her parents were already asleep so she didn’t have any trouble or hassle going up. As soon as she stepped into her room, her bowels and bladder erupted again with no warning. The diapers were filled to capacity, she had to clean it up now. The first thing she did was throw off her dress and put on a long shirt to cover the diapers. After gathering the necessary supplies to clean herself up, she took off the enormous diaper. It reeked, so she unloaded half the can of Febreeze on it, and proceeded to clean up Allison was still in shock after what had happened, and decided to diaper up before bed. Sure enough, the next morning, she had filled her diaper to the brim.

“What is happening to me? I didn’t even wear the dress and I wake up to…. to this? It’s time to get rid of this dress.” The day passed, and she had gone through 4 diapers. Allison had set up a craigslist ad for her dress, asking for $300. She also ordered 6 cases of Abena M4s, as she was running out fast. However, a week later, and several full diapers, Allison had not had any buyers. She was scared, and was unsure of what was happening. Her parents had no clue what was happening to their daughter just above them. Allison was rapidly losing control. She needed a doctor.


2 weeks later, and no buyers, Allison decided to take matters into her own hands and bury the dress. She went out to her backyard at midnight, and started digging. When she finally had an ideal hole, she got in position to toss the dress in and be done with it, hoping for a reversal on the effects. However, there was an odd feeling it gave off, a feeling she had felt when she first saw the dress. She couldn’t bring herself to ditch the dress, she loved it too much. She figured dirty diapers were worth the price of having a beautiful dress. Life went on. Allison became oblivious to her condition. She was constantly filling her diapers to their capacity. She didn’t care, though. As long as she was beautiful in that dress. She had broken up with Jason, simply because he wouldn’t understand her condition. She was content. Diapers were a small price for beauty.

One morning, Allison had woken up to yet another extremely full diaper. She was used to this by now, and started to enjoy it. As she got up, she decided to look at herself in the mirror. She didn’t really recognize herself anymore. She still had the same medium-build body type. She was still only 5 feet tall, and only weighed 110 pounds. But something didn’t feel right. She looked at herself in the mirror. She could see a blonde, 16 year old girl, standing in an extremely messy and discolored diaper. And she was happy. Without warning, her door opened, and in came her mother. Her mother was incredibly shocked, to say the least.

“Allison, are you wearing what I think you’re wearing?” Her mother had questioned. Allison could only stare in shock.

“Answer me, young lady. Are you wearing a diaper?” Allison could only look down and nod. All of a sudden, a huge burden had lifted from her shoulders. Allison had finally told someone of her diapers, and she felt amazing. Her mother, however, was not pleased.

“Are you going to explain to me why it looks like you have used your diaper?” inquired her mother. Allison started to panic, which had turned into tears. Her mother’s expression had turned from anger into concern almost immediately, and she sat down to console her daughter. After a few minutes, Allison then explained the entire story. Her mother listened with curiosity, and after what felt like an eternity, began to ask questions.

“Why hadn’t you come to me sooner?” Allison had answered that she believe it was only temporary and that she could take care of it. Obviously, that wasn’t the case.

“Well, we should schedule an appointment with your doctor to see what is wrong. I’ll call him now and see if he’s available,” her mother informed her with kindness. Allison had had a great burden relieved from her shoulder, and her bowels.

Allison was sitting in the waiting room, in a fresh diaper, waiting for her appointment. She was incredibly nervous, and had no idea what the doctor would make of her situation. After an hour, they were finally called in.

“Good morning, Allison, I understand that you have been having bathroom issues lately?” her doctor, Dr. Johnson, asked. Allison simply nodded, and explained the story like she had with her mother.

“Hmm… I have never heard of this before. I will schedule an examination and we’ll see if we can find anything wrong. For the meantime, stay padded and continue on with your normal activities. This is a peculiar case indeed… well, thank you for stopping in, I’ll call tomorrow with the date of the examination,” the doctor concluded. Allison and her mother left the doctor’s office behind and went to head home. Meanwhile, in the car ride home, Allison had erupted into her diaper yet again. Though she could not feel anything, she knew when she needed to change by the smell. After arriving home, she headed upstairs to do just that. What was going to happen to her? Allison continued going to school, doing her homework, acting as normal as she could. Though, it was obvious she was far from normal. What normal girl still fills her diaper? No one she knew, that’s for sure. The examination had been scheduled, and that morning, her mother took her to the local hospital to check out her daughter’s condition.

The examination itself was relatively quick and easy. Allison had messed and wet several times, which was rather unusual, but then again, what wasn’t at this point? They were sent home while the doctors looked over the results. A week went by where Allison heard nothing. Finally, they received a call from the hospital. Allison’s parents were at work, so she was the only one at home. Just then, the phone rang. She knew who it was, though, and answered it. The doctors had returned with the results.

“Allison? We need to get you to the hospital right away.”

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You may want to edit your story some. You’ve got line breaks in the middle of paragraphs, and in several places even in the middle of sentences :slight_smile:

Also, you may want to add an extra return between paragraphs. It’ll make your story much more readable :slight_smile:

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Pls for the love of abdl coninue your story

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Happy to hear you enjoyed it! I’ll probably get to working on the next few chapters within the next few days.

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I will be looking forward to reading them

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Would like to read more of this story.

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So is there more to this story?