The Recruit

So, this is a story completely based off of the Adidas NCAA scandal. It should have either six or seven parts.

Part 1: The Player

December, 2017
Sam caught the ball and started dribbling toward midcourt. The scoreboard read Central 78, East Shelby 79. Last possession and it all came down to this.
As he was dribbling, he looked into the stands. His parents in their usual seats just to the left of midcourt fourth row up. His nerdy friend Kyle and Kyle’s girlfriend Steph. Even his own ex, Laura, had made the trip. But his eyes quickly caught the men in suits sitting near the back.
Another step toward midcourt, not too fast, not too slow. Those men he knew were college recruiters. Different faces had shown up at each game of the playoffs, but they always dressed similarly, and always tried to blend in as best they could. Nothing too conspicuous unless you knew what to look for.
Sam reached midcourt.
He was only a junior, but already he knew colleges were after him. He didn’t really know where he wanted to go, but he knew he could have a full ride pretty much anywhere.
He stepped over midcourt, saw number 22 move toward him, and looked to his passing lane. A quick pass to Todd and he hustled toward the corner.
There were a couple of guys on the other team who the recruits may have been there for, but the papers only talked about him. He was a solid player, and he knew it. He tried not to get braggy or boastful, but he knew he was good.
Todd took a few steps while dribbling. He had a shot, but it would be a tough one. He passed the ball back to Sam.
Sam tried to guess which schools these guys were from. Sometimes it was obvious. Some of them wore school colors. Others just wore traditional black, or wore Central High’s colors to make it clear they were here for him.
He had a clear shot and took it.
The buzzer sounded and the ball started descending from its arch. Nothing anyone could do but watch. He had clearly gotten it off before the buzzer, and it was clean, so there would be no review, no foul shots. This was it.

And it was good! Half the crowd went crazy. The other half went dead silent. His own team erupted. They had just won their state playoffs. In the excitement, Sam stole a glance at the recuiters, but they were already filing out. They weren’t allowed to talk to him quite yet. Senior year would be far more interesting on that front. For now, he could just celebrate with his team.

October, 2018
Sam turned on the shower in his home and let the water warm as he stripped down and climbed in. He had just finished his game, taking his team to 12-2, with the only losses being to top five teams in the state.

The college recruiters were getting more numerous now. And the phone calls and letters had already started pouring in. Everyone wanted him.

He relaxed as the water poured over him and he started to clean up. His parents were very supportive. They wanted him close by, but since he was getting scholarships, he could really go wherever he wanted. He had some ideas – not a big city school, for instance, but a school with at least some academic pedigree just in case NBA didn’t work out.

He turned off the shower and dried off before putting on his pajamas for evening and going back to his room. He boot up the computer and up came his background image of Laura. They were back together again. He didn’t know if it would last but he was happy about it for now. Laura herself was fairly smart and had several scholarship offers herself. He could go to a school she had an offer from if she wanted to stay together. Or he could go to one she didn’t, if he wanted to end it. He wasn’t sure.

He already had completed his homework and so he fiddled around on his go-to sites. A couple of personality quizzes, Facebook, the news, a “way to early” 2019 mock draft, and then his guilty pleasure – the diaper site.

He knew it was weird. He had just turned eighteen, he should enjoy other stuff, but he liked seeing girls in diapers. Something about how innocent they looked. He knew it was weird, but he didn’t even like the “model” sites he had seen, more so the “amateur” sites, where the girls kept their shirts on.

Laura would be surprised if she knew he did that. He was sort of embarrassed that he did, felt guilty about it, but he also knew he would love it if she started to wear too. So he scrolled through, then got off and texted her goodnight, and wondered what she would look like in Goodnites.

The Shoe Store had just signed a multi-million dollar deal with State. And they needed that deal to be worthwhile. And they were going to get Sam Babers to go to that school, whatever it took.

So, they were sending John Jackson with a briefcase. A briefcase with $50,000 dollars in it. All for Sam Babers if he agreed to commit to State.

Re: The Recruit

First off, I really like the way you handled the countdown at the beginning of the text. It was engaging, but also realistic as to how much a person can realistically do in a single second. I’m guessing there’s a reason you skipped ahead from the end of 2017 to late 2018, and I’m hoping that if anything interesting happened during these ten months you’ll get back to it later. (After all, Sam seemed to expect a more interesting next year.)

Personally I thought this was a little short, but that’s just me. You do, however, set up an interesting next part and I’m interested to see how this progresses.

Re: The Recruit

:stuck_out_tongue: Great start; more please? :cool: