The Rebellion


It was never meant to be like this-

I trudged past the giant crowd of people, each step hitting the pavement with thumps. The crowd stared entrancingly at their electronic visors, paying no attention to the hooded figure bustling by. I looked past the crowd to see a checkpoint, a dozen guards all armed with non-lethal weaponry, checking passerby’s Identification Cards. Once they correctly Identified the person, they pulled the pants of their victims back to see if they were wearing their correct clothing.

Checking to see if we were abiding the law.

I stopped dead in my tracks as I realized what I was walking into. The contact never said there would be a checkpoint on this road.


I felt little droplets of rain land on my shoulder and hood.

The truck is on it’s way- if I don’t warn them then the guards will confiscate the truck.

As I pondered my next move the guards ahead of me took note of my hesitation, and began to walk my way.

The guard, wearing black riot gear, walked through the crowd towards me, armed with his gun, a SFG 23, a giant taser capable of shooting twelve shots of incapacitating electricity.

I panicked- turned around ran back up the sidewalk, shoving every man, woman and child out of my way. Behind me I could hear the shuffling of the guards and their yelling. On the road to my right was a white van with the license plate of A29GH78, that was my van. I jumped into the roadway and thumped the hood of the vehicle three times, to which I ran to the backside and opened up the backside of the van.

“Guys! Let’s get the-” I started.

Two armored guards greeted me, with their weapons aimed straight at me. Behind them were 5 canisters of gasoline, a blowtorch, and four zip-tied men all wearing an orange shirt that said “AWAITING TRIAL” in black lettering.


[/I]A quick flash of white shot out at me from the barrels of one of their guns. Instantly I shot back and fell to the ground, my muscles contracting tightly for a few seconds and then finally relaxing. The masked guards picked me up from my arms and pulled me into the van as my eyelids began to droop. They sat me up and quickly took off my shirt and replaced it with another orange shirt with the same black lettering on the backside. I felt my hands being led to my front and being tied together by the zip ties.

The van’s back doors closed with a loud thud, and I felt us begin to move forward, unable to keep my balance, I fell forward and landed upon the other rebels. My eyes closed as sleep took me by force.

Re: The Rebellion

Hmm, ok how is this going to go? I’m hooked.