The Reaper Crystal: Awakening (Prologue)

The Reaper Crystal: Awakening
By: Maboroshi

Genre: Adventure / Fantasy / Sci-Fi

Prologue – A New Beginning


Spinning around he looked towards the sound of the noise. He couldn’t believe his eyes though, what he was seeing could not possibly be true. Fighting against each other in the distance were two figures clouded in darkness. One was wielding a long silver bladed scythe and resembled the Grim Reaper. He also had a glowing black crystal hanging from his neck. The other was wielding a long white sword and had two large angel wings coming out of his back. He also had a glowing silver crystal around his neck.

Watching the battle he could only wonder who would win. The dark wielding reaper or the light wielding angel. Finally the angel slashed his sword through the Reaper’s hood. Stumbling backwards the Reaper growled and ripped off his damaged hood. Eyes widening he let out a blood curdling scream as he saw the Reaper’s face.

It was his…[/i]

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Aaron threw himself upwards in his bed screaming loudly. Forcing his mouth closed Aaron stopped screaming and struggled to breath normally. But his breaths instead came in raspy and short as he struggled to remain calm. After a few seconds Aaron felt his breathing return to normal and shook his head to clear it. Looking towards the door Aaron wondered why his mother hadn’t come running in. He was sure she would have rushed in after hearing him scream as he had. Turning to look at his nightstand that held his clock he immediately knew why, it was three in the morning and his mom would still be at work.

Breathing deeply Aaron laid back down on his back, only to immediately spring forward again. Eyes wide Aaron threw off his covers and frowned, a look of incredible shock on his face. His bed, was wet with what could only be urine. Groaning Aaron climbed out of bed and felt his pajama bottoms, sure enough they were soaked through with urine as well. Sighing Aaron stripped off his pajama pants and underwear and walked over to his door. Pulling it open, exiting and shutting it behind him in a single practiced movement.

Walking unashamedly naked through the house Aaron pushed open the bathroom’s swinging door and headed inside, quickly closing it behind him as he entered. Dropping his wet pants and underwear in the hamper beside the sink he pulled open the shower curtain. Turning on the shower he climbed in a closed the curtain behind him. As he let the warm water wash over him Aaron wondered what in the world was going on.

First a strange dream where he appeared to be some type of dark reaper, and than waking up to a wet bed. He had stopped waking up wet after he turned twelve, the last thing he needed was to start again at fifteen. Soaping himself Aaron leaned back and let the water wash the soap off. This was the first time he had needed to have a shower after wetting the bed. When he had been wetting the bed a few years earlier his mother had gotten him to wear goodnites to bed.

Whenever he wet them his mom would come in and clean him with a warm cloth and than let him put on a new one. So it felt a little strange to be showering instead of having a warm cloth and his mother cleaning him. But he was older now and needed to do things on his own, besides why the heck had he wet the bed anyways.

Turning off the shower Aaron reached out and grabbed his towel that was hanging on the rack. Drying himself off Aaron looked at his reflection in the bathroom mirror. When looking at him the first thing people always noticed was his hair. His bright sky blue hair that spiked wildly in every direction. Many when he told them his hair was naturally that colour called him a liar, but they always ended up agreeing with him eventually.

Other than that there wasn’t really anything interesting about him. He was an average boy in pretty much every way. He was fifteen years old and stood at 5’9", he had light blue eyes and a pretty decent build. He exercised every day and trained in martial arts, because of that was in greet shape. His mother had been shocked when he began to develop muscles, and he had been too worried she would refuse to let him continue his martial arts training to tell her.

So every Tuesday and Thursday he told his mom he was going for a run, before heading over to the Everett Mansion. Mariano Everett was a sixty-nine year old man who had once been the Headmaster of a renowned martial arts school. He had been forced to retire though when the school was destroyed in a bizarre accident. He had retired to the counter to a mansion his family had owned all their lives.

It had been pure chance that Aaron found himself inside the mansion. He had been running from bullies, picking on him for his hair colour when he found himself in the mansion. Mariano had seen him as an intruder and attacked him, he had managed to dodge one fist before being knocked painfully unconscious. He had woken in a bed deep inside the mansion with Mariano looking down at him with a furious expression on his face.

It had taken Aaron two minutes to explain what was going on before Mariano agreed to let him hide out for a few hours. During his stay Aaron learned about Mariano’s past and the fact he wanted to pass on his skills. So Aaron had begun learning how to fight, Mariano was a harsh task master but extremely patient and skilled. It had been three months and Aaron was slowly but surely becoming a true martial artist.

But that wasn’t the end. Mariano had decided to teach him another of the skills he knew, normally reserved for those that had already graduated. Aaron had been surprised when Mariano told him he would be teaching him how to wield a sword, but had agreed it would be an honour to learn. So every Tuesday Aaron practiced his martial arts, and every Thursday Aaron practiced his sword fighting.

Bringing the towel up to his face Aaron rubbed it against his wet forehead. Yawning loudly he shut his eyes and stretched out, opening his eyes he looked back at his reflection. With a shocked yell the towel Aaron had been holding dropped to the ground, Aaron’s eyes trailing it seconds later. Bending down and picking up the towel Aaron looked back into the mirror. Sure enough his sky blue hair and light blue eyes looked right back at him.

Shaking his head Aaron dropped his towel in the hamper, before turning and walking out of the bathroom. As he walked back to his bathroom Aaron wondered once again what in the world was going on tonight. Strange dreams, wet bed, and now he was sure he had seen someone else looking back at him for a second. His sky blue hair and light blue eyes had been replaced by black hair and silver eyes. But when he had looked back up his reflection had returned to normal.

Letting out a yawn Aaron stripped his bed off all its wet sheets and quilts. Gathering them into a ball he walked out of his room and down the stairs into the basement. Tossing his quilts and sheets into the much larger hamper in the corner of the room Aaron turned to leave the room. Only to stop and look towards the cupboard in the corner of the room, it had all the laundry supplies in it and a few other things.

Walking over to it Aaron pulled it open and looked up and down the shelves. It only took him a few seconds to find what he was looking for, reaching forward he grabbed the unopened package off the shelves and shut the cupboard. Walking back up the stairs and into his room Aaron put the package down on the bed. Turning around he walked over to the closet in the corner of the room, pulling it open he grabbed a new set of sheets and a quilt before closing the closet. Walking back to his bed Aaron nudged the package onto the floor and quickly made his bed. Than he walked over to his dresser and pulled it open, reaching in he grabbed a new pair of pajama pants and closed the dresser.

Walking over to his bed Aaron tossed his pajama pants down on the bed. Bending down he picked the package up of the floor and stood back up. Looking at the package of goodnites in his hand Aaron struggled to decide what to do. They had bought this package of goodnites thinking he would need it when his old one ran out, but he stopped wetting the bed before they needed to open it. And though it had been three years Aaron knew the goodnites in it would still fit him, he hadn’t grown much taller since than so they might be a little tight but that was okay.

Aaron finally decided on a course of action, ripping open the package he pulled out a goodnite and unfolded it. He had already wet the bed and cleaned it up once tonight, he didn’t want to have to do it again even if it meant basically wearing a diaper. Stepping into the leg holes he pulled the garment up snugly around his waist, he had been right, it was a little tight but not too bad. Pulling on his pajama pants Aaron climbed into bed and pulled the quilts up over him. He needed to get some sleep for school and sword practice tomorrow.

The second his head hit the pillow Aaron found himself deeply asleep.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

[i]Looking out through the mist and shadows that surrounded him Aaron struggled to continue moving forward. Laughter echoed from seemingly everywhere around him as he forced his body to continue moving. Wincing as pain flooded through his body Aaron continued moving forward. Looking around through the mist Aaron wondered where he was going, but he also couldn’t help but wonder where he was coming from.

Suddenly Aaron caught sight of a figure in the shadowy mist in front of him. Running forward he rushed towards the figure, forcing himself through the mist that seemed to grab and try to pull him backwards. As he approached the figure though Aaron found his eyes widening as a silver scythe ripped through and dissipated the mist directly in front of him. Aaron found himself stepping backwards as he found himself facing the strange Grim Reaper from before.

“Still you struggle to find me…soon you will face them and without me you will fall,” rasped the Reaper in a deep scratchy voice.

“Who are you?” questioned Aaron trying to keep the panic out of his voice.

“But maybe it is already too late, you’re already falling…” intoned the Reaper his raspy voice echoing all around them as he lifted his large silver scythe into the air.

Aaron was shocked as the wooden handle of the Reaper’s scythe tapped his forehead sending him falling backwards. Shutting his eyes and bracing himself for the pain of hitting the floor Aaron found himself wondering why he hadn’t hit anything yet, and why was his hair whipping around so wildly. Snapping his eyes open Aaron let out a scream as he found himself falling aimlessly through the thick shadowy mist.

As he looked around through the mist flying past him as he plummeted endlessly to the ground Aaron caught sight of a strange glint out of the corner of his eye. Struggling to lift his hand against the wind being created by falling Aaron reached out and grabbed whatever was causing the glint just to the side of his eyesight. Pulling the object back to in front of him he opened his hand to get a look at whatever it was.

A mysterious obsidian crystal with a strange black glow inside it greeted his sight. But what shocked Aaron was the fact he recognized the crystal. It had been hanging around the Reaper’s neck both times he had seen him.

Looking up Aaron screamed as he saw a bony hand reaching out towards him…[/i]

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Throwing himself forward into a sitting position Aaron snapped his mouth shut and focused on calming himself. Not looking up as he heard the door open he just continued to calm himself, after a few seconds he slowly opened his mouth and took a few deep breaths. Looking up he saw his mom looking at him worriedly.

“Are you okay Skye?” questioned his mom.

Aaron smiled and nodded at his mom, that was one of the things he loved about his mother Elnora. She took the things he said to heart and did what he asked, after he had decided he wanted to be called by his nickname she had immediately started doing so. His best friend had started calling him Skye in reference to his hair colour and he had taken a quick liking to it. Looking back up at his mom he nodded.

“I’m fine mom, I’ve just been having some weird dreams,” said Aaron stretching his hands out behind him.

“Okay than, you better get up anyways breakfast is almost ready,” Elnora said as she nodded and left the room.

Aaron watched his mom shut the door behind her before sighing and throwing his blankets off. Climbing out of bed Aaron didn’t even wince or anything as he felt dampness pressing against his skin. The second he had woken up he knew his goodnite was wet. Pulling off his pajama pants Aaron folded them and placed them on top of his dresser. Walking over to his dresser Aaron pulled out a shirt, belt, jeans and a pair of socks. Wandering out of the room he headed through the kitchen past his mom who smiled at him, not even batting an eyelash at the sight of the wet goodnite he was wearing.

Heading into the bathroom Aaron put his fresh clothing on the counter, pulled of his goodnite and tossed it into the pail under the sink. They had never gotten the time to get ride of the diaper pail in the bathroom, but he was happy about that now, they did a better job containing urine smell than anything else. Turning on the shower and climbing in Aaron started washing his body and hair.

As he let the warm water wash over his face and body he wondered what adventures today would bring…

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Re: The Reaper Crystal: Awakening (Prologue)

pretty good: you have decent character development for the short amount of writing you did, maybe in thenext you can do a proper intro to his mom she seems pretty interesting but i cant be sure and please have the next chapter soon please