The Raging Gale Princess (To Aru Kagaku No Rail Gun)

It was another peaceful day in Academy City, it was the middle of summer. The sun was bright and there was not a cloud in the sky, birds were singing in trees and students were walking towards their destinations enjoying their summer vacation.

A girl who had only been living in Academy for a week was walking down the streets. Sense it was hot out side she wore bright colors that day, she wore a pink shirt that had the writing ‘Little Princess’ on it, she had on a matching skirt that went a little bit above her knees. She has long dark hair that went half way down her back and had a windmill like accessory in her hair. Her name is Shana Aki

Shana had finally moved into her single dorm room and was finished unpacking, she had her room the way she wanted, now all that was left was to fill her refrigerator since she was living off of fast food and instant ramen all week, since she was too busy too cook while learning her way around city and getting all her paper work done so she could attend school at all girls academy in a special program. So while carrying a back pack and a shoulder bag she decided to go to the store and do some shopping and finally do some cooking for her self.

She arrived at the super market and picked up the basic items like eggs, milk, sugar, few fruits and vegetables and some juices and meat because she was going to make curry that night, she stopped down one aisle to pick up some personal supplies for herself and made quick work of it without been seen by anyone. Shana was ready to approach the check out line when she heard a girly squeal coming from where the feminine care products where being kept, so she rushed over to see what the commotion was all about. When Shana arrived so the seen she saw five guys’s standing over two girls harassing them.

“Satan-San, I asked you not to do that in public now look what you got us in!” A smaller girl said to her friend while the thugs surrounded the two.

The other girl smiled nervously at her friend hoping to be forgiven and get out of the situation they were in. “Uiharu I swear to never do that again.” Satan said apologetically.

“You’re a liar!” Uiharu said flatly. "You told me last week that you weren’t going to do again and it happened two day’s later.

Satan was up to her old games of flipping Uiharu’s skirt up out of the blue and the thugs surrounding then saw and wanted in on some of the action.

“Hey don’t ignore us?” one of the thugs yelled knocking over a shelf. The two girls jumped and became even more afraid as the thugs had intentions of doing harm to the both of them.

“L-listen up, I’m from Judgment so stop…please.” Uiharu said shaking in fear.

“Y-yeah we aren’t interested in you guy’s so please leave us alone!” Saten was trying to act bold.

This only seemed to encourage the boys as one of the boys grabbed Saten by her wrist and manhandley jerked her forward, she could feel the boys hot rancid breath in her face, she wanted to gag if was not so scared at the moment. “Hey girly, did I ask if you were interested in us, we take what we want!” The thug said jerking her arm in an uncomfortable position. “Now you better shut that little mouth or yours or not even the best doctors will be able to put it back together.” The thug was flexing cracking then at the same time.

“No Saten-San, leave her alone!” Uiharu yelled trying to get to her friend but she was grabbed by the back of her shirt by another one of the thugs and slammed into another one of the shelves. “Hehe! I didn’t say you could go anywhere little kitten.” The thug that had slammed Uiharu into the shelf was drooling over her and had a crazed look in his eyes saying ‘I’ll kill you if you move again’.

The Thug that had a hold on Saten grabbed her by her other arm and held both on then in the air. “OK then girly let’s see what kind of panties you got going on under that skirt.” He then motioned for one of his partners to lift up Saten’s skirt.

Uiharu was forced and pinned to the ground by the drooling maniac and another one of the boy’s went for her skirt also. Both girls struggled of get free but five boys against two girls were too much for them to handle.

Shana could not longer sit by and watch as she took one of the apples and threw it at the boy who was left out in assaulting the two girls. “Oww! What the hell do you think you’re doing to little bitch!” The boy screamed.

“You boy’s get off those girls right now and get out of here!” She yelled.

“No run get out of here-.” Uiharu yelled but her mouth was covered by one of the thugs.

“Hey don’t let her get away; you can have her all to your self.” The leader told him.

“Oh hells yeahh!” The last thug cheered as he reached to grab Shana.

Shana quickly grabbed the boy by has arm and using only her index and middle fingers she poked the boys arm.

“Ahhhhhhh, YOU BITCH!” The boy used his other arm to throw a punch at Shana but she easily dodged it. “What the hell did you do to my arm!” The boy was on his knees holding his arm in pain. The boys arm was swollen and bright red like it was broken and was drooping like a wet noodle.

“I used what’s called a fatal strike.” Shana Spoke. “By hitting the nerve, I can cause paralyzes on any part of the body I poke with my two fingers. I wonder what would happened if I where to hit one of you in the heart.” She taunted.

“Don’t be wimp out its just one little girl; she can’t hit all of us!” The leader yelled.

One of the thugs charged at Shana but ducked and gave him a swift kick to the shin, the kick made the boy loose his balance and fall in his knees, Shana then delivered a hard kick dead in the thugs face sending him flying back a few feet. Another boy came from behind her but Shana was able to move quickly enough to get out of arm’s reach from the boy. She jumped up and kneed him in the face busting his nose. The boy flew back into a shopping cart and Shana kicked it down the aisle.

“Yeah that’s three down and two to go!” Shana cheered; she quickly turned around and faced Uiharu and Saten. “Hey you two, run now!” Shana ordered.

“No way you’re coming with us, we can’t leave you here.” Uiharu said.

“I can’t fight these guys and protect you two at the same time now go!” Shana demanded, another one of the thugs came up from behind Shana wielding a knife, but she quickly reacted by hitting him with her fatal strike in the boys shoulder making his arm unusable, using her foot she kicked him strait in the grind, dropping him instantly.

“Please don’t worry we’ll get help!” Saten said as they both ran out the super market looking for help.

“I think I’m going to need it.” Shana said smiling nervously to herself as the boys she knocked down were slowly picking them selves off the floor.

Both girls had gotten pretty for away from the Super market when suddenly Uiharu skidded to a stop and looked back behind her. Saten, was farther ahead and also stopped and tried to catch her breath. They both had been running like mad they did a good job distancing them selves from trouble.

“W-What are you doing Uiharu?” Saten panted out. “We have to keep moving, those guys could be chasing after us for all we know!”

“B-but that girl, that means they got her!” Uiharu cried out. “We have to go back to help her!”

“Are you out of your mind Uiharu? She just told us to run because we’d be in the way; we told her that we would get some help!”

“But we can’t just leave her there; she could be seriously injured by now!”

“Yes Uiharu all the reason to go and get some help!” Saten yelled shaking her friend.

“What’s all the commotion about?” Another girl asked. Two familiar girls appeared before them, one tall and the other short, both of them was dressed in Tokiwadai school uniform. The taller girl had short brown hair with red eyes and the other was a pigtailed girl with a Judgment armband on.

“Shirai-San, Misaka-San!” Uiharu and Saten cried at the same time.

“Hey!” Mikoto greeted with a smile. “What’s up?”

“Why are you two in such a panic?” Kuroko asked them.

Both Uiharu and Saten explained the while situation to Mikoto and Kuroko.

“Onee-Sama!” Kuroko yelled.

“Right Kuroko” Mikoto said back as they took off running by to the super market.

Back the market Shana was breathing heavily wiping off the blood in her lip, her clothes were dirty and ripped in different places, the thugs had gotten some hits on her. The two boys she had gotten with her fatal strikes were down for the count and there were still three remaining looking like they still wanted more. All three boys ran at Shana at the same time one boy holding a stick hit her in the back, Shana arched back in pain, and then another boy kicked her in the stomach. Shana fell to the ground and was about to be stomped in the face by the third boy but she rolled over, and hit the boy with a fatal strike in the thigh. The boy was off balance not being to put any weight on his leg, Shana jumped up and kicked the off balance boy into his partner and the two fell into each other both of there heads slammed into a shelf knocking then out. The final thug hit Shana in her side with the stick and once again on her back and she fell to the ground.

“Now let’s see what’s under skirt number three sense one and two got away.” The thug said. Before peeking under Shana’s skirt the thug gave Shana one more kick to the ribs making sure she stayed down. He grabbed the hem of the skirt and slowly lifted with excitement, but his excitement was soon shattered when he found biker spat shorts under her skirt. “What the hell is this?” He shouted angrily. When he pressed down on Shana’s shorts something did not feel right, he felt soft plastic under Shana’s skirt.

“I hope you’re having a good feel!” Shana said angrily. “Because you’ll never use that hand ever again in life!” Shana took the thugs hand and pressed down on it hard.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!” The thug screamed as blood was gushing from his finger nails.

Shana got up and let out a barrage of fatal strikes on the boy making his body lifeless as a rag doll.

“I got to say, you messed up my boy’s pretty good.” A fat man three times Shana’s size stepped into the aisle, he had dark skin and had a cue ball head.

“So you’re their leader?” Shana asked him.

Just then Mikoto, Kuroko, Saten, and Uiharu arrived to the seen. They were shocked to see all five thugs on the floor knocked out, but now they had to deal with their boss. Mikoto ran to help Shana, but ran into something like an invisible wall. Kuroko tried to teleport her way inside but was thrown back.

“What the, what is this?” Mikoto asked banging on the wall.

“Onee-Sama I think he put up some kind of barrier!” Kuroko said.

“Then I guess I’ll have to smash it then!” Mikoto gathered electricity in the palm her hand and shot it at the barrier. “No way!” Mikoto said in shock as the barrier remained unscratched.

“Just how strong is this thing?” Kuroko asked getting frustrated.

“Uiharu then took out her scanner. " Genta Takauma age seventeen, level 3 barrier user, because of his level he can only create one barrier at a time.”

“So that means if I punch him he won’t be able block it right?” Shana yelled from the other side of the barrier, “perfect!” Shana ran up to Genta and delivered a fatal strike to his gut.

“Hehe, that tickles” Genta said totally unaffected by her fetal strike. He socked Shana in her face and sent her flying into the barrier.

“Hey what’s wrong, done already?” Genta Taunted her.

“Not even!” Shana said slowly getting up. “I made a promise to never use my power on those who are weaker then me, but for you I’m going to make an accept-ion.”

"Me weaker than you? Genta laughed out loudly. “Don’t forget little girl I’m the one kicking your ass!”

“Guess again, I haven’t even used my power yet!” Shana said fiercely as a huge gust of wind surrounded her body. “Hey buddy don’t forget my name, it’s Shana Aki and where I come from they call me the raging gale princess!” Shana shot a twister out for her hand, it struck Genta knocking him through his barrier and into a wall knocking him out.

Minuets later the Anti Skill medic’s were taking the boys away in ambulance trucks. “Aki-san are you ok!” Uiharu said wryly “Are you sure you don’t want to go to he hospital also?”

“I’m fine.” Shana said grunting from her injuries. “I’ve been put through worse!”

“Well at lease come back to my dorm and get cleaned up and I’ll treat you injuries for you.” Uiharu said happily.

“No I’m fine I’ll just- Argggg!” Shana held her side in pain.

“Just accept her offer.” Mikoto said. “You saved her, then let her pay you back by treating you wounds.”

With Shana been in too much pain, she did not argue anymore and followed the group all the way to Uiharu’s dorm room.

“The bathroom’s right here!” Uiharu said leading Shana into a steamy hot bathroom and went back outside to her other friends.

While sitting around Saten heard grunting sounds coming from the bathroom. “She must be having a hard time in there with all those scraped and buries she has.”

“Maybe one of us should help her, I mean where al girls.” Mikoto said.

“Then I’ll do it.” Uiharu said getting up. Uiharu knocked on the door but heard no response from Shana and got worried. “Shana I’m coming in!” Uiharu yelled opening the door but what she saw shocked her. Uiharu looked at Shana as she was only wearing a diaper with a yellow stain in the front.

The Raging Gale Princess (To Aru Kagaku No Rail Gun)

Just posting to say I love this show and am happy you’re making a story based on it.