The Raging Gale Princess (To Aru Kagaku No Rail Gun) CH 3

It was another relativity hot day in Academy City, hotter then it was yesterday, the temperature now reaching the triple digits, Mikoto and Kuroko where walking down the streets heading towards the Seventh Mist Mall to meet up with Uiharu and Saten. Both girls foreheads dripped in sweat wishing for a stronger breeze than the small one they felt drifting by with the wind. The heat was so intense that Kuroko was acting normal for once and had not tried any of her perverted acts against Mikoto that day.

Kuroko was actually still in pain from last night, she and Mikoto had made curfew by one minuet, but to do so Kuroko had to use her teleporting abilities to teleport them inside the dorms and was caught by the dorm mistress. She went over the dorm’s rules ‘No using esper powers in side the dorms’ and used her neck snapping skills on Kuroko sense she was the guilty one and gave Mikoto the evil eye from hell which gave her nightmares that following night.

“Misaka-San, Shirai–San we’re over here” Uiharu called from a distance waving her hand up in the air. “Good morning, how are the both of you today?” She asked excitingly.

“Jeez Uiharu will you calm down, you’re acting just like a little kid,” Koroko said getting annoyed. “How can you have this much energy when it is so hot out?”

“You’re just lucky you’re only dealing with it right now!” Saten said, she looked tired and had black rings under her eyes and her hair was a mess. “Uiharu kept me up nearly the whole night telling me how excited she was to be going to the hot springs and went on, and on, and on about what we would do once we got their.”

“Tell me though; who’s idea was it to go to a hot spring on a hot day like this anyway?” Mikoto asked.

“Well Onee-Sama” Koroko answered. “These tickets are only good until the end of today.” Kuroko showed Mikoto the back of the tickets and the expiration date of the tickets were at the end of today.

“Come on then! What are we waiting for?” Uiharu asked getting excited again. Saten, Mikoto and Kuroko had large sweat drops from dripping from their heads and decided to go into the mall before Uiharu drove them crazy.

The group stepped through the door and felt refreshed when the malls cool air conditioning hit their skin, they proceeded to the back of the mall that had been remodeled sense the graviton incident and found a huge sign that read ‘Doki Doki Hot Springs’. Saten and Uiharu went wide eyed with their mouths hanging wide open when they saw the admission price starting off at 10,000 yen just for the hot spring’s alone, Mikoto and Kuroko just looked at the price like it was nothing and proceeded to walk through the doors.

“Welcome to Doki Doki Hot Springs.” A tall man greeted them at the door.

“Yes we’re here to try out the Hot springs please?” Mikoto asked politely showing the man the tickets.

The men eyed the tickets and look at the girls. “So you must be the girls that Shana befriended?” The man asked. “My name is Stiner and I’m the owner of these hot springs I’m the one who gave her the tickets.”

“Wow thats incredible you’re the owner?” Uiharu asked.

“Got that right young lady.” Stiner said. “You see, Shana’s father and I have known each other sense high school, but we had different goals. I’ve been friend of the Aki family for many years and now that Shana is living here in Academy City I feel I have to look after her out of respect for her late father, I know that what he would want.” Stiner said. “It was sad to hear about her sister though; the girl that Shana looked up to the most; doing something so horrible it made me sick.”

“So you know Shana’s here to look for her sister then right?” Uiharu asked.

“Yes but right now I’m trying to convince Shana to stop looking for her right now, theirs a rumor going around that Shana’s sister has gathered several high leveled espers to guard her. Last time I spoke to Shana I begged her to leave this matter to Anti Skills but she would not listen, that girl is just way too stubborn for her own good, I’m afraid she might really get her self hurt this time.” Stiner said sadly. “But anyways please don’t let me throw off your moods.” Stiner gave each girl a wrist band that read ‘Platinum VIP’. "With those you won’t only be limited to the hot springs you can also go the Spa area now.

“Wow thank you so much.” Uiharu and the other girls said

“It’s no problem at all please enjoy your stay here” Stiner said before walking away.

Mikoto and the others walked through the women’s side into the changing area and put their belongings into lockers that required a numeric combination code of their choice, after changing into robes the girls first checked out the hot spring area, they were amazed how big that one room was, their were three pools of hot springs. The first pool was the smallest one being for little kids so the water only ankle deep, the middle was only knee deep for the elderly, but the third and largest hot springs pool was at least waist deep for a middle school student.

Before jumping into the water the girl’s went over to the shower area to wash off any sweat they had obtained from the walk over so they would not contaminate the water. Kuroko watched her Onee-Sama washing her body in pure bliss slightly drooling. Perverted ideas where going through her mind but remembered she was in a shower area and would be killed if she were to be electrocuted.

“Wow Misaka-San your skin looks so smooth.” Satan asked running her finger down Mikoto’s spine causing her to let out a loud yelp. “Do you want me to wash your back for you?”

“Yes Please.” Mikoto accepted her offer and allowed Saten to wash off her back. Kuroko’s flew up wildly and an evil purple aura surrounded her.

“Umm! Shirai-San do you want me to wash your back?” Uiharu asked nervously.

Koroko turned around and gave Uiharu and evil look. “No I wanted to wash Onee-Sama’s back!” Kuroko yelled as she violently shook Uiharu. Kuroko could on longer contain herself; she dropped Uiharu and ran towards Mikoto and Saten. Before Kuroko could even get close Mikoto picked up a bar a soap and threw it under Kuroko’s feet making her slip and cracking her head on the wet tile floor.

Mikoto let out a big sigh “She’ll never learn will she?” She asked herself.

The girls left the shower area and walked over to the hot spring water and sat down, the water was the perfect temperature, hot water felt so well on Kuroko’s and Uiharu’s sore mussels and tense shoulders because of their work at judgment. The girl rested their heads against the side of the tub and relaxed with a pleasing sigh.

After dipping in the hot springs the girls decided to check out the Spa area. The first room they entered was a room with soft pink wall and smelled of scented oils and every table had a different exotic plant lying on top.

“Welcome to Doki Doki Solon!” The girls were greeted by four women. “Please come this way.” Before the girls had a chance to respond, the four women grabbed each girl by the hand and led them over to chairs and sat them down. Drapes where thrown over the girls bodies and the chairs were reclined back. The stylist turned on the water and extended the hose on the side on the sink and wet the girl’s hair. The Stylist then lathered their hands with soap, forming a good lather, they then placed their hands on each of the girls heads and started to massage the girl’s wet hair and scalp. The pressure from the stylist fingertips was very soothing the girls sunk back in their chairs in comfort.

After their hair was washed and blow dried the girls were led over to another set of chairs and sat down, the stylist walked over to the girls carrying bowls, the Women instructed the girls the tilt their head back and did so, They placed slices cucumbers over the girl’s eyes and then took wet strips seaweed out of the bowls they were carrying and placed them over the girl’s faces making a facemask.

“What is this stuff, it stink’s and it’s all sticky!” Mikoto asked.

“Please don’t worry.” One of the stylists spoke. “It’s just a little seaweed, it helps keeps the skin healthy and smooth and prevents wrinkles….Not that you girls have any.”

Lastly the girl’s feet were propped up, and the stylist began giving them pedicures. The stylist rubbed oil into their hands and massaged the oil into the girl’s feet, then used clear nail polish on their toenails. The girls sighed in pleasure as the stylish worked gently on the feet and using colored nail polish to decorate their toes.

After wards the girls headed back the changing room feeling more relaxed then they had ever been. Any aces of pains they still felt from the Level upper, Big Spider or the Poltergeist incidents had disappeared in the Spa, after getting their hair and nails done they got full body massages and relaxed in the steam room before deciding it was time to leave. The girls walked back to their lockers, Saten was the first to enter the locker room and spotted a moving figure in the corner of her eye and quickly turned around but saw nothing.

“Saten-San what’s wrong?” Uiharu asked.

“Nothing I though I saw someone for a second.” She replied.

Uiharu looked around the room and only saw Saten, Kuroko, and Mikoto. “I don’t see any one else here.” Uiharu stated.

“Ahhhhh!” Kuroko screamed.

“Kuroko what’s wrong?” Mikoto asked

Kuroko was in a panic tearing through her locker looking for something that was obviously important to her. “My panties…Their gone I can’t find them!”

“What?” Every one said in unison.

“Oh no mines are gone too!” Uiharu cried.

Mikoto and Saten quickly opened their lockers and discovered that their panties had been stolen also. “Who could have done something like this?” Mikoto asked angrily slamming her fist against the locker.

“That guy I thought I saw!” Saten said. “I told you guys I thought I saw some one out of the corner of my eye when I first walked in the room, that person I saw must be the one who stole our underwear!”

“I’m going after him!” After Mikoto quickly put her clothes back on, she quickly ran out of the changing room and out of the entrance of the hot springs. Mikoto scanned around the mall looking for anyone who looked remotely suspicious. She then spotted a man wearing a long black trench coat and a hat covering his face, the man was carrying a bag and spotted something light green hanging from the zipper. “Hey those are my….” Mikoto yelled blushing. She then took off after the suspicious person but turned a corner and lost him. “Man that guy is slippery, just where did he go this time?” Mikoto turned around and attempted to run again, but ran into someone knocking herself that person down. Thanks to her not wearing anything under the fall on her bottom was extra painful.

“Misaka-sempai is that you?” A girl’s voice asked.

Mikoto looked at the girl she had run into, it was Shana. Shana turned her head blushing. “Ummm Misaka-sempai, do girls always go walking around without wearing any underwear in this city?” Shana asked.

Mikoto blushed furiously realizing the position she was sitting in completely exposed her privet area and quickly covered her self up. After Shana helped her up Mikoto explained what was going on to Shana.

“That’s horrible what kind of sick person would do such a thing?” Shana was disgusted and angry at the same time, her blood began to boil. “Sempai I’m going to help you find that creep but first…. We should really do something about your wardrobe, or do you plan you flashing the whole mall when you finally give that man a hard kick in the grind?”

“Hehe! Yeah I didn’t really think about that.” Mikoto laughed nervously.

“Sempai if you don’t mind can I make a suggestion?” Shana asked taking of her backpack. Mikoto got a little nervous as she possibly knew what Shana was thinking.

Mikoto and Shana entered a near by bathroom and went to the last stall meant for handicap or disabled people, but because of what was going on and what they were about to do they took the risk. Shana unzipped her backpack and took out a diaper and some baby-powder, Mikoto’s heart nearly stopped because of the crinkling sound the diaper made while Shana was unfolding it, it made her cringe.

“OK sempai please lye down and I’ll make this quick.” Shana instructed

Mikoto gulped loudly as she complied with Shana’s orders, she jumped when her bottom came in contact with the floors cold tile but found some relief she felt Shana’s warm hand touching her so she could slide the diaper underneath her bottom, Shana then dusted Mikoto in a vast amount of baby-powder and then pulled the diaper up between her legs and taped up tightly. “Their now that wasn’t so bad, was it sempai?”

Mikoto examined herself, the diaper felt weird between her legs forcing them apart making it very difficult to walk in. “How did you beat up those five boys with out using your power wearing this thing?” She asked.

“Three years of practice goes a long way Sempai.” Shana replied.

“Well I don’t have that much time to get use to wearing these things.” Mikoto clenched her fist that was sparking with electricity. The two ran out of the bathroom in search of the man wearing the trench coat, it did not take then long to find him, and both girls bolted after him.

The man realized he was being cased and started to run, Mikoto was loosing ground not able to run at her fullest because of the fluff in between her legs. Shana dashed forth on the side of him and tried a swift kick while running, to Shana’s surprise her leg passed right through the man and she toppled over.

Mikoto saw Shana’s nasty fall and rushed over to her. “Shana, are you ok?” Mikoto asked helping her up.

“Yes I’m fine sempai, but my foot went right through his body!” Shana exclaimed.

“He must be an esper with the ability to pass his body through solid matter” Mikoto explained. “It explains how he took our underwear without opening our lockers.”

“How do we beat someone we can’t touch then sempai?” Shana asked.

Mikoto placed a reassuring hand on Shana’s shoulder smiling down at the girl. "Don’t worry I have a plan, he can’t use his ability forever so it’s very important that you stay on him at all times sense I can’t move very well right now. The moment he stops using he ability I’ll hit him with an electric shock that’ll put him down.

Shana got up that dashed after the man again quickly catching up to him again. The man threw arm back trying to hit Shana but she ducked under his arm and threw a punch to the man’s face, but her arm passed right threw the man’s face, she pulled back her arm and tried a kick but the something thing happened again. The man rammed Shana trying to knock her down, but she stopped her self from falling over. Shana only took her eyes off the man for only a second and he was gone. Shana looked around franticly looking for the man, he came out from underneath the floor delivered a brutal uppercut to Shana’s chin, Shana stumbled against a wall with her back turned towards it, Shana than felt a hand grab her hair and pulled her back slamming her head first against the wall, and she fell to the ground.

“No hard feeling little girl, but I’ll be killed if were to get caught steeling little girls underwear.” The man taunted the semi conscious girl. Out of know where the man was struck in the back by what looked like a giant blade of wind, the man stumbled forth to only be kneed on the face by Shana."

“Arggg you bitch!” The man said covering his now broken nose with his hand, blood was dripping between his fingers. “That’s it, I tried giving you a break but now you’re dead!” The man sunk into the floor again.

Shana looked around in every direction making sure to avoid any walls or anything the man could pop out of from behind. The man came out the floor again and tried another uppercut again, Shana was able to avoid being hit, once she saw that the man was completely out of the floor Shana shot him with a ball of wind sending him flying against a wall and landing into a fountain.

“Sempai now!” Shana yelled.

Mikoto came out from hiding and stuck her hand into the fountain zapping the man, Thousands of volts of electricity coming from every direction surged through the man’s body and the fact that he was in a fountain made it worse, the electrical current caused an explosion blowing up the fountain and everything around it.

“I think I may have over done it a bit.” Mikoto said coughing through the smoke the explosion caused. Mikoto looked for the man through the rubble to see of her was still alive but found no body.

“Sempai look out behind you!” Shana yelled, but it was too late, Mikoto was struck in the back of the head with a rock from the debris of the explosion.

Mikoto lied on the ground motionless for a second moaning in pain and tried to pick her self up but the man kicked her in the rib’s and stomped her in the face making sure she stayed down . “You little bitch!” He kicked her again, “You think you could fuck with me and get away with it Huh!” He dug his foot on the side of Mikoto’s cheek making her scream out a pain.

Just then a huge gust of visible wind filled the air, it was coming from Shana. “You!” Shana growled as the wind surrounding her became more fierce feeling like a hurricane. “How dare you hurt my friend, its unforgivable!” Shana yelled, her brown eyes became gleaming red and the wind surrounding her turned black.

The man tried to run away in fear but found his feet were a couple of inches off the ground, he was being held in mid air with no escape. Shana walked towards the man the formed a black twister around his body. The twister seemed to have no effect on him because of his power, but he wasn’t able to use it very long. Shana smiled evilly her black twister inflicted deep cuts and slashes all over the man’s body making him scream in agony.

Mikoto looked up and saw the horror of seeing a man begin brutally cut up multiple times in front of her. “Shana stop it you’re going to kill him!” Mikoto yelled but her words were not getting through to her. “Please stop he’s a creep but dose not deserve this!” The man continued to scream in pain pleading for his life, Shana smiled like she was enjoying watching the man suffer. Mikoto had, had enough and struck Shana in the back of the neck with an electrified chop. Shana fell to her knees as the wind surrounding soon faded and her eye’s returned their original color. Shana fell over but was caught by Mikoto. “Shana are you ok….Speak to me!” Mikoto shook the girl firmly but gently.

Shana slowly opened her eyes to see Mikoto staring down at her.“Oh no, I lost control again.” Shana said weakly, she looked around to see many stores and shop’s completely destroyed by her power.

A woman in her late teens with long black hair wearing a long green dress walked through the rubble and up to the girls. “My, my you sure did a number on my partner their.” The woman said looking down at both Mikoto and Shana.

“Who are you, and do you know this creep?” Mikoto asked, staring down the woman intently.

"You can drop the scowl princess; I won’t be so stupid as to try and fight Tokiwadai Middle School’s level 5 lighting princess or Higashiura’s level 5 Raging Gale princess. " The women responded.

“What?” Mikoto asked in shock. “Shana’s a level 5 also?”

“I guess Shena was right telling us not to try and fight you, with that much destructive power you really are her little sister aren’t you?” She sneered.

“My sister?” Shana asked weakly trying to get up. “Tell me where she is now!” Shana demanded

“You’ll know soon enough, Shena-Sama will see you when she feel’s the time is right.” The woman turned around throwing a seed at the two girls, the seed sprouted forming into a cage like tree trunk trapping both Mikoto and Shana in side.

“Hey come back here and answer me.” Shana yelled banging on the tree cage, she used the wind powers to bust the cage open, but her attacks did not leave a scratch, Mikoto tried the same thing with her power but it failed also.

“You kids are such fools.” The woman taunted. “Don’t you know that wood can bust through solid concrete and steel, your puny little attacks won’t break through my wood prison.”

“We’ll see about that!” Mikoto scoffed. She took out a coin and charged it electricity.

“Forget it I won’t let you use you famous rail gun to try and escape!” The woman threw another seed, this time it spouted into a thick vine that wrapped itself around Mikoto’s body squeezing her to death.

“No Misaka sempai!” Shana tried to use her power but could only muster the wind strength of a hand held fan. Mikoto could no longer breathe, all the blood was rushing to her face, and lower body was turning bluish/ purple.

“Shena-Sama told me not to hurt her sister, but I’m sure she won’t get too mad if I take out the rail gun right here.” Just then the lady felt someone touch her shoulder, both the tree like cage and the vine strangling Mikoto disintegrate; Mikoto hit the floor hard rolling around gasping for air.

“Excuse me, but I don’t think its right for an adult to trap two kids in cages and try and strangle one of them.” A boy with spiky said giving off a funny grin.

The woman turned around and backed away in shock. “W-what how did you do that?” She asked.

“Ivy we need to leave now this is getting too dangerous!” Man said barely able to stand, he gabbed Ivy (The woman)by the hand and disappeared thought the floor.

“Hey Biri Biri are you ok!” The boy known as Kamijō Tōma asked.

“I told you stop calling me that that you idiot.” Mikoto retorted.

Toma helped Mikoto up off the floor with her arm around his neck, she was still breathing hard that made Toma worry a little, and Toma slowly walked Mikoto to a bench and slowly sat down. Out of know where Toma saw a pair of small feet and something he did not want to see under the girls skirt and was kicked square in the face.

“Onee-sama are you ok?” Koroko asked noticing that Mikoto’s cheek was red like she had been kicked in the face. Kuroko turned around and glared at Toma. “You! Kamijō-San I’ve always known that you were a beast and was not right for Onee-Sama’s affections but to go this far?” Kuroko said taking out one of the nails she kept hidden under her skirt.

“Hey hold on a minuet I was just helping her out!” Toma threw his hands up in defense backing away.

“Oh no Shana-Chan are you ok?” Uiharu asked worriedly.

Shana slowly picked herself off the ground along different colored fabric in her hand. “I’m fine Uiharu-San, but it look’s like all of your panties didn’t make it though.” Shana laughed. “And Misaka-sempai how do I put this without embarrassing you….” Shana drifted off. “You need to change real soon”.

Mikoto had no idea what Shana was talking about until she saw Shana pointing down at her skirt. Kuroko lifted Mikoto skirt up, everybody including Mikoto was in shock. The diaper she had on had a huge wet stop in the front. Mikoto looked around at all her friends plus Toma who was blushing the most. “You what the hell are you looking at you prev?” She yelled shooting lighting at him.

“I-I wasn’t looking I swear!” Toma said stopping the attack with his imagine breaker.

“Then why are you blushing?” Mikoto shot servile more burst of electricity at him.

“Such a misfortune!” Kamijō Tōma, yells as he is running down the mall still being chased my Mikoto.

Re: The Raging Gale Princess (To Aru Kagaku No Rail Gun) CH 3

To be honest your story is extremely difficult to read for several reasons.

  1. There is no clear description of the characters.

  2. The name of your character changes through the first chapter.

  3. Your spelling is a bit off but it is still readable.

  4. The Japanese prefixes on the names add to the confusion.

One thing that will help you is using a spell checker to find the common spelling and grammar mistakes. Also slow down your action a bit, you appear to be rushing and it is taking away from the flow of the overall story. Flesh out your characters and describe the location a bit better, but don’t go overboard on the details.

Other than that you have a decent story with the potential to write a really good novel.

Re: The Raging Gale Princess (To Aru Kagaku No Rail Gun) CH 3

i agree with Jayme Ann but i really like the story plot and want more!!!