The Raging Gale Princess (To Aru Kagaku No Rail Gun) CH 2

Uiharu opened the door to the bathroom and walked in to an awkward scene “Eh!” Uiharu stared, smiling nervously at Shana who was wearing nothing but a wet diaper; thousands of questions were going through Uiharu’s mind a minuet as she was trying of a way to deal with the situation.

Shana’s face was getting redder and redder like she was getting ready to explode. “No…Don’t look!” Shana yelled activating her power. A huge gust of wind forming a twister surrounded Shana’s body knocking everything in the bathroom over. Mikoto, Saten, and Kuroko all heard the commotion coming from the bathroom and rushed inside to see soap bottles, towels, and a rubber ducky all being slung around the bathroom by Shana’s wind.

“Aki-San please calm down!” Uiharu yelled through the ripping sound of the wind tearing up the bathroom

“Uiharu what’s going on?” Kuroko asked with one hand over her face and the other at the bottom of her skirt keeping it from blowing up, the other girls looked up to see Shana going berserk with her power. “We need to stop her, she could destroy the whole bathroom if she keeps this up!” Thinking fast to subdue her, Kuroko reached into her pocket and took out a small metal capsule and used her power to teleport it directly in front of Shana’s face. “Quick everyone hurry and close your eye’s!” Kuroko yelled. The capsule exploded and Shana was engulfed in a bright light that blinded her, the violent wind coming from Shana soon turned into a gentle breeze and then nothing as Shana blacked out.

“Oh no, Aki-San…. Aki-San! Shirai-San what did you do, she’s on conscious!” Uiharu asked running to Shana’s side.

“It’s a new invention that Anti Skill developed.” Kuroko said. “It emits a blinding light that only effect’s us espers. The light enters the brain through the eyes and causes minor damage to the part of the brain that allows us to use esper abilities, side effects includes headache, dry mouth, temporary blindness, or as you can see passing out and memory loss.”

“Koroko!” Mikoto said lightly, firmly placing her hand on her friends shoulder. “I think you may have over done it a bit.”

It was later in the afternoon when Shana woke up, giving off a moan she sat up slowly and winced in pain, her ribs and sides were hurting her. “What happened to me?” She asked her self. “It feels like I went one on one with a truck, and the truck won.” Shana placed her hand on her forehead and slowly started to remembered the fight she had earlier with those five boys and the barrier user from the super market, and Uiharu walking in on her in the bathroom while she was trying to change.

She looked down at herself and saw that she only had a bathrobe wrapped around her body and still in the same wet diaper she was in before passing out. Shana then looked around the room and only saw Uiharu sleeping soundly with her head resting on top of her arms next to the bed Shana was lying in. Uiharu felt Shana moving around and she slowly woke up. Instantly with tears in her eyes Uiharu embraced Shana into a powerful hug squeezing the life out of her, Uiharu then heard a slight hissing sound and looked down at Shana’s diaper, it was beginning to swell up even more.

Uiharu looked at Shana with embarrassment. “Oh on I’m so sorry, I shouldn’t have hugged you like that and…… ahhhhh, I’m so sorry Aki-San!”

Shana had already figured out that Uiharu is slightly an airhead and quickly forgave her. “Hehe! Its fine, I mean you’ve already seen me wet my self once so I’m not as surprised this time.” Shana replied.

“Yes but you really should get changed, I don’t think it’s a good Idea to stay like that for very long….” She drifted off looking down at her feet.

Shana slowly got out of bed and was helped into the bathroom once again. Uiharu helped lower Shana into the bath and took a towel and lathered it with sweet smelling body wash and proceeded to wash her body. Uiharu made sure not to aggravate any of Shana’s injuries and was very gentle going about cleaning Shana’s body as the towel glided across some bruised area’s on Shana’s body. The whole time Shana was blushing as Uiharu used a soapy towel to wash sensitive parts of her body even her back and hair. “Wow this water sure stays hot for a long time.” Shana said trying to strike up a conversation.

“Yes well that’s my power.” Uiharu replied. “My power is to keep any thing I touch at that constant temperature, so as long as I’m touching the bathtub the water will never get colder.”

Uiharu dumped a bucket of warm water over Shana’s body washing away any soap suds that was left on her body. Uiharu then handed Shana a drying towel to dry her body off with and led her out the main room.

Not wanting to have any accidents on Uiharu’s carpet Shana grabbed her bag and proceeded to take out a diaper and other supplies needed for changing. Shana looked up to see Uiharu giving her a troubled look. “Don’t worry yourself; I can take care of this part myself.” Shana said smiling. With that said Shana was in a fresh diaper in no time.

Uiharu left Shana’s side for a second and walked back with a medical box at hand, she took out some bandages and ointment and began to wrap up any swollen or bruised areas of Shana’s body. Uiharu saw a huge scar on Shana’s forehead that wasn’t noticeable because of Shana’s hair covering it, Uiharu reached for another band aid thinking she received the scar from being hit by one of those boys’s she fought earlier. Shana stopped her and gave her a sad look.

“This is an old scar and will never heal so please don’t worry about it.” Shana said sadly.

“But it’s really big.” Uiharu exclaimed. “How did you get it?” Uiharu saw the sadness in Shana’s eyes. “I’m a very good listener of you need to get something off you chest, I mean we are friends right?”

Shana smiled back at Uiharu “It happened three years ago, the person I loved the most gave me this scar. It was my older sister.”

Uiharu gasped in shock. “What, but why would your sister do such a thing?”

“My parents were researchers on esper abilities and where they first came from; my parents had two kids, my older sister and my self. My sister was a level 0 while I had esper abilities, and because of that they would always favorite me over her, but back in those day’s she did not care. My sister and I were always really close we always did every thing together from sleeping together to taking a bath; she would always take care of me when I was still a baby while our parents were off doing their work. She also was the one taught me how to fight and how to use fatal strikes. She always told me to never rely on my powers too much because their might come a time where I’m not able to use them so, I should learn to fight using my own strength.”

“Some times later our parents were killed while exploring some accent ruins, in their belonging we found some book they discovered. The book they found had the power to give a normal person super natural powers, different from esper powers. The book was immitlly taken by the research facility our parents worked for because the book was considered too dangerous, but my sister was quickly grew obsessed with the idea of finally being able to have powers and stole the book from research facility; I confronted her and begged her to stop and give the book back. She told me to not get in her way, I refused to back down so we began to fight. Sadly I was easily defeated all because I decided not to use my powers against my own sister. She almost killed me by delivering a fatal strike to my head, I was supposed to die from that blow but instead she struck the part of my brain that alerts my body when I have to use the bathroom, so ever since then I’ve been stuck wearing diapers. So ever since that day I studied and trained like crazy to one day confront my sister and take back the book before she get’s herself killed trying to unlock its secrets.”

Shana looked up to see Uiharu’s face dripping with tears and snot. “That’s so sad Aki-San!”

“Wait… Uiharu-San I did not tell you that story so you could start crying!” Shana said worryingly handing Uiharu a tissue.

“I’m sorry but that story was so sad, how do you know your sister has not already used the book’s power?” Uiharu asked recovering from her crying fit .

“The book is written in some kind of ancient writing that takes three and a half years to translate if you are using a level 5 esper ability, but since there are no level 5 espers with the ability to translate the words, it will take even longer.”

“So is that why you came to Academy City? You want to stop your sister from using that book.”

“Yes….I want to save her.” Shana now had tears dripping down her face this time.

Uihairu grabbed an handkerchief out of her pocket and wiped Shana’s face with it. “Believe it or not ever sense I met Misaka-San I’ve been doing one crazy thing after another, so if you need help then I’m hear for you.”

Shana got a warm feeling from the kindness in Uiharu’s words “Thank you Uiharu.” Shana said hugging her, at that moment Shana’s stomach began to growl madly. She Blushed at Uiharu.

“Saten-San and the others left to go get pizza, why don’t we find you something to wear before you catch a cold.” Uiharu suggested.

“Yeah right.” Shana said, her cheeks were turning red. “I forgot, the clothes I was wearing before got messed up.”

Uiharu led Shana over to her closet, as she opened the closet Shana noticed all the high-tech gadgets neatly stored on the top shelf. “Wow don’t tell me that your a gadgets freak like me?” Shana asked.

“Yes well all these electronic devices are needed for the line of work I do.” Uiharu replied back.

“What do you mean the line of work you do?” Shana asked nervously. "Uiharu-San…. Please don’t tell me that you’re some kind of super spy that sneak into top secret organizations that are bent world domination and you destroy their evil plans? .

“What!” Uiharu nearly choked on her words.

“Wow I never would have guessed, you may look small and cute on the outside, but I bet you wacked a few crime overlords in your days haven’t you?”

“Aki-San let’s just leave is at that and get you dressed before the others come back” Uiharu said nervously. She unhooked a hanger from the closet and turned around and gave Shana some article of clothing.

Shana gave the outfit a very displeasing look. “Question is their anything else I could wear?” She asked holding up a blue jean overall dress with a picture of a frog on the front.

“All of my clothes would be way too small for you” Uiharu replied. “Actually this outfit came from Misaka-San’s Closet.”

“Wow I guess she had some childish taste, and she’s supposed to be a year older than us.”

“Yes but Misaka-San is a really kind person, she’s not stuck up because she’s a level 5, she treats everyone as an equal.” Uiharu told her.

Shana gave in having nothing else to wear. Uiharu watched as Shana was trying to dress her self and saw she was having problem, so lifting Shana’s arms up over her head, Uiharu pulled the dress down over Shana’s body. The dress was short, only going a few inches pass her thighs, if she were to bend over people looking would have a full view of her diaper. Uiharu kneeled down to straighten out the dress, and then stood back up to apply the frog shaped hair clip into Shana’s hair.

“There you go.” Uiharu said turning Shana towards a mirror and the other side of her closet. “You look really cute.”

Shana’s blush at Uiharu’s comment. “Can I have my biker shorts back, or did they get messed up too?” Uiharu held up Shana’s shorts, they were also torn in multiple places. “Great look’s like I can’t ever wear those again, and I have to walk home like this.” Shana said sulking.

“Is everything ok in here?” Saten asked entering the room, she was holding a box or pizza, another roar escaped Shana’s stomach, it echoed across the entire room. “Looks like someone’s hungry want some pizza?” She asked.

Dinner that night was a night for Uiharu, Saten, Mikoto and Koroko to remember, Shana had scarfed down three slices of pizza in under a minuet and chugged down half a gallon of soda in under five seconds. While eating the girls were laughing and joking around, Mikoto had to shock Koroko a few times because she was being perverted again trying to feed Mikoto through mouth to mouth. Shana began to enjoy herself and also seemed to loose her self consciousness about her diaper being seen by the other girls, Uiharu was happy to see Shana enjoying her self. Once dinner was over Kuroko was black a burned toast and her hair was frizzled all over the place. The girls quickly clean up the room and said their goodbyes.

“Well it’s getting really late and I’d better get going.” Shana said getting up from the table.

“Let us walk you part way then” Mikoto offered.

“Please don’t worry about me, I only live a couple of block’s down the streets. Misaka sempai, you and Shirai-San live in the Tokiwadai school dorms in the opposite direction.” Shana stated.

“Well if you’re sure then….” Mikoto said.

“Aki-san please come and hang out with us again soon Okay.” Uiharu said.

“I would like it if all of you just called me Shana, and yes I would love to hang out with you guy’s again.” Shana said. She reached into her bag and pulled out some tickets and gave one each to the girls.

"No Way!… These are tickets to that new hot springs opening up in the mall, how did you get these? Kuroko asked.

“One of my dad’s old friends owns the place, but I can’t go thanks to my condition, so I figured I’d give them to you guys as a token of out new friendship.” Shana said

“Wow thank you Aki-San…… no Shana-Chan.” Uiharu said excitingly

With that all said Shana, Mikoto and Kuroko left Uiharu’s dorm room, once they made it down the stairs they went in opposite directions toward their own dorms.

Once Shana made it back to her dorm she walk pass the lobby and was greeted by her dorm mother. “Welcome back Aki-Chan did you have a nice time out today?”

“Yes I did Aiko-San, I made four new friends today!” Shana said happily.

“That good to hear sweetie” Aiko said nicely. “I was starting to get worried that you weren’t trying to make any friends at all.”

“Sorry where I grew I was always praised for my power, but now that I’m in a city full of people just like me I actually have to work for friendship from others.”

“Don’t worry sweetie, you’ll soon find out that it’s not hard to make friends if you try, but I think I know why you weren’t trying at first, I received some more of you paper work in the mail today.” Aiko sounding concerned. “It told me about your condition, I’m sorry, I had no idea.” She said sadly.

Shana want wide eyed for a second. “No way, so many people finding out about that, all in one day too!” Shana looked as if she were about to cry when Aiko hugged her.

“Aki-San you have nothing to worry about.” Aiko said patting Shana’s head. “As your dorm mother I am here to help you, so don’t ever hesitate to call upon me if you ever need my help ok, I’ll even buy your supplies for you, and help if you need changing ok.”

Shana did not say a word she shook her head smiling while blushing then took off towards her room. Shana entered her room threw her bags on the floor and threw herself on her bed and looked up at the ceiling thinking of how lucky she is to have such great friends and other people who care for her. She also thought about her sister and what she could be doing right now.