The Progress By: Long_Rifle

Progress By: Long_Rifle

A request. By our own Foxington III. Well, let’s see if he can help me get the monkey off
my balls. Contains reality change. Women. Diapers. And potties. Maybe mental changes as well. Okay, that is certain. Well, good luck. Turned out longer then I thought. Mister Foxy pants should be happy.

Alana looked at her computer screen and sighed as she looked through her Facebook feed. She was stuck at work, waiting for her relief to show up and bored out of her mind. She’d been posting on Facebook as long as she could remember, “Probably since it started I bet.” She thought. But slowly her friend’s posts and updates had changed. “Where’s all the dam parties? Where’s all the drunken shots of guys puking and doing stupid shit?” She thought. All her friends lives seemed to had become boring. They all acted like adults, “And they’re all barely out of their teens!” Alana thought angrily.

She posted plenty of her own shots, and stories. Hit all the weekend parties she could. But most of her close school friends had gone to college, or simply moved away. She was down to a select few weekend warriors, and even one of them was pregnant and about to be too busy to party… “Fuck…. Another one of those dam charts!” She said as she saw a post containing a newly popular potty training aid. “Why the hell do so many parents think we care about their kids actually figuring out they shouldn’t be shitting their pants!” She typed up a short contrite message and posted it before finally seeing that another old school buddy was on, and ready to talk.

She signed into her account on FaceLink, and sent the request. It was only a few seconds before the smiling face of Tammy was looking at her and giving her the finger. “If it isn’t miss grumpy butt. What’s with the potty training hate? You got a problem with progress?”

Alana rolled her eyes, “I just don’t need to see a dozen charts telling the world when their kid uses the dam toilet. I know more about how many diapers Chad’s son used last week then I know about him. Who needs to know that? I want to know how often he fucks! I want to know if he’s single again yet.”

Tammy laughed. “We’re adults now. It’s time to grow up, maybe you won’t be playing much anymore either? You’ve got a boyfriend, how long till you tie the knot and start a brood? Start changing enough shitty diapers yourself, and I bet you’ll be glad when they stop it too.”

She didn’t even laugh. “Not for a looong time, I don’t need to be wiping anyone’s else’s ass to know who I am. Or that I’m important enough. I’d rather be out partying and having fun. They could at least put up some posts about cool shit. I mean they have to have things to do besides being parents. Right?”

Tammy shook her head, “Alana, being a parent sucks. I’ve had to watch my nieces enough to know that. As soon as I show up their parents are running for the door. They can’t leave fast enough. Imagine being trapped between your house, and your job with no escape. All they have is their kids so they live through them. Besides, they do get to be proud of their kids, right?”

She didn’t like the way the conversation was headed, Alana decided to change the topic to something more important. “Whatever, are you still picking me up at six for the party on Friday? Or are you going to be late again?”

Tammy immediately looked uncomfortable. “Er…. About that…”

Alana smacked her desk, “No! We planned this! You’re my ride! Its your turn to be the designated driver! Come on, don’t do it again! I’m getting drunk and screwing the first guy I can drag in a room! Do not fuck this up for me again!”

Tammy apologized, “I’m sorry! I told by parents them about my plans, and they said they would try to get back earlier, but if I don’t watch for them I won’t have any cash for drinks! And besides, you’re in a relationship now. You can’t be fucking around on your man like that.”

Alana smacked her desk again, causing her mouse and keyboard to rattle off her desk and onto the floor. She bent over to pick them up, “Dam it! Fine… Late again. Just try to get here as quick as possible. And Mark’s in Reno trying to jump start his acting career. Video sex just isn’t doing it for me. It’s not cheating if it’s not serious.” She set her keyboard back down and was placing the mouse when she looked back at the screen and saw a pop up asking if she really wanted to install something.

“You know I’ll be there as soon as I can…. I promise.” Tammy said, sounding genuinely sincere. “And I won’t send any incriminating evidence of you not cheating to Markie either…” She finished with a laugh.

But Alana wasn’t paying attention anymore, she was looking at what had popped up. “Well, shit. Even if I don’t have kids the dam charts find me!”

Tammy was confused, “What the hell are you talking about?”

Alana actually laughed, and started to punch keys. “It looks like I accidentally had my cursor over that potty training chart when my shit dropped. And it accidentally started to install.”

“And that’s funny how?”

“Oh… I think I’m going to install it and have a little passive aggressive fun with all our proud parents.” Alana said with a smirk.

Tammy watched her friend as she started the process of installing the program and the scripting. “Don’t be a dick Alana!” She warned.

Alana just ignored her stern looking face on the screen, waving her hand dismissively. “Don’t you have a butt to wipe somewhere? I’m busy. Give me about an hour to get this little party started.”

“Whatever, just be ready to go on Friday, I’d hate to show up on time, or late and have you dragging ass.” Tammy logged off and left her friend to her own little game. “She just needs to relax and stop being so immature.” She muttered as she grabbed her car keys.

Alana smiled as she set up the components on her page, first linking it to her account, and then she started to add in all the various statistics it asked for. “I guess it’s really complete…” She said as she entered her age, weight, height, eye colour, and many other metrics. “That’s why it’s so dam popular. It’s like a complete childhood tracker. Wow…” She played with several of the graphs, which showed odd curves and points with the data she had supplied, none of it really fitting it’s usual customer base. She finally got bored and switched to her main goal.

“All right…. Let’s show all these parents how you use a potty.” She clicked in what she figured was the real date of her start of potty training, and started to fill in every day with complete successes. She was surprised at first at how each day became a set of three gold stars, with her successes lining up in the column to the right. She laughed when she saw what else was happening. “It’s adding me to the score columns from everyone else! Awesome!” She watched as her name took over all the top spots on the list. Apparently the program had automatic congratulations, that were sent to her front page. She gleefully clicked and acknowledged them as she pushed everyone else’s kid closer to the bottom. “This is awesome!” She said. “I’ll be the perpetual potty trainer. Constantly sending everyone else’s losers to the bottom!” Alana wanted to share the moment. But when she checked her screen, she saw Tammy was still logged off. “Probably be off all night. Too responsible to fuck off while watching kids I guess…”

Her face spilt with a wide grin and she cackled when she had another idea instead. “Why do it once, when two is twice the fun….” She said as she logged out, and then into Tammy’s account. “Well, it’s just a joke, so she won’t mind…” She thought as she entered everything almost exactly the same. But when it came time to log in successes, she decided to go another route entirely. “Awww…. It looks like poor little Tammy still isn’t making it to the potty at night.” She hit enter and went to the next field. “A lot of bronze stars honey… But I think you might still need protection during the day as well….” She finalized the changes and hit save. She stood up and stretched. “Gotta piss…” She laughed as she walked to the bathroom. While her bum warmed the cold seat she listened to the sound of pee running into the bowl and thought about what she had done. She giggled and had another laugh before yawning. “Tammy’s gonna be pissed off.” She remembered a line from a movie as she started to wipe, “But that’s better then being pissed on!” As she left the bathroom she literally bumped into the person she was waiting the relieve her. “Finally!” I can go home. Thanks for gracing me with your presence!" The guy flipped off silently and kept walking away. “Dick.” She said as she grabbed her stuff from next to the coffee maker and walked to the time clock.

It was good to live so close to work. She stayed a ton of money by walking, or bumming rides when she could. But on days when she was tired, the walk seemed twice as long. This time it seemed much shorter. She kept wanting to log in on her phone and see if anyone had bitched about her new hobby. But was managed to get home and kick her shoes off before looking. The urge to look was killing her, but another urge was even greater. She left the room and started back towards her kitchen. “A little snack before bed…” She muttered as she thought about the Salamini she had just bought. “Salami Barolo, why do you taste so good so late at night?”

Morning came with bright light shining in her window, and a bird singing loudly on her sill. “Fuuuu…… Yuuuuu…. Birrrrrd….” She said through a full body stretch. After several minutes attempting to get comfortable again she came to the conclusion that she wasn’t going back to sleep. She sat up and stretched again, enjoying the sensation of the rooms cooler air on her skin. The bird finally shut up and flew off, but she wasn’t paying attention to that any longer. She was busy staring at the door in front of her. The door she had definitely not fallen asleep behind the night before. “When the hell did I go see mom?” She wondered as she tried to find a logical reason for her missing memory. As Alana looked around the room, she noticed it was still decorated as if she was living there. She started to feel even more confused. “Didn’t we throw all this girlie crap out before I left?”

It didn’t look bad, but since her high school days were behind her she didn’t put posters of anything on her walls. Or especially have light pink paint covering nearly everything. “This is definitely the spare bedroom at mom’s… But why is all this junk in here?” She stood up and started towards her old dresser. Still trying to remember when she had even come over. She reached up and scratched one of her nipples, it rolled stiffly between her fingers as she looked at her reflection in the large mirror in front of her. “Shit… Did I go to a party? Did I come here instead of my apartment?” She finally took in her near nakedness, and blushed. “Holy fuck! Did she undress me and put me to fucking bed too?!” Now she knew she must have really been messed up. “Shit… Shit… Shiiiit.”

She still remembered most of her mother’s old arguments against being naked in bed when she had tried it as a teen. She shook her head and looked down at the only clothing on her body, Alana’s eyes narrowed as she stared confused at the pair of panties hugging her hips. It was indeed the only piece of clothing on her, and something she had never seen in her life. “Why do they look so weird….” She thought as she touched them. Only to find they looked so weird because they were very thick, with her name written on them in marker. She slid them down her smooth legs and kicked them off. “No way…. Don’t know where mom got those, but just no frigging way am I wearing that shit anywhere.” Alana glanced back at the mirror as she went to the small dresser. She had been trying oatmeal baths, and looking at her reflection now she swore her skin was in the best condition of her life. She playfully slapped her own ass, and started to open the top drawer. “If I was that fucked up, why aren’t I even slightly hung over?” The idea she had been drugged and maybe molested nagged at her unconscious. But since she made it home, and wasn’t sore she wasn’t that concerned. “Just a hell of a party I guess.”

There was a stack of panties in the drawer, she grabbed one. But it felt just like the pair she had been wearing. She kept pulling more of them out, but they all seemed oddly padded and rather childish. She shook her head and slid the drawer closed, “Always the last place you look I hope…” She slid the next drawer open and glanced back towards the bed. Her eyes were drawn to another item on the wall next to it, something she was sure she had never had in any of her rooms before. Alana stared at it for a moment, it was far enough away that she couldn’t read it without her glasses on. But it looked familiar to her. “I know that blur….” She muttered as she stepped towards it.

Five feet away it was obvious what she was looking at. It was a larger, printed version of the potty training chart on her Facebook page. “The fuck…” She stepped closer, the columns were all marked the same. Gold stars, going back several days. “What happens when it gets filled up?” She said out loud.

“Well we put another page up. Like the last hundred times.” The voice of her mother said behind her.

Alana jumped and spun around. “Mom! You scared the shit out of me!”

Her mother looked down at the floor, “I hope not! I just cleaned in here!” She stepped towards her while looking down at the floor and smacked her on the butt lightly, “Nothing but a little pee. And since I scared it out of you, I won’t count it against you.”

Alana shook her head. “I DID NOT PEE!” But even as she said it she felt something dripping down her legs. She looked down shocked, several small drops of liquid were still running slowly down her legs. She kept staring for several seconds before another thought clicked, she turned her body to one side. “Mom! I’m naked! Get out!” She yelled as she covered herself with her hands the best she could.

“I’m just here for your dirty cloths Alana. Don’t use that tone with me. If you want to act like such a big girl, why don’t you find a place and move out? You’re not a child anymore. Even if you like to act like one sometimes.” She stepped towards the discarded panties she had left on the floor and picked them up. After a brief inspection she seemed satisfied. “Another dry night. Your record is safe for anther day. Congrats.”

Alana stared, flustered as her mother left. Then ran to the door and closed it, “Okay, that did not just happen…” She said as she tried not to freak out . But when she ran her hands through her hair, she thought she smelled the distinct odor of fresh pee coming from her fingers, then remembered where she had just had them. “Ewww, I didn’t just do that.” She said as she looked at her hand before smelling it. “Shit… It’s piss. I just rubbed piss in my hair!” She looked down between her legs and then at the section of carpet that she had been standing on. There was an obvious darker patch right where she had been standing.

“No.” She said. “No way did I do it that much…” She walked closer to it, then used one of her toes to touch it. “It’s wet.” She thought. She got down on her knees and leaned forward. Her nose was so close it almost touched before she inhaled. The scent was exactly the same. She sat back on her legs and shook her head. “This is all bullshit. I’ve never been that scared in my life.” Then she shook her head, and tried to relax. “Fuck it. I’m just gonna go home. I can deal with mom and her weird shit later.” She stood up and went back to the dresser. The clothes inside seemed well used, though she couldn’t remember seeing a single piece of them before. She settled on a blue T-shirt, and a pair of baggy shorts. She couldn’t find a pair of panties that didn’t feel thicker then normal so she left them off. “Might as well let it air out today anyways. Gonna be a bit rough on it tonight at the party.” The thought of a good romp made her bite her lips. She wanted to put the clothes on and leave immediately, but she stepped into her accident as she slipped the shirt on and stopped.

She almost felt bad enough about the puddle to clean it. But decided to leave it for her mother instead. She finished pulling the shirt on and let it drape over her, then she grabbed the shorts, leaving them off for now. “First I’ve got to clean up and then I can get home. I don’t need my car seats smelling like piss.” Alana thought about how her mother had acted so far as she walked into the bathroom. “Like none of this surprised her at all.” She set her clothing on the back of the toilet and started the shower. “She’s acting like this is all cool. Like she didn’t even give a shit. And why did she grab my used panties?” She finally remembered the comment about a record and actually managed a blush as she thought about the potty training chart. “What the hell was that all about? Mom never cared about my jokes before.” By then the water was hot and she stepped in. She soaped up and cleaned off quickly, meaning to enjoy the rest of her shower by just standing in the stream. Five minutes in and she felt the need to pee.

She smiled as she just let it go. It felt cool running down her skin, compared to the near scalding water. Only a light hint of it rose above the shampoos and soaps she was surrounded by. As she splashed water to rinse it off she tried to remember the last time she had ever peed in the shower. “It’s been, years. If not longer.” She thought. “Weird that it felt so normal just now.”

She was dressed and ready to leave when the next problem happened. She spent five minutes looking for her purse in her room. But it was nowhere to be found. She next hit the laundry room, hoping to find her regular clothes, or at least her keys. But she struck out again. “Okay. Where did she put my shit?” She wondered. She knew she could just ask, but she didn’t want to explain what had happened the night before. “Better to leave and tell her over the phone tomorrow.” Alana happened to look out a window and see her car. Parked perfectly, but with a window cracked open. “Maybe I left them in there.”

She slipped on her shoes. And carefully snuck outside. “No point letting mom know yet.” She reasoned. But even though the window was open, and the doors unlocked she was no closer to getting home. Her purse and keys were nowhere to be found. She went back inside and closed the door behind her with a sigh. “Better get it over with now. MOM!” She yelled. “Where did you put my purse and my car keys?”

“Hold on. I’ve got them in here. I’ll be right out.” She answered from her bedroom.

She rolled her eyes, “Why the hell did she take my shit to her room?” Alana wondered.

Five minutes later her mother appeared holding her purse, and dangling her keys from her right hand. “And where are we going today?” She asked.

Alana rolled her eyes, “I’m going over to Tammy’s, is that okay mom?” It sounded sarcastic, and was meant to be.

“Of course. Dinners’ at five today, I’ve got to leave early for a meeting.” She looked at her daughter and smiled. “Is everything fine, do you have to use the bathroom before you leave?” She had a look of mild concern on her face.

Alana was shocked. First she wakes up here, and now her mother is acting like getting drunk makes her some kind of child. “Mom. I’m not a baby! I don’t need to piss, and I don’t appreciate you buying me panties, especially if they are the thickness of cardboard! Why would you even do that, do you think they feel comfortable?” She turned to leave, her hand was on the door.

“Well fine. If you think you can magically buy your special undies super thin from some local store, be my guest. You’ll see how hard it is just to find regular trainers in your size.” She sounded serious.

Alana tried to control herself, she tightly closed her eyes and squeezed the door knob, “It was an accident. You scared me. I wasn’t expecting someone sneaking up on me like that.”

Her mother laughed, “Sure. I hope you’re wearing them now just in case another person sneaks up on you.”

Alana actually growled as she squeezed the door knob tighter. She wanted to keep fighting, to call her a bitch and make her mother mad enough to leave her alone for a few weeks. “But I came here last night, and she took me in… I better be nice.” She thought before adding a very fake smile and nodding her head, “Yes mother. Thank you for your help today.” She thought back to the chart on her wall, and decided to add one more dig. “Make sure you put my next star up to!” She shook her head as she finished and ducked through the door before her mother could say anything else.

The inside of her car smelled of old perfume, and french leather. She clicked on her radio and settled on an alternative station before finally shifting into gear and taking off. She had meant to go straight home, but decided on actually stopping by Tammy’s, since her house was on the way anyways. “Let’s see what she thought of my little joke…” She thought.

The tree in the front yard gave her a shaded place to park, she even remembered to close her windows and lock the doors when she left. Tammy still lived with her parents. Which was good since that meant less worrying about jobs, and more worrying about her social life. “Wouldn’t it be nice to live for free with mom, instead of working 40 hours a week in that boring office.” Then she remembered why she left in the first place. “Oh yeah. She’s a fucking bitch most of the time.” She was smiling when Tammy’s father opened the door for her, “Hey Mike. Just wanted to see Tams for a minute.”

He grunted and moved out of her way. “Just try not to step in any puddles. You know the drill.”

She gave him a confused look, but nodded anyways. “Weird…” She said to herself as she went to her friends room and pushed the unlocked door open. “Hey. Your pops warned me about puddles…” She said as she stepped in. As soon as she took a breath she knew there was something wrong. There was a sweet smell in the air and it was badly trying to cover the musky smell of something else. Something Alana didn’t expect. “Why does it smell Iike a fucking nursery in here? Are your parents forcing you to babysit in your room now?”

Tammy was sitting on her bed, reading a book, she looked up at her. “Haha funny girl. You know I’d never let anyone else in here. Especially not some snot nosed little kid that’s still in diapers.”

Alana waved her hand in front of her face. “Tammy, it stinks like wet diaper in here right now.” Then she thought back to her little gag and smiled. “Oh. So you saw my little addition to your Facebook huh?” She crossed her arms in front of her, “Trying to one up me because of your new potty chart?”

“How do I one up you? Your charts have been perfect since you were a fucking toddler. Why the hell are you so interested in my panties all of a sudden anyways? We’ve been friends forever and this is like, the first time you’ve ever even brought it up.” She set the book down, her clue to Alana that she was seriously wanting an answer.

“What the hell are you talking about?” She was flustered, Tammy never got into a joke this far. “Look. Sorry. I thought it would be funny to put that chart on your page and mess it all up. I’m sorry.” Alana went in for a hug.

But Tammy leaned away. “What do you mean you messed with my chart!” She immediately sprang to her computer and typed in her password. “I swear if you made it worse I’ll smack you with one of my wet Pull Ups.” She sounded angry as she looked through the large chart, and the responses to it. She finally looked away from it at Alana, then back at her screen. She pointed her finger at it and tapped the charts only gold star. “Everything looks right. Is this some kind of joke? You know I don’t like to joke about this.”

Alana was too stunned for words. She opened her mouth to speak, then snapped it closed again. She started to shake her head and stepped back, almost to the door. As she did she finally noticed something that definitely shouldn’t be in any woman’s room. “Is that a fucking potty chair? It’s huge!” She said pointing towards it.

Tammy got up and crossed the room to stand in front of it. “Yeah, of course it’s a potty. How else do you think I’m making it anywhere with my training.” She dropped her pants and started to shimmy out of her panties. But the way they bunched between her legs didn’t look right. Alana got a better look at them when her friend turned and sat down on the large plastic potty chair and tried to pee. “I don’t know if I’ll ever get used to the cold seat.” She said as Alana stared at her leg area.

“Those look like Pull Ups! Like exactly what my cousin wears! They make them in your size!?” She was so stunned she reached out and touched it, pulling the front up to get a better look.

“Here.” Tammy said, tearing the sides away and handing it to her. “Just throw it away when you’re done.” When Alana kept standing there, looking at the damp trainers in her hands she rolled her eyes. “I know they’re cuter then the reusable trainers your mother gets you, why don’t you grab one for both of us if you want.”

That comment finally took Alana out of her stupor. “What? I don’t wear diapers!” She was starting to feel like something was seriously wrong. That this wasn’t a big joke. “Where do you get a giant baby potty? And frigging huge Pull Ups….” She thought to herself. She had a sinking feeling it had something to do with her little prank the night before.

“Are you going to stare at it all day? The can’s over by my dresser, same place it’s been for years! Drop that thing and grab us a change. Geez, I’m drip drying over here!”

Alana blushed and turned to face away from her, she saw the lite pink covered garbage can and walked towards it. Noticing the twin stacks of Pull Ups on the dresser now as well. Though one stack was way different then the other one. The top of the can opened with a floor pedal and she gingerly stepped on it. She dropped the wet thing in, and let it clap closed quickly, but not fast enough to stop the smell of several used trainers inside. “Oh god… It’s worse then a real babies accident!” She said while trying not to gag.

“Blah blah blah… Little miss perfect can’t stand the smell of a little pee. I know you don’t like it. Now can I have a wipe and some dry underwear please?”

She tried not to think about what she was about to do. She grabbed one of the same looking trainers from a pile and flung it at her friend. “I’m surprised you don’t have a warmer.” She said as she popped the wipe container open and pulled two free to hand to Tammy.

“You know it’s not that big of a deal. It’s kind of a good wake up, except at night. But I don’t really worry about it that much. Seeing as I barely wake up to use the potty at night.”

Alana nodded, but she had already turned her back and was looking at the other pile. The thicker and much more diaper looking pile. “I guess not.” She said as she picked one up and looked at it. “These are yours?” She said as she looked at its design and most importantly size.

Tammy rolled her eyes. “No. I let random women keep their diapers on my dresser.” She sounded bored. “Look, you can keep that one if you want to wear them again. I don’t care.”

Alana blushed and spun to face her. “No! I don’t want to wear them! And you don’t either! Don’t you remember using the toilet? This isn’t normal!” She pivoted in place, pointing towards everything in the room. “Yesterday you were potty trained!” She held up the diaper. “Yesterday this shit didn’t exist! They don’t make adult sized baby diapers!”

“Whatever. Drama queen. Look at Facebook. There’s always ads for girls like us.” Tammy said as she finished up and started to slip the fresh Pull Up into place. “It’s fine. You should just consider yourself trained and just drop the chart crap. This record thing might impress our parents. But everyone else thinks it’s stupid.”

“Fine! I’ll prove this is all wrong!” She pulled out her phone and started up the app. As soon as it dinged on she saw the adds on her page had changed. Gone were the regular spam ads, in their place were young ladies prancing around, looking like total freaks with obvious diaper bulges. Or in the case of those in training, conspicuous looking pink plastic trim peaking above tight pants. “The fuck…. This shit wasn’t here earlier!” Still suspecting a trick she clicked on one of them and was directed to a new page. One set up by a supposed adult diaper seller. But these were nothing like the diapers hospitals used for patients. “They’re like… Baby diapers sized for us…”

Tammy grinned as she looked over her shoulder. “Still think they aren’t real? You should see the lady on the pack. She’s like 28, and still has messy accidents. I heard she gets ten cents per pack sold. The lucky bitch.”

Dread started to overwhelm Alana as she started to believe it was true. “I did it! I caused this!” She felt sick to her stomach and started to move her hand to her mouth. One belch and she was running for the real bathroom, heaving.

“Alana and her stupid jokes…” Tammy said as she listened to her puking in the toilet. “Thinks she can make me think some magic program altered the world. She’s so stupid…” She walked to the garbage can to toss her wipes. As she did she caught a glance at her computer and got an idea. “Let’s see her face when she sees this…” She whispered as she logged in under Alana’s account. She had never even thought of messing with her chart before. It seemed almost beyond question that it was wrong, almost evil. “But we can change it back later.” She thought. She started to hit the keys and change things. The gold stars jumped and dissolved as she clicked them and altered them. “How about a worse record then mine?” She looked over the chart and decided on another change as well. “Since you’re so repressed, maybe you still go to daycare too….” She typed in a message about how much fun she had there. “Even though you had a messy diaper…” She laughed at that. Then went back a few more days. “Oh look…. It looks like you’re just starting to learn the alphabet…. I guess mommy types all this out for you…” She almost lost it then. But she added a final note, “Maybe training is too much. Maybe mommy is giving you a little break now….”

In the bathroom Alana finally felt like she was done. Her stomach was settled enough for her to rinse out her mouth and flush the acidic mass away. “I can fix this. It’s not a big deal.” She said as she wiped off her face and hands. “I’ll just go home and remove those charts. Everything will go back to normal…” She walked back to Tammy’s room to let her know she was leaving. “Hey girl, I’m going home-” She stopped and stared when she saw what was up on the screen. Tammy looked back at her and smiled as she moved the icon over towards the save button. Alana screamed and lunged towards her.

She was to far away. She heard the click over her own yelling as Tammy hit enter and the edit screen flickered and flashed, before shrinking away to nothing. “Geez. It’s just a joke. You can change it back as easy as I did just now.” Tammy said with a laugh.

Alana pushed her out of the way and stabbed at the keys. But nothing happened. “What’s going on! Why won’t this work!” She screeched.

“It’s just buffering or something you know this is an old computer.”

Alana started to chew her nails as she waited for the computer to catch up. But instead there was a long electric beep. And the browser crashed. “Shit!” She said as she clicked the icon again and frantically started to put her information in.

“Relax. You can tell everyone it was my joke.” Tammy said. But her friend wasn’t listening. She was trying to get back on her account before whatever Tammy did happened. Tammy watched as Alana’s fingers blurred. But when she hit enter the expected home screen never popped up. “Looks like you misspelled something.” She said when the password user ID prompt came up.

“Bullshit.” Was the only response. She could type her user name and password blindfolded. But she tried again. “Fuck!” She yelped when the same prompt came up again. She tried four more times, until the system finally locked her out. She turned to Tammy and grabbed her, “What did you do! What did you change!”

Tammy wanted to laugh at how freaked out Alana was. “Chill out. It’s just a little potty problem.” Then she did let a smile slip. “Well, diaper problems now.” She finally laughed. “And you might have to explain your lack of reading comprehension too.” She lightly pushed her friend away. “Relax. Go home and fix it yourself.”

Alana shook her head. Her fear had devolved to near terror. “Da…diapers?”
Then the last part hit her. Her mouth went dry. “Reading problems? Did you say I can’t read!” She reached out and shook Tammy, as an odd tingle started between her legs. “This isn’t a joke! It’s serious! You need to fix this now! It’s fucking real!”

“Wow. It’s just a little joke, like I said. It’s gonna be okay. It’s not like they’re going to kill you when they find out, geez.” Tammy said, still surprised at how freaked out her friend was being over a stupid joke.

Alana grabbed her purse and lunged for the door. She swore loudly and often as she moved towards the front room and her car beyond. As soon as she saw the door knob she noticed a big change. The knob had a ring of plastic around it now. She smacked roughly against the door, using it to stop her run, and started trying to open it frantically. “Come on! Open! I’m going home!” The odd tingle between her legs seemed to get worse. She started to moan and cry as she struggled with the door.

“Alana honey… Your mom will be here soon enough. Why don’t you go play with Tammy till she shows up.” Came the voice of Tammy’s father.

Alana spun on the door, grabbing its frame with her hands and stared at him. “I’ve got my own car. I don’t need a ride. Tell her to go back home.”

He smiled and laughed. “Sure. Maybe a Barbie toy car. But I doubt it’s street legal hun. Go relax, unless you need a change first?” He seemed empathetic and serious.

“I don’t care what the computer says! I don’t wear diapers!” She nearly screamed. A slight tickle down one of her legs suddenly got her attention. She reached down to scratch it through her pants only to feel her fingers grow warm and wet as she touched it. “What the hell…” She said as she looked down at her fingers, and then to her pant leg and the dark mark slowly growing longer down her leg.

Tammy’s father noticed it as well. “Hurry! Get to the bathroom! You’ve got a leak!” He stood up and started to step towards her, but Alana was faster. She put on speed and ran as fast as she could to the toilet. She fumbled with her belt and buttons as she got closer. Managing to pull her pants down at the last instant before her cheeks hit the seat.

She sighed in relief as she listened to her pee running into the toilet. Now that her bladder was empty, it was obvious she had been in some discomfort when it was full, thinking back she now remembered hopping a bit from foot to foot. “Shit, I was doing the potty dance! Why the hell didn’t I even think to goto the bathroom?” She thought darkly. “It’s already that bad. Whatever Tammy did is already active. Shit.” Finally, as the dribbling became drips she took a deep breath and looked at the pants bunched between her legs. “Don’t be that bad…. Don’t be that bad….” She kept repeating. But even a passing glance told her they were ruined. Soaked from crotch almost to the cuff. “Now what? I drive home in pissy pants?” She wondered.

Her thoughts were answered when Tammy’s father walked in like it was completely normal. “Alright. I don’t know where you put your Pampers. But after we get you cleaned up I’m putting you in one of Tammy’s over nighters. And I don’t want to hear anything about it. Your mother is already gonna be mad enough about you taking your diaper off as it is.”

“My mother! I’m not letting her pick me up!” She started to raise her voice, then stopped when he gave her a seriously angry look. “Fine.” She said sheepishly. “Just take me to my apartment. I’ve got pants there. I’ll come back for my car later.”

“Such an imagination on you honey. Like you’d be allowed to rent without being able to understand the contract, much less be able to sound out most of the words. Honestly, I don’t know why you’re having such a problem today.” He had a handful of wipes now, Alana cringed at the thought of being touched by him. But he seemed to be hesitant as well. “Look. I don’t even like doing this for Tams. So let’s make a deal, I won’t tell your mother you took off your diaper, I’ll say it was ripped so it leaked, and you try to wipe yourself down. Deal?”

Alana quickly nodded and reached for the wipes. Waiting till he walked away to start. “I’ll show him I’m not some silly child.” She thought. But as she started the process she found her usual movements jerkly and not as finely controlled. She over compensated often. Moving the wipes farther then she intended, or not quite in the right direction. “Shit… This is harder then it it looks.” But that thought died when she remembered easily wiping her own ass only a few hours ago. “I’m going to kill her.” Alana grimaced as she corrected herself. “I’m going to have her fix this, then kill her.”

She was working on wiping off her ankle when he stepped back through the door. “Alright, your mom called, she’s ten minutes away. So lets just get this over with as quickly as possible alright?” She could hear him slapping something soft and plastic in his hands.

She looked up and cringed at the thick padded diaper in his grip. “Can I put it on myself?” She hoped he would give her at least that dignity.

He shook his head. “Have you ever diapered yourself before?”

She found herself instantly shaking her head. It was almost like an impulse to answer him and tell the truth. “No. I’m ummmm, kinda new to this.” He stepped towards her and she sat up straight and locked her legs together. She could smell the diaper’s perfume, then she had a sudden idea. “Tammy can do it!”

He stopped and seemed to think it over, before smiling and nodding his head. “That’s a great idea. I know she has plenty of experience putting diapers on. And it will help her to be more mature, diapering someone else for a change.” He seemed relieved as he handed it to her and she took it. “Get your butt in there. And get changed. I’ll go bag up your pee pee pants.”

She darted into Tammy’s room as soon as he turned his back and left. Tammy was still on her computer, and from the looks of it still trying to get on her Facebook. Alana tossed the diaper onto the key board. “I just pissed my pants in there.”

Tammy turned to look at her. Her face was drawn and pale. “I know… I know… Sorry.” She started to cry then. “It’s gone! The whole thing is gone! It’s just your mommy now!” She sounded scared.

Alana didn’t understand what she was talking about. “Look. Can you tell me what’s wrong? We’ve got like five or ten minutes to fix this before my mom comes and takes me home. And they expect me to be pampered and illiterate.”

Tammy wiped her eyes dry and took a deep breath. “Your page is gone! It’s like it never existed. You’re not even on my friends list! But…” Her voice died and she started to look at the floor, at Alana’s feet.

“What?! Keep going! We don’t have much time! What else!” Alana said loudly. She was starting to hyperventilate.

Tammy finally looked her in the eyes. “Your chart… Your updates… It’s all on your mothers page…. And….”

Alana felt like the world was crashing around her now, “What?!” She yelled. “I’m already pissing my pants! I’m already back in fucking diapers! It can’t be any worse.”

“It’s all the rage now. I remember hearing about it, as a joke or something. But maybe that’s just the new reality…. But it’s real now! It’s real and people do it! You were right, it changed reality or something. It’s all real now.” Tammy said, on the verge of freaking out and just screaming.

Alana felt a smug and cocky feeling come over her slightly. “Oh! So now baby believes she wasn’t always a little pants pisser! We could be done with this if you’d have believed. EARLIER! So tell me, what was the final fucking clue? Me pissing my pants? You having a table full of giant fucking diapers? Maybe the sharp ammonia smell of your diaper pail?” She was pissed and bringing up Tammy’s condition made her feel better.

Tammy felt horrible already. None of what Alana said even registered with her. What she had done was worse. She didn’t want to explain it, but she had too. “I heard dad talking about how you’ve been failing your training worse then me. That you seemed to be slipping, and going backwards on purpose. And your mom is gonna put you in the program. They’re gonna give you a fresh start!” Her face, already white, seemed to bleach further and her red rimmed eyes bulged. “I know that was never real! I know it didn’t happen. But it shows Becky now. It shows that she had it done to her weeks ago…. And she’s… Really fucked up now!” She started bawling at that. “What if they do it to me? What if I turn out like you and her?”

“Becky? We were hanging out with her last weekend! What does she look like now! What did they do to her?” Alana pushed her out of the way and scrolled through her friends list. “Where is she? I don’t see her page?”

Tammy kept crying from the floor. “It’s near the top. It’s not hers anymore. It’s her mothers page. Like you. Look for her picture.”

Alana found it. Becky’s smiling face looked younger, more innocent. Happier. For an instant Alana feel some of her dread let up. “That’s not to bad.” She said as she clicked on it. “She looks a little manic but-” Her voice died in her throat when the full page finally popped up and several recent pictures were prominently visible. “The fuck…” She whispered as she took it in. “Becky…” She started to hyperventilate again. The happy face from the first picture hid the vacant pictures afterwards. The adult scurrying around on the floor in thick diapers. The woman with the cute face and drool running down her chin. And it got worse as she went from picture to picture. “Nooooo!” She yelled as she heard the front door open and then close from the front room. She looked behind her towards it and what she assumed was her mother. “What did they do to her?” Then in shock she remembered what Tammy had said. “This is what they want me to look like!” She pushed herself and the chair away from the computer, suddenly frantic to leave. She moved her foot to get ready to run and felt it touch something, she looked down to see Tammy looking up at her from the floor, sucking her thumb. “Run! We’ve got to run!” She said. Alana took one last look at the computer screen, looked back down to see Tammy staring up at her and picking her nose, and promptly blacked out.

Alana was sitting up when she was lightly jostled awake. “Dam… What a weird dream…” She could feel warm wetness running down her chin, and the rhythmic thumping of car tires as they drove over imperfections in the road. She wiped her chin with her hand and yawned as she stretched. “I’ve got to stop falling asleep in cars.” She said, She felt her seat belt tightly pulling against her waist and hips as she stretched. Even the belt between her legs seemed tighter then normal.

“I don’t care if you fall asleep Al, just try not to snore, it’s hard to hear any emergency sirens with you roaring back there.” Her mother said. “And we’re almost there. Mommy will take care of that wet diaper when we stop so I don’t want to see you touching it again back there. I don’t care what it feels like, or how bad you want to scratch.”

“Diaper?” She thought lazily before a surge of adrenaline and horror hit and brought her completely to her senses. Alana looked down at herself. A long shirt seemed to be the only thing she was wearing, besides one of the thick diapers from Tammy’s pile. She bolted upright and went to unlock her seatbelt, but her hands hit fabric covered plastic before getting anywhere near the buckle. She looked down and saw she wasn’t just sitting in the back seat, but strapped into an oversized baby carrier. Several straps held her in place, and all ran to a central buckle near her belly button. “No!” She screamed as she started pushing at it with everything she had, but it wouldn’t release.

Her mother noticed the sudden change in her daughter, “I told you we’re almost there. Why don’t you just try to relax back there? I know you don’t like the thick ones. But that’s all they had.”

“Because I’m strapped in a fucking baby chair and wearing a god dam diaper mom! How the hell do I relax back here?” For emphasis she kicked the back of the passenger seat.

“Okay little lady. I know you’re upset about flunking your potty training. But I’m not going to let you keep mouthing off like that. If you don’t tone that down I’m going to take back your talking privileges. And maybe I’ll take you home instead of to your play date.”

Alana sneered at her from the back seat, “I’ll just spit it out, I won’t keep the pacifier in. I’m not really a baby you know. I don’t need to be strapped in back here! This is crazy, who does shit like this to their kids!” She kicked again and when her mother stayed silent she tried another tact. “Mom, you’ve got to know this is all wrong! I don’t wear diapers! This is all a mistake, if you let me see your phone I can fix it. I don’t want to be babied like this!”

Her mother looked at her in the rearview mirror, “Well, you’re certainly making the decision easier with this kind of behavior And that nasty language. And I don’t think you’ll have to worry about spitting out pacifiers. Little girls like you have a habit of not wanting them out. Or maybe I’ll tell them to give you a toe sucking habit instead.” She sighed, “And I was just thinking that maybe you’re more like Tammy. But even her dad said you didn’t seem to really fit in over there earlier. It’s like you really want it. Like you just want to sit around all day pissing and shitting yourself. Sucking on a paci.” Her mother stopped talking and started mumbling to herself then. Content to watch the road and get where she was going.

Alana sat back in her chair, suddenly shocked silent, terrified at what she had just done. And how she had actually felt pleasure at kicking the seat and acting out. “Okay shit…. Now what?” She was trying to think up a strategy when the car finally came to a stop and her mother turned it off and got out. “So where the hell are we?” Alana thought as she took a look around the car outside. She easily figured it out when she saw the windmill mailbox by the curb. “Emily’s place? She’s taking me the see Emily?” The horror and pain from before washed over her. She knew she had to run, but she wanted to see her friend first. “She’s still there… They can’t just do that to an adult. It’s got to be a gag…. You can’t be an adult, and a few days later be a drooling tard.” She reasoned as her mother opened her door and started to unbuckle her. “It’s just a temporary drug or something.”

“Finally quiet back here.” Her mother said as she did a quick diaper check. “And you’re still dry. I guess maybe we might have been a little premature about going back to diapers.” She looked Alana right in her eyes. “If you can stay dry, and tell me when you have to potty I’ll see about maybe letting you potty train again. Okay?”

Alana nodded, “Sure! I’d do it! Let’s go! I want out, I want to see Emmy!” She popped free as soon as her mother stepped back. The diaper between her legs crinkled as she toddled away towards the front door.

Her mother quickly caught up and grabbed her hand. “Look, I know you’re still confused about everything. And where you fit in age wise, but right now you have to listen to mommy and hold my hand when we’re outside okay? I don’t want you to get hurt. Right now you’re not used to toddling around in that much padding.”

Alana blushed as she grabbed the offered hand and tried to keep up with her mother’s long strides. But the padding in her diaper seemed to throw off her gait enough that she was actually having trouble. “Slow down ma, it’s hard to walk in this thing and no shoes on. Where did you put them anyways?” She asked.

Her mother laughed. “You want shoes? I bet it would be easier to crawl, are you sure you don’t want to do that instead? You don’t need shoes to crawl do you?”

Alana picked up her pace as she shook her head. As soon as she got close enough, she practically jumped up the steps to the porch and rang the bell herself. “I’ve got to see her. She’ll be fine. It was all a game or something.” She kept thinking back to the pictures. And what her friend looked like playing on the floor in nothing but oversized Pampers. She shuddered as she pictured what she herself looked like at that exact moment, standing outside in nothing but a long shirt, and thick diaper.

The door in front of her finally creaked open and she tried to steal a quick look inside. But it was too dark. All she got out of it was a whiff of stale pee and baby powder. She swallowed and shrank back, away from the door. “Not good…” She whispered, suddenly scared of what she was about to find inside.

“Hey Margret. Thanks for letting me bring her over. I tried to fit her with Tammy, but it looks like that’s not happening right now. I figured we could see how she does with Emily. Is she ready for their date?”

Emily’s mother opened the door and ushered them inside. “She’s right in the Parlor. Happy as a clam. It’s been such a blessing since we had the last treatment. She’s the happiest I’ve ever seen her.” She leaned over and rubbed Alana’s hair. “I bet she misses her bestest buddy though. Why don’t you go say hello?”

Alana didn’t know what to expect. Or how she was going to be treated by others, she was obviously diapered, and it seemed everyone around her thought it was completely normal now. She hugged her mother tightly and shook her head as she buried it in her arm. She actually felt herself lose control and tinkle into her diaper a little. “This is so wrong… I’ve got to get to a phone and cancel this out before it’s too late!” She whispered. She felt her mother’s phone in a rear pocket, and as sneakily as she could she managed to pull it free. Then she realized she had nowhere to put it. “Shit…. No pockets…” She had to do something. In a flash she silently tucked it into the top of her diaper. Hoping the elastic on top would keep it from going any lower.

Emily’s mother laughed and lightly grabbed Alana’s shoulder, “It’s fine baby, she’s really enjoying it. And I bet she would really be happy if her bestest buddy was in there with her. Why don’t you try to say hello?” She looked up at Alana’s mother and added quietly, “Can she still talk?” As she nodded her head in Alana’s direction.

“Of course I can still talk! I’m not a fucking baby! It doesn’t matter how much you treat me like one!” Alana said. The idea that she couldn’t even talk made her angry enough to forget manners and consequences. “Is that what you did to Emmy? Rip out her tongue? Fry her brain? You guys are sick!” She kicked them both in the legs and rushed into the parlor to see her friend, tears running from her eyes.

“That little bitch…” Her mother said as she took a step towards the rapidly toddling woman. But Emily’s mother stopped her.

“Let her go. She’s been through a lot. And you know she’s still got adult emotions. With childish control over them. She’ll get worse before she gets better.”

“I know…” She said as she calmed down and relaxed. “I’m just her mother, ya know. She shouldn’t act out like that. Especially now that I’m giving her what she wants.”

Emily’s mother laughed, “Trust me. Sometimes my little darling does something and I want to spank her ass too. But she’s beyond learning from that now.” She grabbed her arm and pulled her towards the kitchen. “Come on, I’ve got a monitor, let’s go watch what happens in there. It’s good to see if the work was done properly.”

Emily was on the floor. Facing away from the door and so engrossed in playing with a few wooden blocks that she didn’t know Alana was standing only a few steps behind her. The babyish smell of wet diaper and baby powder had grown more intense as soon as she entered and it was obvious that the diaper on the fully grown woman was well used. As Alana watched she put one of the blocks in her mouth and started to suck it wetly. Slurping sounds and crinkling combined to make Alana feel sick to her stomach again. “Emmy?” She said softly.

The almost naked woman in front of her didn’t register that she was being talked too, she just kept wetly sucking the wooden or plastic cube in her mouth. Alana started to walk closer, cognizant of the loud crinkling of her own diaper as she moved. When she was even with her friend’s left side she leaned over and slowly waved. “Hey Emmy….” This time the woman looked at her and smiled, before clumsily waving back. “Emily? Are you still in there babe?” Emily shook her head playfully then threw it back and giggled like an infant before falling forward onto her hands and knees and putting her head close to Alana’s feet and wetly snorting them loudly.

Re: The Progress By: Long_Rifle

Alana squatted down onto the balls of her feet and reached out to touch the back of her friends neck. She had gotten a tattoo several months ago, and in this new, twisted reality she had one as well. But instead of a dragon, it looked like a few simple blocks, and a baby’s rattle. Emily stretched her head out and cooed as Alana ran her fingers through her hair. “They really cropped it huh Emmy?” Alana said. There were tears in her eyes now, and she was barely able to say anything without crying. “It was so long before. But I was right. You do look cuter in a pixie.” She smiled as she finished and wiped tears and snot off her nose with her other hand.

Emily sat back on her haunches. The diaper crinkled below her and she chortled and cooed at the person in front of her her. She kept staring at the face. There was something about it that she remembered. Emily didn’t have much to go on any longer, but the face she was looking at was definitely friendly. The few words left in her brain made little sense to her. But she saw what looked like a diaper peaking out from under the new girls clothing, and that meant she was like her. Meaning more play time and happy thoughts. She laughed and plopped forward again. This time looking at the toes in front of her and wondering what they might taste like.

Alana cocked her head as the diapered woman in front of her started to take a keen interest in the toes of her right foot. She plopped down on her own diaper and carefully extended her foot a few inches, then started to wiggle her toes. Emily laughed and giggled in glee. “Well, you did say you had a foot fetish…” Alana said with a laugh. She used her toes to gently pinch the woman’s fingers. “Gotcha!” She said. “Now what you gonna do baby?”

Emily hesitated for only a second before latching on with her mouth and sucking for all she was worth. Alana was not ready for that. She started to try to free her toes, but the sensations were causing her to laugh as she was tickled. “Sta, sta, stop! Emmy!” She managed to get out between laughs. She fell down onto her back and wiggled as the infantile woman used her hands and tongue to keep her new buddy happy and laughing.

Alana felt the warm pulse of urine as it started to spasm out of her along with her laughs. “Stop! I’m going pee pee Emmy!” She screeched.

The comment about pee pee seemed to hit a nerve with Emily. She finally stopped licking and sucking her toes and smiled at her, her lips and chin coated in spit and snot. She looked away, towards the door. Hr body followed her head and flipped her over onto her side and then her back. Her arms and legs pulsed and shook as one of her hands found a block, and she shoved it back into her mouth again.

Alana quietly stood, and inspected the damage to the diaper she was wearing. “Well, it’s not that bad…” She said. The padding was thick enough that it was still white. But when she moved her legs and squeezed, she could feel the warm wetness inside. “Shit…” She thought as she looked at Emily again, her diaper sodden and limply sagging between her legs, bunching wetly on the floor between them.

“This is too much…” She said out loud as she walked away from her friend, towards a window overlooking the backyard. She exaggerated her walk into more of a waddle to prevent having to feel the wetness squishing against her. “I’ve got to run. This shit is getting crazy. If I don’t get out of here I’m going to end up like her.” She said to herself. Then she remembered the phone. She stepped up against the window sill and gingerly fished it out.

The outside of the case looked a little wet, and it smelled like pee, but otherwise it was fine. She hoped that her mother’s pass code was still the same. As the screen energized she almost giggled when she saw the simple four digit code boxes pop up. With a few clumsy memorized finger punches she was in. “Awesome!” She said. She looked behind her, and saw that Emily had rolled back onto her knees and was concentrating on something. “Don’t worry honey, I’ll have us back to normal in just a few minutes.” She got several grunts in response.

Alana smiled when she saw she had three bars for data, then started her mothers Facebook app. It started to load, but apparently her mother didn’t use her phone for that often, and it needed to update before it would work. “Shit…shit… Shit….” She cursed. Then she smelled it. She turned back to see Emily lazily grinning at nothing, and the wet flap of diaper hanging from her bottom more pronounced. “Emmy… You didn’t….” Even after everything she had seen, Alana was hopeful that they would never send them that far back. That she would keep at least some dignity. But as her friend grunted and the bulge grew she knew she was wrong. “This is evil. Just fucking evil.” She thought as she stared at what Emily had been reduced to.

She turned back to the phone. “Over 50 percent done…” She whispered as she took in the progress bar. Then she felt it, steps coming down the hall. She freaked out and didn’t know what to do. In a flash of inspiration she slipped the phone under the mattress in the crib. Hoping the signal was still strong enough under it all. She stepped away from it and was sitting as far away as she could from Emily when their mothers came into the room laughing.

Alana’s mother was the first to comment. With her hands on her hips she clucked her tongue at the rooms occupants. “I think I smell a messy little lady in here….”

“Maybe two?” Emily’s mother added. “I heard you haven’t made a present for your mommy in a few days Alana.”

She didn’t know humiliation could feel so strong. Her entire body burned as the hairs on her arms, legs, and neck stood on end. Alana crossed her hands in front of her and tried to look as imposing as she could. “You would know wouldn’t you? First you turn Emily’s brain to mush. And now you want to do it to me. Maybe I should take a shit and make you clean my ass. Let you have your sick wish.”

Her mother rolled her eyes. “I’m not the one that can’t keep her pants dry. I’m not the one that refused to learn how to read properly, and apparently doesn’t even want to know her ABCs. I think you’re the one that wants this. I’m just trying to keep the peace.”

Alana cringed. “You don’t know what I want!” She yelled back. She didn’t want to push her mother any further, but she needed to let her know she wasn’t really a baby, that whatever reality had been twisted into she was still an adult. “Maybe it’s just my way of acting out! Would you rather I did drugs, or was a slut?” She noticed a pacifier on the floor and leaned over to pick it up. “Maybe you putting me back into diapers has made me realize I don’t want this?” She said motioning towards the pacifier she was spinning around her finger. “Maybe I don’t want to be a big dumb poopy head anymore and I’ll try harder now!”

As it came out of her mouth she was shocked into silence. Her hands came to her mouth and she felt her skin flare with goosebumps again. The cool plastic guard of the paci pushed sharply against her cheek. “Wha…. What happened? Why did I say it like that?” She asked shocked.

Emily’s mother took in the silent and suddenly pale face of Alana and smirked. “I don’t know what you’re talking about. All I heard was a baby babbling for her pacifier. Unless you need your Pampers changed? Are you the stinky one?” She looked at Alana’s mother to see if she was going to do anything. But when she didn’t move she took things into her own hands. Emily’s mom started to walk towards her then, getting close enough to spin her around and pull her shirt up. “Nope. I don’t see anything in there.” She said as she pulled the top of the diaper away. Before letting it smack back into place. She spun Alana back around to face her. “Oh… I think I know what you need.”

Alana stared at her, slack jawed. Her hands still covering her mouth in shock. She felt strange. Disconnected. She looked down at Emily and saw her smiling up at her, one of her feet in her mouth. She looked back at the woman standing in front of her, there was an odd ringing in her ears, and a warmth flooding between her legs. “What…. Wha do I need?” She said in a whisper.

Emily’s mother gently pulled the pacifier free from her hands and held it in front of her face. “I think baby just needs her paci!” Her tone suddenly took the cute, high pitched mocking style moms use on babies. “Does Alley need her binky?”

She didn’t know why, but Alana was suddenly terrified of the pink plastic nipple the woman was holding out. She shook her head vigorously. “No! No want!” She said in a pout.

Her own mother walked up then. “I think we’ve got a grumpy baby on our hands. Maybe we just need to give her some quiet time.” She didn’t seem to want to press her daughter about it any further. She took the pacifier from her friend and squeezed it in her hand.

Emily’s mom looked at her as she stuffed her hand into her pants pocket and held another pacifier up between them. “Well then. One quiet time coming up.”

Alana opened her mouth to scream. To tell them to stop treating her like a stupid baby. In an instant the soft nipple was in her mouth and she closed her lips around it in shock. She sucked once, ready to spit it out. But a sudden wave of sweetness stopped her. “What the…. Good….” She murmured as she took another suck. “Sweeeeettt”. Drawled out of her as her eyes lost their focus and she stopped thinking about anything other then getting more sweetness into her mouth.

“Do you think that’s a good idea so soon after the first adjustment Karen?” Emily’s mother asked, sounding concerned. She was having second thoughts about doping her up as she watched Alana slowly droop to her bum on the floor and start drooling into her diapered lap.

Karen sighed. She hadn’t wanted to go so far this quickly. But it was too late now. “What’s the worst thing that happens? I told you. I already signed her up for the whole package. There’s nothing else that the drugs can do. It may be a few days, or a few weeks. But in the end she’s going to get what she wants.” She got down close to her daughter and cooed in her face. “Isn’t that right? Little miss tinkle pants is going to graduate to Pamper pusher full time.” She playfully bopped her on her nose and then stood up and looked down at Emily. “Want me to take care of that mess for you?”

“Nah… I’ve got it. The best part is the little tweaks the doc does to us when they’re done. You can’t imagine how fulfilling it feels to take care of her now, I enjoy this, it’s almost addictive. I could change her shitty pants all day. After the last visit from the doctor the smell doesn’t even bother you any more.” She grabbed a container of wipes, and a diaper from a shelf and sat down between Emily’s legs and started the process of changing her. Emily giggled and started to suck her fingers as she was changed.

Lost in her own little world Alana watched from only a few feet away. At first the pleasant sensation had been to much, and she had simply plopped down onto the floor to enjoy it. But after trying to follow the conversation her mind seemed to have cleared at least partially. “What are they saying…” She wondered. She opened her mouth to talk, but the pacifier almost fell out. She only managed a fresh line of drool and a gurgle before sucking it back in and squeezing it with her teeth. She was fascinated when after a few loud noises the diaper opened up and revealed the mess that was inside. “Pee pee…” She said as she touched her own diaper, feeling the heat from inside, no longer associating it with anything but being warm. As she fondled herself through the diaper she felt some of the pleasant tingle returning.

A dim memory of putting her hand inside her diaper surfaced and she mimicked it. Slowly sticking her hand inside and snaking it down till it touched something so hot and sensitive she jerked upright. She only waited a moment before trying it again.

Karen stood by and watched as Emily’s mother expertly changed the soiled diaper. At first the heavy smell from the open diaper bothered her. But she very quickly forgot that it was even there. “It’s really not that bad, now that I think about it. I know Alana hasn’t had many messy accidents, and I wasn’t really looking forward to them, but I guess I just thought to much about the smell then.”

“It’s all psychological. Remember when she was a little baby? Her diapers didn’t seem that bad back then did they?” Emily’s mother said as she pushed her daughters legs up on her stomach and wiped most of the mess away with the front of the diaper, before pulling it out and away from her bum. “I mean I used to gag when I started doing this after her second treatment. But I’m totally fine now.” She stopped talking as she used wipes to clean away the rest. “And honestly, you should have seen her the first few times. She was obviously into it.” She casually held her daughter’s legs up with an arm, and used that hand to hold her open, carefully cleaning away anything inside her folds. Finally setting her legs down and grabbing the still folded diaper next to her. “Now it’s more about me then her. She just sits there while I dress her, feed her, or change her. Hey, this diaper is ripped, why don’t you grab me another one?”

Alana’s mother nodded. She had been listening as she stared at the diaper change. She couldn’t wait till she could do that to her own daughter. She turned to the shelf that had the diapers on it and caught sight of Alana, with her hand down her diaper, madly touching herself. Karen blushed for an instant, before she remembered what Emily’s mother, Margret had just said. “Well, it looks like miss I’m not a baby is coming along nicely herself.” She picked up one of the diapers from the stack and smacked Alana softly on the head with it. Enjoy that darling. You’re not going to be able to figure that out soon enough."

Alana smiled up at her, there was sweat shining on her face and glinting from her chest. The more time passed, the less things she remembered and connected . Certain parts of her mind seemed to be lost more then others. But words and connections started to swim up from the abyss. “Masturbate.” She thought. And grunted as a strong surge of pleasure hit. Her toes tingled from it, but it wasn’t enough. She licked her lips and stared at her mothers shirt. Suddenly wanting something else in her mouth. “Momma….” She managed to say, before her speech devolved into baby babble again.

“Did you hear that! She called me mama!” Karen said with a gush. “That’s the cutest thing I’ve heard in years!” It caused her own body to react, a pleasant rush filled her.

Emily’s mom smiled at her. “You should hear Emmy say it. Can I have that diaper now? Before we have a fountain over here?”

Karen nodded. And stepped towards her while holding it out. “Here ya go. Should we stop her from doing that?” She said, motioning towards Alana.

“Why? You said it yourself. In a few days she’s not gonna be able to figure that out. Let her enjoy it.” She looked at the diaper being held out, still folded closed. “Could you open that for me?”

Alana’s mother nodded and opened it. The smell of its perfume seemed almost over powering. “Wow…. Now that’s a nice sweet smell. Did Pampers make a mistake on this batch?” The smell seemed to fill the room. She looked back down at Alana, then to Emily. “It’s a little overpowering.” She said with a sudden flush on her skin.

“I doubt it. They just seem like that at first. But you get used to them I guess. Hey, did you start taking the pills yet?” She asked while opening the supposed torn diaper and positioning it under her own daughter anyways.

Karen thought about that for a second. She remembered doing something, but it seemed so long ago. She turned towards Margret as she was taping the diaper on Emily. “I think so… Why?” Then she thought about the diaper in her hands, and why it was needed. “I thought that was torn?” There was something important about the diapers. “Something bad about the strong ones….” She whispered to herself as she struggled to connect her thoughts.

Margret dusted her hands off, and started to roll up the dirty diaper. “Well, you handled that paci earlier. And now you’ve got that diaper in your hands. And don’t worry about Emily’s diaper dear. You’ve got your own little diaper dandy to take care of right?”

Karen started to feel stressed out, and angry. She could barely control herself, in a fit she lashed out. “So? You touched them too! And Alana still has the program to finish. This isn’t even the bestest part.” She felt proud of herself for standing up to her pushy friend.

Emily’s mother stood up and walked towards the diaper pail next to the crib. “I know. But I just saw how you were looking at my baby, and then the way you started… You know…. Moving like that. When you looked at Alana.”

Alana’s mother felt confused. She held out the Pamper in her hand and shook it. “You told me to get this diaper, you told me to open it!” It was the truth. She knew that. “And what did I do when I looked at the babies?”

The lid on the diaper pail creaked open, and the ball of wet cotton, gel, and plastic landed with a slight plastic crinkle in among several other balls. She turned back to face her, “Well, at first I thought it was the pee pee dance. But that’s not right. A big girl like you would never do the pee pee dance like some silly toddler right?”

“Right! I don’t even have to pee!” But as she it she caught herself moving her hips and legs, it caused the fabric of her pants to rub her just the right way. A way that was causing her to move faster. She tried to stop, but the sudden loss of the feeling made her feel the need to start again. It was a constant buzz that made her feel like stripping naked and getting some of her special toys out. She tried to ignore it, and change the conversation. “I gots to change Alana. She’s gonna get a rash.” She walked to her and stood behind her. Still holding the diaper open between her hands.

Margret laughed, “Do you really want to change her? Go ahead. She’s your baby after all. Mine is all set. She’s got a fresh diapee on, and it looks like she’s going to spend the next several minutes discovering what all those plastic links taste like.” She said motioning towards Emily’s diapered butt as it moved away, towards a small pile of infant safe toys. “I bet the babies will love sucking each other’s toes when they’re all done…”

Alana’s mother nodded her head, and gently pushed her daughter down onto her back. “Relax sugar. This will be over really quick. Then mommy will take us home.”

Alana grunted a response. She didn’t understand what she was doing, but she knew it was really nice, and feeling nicer the longer she did it. When she was pulled back the top of the thing she had her hand in got looser, and allowed her more room to work. She was almost panting now. And could feel warmth running over her fingers as she touched herself.

Karen moved to sit between her daughter’s legs, positioning her own leg under herself so she could keep the electric tingle going by gently hoping up and down on it. “Okay… Legs up baby!” She asked but Alana didn’t move them up, she just started to move her hips. She looked up at Margret. “She won’t listen!” She said exasperated. “Now what?” She was starting to think it would have been better to take care of her own urges first. She was starting to feel wetness soaking through her pants, and onto her leg as she moved.

Emily’s mom shook her head. “Well sometimes babies are bad, and don’t listen. But they’re to young to know right from wrong. Maybe you can take the diaper off her since her legs are already kind of bowed out like that?”

Alana’s mother looked at the open legs, “I guess….” She reached out and tickled one of her toes. Alana had them so clenched the skin around the joints was turning white. She waited a few seconds to see if she would relax, but when nothing changed she reached out to take the diaper off anyways. As she grabbed for the taut tapes she found her own hands were still full of diaper, making it to difficult to grab them. She tried a few more times to remove Alana’s, but got frustrated when she couldn’t figure out how to do it with her own hands still holding the fresh diaper. She held it up so Margret could see, “I know what to do, but my hands are full. Can you take that off her for me?” She stared at her hands for a few seconds. Suddenly it dawned on her that she could set the diaper aside. She laughed, “I must have really spaced out there. I can just set this thing off to the side and have both hands free.” She giggled at how silly she had been.

Margret rolled her eyes, and tapped her chin with a finger. “Well we don’t want any babies to play with it, so you should probably sit on it.” That sounded right to Alana’s mother. She moved off her leg and started to squat over it. But Emily’s mother stopped her, “Wait a second. Those pants are probably dirty. It’s a good idea to take them off before you do that.”

Karen was beyond questions. It had only been a few moments but it was still too long without stimulation, she almost felt like she was burning down there. She flopped down after pulling her pants and panties free and ground herself against the floor as she pulled the rest of her clothes off, even her shirt and bra before sitting down roughly on the diaper. “Can I change her nowwww?” She almost begged in a drawn out whine. When the woman nodded at her she reached out and grabbed the tapes. She started to pull, but they didn’t move. She tried pulling down, and then up again. But when she pulled up her fingers seemed to slip off. She crossed her arms and pouted, “Its bwroke!”

“Oh… Well mommy Margret better have a look then.” She knelt down and easily pulled both tapes free. The front of the diaper immediately fell away, leaving bare exactly what Alana was doing to herself.

The thick smell from inside the wet diaper easily overpowered the sweet baby powder scent from the dry diaper Karen was sitting on. It made her feel funny. “Her pee pee smells weird.” She said as she plugged her nose.

Margret tossed her a wipe. “Well you better clean her up then.”

Karen took the wipe and started to rub away as much of the slick moisture on Alana’s mound as she could. But it seemed like it was being made faster then she could clean it. She got frustrated and slapped Alana’s fingers away, and tried again. The wipe slipped over the warm slit, leaving it cleaner. But in seconds a tiny trail of liquid started to bead up, and then run down, into the waiting diaper. “It’s not workin’!” She said, finally tossing the wipe down to the floor in frustration.

“Let me show you what needs to be done girl.” She gathered up both of Alana’s legs and pulled them up off the floor, then easily yanked the diaper free. “She’s not even that wet, you’re kind of lucky it isn’t the other kind of accident, you’d have a terrible time cleaning that wouldn’t you?” Karen looked at the floor and said nothing. “Now I think I need that clean diaper you’re humping.” She pushed Karen to one side. She started to roll off it, her hips still pulsing much like the big babies’ in front of her. “Looks like there’s a little damp spot on this one too, I wonder where it came from?” The woman said with a knowing smile.

Alana’s mom looked almost surprised. “I…. I… I didn’t pee!” She said as she started to chew one of her nails.

Margret rubbed her head and smiled, “I know silly. You’re not a big ol’ baby like slick slit here. I mean if you were you’d would just keep standing there, dripping onto my floor. You’re a responsible adult. You’ll do the adult thing and squat over her old wet diaper to keep from making a mess right?”

Karen looked at the used diaper. The wet patch was clear, but it wasn’t that bad looking. “And I’m not gonna touch it…” She reasoned. She could feel her hips still moving, could almost taste the chemicals her body was releasing. She gently cupped herself with her right hand as she moved over it. The warmth from Alana’s pee radiated onto the back of her fingers. One of them started to twitch. “In and out. In and out.” She moaned as her finger moved. She almost grunted as she bit her lower lip.

Alana looked over and saw that her mommy was doing the same thing as her. It made her feel more grown up to know she was doing the right thing. She could feel the new diaper being pulled up and over her special place. She rolled her eyes slowly to look at the person diapering her. “Momma diapers babies…” She thought. It wasn’t much. She barely connected any of it to what was going on. But it still made her feel confused. “Babies diaper. Momma not diapered.” She raised her head as she looked at the person diapering her. She looked like a mommy. She didn’t have a diaper hanging out. And she smiled and cooed at her softly. She looked back at the other woman. She had a diaper under her and was acting just like Alana. She smiled and drooled, “Sissy!” The overgrown baby thought. It made her feel good to be so smart. Her other hand finally brushed a nipple, sending an electric shock that made her lose control into her diaper. The wet warmth finally pushed her over the edge and her back arched and left the floor as she softly grunted and moaned.

Margret watched as the worlds newest adult baby graduated to full time rug rat. “Well, it looks like we’ve got one baby finished.”

Karen looked at Alana and smiled. “She wooks so cute like that. I can’t wait to see her crawling awound, and making poopies!” The last thought made her giggle. She didn’t know why it was so funny. “Making pee pee diapees!”

Margret turned away from Alana with a light slap on her bum. Alana cooed as she slipped into a post diaper change nap, her posture changed as her taunt body relaxed. A thumb slipped between her lips. “It sounds like someone likes pee pee diapers…” Margret said as she cocked her head and looked down at Karen, who had started pounding the wet diaper in lust as her own daughter found her final, wet destination.

Karen grunted. “Better den da dry one. Warm, an thicker.” Her hips worked mechanically against the diaper and the floor.

Margret stepped behind her. And set her hands on her shoulders, gently rubbing them. Slowing adding more and more pressure till she pushed the woman down enough that she couldn’t easily hump anymore. “But that diaper is barely wet… I bet it would feel better if it was really soaked.”

That sounded great to Karen, “Get Emiwy to go potty in it!” She started fidgeting against the hands holding her down.

A laugh, “She’s already all peed out. Why don’t you just do it?” The way she said it made it sound like she didn’t really expect an answer.

Karen shook her head. “Only babies use diapees!”

She laughed. “You’re not really using it. It’s not taped on right? And I won’t tell. Now hurry up, mommy needs to put clothes on her babies!”

Karen thought about that, it seemed like a good plan. She tensed up and pushed. Trying to get something to happen, but nothing came out. “Not peeing!” She said with a huff.

Margret gave her a quick kiss on the cheek. “Try harder honey. Make mommy proud.”

She nodded and tried harder as the idea of making her mommy proud bounced around in her head. She felt something move as she pushed with everything she had. Then a burst of warmth running out and pooling between her legs. She could feel it absorbing into the waiting padding. “Yayyy! I dids it!” She said proudly.

Margret let go of the woman to clap for her, “Now that’s a good girl. Good baby!” She said as Karen lifted herself a little to reposition herself. There was a new, darker stain on the padding now.

Karen had been ready to celebrate with a fresh round of humping. But the mention of being a good baby finally embarrassed her enough to pull her out of her sexual fog. “I’m… I’m touching a wet diaper!” She thought as she lifted herself up and off it. “What the hell is going on!” She yelled as she felt warm hands on her shoulder again.

“It looks like you’re about one stop away from babytown!” Margret said as if it was obvious. “Why don’t you relax and you can finally enjoy yourself!”

“No!” She screamed in anger, stomping her foot. “I’m not the baby! She is!” She said, pointing to her daughter who had rolled over while clutching a small stuffed animal and was already sound asleep.

Margret carefully pulled the diaper off the floor and held it open in her hands. A small pool of liquid sloshed around inside that hadn’t been fully absorbed yet. “Yes. She is a baby. A beautiful baby girl. And her mommy loves her. Just like her mommy loves her baby little baby Emily.” She turned and looked at Emily who actually perked up at her name and happily gurgled in their direction before going back to eating a piece of fuzz from the floor. Margret turned back to Karen. “And they are both just like their little baby sissy, Karen.” She stepped towards her. The acrid diaper held out in front of her, like an offering.

Karen stepped back, hands up defensively. “'I don’t want to be like them! I signed Alana up! She’s the one that needs this!” Something inside her seemed to clench as she looked at the woman and the diaper she was holding. A brief feeling of pleasure seemed to radiate from her bum, it caused her to bow her legs out for a few seconds. Then it was gone. As she stood up straight there seemed to be something stuck in her butt crack. She reached behind her to feel what it was.

“You both took all the tests. It’s the same tests they’ve had since the breakthrough. They passed, and so did you girlie. Just not the way you expected. Then the director came to me, and I agreed to take you both. Along with a sizable subsidy.” She saw the sudden hesitation in the woman’s steps, and saw something fall between her legs and bounce once before coming to a stop next to her left foot. “Well I see you’re still a little hard down there. Gonna have to lay off the iron enriched formula for a few weeks…”

Karen’s hand touched the thing just as she followed her friends eyes to the object on the floor. “Is that a….” Her breath caught in her throat as she felt her fingers touch, and then push into the semi solid thing in her crack. She felt like throwing up as she brought her hand to her face and saw the tell tale smear of dark colour on her fingers. “…poopie?”

Margret took advantage of the distraction to move forward and pull the diaper up between her legs and roughly tape it on. “Yes. That’s a poopie. And a big girl would be able to put it where it belongs. In a toilet. Now if a big girl uses a potty. And a baby doesn’t, then what does that make you?” She asked as she reached for a wipe and something special for her newest and soon to be smallest charge.

Karen kept shaking her head. Even as she felt the warmth of the diaper now around her waist, and the still soaked padding rubbing against her. “I’m not a…… a….” She whispered as Margret wiped her fingers clean.

“Not an adult? Not a big girl? Not going to be much of a talker in ten minutes? Not going to be wiping your own ass anymore?”

“A baby! Not…. Baby!” She yelled. The humiliation and embarrassment of pooping on the floor seemed to be fading away. A light buzzing started in her ears. She could now feel the pressure of her body as it pushed more mass into the diaper between her legs. She could hear crinkling as her diaper expanded to take it.

Margret dropped the wipe on the floor next to the present Karen had dropped. She still had one more thing in her hand. She held it up so Karen could see it. “Now why don’t we try to get this over with. The doc will be here in an hour or so, and I’d like you all settled in for his visit.”

Karen recoiled from the pacifier as it was held out to her. Her back slapped against the wall behind her, and she felt pressure pushing against the hard mass her body was trying to pass. “No! This is against the law! You can’t do this without my permission!” The paci was so close to her mouth she could smell the sweet release it was coated in.

“Oh, like what you did to your daughter wasn’t? Or what happened to Emily when I caught her having sex with a married man?” She pushed the nipple gently against Alana’s lips. Slowly parting them. She slowly drew her body closer, taking her into a hug and gently kissing her cheek. The smell of the lump in her diaper was obvious. “It’s fine. Everyone always thinks it’s fine. And no one has ever complained about afterwards, right? Open up for mommy!” She pushed a little harder on the pacifier.

The urge to listen to her mommy was almost to strong. But she still found the power to ignore her. In a sudden storm of rebellion she stomped her foot and yelled, “No!” As the word was leaving her mouth she realized her mistake. But it was to late, the pacifier popped in, and her mouth was filled with rubber and sweetness.

Margret stepped back, smiling. Filled with her own endomorphic pleasures. “Awww…. You’re such a little cutie!” She pulled her phone out and took Several pictures of the stunned and still pooping Karen. Even pulling her away from the wall to get a few shots of her still tenting diaper. “Won’t see that again if I can help it…”

Karen could feel her tongue numbing. It was a calming tingle. Made to feel like a numbing gel, but after so many meetings Karen knew it was worse. “It’s unwinding the nerves and brain cells that control it….” She thought. But even as terror washed over her she found she had lost the ability to walk. She stared forward, looking at her reflection in a pink rimmed mirror at what she had been reduced to. A pulse from her bladder signaled the chemical was in that part of her mind now, regressing the filaments to shortened nubs that signaled complete atrophy and permanent damage.

“Whatcha looking at baby?” Her mommy asked. She followed her stare and saw her reflection. “Oh… Well, if you want a look, let’s give you a look.” She grabbed her and carefully helped her stumble towards the mirror. When she let her go, only a few steps in front of it Margret noticed her legs bow out more and start to shake. “Not much time left honey. I think your big girl legs are about to go bye bye. It’s crawling for you. At least until the next little surprise…” She patted the obscene looking bulge in the back of her diaper. The sudden sensations caused her hips to rock and thrust. The diaper lewdly flopping between her legs. “I think someone enjoyed going poopy in her Pampers…. Maybe I’ll let you sit in it for a while. Let you really enjoy it.”

Karen was screaming inside. Trying to ignore the feelings that millions or billions of dying brain cells were causing. The random chemicals released made her skin blush, and her nipples harden as her nether lips swelled and screamed for something inside. The stimulation from Margret’s constant patting almost drove her to her knees. Her body’s thrusting finally devolved enough to cause her to lose her balance and fall forward onto the mirror. She was able to hold herself off it with both hands, but if she tried to take a step she was going to hit the floor. She felt spit bubble and pop out of her mouth, before it ran down her chin to drip onto the floor.

“You’re a drooly little baby… I guess I’ll need a few more bibs, huh? Maybe you’re just teething. But you already have all your teeth…. What could it be…. What could it be….” She punctuated each repeated question with progressively harder smacks to the bulge. Slowly flattening it allowing more, much softer material to exit her backside.

It was too much, with a screech of rage Karen pushed herself off the mirror and towards Margret. She couldn’t stand on her own, but she wanted to hurt the lady before it was no longer possible. For a second she thought she had her, as she raised her hands to claw at her. But then the woman simply stepped back and let Karen collapse to the floor. It was more shocking then painful, but Karen still started to bawl behind her paci. “Not fair!” She thought. “Not fair! Not fair! No fair! No fair! No! No! Nnnnnooooo!” And then in her frustration and rage she finally felt the last of her adult thoughts jumble and become to complicated. She gritted her teeth and tried to keep hold of something, anything as an anchor. But the chemicals were stronger. Her vision brightened around the edges as areas of her brain already erased started to work again. Infantile thought processes took over as her brain prepared to take in the chemicals allowing it to store long term memory much easier. Chemicals her fully grown adult brain no longer produced in the quantities needed. She smiled and giggled as she lost her concentration and fell into blissful simplicity.

The breakout

Tammy looked through binoculars at the house in front of her. “Got to be sure. Got to be gone….” She said as she waited to see if her careful plan was ready. It had been two weeks since Alana had burst into her room acting like a maniac. Two weeks since she got word that her friend and her mother had agreed to take the plunge. Two weeks since her family and everyone she knew seemed to act like it was 100 percent normal, and didn’t question any of it. “It’s all crazy…” She thought to herself as she watched from her car.

She had managed to change her own settings as a final test when Alana had been wheeled away, strapped into a suitable sized stroller, and then buckled into a large car seat in her mother’s car. Tammy didn’t know if it was Alana telling her about everything that changed reality for her, or her and Alana being present when she had hit enter that fateful day. Regardless, only she now knew the truth. That the world as it currently existed was a horribly twisted version that needed to be fixed. She was out of Pull Ups and night time diapers now, but she had kept herself stuck training like Alana had accidentally done to herself. “Just in case, that way it’s under my control.” She reasoned, though she didn’t care for the thick panties she was still forced to wear. “I’m the constant perfect trainer just like she was.” She thought, before correcting herself. “Well, how she was after she started this whole nightmare.” Sometimes she wondered if it would just be better to leave things like they were. “She did this shit to herself.” She said in a whisper. “But it could always be done to me, to anyone. The program has to stop. It has to be changed back…” It was her exposure to a few less fortunate victims of the system that had made her finally plan and prepare. “Can’t even walk… Talk… Can’t even eat regular food.” She felt sick as she thought about it. Tammy had talked to several people about the program, but it seemed it was so entrenched in the world now that no one gave it a second thought. No one cared about adult sized babies. Or about adults suddenly losing everything. It was normal. It was everyday stuff. And apparently no one else had ever thought to mess with it either as they had done.

In the days since, she had dreams and odd memories come out of nowhere, of a time and place where giant diapers and trainers weren’t sold or made for 10 percent of the adult population. At the same time she had thoughts of the new world, and the strange system of self regressing people. Or in the case of her friend, doing it against their will. She had enough false memories to know about it. And enough cash to order two doses of the counter agent. “I’ll save her, bring her out of it. Then we change it all back to normal.” But depending on how far back victims went, she had between a month or an hour to use it before the damage was to great to reverse. She idly scratched her ass through the thick cotton underwear she had on. Careful not to touch the arming mechanism on the injectors she had stashed by her thigh.

She had tried to babysit them once. But had been rebuffed when Margret called her a child and told her she couldn’t let a simple thing watch three young children. Tammy smacked the steering wheel as she thought back to the real, and false memories of wearing diapers, and how much she had liked it. “They almost had me volunteering…” She thought. It was only after she had adjusted her own chart that she understood how close her parents had come. She had since removed all childish items from her room, and made sure her parents were proud of her by stating it on her chart.

“Anything related you say there is true…” She murmured as she saw the babysitter walking down the street towards the house. She had tried to insert comments about Alana, and Emily. That they were growing more mature. But it couldn’t override what their own charts actually stated. And theirs along with Alana’s mother were now under the control of Margret, Emily’s mom. Reading them day after day reminded Tammy how close she had been to a similar fate. How she was almost reduced to permanent infancy herself. It made her seethe as she watched the indignities her friend was put through daily. “But I’ve got a little surprise for you bitch…” She said when the babysitter stepped onto the porch and knocked. I remember being in there before. I remember where you hide your passwords." She had tested her memories by checking if the spare key was hidden in the same spot. And it had been.

Tammy waited, and like clockwork Margret was out the door and into her car. “Eight hours and forty five minutes till you’re back… Plenty of time.” She stepped out of her car, and reached behind her seat to pull a backpack out. “She’ll like a change of clothes I’m sure….” She had come prepared. Clothing along with a few other items were ready to be used in case of emergency. She started walking down the side of the street and then turned down an alley that ran behind the row of houses.

Her feet were silent on the gravel and weeds as she got closer to her goal. She could see the large play area they had set up. One of the basic models that any parent of a “tempered” child would have. She shook her head at the innocent sounding name the world had given regressed people. “Sick fuckers….” Tammy hid behind a tree and slipped a small leather pouch out of her pocket. “The world changed. But the internet is still full of dangerous shit, and people willing to sell it.” She whispered. She pulled a small hook shaped pick and a tension wrench from the pouch. And got ready. She had already practiced on the gate’s small padlock several times. And could open it with ease. “More time to practice and I could just pick the doors too.” She thought as she double checked that no one was looking and speed walked to the gate. Then, looking like she was just using a key on a hard to open lock she stuck the tension wrench into the bottom of the key way, gave it the barest of turns, and raked the pins. In less then three seconds the wrench turned, and the lock popped open.

She had oiled the gate after her first attempt sounded like a crypt being violated at midnight. And now it swung silently. She snuck inside, and closed the gate behind her. Hanging the lock in the clasp, but leaving it open. “Phase two….” She said. Catching a hazy memory of a penguin named Skipper. She ducked behind the play area and grabbed the fake rock with the key in it. “And that’s a bingo Private…”

She snuck up to the back of the house and popped her head up to see if she was in luck. She saw the TV was on, and the long haired head of a babysitter was propped on the couch in front of it. A small phone was in her extremely animated hands.

Seeing the babysitter on her phone, and knowing she usually would text hours at a time, Tammy was sure she was as ready as she could ever be. “Hopefully this works, she thought.” Nervously handling the tubular injectors under her clothes. She snuck to the back door, and slowly inserted the key. As soon as the lock clicked, she twisted the knob and slipped inside.

The air inside was warm, but much less humid then outside. “Perfect for the babies…” She thought darkly. She checked that there were no stones lodged in the soles of her shoes, then slowly crept towards the nursery. The door was open and showed darkness beyond. Tammy could already hear a lilting lullaby playing from within. She stayed quiet as she got closer, expecting that there was probably a baby monitor inside But she had already planned her way around that. She removed her backpack, and pulled out a heavily lined bag. It was enough to muffle any quiet sounds, but not enough to block the signal, so the disconnection alarm would not go off. She poked her head into the room and saw two large cribs, and more ominously, one cot.

“Shit…. That -IS- why her chart was different…” She thought. After she friended Alana’s new mother she had been surprised to see that one of the charts had no regular stars or data, but instead had check marks and goals. “Well, that’s what I thought, everyone else said it at least.” She had hoped it was wrong. That she wouldn’t have to worry about it. She was just going to pull both Alana, and her regressed mother out. Since once she changed their charts it wouldn’t be kidnapping like taking Emily would. “And since Emily’s been out longer the odds of getting her back are pretty slim….” She thought. Unless they could change reality back, Emily was back in diapers for the rest of her life. “And with their stupid medical advancements that’s likely to be a long fucking time…” She whispered as she imagined a mountain of used diapers.

She hesitated for a few moments while she listened for any changes to the babysitter, and then darted past the nursery, and into the spare room, where the computer was. She pulled the chair towards a corner in the room, stood on it, then pushed part of the suspended ceiling tiles up. With one hand she reached up, and felt around till she touched paper. “Success…” She whispered as she got down and set it back in front of the computer. It was on, and she jiggled the mouse until the password screen came up. She swallowed nervously as she typed one of the strings of characters on the paper in.

A pleasant ding, and the home screen came up. She didn’t think about the sudden noise, and sat shocked and silent as she strained to hear if there was any change from the TV room. She stared daggers at the doorway, but there was no creak of floorboards, or even the crunch of springs. The babysitter was asshole deep into her texting. And nothing short of an act of god would bring her out of it.

After a few minutes, Tammy was sure she was safe and turned back to the screen. There was a standard background, but one of the apps was open already. It showed three large forms sleeping in a dark room. “Shit… Video…” She had hoped it wasn’t on their wifi, but when she checked she realized that it was. “Well… It’s night vision, so it’s black and white and grainy….” She figured she could pass as the babysitter, especially if she was being watched on a tiny phone screen.

“And here’s the Facebook shortcut…” She said as she brought it up. She started typing the password in and hit enter. Only to be greeted by a wrong password prompt. “Oh shit….” She whispered. She carefully typed the password in again and hit enter, only to get the same result. “FUCK.” She swore. “Not good…” She tried one more time before she stopped and shut it down. “Okay…. I guess we go with plan B.” She grumbled, hoping her luck hadn’t run out.

Tammy snuck back to the door into the nursery, padded bag in hand. She had stuffed it full of clothing for Alana and her mother. “But if they went that far back with her mom there’s nothing the antidote will do for her.” She thought before she finally closed her eyes, and tried to look casual while she walked into the darkened room. She fished the two antidotes out of her clothing And checked the time on her watch. “Okay, it takes a little while to work…” She thought. “Probably don’t have the time to wait for her to fully come back, gonna have to get her out of here and change her in the car.” She popped a vial open, and twisted the safety lock on its top, before closing her eyes and stabbing herself in the thigh. She could feel cold liquid moving into her body as she counted to ten. Deep down she had always hoped she wouldn’t need to use the second one on Alana’s mother. That she could use it as insurance in case she was caught. Like what she was using it for now. She grimaced as she rubbed the painful knot of chemicals under her skin away, “Nothing to worry about now but the cops.” And she didn’t fear what they could do to her. “I can always get out of jail. It may take a few years with good behavior, but I’ll walk out.” She looked over at the low cot that held a fate much worse.

When the pain finally died down Tammy blinked and slipped the empty unit back into her bag, then she prepped the second injector and crept up to Alana. “Well, you do look cute honey…” She whispered as she looked at the young woman sleeping on her back, legs spread, and arms lazily laying at odd angles to her body, silently sucking a pacifier. “But you’ll feel better being a proper adult again.” She kept one hand near the pacifier in her mouth and stuck the injector as gently as she could against Alana’s skin, just below her diaper. She kept adding pressure slowly, until she heard the click of the needle being released. She had hoped Alana would sleep through it that way. Instead the sleeping girl suddenly startled awake and she opened her mouth wide, taking in a deep breath, the pacifier in her mouth started to tumble free.

“Hold on baby….” Tammy said as she caught it, and with superhuman speed slipped it back in, keeping Alana from screaming. After ten seconds she pulled the injector free and slipped it into her pocket. She waited with her hand over Alana’s mouth until she was sure that she had calmed down enough before removing it slowly. When she did the woman just kept sucking the rubber nipple, wet tears still rimming her eyes and running down her cheeks. She was still upset, but content enough to just lay there in her own wet diaper and stare at the person that had caused the pain. “Alana?” Tammy asked as her friend’s eyes seemed to gain a bit more focus and stare more intently at her. But then the diapered woman giggled and started to smile while she motioned with her arms and hands that she wanted to be picked up.

“To soon anyways.” Tammy thought as she shook her head. She helped her friend up, and carefully got her outside the crib. She hoped the infantile woman would come back before she started to make any really loud noises. As soon as her feet hit the floor Alana dropped down onto all fours and started to crawl towards the door. “No!” Tammy urgently whispered. Grabbing her under her arms. “You need to walk!” She pulled her up into a standing position and tried to get her to take her own weight, but as soon as she started to relax her hold, Alana just started to slide down towards the floor.

“Gotta get the pads, or she’s gonna tear herself up outside.” She went for her pack again. Inserting the dead injector from her pocket, before fishing the pads out. “This would have been so much easier if I had access to that dam chart.” She said to herself. She had just zipped her backpack closed when she felt the vibrations of a person walking down the hall, she looked towards it and noticed a sudden shadow coming towards her from outside the door. She had enough time to push her pack under the nearest crib, before standing up and confronting a surprised looking sitter.

After so much time looking at her phone, she was somewhat night blind, but as soon as the sitter turned into the room and clicked the lights on, she jumped back at the sudden sight of a stranger in the house, standing above one of the babies. “The fuck!” She said surprised as she hesitated.

Tammy did not hesitate. She lunged towards her and pushed her out of the room, into the hallway. “Sorry… But this is all wrong! Sorry!” She felt flustered, and overwhelmed as she brought her fists up to punch her.

The sitter finally acted, she brought an arm up and blocked the punch away. With the other hand she jammed a large pacifier into Tammy’s mouth. At first she held it in with savage pressure, making sure it didn’t get spit out. But as the seconds ticked away and the girl’s eyelids drooped partially closed, she relaxed her hold and finally let go completely. Leaving the girl contently suckling with a dopey look on her face. “A little young and feminine to be a kidnapper… Maybe you’re an old buddy that misses her friends?” The woman in front of her looked into space as she sighed and started to soak her pants, the dark stain ran all the way to the floor as she started to smile. “Well I’m sure you can hang out with your friends again when this is all over.” The sitter said as she pulled a phone out and started tapping in a number.

As soon as the paci had slid into her mouth Tammy had freaked out. Fear caused her to do everything she could to remove it, but the sitters grip was to strong. She could taste the sweetness of the drug, could feel it warmly run down her throat as it melted off the nipple. She waited in terror for the first symptoms to start. But after several seconds had passed her terror started to lessen and she could think rationally again. Tammy tried to think back to the first few things she should be experiencing. “Tongue should be numbing…. There should be tingling…. And they say a calming feeling of pleasure should envelope me fairly quickly. But I don’t feel any of that…” She almost jumped when she finally understood that her earlier shot was actually working. “But she’ll never let me leave, she’ll call 911 and the cops will just arrest me and take me to jail. When I finally do get free Alana will be stuck.” She almost smiled as she decided what she needed to do.

The first thing she did was stop fighting so much. Then she tried to relax her face and eye muscles till her eyes were half closed. When the lady finally let go, and started the conversation she knew she had her, and with a simple change of posture, and a slight release of her bladder she was one step closer to getting away with it. “Gross.” She thought as she stared off into space and wet her pants. The thick padding was no match for a complete loss of control and flooded immediately. “This has got to be the worst feeling in the world…” Memories she knew to be false sprang up of her doing the same thing many times only a few years ago as she finally got the hang of potty training. She shivered as she thought of it. “This is sick. Someone has to pay.” While she pissed herself like an overgrown baby the sitter was getting her phone out and dialing a number.

“Yeah. She tried it. Like you said.” The sitter spoke into the phone. “No. I haven’t done that yet. I wanted to let you know the plan worked.” She seemed to get frustrated As she listened to whoever was on the other end. “Fine. I’ll do that. Like it matters, I’ve got a double dose in her right now.” She listened for several more seconds to the person on the other end. The look of frustration on her face changing to fear. “No… No… I don’t want that… I’ll take care of it.” She started to sound frantic. “Look, I promise. I have never failed you guys yet have I?” She rolled her eyes as she pulled the phone from her ear and looked at Tammy. “Looks like your little butt is still causing problems. But we can take care of that easy enough.”

Re: The Progress By: Long_Rifle

Tammy didn’t want to cause any problems that might drag the process out. “Don’t know how long I’m protected from their shit….” She thought. She weakly smiled at the person in front of her and slapped wetly at her pants.

“Oh we’ll be getting you changed soon enough baby. I just have a little adjustment to make over here…” She was fiddling with her phone. “I swear, I’ve got three bars! Why does this have to take so dang long…” She started to fidget. And as she did there came the sound of crinkling. Tammy heard it, and the sitter did as well. She pulled her pants down slightly, shocked to see the special panties she was now wearing. “Shit, I told him I was getting it done. Does he think freaking me out is going to help make this easier. Fuck.” She was actually starting to sweat as she worked her phone as fast as she could.

Tammy’s eyebrows rose at that. “So other people know about the changing reality stuff.” It made her feel better knowing she wasn’t the only one. As it sank in however she realized what it really meant. “They are doing this on purpose!” She looked over at Alana and saw she was still sitting in the same spot she had left her. But the look on her face was no longer vacant. But full of confusion. The pacifier hung freely from the ribbon clipped to her shirt. Tammy tried to get her attention. But Alana just kept staring at the backside of the sitter standing in front of her.

Alana’s mother Karen choose that moment to wake up in her cot, wailing as loudly as she could. This woke up Emily who sat up in her own large crib and started to do the same thing. “Holy shit! You guys are loud!” The sitter said as she worked through something on her phone. It was easy to see the stress that all the screaming was doing to her. She absently scratched at her new disposable underwear as she worked with her thumbs. “Seriously… You guys need to relax.” She said with a yell. The regressed women didn’t understand, or care. They just wanted what they wanted and that’s all that mattered. The sound was loud enough to break Tammy out of her own act and make her want to cry as well. So she did. Dropping to her wet butt and smacking the floor with her heels and her hands. She kept her eyes on Alana, who was now blinking and rubbing her chin as she sat down roughly on the floor herself, a look of intense concentration on her face.

“Done!” The sitter said loudly as she tossed her phone onto the changing table, next to the padding and turned to Tammy. “That should take care of your progress chart. Having mommy be in control of that is probably a good idea, since she can still read and all that.”

Tammy kept her eyes towards the floor as she was pulled to her feet. “So mom has my chart now. Great. One more hurdle. But she can’t do anything if I’m not home. If I run away she can’t really add anything till I come back.” The thought was enough to make her feel better, but still not really totally safe. Especially when the sitter roughly grabbed her wet pants and started peeling them off.

“Should have worn your special panties honey. Then you wouldn’t have made such a mess.” The sitter laughed at her own bad joke. Tammy’s stomach gurgled loudly as one of her legs was slipped free of the wet clothing. “Don’t do that yet!” The sitter said with a scared tone. She started to work faster. When her pants and panties were free Tammy found herself laying down on the changing table, and getting the fastest diaper change she had ever seen. “There!” The sitter said as her diaper was sloppily taped on. “I’ll get everyone else taken care of and give you a proper cleaning. By then you should be all pooped out and ready for mommy to take home. I bet you’ll be the cutest girl in your daycare class!” Her face took on a manic grin as she started to pull her off the table.

But Tammy was no longer looking at her. She was looking at the angry face of Alana behind her. She was finally standing and cracking her knuckles. “Umm, lady. I’d be more concerned about the ass beating you’re about to enjoy if I were you.” Tammy said as she pointed at Alana.

“How can you still talk?” The sitter asked surprised, her eyes popped as she took in everything that Tammy had said and followed her finger behind her just in time to take a fist to the jaw.

The changing table jostled as the sitter’s body crashed against it. But she kept on her feet. Tammy decided to help by cocking her right leg back, and driving it into her hip. “I think you’re the one that’s going to be the cutest one in daycare!” She screamed as the sitter went down hard.

“Bitch!” Alana finally said as she followed her down, the sound of her tight fists constantly smacking flesh and bone was only barely drowned out by the sounds of the regressed women who were still crying and wailing. Tammy swept her legs over the side of the table, and used them to kick and stomp whatever part of the sitter that was under them at the time.

After several moments Alana finally fell back, trying to catch her breath. The sitter was laying still on the floor when Tammy finally stopped stomping her as well. The woman had collapsed into a bruised and very bloody pile on the floor. Still alive, but unconscious. One of her arms was bent at an unnatural angle. Alana cried as she ripped the diaper from around her waist and threw it onto the jumble of bleeding flesh. “We should kill her.” She said as she stood.

Tammy hopped off the table and ripped her own unused diaper off and dropped it to the floor. She nodded as she tried to imagine what her friends had experienced. But she knew they were on the clock, “We don’t have time for that. We need to move, now.”

Alana turned her head towards the still screaming adult babies. “We need to take care of them too. More help for later.”

Tammy shook her head. “Look, it’s too late for them.” She walked to Emily and helped her back into the crib, before pulling the side up and grabbing Alana by the shoulder. “We need to get moving. They’ll be here soon.” She started pulling her out of the room. “Hurry up! There’s video on that moniter!”

When they stumbled into the hallway Alana kept pointing back to the still crying women, “But that’s not right, we need to save them too!” She thought about her mother, laying there, doing nothing but eating, sleeping, and filling her diapers.

Tammy shook her head at that, “Trust me! There’s no fucking time! We need to move! Follow me! We need to get dressed and get the fuck out of here!” She moved quickly down the hallway towards the only room in the house that didn’t stink of diaper, or have baby toys scattered on the floor. The master bedroom. Tammy started rooting through drawers for clothes to wear, and answering as many questions for Alana as she could think of. “Look. You were right about the charts. But it’s worse then you think. That sitter was part of some plan to do this to people.” She let that sink in as she tossed a shirt to her friend. “They know about the charts too. They did this on purpose. Whatever you found, or did, has caused things to spiral out of control.” She pulled a pair of shorts on, and then a shirt herself. She checked to make sure Alana was getting dressed before she started to look for pants for her as well. “They took your mother down to far. By doing that she can’t come back, she’s like a clean slate. Hell, if you had been regressed much longer you’d be stuck too. Just like Emily. Too much time like a baby and you forget everything else. It just slips away.” She found something that wouldn’t look like crap on her friend and turned to look at Alana just as a golden stream ran down one of her legs. “Shit.”

Alana had just enough time to feel the urge to go before she was suddenly pissing herself. She held the bottom of her shirt up, and away from the mess. “I barely felt that! I was just starting to feel the urge to go, and I went!” She started to breath heavier. On the verge of freaking out.

Tammy could see her friend was starting to lose it. “Relax! You aren’t regressing! Think about it, you’ve spent weeks just going when your bladder was full! We just need to get you to the toilet a few times and you’ll stop!” She passed her the pants. “We can grab some diapers out of the nursery, and use those for now. Just relax.”

Alana nodded. It made sense to her. She took the pants and set them on the bed, then grabbed a discarded sweater and wiped herself off. “I guess mommy can enjoy one last little gift from me.” She said cheekily as she dropped it in the wet carpet when she was done.

In the end they grabbed a few extra shirts, and some spare pants, before grabbing the thinnest diapers they could find and stuffing everything into two bags and running out the front door. They were two blocks away when the first cop car sped past, lights on and sirens blaring. Tammy tried to act natural, but Alana started to nervously suck her thumb. “Dude! Watch your thumb!” Tammy said through clenched teeth.

Alana pulled it free with a slight popping sound. “It’s not my fault! It just kind of went in!” She wiped the slobber off on the stolen shirt. “Now what? We walk all the way to your house? Kind of a half assed plan Tams.”

Tammy rolled her eyes. “Hey, if it wasn’t for me you’d still be shitting your pants back there, and no. I parked my car right around the corner over here.”

“Well if you would have just listened to me in the first place neither one of us would be here right now. We’d both be getting ready for a party, or fucking right now.” The thought of having something between her legs besides a diaper hit her hard, she bit down on her lower lip. “How long has it been? I feel like I could explode right now.”

Another cop car drove past. But as it sped past Tammy swore she could see it’s lights stop fading into the distance, and keep on being reflected off a MacDowels across the street. As they turned the corner the reason became obvious. Two squad cars were near her car, they had the doors open and were rooting around inside it. Tammy grabbed Alana and steered her away. “Shit.”

“Hey isn’t that your car?” Alana whispered to her. “Maybe they can help us stop this weird shit.”

“Yeah.” Tammy said. “And that’s the end of the line for us leaving in my car. Shit. I left almost everything in the trunk.” She pointed to the fast food place, “Look just keep going there. The cops are on their side! I told you, this shit isn’t just you or me, it’s the whole country. The whole world. If they find us, they aren’t going to put us in jail or help us. They’re going to send us back to diapers. And there’s no growing up this time.” They were starting to enter the restaurant when she finished her speech, Tammy held the door open for her friend, and then let it close behind them. “Be cool. Relax. We will get through this.”

Alana’s stomach growled as she smelled fresh fries. “Well fine. I’ll relax. But I saw you had some cash you slid into those shorts, so order me some real food, it feels like I haven’t eaten in a week.”

Tammy looked at her stunned. “We need to get out of here! We aren’t safe yet!”

“Look, we aren’t going anywhere without a car. We spend a few minutes here to think, maybe find a cute guy, and get him to take us to his place. We just need to hide for a few days.” She groaned when she felt her diaper warm slightly. “And get used to toilets again.”

Tammy shook her head. “We need to leave! Right now! This place isn’t safe, they’re going to be looking for us!” She was almost frantic.

This time it was Alana that reached out and gently took hold of her friend. “No. We need to stop and think. We aren’t doing anything until we calm down and have a few minutes to think clearly. Plus, take a look over there…” She spun her around so Alana was looking into the playscape area. “That guy looks pretty dang lonely right now. And I think we can both use a little company. You go buy us some food, and I’ll have him ready to drive us across the country when you get to the table. Now move it girl.”

Tammy grumbled, but didn’t argue as Alana walked towards him, leaving her up front, near the registers alone. She sighed and pulled out her small amount of cash and walked to the only open register. The smiling face of a minimum wage worker greeted her, “Welcome to Macdowells, can I take your order cutie?” The odd greeting threw her off. Tammy stuttered out what she wanted and put on a very fake looking smile as the cashier took all the bills from her hand and carefully counted out how much she needed, handing the rest back to her with her change. “And here’s your receipt, keep this for later honey. Mommy might want it.”

Tammy nodded, but she didn’t smile or say anything. She was too busy looking at the menu on the wall. She had been reading about one of their new entrees when the letters seemed to get a bit jumbled. If she concentrated enough she could still read it, but it wasn’t second nature like she remembered. She shook her head and rubbed her eyes, then looked again. They almost seemed to be back to normal. “Wow… Must be stress or something.” She nervously looked outside, at the parking lot. Hoping that it stayed empty of the police long enough for them to get moving. She was still staring outside when she heard her order number called and walked back to the counter.

“Do you need any help with that sugar?” The worker asked sweetly.

Tammy wanted to gag. After what had happened she was in no mood to be treated like a child, but she needed to remain calm and not cause any fights. “No. I’m perfectly able to handle some food myself. Thanks.” She tried not to sound to condescending. She walked back, towards the play area, taking one last look outside before stepping through the door.

The heavy smell of thick plastic filled the air. Along with the smell of a recent bleach cleaning. She scanned all the tables, and saw one with a wet floor cone near it. “Well, at least they keep it clean…” She was also happy to see they were alone. Except for the guy sitting at the same table as Alana. She waved her over as soon as their eyes locked.

“Hey Tammy, this is Brad. He’s kind of new in town. And I think he needs a couple of guides to show him around.” Alana squirmed in the seat next to him, her right arm hidden under the table. It pulsed and moved as she worked to keep his attention.

“Er…. Hey…. It’s…. Would be. Great.” He got out of his mouth as parts of him started to draw vital blood away from his brain.

“I think he needs to get something from his house first though. So why don’t we take our meals to go?” Alana added.

He was sweating now. But he still nodded. “Yeah… Car… I’ve got one… Blue…”

Tammy rolled her eyes. “Fine. I guess it’s a good thing she put it in a bag then.” She stepped back, away from the table. “Well, we don’t have all day do we, little miss happy hands?”

Alana laughed hard as she slid out of the seat, leaving Brad trying to hide his excitement. “Tammy, you never let me have any fun.”

Brad stayed seated until he finally felt comfortable enough to stand. He slipped out of the bench seat and started to walk towards a side facing door. “I’m parked over here. Let’s go! I just live a few miles away!” The excitement in his voice was barely contained.

He was definitely excited. And Tammy understood why. He had two women that wanted in his pants. “A few miles sounds great. We really need to make some distance from our familys if you get the drift.”

He nodded and smiled, it made him look like a dork. “We could… Um…. Go to a motel instead? I mean if you really want to get away?”

Tammy wanted to smack him. But Alana thought it sounded like a great idea. “Sure.” She gave his ear a lick as they walked to his car. “Why don’t we give it a few more miles. I’m feeling like being a little loud tonight.” It was mostly an act. She still felt like she had when she was in her teens, but she also knew they had to get away. He was a ticket to freedom. “And maybe a ride…” She said to herself as the wet padding between her legs rubbed her.

There was only one blue car, and as they got close it was obvious he didn’t have a girlfriend. “Well…. I guess you two have to sit in the back. Sorry about that.” There was a front passenger seat, but it was covered in empty water bottles, candy wrappers, and chip bags. He opened to back door for them and waved them inside.

The back seat was cold fake leather, but quickly warmed as Tammy crawled in and sat down. She clicked her seat belt on as Alana sat with an audible crinkle of plastic. She looked from her friend towards the back window, anxious to get moving. “You know that place by Bay City? About ten miles down 75? Why don’t we go there. It’s kind of out of the way.” She turned back around as she finished to see Alana playing with the guys hair as he turned the car on. “Really?” Tammy said, sounding annoyed.

Alana just giggled, “Try to relax. We’re home free! We can afford to have a little fun now.” She wiggled her bum. “I can’t wait for a little fun later. It feels like it’s been forever.”

Tammy got really close and whispered in her ear, “If you’re not careful, it will be forever. Let this shit go. We get where he takes us, and we lay low.”

Alana wanted to lay into her, but the wiggling had caused an unwelcome reminder to drift up from her diaper. She blushed as the faint smell of pee filled the air. “Whatever.”

“No! It’s not whatever! They still have our fucking charts! They have the control! The crap I injected probably won’t last forever, or maybe they get more of their shit in us. Then what? We need to figure this shit out! Or we’re both in deep shit.” It’s hard to sound furious when you whisper. But Tammy managed.

“Fine… Fine…” Alana didn’t want to admit it, but she knew her friend was right.

Brad had been watching in the rearview mirror as they both whispered and argued. When it looked like they were done he cleared his throat. “So… Umm… Are we still good? I don’t have to be at work till day after tomorrow if you girls need a ride anywhere.”

Tammy smiled at him, “I guess we just have to wait and see, I mean we might just need a ride, or we might use the train. But thanks. You’re really helping us out.”

Alana reached back towards him and rubbed his ear lobe, “Yeah. Let’s see what we can do to make it worth it for you…” She looked back and smiled at the fuming face of her friend.

The rest of the ride was a blur for all three occupants. Tammy stared out the windows, sure that at any moment cop cars, or unmarked federal vehicles would converge on them, force them off the road, and regress them all. Brad stared straight ahead, obviously thinking of what was about to happen to him, and probably wondering if he should stick around if they really wanted to play so much. His face was flushed, and he kept looking nervously back at the two women, like it was his first time. Alana kept teasing him and moving in her seat. It was almost impossible for her to sit still. If she wasn’t playing with parts of the man in front of her, she was wiggling and giggling in her seat. She felt a heat building in her that she hadn’t felt since she was going through puberty. She wanted sex, and she wanted it so bad she was starting to push at the front of her wet diaper with one of her hands. Humping the padding.

Tammy finally noticed what she was doing, “That’s just gross. You know we can all hear that, right?”

She didn’t stop. “Don’t care. It’s coming off as soon as we get in the room.” She started moving even faster, the hairs on her neck tingled as a finger from her other hand slipped into her mouth. She caught Brad looking in the mirror at her. “I’m so hungry Brad, I need something in my mouth soooo much!” It sounded fake and stupid. But his penis didn’t care.

Thankfully for Brad he was at the exit and smoothly decelerated up the ramp and onto the road. The driveway for the motel was only a few hundred feet down, and the car barely bumped as he turned in and parked. He turned around to face them as his seatbelt clicked off, “So, do you want to wait in here, or are you coming in?” His eyes settled on Alana and the lewd motions her hand was just now stopping.

Tammy wanted to wait in the car, but Alana was already pulling her seatbelt off, “Heck yeah I’m coming in. I’ve been sitting around too long!” She popped out of the car and started walking inside before Tammy even managed to get her belt off.

“Wait up!” Tammy yelled as she stood up and started speed walking towards her. When she got close enough she grabbed her and whispered again, “Do you fucking remember why we’re here? Why you’re standing in that fucking diaper?”

Alana nodded. “I know. I know. But I want to have some fun tonight! Prove I’m an adult, prove I can still be sexy.” She looked back at Brad and waved. “What difference does it make. If we’re stuck waiting here, it won’t matter if I let him have a little go. After that he’ll agree to take us wherever we want. Look at him! He’s so hard I doubt he could get the zipper open.”

“If you keep acting like this, all you’re going to prove is you deserve to be in those pampers. So relax. Try not to fidget so much.” She kept her hold on Alana, and stopped. Managing to hold her still long enough for Brad to overtake them, and hit the door first. He held it open for them and even gave Tammy a pat on her butt as she walked past.

“Okay. I’m going to register. Try to stay out of trouble ladies.” He said with a grin. Though he still sounded slightly nervous.

Tammy rolled her eyes but Alana was already walking towards the other end of the check-in counter and the bowl of suckers on it. When she was about to grab one a woman behind the counter stood up and smiled at her. She looked over at Brad and slightly nodded. “Must be some date. Two beautiful girls at once.”

Brad laughed. “Yeah… They’re a handful, right?”

She turned back to Alana and tipped the bowl towards her. “Now just one. We don’t want you spoiling your dinner. And I bet you’re sweet enough already.”

Tammy wanted to gag, but Alana seemed to eat it up. She took one, it looked like a butterscotch from the wrapping. She was still rolling it around in her mouth when Brad was finally handed the key card and they started to walk back to the car. Brad pointed down towards the farthest rooms. “I um… Asked for some space, in case we needed to be more private…” He blushed as he said it.

Alana was practically hanging off him now. “Great lets get to the room. I’m ready to get it on little man.”

They didn’t even buckle up as he pulled the car into the assigned space and shut off the car. “Well, here we are. Should I like, carry your bags in?” Tammy didn’t really mind, but she kept hers anyway. Alana suddenly felt very protective of her bag, and the things inside. Uncomfortable at the thought of him looking in and seeing her plastic padding. She shook her head and sprinted towards the door.

The room smelled surprising fresh. And everything looked clean and ready for a good sleep. The bed springs were silent when Tammy sat down on the edge of it, and flicked the TV on. “Only three channels, two are news, and one’s a fucking kids shows.” She said in disgust as she turned it off. She didn’t like the news, and the idea of anything child related made her want to throw things. Alana wasted no time, not even thinking about what she was wearing she had dropped to her knees and started kneading Brads crotch through his pants. Tammy stood up, disgusted. “I’m going to take a long shower. Why don’t you get that out of your system while I clean up.” If Alana heard her she never let on. She was already looking for his zipper.

Tammy let the shower run for a few minutes while she slowly stripped and stared at her naked reflection in the mirror before it fogged up. “Almost lost ya…” She said to herself as she took in her adult features and thought back to everything that had happened. She shivered in the warming room as she wondered what the sitter had planned for her. “Was she going to turn me into a toddler…” She looked down at her freckled body and had an even darker thought. “What if they catch us now, will they make us even younger to punish us…. Make us younger then Karen, barely able to move….” She pushed that thought aside. “No! I’ll fight. Me and Alana are going to make it!” That affirmation made her feel better, the stinging spray of the shower as she stepped under it helped even more. “That’s so much better.” She sighed as she used the flowery smelling bar of motel grade soap to wash herself. Tammy thought back to pissing herself earlier as she started scrubbing her legs, “I don’t care if I wiped, my legs still feel dirty after doing that.”

Her thoughts drifted back to what Alana had looked like when she had found her. And what her mother and Emily were probably doing right then. “Probably cooing and getting their diapers changed.” Her thoughts ran on as she wondered how far the conspiracy went. “Is this part of it just local, or is it really the whole country…. Or the whole world!” She shook her head at that. “It can’t be everywhere, there has to be a place to go!” She wiped her hand along her clean legs, surprised at how they felt as she ran her hand along. It felt like something rough and slightly irritating was coating them. She brought her hand to her face and saw it had dozens of short bristly leg hairs coating it. She held it under the shower and watched as they rinsed off.

Tammy experimentally ran her hand along her leg again. This time she watched as the short, four day old hairs seemingly fell right out. She put her legs under the running water and ran her hands up and down them. Stunned as every hair easily fell out, and got rinsed away. “It’s got to be part of that chemical she tried to drug me with.” She said. Then she had another idea, “I wonder….” She squatted a little, and pinched off some of the hair around her bikini zone. The longer hairs seemed even easier to remove. In less then a minute she had every loose hair out and gone, “Smooth as a babies ass!” She said, before suddenly thinking about what she was saying. The world seemed to spin slightly as reality hit. She almost felt like puking. “Shit! I was that close to really being a baby again!” She turned the water down to a much colder setting and let the spray run over her as she leaned against a wall and cried. When she finally felt better she turned it back up and leaned into the spray to warm up, before she started to soap herself up again and rinse the rest of her skin off. She could still feel loose hairs coming away as she did. But instead of feeling scared or anxious she felt something else now. Rage and anger at what they had tried to do. She was ready to kick some ass. “Fuck this!” She said into the spray. “Diapers. Bottles. Being treated like I’m a god dam kid. Like that bitch at the restaurant.” She blushed as she thought back to that. “Or that twat here when she talked to Alana like she was a tard.” She felt like she was onto something important. Something she needed to know. That there was a connection she needed to make. “Well they have the chart program. But they have to find us first, and there’s no way we’re taking anymore of that drug of theirs… What am I missing?”

Tammy had barely entered the bathroom before Alana had Brad’s meat out and was licking it. She moaned as she thought about how adult it made her look and feel. She looked up into his eyes as she wetly covered him with her spit. When he was good and wet she stood up and started to strip off her own clothes. “Better get ready stud. I’m going to rock your world!” She purred. He wasted no time pulling his shirt over his head and unbuttoning his pants. They slid easily to the floor, leaving him only to step out of his shoes to be totally naked.

Alana drank him in, feeling herself get even more aroused looking at him. She had her own shirt off, nipples standing proudly in the cool air, and her hands tucked into her pants and diaper. Ready to slide them off. A naughty thought struck her, and without stopping she relaxed her bladder and was rewarded with the feeling of hot piss pooling into her padding. “Oh…. You make me so wet…” She moaned. Laughing a little at her joke. As soon as she felt the flow stop she started to slowly pull it all down.

The room had slowly filled with the flowery scent of soap from Tammy’s shower, but now it rapidly took on the smell of a freshly pissed diaper. Alana didn’t notice anything wrong with it, and was sure Brad was beyond caring about it. She stepped out of her pile of clothing, and sauntered onto the bed. Kneeling on it first, then looking back at him as she got down on her hands and knees and stuck her ass high in the air. She could feel piss drying on her skin. But it only made her feel more like a naughty woman. “Well, I’m all wet Brad, come on up and get a little piece of my pie!”

He started to move towards her. But stopped when he saw her staring, “Errr… You kind of make me nervous staring like that. Could you look over towards the wall?”

Alana’s eyes bulged. “So this is your first time?” She said as she looked away. Even more excited to pop a virgin.

“Yeah… I guess so. But I know what I’m doing…” He replied.

She could hear him moving, the light rustle of his clothes, the creak of the floor as he walked closer. A light crinkle of plastic as he stepped on her clothes. Then the bed moved as his weight landed on it. She sighed when she felt his hand on her bum. She arched her back lower, forcing herself upward and into his hand. “Like what you see?” She asked with a purr. He didn’t answer. Instead she felt the bed move as he came closer to her. His hand slid slowly towards her lower back, then traced a line up to her neck as he crept closer. Alana could feel the warmth from his body as his legs came up to meet hers.

She felt electric. Her skin tingled from the anticipation. She finally couldn’t take it anymore. She started rocking her hips back and forth. She could feel herself contact something, something she needed. “Do it! Do it Brad! Baby wants it now!” She suddenly had the sensation of something being held over her head, before it was dropped on her. The warm thing crinkled as it slid down her head, over her face, and landed with a quiet fump in front of her nose. “My diaper!” She got out just as she felt both of his hands on her shoulders. The smell reminded her of the nursery. But stronger, her nose was inches from the wet padding.

“What is that?” Brads voice prodded.

“My diaper.” She answered honestly. As the word diaper left her mouth he teased her, just barely touching her.

“Your what?”

“Diaper!” She almost screamed. He increased pressure just enough to part her lips before suddenly pulling away, and flipping her bodily onto her back. She pulled her feet up and exposed herself. But he stayed on his knees, no longer touching her. His hands had left her and he had something in them. Something Alana recognized. “Diaper!” She said again.

Brad grinned. “Well, if baby needs a diaper, we better make sure she’s all comfy before we go any further….” Alana didn’t resist, her body needed release. She lifted her bum off the bed as the diaper was slipped underneath her, sighing as it was taped loosely closed. “Now let’s see how wet the baby is…” Brad said as he slipped a hand inside and moved his finger between her legs…

Tammy didn’t know how long she stayed under the shower, the skin on her fingers had long since pruned, and her toes where turning white from the water. She tried to relax, but she kept coming back to the thought that she had missed something. And it nagged her badly. “I should have this… It’s right there…” She thought. “I bet Alana could figure this out if she wasn’t deep throating Brad out there.” The thought of Brad finally clicked for her. “Why does Brad see us like we are, instead of like kids… Everyone else thinks we’re fucking special. But he… Treats us… Like adults…. Shit!” She slapped the shower off and toweled dry as quickly as she could. She looked down to see that her clothes were laying in a puddle of water leaking from the edge of the tub. “Dammit!” She yelled. “Why can’t I catch a break today!”

She padded to the door and cracked it. Her steam rinsed nose registered the faint scent of pee. “But she was already doing that….” She thought to herself. She opened the door more, enough to see both of them laying on the bed, facing away from her, spooning. “Well… That’s a good sign. I can’t let him know I’m on to him yet. Need to get her away from him first.”

She crept up on her bag first. Opening it and pulling out some of the clothes she had packed from inside it. She stepped gingerly into a loose pair of shorts, before pulling a shirt over her head. When she was dressed she turned to the bed, then walked around it to see if they were actually sleeping. When she saw Alana staring at her, sucking her thumb Tammy rolled her eyes. “Alright, sleeping beauty, let’s get up. I’ve got some shopping we need to do.” It was a good sounding lie. And as soon as they were free she intended to really go shopping. For weapons.

Alana wiggled tighter against the warm man behind her. “Let’s just stay here the night. He already paid, and it’s super awesome, like a sleepover!”

Tammy picked up the bag Alana had packed and tossed it at her. “Why don’t you go take care of yourself in the bathroom. Maybe you need a long shower after your little workout?”

“But I’m already warm! It’s cold out there, and I’m all comfy in here…” Alana whined.

Tammy stepped closer and ripped the blankets away, momentarily stunned to see she was wearing nothing but a wet diaper. “In the shower now! You smell like sex and piss!”

The angry tone was finally enough to get her friend moving. “Fine. See if I play with you anymore after this!” She grabbed her bag and threw it roughly over her shoulder as she waddled to the bathroom and slammed the door behind her.

Tammy watched as she left, ready when the door slammed, and then waited a few moments later till she heard the water going to turn back towards Brad, who was stroking himself through his underwear. “I know what you’re doing. And I won’t let you take her back to that nightmare. I’d rather die first.” She swallowed nervously, hoping he would buy into her being tougher then she felt.

Brad sat up and stretched, his erection visible against his underwear, and scratched at his skinny chest. “I’m not doing anything. I’m just here to keep an eye on you two until it’s over.”

Tammy threw her arms up, “We just want our lives back! Neither one of us wants this baby shit! That’s why we’re running, you can’t take us back to that! It’s not fair to keep adults locked up and acting like they can’t even use a dam toilet.” Tammy was scared, but she was still in control. She was getting ready to lunge forward if she had to. “I won’t let you do that to us! I’ll fight. I’ll do whatever I have to!”

Brad put his hands up as well, actually managing to look annoyed. “Like I said, I’m here to keep an eye on you. There’s nothing I’m going to do besides keep you safe until that shit you two took wears off. Then I’ll make the call to processing and they’ll make sure you don’t have to worry about this ever again. Really, it’s not even a fight. It’s just a matter of time.” He patted the bed next to him, why don’t you come over and we can have a little adult time? It’s probably your last chance. At least you don’t have to worry about pissing yourself like your friend." He said it all like it was nothing. Like they were discussing something over dinner, “Oh, you’re going to regress to a baby. Pass the salt.”

She crossed her arms, “I think I’d rather end up shitting my pants.” She said with disgust.

“Whatever, it’s not like you won’t be doing that in a day or two anyways. Go ahead and fight it. You’re not fooling anyone. Like I said. It’s a done deal. You’ve already been added to the program. You’re progressing. You can’t do shit about it.” He stopped talking and pointed towards the bathroom. “But before you shit yourself, I’d probably take a look in that bathroom if I were you. Toddlers aren’t exactly known as pillars of intelligence. She could be doing something bad in there.”

“Alana is not a fucking toddler!” She launched at him, hand back and ready to punch him in the face when a sickening smack came from behind the closed bathroom door. She dropped him back onto the bed and ran towards it, actually splintering the frame when she used her body to slam the door open. Cool air fell from inside in a rush, the shower was on and Alana inside it. But instead of standing she was laying on her back and struggling as the shower ran over her face. A red tinted cloud of water billowed from the back of her head.

Tammy shut the water off just as she felt Brad standing behind her. She turned to scream at him but saw he was holding out a towel. She tore it from his hand and carefully set it against her friends head as she helped her off of her back and onto her bum. The were tears in both their eyes.

“Th… Tha…. Thanks. Water… Coldddd!” Alana shivered. Before wincing in pain from the cut on her head.

“Why didn’t you make the water warmer you silly ass?!” Tammy said. Very relieved that she could still talk. “It was the other knob!”

Alana looked at the three knobs on the wall and hunched her shoulders, “I forgot, sowwy!” Tammy cringed when she heard the lisp. But Alana didn’t seem to care.

“Why don’t we get her out of the tub and warmed up, and we can check that boo boo on her head.” Brad offered.

Tammy angrily turned on him, “Get out! I don’t want to see your face! You’re the reason she’s like this! You did something!”

She turned back to face Alana, only to see her staring at her, “Wha he do to me?” She looked terrified.

Tammy’s heart broke. “Nothing Alana. Nothing. It’s just a figure of speech. Let’s get out of here and get you warmed up.” She stared daggers at Brad until he got the hint and backed away. When he was gone she helped her friend to her feet, and then had her sit on the toilet while she took a closer look at her head. She carefully pulled the hair away, and found a large bump, and a small cut that was already starting to stop bleeding. “Well, you don’t need any stitches at least. We got lucky there.” Tammy then squatted down in front of her and took her cold hands in her own. “We need to go. This place isn’t safe.”

“Why? Isn’t daddy gonna keep us safe?” Alana asked innocently.

“I really hope you’re not talking about Brad Alana. Because I swear I’ll smack that look right off your face….”

Alana looked confused. Then something seemed to happen to her face, it scrunched up in disgust before she started to shiver again. “I did call that twerp daddy…. Shit.” She looked around her for her clothes. And then remembered where she had left them. Her face went white as the memories of what she and Brad had done together slowly came back as well. “Okay… Yeah… Time to go.” She started to stand. “But we’re burning this place down first.” She looked at Brad. “With that little fucker still inside.” She sounded serious.

Tammy put a hand out to help her. “Let’s get you dressed first, why don’t you sit down and I’ll get your stuff. Maybe try to use the toilet before we go?”

“Fine. But smack that little shit before we go. If you don’t, I’m going to do something worse!” Alana said from the toilet seat.

“Sure. Just stay here. I’ll be right back.” Tammy said as she closed the door behind her and stomped over to Brad. “We’ll be taking a trip.”

Brad laughed. “Sure you will. And the first person that sees you driving is going to call the cops and you’re going back to the real doctors until you’re finally settled down.” He put his arms up, “But why not stay here and enjoy yourself? I can order whatever you want! We can watch TV, play a few games on my phone and you can enjoy solid foods for the last time.” He sounded completely serious, like he was actually doing the nicest thing for them ever.

She walked up to him, and hit him. Hard. He doubled over in pain as he tried to breath. “We’ll be taking your car. And you’re coming with us, I hope your fucking trunk is comfortable you prick.”

He managed to breath enough to respond through clenched teeth. “Where will you go! It’s not like you’re going to make it to the ocean and find a deserted island, even if you did your little friend isn’t going to make it!” He tried to reason as he got his breath back. “Just get it over with!”

Tammy was about to hit him again, but she heard the bathroom door open and looked to see Alana walking out, naked and apparently unashamed. “Um, when you’re done fighting I want to watch some TV.” She looked and sounded bored.

Brad clicked it on, the children’s show was running, as bright and loud as ever. Alana smiled and giggled before plopping down on her rump and watching. “See! Maybe an hour or two and she’s going to be barely able to talk, another day and she’s back in the crib. Just stay here, enjoy yourselves. Try not to stress out….”

She slapped him across the face. It actually stung her hand. “We are going to beat this. We are going to let the world know about this shit and people are going to be pissed.” Tammy said, getting ready to hit him again. “And stop talking like she isn’t even in the room with us you ass!”

He put his hands up and ducked away, “Just look at the TV and tell me what you see! You’ll understand then.”

She looked. “That stupid dinosaur show, with the flaming pink monkey. It’s been the top kids show for years. What the hell am I looking for?”

Brad kept his arms up, defensively. “You don’t see anything weird about it?”

She looked again. “Just a bunch of babies and kids fucking around on a stage, with singing dubbed over it. Why?”

He started to relax, “Because it’s not a bunch of actual kids and babies. It’s all regressed people. The entire show is designed for them in mind, and a check of the system. If they get a call complaining about it then they make a call, if you get me.” He pointed back at the screen.

Tammy looked again, and almost yelped in shock when she saw the change. She walked closer to the screen and looked at the characters she was so used to seeing on the commercials. They looked much more disturbing now, with diapered adults toddling around them. She had always wondered why the corner cots, as they were called on the show were so big. “They barely fit in there…” She whispered as she took in two obviously mature women inside one of them, giggling and chewing on toys. Dressed in nothing but their diapers, boobs and bare feet hanging out. The colours on the screen almost seemed to dance as she stared. “Pretty….” She whispered as she looked. She felt something warm run down her leg. She knew she was peeing. She wanted to look down, away from the screen but she couldn’t. She put a hand down to stop herself, but only managed to feel warm liquid sloshing over her fingers.

“That’s how it works. Just in case you come back. Or the programming hasn’t kicked in. You watch that, and everything goes into high gear.” He walked up and put an arm around her while he started to pull her shirt off.

“Gots to fight it…” She thought to herself. But while she still felt the wetness on her legs and hand she no longer connected it to anything bad. Something came up over her face and blocked her view for an instant. But instead of relief she felt agitated that she couldn’t see her show. She grunted and thrashed until it finally came away and she could see it again. She plopped down on her bottom next to her sister and laughed as she listened to the songs and took in all the pretty colours.


She didn’t know where she was, or what was going on. But Tiffany suddenly found herself staring at him. “Brad. His name is Brad.” She thought. She kept staring at his face for several seconds while she felt her body tense and push against something she was touching. She blinked slowly and looked off to her side and saw she was not home, but at a special place. It made her feel good to be there. Her eyes traced downward as she absently smiled. Her body had relaxed now, and a funny tickle was coming from it down there. The floor seemed too far away to her. But as that thought raced through her head something came to her. “I’m standing! On my feets!” Pride welled up in her as she looked around and noticed that there was no one watching, no one congratulating her. She looked back at Brad and smiled at him. “He’s kind of cute for a twerp.” Tammy thought. Even as she wondered what a twerp was. She felt her body start to act again. She grunted as she started to feel the same sensation from before. She looked at Brad and gurgled as she felt something slide out and press against her backside. “Poop.” Suddenly popped into her head. She let the word roll around as she thought about it. “Why the hell am I looking at Brad while I’m taking a dump?” Came and went as she felt her body contract and push more mess into her diaper. “Poopy. Diaper.” She said out loud. While thinking, “I wish I could be a big girl and use the potty.” The mass in her diaper seemed kind of tight. She bent her legs and sat down into it, smashing it flatter to make more room. As she stood back up straighter she noticed Brad was having a conversation with another person at the table. She tried to listen. But the words seemed to move too fast. And they sounded wrong to her. “Probly not engwish…” She reasoned in her head. She felt her body start to push again as she got bored of looking at the adults at the table and turned around to find her sister.

Tammy saw that Alana was under the large play area. In a small room covered in foam and large buttons on the walls. “Stinky baby… Thinks she’s da favorite…” She thought as she finally felt done pooping. She turned back to Brad and smiled before grabbing one of his fries and toddling back towards the slides. She loved the slides. She could hear laughing coming from the table behind her. She turned and smiled, hoping to hear at least part of the joke. She could feel her sagging diaper move with the weight of her accident as she moved. Ten minutes ago she was nothing but sights and sounds. Now she knew she was wearing a diaper. And that she had pooped and peed in it. The worst part was she had an odd feeling that she wasn’t supposed to be doing things like that.

The woman was looking at her, a large farva of soda in one of her hands. She was giving her duck lips. Tammy giggled and gave her duck lips right back. “She’s the cutest thing ever. I wonder if she’ll end up like her little friend over there, stuck crawling around and sitting in her own poopy pampers all day…” The woman said to Brad while still staring and the girls. The tone of her voice was dripping with venom.

Tammy didn’t know why, but she felt like the woman was being mean. She stuck her tongue out and shook her head at her. The woman giggled and smiled in response. Sudden anger overwhelmed her, Tammy’s hand shot out and one of her fingers came up as she managed to spit out a word. “Bits!” She didn’t know what it meant, but she suddenly felt better. She smiled at Brad and started to walk back to the slides. She heard laughing at the table behind her again, but decided to ignore it this time. She decided to see what her sister was doing. Tammy dropped down onto her knees and crawled in after her, managing to scatter a few hard plastic balls in front of her. She could feel the mess in her diaper shift and start to bob back and forth between her legs as she got up closer to Alana.

Alana dropped the ball she had been sucking and turned to face the new arrival. She didn’t understand much, but she felt good to see the person and waved at her. Spit and cooing came from her open smiling mouth as she picked the ball up off the mat and offered it to the other baby. She had been happy alone, but she was now ecstatic to have another to play with.

Tammy took the wet ball and sniffed at it. She didn’t want to sit in her mess so she squatted down and started to roll it around in her hands. As she became engrossed in the ball she grew tired of staying on her feet and plopped down on her behind. The mess in her diaper immediately seemed to spread everywhere. The feeling was gross, even for her simple mind. She wanted nothing to do with the slick sticky feeling. “I can’t believe I just sat in my own shitty diaper….” She said quietly to herself. As soon as the words left her lips she froze in shock.

“I can talk!” She said surprised. She looked down at her sister, and then over to to the table to see if Brad had noticed. He looked like he was telling the lady something instead of watching her, Tammy felt sad and angry and decided she’d show him what she had suddenly learned. She crawled out from the play area and started toddling towards them. Each step she felt sometching else return, parts of her that had been dormant came alive. Math and English flooded back, she stared around her as she moved towards the booth. “We’re back at the restaurant. That’s the colour red! That’s blue! There’s three slides!” Her face broke into a manic grin as she ran over new words and ideas in her mind.

She made it to the table, a happy gushing woman acting more like a second grader then the toddler she been been reduced to only a minute earlier. “Hey! I can talks daddy!” She said brightly. Expecting praise from both adults.

“Oh. Is the little baby ready to grow up already?” Brad said.

Tammy nodded. “Yep! I don’t need no diapees no more!” She shook her tush, but stopped when she felt her previous accident moving against her. “Errr…. I think I need big girl panties now!” As she said it the feeling of happiness at what she thought was praise from Brad slipped. She looked confused for a moment as she suddenly thought, “Why am I in a diaper in front of these two people?” Her thumb went to her mouth as she scrunched up her face and tried to figure everything out. She was getting confused.

The woman laughed. “Oh, now this is the best part. We’ve got a little bounce out of this one!”

The word reminded Tammy of something. Of a ball, going up or down on the ground. She looked at the woman and tilted her head as she asked, “Bounce?”

Brad grabbed her head softly and pulled her face to his own. He stared at her eyes, “It’s a special word honey. Do you remember me? Do you remember your sissy over there?” Her eyes closed in thought. “Do you remember why we’re here right now?”

More words and thoughts came back to her, at first they seemed complicated. Then they became easy and normal, only to have more things rush to fill the void again. Tammy looked back at her sister as the thought that something was very wrong about everything. Her childish world shrank away as her adult self returned. “I we-member Alana….” She said in a whisper. As she watched, Alana was in the process of crawling back towards them. Her movements jerky, and not very coordinated. As if she had just learned how to crawl. Tammy could see and hear her diaper move as her bottom wiggled back and forth. The padding inside it swollen and probably wet. But it looked like Alana didn’t have a care in the world.

“She shouldn’t be in a diaper…. She doesn’t need them….” She said. On a whim she looked down at herself, past the twin bumps of her small breasts and to the pleated bottom of the simple dress she was wearing. “Diapers…. Are for babies…. And she isn’t a baby…” She grabbed the bottom of the dress and lifted it up. The diaper underneath bulged and sagged. The smell from it finally pushed through and pulled the final thoughts back from oblivion. Her eyes bulged as she remembered exactly what had happened and exactly why they were here. “Oh shit.” She said. Loud enough for Brad and the woman at the table to hear.

Her laugh was tinny, and in poor taste. But she loved it when her targets got to feel the full experience. “Oh there’s shit between your legs honey. Do you want Brad or aunty Christie to change you? Or do you want to go meet mommy as the poopy princess?” She almost choked she started to laugh so hard.

Tammy didn’t turn around to face them. She let the dress drop and stood completely still, running through her thoughts and options. Hoping that everything was still there. She looked down at Alana as she passed her on the floor, her eyes drawn to the simple smile on her angelic face. Tammy tested her coordination then, she cautiously took a few steps towards the closest door. Her steps felt sure and easy. “I can do this.” She said softly to herself.

It was fairly obvious what she was about to do. Brad cleared his throat. “Really? Now? And in a poopy diaper? How far do you think you’ll get?”

She turned and looked at him. “I don’t care! I’m not going to stop fighting! I’ll get away, or die trying!” She pointed at Alana, “I’m not going to end up like her! I’m not some rugrat thats going to shit herself to oblivion! I’m putting an end to this shit! I’m going to let everyone know about it!” She stomped her feet for emphasis.

“No. You won’t do any of that.” Brad said. He looked down at Alana who was almost at his feet. “You’ll bounce. You’ll fight. You’ll regress. And eventually you’ll settle out and be a perfect little pamper pusher for your mommy.” He carefully helped Alana to her feet and spun her around to face away from him before sitting her on his lap and looking back at Tammy. “You’ll be happy. You remember what you felt like five minutes ago? That’s going to be the rest of your life. It’s time you just accept that. Stop the fighting. Stop the bullshit. Just let it go. Your mother has already waited long enough to see her new baby.”

Tammy did remember what it had felt like five minutes earlier. “Colours…. Smells…” She thought. “Everything was new and everything tasted perfect, and sweet, and… And… Simple.” That was the word she was looking for. She looked him in the eyes. He smiled and she felt the urge to punch him in the face. “I was simple. Barely conscious.” She stepped closer to them. “I was just a little bag of emotion. Flitting from one thought to the next. That’s not good. That’s not something anyone should want. It’s… Its….” She knew there was a word that described her feelings. But it suddenly escaped her. “It’s poop!” She finally exclaimed.

Re: The Progress By: Long_Rifle

The woman sighed and checked her watch. “Just dose her again. That stuff she took should burn up soon. Send her back to happy land and let’s get moving.” She looked like she was going to say more. But at that instant another woman walked into the play area, followed by a young girl who screamed a loud welcome and ran into the play structure.

“Oh… I’m sorry. I didn’t see you here.” The newcomer said. Then her face took on a shocked look and she shook her head while looking between Alana and Tammy. “Wow. Which one of them did that?”

Brad actually blushed. “I just checked this one. I think it’s her sister that’s taking a ride on the poo poo train.”

The woman nodded her head a few times. She set her food down a few tables over and started talking again. “Sorry, if this seems rude or strange. But I’ve been stuck with her all day, and I’m dying for conversation. And this might sound odd, but you two seem a little young for a couple of babies like that.”

Alana giggled in Brad’s lap. And Tammy stood still, shocked at being treated like she was too young to even be part of a real conversation. She was about to say something when the bitch across from Brad started to talk. “Oh we’re just watching them. Figured we’d let them burn off some energy. But now Brad doesn’t want to deal with poopy booty here and I did the last one! What do you think, isn’t it fair to have him take care of this one?”

“Hold the fuck on! Ain’t no one changing me! Especially any of you!” Tammy said loudly.

But instead of being surprised or offended the woman gushed. “That sounded so cute! Like she could almost talk!” She looked wistfully up at her own child climbing around in the large plastic tubes and grinned. “I waited so long to get her out of diapers. But you know what, you kind of miss it after they grow up.” She stood up and pointed to the bag between Brad’s legs. “Why don’t I help you two, and the rest of the world, and change her? I mean if you don’t mind?” She was already standing close enough to Tammy to pick up the back of her dress and pull her diaper away. “Oh…. Yeah… This is the little stinker right here.” She let the dress go. And got down close enough to put her face near Tammy’s, “Do you mind if I clean you up little lady? I’ll be gentle?”

Tammy smoothed her dress over her diapered bum and felt the bulge of her diaper. And the disgusting mess it contained. She stomped her feet in anger, but the idea of getting cleaned up and escaping with a clean ass suddenly had her smiling. She nodded and said, “Sure lady, knock yourself out.”

Brad felt nervous about her sudden change of heart, but his partner in crime thought it was a great idea. “Oh let them have their fun. What’s she going to do, run away? She can barely walk. Give her time. The bounce won’t last forever.” She gently nudged the bag under the table towards them. “Gloves are in the side pocket. And be careful, she’s a squirmer.”

Tammy started to grin manically as the lady picked the bag up and called out to her own child, “Mommy will be right back. Stay up there and don’t leave the play area, okay?” There was a muffled response that echoed down the tubes. But it was enough to allow the large woman to grab one of Tammy’s hands and start pulling her away towards the bathroom. “Let’s get that bum of yours cleaned up stinky pie.”

Tammy rolled her eyes in annoyance, but as they left the playscape and entered the main area, filled with numerous people having lunch she became much more nervous about her current condition. As she looked from person to person over the thumb in her mouth she saw barely any recognition that she even existed. “No disgust, no finger pointing. Nothing but a few longing stares at another baby…” She thought. She felt her concern rise as she realized she had a very pronounced waddle, “It’s the stupid diaper… I’ve got to get out of them as soon as she cleans me up…” She slurred around her thumb, knowing the lady couldn’t hear her speech even if her thumb hadn’t been lodged between her teeth. They had to walk past the exit as they turned towards the bathrooms, and as they got nearer Tammy’s heart started to beat faster. She took a few half steps closer to it, but at the last second decided a clean diaper really would be easier to run in anyways. “Let her deal with it….” She thought as she was led past the door, and into the women’s bathroom.

Her simple shoes squeaked on the floor as she was pulled towards one of the wall mounted changing tables. At first Tammy laughed, “Does she really think that thing will hold me?” But as it unfolded from the wall it became apparent that it was bigger then she had thought. She groaned as she was helped up onto its surface. “Were they always this big?” She wondered. Then another memory, from what seemed like ages ago popped up. Of her and her friends partying, drinking, and fucking. She blushed at the last thought. Because her mind was telling her she was to immature to do that, or because at that moment her diaper was ripped open and she was suddenly bare to a complete stranger.

“Well that’s a big mess. But I think we can clean that up quick enough!” The woman said cheerfully.

Tammy popped the thumb from her mouth. “Well get on with it. I’m not getting any fucking younger.” She giggled at her own joke, then decided to make it a little tougher on her. She arched her back, then wiggled her body. She could feel herself sliding around on the mess. “Gotta be faster then that!” She said, still laughing.

The woman rolled her eyes, “I swear, it’s like you really think this is funny. But I think I can take care of a baby…”. In a flash she had Tammy’s feet and pushed them up. It severely hampered her ability to move and spread the mess. “Now we just use a few wipes to knock this back into something manageable.”

Tammy raised her head to look in time for a shockingly cold wipe to touch her puss and wipe down towards her bottom. “Fuck!” She yelled. “Cold!”

The lady only heard angry babble. But it was easy enough to understand. “Cold isn’t it? If you weren’t so wiggly I could warm that up a bit.” She finished with the first one and started dragging a second, and then a third one across her. When she was done she carefully pulled the soiled diaper out and started wiping the bottom clear as well.

Her back was starting to hurt. Tammy stopped fighting and relaxed into the change. “Just get it over with.” She said as her thumb popped back into her mouth. Moments later the wiping came to an end and she felt herself set down onto a clean diaper.

She let her legs droop to either side as the woman started to double check that everything was clean. “Got to make sure you don’t get an infection in there.” She said as she gently opened the baby and checked each of her folds.

It had been awhile. But Tammy’s body knew exactly what was going on. Even if her still chemically rattled mind got confused as to what it meant. As the woman wiped away all smudges, she found herself going over the same areas to dry it again as it seemed to be getting wetter and wetter down there. Tammy trembled at the touch. Her pelvis gently rocked as her body wanted more.

“Well I guess you do like your diapers wet.” She stopped probing and pulled the diaper up, before taping it tightly in place. “That should take care of any leaks.”

Tammy groaned. Now she was barely dressed in public, in a diaper, and horny. The woman carefully pulled her thumb from her mouth and cleaned it with some dampened paper towel, before slinging the diaper bag over a shoulder and grabbing Tammy’s hand for the walk back to the playscape. “Whatever. I’m out of here!” She thought. The sun was shining outside, and it was easy to feel the warmth radiating through the glass door as she got closer and closer to the exit. She started to wiggle her fingers and try to loosen the woman’s grip just as she got even with the door. “Shit. You’ve got Kung fu fucking grip lady!” She said as she finally managed to pull her hand free and start for the door. But as soon as she tried to move her foot she knew there was something wrong. It barely moved. Managing only to slide forward a few inches. Even then she almost fell over. “The fuck!” She said as she tried again with the other foot.

The woman stopped and watched as the baby pulled her hand free and seemed intent on walking closer to the door. “Well, what’s so special that we need to go over there huh?” She saw that the glass had been recently cleaned. And their reflections were easily visible. “Awww… That’s not another baby sweety! That’s you!”

Frustration seemed to build too fast for Tammy as she struggled to walk properly towards the door, she could ignore the stupid comment. But her feet were getting harder to move. And she constantly felt like she was about to fall over. “I’m not going back there! I’m getting out!” She cried. But with one last step she finally lost her balance and plopped onto her diapered bum on the floor. She took a final look up at the exit only inches away. But it might as well be a mile. She looked towards the play area and her fate, and then at the woman before bursting into tears.

“Awww! That wasn’t really a big drop baby!” The woman said as she helped her back to her feet. “Good thing you had your own special padding! Why don’t I help you walk. It’s not as easy as it looks you know.”

“Fuck you!” Tammy screamed. “This shit is all wrong, I’m not supposed to be here!” She wanted to stomp her feet, but the woman was holding both her hands, and holding them high over her head, taking some of her weight off her feet, and helping her to walk back to Brad and his partner. Her feet shuffled clumsily like a toddler barely able to walk. “Let me goooo!”" She screamed as they made their way slowly into the play area and back into Brad’s immediate control. She started screaming and struggling as much as she could as soon as he came into sight.

“Well, I think the little lady is a little over tired. Maybe it’s nap time for her?” The woman said as she plopped Tammy onto the bench next to the woman. “Little dear seems like she’s almost ready to walk soon. I hope mommy is ready for that!”

“Oh, I think she won’t have to worry about it that much. I’m sure little stinky pants here won’t be too much trouble! I bet she’ll be an angel!” The woman said with a laugh.

Tammy wanted to kick the living shit out of her. But as soon as she tried to move her legs she knew there was something really wrong. They didn’t want to move independently. And instead of any real power, they just barely swung back and forth. As she looked down at them she started to feel dizzy and off. She shook her head, hoping to clear it. But it got worse, she looked up at Brad. “Somtin’s wong!” She felt drool run down her chin. She moved her hand up to wipe it off, but instead she managed to smear it onto her cheek before she started to suck on her fingers.

Brad rolled his eyes at her, then looked up at the woman, “Well looks like its time we tried to feed her. Thanks for keeping an eye on her for us.” She nodded and walked back to her own table and her now cold food. He waited till she was out of earshot to look back at Tammy who was still trying to get all the fingers of her hand into her mouth. “You look surprised Tammy.” Brad reached across the table and pulled her hand free with a pop. Spit roped from her fingers to her mouth before breaking and falling wetly to the table.

“My wegs no wok! My mout all funny!” She managed to say. Though it was getting hard to understand her.

The woman next to her laughed again, almost managing to knock her own drink over before grabbing it. She cupped Tammy’s chin in her hand and turned her to face her. “Awwwwww, baby Tammy doesn’t get it…” She said through duck lips. “It’s a bounce. You go up for a while. Then you go down silly billy! This is the down part.” She let go and watched as the shock registered on Tammy’s face. She went back to drinking from her cup. “Maybe we should double diaper her for the trip back. She might be one of those gushers Bradley.”

He looked at Tammy before hunching his shoulders. “What are the odds of that? Let’s just finish here and change her sissy before she leaks. I’m ready to take a break after this one.” He took a bite of his burger and chewed. Then looked over at Alana. “Treda, nuff ingle bum!” He said.

Tammy blinked and stared at him, mouth hanging open. He kept on talking complete gibberish, before the woman answered and laughed that annoying laugh of hers. Tammy was about to ask what was going on when she suddenly got it. “Poop! I can no stand dem!” She thought. She stared at the table in front of her as it’s colours seemed to swirl and brighten. Then it a flash everything seemed to get bigger and better. She smiled as she took in all the changes. She giggled and cooed as she tried to point to everything. Inside Tammy knew something was very wrong. But the part of her that cared became smaller and smaller until she was nothing but a happy baby, laughing and gurgling at the world around her.

She was warm. Tammy knew that. At first she didn’t understand how she knew that, or any of the other thoughts that were starting to fill her head. They seemed so complex. So alien. They made her fussy and wiggle in blanket. Her face scrunched up in anger at the intrusion into her little world. But after several more long minutes had passed she started to connect the dots again. She moaned out loud, and then cried out as new emotions filled her with feelings she didn’t expect, or understand. A face hovered over her and looked down at her. Something moved next to it. “A hand…. Waving…” She remembered. It seemed connected to something good, so she smiled at the face. It suddenly changed. “Teeth…. Smile…… Alana…” She thought. Then she remembered it was her friend. “She’s good… My big sister…”

The face pulled away and she was left to her own thoughts again. Thoughts that grew progressively more advanced. Soon she was naming off everything she could see in her mind. But her thoughts kept drifting back to Alana. “She’s my sister… No. She’s my friend…” This seemed more right to her. But instead of making her happy it made her feel something else. Something much darker. Another face suddenly filled her vision. Another smiling face. Recent memories were scant and hard to use, but she knew the person above her was her mommy. “Momma!” She thought as she kicked her feet and giggled.

“Well looks like little miss booby monster is awake. I must have been dreaming to think I’d get a few more hours to rest up huh?” Tammy giggled and slapped at her before she was carefully picked up and carried to somewhere. She she felt things moving around her rapidly. Then her mommy reached up near her face and pulled something away.

The rubber nipple came out with a pop. “A pacifier? Why am I sucking on a pacifier?” She thought. She felt her mommy moving things again as she was laid down comfortably in her mother’s lap and was able to move her head to look away from her towards the rest of the room and Alana, who was sitting on the floor playing with a doll. “She’s not a baby… Why’s she playing with stupid dolls?” She wondered, before a careful hand started to turn her head back around.

The large fleshy orb in front of her face drew her attention to the ruby nub on it. Her mouth watered suddenly as she felt her head drawn naturally towards it and she found her mouth full again. This time sweetness came with it. She kicked her feet as she suckled. “So good…. I wonder if Alana gets any of this.” At the same instant another thought came to her. “Nope. Only little babies get the booby.” Then even faster, “But I’m not a baby!” came and crashed into everything. She choked and spit up as more memories came flooding back.

“Whoa there sunshine. Go a little slower, it’s not going anywhere stinky!” The owner of the nipple in her mouth said down towards her as she stroked her hair.

Terror swept her body as everything came back. Her body quivered at the thought of what she had been reduced to, and if she had been gone for days, weeks, or months this time. She moved her head enough to stare into the face of the woman holding her and screamed. It was almost the only thing she could do.

Her mother had been around her newest daughter long enough to hear her scream plenty of times. At the beginning it was almost daily. But this scream wasn’t the infantile scream of a nearly new born child. It was the terrified scream of something else. “What’s wrong baby! What hurts?!” She asked in sudden fear that something was wrong with her. She carried her towards the changing table and gently set her down on it to give her a quick inspection. Through it all Tammy kept screaming at the top of her lungs.

While screaming Tammy tried to move her body. But even though she had control back she could barely move. “How long has it been since I bounced in that restaurant?” She tried to remember, but the memories of her regressed self seemed to blend together. She could barely tell the passage of time based on them. She moved her head and looked to see Alana looking at her with tears in her eyes. She stopped screaming and tried to tell her she was fine. That she was back. But nothing but gurgles and babble came out. “Fuck!” She screamed in her head as she actually managed to raise her feet and drop them a few inches in anger.

Her mother checked every inch of her, even going so far as untaping the diaper she was in and checking there. “No rash. No scrapes. No nothing.” She said in her daughter’s sudden silence. She looked up at her face, only to catch her glaring angrily at her. Anger that shouldn’t have been there seemed to radiate out of every pore of her face. She actually stepped back at first. “Baby… Tammy…. What’s…. Wrong.” She didn’t know what else to do. She slipped her hand into her pants and dialed emergency services.

Tammy stopped glaring when she felt another presence next to her. She looked to her side and saw Alana looking at her, her eyes still red. Tammy tried to reach out and touch her, but only managed to stick her finger in her own mouth and gurgle around it.

“Baby Tamtam good baby?” Alana asked.

Any hope that Tammy had that her friend was only faking until she woke up died then. Tammy tried to shake her head, but only managed to pull her hand out and spit up. “Gross…. Fucking gross…” She thought as the rancid milk ran down her neck and gathered in her hair.

“Mommy, she ok?” The little sounding voice of Alana asked out loud as she stared at her sister.

The woman they both knew as mommy covered the phone and nodded. “They’re sending out a medic. She’s gonna make sure sissy is okay. But I’m sure it was just gas.” She slipped the phone into a pocket and gently picked Tammy up again before sitting down with her back in the rocking chair and calmly rocking her while she softly played with her fingers. “She’ll be okay.” She sniffed. “She’ll be okay.”

Tammy felt an odd longing in her as she watched the stranger cry over her. “I don’t know you lady. But I’m not going anywhere if you’re that concerned. I’m not dead yet.” But she knew that even if she could still talk, the lady wouldn’t be able to understand her anyways. Tammy decided to stop staring at her and let her hold her. Instead she went back to slowly exercising her arms and legs. “I’ve got control, I just need to get them back in shape.” She thought to herself. She didn’t understand that the random muscle twitches felt like something else to the person holding her. Not until she heard a door open outside her nursery, and a voice shoutout for their location.

“In the back! And I think she’s having a seizure now or something! Please hurry!”

In seconds a professional looking young woman came through the door. Her uniform looked too clean and tidy to be a real EMT. “And what’s the babies name and age please?” She asked as she dropped a small bag to the floor beside her.

“Tammy. And she’s sixteen weeks!”

The EMT motioned towards the changing table. “I’m going to pull the padding, you set her down there.” As soon as Tammy hit the table top her adopted mother stepped back and the EMT started hitting her eyes with a flashlight. “Eye response is fine. And I doubt she’s having any type of seizure.”

“Are you sure! Maybe she is and it’s some kind of new one! We should call 911 again!” The hysterical woman said.

The EMT shook her head and turned to face the frightened woman. “She’s fine. I know exactly what this is, and I’m confident we can take care of everything. The little angel isn’t even going to have to go to the hospital.” She said it as a fact. Clear, comforting, fact.

“Are you sure?” Now that the perceived danger to her child was over she knew she had been panicking. She looked around the room and saw Alana still inside, cowering in a corner. She went to her automatically to comfort her and herself.

The EMT went to her bag and pulled what looked like a small cell phone out and held it up, exposing both mother and regressed adult toddler to a small light on it’s back that was flashing slightly. “Oh yes. She’s just bounced. But this is her second one. And at her current age I don’t think we have anything to worry about. She should be fully regressed soon.” The light on the back of the cell phone device flashed brightly, leaving the two people it was bathed in blinking and stunned.

“Ah…. Um…. Er….” Was all the mother figure could say before the EMT stopped her.

“Just relax miss. I’ll take care of your baby. You take Alana here and go feed her fresh from the tap. I’ll be out when I’m all done here.” The woman nodded and robotically took Alana out of the room with her. The EMT sighed and turned back to Tammy, who was looking at her intently. “Wow… I guess they over do the simple housewife thing huh?” She talked as if she knew Tammy could understand her. Like she was an adult. “Oh… Sorry. I’m Karen. I know you’re Tammy. And I know all about your little history and your adventures.” She knelt next to her bag and rooted around inside it. “I guess I’ve read your book, and now we can write the final chapter!”

Tammy struggled against the heavy weight of gravity all over her body. What was left of her muscles strained as she tried to sit up and do something to get away. “Final chapter my ass!” She thought to herself as she struggled. The sounds of things rustling and crinkling inside the bag reminded her that she was still in deep shit. “Fuck you bitch. I’m going to to get you! All of you!” She screamed in her head.

“Yeah. I can imagine you’re pretty pissed off in there. Sorry about that.” She said from her squat on the floor. “It’s that online shit you bought. We use that to track any problems down. And it kind of throws things off. You’re kind of lucky. I’ve heard of people getting stuck on the first bounce. All adult on the inside, but not able to physically function past a few month old child. So at least you don’t have the worry about that.”

Tammy’s eyes bulged as she finally got the final piece of the puzzle. “So I was fucked…”

“….from the start I’m afraid.” The woman answered without having to hear anything going on in Tammy’s head. “I’m not a big fan of it. Maybe ten percent of the time it leads to shit like this. A cleanup. And a ton of paperwork. They’re getting better at finding mistakes, so this is getting rarer. But I still don’t like it. Aha! Here we go!”

Tammy watched as the woman finally stood up. “You don’t like it! I’m stuck shitting myself because of this!” She would be punching everyone in sight if she could. Now she was only able to angrily stare at the supposed EMT as she stepped closer to her and stood over her.

“Wow… You look really pissed off.” She briefly checked the diaper Tammy was wearing, and then opened it. “Well, I can’t say I don’t blame you. What you’re going through must suck. But shit happens. I mean if I let you go, I’d be in the same position. Maybe even worse.” She ran a gloved hand over the inside padding of the diaper as it lay opened between Tammy’s legs. “Dry enough I suppose. Time to finish this little nightmare Tammy. Time to end this last little bounce.”

Sudden fear and terror hit Tammy then. A small spurt of urine ran out and down into her diaper. “No! This isn’t right! This isn’t fair!” She screamed in her head as she started to move and wiggle on the table. She just barely managed to move her heels off the surface and drop them. But it was obvious enough to the EMT what was going on.

“Look, it’s not my fault. If I didn’t do this you might bounce again. You want to end up prenatal mentally in an adult body? This way you at least live. It’s not much. But you’ll mature a little bit. Maybe ten, or twenty years you’ll be able to talk, and even hold onto your new memories better. Another twenty years and you might be walking!” She stuck a syringe into a small clear vial. “Unless they find the fix for aging and the other nasty little issues like brain drain.” She added as she tapped it out and verified it was the proper dose. “But that’s years down the road, and I’m sure you’ll be used to this by then.” The needle burned as it stuck her, and it spread as she pushed the plunger down. She locked the needle away before dropping it and the vial in a small container in her bag. “Or you’ll have a mental break….” She leaned over and set her hand on Tammy’s head. “It’s not like anyone ever came back and told us anything after this.”

The burning was spreading, faster and faster. But as it spread it became less intense, becoming less painful, then turning to a gentle warmth that covered her entire body. “The fuck is this…. I don’t want to be a baby!” She thought tearfully. But as her thoughts slowed she started to smile. “Feel niccccce…” She thought as her eyes drooped halfway closed. She looked at the face standing over her and smiled at it. “Pwetty giwl!” She thought.

“Well, I think that’s that.” The woman said as she watched the woman on the table relax and giggle. “Look at that face! So much cuter this way!” She pinched her cheek and was rewarded with a happy leg spasm. “Only one last step.” She said as her fingers trailed down Tammy’s chest. Tickling her as they went. “Who’s a big baby? Who’s mommies big baby?” She asked sweetly. Tammy chortled and giggled loudly as the hands went lower. Finally resting on the open diaper and getting it ready.

Like clockwork there was a sudden arch of pee streaming into the padding. “That’s a girl. Let it all out….” When the steam died down she pulled the diaper open and watched as something else started to be deposited as well. When she was sure it was all over she pulled the diaper up tight and taped it closed. “I think I’ll leave that for mommy.”

The baby on the table laughed and yawned. Her half open eyes blinked several times before finally settling closed. Just before slipping off to sleep something inside it stirred. A feeling of confusion and brief fear swept over its mind. But in an instant it was gone and forgotten. In minutes it was dreaming. Content, warm, and happy. Though the infantile brain couldn’t understand what was going on, it liked it. And sighed in its sleep.