The Problem With Mikey 1-2

The Problem With Mikey

Mikey was very excited. Tomorrow his father had promised him that he’d be wearing his trainer pants instead of the diaper he always wore. This was a huge event for the 14 year-old, it was in recognition that he’d gone three months without any kind of accident in his pants and was now on the verge of becoming a ‘big boy’.

He’d tried trainer pants before. When he was three, and after a great deal of effort, the potty training had eventually succeeded and his parents, with a huge sigh of relief, had hoped that their oldest son would finally be able to negotiate its use, as well as know when to use it properly. Alas, the training pants had made the boy confident he was becoming a ‘big boy’ (growing up in fact) but, alas, that info had not been delivered to his bowel and bladder. Time after time what looked like success was soon followed by the messy failure contained in his briefs. Diapers were the only solution as pull-ups just weren’t absorbent enough for Mikey’s random but full scale incontinence assault.

His younger brother and sister were both potty trained and had no such problem but Mikey continued to wear diapers and thick plastic pants 24/7, it was the only way to ensure that there was no embarrassment for him and no mess for others to experience. At first he’d disliked having to wear them for school but, after some very messy events in class and in public, the solution was obvious – to be on the safe side he needed constant protection. His school mates had long since run out of comments, and those that did still make them got no response from Mikey and worse, no response from their peers. What was the point of trying to embarrassing someone if they weren’t embarrassed and your friends weren’t party to the supposed ridicule? Besides, if he did the deed whilst in class, he was always allowed to go immediately to the nurse to be changed. He’d put up his hand and, no questions asked, he was excused because in truth, no one really wanted a damp or smelly kid sitting next to them. Had he been brighter then no doubt he could have turned this ‘inconvenience’ to his advantage but Mikey wasn’t like that, he didn’t plot, scheme or tell lies.

As mentioned, Mikey wasn’t the brightest boy in class, in fact it could be said that he was a bit slow. To some this totally explained why he was incontinent, while others just thought he was lazy and just couldn’t be bothered. The difficulty he had was that his younger siblings, 12 year-old Peter and 10 year-old Mary, were both very bright. They were in their top stream at school, were always reading, asking questions and doing things, whereas Mikey often had no idea what was going on around him. He’d happily sit all day in front of the TV watching cartoons and the only books he was interested in were those he could color or were full of pictures. His choice of bedroom furniture was that of a toddler. Where other boys his age would have cars, spaceships, models, pop stars etc all over their walls, Mikey liked animals, he especially liked cartoon animals and those were what greeted you when you entered. He also had a vast array of stuffed and cuddly animals on display. Despite this he was very loving and loyal to everyone. Loved his parents, always happy to play with his brother and sister and was usually welcome in neighbour’s homes, liked by his friends (although often the butt of jokes he didn’t really understand) and could regularly be seen taking the family dog out for a run… he was a normal 14 year-old who mentally could at times quite easily pass as a toddler.

In spite of his cumbersome diaper and rubber pants Mikey was happy. He understood that all this extra ‘attention’ was needed so as not to be a burden on others who had to clean up after him. Sometimes, when the family were all going out together, or he’d gone some period of time with no mess, he was allowed to wear disposables (with tight-fitting plastic pants) which didn’t feel as chunky or as restricting as the thick cloth diapers he usually wore. When this happened he was happy because he hoped that it signalled he was growing up, a ‘big boy’, and overcoming his problem. Unfortunately, as soon as he was home and getting ready for bed the heavy stuff would come out and he was wrapped in a thick, thick diaper and thick rubber pants. He never argued or complained about this return to the status quo but, inside, he was a little crushed that he couldn’t sustain his brief ‘big boy’ status. His mattress had been covered in a waterproof sheet since he had made the transition from a crib to a single bed, so he’d always been used to the distinct smell and texture of his rubberised sleeping arrangements. His parents had tried to make this a fun time and not a punishment but, as slow as Mikey was, he knew it was something he should be over by his age but he just couldn’t help himself.

Doctors, medicine and psychiatrists had all been involved in an attempt to ‘cure’ Mikey, as well as many articles read to try and alleviate his unfortunate disposition. When small victories had been attained, a setback was nearly always close behind and a sorrowful and apologetic Mikey would be sobbing as he sat in his messy diaper with the hope his mother or someone would come and change him. Now the family was used to it there was no trauma involved it was just simply acknowledging the situation and getting Mikey as dry and clean as soon as possible. Sometimes he’d go days, sometimes over a week, without any accidents and everyone would get hopeful but, sad to say, it never lasted.

However, he’d gone three months now without any real dramatic accidents. With an unbelievable effort on his part he’d been able to recognise when he needed to go and had been able to get to the toilet in good time… more often than not. So, trainer pants were going to be tried for the second time in his turbulent toilet-training life and everyone hoped this would signal an end to his problem.

His father had bought some layered, brightly colored pants that looked almost the same as a boy’s regular pair of briefs only slightly thicker. Mikey couldn’t wait to get up, get out of his night time diaper, take a shower and try on his new pants. Now, without either of his parents fastening him into a thick disposable, he was able to pull on the pants himself… and he loved the independence and sense of achievement this small act gave. He even paraded himself in front of the mirror and enjoyed the look of the brightly colored pants (with the waterproof interior) hugging his boy bits. Where once there was an obvious diaper, he now wore his new underwear with pride.

His confidence grew and, although whilst playing with Peter and Mary he found himself having to constantly tell himself to go to the toilet, the weekend was a relative success. Even at night, as an experiment, he was allowed to wear just a pair of pull-ups under his training pants and Mikey couldn’t get over how different it felt to go to bed without his heavy protection. To be truthful, he didn’t sleep very well. He was constantly making trips, unnecessary trips at that, to the bathroom and somehow, the nightly hug his previous bulky protection had given him had made sleep easier and instant. However, snuggled under his mouse, rabbit and teddy bear decorated duvet cover he tried his best to get the rest his parents said a growing boy needed.

Monday morning arrived and he got himself up and ready for school. He wore a different pair of the special trainer pants under his jeans and, like always, looked forward to another day in class with all his friends. Just as he stepped out the door to go and catch the school bus he suddenly felt strange. It was like some kind of fear gripped his tummy and he felt sick, at the same instant his bladder gave way, which was quickly followed by the seat of his pants filling up with a dirty brown liquid. Unfortunately, his trainer pants, as good as they were, could not contain the elements that were so forcefully dumped in them, and soon his jeans and shirt appeared to be absorbing all that his pants couldn’t. A tearful Mikey stood in the doorway unable to move. He was overcome with both the debris of his body and with the shock to his system. It had all been going so well and this was a tremendous setback for all concerned.

After taking care of her sorrowful son, Mikey’s worried mother called the school and then the doctor. After a long chat and a desperate plea for some further help, he recommended she try and get an appointment with a Doctor Mark Thompson, a man who was said to be having huge success in his field of Child Psychology, especially with those who had a similar problem to Mikey.

(Read the Doctor’s file @,6102.0.html)

Back in ultra-thick diapers and rubber pants Mikey and his anxious mother were in the Doctor’s outer room awaiting their appointment. Without any fuss Mikey had accepted his diaper situation and was actually playing with another, but much younger, child on the floor as they battled with a couple of dinosaurs. Mikey’s mother, although desperate for her eldest son to grow up and enjoy the things that any teenage boy should be doing, still loved seeing the innocent way he played and interacted with others. The fact that he was most content when doing childish things didn’t seem to matter she just wanted him to be happy and hoped the Doctor had an amicable solution.

Doctor Mark Thompson’s reputation and accomplishments in dealing with the child psyche had come on in leaps and bounds over the past couple of years: Anger, violence, fear, timidity, self-loathing, self-harm… indeed, the entire panoply of youthful psychoses had been diagnosed and treated by this eminent man who had gained extensive successful results in this particular field.

Doctor Thompson read Mikey’s file and after a brief interview with his mother asked if it would be OK to chat with his patient on his own. She would have liked to have stayed but the Doctor said that he often got better results if the subject didn’t have any distractions. He explained to her that to begin with he would just talk with Mikey but that eventually he would like to hypnotise him and see if he could regress him back to the part in his life when the ‘problem’ occurred. This, he pointed out, was often the trigger to where many children developed their fixation, phobia or obsession and, if this can be identified, it offers a starting point to finding a possibly antidote.

Once Mikey’s mother was back in the outer office the Doctor arranged groups of toys around the room and asked his new (and it had to be said, cute) patient what he’d like to play with. As Mikey chose excitedly from the selection, the Doctor couldn’t get over the bulky bulge under the boy’s trousers. It was something he had always liked to see on a happy child enjoying the comfort of diapers and enjoying the lack of responsibility such protection offered. In this case, this rather sweet boy appeared to have no hang-ups about his situation. It may have caused him to waddle slightly but he was definitely not a baby and had managed to come to terms with his situation and deal with its awkward presence. Mikey settled on the floor surrounded by a selection of soft toys, dolls and a colorful kiddie’s jigsaw. The Doctor got down on the carpet with him and together they began to play and chat… and as they played the Doctor slipped in some questions.

He found the boy a joy to talk with. No side to him, no hiding his feelings, in fact, no pretence of any kind. Obviously the boy had some kind of baggage, otherwise he wouldn’t still be messing himself, but other than that the Doctor loved the openness, cheerfulnesss and innocence of the lad.

After their session was over the Doctor took Mikey’s mother aside and suggested that he would like to have her son as a patient at his clinic. This would mean that the boy would be away from home for a week or so but with him being close on hand he could give him regular and continuous attention and assessment, which he hoped would speed the process of solving Mikey’s problem.

Two weeks later, and after 14 days of mess, Mikey’s mother delivered him to Doctor Mark Thompson and the treatment could begin.

Dressed only in his diaper and plastic pants Mikey was allowed to play with all the other similarly dressed kids who were also the Doctor’s patients. Observing how they all interacted gave Dr Thompson a keen insight into many of their underlying problems. Individually, each child was then given one-to-one psychotherapy, whilst others were hypnotised so the therapist could dig deeper. The Doctor loved seeing his charges playing in only their bulky protection. He found that without their normal clothing his young patients appeared less inhibited and he personally enjoyed the spectacle of their colorful, padded bottoms in simple and pure interaction. There was no denying his success with the controversial therapy he used… to some it might appear diametrically opposed to the norms of a child’s self-worth. However, the effectiveness of his procedure was the main criteria he was judged by and he was way ahead of anyone else in this area of psychoanalysis on this important count.

Under hypnosis the Doctor regressed Mikey through various stages of his life. He was a dream patient; quick to put under, willing to reveal all, no sense of anger, betrayal or thankfully any indication of sexual abuse. Indeed, as Mikey lay on the sofa wearing his ultra-thick padding, he looked as innocent, happy and relaxed as any toddler might who’d just been put down for his afternoon nap. It wasn’t long or difficult to get to the bottom of Mikey’s trouble, the only thing was, how to fix it?

Mikey’s voice got quieter and more childish the further the Doctor delved, this was normal and it was at the age of three when something happened. As Mikey remembered the Doctor wondered if such a rather small event could actually be the root to his continuing dilemma… was it going to be that simple?

Mikey explained in his own childish way:

He was standing in his room. He was wearing only a soggy diaper and looking at his reflection in the mirror when his mother came in and announced that he was going to have a baby brother. As she was changing him she was saying that now he would have to be a ‘big boy’ and help look after the new baby who would soon be arriving. She emphasised that his diaper days should soon be behind him and he would be both a ‘big boy’ and a ‘big brother’ and would be responsible in helping look after the new arrival.

The Doctor realised that the young Mikey just wasn’t prepared for such an obligation and was instantly scared at the prospect of having to be so responsible. That image of the soggy diaper stuck in his mind as the last link to him being treated ‘special’ as from then on, his little baby brother would hold that position. Three year-olds can take in an awful lot that parents say and who don’t necessarily understand or comprehend the effect their words have. Some can take it in their stride as they grow up, some relish the responsibility, while others, like Mikey, dread being told they are expected to act in a certain way. He diagnosed that Mikey was subconsciously still trying to hold on to his ‘special’ relationship but at the back of the Doctor’s mind he understood and, although he saw the problems, he really couldn’t blame the boy.

Reluctantly, over the next few days, the good Doctor slowly coaxed Mikey away from his childish dependency. He wished he could have taken the lovely lad away and, like his own teen-toddler Little Robbie, let him enjoy being a tot permanently. However, Mikey was no cast-off or neglected child, he was a precious and loved member of the family despite his affliction and so he saw it as his duty to try and help the loving family as much as he could.

When Mikey’s mum came to collect him on his final day, he was no longer in thick diapers, plastic pants or any protection at all. Mikey was alas no more intelligent but he was now able to go to the toilet when he needed to and understand that he no longer required a diaper. He was proud of his cartoon briefs and wore them with confidence. However, the Doctor did inform his mother the reason for her son’s dependence on diapers (even if the boy was unaware of the cause himself) and that occasionally, in future moments when things feel like they might get on top of him, he may again crave the security of his thick protection. It would be a form of security blanket, something that comforts and grounds him in a possible stressful situation. It was only a possibility, but he suggested that they keep a supply handy… more for that reason than the fact that he’d start wetting again. Those days the Doctor confidently predicted were over.

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Thank you… the linked story was my first attempt at writing for the group and I liked the idea of some stories overlapping.

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I loved the story. Sometimes it takes a special doctor to help out a family in need. Truth be told if his mom would have started helping him before hand he would be the big brother in all ways.

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Hi and thanks for you comment and I’m glad you liked the story of Mikey.

I think his mum did try and help him but it was the new psychiatrist who had the answer. It often comes down to just who a person responds to and the Doctor did have some special ways of dealing with the ‘problem’ (although I’m sure he wouldn’t have seen it as such. :wink:

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This story over?

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Hi waslost1234abc

I have been concentrating on other stories but I might yet return to Mikey’s problems in future.

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Just a little update on this story I’d forgotten I’d written - sorry. ;D

The Problem With Mikey 2

For over eight weeks all had been going well. Mikey had not been involved in even the slightest ‘accident’ and the family all heaved a sigh of relief on his behalf. Although he sort of missed his night time diapering he realised that he was now able to do what big boys do, and get up and go to the bathroom when needed or hold it until he could. His mother still hadn’t taken the rubber sheet off his bed (just in case) but PJs, underwear… everything was just what a boy of nearly 15 should be wearing… even if Mikey himself still had a liking for childish cartoon briefs.

He hadn’t worn a diaper, pull-ups or his training pants for over six weeks (for the first fortnight he’d had some protection) and even though he still had his childish ways, it was a joy to see him confidently going to school and not feeling he was different. He charged around like any boy his age would do and his constant pleasure at not having to be checked for wetness improved his self-assurance. He was even invited to his first ever sleepover and, despite his mother’s worry and misgivings, the night passed off without incident. In fact the mother of the boy he was staying with had phoned to compliment Mikey’s mother on her son’s sweet nature and impeccable manners. She simpered with relief and gratitude on hearing such positive remarks.

Mikey’s closet still had his stash of diapers, pull-ups and protective pants (should he ever need them again) but for the moment cartoon boxer shorts and briefs were his favourite underwear. His PJs were equally childish and fun but his mother didn’t think this mattered that much and, as they still fit him, there was no point in buying anything new. She realised the reason he liked to parade around the house dressed only in his underwear was, for the first time, he didn’t have to wear any protection and, in his own way, he was proud of that fact and wanted to share that pleasure.

Peter and Mary had both quickly got used to their older brother wandering around clad like that and understood what this newfound freedom meant to him. His family had always been positive, loving and caring over his past dependency on diapers and were pleased at this new and sometimes amusing show of independence. For instance, occasionally, when he received a new piece of underwear, he’d tell everyone he met what he was wearing and insist on displaying his ‘big boy’ pants. He wasn’t in the least bit embarrassed to tell the story, no matter how childish, of the cartoon images that were emblazoned on the material hanging from his hips. Pulling down his jeans or shorts to reveal the colourful character briefs beneath, in some of the least conducive situations was both embarrassing and funny - he was innocent and always happy to share and chat with anyone.

A new restaurant had opened in the nearby town and the family had won tickets for a free, special offer, Mexican meal. Mom, dad and the three kids all trooped off excited at this new edition to the gourmet delights of their slowly expanding town. The place was packed and it looked like half the neighborhood had decided on experiencing what ‘El Cantino’ had to offer. Tasty bits and pieces of Mexican food (as well as some All American treats) were sampled and ravenously devoured as the continuous supply of flavorsome dips and spices teased the taste buds of the delightfully enthusiastic crowd.

Mikey wasn’t one for spicy food but, thanks to his new found confidence, thought he should at least try it. His younger brother and sister seemed to be enjoying it so he thought he’d give it a go. It really was a bit rich and spicy for him, it was too hot and he needed a great deal of iced water to help control the fire in his mouth but, as no one else was complaining, decided to keep quiet and just not eat too much. However, on the journey home he could feel his stomach begin to growl in protest and he felt the first, unintentional spurt of pee into his Spongebob briefs. Everyone else in the car was saying how fantastic the food had been but Mikey sat with a half-smile on his face concentrating on keeping his pants dry.

He failed.

The urge to pee came over him so quickly that he didn’t even have time to request his father stop the car and his light brown chinos suddenly began to turn darker. His bladder released the many glasses of iced water he tried to use to quell the heat in his mouth. Peter was the first to notice and almost apologetically brought the incident to the attention of the rest of the family. His mother was surprised but, as he hadn’t wet for some time, thought it was just a one off as she had seen her oldest son struggle with the spicy food. Thankfully they were nearly home so no great problem as she ushered him inside and up to his room.

He couldn’t stop apologising and whining about how he was a big boy now and please not to put him back in diapers. Alas, that’s just what his mother did as soon as she had him stripped, washed and cleaned up. She assured him it was only a temporary setback and that all would no doubt be well in the morning but this was just a precaution whilst he slept. He really didn’t put up much of an argument as she powdered and fitted one of his old disposables. She settled him down and once she was sure he was comfortable went off to discuss the event with his father.

Although Mikey was happy to be in briefs, the sudden return to wearing a thick disposable was not the blow it perhaps could have been. Once his mother had left the room he wriggled in the soft dry comfort his protection offered. He liked the soft ruffle and crinkle as he moved and the plastic pants took him back to only a few weeks before when this was his normal attire for bed. He wasn’t as upset as he thought he’d be and grabbed one of the never far away stuffies and pulled him into bed. Now the feeling was complete and he could settle down and…

Whilst Mikey slept his parents agreed that this was probably just a minor setback, thanks to the excitement and food but, and this was the main thrust, if he wet in the night, he’d have to wear diapers again until they were sure he could go without them for a week. They both had been glad to have their eldest son out of diapers and had hoped that his problem had now passed but they also couldn’t pretend that seeing his eager little diapered butt careering around the house hadn’t been missed.

Mikey was such a joy to be with - always smiling, always happy, always loving, there were no sides to the teenager that didn’t make you just want to hug the guy. His simple approach to everything; his easy acceptance of his situation, his quick compliance with his parents requests, the total lack of any form of nastiness was something both absolutely adored about their ‘slow’ but endearing boy. They had been thrilled when the child psychologist Dr Thompson had fixed the incontinent side of Mikey’s problem but surprisingly, they missed so much of what his problem meant to them. Now, as Peter and Mary were growing up, they were becoming more independent, had less time for their family and forming a new family of friends. Mikey had been the one that held them all together, his diapers and accidents being a sort of glue that bonded them all.

Mikey’s mother wondered what the good Doctor would make of that situation?

Unsurprisingly, Mikey’s mom woke her son up to find that he was indeed very, very wet. Those several glasses of water at the restaurant were now soaked into his disposable causing it to expand considerably. Thankfully, her foresight to include a pair of rubber pants had mercifully kept the access from seeping onto anything else. Strangely, she was relieved that her precautions had been successful… and that he’d wet. He was still very dozy as she roused him for school and it took a few seconds for him to realize just how sodden his diaper was as he struggled to get out of bed. His mother helped him up and guided him to the bathroom. Mikey wasn’t sure if she’d be disappointed in his return to soggy diapers and was glad that she didn’t seem overly concerned.

She stripped him down, let him shower and then guided him back to his room where she towelled him dry. It was like it used to be and Mikey was sure his mother would diaper him for the day, which was exactly what she did. She rummaged in his closet, pulled out the nicely folded away terry diapers, collected the lotion and powder and proceeded to get her son ready for a new challenging day. Finally she fitted his thick plastic pants and let him pull up his jeans himself. All the while she was encouraging him and saying that this was only temporary and that he shouldn’t worry he’d soon be back in his ‘big boy’ underwear. The bulk under his jeans couldn’t be denied but it didn’t seem to worry Mikey as he accepted it was something he needed and set off to school with barely a thought about his returned slight waddle.

His mother smiled at the sight but was suddenly overcome with the feelings of guilt that she had taken so much pleasure in what had just happened. Surely she didn’t want to see her son return to being incontinent and relying on diapers? Surely she wanted what was best and that this was only a brief hiccup? Surely she wasn’t hoping he’d have another wet diaper to change when he got home?

Alas, this was precisely what she was hoping for, even if she wasn’t quite ready to admit it.

For the next few days his mother kept him tightly protected both day and night. By day he seemed to be able to get to the toilet in time but at night his old wetting problem returned and he didn’t once wake up dry. It was back to his bulging PJs but Mikey, although sorry to lose his cartoon briefs, did seem to settle down to sleep a lot quicker than he had been doing. His mother made sure he was prepared properly and supervised his night time protection. At first she let him fit the diaper himself but he just wasn’t co-ordinated well enough to make the fabric and pins fit correctly. However, he quickly got used to pulling his PJ bottoms over the silky, nursery print, vinyl bulky mass and was pleased that he still wore something that had his much-loved cartoon characters all over them.

During the day he mainly wore disposables though occasionally, if they were out of them, he’d wear the fabric ones to school. He didn’t mind and again, it barely raised a mention from the rest of his class. The trouble with Mikey was, he was no longer any trouble. Things had returned to ‘normal’ and it wasn’t a problem. He looked relieved, now he was back in diapers, that he didn’t have to worry about getting to the toilet anymore, whilst his mum and dad were happy to see the return of their well-padded, plastic panted oldest son.

Like before they would support him for as long as it took but were in no rush to return to the doctor and change Mikey in any way.

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Can’t wait for the next installment of “Mikey’ Adventures”. Great Story :slight_smile:

A great story. And I have met several boys like that where diapers made them feel safe and loved, and helped with anxiety as well as being able to focus on schoolwork better. Diapers seem to work very well on boys with ADD/ADHD in helping them focus and be a bit less hyper