The Prequel (Chapter 6 - NEW!!)

Hello all I am back and ready to deliver a better story than before. For those of you that may have read my previous story “Diaper are Contagious and Additive” this new story is meant to start a prequel to the events of that very story. I apologize to those who may want to re read that story after reading this tale but I am reworking that so that will act as a better more well rounded story like so many on this forum. I really wanted my story to be great and I believed the first attempt fell short. So, in short, this is the Introduction of the main character from the original series, Taylor. I think this prequel will better prepare the character for events to follow as the other version was quick and crude. FYI this is only the Introduction in the prequel there will be a few chapters before the first revised version of the original story will come out. Enjoy!


The lights began to get brighter and brighter as the haze around her vision began to finally lift. She lifted her head slightly and looked around the room to no avail. The little “cocktail” as the doctor called it before her surgery and the following sedation was clouding her line of sight. She fell back into a deep sleep but awoke again, was it hour’s minutes or days she did not know. This time she opened her eyes things were clearer, she saw her mother and father sitting by her side and she smiled. Taylor laid there and smiled knowing she had made it, it was not a very risky surgery but surgery none the less. Soccer, her favorite sport, had taken its toll on her legs. The technical details eluded even her but the point was if she wanted to walk without pain she was going under the knife. She looked down for the first time to see both of legs from the knee down in casts, no pain, but that was what the IV was for.

“Welcome back honey”, her mother finally said noticing her daughter finally up from her slumber.

“See I told you that you were tough enough to make it through”, her father added.

Taylor could not help at giggle at this, as if one had to do with the other in this situation. The nurse came in and for the next couple of days Taylor spent floating. Floating may be a weird term but because she could not walk for while by herself the nurses had to carry her to the bathroom and anywhere else short enough to make the wheelchair unnecessary. Taylor hated this, maybe not hated but annoyed at having to rely on someone else to help her go to the bathroom but it was tolerable. She was so excited to be out of the hospital that morning as she was being wheeled to the car, but she still had a little over a week before she could walk by herself. It was a Saturday when she got out of the hospital so her parents were there for her the first couple of days. Taylor was sitting in the back of the car when the urge to pee first hit, she still had 20 minutes before home but she figured she would be fine. 40 minutes later the entered the garage and Taylor was bursting as soon as they parked she whipped the door open but the casts stopped her cold.

“Wow that was some traffic jam I thought …” her Dad was saying before he was interrupted.

“TAYLOR, please do not move your legs you heard the doctor!!” her mother half yelled, half worried scream.

“Mom please hurry, I… I have to go…” Taylor admitted embarrassingly.

“Oh my, help her sweetie”, she motioned to her husband.

He jumped into action swopping her up and taking her inside fast, just in time. She sat on the toilet, totally relieved, at both going to the bathroom and coming home finally. At that point, despite the minor discomfort of her cast legs, she felt weirder than usual. With all of her weight sitting there she never realized how cold the seat was or how hard it was. She could not even adjust herself because there was nothing to lift herself with her arms and her legs were out of commission. When she finished Taylor pulled up her shorts, she did not wear any underwear because her mother had forgot it that morning. She called and her dad came in and took her to her bedroom. She almost cried when she came in, her parents had set up her room for her. She would be stuck there a lot over the next few days so her parents but the TV from downstairs in her room, they moved a couple of tables to the edge so she could reach her computer and other essentials. Then she saw a curious item on one of the tables, a baby monitor?

“Mom this is absolutely wonderful, but what is that doing there?” she questioned.

“Oh that!”, her mom exclaimed, just remembering her plan, “I am keeping the other end with me so all you have to do is turn it on and talk when you want something I dug it out of your baby things.”

Her mom clapped her hands together at her masterful plan. Taylor thought it was sensible but it was weird having it in her room after all these years, being in collage now. She had worked hard to finish her classes two weeks early before the summer for her surgery. Taylor, now all tucked into bed, was chatting away on the computer with her friends. She was in there until around supper time, Taylor had to keep her liquids up so when she finally felt the urge to go again it was, again, a pretty urgent message. She reached over and switch on the monitor.

“Hey mom I need to get to the bathroom”, she frantically said into the device.

Luckily her mom was right on top of things and was there, she had difficulty picking her up though. They made it to the bathroom but on the way back her mother gasped in pain and nearly dropped her.
“Mom are you ok?!” she said as she was lowered into bed.

“I’m fine… Ouu… yeah I’m a little hurt here but nothing to worry about” her mother replied in obvious pain as she left the room.

Taylor hoped her mother was ok she looked in a lot of pain when she walked out, she shifted herself back into the growing indent on the bed and settled back in for the night. Her mom came back up to replace the water jug they had placed next to her bed, after only a few hours at home she had already drank over half the jug. After her mother walked out of the room she knew she had to get her back checked out the next day because, judging from that water jug, more bathroom trips were needed.

Taylor went to bed that night, she felt so sweaty from lying in bed it was hard to go to sleep but, eventually the tiredness of her body gave in. She woke up the next morning feeling absolutely gross, lifting her body upwards she wiped her eyes trying to wake up. Taylor shifted her legs and gasped at a small sharp pain from her legs as well as stiffness in her knees from lack of use. However, there was something else that was also apparent after she began to awaken, after all of that water she had to go right away.

“Mom I’m up and I have to go”, she said as she was still groggily waking up.

She waited for about 5 minutes, then another 5 minutes.

“Please, Mom hurry up I really have to go!!” she whined.

Now she waited another 10 minutes, Taylor was starting to curse everything in her life as she desperately clenched her hands between her legs.

“UGH… Mom Please!!!” she directed towards her life line.

Her monitor, she hissed behind her teeth, at the thought of a monitor being her life line. She felt a small warm spot on her palm as she felt some pee escape the death grip she had on her bladder. She looked at the monitor for help only to discover her mistake, the light was not on so the monitor was not on. Taylor saw her chance as she rolled herself over and that was her undoing, as she reached over to the table she froze. She looked back at the vanity mirror on the wall opposite her bed, the view was an interesting one. Taylor saw herself laying in her bed, hair mangled from sleep with her piercing blue eyes behind the brown locks, two casts on her legs up to the knee and a growing dark spot growing between her legs. Taylor tired but she knew she couldn’t stop it so she fully let go and felt the warmth spread out and then beneath her on the bed. She buried her head in the pillow and held back tears at this humiliating event in her life. Slowly she reached over to turn on the monitor to face the music.

“Mom…” was all she could muster to say as she tried not to cry.

She rolled over and got her first look at the dark wet space in her bed and the now dark pink shorts between her legs, Taylor shielded her eyes. Her mother walked in and saw her college age daughter with her hands over her eyes and puddle in her bed, she may not have known what exactly happened but it was an accident. Not wanting to compound her event she elected to gather up her daughter, this was a struggle, and carry her to the bathroom.

“Don’t worry honey we will get you cleaned up” she reassured Taylor.

They got her ready for a shower and placed her in the shower chair they had acquired. While the shower took place Taylor’s mom started to clean the bed when her back tweaked itself again, the pain was sharp as she gathered the sheets. As she walked to the laundry and grabbed new sheets she caught her husband at the breakfast table.

“Sweetie can you handle moving Taylor today I don’t think my back can handle it” she said to him holding her back awkwardly.

“That’s fine, but what are you going to do tomorrow?” he asked knowing his going back to work, he was counting on her being able to help that’s why he didn’t take more time off.

“Don’t worry I will handle it” she shouted as she headed upstairs, in her mind though she wasn’t sure.

She resolved to go to the doctor later to find out. Meanwhile Taylor was sitting the shower in absolute peace. Not only did she finally get the sweat off of her and get a nice warm shower at home for the first time in a week but Taylor just told herself that this wouldn’t happen again it was just one of those things. In fact, she thought to herself, the accident meant nothing it wasn’t her fault (other than a silly mistake) and her mom simply did not hear her. As she shifting herself out in the chair to recline and stretch the warm water made her feel the urge to pee, seeing no problem with this she simply let go the urge. With her legs spread and her head back the only way she could tell she was peeing was the obvious and the smaller splashing sound beneath her. The sensation was nothing like the warmth she felt lying in bed as the pee flowed through her thin shorts out on under her to the bed. She finished her shower and grabbed a towel as she called to her mom, she was half surprised when her dad came in but the two of them got her to her room and into a new blue tank top and a pair of red shorts. As a special treat her dad brought her to the living room couch and that was where she stayed until later that afternoon. Her mom left for some shopping, she said, and Taylor was happy to be out of her room. She was on the couch when she felt the urge to go, the water jug came with her downstairs so she was full, but it was not an emergency.

“Hey dad I need to go to the bathroom?” she talked into the monitor, after the morning she still despised the device but her father was in the garage working.

Her father heard the monitor and yelled out from his garage.

“Be there in a bit honey” he confirmed as he went to the half bath of the garage to clean up a bit.

Taylor heard this and then began to think about her house in a different way than before, meaning her proximity to the bathrooms. From her position on the couch she was actually closer to the upstairs bathroom at the top of the stairs rather than the bathroom on the other side of the house. She was a little annoyed when she realized that her room was the farthest away from the very same bathroom. Taylor waited for another few minutes when her father walked in ready to bring her up to the bathroom, as he lifted her up the shift in position made her control over her bladder less so. Given that mornings events Taylor did the last thing she should have, panic.

“Dad hurry!” she suddenly shouted at him.

This froze her Dad for a few precious seconds as he did not expect such an urgent message from his daughter but he rushed upstairs. He ran her in to the bathroom and placed her on the toilet and left the room. Taylor wretched her shorts down and she let go the desperate urge.

“AAwwwww… UGH!” Taylor had let out a sigh that turned into a gasp as she realized her mistake.

In her haste to pee she forgot she actually put panties and was now soaking them. She was able to pull herself up with momentum to get her panties off in a hurry. As she landed back down on the toilet she let out a small yelp of pain as she hit back down. Taylor winced as she finished peeing and a cold snap came over her, her flooded panties had been warm but now she was sitting on the cold lid, why was it so cold? As she questioned this she reached down to inspect the damage only to find the entire crouch area soaked. Sitting there she decided she did not want her dad to know what had happened, her fear of a second accident in a single day was too great. So she worked the panties back up, slightly grimacing at the wetness and then her shorts came up as she prayed it would not show through. While she was covering up evidence in the bathroom her mother had called the house and was talking to her father.

“So anyway that was a close one it was so odd that she yelled like that” her father had finished relaying the recent events at home to his wife when she inquired about Taylor.

On the other end of the phone her heart sank at this news, in addition to the accident this morning she knew she had one option after leaving the doctors.

“Well I’m glad it worked out” she told him.

He noted the sound of something plastic being thrown into a shopping cart in the background.

“Are you coming home soon” he asked in response.

“I will be awhile I had something to find so I’m an hour and a half away” she told him.

“Ok, see you soon” he concluded.

“See you soon” she stated as she hung up. Staring into her cart preparing herself for later that night.

As he hung up the phone he heard Taylor call for him and he walked upstairs and gathered her up and brought her back downstairs. She had a hard time getting settled on the couch, as she shifted she felt the wetness her panties absorbed. Not only that, rather than the fleeting warmth from this morning or the lack of in the shower the warmth the pee gave her did not go away. Taylor actually sat there not paying attention to nothing other than that, it was not long before it became cold. As she finally spread her legs apart she still could not shake the cold but it was more bearable than letting anyone know she wet herself again. She stayed on the couch for the rest of the day until her mother came home, she noticed that her mom couldn’t look her in the eye when she walked in with her shopping bags. A short while later her dad carried her upstairs to her bed for the night. Taylor enjoyed the time she spent in the living room and only 5 days left before she could take some steps. Then her mother knocked on the door before bed with news that would change things dramatically.

“Hey honey how are you feeling?” her mom asked in a sickly sweet tone.

“I’m fine how about you?” Taylor replied.

“Well that’s what I wanted to talk about” she stated, pushing something behind the door in the hallway with her foot.

“Is something wrong?” the girl asked nervously.

“Here is the situation. I went to the doctor and long story short I won’t be able to lift you for the rest of the week you are laid up” she told her frankly.

“Oh, well does that mean dad is taking off work?” Taylor asked.

“No he isn’t, in fact I think this will remain between the two of us I do not want him worrying about either of us… anyway back on point I have a solution but I know this will be a fight” she concluded.

“What are you talking about?” Taylor replied, very confused.

“Well I have bought you some protection so that we can get through the few hours till your dad gets home” she said flat out.

“What do you…? OH NO NO NO NO NO!!” Taylor retorted with clarity, “I am NOT wearing diapers!!!”

“Now wait a minute you have no option, you already have had an accident that I know was not your fault but it still happened” she said, as a matter a fact and getting up to the door.

Her mother reached behind the frame as Taylor heard a tearing sound followed by her walking back to the bed with her new “underwear” in hand. Taylor took a moment and stared at the diaper, it looked like it had two inch wide tapes that went around the waist and a large thick padding in the very center which was bulkier than the rest of the fabric of the… thing.

“Just wait…” she continued pushing herself up in the bed, away from her mother, “I can’t just lay here and … well relief myself.”

“Now honey you only have to use this because of all the liquids you’re drinking during the day” her mother said to calm her down.

This news eased her a bit but she still wanted to stand firm against this she could win this. However, after another 15 minutes back and forth Taylor knew there was no other option so she tried to at least get some dignity.

“Please mom at least get me some of those, for lack of a better term, pull ups” she tactically brought up.

“I thought of that but because of your casts we would have a tough time getting them on over those” she finalized, “now this fight is over we have to do this.”

As she said this she pulled the covers off of her daughter’s bed. Taylor was about to come back with something to keep her in the fight when her mother effectively ended all of her points.

“See now we can avoid this from now on too” her mother nodded towards her shorts.

Taylor looked down to see small wet spots that had come through her shorts from her panties. She never should have hide the second accident but it was all over now for her as she laid her head back in defeat and explained what happened.

“I knew after I talked to your father that even a non-emergency could be a problem, I’m sorry honey” she told her.

She continued with “Now I do not want you to suffer so pay attention to what I do and you can take care of this yourself.”

Taylor almost threw up at the realization that her mother was about to diaper her for the first time in over a decade and a half but she laid there as the scene unfolded. Her mother worked her shorts and panties down her legs and over her casts carefully, then she reached and folded her shirt up slightly to give room for the tapes. Taylor was humiliated enough but then came the moment of truth she her mother open up the diaper, reach down and pull the back padding behind her bottom. She already could feel the padding against her skin as she watched her mom pull the front up and back down and then securing the both tapes. As her mother finished the job Taylor looked up, she may have watched it but she still was not ready to look at the whole picture.

“Remind me why I had to be diapered tonight?” Taylor inquired.

“In the morning you will probably have to go and this way you can without having a repeat of this morning” her mother stated logically.

“Now the rest of them are right here” her mom continued putting what was left of the small pack into the night stand drawer, “and here is a bin for … when you need to throw them away.”

Taylor was listening but all she could do was stare at the ceiling and not move an inch. Her mother knew this had to be tough but she resolved that it better if she take a step back and just not mention it unless her daughter brought it up. Her mom left and Taylor finally gained the courage to look down at herself. She looked down beyond the edge of her shirt, as she propped herself up on her elbows, to the plastic/cloth tapes she felt tight around her hips and largish pad that raised above her body and down between her legs. The diaper itself looked different to Taylor, as if the center padding was for a different diaper entirely as the rest of plastic-like cloth seemed smaller in proportion. Curiosity got the better of her as she reached for the torn remains of the plastic container they came in, it confirmed her suspicion.

“Extra absorbent, extra padding XL diaper” she read on the packaging.

This was just a regular diaper that was given a larger size and extra padding for heavy wets. Or for big girls like her that now needed to wear this undesirable garment. Did she just call herself a big girl? That was a term for little pants wetter’s who needed diapers she was just unable to physically reach the toilet. Taylor knew she had to stay strong she could get through this with her dignity and her adulthood intact. The last thing she wanted was to get used to this or have lasting effects, as Taylor moved the covers over herself she noted how hot it felt wearing this extra padding between her legs. But in a moment of clarity and comfort, as she settled into bed and the new underwear, Taylor could not help but noticed the soft cradle she felt in the diaper. She rolled her head to the side as she twirled her hair a bit in a totally relaxed state.

“Ok I will say this, they are comfy when you have the cloth padding instead of thin panties” she stated out loud in the dark.

Taylor glanced at her hand, still twirling, she briefly wondered why babies sucked their thumbs. It was an odd thought but in her tired state she allowed her mind to wonder, was it the sensation or another security thing? Then there, in the blackness of her room as she fell asleep, Taylor placed her thumb inside her mouth suckled only a few fleeting moment before the soundness of sleep took her.

Re: The Prequel (Intro)

I vaguely remember the original, and this part is well written. I look forward to seeing the rest of your new and improved tale. Any idea how soon you will pos?

Re: The Prequel (Intro)

Please continue this is an interesting story and I would like to read more

Re: The Prequel (Intro)

Hello everyone, I am glad to see this story is given some attention. I hope to be posting at least once a month maybe more, but my main goal is that this story will be better then the original in every way and is at least well thought out and written so I am taking my time. As a preview of what is to come the Prequel will last another 6 chapters to catch up to the original story timeline and chapters may increase in length as the story picks up steam. For now enjoy!

Chapter 1 (Monday)

The morning shown through the drapes of her room as Taylor yawned and stretched her arms out from her. It was then she noticed all of her blankets were pushed off the bed, as she lifted herself slightly looking down the cause was obvious. She was not used to having a diaper on under sheets so she was sweating but Taylor had a panicked moment with her morning movements seemed, wet. She quickly reached down to check if she had wet the bed, to her relief the diaper was just a little damp from all the sweat. However despite the sweat she felt cold, she did not know how long she had slept without the blankets but the sweat had done its job at warming her up and then cooling her down.

“Morning mom, I’m ready for breakfast” she called down into her monitor.

Her mother heard this remark at the table and she was ready to go as she brought the tray upstairs with her daughter’s breakfast. She walked into her room as Taylor brought up her sheets over herself.

“Morning honey here you go” she said with a chirp.

Her mother stayed with her and the two chatted while Taylor ate, they were laughing and both completely ignored or even forgot the present situation. Her mother gathered the dishes and left the room as Taylor turned on the TV to catch up on her recorded shows from the school year. She was halfway through the first show when the first urge hit her, there was nothing special about it but it was a reminder of how this was going to end. Taylor finished that episode but only a few minutes into the next the urge was there to stay and the girl did everything humanly possible to shrug it off. She was working up another sweat with all the squirms and shifts she tried to get away with despite her casts. She was torn as she laid back down on the bed and rolled over, she wanted to just let go and get it over with but on the other hand it was too much. As her face pushed into the sheets Taylor could have sworn she could still smell a slight amount of pee from the previous morning. As she rolled back over her breaking point was coming like a freight train, and she was about reach down and continue the death grip of the morning earlier. Then she began to really notice the diaper she wore, it was not lost on her that she wore one but as the time drew near she become hyper aware. Each small movement she felt the cloth and heard the plastic rustle beneath, it was then that it was the final showdown between her and her own bladder. She felt a little pee leak out and because her mom had done so well at securing the diaper Taylor could feel the absorbent pad soak up the little amount instantly. She had been strong the morning before with not crying but this time it was a losing battle as the tears welled up in her eyes.

“Please, oh, please no… no….No!!” Taylor blathered out of her mouth.

With each word more leaked out until a steady stream began to fill the diaper beyond her control, not unlike her tears which had their own stream going down off of her face. It was a low moment for the college age girl, she had always considered herself an adult but yet here she was wetting herself in a diaper. Taylor cried, well like a baby, she could feel her tears flowing down her cheeks like a river damn being blown to pieces letting the river flow wildly. What was worse for her was that due to all the water she had to drink she could feel the diaper fill up, it did not leak but the bulge was no to the point she could not have put her legs together. She knew it was going to happen again and again in the coming days, her face was flush and she could feel the multiple streams of tears just flow down her cheeks.

After what felt like hours of laying their whimpering into her the silence of her room she finally got up the courage to sit up in bed. Taylor went from not wanting to look at the wet bulk between her legs to actually staring at it with angry mixed with a bit of curiosity. That curiosity grew to a tipping a point where she finally reached down and lightly pushed down on the cloth material. She noted that while it certainly was wet on the inside the outside was completely dry, a consequence of her action she immediately noted the warmth she felt between her legs. Not even close the cold fury of a toilet seat, much warmer than wetting in the shower and equal to that of her bed wetting only a morning prior. Taylor looked up into the mirror across the room once again, the relaxed comfort filled state she was in was shredded by disgust. She wasted no time undoing the tapes and throwing it into the “pail”, she had just enough reach to get the shorts on the ground and wiggle them on by herself. As she got adjusted, finally, a smile broke through her tear stained face as she felt relieved to be out of that… “Thing”. It would not last but she could enjoy it while she could, until her Mom walked in.

“Hey, honey just che…” the older woman was saying until she saw the state her daughter was in.

She could tell her daughter had been crying, she no longer was wearing her protection and the trash bag in the pail had shifted. Her mother wanted nothing more for this to go fast but she also knew that she had to make sure that a few things were in order to make the week go more smoothly.

“I know I said I wouldn’t bring your protection up but I think we need to talk about a couple of things” she stated very frankly.

“What do you mean?” Taylor answered, guessing what one of these would be as kissed goodbye to her shorts.

“First of all you shouldn’t stayed… um… unprotected too long. If you feel you have to go you might not get one on in time and make a mess” she instructed while struggling with the words.

There it was, Taylor grimaced at the mention of her last accident and turned from her mother as she sat next to her on the bed.

She addressed the back the girl’s head “I don’t mean to push but I’m only looking out for you. One more thing.”

Taylor turned back to her wondering what else she had to be put through.

“The pack of diapers I bought for you is not very big and given you won’t be in for more than the next four days (Friday was her appointment) so just make sure that you do not through them before then ok?” her mother spoke at her softly.

Taylor had moment of clarity, it could not have been easy for her mother to buy diapers for her in the first place so this was a request they both could agree on.

“Of course mom” Taylor cheered as she embraced her mom in a hug.

Her mother wiped a small tear from her own face as she hugged back and then got up and left the room. Taylor sighed as she wished that she could have had more time without these new underwear, as she reached for the drawer she noted the time as being almost noon. No wonder her mother had come up to check on her it had been a couple hours since breakfast. She let out a huge sigh as she brought the fresh diaper and held it out in front of her. She had been in a haze the night before so this was the first chance she got to actually look at her new form of clothing.

The diaper looked quite different from ones she had seen babysitting on a regular basis. Size aside from the point, the tapes on the side were about 4 finger lengths, meaning that they barely fit beyond her hips. Normally diapers had large sides for security, the more Taylor thought the more it made sense.

“Someone wearing this would not want it to show on the sides in certain clothing” She stated out loud to herself in her empty room.

She found this oddly funny because if the garment could be hide along the sides it almost would not be on the bottom. The amount of material on the bottom was not only thick between the legs but also thick to hold a great amount of fluid. This was certainly designed for heavy wets, or at least someone that was wearing it beyond the normal amount of years. The tapes of the diaper were blue but other than that had a bleach white look that created a spotlight effect to it. Taylor realized she was just stalling so reluctantly she opened the diaper up fully, taking note that while the tapes where smaller they certainly seemed capable of holding up well. She laid herself down and then rolled on her side and positioned the open diaper beside her as best she could. Rolling back over she felt the familiar cushion of the pad, a little adjusting she reached down and brought the front through her legs. Taylor made sure to tape the first side over a little to ensure it was tight, she finished the job by taping the other side as close as possible to the first.

Bringing herself back up to sitting, she had successfully diapered herself for the first time. She looked at the clock noting she still had hours left before her Dad came home, she hoped that maybe she could get away with one wet diaper a day. That would not be so bad she thought, blindly taking another big gulp of water. Taylor called her mom up to her room and had her put on one of her fav movies and she tried to lose herself in the film but distractions kept her from enjoying it. A very prim and proper girl, never leaving the house without being in perfect state of dress for the day being in bed all day she had no control over bed-head hairdo. It tore at her inside to the point she made up an excuse so her mother would close the vanity mirror. The same mirror that she saw herself wet the bed, cried like a baby (twice), and wet in her first diaper. Now showcased her infantile state of no make-up, crazy
hair, tear stained face, pink tank top and worst of all the bright with diaper padding between her casted legs.

Taylor was wearing herself out physically and mentally she knew it and she also knew that it was making things work. She had been so focused on trying to focus on the movie and trying not to think about what she was wearing Taylor been drinking from her water jug at a heavy clip. With still a couple of hours before her Dad came home she started to feel the stirring in her bladder once again. She fought it off for a while but by the time the credits rolled on the movie Taylor had finally given in. Despite her conflict there was part of her that remained strong enough not to let these diapers affect her but there was also part of her that was curious as well. She hit power on the movie and the room fell silent and Taylor let her bladder relax, looking down as she did so. The girl saw and felt her diaper expand as she let go completely, the sight captivated because while the sight of herself wetting was mindboggling actually feeling herself wetting was mind blowing. The warmth spreading around her was something she barely paid attention to before, as well as the relief of peeing in her bed, or anywhere she wanted, was absolutely comfortable.

The feeling lasted a few minutes more as she laid there but the spell broke when she shifted herself reaching for the monitor to call her mom. The internal struggle to embrace the new strange feeling and being an adult, rather than a diaper wearing girl was push and pull battle in her mind. Being an adult won this battle, the feeling of wetness beneath changed her attitude 180 degrees to hatred of her position. Taylor ripped the diaper off and tossed it away, she grimaced as she heard the slight squish noise as she had grasped the tapes. The angry continued all the while as she wiped herself clean with the wipes in the drawer her Mom gave her and she was practically boiling when she roughly taped on a new diaper.

“Mom do you have a sec?” she asked into the monitor, calming herself down.

Her mother ran up the stairs, she had been worried about how her daughter was doing.

“What’s going on honey?” her mother asked, walking through the door.

“Well my movie is over so I just wanted you to put another one on” Taylor chirped at her.

Her mother noted there was mixed emotions behind her daughter’s smile but hoped it was just her way of working through what was happening.

“Of course” she chimed back, and taking note she was obviously hiding her diaper from sight.

“Oh mom, one more thing?” Taylor asked after her mother was getting ready to leave, “could you grab me some shorts from the dresser?”

Nodding her head, understanding, she found some and threw them at her daughter, hitting her in the head.

“HEY!” she giggled back.

“Just testing your reflexes” she cooed back.

“Thanks mom” Taylor said watching her mother walk out.

Her mom had done what she always had, made her happy in a bad situation. Taylor threw her covers back to put the shorts on, stretching out felt great after a day in couple days in bed. Finally reaching the pant holes around her casts she worked the shorts up but paused as the diaper came into view. She groaned to herself realizing she had taped it on but left it noticeably loose, but nonetheless she got the shorts around her. She looked back and grinned as the diaper was out of sight and shorts did a decent job covering it up, but at the back of her mind it was always there.

Her salvation arrived, Taylor heard her father come home and she was beaming at making it the last hour or so dry and finally able to shower, use the toilet and get rid of her diaper. After about a half an hour her dad came in and Taylor immediately threw her arms up and got scooped up into the bathroom. Placing her down on the toilet he left her alone, she worked her shorts down but was careful not to tear the tapes loud enough for him to hear. She couldn’t believe how weirdly happy she was to be able to use the toilet also thankful she didn’t have to do this (in particular) in a diaper. Finishing up she brought her shorts back up and called for her dad, he walked in with clothes for her.

“Awe you brought me new clothes” she thanked her dad.

“Don’t thank me your mom demanded a give you these, she said you would like these” he said without knowing the real meaning.

Taylor knew, because she saw a pair of her panties sticking out from between her new shirt and shorts. Her dad moved her into the shower and placed the clothes outside on a table within reach of her shower chair. Taylor cheered to herself while she undressed and finally got to shower. It was like watching away all of her bad thoughts and feelings of the day. Here she was feeling nothing of before and feeling fresh and new as she pulled the shower curtain back drying off. She managed to get herself dressed and she laughed at the ab work out she was getting while dressing. But nothing could bring her down with how she felt about wearing her panties again. Her dad came in and brought her downstairs for some family time, as well as supper. Taylor was very happy and it did not go unnoticed by her mother who was elated that her daughter was out of her funk.

“You seem in good spirits” her father said, taking from his wife’s excitement.

“Yeah it was… weird… being in my room all day but its ok now” she happily replied.

“Well that’s nice” he laughed back.

If he only knew the true story, she thought to herself, as she gave her mother a knowing look. But it was all better now, it was behind her, even though she would have to use them again she was glad to have this moment.

“Well shall we pop a couple of cokes and watch our show?” he asked his daughter.

“Of course” Taylor replied, forgetting the DVR recording her favorite show the night earlier.

It was a great night for her, watching the show with her family and then talking about all current events (almost all of them). Soon it was time for her to go back upstairs, as her father was going to bed.

“Need anything else?” her mother asked after she had been brought up.

“Could you put in another movie I’m not tired after the caffeine” she told her.

“Sure” she nodded back.

Her mother got her bed straightened, put in the movie and then turned to leave.

"Oh, and remember… " her mother pointed towards the night stand.

“I know” she said shortly.

Her mother walked out, and Taylor watched the movie intently. It was halfway to the movie through the movie when everything seemed to break loose at once. The urge to pee hit her like a freight train, it was as if she had been holding it in for hours and the feeling had only hit her now in an urgent message. She was caught, she could not think and she was close to another accident but she had a thought and acted quickly. Taylor frantically pulled her shorts down pass knees, she had to do the same for her panties but in her hurried state she heard a rip getting them down. Thinking of nothing but her bursting bladder she finished the job and tore the panties away from her body and off to the side. Reaching towards her night stand she pulled out a diaper as fast as she could, proceeding to open it, she got it under herself. Pulling the front up, she could already see herself already starting to go Taylor got the tapes in place and her bladder emptied into the diaper.

It was a low moment for her, even lower than before because she thought she had it made. She thought it would all be good she could handle going before her Dad came home but now. Now Taylor realized that not only would she have to stay in diapers when her dad was home but throughout the whole week. She had to stay strong, she could get through this week after all she was really an adult. Capable of going through this rough time I mean she didn’t actually need diapers right? Taylor almost gasped at her own thought, why was it a question of whether she needed them, would she have to use them longer or maybe develop a problem?

“NO!” she affirmed out loud to herself.

Taylor, you can do this she thought to herself. This is a necessity right now, like having to wear her casts. With this thought she pulled off her wet diaper
and threw it in the trash, and pulled a fresh diaper out of the drawer. Quick as possible she worked it on and pulled up her shorts. She gave the diaper underneath a quick pat as she scooted down to fall asleep. As she drifted off she felt confident but even then her mind had a sliver of doubt.

Re: The Prequel (Chaper 1 - NEW!!)

This is an extremely well written story and I’m loving it so please keep writing I love the details u r putting into the story

Re: The Prequel (Chaper 1 - NEW!!)

Loving it so far, a few typos here and there, some odd word choices too. For example you use “angry” when you mean “anger” (as in you tend to say something like “she could feel the angry rushing through her”).

Re: The Prequel (Chaper 1 - NEW!!)

I apologize for not posting in a long time but life and all that jazz but the only way I can make it up it you is to continue posting!

Chapter 2 (Tuesday)

Taylor stirred in her sleep but as she re-positioned herself something felt wrong, she was not in her bed. She sat up like a shot momentarily frightened but calmed to see she was just in her own living room. The girl could not remember coming downstairs, it was not as if she could manage herself. Her mother walked in while she still was waking from the fog of sleep and confusion.

“I had your dad bring you down before he left for work, so you would not be in your room another full day” she explained to her daughter, knowing her thoughts.
Taylor was relieved at the explanation, then panic set in as she peek under the blanket on top of her to see she was wearing some loose shorts.

“… And I put those on you before he came in, you were absolutely out and he did not see”, she reaffirmed to her daughter.

Her mother then pushed a tray up to the couch. She really had out done herself with a big spread of Taylor’s favorite breakfast and she plowed into the meal. Her mother started laughing as Taylor tried to keep up a conversation but that was difficult with a mouth full of food.

“So we really never got to talk about your schooling before you had to go under the knife, how did things go?” her mother asked trying to calm her laughing.
“Well I actually finished most of my classes early with the surgery so finals was brutal” Taylor remarked.

“I’m so proud that you were able to …” she was about to reply to her daughter.

A big case of déjà vu hit her as she watched her daughters face go blank, it was not a sickly look or even a pain look quite the opposite. Taylor had wide eyes, an open mouth and there was only one thing she was focused on, her mother spotted that look on her many times but not in quite a few years.
Taylor had been having such a good morning between talking with her mother and having a delicious breakfast she completely forgot what she was wearing. Just in the middle of eating she felt an urge to go but she shrugged it off wanting to finish eating. Seconds later she felt warmth spreading between her legs, instead of ignoring the feeling she had just let go. Taylor felt like a little girl having an accident, she had not planned to go then and there like the other times she had used her diaper. She looked at up her mom and they shared a knowing look and Taylor wanted to speak but knowing that her mom just saw her wet herself was too much.

Tears welled up in her eyes and Taylor could not help but let the water works flow as the salty drops turned to rivers down her face. She brought her hands to the side of her face, trying to grasp and get ahold of herself but tears kept coming. Her mother sensed she was needed to help her daughter calm herself so she sat next to her and held her close until the wails turned to small whimpers. Her mother simply got up and got her a fresh diaper and left for the kitchen, knowing Taylor would need a few minutes to compose and change.

“Thank you” Taylor squeaked out before her mother left earshot.

“It’s no problem sweetie” she said without turning around.

Taylor dried her eyes with her shirt then began to figure how to change, she had sat up to eat but decided to bring her legs back up onto the couch while she leaned up against the armrest. Her shorts were loose enough to pull down over the slippery plastic and cloth of the diaper over her knees. She then untapped the wet diaper and threw it into the small waste basket in the living room and then tried to get the new diaper on quickly but the couch was too small for her to spread her legs enough.

She could feel the tears building up from the frustrating and humiliating task ahead of her and she felt completely defeated. Taylor had wet herself without a thought, her body just let go, she was becoming conditioned what could she do? For now she had to get the new diaper on and there was one option.

“…mom…” Taylor let out to her mom.

Her mother knew something was wrong when she heard her daughter, she had heard the tapes of the first diaper but still heard some small sniffles from her. She walked in to find Taylor on the couch with the fresh diaper crumpled between her legs and unfastened.

“I need… the couch and and…. everything” the girls muttered to her mom.

The older women left and came back with a blanket from Taylor’s room and laid it out on the floor in front of the couch. Her mom got to her knees without pain, but Taylor felt a couple of sharp stabs in her legs as she slid herself to the floor and spinning in front of her mother. Being naked from the waist down was the furthest embarrassing thing in her mind, being changed again was first. With years of experience and no obstacles, as she dispatched the shorts, she quickly had the new diaper tightly secured on to Taylor. Unlike the first time this happened the girl paid attention, as much as she hated to admit it her mother secured the diaper nice and tight, which felt better and almost comfortable. Taylor then propped herself up against the couch as her mother got up and grabbed the waste basket and left for the garbage can in the garage. Taylor threw the blanket over her legs and diaper, discovering for the first time her mother had brought down the blanket Taylor had since she was born. The blanket she had been changed on when she was little was now the one she had been changed on again, but it still gave her comfort.

As the day went on the evidence of the morning’s events was a puffy nose and reddish eyes that were fading fast. Given it was her idea to put her college age girl in diapers Taylor’s mom felt very guilty and started to pamper her only daughter into comfort. Bringing her anything and everything she could to take her mind off of her current condition, for Taylor is was working perfectly. She got all of favorites for food a Monster energy drink, mac and cheese for lunch and even some of her mother’s famous snickerdoodle cookies. As she drank the last of the Monster to wash down the cookies Taylor settled in to draw while enjoying one of her favorite films. While trying to decide what to draw she quickly became aware of a shockingly full bladder ready to pop urgently. This surprised her because of her “accident” at breakfast she should not have to go so soon but she looked up at the energy drink can still left on the table near the couch.

“You…” she said out loud at the cylindrical piece of aluminum.

Being treated like a queen had blinded her to the danger of the drink, while it was one of her favorites, they went right through her. Taylor groaned at the realization that she was going to have to pee sooner rather than later, since this madness had begun each wetting had come with new problems or revelations. For the first time the girl focused on wetting but given the state of her bladder it did not take long to hear the slight sound of hissing coming from beneath the blanket. She had just finished her latest experience in diapers when her Mom came in with another surprise.

“Hey sweetie, I brought your PlayStation down so you can play your games, I know you haven’t played in a while but I thought it would be fun” she said presenting the box to her.

Taylor stared at her like a deer in headlights. The girl did not want to admit just wetting her diaper without a fight or let her mom know that she was capable doing so, so she merely smiled and let her hook up the gaming system. Handing her the control, her mother sat back on her heels almost waiting for Taylor to play, so she did. Taylor was surprised that despite the years she remembered much of the game but it was very hard to concentrate. Very aware was an understatement as she felt the diaper between her legs, it was warm and had bulged a bit to her big drink. Her mother’s diaper job ensured that the padding was still tight to her body so she could feel it no matter how much it freaked her out. Something strange happened though, as she played her mother cheered her on and Taylor relaxed and the warmth of the diaper just made her feel, comfortable, the only word she could use to describe it.

She did not even notice when her mother got up to leave as the game began to consume her. Taylor was on fire in her game and she was having a blast, she forgot how much fun it was and she was very much enjoying having all the time in the world to play. Her current situation was not completely lost on her, Taylor had yet to change herself and it was a new feeling to have the diaper on and having been used already. The warmth had faded a long while ago so a cold wet feeling had sunk in between her legs. It was definitely not a pleasant feeling but Taylor could not stop her win streak in the game for such a humiliating task as changing her own diaper.

Eventually even that cold feeling faded as well, the game continued to be her focus so even downing the dreaded can on energy drink despite its effects did not even concern her. It was no surprise later, when the urge to pee began to come on strong but Taylor’s laser focus took over. She was into the game, her bladder was bursting but she was relaxed and so without a forethought Taylor began to soak the diaper she wore once again. She could not recall when she started to pee but once she did Taylor felt the warmth spread out in the diaper. Because she had wet once before the absorbency of the diaper was tested as she could feel it spread further out into the diaper from the larger padding in the center out behind her and further up front. Even from her seated position she could tell the diaper was bursting

The bulge between her legs was huge she felt if she pushed her legs together the diaper would squish out and cause a bigger mess. She finished the level she was on quickly and then hit pause, Taylor was about to call for her mom when she noticed there was a pair of her new “underwear” next to the waste basket. Her mom really had been there for her in this situation Taylor thought to herself as she reached across her body to grab the cloth garment. She scooted herself down to laying down and undid the tapes on the diaper and cleaned herself up, now came the moment of truth, she was determined to get this one on perfectly. Being careful and half sitting up Taylor got the diaper on nice and tight to her and it felt great as she smiled big. The smile faded though as she realized that diapering herself should not make her this happy and it was at best a minor accomplishment to make herself more comfortable.

She sat herself up and reached for the used diaper and as she lifted it up the weight of it was mind boggling, Taylor had no idea that the diaper could hold so much but she imagined that, that was the point. As she tossed it in the waste basket just as her Mother walked in with another tray of treats.

“Mom you know that if you keep this up I’m going to get fat this week” she said, looking at the spread of food laid out in front of her.

“I’m just doing my duty as a mother” she replied in a matter of fact kind of way.

“Is dad coming home soon?” Taylor asked her, changing the subject as she just realized that she did not know the time.

“In a couple of hours I believe” her mother responded by looking at her watch.

“Oh that’s great!” Taylor beamed, her mother had brought another jug full of water and she wanted to avoid using her garment for once.

Her mother could almost read her mind, she had seen her throw another of her protection away and she could feel her daughter’s disappointment at having to wear them.

“Well I’m glad you are feeling more like yourself” she reassured the girl as she took the can to remove the evidence of the day.

Taylor sat there for a second with a moment of clarity here she was, in a diaper, having just wet yet another and she was not miserable. It was such a catch 22, either she could stay miserable for the week or just deal with the situation with maturity. But yet she seemed to have chosen a third route, regressing by sitting there in her suckling blanket in youth, playing her preteen video games and enjoying herself to the point where diapers were an after-thought.

“But are they the cause of this?” Taylor actually said out loud to her confused self.

Her mom, hearing her responded, “What did you say honey?”

“Nothing mom” she applied reassuringly.

Taylor had to shake that thought, the last thing that she wanted to happen was that she could end up liking these diapers. After all, her worst nightmare would be that her body would somehow get used to using a diaper. Now she returned her attention to her games, they were fun anyway, and she noted the time on the clock. It was two and a half hours later and now Taylor was beginning to worry about her dad coming home in time for her to use the bathroom. She did not feel like she had to go, but she doubted that would last very much longer. She was just looking at the clock again 20 minutes later when she immediately felt her bladder start to go again but she clenched up to stop herself. Very focused on controlling on her own functions as if willing it.

She gritted her teeth and out, “I say when, I say when”, almost trying to convince herself.

Just then two things happened at the same time, the door to the garage slammed very loud.

“Hello family!” her father announced.

As those words hit her ears she released the chokehold she had on herself and she flooded the diaper in one fell swoop. Her father brought her upstairs without a word up to the shower and sat her on the toilet. It gave her a chance to use the bathroom, rather than end up with an even worse mess that Taylor did not want to think about. After cleaning herself up, she signaled her dad whom came in and brought her into the shower area. After she finished up cleaning herself Taylor pulled the curtain back and found a fresh pile of clothes, pair of loose running shorts and a tank top (both shades of purple). But much to Taylor’s dismay her mother had put panties into the pile but she knew that it was futile to put them back on so she put them in the pocket of the shorts. She called down to her dad and made up an excuse to go to her room for her phone.

“Thanks dad, could you go and ask mom what is for dinner?” she looked up at her father as he set her down on the bed.

“Um… of course” her dad said as he left in confusion.

As he stepped from the doorway she quickly tucked down her shorts to her knees and reached in the crack in drawer and grabbed another diaper. As she picked it up she got a first look at the inside padding of the garment, Taylor did not usually linger on examining it. It was very apparent that the absorbent pad was very large and thick, which she had noted before but after using them she was amazed how soft it felt. She put aside her thoughts and lifted herself to the side and tucked the diaper under herself and laid down to tape it down snuggly. Taylor had just gotten her shorts up when her dad came in, and whisked her downstairs to a pleasant supper and a movie with her parents.

“Oh dear why don’t you get Taylor’s pillow and blanket upstairs” her mom said to her dad.

“Why?” he asked her as she got up.

“Oh well I plan on taking Taylor shopping tomorrow to get her out of the house” she said as if it was not a big deal.

Taylor was wide eyed, leave the house with a diaper on? What if she had to use it? What if she was caught by a friend with a wet diaper? So many things went through her head and she was going out of her mind with the possibilities that she stresses herself into doing the very last thing she wanted to at the moment. Taylor wet herself in the diaper right there on the couch, she could not believe it was happening but she could not help it was like a wash of relief came over her. It was like as she let go the stress went with it, but that did not stop her from still thinking about what would happen tomorrow. Her mother and father fussed the rest of the night about her being comfortable and during this she managed to get her father to take her back upstairs as they readied the living room.
Taylor just barely managed to throw on another diaper and wrapping herself in a blanket before being taken downstairs. Her mother tucked her in and kissed her on head.

“Mom why do we have to go out I mean… you know?” she said looking away in shame.

“Now dear we are just going to the mall, they have motor carts for you to get around and no one will ever know. I mean how could they?” she reasoned to her daughter.

“I know but it’s just going to be so weird” Taylor said, almost to herself rather than her mother.

“It will be fine honey” her mom said as she went up to bed.

Taylor laid there as she tried to think of all the things that could go wrong but she could not think of that, she might have fun. There is was again, having fun in diapers. The truth was that she had been and Taylor was fearing that her mind and body were taking a liking to this situation. She could not let that happen, could she?

Re: The Prequel (Chaper 2 - NEW!!)

Now the story starts to turn on its axis to the set up of the main story.

Chapter 3 (Wednesday)

Taylor was running out in the woods, she always loved nature and taking a jog out around the small trails behind her house was her favorite place. There was a nice coat of sweat beginning to take hold on her as she rounded a corner in the nice day of sunny heat. She felt warm and completely comfortable, as if she was running on air she glided through the woods and she slowed to a walk looking at some pretty birds on a low hanging branch. Taylor then felt a great warmth spreading through her body but it was not going through her whole body. She rested on her knees looking down but to her great surprise she was not in her regular spandex shorts instead a diaper was in its place. The diaper was expanding the warmth was now explainable by being her wetting herself right there. As confusing as the situation seemed Taylor almost felt that nothing was wrong, like it was expected? That did not make any sense she did not need to wear diapers, she started running back to her house surely something could explain this. She walked into her house and found no one home so she made her way into the room. Almost automatically she laid out a blanket, grabbed a fresh diaper from her drawer and changed herself. As she got up Taylor screamed out, dropping the used diaper and stepping back from her room. What had she done this? Why did she have more diapers? Why? WHY?! She threw her drawers out to find more diapers, strange other garments like shiny underwear and thick long socks. Ripping her closet open she found all of her clothes normally but other clothes were there to that looked like oversize baby clothes.

"WHAT IS GOING ON? she screamed to no one, as she again felt herself wet.

Taylor awoke from a dead sleep on her living room couch covered in sweat and looking around for the scene she just left. That was the weirdest dream and the scariest as she recalled the events of the last couple of days and the fact that it was just a dream. Just as she had calmed her breathing her mother walked in and paused at the entrance to the living room.

“Honey I heard a noise and I … what’s wrong?” she exclaimed she her daughter looking as if a ghost past through her.

“Nothing mom just a dream I guess” Taylor replied in a sort of giggle trying to ease her spirits as well as her own.

“Oh, that’s good I thought you were in pain I have breakfast ready” her mom said happily.

Her mother left and immediately came back and got her in front of a TV tray. As she shifted Taylor became aware that the sweat she had built up during her dream infested sleep made her diaper uncomfortably hot and moist in the wrong places. It was very difficult to get herself in the right position to eat but it was impossible. Just as she finally finished the meal her dad came down the stairs and it just dawned on her that it was very early and her father had not left for work yet.

“Morning sweetie, are you ready to go up and get ready so I can get you in the car?” her father told her.

The blank expression on her face told Taylor’s father that he needed to elaborate.

“Your mother wanted to get an early start today so we decided you would leave the same time I do that way I can get you in the car and you can get an electric cart at the mall” he finished his short but relieving explanation.

“Thank you, dad” Taylor replied with a broad smile.

It was then that her dad swooped up and brought her up to her room where she found her clothes all laid out on her bed. Taylor got all of her clothes on except for her shorts, she had a decision to make. She knew her mother would want her to wear the diaper out, she had said as much but Taylor had a problem, the diaper she was in had been slept in and felt uncomfortable to the point she had to take it off. But wait, that was the solution if she used the diaper now she could get a fresh one and using she might just avoid having to use it in public. She grimaced at the thought but she had to focus, but to her surprise it did not take long for her body to accept her command to fill the diaper. Taylor began to think how easy that was compared to the first time but she thought better then to dwell on it. When she had disposed of the diaper she grabbed a fresh one and taped it on nice and tight, now she grabbed the shorts and got them on.

“Ready to go?” her father asked with a knock on the door as she pulled the shorts into place.

She was brought downstairs and into the car without a stop in-between, as her father put in the passenger seat and was off to work with a peck on the cheek. It was only a second or two later when her mother walk into the garage, locking up behind her, and got into the car. She had placed her bag in the back but it was the size of the bag that got Taylor’s eye, much larger than normal.

“Mom, is that purse new?” she questioned her mother, trying to be cagey.

“Well I had a few things more to put in just in case, you know?” her mother said, avoiding her daughter’s transparent attempts.

“Are you saying you are carrying a diaper bag?!” Taylor exclaimed.

“If you want to call it that dear” her mother said firmly.

Her daughter wanted to continue the fight but unfortunately she knew that her mother was right to be cautious, but her mother carrying around a diaper bag for her it was so… so weird! It was an hour later that they approached the front entrance to mall her mother parked the car out front. Now her mom popped out of the car and hurried inside the store and then a store employee came out driving an electric cart for Taylor to get in. With some help she sat in the scooter and set off with her mother into the big mall.

Taylor was enjoying the feeling of zooming around the mall in the scooter, her mother told her several times to slow down as they made their way through the various stores. Then the worst happened for Taylor, one of her mother’s friends, Amy and her daughter Brittney. They bumped into them outside a clothing store and Taylor became very aware that she was in a diaper and suddenly very thin shorts. Her mother and her exchanged the usual chit chat and Taylor talked to Brittney about her start of summer vacation, Brittney was 13 and had changed a lot since Taylor last saw her.

“Mom one of my friends is over there I’m going to talk to them, ok?” Brittney told her mother as she walked away.

“Yes honey… oh that girl if you only knew how she acted at home.” Amy commented to her own mother.

The two women walked away to continue a private conversation but Taylor heard every word.

“So she is still acting up?” her mom told Amy.

“Oh yes it’s getting worse I do not know why she is doing it” was the reply.

“Well, have you tried to set down some ground rules?” her mom suggested.

“I have set down one rule but it doesn’t seem to work, however I get the impression she is not telling me everything” Amy told her.

“Well with time I’m sure will tell you, and thanks for the advice I solved my problem” her mom told her in a grateful and encouraging tone.

“No problem, I better go catch up with her see you later” Amy finished as she walked off.

Britney’s mother walked off in a fast walk towards where her daughter had gone and Taylor wondered what on earth could the girl could be up to. It was not something that she would get answer to if she asked so she thought nothing more about it. As they left down the hallway, her mother caught a look at a blouse she had to try on so they made their way to the fitting rooms of the store. As she waited for her mom to try it on she happened to glance at the mirror on the wall of the fitting area. She noted that on a normal day she would not have gone shopping looking like she had just rolled out of bed. She slightly giggled when the smile fell from her face, with all that had happened Taylor had not notice the small shorts had been pushed up her legs. Showing “some leg” was not as big a deal that she could see the diaper in plain view next to her left leg. Her hands flew to her pants tugging them down to cover the garment but froze. The shift of her bottom on the cart, caused her full bladder to come full focus, they had brought the water bottle along that sat in the cup holder of electric vehicle. Just as her thoughts turned to holding the bladder it releases, slowly into the diaper and Taylor felt helpless as the diaper began to fill. She looked down as the swollen diaper had formed a nice bulge between her legs and shorts, she dared not look in the mirror again. The tears filled her eyes as she started to cry repeating over and over.

“Why… why…?” Taylor announced to the empty room.

Why could she not hold it even a little bit? Her body was turning on her, if she had to go she would just go. It was not fair, surely a few days would not turn her into some infant who could not take care of herself. Her whimpers did not go unheard by her mother so when she opened the door she simply motioned for her daughter to come in. As the scooter backed into the room her mother kissed her forehead and left the room, leaving the bag for Taylor. The girl wiped the tears from her face she grabbed the bag and looked inside; a small blanket, a diaper, and wipes were in the bag. She huffed and laid out the blanket and got herself on to it on the bench, then untaped the diaper. Up until that point she had only showered to clean up after using a diaper so the wipes actually felt good to clean up and then taped up the new diaper in a haste to get out of the room. As she got out Taylor double and triple checked for any sign that she was showing the padding out from under the shorts.

They left the store without another word and they did not speak until her mother broke the ice.

“We should go see a movie.” The older women announced.

“That would be fun I have not been in a while” she replied to her mother.

“Is there a place you want to go?” Was the response her mother gave while looking at her watch.

“Well there are a couple of places we could go” Taylor said as a grin spread across her face.

“I figured you would, you are my daughter after all” her mom returned the grin.

A couple of hours later Taylor had filled her mother’s arms with new outfits of her favorite variety; she got a few new skirts, shorts, and blouses. She was now having a much better day and she could not wait to wear them out without the padding beneath it, the best thought she could have. They headed off to catch the movie and Taylor was in a great mood to see a great movie. The mall had a theater, a very fancy big screen with lounge leather cushion seats. The movie playing was one Taylor did want to watch so she nodded and they proceeded as if nothing happened. They made their way to the ticket counter and got into the movie with their oversized popcorn and drinks. One of the employees helped Taylor into an aisle seat and they settled in for the movie. She loved the theater but there was one problem and that was the cold, it was an air conditioned theater and they were on full blast. Once the movie began she lost herself in the movie but after about an hour she was still cold but she remarked that was still pretty comfy in the chair. Taylor finally figured out that padding of her diaper made the hard leather comfy not the chair itself. She decided to make the most of it and laid back into the chair completely relaxed. It was not long until she felt like she had to go and soon after a small stream began to fill the diaper and Taylor was no longer cold.

After the movie she and her mother made their way out to the parking lot and home after a long day out. Her mother brought the car up to the curb and she was helped into the vehicle for the trip.
“That was a nice day out, don’t you think?” her mom offered to her daughter.

“Yes it was I had a good time” was the reply, but at the moment she recalled the scene in the fitting room earlier that day.

“You I said I was not going to mention the situation but I feel I have to tell you that you are doing so well with everything that has happened in the last week” her mom began.

“And I have to say I did not enjoy putting you in this position and I will make it up to you I promise. I do not know what I would have done in your situation but you have been acting very grown up and I’m proud of you” she continued as her tone shifted slightly.

Taylor noticed that it was beginning to sound an awful lot like she was speaking to someone who had just been potty trained and had stayed dry. The situation was the exact opposite, she felt she had to say something to bring the conversation back to being age appropriate.

“Well, I am an adult you know” she said with a half-hearted laugh.

“I know you are sweetie; I just have been having major de-ja-vu this week is all.” Was her mother’s strange response.

“What do you mean by that?” Taylor hastily asked.

“Well when you were a little girl you had problems with ‘training’ and it took a strict schedule to get you on track but once we got you in it you had no more… problems.” Her mother replied cautiously.

“What do mean by problems?” her daughter asked, almost not believing this revelation.

“Well we had you in nighttime di… protection well after we had you trained during the day so I made sure that it did not get worse.” the women said with a flick of the radio switch, signaling that the conversation was over.

Taylor sat in stunned silence, she had been a bed wetter when she was little? She could not remember being one at all, and especially did not remember wearing diapers at night. Then a thought occurred to her and she suddenly made sense of a few early memories in her childhood. There had been a chore board that she got stars for doing her tasks each day, there had been a schedule on it as well, planning out each time and each task every day. There was a connection, she felt, between this new information and that board. Suddenly another memory hit her as well, that board was still in her room in a box at the back of her closet with what remained of her childhood picture albums and a few other items that she did not yet recall. Taylor had to see that box, and especially that board… oh yes that board indeed.

Her father was already home when they made their way into the driveway, and her immediately swooped in to bring her up to the bathroom. After getting in to the shower she got off her clothes, with ease after so much practice, and pulled off the wet diaper and tossed it into the trash from her shower chair. It felt great to shower after such a long day and she took a good long time letting the water wash over her. However, she then started to shift and squirm in to her seat, it was plastic and very hard on her bare bottom.

“Ugh, why is this so uncomfortable?” she muttered to herself.

Eventually she got out of the shower when she could not take it anymore and pulled back the curtain to find a note sitting on top of her clothes. It read: Here’s a little treat for you. – Mom.
Under the note was a pair of regular underwear and Taylor beamed at them with a look of long lost friendship. She got dressed and noted how different it felt to be back in “normal” clothes, she called to her dad and he brought her down for supper. The chairs on the dining room table were wooden stools and immediately when she was plopped down she began to squirm. Taylor moved for side to side, rocking across the seat and opening and closing her legs searching for a spot to settle in to. It was frustrating to not achieve something so simple, she got half of her meal down before her mom gave her a quizzical look at her.

“Sorry, I just can’t get comfortable…” the sentence hung there and she finished with, “there we go” as Taylor faked getting to the right spot.

She was not sure why she could not get comfy but then again she did not know why she lied about it either. After supper she was brought back up to her room and settled into bed with the remote to her TV and the covers at the foot of the bed. Stretched out on the bed it was very apparent she was still restless about something and comfort, even in her bed, was not going to be achieved. Taylor laid awake for a long time watching her favorite TV series, first one episode and then another, and another. She glanced at the clock and her brain told her it was time to try and shut her eyes and attempt sleep. Without another thought she wrestled her pants and underwear down, grabbed another diaper from the nightstand, taped it on and then fell back into the bed with the covers. It felt wonderful, comfort at last, Taylor felt like she was on a cloud the bed hugged her in cool sheets and the diaper cushioned her after a whole night of hard surfaces.

Taylor’s eyes snapped open at once and threw the cover aside, she had only gained comfort when she had diapered herself. The cushion she had lacked all night had been the padded diaper she was not wearing. Taylor was disgusted with herself, why had she reacted this way, she only needed them because her mom could not carry her. There had to be an answer, something that could stop her mind from “settling in” to the thought of diapers. It was not too late that her parents had turned in for the night, so she made an excuse to get her father up and bring her the box at the back of her closet. Taylor barely noticed the curious looks that her father gave her because she looked at the box like it was gold, it could hold the answer she wanted.

Her mother’s words from the car trip earlier that night echoed in her mind as she opened the box and peered inside. There was the usual junk that one would find in a box of childhood memories but Taylor pushed them aside to find the item she wanted, and it was not the answer she wanted. The schedule was just as she remembered as it had all the chores she remember from back then; dishes, garbage, feed the fish and sweep the kitchen. But among those, and others, one chore seemed to be repeated throughout the list; use the bathroom. It must have been listed there 6 or 7 times, the truth finally sunk into Taylor’s mind. Her mother had put her on a schedule to make sure that she used the bathroom, or check if she needed to, to stop her from wetting herself during the day, like she had at night. And if she needed any other evidence within the last hour before her old bedtime was two listings to use the bathroom.

It was amazing that how something as trivial as using the bathroom now came into focus because she had been on this schedule one way or another her whole life. She could remember stopping to use the bathroom all the time, in between classes, during vacations, before leaving the house, getting back to the house and right before bed. But somehow this did not affect her in the way she thought it should. Taylor did not feel as if the world was over and she did not even feel in need to cry, why?

“Of course!!” she snapped her fingers together with a smile.

The diapers were only temporary, she only needed to get herself out of them and her body would get her back on that schedule and she unconsciously use the bathroom like before. So simple, she giggled at her momentary solace at being a bedwetter in her youth. She spent another hour looking through some old photo albums, Taylor was amazed that she had noticed before but in the old pictures she had it was obvious she had worn diapers to bed at least. A few pictures of her in pjs showed the line of the padding beneath them, it had gone over her head completely. With satisfaction of solving a mystery and having it not be the huge issue she thought it would be Taylor took the box off her bed and rolled over to go sleep. She would be fine, all she needed to was make it through one more day and Friday would bring a diaper free life. It was that easy, wasn’t it?

Re: The Prequel (Chaper 3 - NEW!!)

I hope these latest chapters have been enjoyable for everyone. In this new chapter Taylor’s thoughts and feelings really show through as we progress towards the main story line. We are very close and so is she. Enjoy!

~Chapter 4 (Thursday)

The sun came through the drapes in Taylor’s room that next morning and it was not until the light had hit her face did it wake her up. Her eyes opened slightly and she rolled over in shock at the sudden burst of light. The movement must have released a choke hold she had on her bladder because she could feel the warmth spreading into the padding of the diaper. The girl sighed heavily at this, but after 4 nights and 3 days in diapers there was no use getting upset it was natural. She lazily reached over to the drawer but when her hand felt nothing but plastic a panic got her awake permanently. Taylor pulled herself up in the bed and pulled the drawer open all the way and brought the bag out. To her relief, the bag had two diapers left but then again IT ONLY HAD TWO LEFT! She let out a grunt of frustration, if she needed one for tonight at least that left only one for today and Taylor sat there in a wet diaper anyways. What was she going to do, when an idea hit her so she flung the covers aside to inspect the diaper. As she grabbed the padding in between her legs, it was warm but it was not bursting by any means, it was going to be close but she should leave it on as long as possible.

The stairs up to the second floor creaked, signaling her mother was coming up to see her. Taylor pulled the sheet back and thrust the two remaining diapers back in the drawer, the last thing she needed was a scolding from her mom for not remembering to watch her stash.

“Morning sweetie, I heard you on the monitor so here is breakfast in bed!” came the sing-song greeting of her mother as the door pushed open.

“Thank you, mom” Taylor replied groggily, acting as if she got up.

A tray was put in front of her on her lap as her mother continued the song, “Here are all your favorites!”

The girl looked at the amazing amount of food in a short area on the tray, “Oh, wow mom I don’t know if I can eat all of this?”

“Oh I know you will eat what you can, how did you sleep?” her mom asked, remembering the previous morning.

“Actually I slept perfectly, better than… better than ever” Taylor told her, dropping the sleepy voice act.

“Well since it is your last day with these cast I figures that you should do all you can before you have physical therapy to do” her mother explained.

“Oh I totally forgot about PT, now your making me nervous” she replied, with a grimace.

“Do not worry about it the doctor told us that there is very little PT, just some stretching for the muscles and walking to jogging to running” Taylor’s mother informed her.

“I did more than that when I worked out before the operation, this will be cake” Taylor said, starting to pick at the food in between words.

“Now do not overdo it, oh I better let you eat here I am talking your ear off” with a kiss on the cheek, she left.

As soon as she was down the stairs Taylor lifted the tray off to the side to spread her legs a bit. Ever sense the tray was placed the diaper was pinned between her legs and the warmth was a constant reminder of the mornings accident. It only helped a bit to spread her legs because of how tight she had placed the diaper, a mental note to loosen the next one a little bit was made. The diaper was still warm and since she knew that it could not come off yet Taylor had to make the best of it. The breakfast went down slowly but surely, doing her best not to think about her wet state and eventually it went away. Her mother had out done herself, there was courses in the meal; with the meal of pancakes there was milk and toast with jam and orange juice. Taylor got down some of the scrambled eggs before washing it down with her refilled water bottle. She was stuffed, almost on queue her mother came in with her PlayStation, hooked it up and was out of the room with the remnants of her breakfast.

It was perfect for Taylor to loose herself in the video game, like she had earlier in the week. But after an hour or so the diaper was just a cold wet feeling, nothing warm about it. Taylor paused her game and wrapped herself in the blankets looking for the warmth that had left the diaper. As she nestled into the blankets she laid her head back, a full stomach and a weary mind sleep took her in a nice midday nap.


“Honey, wake up” her mom was shaking her awake.

“Huh, oh thanks mom, how long was I out” Taylor said only opening her eyes.

“Not long I heard your snores and then I waited about a half hour” was the reply.

“Hmm… it was a nice nap” she said, as a matter of fact.

“I bet but you should stay awake, enjoy your day” she said, leaving her room but pausing at the door, “Oh and a I left a tray of treats for you… oh you look so snuggled in.”

Her mother gave a wink for the treats and nauseating voice for the comment she was out the door.

“Don’t forget warm!” Taylor called out while she looked down at the tray of goodies.

She froze at her own words, she was warm, warm from head to toe and everything in between. Not even the eyes of a hawk could have seen how fast she whipped off the blankets into the cool air, the swollen diaper bulked out between her legs. Taylor did not need to grab the diaper to see that she had wet the diaper again, the breakfast liquids had only made a pit stop in her bladder. As she surveyed the damage she ran her hands through her hair as the realization hit her.

In a whisper to herself she muttered, “I wet the bed.”

No it could not be, surely she had just wet while talking to her mother and had not noticed it. That was a much more pleasant thought to her at the moment as she worked up the courage to push on the diaper to see if it leaked. Taylor was impressed by the diaper, it squished the slightly but it did not leak out. Based on how full it was, and how much she drank, the accident of the morning must have been much smaller than this one. It was then she had a decision to make, should she change now or later. Another wet would most certainly leak out and she did not want a mess that she could not clean up, but she would have to risk it.

She turned her attention back to the game, which was still paused where she left it. The game was getting intense and Taylor slipped into full game mode, she enjoyed playing even more now than she did when she got it. She was in the zone; every moment that was not playing the game it was a handful of snack or chugging the pop that her mother had left for her. She checked the clock and noted she had been playing most of the afternoon and only a couple hours until her father got home. Only 30 minutes later the urge to pee hit her like a freight train, she was able to hold it off from just going right there, a personal victory for her. As Taylor hit the pause button it was apparent that she was going to have to go sooner than later, the grimace on her face was one of half pain, half desperation. She thought to herself that it should not be this hard to hold her own bladder and as she looked off to the tray the shiny can of Monster they on its side, empty.

It was as if something snapped inside of her, a rage attack that had been boiling on the surface since the first diaper was taped on her.

“Ugh, how could I be so stupid… oh oh why?!” Taylor began talking to herself.

She had enough sense to turn off the monitor but that was all as the rage and fury burst out from her.

“NO, NO… no…. I can control myself!” she yelled at her own body, as if willing it to listen.

“Ok… Just think of something else… Whew…” Taylor let out some air as she pulled her tangled hair out of face.

Try as she might she could not think of a topic that did not lead to her diapered condition and so she began to talk to herself, convince herself about her and her situation.

“You did not wet the bed, your reading too much into this” she started this conversation with herself.

“You have been under a lot of stress. You have to wear and use diapers. You found out you wet the bed when you were younger. You have… at times … maybe even… enjoyed this week” Taylor laid out all the facts to herself.
The pressure on her bladder increased as she talked, but it drew only minimal notice to her as she talked.

“Now here you are, in a soaked diaper holding back a full bladder…WHY?!… because you did not think about maybe, possibly, not drinking two glasses of orange juice and milk at breakfast and … oh yes… a whole can of monster which goes right through you…” she let out a huff of air as she tried to hold on a little more.

Her bladder was bursting at this point and Taylor knew that she would not be able to hold on any longer.

“Come on please… (a little pee squeaked out) … I can do this… (the leak began to become a steady stream) … this week is almost over, you can make it through…” Taylor continued her speech to herself spreading her legs slightly, letting the flow of pee empty into the diaper.

“Once the week is over you will be back to normal… (the stream slowed as the diaper felt sloshy between her legs) … yes I can do it … (she her tensed body relax as it ended) … yes I will do it” Taylor finished her motivational rant.

As the girl looked down between her legs, it was apparent that the diaper was bursting and she could even feel some wetness on the sides of her thighs. In her upright position, Taylor carefully undid the tapes on the front of the diaper. She pulled the bulk of diaper out from under and amazed at the weight of it, gladly thinking that it was fortunate that her first accident had been so minor. This diaper was at its limit and with a gentle toss it was in the bin out of sight. While it had done a good job of absorbing there was still a good amount of wetness between her legs, so she reached and grabbed the pack of wipes her mother stored on her nightstand the previous night. Taylor got herself cleaned up and relaxed into the bed for a moment of calm, she had surely bought herself a lot of time by using that diaper three times. Still, stupidly, drinking that Monster was going to cost her and that was her fault but she would have to make the most of it. Her dad would be home soon but she knew that putting the second to last diaper on was the right thing to do, just in case. What would it matter anyway, she had a game to finished and wasn’t she ok with using the diapers?

Taylor resolved to think positively and decided that no matter what, she would be out of diapers sooner rather than later so why even think about it anymore. There was so much stress as it was, still using the diapers was one thing, accepting them was something she was not ready to do. Slowly she reached over and diapered herself once again, thinking about only having to do this one more time put a smile on her face and she picked up the remote to the game once again.

Taylor continued that game in the same enthusiasm as someone who a played them their whole life and soon she fisted pumped the air in victory. Over the monitor, which had been turned back on, her mother heard the news and came upstairs to talk to her daughter.

“Congrats sweetie, I figured I would bring you a movie to watch, I bought it for you yesterday!” she said holding up the movie like a prize.

“Awesome mom, I didn’t see that movie in theaters I heard it was good!” Taylor said with a small clap.

“Well here ya go!” her mother said, popping the movie in and she hurried out.

She was back in minutes with a bowl of popcorn, “I hope this won’t spoil supper” the women said, with a wink.

“Thanks anyways” the girl replied with a giggle.

The movie began and drew Taylor’s attention from the very first title sequence. About halfway through the movie she vaguely recalled a voice coming from downstairs.

“Taylor, your father is running late so dinner will be later!” was the yell from her mother.

The message registered with Taylor but it had a double meaning for her. As the movie continued it became apparent that the rest of the energy drink was building up to be let out. So when her mother finished the message she replied to it and went back to watching the movie while letting herself pee. She had not even felt the need but her mind had seemed settled to empty her bladder and Taylor made no fuss about it. What did it matter, it only helped her anyway, though she silently cursed herself for drinking so much pop, energy drink, milk, juice and water that day, it was no wonder she had to pee.

The movie ended, and she had been so involved in watching it that barely any of the popcorn had been eaten. As she set the bowl aside, her mom came in with a large tray of food for two and set it next to the bed.

“Are you still hungry?” was the first question asked by her mother.

“Yeah actually I didn’t eat much popcorn, that was an amazing movie” she explained.

“Well I’m glad, dad is going to be home late so I figured that I would have supper with you tonight, sound good?” her mom asked.

“No you should leave… haha of course we can” Taylor joked with her mother.

“Dig in then kiddo” was the response to her ‘less than’ a joke.

The dinner went by in a rush of laughter and intrigue as Taylor told her mother about the movie in great detail. It was amazing that she had got to eat anything with how much she was talking with her mother. Somehow she managed to clear her plate and they continued to talk for another hour and Taylor realized that it was the first time all week that she had not thought about diapers. It was a good couple of hours and she loved talking with her mother about what had happened in the movie and then more about her last semester of school. Her mother finally decided to clear the dishes and gathered them up telling her that she was going to call and see where her dad was.

Taylor relaxed back into the bed, she was hoping her father would get home soon. A shower would feel like heaven after sitting in her bed all day and she was hoping to use the toilet at least once today. But she did not have to wait long, just as she was dozing off her father swooped into the doorway of her bedroom.

“Hey you, I’ll bet your ready for a trip the shower huh?” he said waiting for the obvious answer.

“You have no idea” she replied, with a laugh.

Her dad then made beeline for her picked her up out of bed at what seemed like a dead run. He tore through the house and plopped her down on the toilet seat in the bathroom with a huge grin.

“That fast enough for you?” he laughed at her.

“…yep” was all she could say.

Her father closed the door without another thought but Taylor was in shock. It was not the actions of her father that put her in this state but something more… fearful? In the moments she had been lifted out and dragged to the bathroom her bladder relaxed some and that was all it took to soak the diaper. Taylor grabbed the front padding and nodded slowly, confirming the accident that was a surprise to her more than anyone. She could have broken into another train of thought about why this had happened but she decided she was too tired to do so. She decided, instead, to applaud her foresight of putting on some shorts she her father did not see the diaper she wore.

She pulled off the full diaper and threw it in the trash can and sat back on the toilet happy to use it instead of having that type of accident. She shook those thoughts away as she pulled the shorts back up and called to be moved into the shower. Taylor thought that she probably never had a shower as good as this one, after such an eventful day in bed, she felt the water wash away her cares and worries. Then an excited realization hit her, all she had to do was wear the diaper that night and it was over. It would be all over, that last accident would be her last and she would wake up and be carried to the bathroom by her father. The diaper would be thrown away, unused and never again would she have to wear them again!

Taylor had to admit it, even though the diapers had made the week one of the longest in her life. However, they had done a good job at keeping her thoughts off her clunky looking legs. They had barely been aching lately as well so as soon as she was out of the casts she would be able to walk again. Eventually she grew tired of the shower, turned it off and dried herself. As usual the clothes were waiting for her and she dressed for bed, like she not been there the whole day.

“Dad I’m ready to go!” she shouted out.

Her dad same and scooped her up and brought her to bed and kissed her goodnight, walking back downstairs to finish his late supper. Her mother walked into her room about a minute later.

“Are you happy to have these old things off tomorrow?” her mom asked her, sitting on the bed.

“Oh yes, though they haven’t been that bad” she told her mother, honestly.

“You handled it well sweetie, goodnight I will get you up in the morning” she said, getting up and walking out.

Taylor laid there with a smile on her face as she sighed and then reach over to the drawer and pulled out the final diaper. She held it in her hands and felt the thick padding or the sticky tapes. One more go around, Taylor pulled her shorts down her legs and off. With a wiggle she worked the padding under her and pulled the diaper up front to tape the one side. It was then, with a final pull of the tape, the diaper was secured on to her. Taylor pulled the covers back and decided that, maybe just for the night, wearing a diaper would be comfy. She felt the dry but plush padding surround her as she settled herself in for a good night’s sleep. As she closed her eyes, Taylor felt certain that tomorrow she would turn a corner and be diaper free once again because she never felt so comfortable or happy in her life.

Re: The Prequel (Chaper 4 - NEW!!)

Well we reach the second to last chapter at last, I would like to say that if you find some of the writing erratic it was designed to show the inner conflicts of our main character so I hope I was able to show that with out making it too confusing for the reader. The final chapter will cover two days, previous chapters have been only one day in the story line. However, as we set up for the main story to return I felt in necessary to do one final large chapter to set up the motives behind decisions made in the main story so that we can focus on other important aspects of the story. For now, enjoy this latest edition as the Prequel draws to a close.

Chapter 5 (Friday)

Taylor found herself out in the middle of a huge deluge of a rainstorm, it felt cold on her skin and she shivered all the way into her bones. She was standing in the middle of nowhere as she looked around for anything to tell her where she was. It was dark and the only light came from the moonlight which was less than impressive on this night. Taylor felt so cold, so lonely, so uncomfortable and most of all, scared nothing in the world could compare to this feeling. She closed her eyes against that rain and thought to herself to think of something else, think that she was anywhere but here when a warm sensation took over her lower extremities. As the feeling spread the rain halted abruptly and she opened her eyes to a new and better scene before her. Instead of standing in a dark rain storm in her traditional jeans and tank top, soaked to the bone, she now stood in the middle of a white sandy beach in the surf. Taylor was waist deep and now in a swim suit but not only that she no longer felt anything but safe, secure and comfortable. She stood there enjoying the warmth of the water on her when a voice pierced the air.

“Taylor!” came the calm sound of a familiar voice.

She looked around for someone calling her but saw no one.

“Taylor!” the sound was more forceful this time.

The sound seemed to come from everywhere but Taylor found herself rooted to the spot yet something seemed to be pulling at her.

“TAAAAAYLOOOORRR!” came the scream and Taylor woke up.


“Honey are you awake now, I’m sorry for yelling” her mother told her while moving throughout her room.

“Huh… I… huh” Taylor grunted as she slowly came back to reality.

She lay in her bed, eyes still closed as she awoke from such a weird dream.

“We are running late, the alarm did not go off so we really only have time for you to get dressed and we have to go hurry” her mother said throwing clothes on to the bed and scurrying from the room.

Taylor opened her eyes and began to move slowly as she began to lift herself to sit up in the bed. When she rested her body again she felt the diaper between her legs for the first time that morning. The covers are already pulled aside she had readjusted she looked down at the diaper as her eyes focused. The diaper looked as if it was glowing in the dark of the room, the sound of the plastic and cloth as it had shifted still lingered in the room. But the most important detail was how it felt to Taylor, wet. There was no denying it this time she most certainly had wet the bed this time, she remembered feeling wet after a nap the day before but had dismissed it. She was in shock so that she wasted what little time she did have when her mother called up to her from the downstairs.

“Are you dressed yet?!” she yelled to her daughter.

Taylor knew that tone and figured she better think about her accident later, she reached for the clothes and quickly slipped the bra and shirt on. It was then she heard her someone coming upstairs, thinking she could still stall for some time she knew she had to cover the diaper if it was her father coming in. She reached for what she thought were shorts but found a pleated skirt as the noise of the person reaching the top of the stairs reached her ears. Taylor made a quick decision to put the skirt on and had it place as her father walked into her room, flicking the light on. She was temporarily blinded by the light so she did not see her father advancing towards the bed.

“Oh good you are ready come on we gotta rush, last time sweetie” he jarred at his daughter, as he scooped her up and out the door.

“Wait dad, please I have to… Um” Taylor could not think of a plausible reason for her father to stop his race to the van.

Before she knew it he had deposited her in the back seat of the vehicle and shut the door. Gathering herself as he jogged around to the driver seat and she looked at her mother but realized that she had even less options to talk to her. Revealing herself as a bed wetter was completely out of the question yet her mother thought her situation was over. As far as she knew Taylor no longer wore the diapers let alone she was sitting in a wet one tight now. They backed out of the garage and they made their way to the main road to head to the hospital, she was about to have a doctor appointment in a diaper.

Taylor wondered how she had got herself in such a bad situation, she now thought of a hundred ways it would have been easy to get the diaper off but now she was out of those options. She cursed herself for this happening but she had more pressing matters to consider. Taylor decided to use the drive to plan her concealment in the doctor’s office, a quick look down confirmed that would be difficult because the skirt only went to mid-thigh. She could only imagine if the skirt rode up even slightly that the diaper would show to everyone and the thought made her shudder. She would have to be careful how she moved but it was doable and she had a spark of a thought, all she had to do was to ask to go to the bathroom and the diaper could be thrown away.

The smile spread across her face as she thought of throwing away the last diaper she would ever wear. A little while later they pulled up to the hospital and she was placed in a wheelchair and brought into the waiting area. Before she could ask to go to the bathroom the doctor came out to escort them into a room just down the hall. Then she was unable to speak before they had her up on a table and immediately began to work the casts on her legs off. Taylor was allowed to lay back as the casts were being removed and it seemed to take an age as her stomach began to growl.

“Oh I forgot that you have not had breakfast, would you like something or can I get her something?” her mother had asked the doctor.

The doctor mumbled something and her mother did too as she and her father left the room. Taylor was too distracted to care about food because she watched the doctor’s eyes hoping that the diaper would not be discovered beneath her skirt. They had removed one of casts and were halfway through the other when buzzers went off on the staff in her room, with a quick check of everything they all left the room. The emergency apparently was bad enough that it required a lot of doctors and nurses as she saw many running down the hall towards whatever it was. Her parents came back with some vending machine breakfast and a coffee for her and she had to explain where the doctors were before she could eat. She initially just sipped at the coffee but eventually the cup was thrown away and another was fetch as she grew impatient at the long wait. She was so close to being able to walk again Taylor felt very anxious waiting, but then again it could just be the coffee at this point.

The moment came when the staff came back in apologizing for the wait and it no time they declared she was cleared to take a few steps. There was hesitation on her part but she was encouraged so she lifted herself off the table and on to the floor. The sensation of being on her feet was weird after being on her back all week but she smiled up to her parents.

“So I’m not going to wreck anything if I walk?” she asked the doctor, looking for more encouragement.

“Well you may have been out of it when I explained to your parents, but the casts and the walking restrictions were due to the incisions. We did not want those to be opened up so we put the casts on and asked that you not walk. You should have no trouble now the wounds are remarkably healed” he told her.

The explanation boosted her confidence and she lifted her right leg and took two steps across the room and froze. It was like the entire world stopped for Taylor in those first two steps, she took the steps without realizing she had done so because she was focused on something else. With the first movement of her leg a pressure became apparent on her bladder and as quickly as it came it was released as her first foot came down on the ground. With the next step she became aware, for the first time, of the weight of the diaper on her hips. The tapes pulled down slightly and the diaper expanded between her legs it filled from her second accident of the day and the previous night.

“Are you ok, any pain?” the doctor addressed her formally.

Taylor realized that she had taken those two steps and had been impersonating a statue of a wide eyed person either about to collapse in pain or having seen a ghost. Gathering herself together again she had to put her full diaper thoughts aside to get herself out of the hospital and in this “soaked” situation.

“No in fact I’m totally ok, just a little shaky I haven’t walked in a while” she said with a slight giggle.
“Oh good, that is very good” the doctor said with a smile.

“So what is the next step for her” her mother chimed in with a breath of relief.

“Well some physical therapy as we told you before, we have a folder of the recommendations but the surgery seems to be an excellent success so as long as she follows the restrictions she should be able to do most anything” said the doctor in a monotone voice and finished with, “I know it sounds a bit different but we really only had the casts to make sure the surgical openings had healed well, so serious strain is the only thing to avoid.”

“That sounds good to me” Taylor replied with a huge grin.

Her parents continued to talk to the doctor as he walked out the door and the nurses kept her walking around the room so that she could walk out to the car. After about a half an hour she was walking as normal as the next person however she was a little sore and wondering where her parents were. Finally, they walked back in, ushered her outside and to the car. It was halfway out to the car her diaper finally came into focus again, she had finally remembered it. She started to walk funny because walking with that much padding was now awkward as she did not like wetness being pressed in between her legs. When she was laying down it was easy to spread her legs enough to avoid it but not while you walked, especially when the diaper was wet.

When she waddled to the car she was most distressed at sitting in the diaper, now just slightly warm and wet, so that when she sat it was most uncomfortable. About 10 minutes into the drive her parents were in deep conversation about something she chose not to hear and began muttering to herself.

“A million times, a million times you could have made this an easier week” she cursed herself.

“Why should I have made it easier? Why should wearing diapers have been more than horrible” was the inner answer.

The inner voice continued, “But then again it was not horrible, there were good parts.”

“There were no… Well I guess there were some good moments, some of the best times I have had recently” Taylor replied to herself.

“Yes but why were they good, it was the diapers wasn’t” the inner voice prodded her.

“No it was because I didn’t have to do anything, no responsibility, that’s all” she determined.

“True, but what about those feelings you were having, comfort and security” was the reply.

Taylor did not have an answer to that so she remained silent to the question.

“Then of course you found out that your mother was the only reason that you were not in diapers for longer than necessary, but then again maybe you always needed diapers” was the continuing voice.

“I spent years out of diapers, I did not need them then” she defended herself.

“Maybe if you had been in diapers you would not need to plan your day around bathroom trips and have every week be like this one” the voice said breaking down her situation.

“Me? Be in diapers all the time? That does not make sense” she said to herself.

“Well that might be how you were supposed to be” was the conclusion that both her inner voice and Taylor thought together.

Then again here she was, in a wet diaper now and she was so uncomfortable she was talking to herself and almost convincing herself that she needed diapers. Well, she reasoned that she was only uncomfortable because the diaper was used and had been long enough it was just wet. The comfort of a new diaper was pretty nice, or how warm they got when she used them. Taylor then realized what she was doing, and she could not bring herself to accept thoughts such as these. She did not, absolutely not, need to keep wearing these diapers and they were not something she wanted to wear ever again.

It was at that very moment when the car halted in her garage, she had been so preoccupied with her own inner conflict that the whole ride had gone by. As soon as the car had been turned off Taylor was out of the vehicle and up the stairs into her room, she hiked up her skirt and tore off the diaper into the trash. She was free at last, but now she had to erase all of this the traces of the now repulsive garments that she had been wearing. To even think that she had been considering wearing them all the time, it was just laughable now. The trash was filled with the diapers from the previous day and the new one, Taylor added the empty bag to the mix and then promptly grabbed the whole mess and went downstairs to throw it away.

Her parents both looked at her with a weird stare as she dumped the trash and then proceeded right back up the stairs, gathering up some clothes she went into the bathroom. Taylor sat down on the toilet looking for a satisfied feeling but all she felt was cold and uncomfortable, using the toilet just felt wrong to her. But using the diapers for more than wetting was still not something she had even considered so there was a bright side although it was a hollow victory. Very aware that this was not the feeling she wanted to have Taylor merely dismissed her misgivings and then proceeded to the shower. Standing there letting the water cascade down she felt that everything was washing away, everything that she had felt towards or against the diapers just went down the drain.

“Now this is what I needed” Taylor told herself as she cleaned up.

She stayed in the shower for a while longer and when she finally came out she was greeted by a steamy bathroom that was just as warm as the shower. Taylor dried off and then went to the pile of clothes she had brought in, for the first time in a week she picked up a pair of panties and slipped them on. Immediately the difference was apparent to her, there was no feeling of padding or anything the resembled… the word escaped Taylor as she walked around the room. It was if she did not have anything on at all, an empty feeling as there was no… the “thing” that was missing still escaped her mind. Taylor reached down and felt the cotton fabric, frowning slightly as she did so, it just did not feel right. She mindlessly got dressed and walked down the stairs to the living room and sat down on the couch, her parents watched this scene with still more confusion.

“Honey are you ok?” her mother prodded at her.

“Huh… oh yes I’m fine” was her response but her mind was swimming with conflicts.

Taylor noticed a look on her mom’s face as she looked from her daughter to her father. Taking the queue, her father spoke up to the whole room.

“Well now that you are walking around we should celebrate how about a movie?!” was his grand gesture to his daughter.

“Oh that sounds lovely” she sang out, faking the excitement.

Her father went to the TV and got the movie set up while her mother made some popcorn, still staring at her.

“Make sure to double the butter” Taylor yelling back to the kitchen.

All three settled in for the movie but it gave Taylor the time to think that she needed. This was supposed to be a happy occasion; so why did she feel uncomfortable sitting there? The couch seemed to the be getting stiffer and lumpier with every time that she shifted. Not at all having a fun time, Taylor did not pay much attention to the movie but managed to fain enough interest to not have her parents bothering her. Finally deciding to forgo the battle with the couch cushions she got up to grab a pop from the kitchen. She leaned down into the fridge to grab the can when she felt a rush of warmth in between her legs. Taylor stood up straight and looked down to find nothing there on the front of her shorts, no wet patches or anything that would explain the feeling. She quickly grabbed the coke and ducked back in the kitchen further, out of sight of her parents. By another quick examination there was still no signs of wetness, by pulling the shorts to her knees the problem then showed itself. While her shorts had nothing on them her normally bright blue underwear had a dark patch on the front of them, it was not a big spot but enough to still feel against her skin. With a frown she yanked her shorts back up and went back into the living room.

“Anything wrong honey” her father asked without looking away from the screen.

“Nothing, just couldn’t decide what to drink” she replied with the same aloofness.

While this was no accident Taylor found herself annoyed that with such mess she had to endure the reminder whenever she moved her legs at all. Suddenly the realization hit Taylor what had been missing, why the underwear did not feel good and why the couch was so uncomfortable and why she was so annoyed at a little pee escaping her. Diapers, she thought, had done one thing for her and that was giving her support… support and comfort. This thought scared Taylor as she thought of the little wetness that she had between her legs, what if this was the beginning what if she could not control herself. Her breathing became labored as thoughts of going back to diapers started to swim in her head, she could not go back, she just couldn’t.

“Well that was fun!” her mother announced.

Taylor looked to find that the movie credits were running, signaling that she had missed the last of the film having her personal crisis.

“Yeah it was” she told her mother, half-heartily.

Her mother! That was the answer, her mother had put her on a strict bathroom schedule and it had stopped her bedwetting and day accidents as a kid. That was all she had to do, just start to have a good schedule of using the toilet and the problem would fix itself. Really she only needed a little help after all.

“Wow, look at the time we have that meeting tomorrow we should go to bed” her father said, getting out of his chair.

Her mother shot him a dirty look and looked like a realized some sort of mistake. Taylor noted this but pretended that she did not notice the slip.

“Yeah I should get to bed to, got to get an early jump on the weekend, rehab and all” she said as she gingerly walked up the stairs, going up stairs was a little more work on her healing legs.

“Night” both her parents rang out in a hurried answer.

Taylor was just about to head into her bedroom when she remembered her plan to be better at watching her bathroom breaks. Cursing herself for almost forgetting to use it she headed to the bathroom and then preceded to her room. Plopping herself on the bed, she felt the wash of exhaustion finally hit her. With her legs aching slightly she reached for her pjs and slipped them on after tossing the old clothes across the room. Letting her mind wander as the blankets were pulled up around her Taylor began to think of the weird week she had just experience. She recalled the emotional turmoil that had been her struggle during the week but that was not the focus of her next thoughts. Putting on that first diaper, the feeling of a clean diaper after the warmth of a full diaper, and most of all, the fun she had with a mostly worry-free week. All thoughts of the “evils” of wearing diapers left alone, Taylor fell asleep thinking it was a different experience but it was over.

Re: The Prequel (Chapters 1-5)

Well here we are, the final chapter of the Prequel. As most of you know after this the first chapter of my old story ‘Diapers are Addictive and Contagious’ will be posted in a new and revised edition. I’m glad people have been enjoying this story and hope they read the next one! And so we go, Enjoy!

Chapter 6 (Saturday & Sunday)

Taylor woke up the next morning in a very unusual position, instead of waking up in a bright sunlit room it was dark. It took a moment for her to realize that she had flipped a pillow on top of her face in the night and she promptly pushed it out of the way. It had been a long time sense she had slept well enough to not dream and wake up like she was a living dead person. Groggily she raised her head to see that only one of her legs was under the blankets as her thick wool blanket had been tucked between her legs. Just her slight head movement told her that her bed head was going to need attention if she wanted to look halfway decent today. Blowing a few strands out of her mouth she shifted up pulled herself into a sitting position. Taylor felt cold as her leg was pulled from the warmth, as she stretched her arms up something wet glanced against her inner thigh. Shooting up from the bed it she stared at a small blotch of dark fabric in the blanket.

“What the…” she yelled in the empty room.

But just as quickly as the words left her lips the realization of another wet night was all too clear. She could already feel the slipperiness between her legs as they had been pressed together, she swore under her breath. How could she have been so stupid as to go to bed without some protection, her plan to slightly “retrain” herself was nothing if she was not cautious. But surely she had not thought the wet nights would continue and yet they had as this was at least the third night and maybe more. Then a more comforting thought had popped into her head as she peered back at the wet spot.

“Well that is not very big” she muttered to herself.

Maybe this meant that things were getting better she thought to herself, yes that was it. Pushing the thoughts out of her mind she decided that she needed to get these sheets to the laundry without her parents knowing. If her mother knew what was happening she could not live it down. Thinking fast she got out of bed and stripped her pjs and tossed them into the basket in the corner. Taylor made it to the dresser and decided to dress for a workout as she worked some spandex on with shorts over them, then a sports bra. She then stripped the bed of its contents and put them in the basket with her dirty clothes over the top of them. This was the genius bit, if her parents passed they would not see the evidence right away or ask questions. Taylor made it down the stairs and then down the next stair case into the basement, she made it to the laundry room doorway when her luck ran out.

“Oh hey dear, good morning” her mother said as they bumped into each other.

“Morning mom” she said, trying to sound casual.

“Got some washing huh” was the response.

“Yeah well I haven’t been able to get to it you know” making an off handed joke.

“I know, I might as well help” she laughed her answer, and taking the basket.

Her mother always had a habit of going through the laundry before she put it in so Taylor had to think fast.

“Sounds good to me” was her faked excited answer.

They silently started to sort the laundry, as they reached the sheets she did not know what to do when her mother questioned her.

“Washing your own sheets, you have not done that before” she said with a surprised tone.

Thinking on her feet, “Well I spent a lot of time in my bed last week and… and well I have been doing it at university.”

It did not sound too convincing but why would she lie after all.

“Oh I suppose that is true, you have been on your own lately… you are so grown up” her mother told her.

As her mother had stopped, Taylor gathered up all of the sheets (and the wet pjs beneath them) and through them into the washer.

“I think I better get to work with some physical therapy, enough to get everything working again” she said with a breath of relief.

“Oh… oh of course” her mother said, looking as if she wanted to add more but could not find the words.

“It’s ok mom” the girl said with a pat on her mother’s shoulder.

Taylor left the room and mindlessly walked into the large gym in the basement of her home. Sitting on the bench in the middle of the room the last thing on her mind was working out. She thought about her situation, wetting the bed was bad enough but what if she regressed further. It had happened so fast, surely it was not like all she had to do was wear a diaper and then become a little girl again. Yet here she was wondering if she would be able to potty train herself again, the thoughts shook her. She had made a plan, yet it seemed feeble, Taylor could not control herself when she was asleep. Her head was hurting from these thoughts but she had to think everything through, lay out the facts no matter what. Maybe the unthinkable was true, her mother had only stopped the inevitable, and her body was incapable of holding her bladder from releasing itself.

Shaking her head at the idea, Taylor resolved not to think of any of this again. She was going to take whatever happened when it happened and not worry herself, she had spent too much time, too much time thinking of the bad. She straightened her back at these feelings, it was not the end of the world. So often she had sit in her bed pondering what these last few days meant but maybe everything would work itself out. Speaking of, it was time to work on her physical therapy and she started to stretch oud her legs muscles carefully as they twitched slightly. Taylor did some regular stretches and then worked in some yoga as well, for a bit of extra work. Now she moved to the treadmill and began at a walk but soon broke into a jog. It was the pangs of pain on her lower legs that showed that she needed to ease back a little bit so she backed off and walked for another 20 minutes. With a sigh of relief Taylor got off of the treadmill very sore but she still figured that she could do some weight lifting. Laying back on the bench she began to press a small amount of weight, which felt heavier with each movement and with a final push up she felt the familiar pressure in her bladder.

Forgetting any soreness, the girl began the dash to the bathroom, it was an urgent message but she was holding it successfully. Fumbling with the door she entered the room and relaxed slightly at being so close to relief and it was a mistake. Taylor could feel the pressure double as she got herself in front of the toilet, pulling the loose shorts down she now had to get the spandex down. This proved difficult due to the amount of sweat she had built up with her work out, but as she pulled the material off of her skin to allow it to be slid down she felt the all too familiar feeling of warmth spreading between her legs.

“Ugh, not again” she exclaimed in an exhausted tone.

When her bladder had emptied Taylor was more concerned about the mess than anything else. Testing her new found attitude of not thinking too much about her situation she resolved that this was a true accident, she had held herself together until she got to the bathroom. It was just an unfortunate occurrence, turning her attention to pulling off the darkened spandex. She used a washrag to clean herself up as this latest accident had leaked down the inside of her legs. Luckily her shorts had escaped damage and she wore them as she dashed up to her room, so her mother would not question her. When she reached her room Taylor became aware that she felt uncomfortable after cleaning up, the rag had wiped away the pee from her body but there was still a slight sticky feeling and a slight smell. Pulling down the shorts she looked around her room and spotted the baby wipe package that had escaped her diaper purge. Shrugging to herself, shew made her way over to the wipes and proceeded to re clean the mess. When she finished Taylor felt so much better as the wipes had left her feeling so much more clean, her memories of feeling a fresh diaper after using the wipes came rushing to her as she smiled.

On an impulse Taylor darted to the bathroom and placed the wipes under the sink within reach, she would use these instead of toilet paper for a while. Stepping back into her room she decided to find something wear to rid herself of her sweaty workout clothes. Rummaging through her closet she could not find anything that suited her and nothing felt right if she actually tired it on. Frowning at her failure she began to dig deeper into her overfilled closet, the next time something caught her eye she reached for the hanger and jumped out of the way when a box on the top of her closet came with it. The box fell to the floor and the top popped open slightly as clothes came into view. Curiosity got the better of her as she opened the box to discover the packed remains of her childhood clothing.

Memories came back to her as she found a couple of old Halloween costumes along with some old dresses and pink suspenders that she wore as a little kid. Smiling at the find she pushed the box aside and brought down a couple of other boxes, she noted that they seemed to be in order of age range as indicated on the sides of the boxes. She opened the box that seemed to contain the newest clothing from when she was around 13 to 16 and laughed at the clothes she was able to wear only a few years ago.

“Having fun?” came a questioning voice at the doorway.

Taylor jumped and knocked over the pile of boxes as her mother came in apologizing for the fright.

“Jeez mom, put a bell on or something” she grunted, hold her stubbed toe.

“I really am sorry but I thought you knew I was there” the older women replied, trying to hold back a laugh.

“Well I did not… so what are these doing in here anyway?” she turned the question to her mom.

“When you left for college I took advantage of the extra storage” was the answer.

He mom strode to the boxes and pulled a light blue sweater out of the “teen” box.

“You wore this when you went on your very first date” her mother stated.

“Yeah and it sucked” Taylor reminded herself and her mother.

“I know but you looked cute” she countered, with a wink.

Taylor winced at the memory and brushed aside the compliment as she and her mother picked through the clothing. They talked for while about more pleasant memories and then her mother left to help her dad with supper. Taylor really got the impression something was wrong because her mother was not one for sitting around talking about old times but she did not push it. Deep within the box she found some even older clothes that she could remember but only vaguely, why had her mother kept all this? She was about to give up the trip down memory lane when something at the bottom of her box caught her eye. There was a very pieces of underwear that looked different from the type of clothes she was finding from her childhood, much to her dismay she realized what they were. They were pairs of padded underwear mixed in with all of the cotton Disney underwear she wore as a kid. They were bright colors and thick between the legs but not to the amount that a diaper was. Although she had trouble when she was younger, seeing the evidence was altogether different.

Wanting to bury that evidence from sight she placed them back at the bottom of the box and made sure it was the box buried out of sight in the back of her closet when she finished cleaning. All of the reminders of issue she faced had seemingly found ways of continuing to torture her mind even as she had decided to ignore the problem as much as possible. But, in fact, she started to feel a bit better about the whole thing. Taylor was not having any accidents during the day, she chose to discount the workout incident, and there were not any close calls since that morning. And while finding the padded underwear was an unusual coincidence it did remind her that she had gone through this before and won the battle.
Taylor made her way downstairs to the dining room and found she was just in time for supper.

“Hey how are the legs sport?” her father asked as she sat down at the table.

“A little sore but nothing more than that” was her reply.

“That’s good and how are you… feeling?” her mother interjected.

Taylor looked up at her mother to see a small amount of concern and anticipation on her face.

“Very well” she told her with a wink.

There seemed to be a wash of relief over both her parents as they had both appeared to have been wanting to hear that answer for a while. The meal then passed by without any other strange occurrences and Taylor had a very good time talking with her parents about various topics. Finally, with the meal other they all decided to turn in early after a long day and Taylor made a beeline for the bathroom. There was no urgency in her walk but determination, she used the bathroom and cleaned up with her wipes under the sink. Changing into her pjs, she had a momentary thought that reminded her that she was having trouble at night. A solution of how to safeguard against this was just to pee before bed but how could she be sure there was no mess if anything should happen. Not wanting to think of the obvious answer Taylor gathered some dirty towels from her hamper and placed two under where she slept and two more between her legs as she laid down. It was not the most comfortable thing in the world but it was as good as she had at the moment. As she drifted off to sleep Taylor was relaxed and looking forward to another great night of sleep, continuing the streak that she had been on since she came home from the hospital.


“Sweetie I know you are a big girl but you have to wear these” her mother scolded.

Taylor replied, “But I’m too big for diapers!”

“You have had two accidents today and we can’t keep having this conversation” she pleaded to her daughter.

“I don’t want to wear them” was the slightly soggy response.

Noticing the tears starting the older women decided to change tactics.

“Honey, you know its ok right?” she stated flatly.

The answer slowed Taylor to a stop in her on coming tantrum.

“Listen I have a secret to tell you” her mom consoled her while taking the girl in her arms.

“No matter what schedule or what protection you have to wear there is nothing wrong with you. You are pretty girl and just because you are not ready for potty training just means your special. You just need a little more time and you keep that chin up because there is nothing to be ashamed of” the mother explained.

“I’m special?” was the squeaky response.

With a broad grin her mom replied, “More than anyone I know. You will wear big girl underwear when you are ready and not before. Some people have a little spark in them that sets them apart and you have that spark.”

Without another word Taylor let her mother diaper her and hugged her mom in delight.

“I am special mom thanks for helping me realize that” she said.

But the words did not sound like a girl in grade school but as she did now as an adult. Looking to the window in her room she caught the reflection of herself as a collage age woman not a little girl. Looking down she confirmed she was in a diaper and wheeled around at her mother, who was staring at her. So many questions could have come to Taylor’s lips at that point but only one came to mind and was released out into the soundless room.

“I’m still special?” was the question, with a gesture at her current state.

The answer was the same warm and comforting smile that looked down on her as a baby and now on an equal level in adulthood, and Taylor woke up.


The early morning sun was in her face as she rolled on her side to look at the clock and scoff at the number being way too small for her liking. The dream she had was still fresh in her mind; it was an odd dream because it felt so real. It was if the conversation had really happened and she had placed herself in it. The message was clear to her but it was still tough to accept, with hesitation mounting she squeezed her legs together and felt the damp of another wet night. Although she had promised that she would not get dramatic again there was nothing she could do to stop the flow of a single tear falling from her eye.

Wiping the evidence away, Taylor scooted herself upright and inspected the new accident. The towels between her legs were wet indeed and the dark spot extended down the fabric to indicate the it was fairly substantial. Beneath her the towels are only damp from what had run down her legs which pleased her because she would not have to go to such lengths to hide the accident as yesterday. She robotically got off the bed and gathered up the towels to throw back in the laundry hamper in her bathroom, a few more tears escaped her eyes. Retrieving a clean towel Taylor got into the shower hoping to wash away the smell and the memories of the dream alike. The water covered the constant streams of tears that now flowed out of her eyes but she did not make a sound, it was a different kind of crying.

Wrapping the towel around herself Taylor finally pulled herself away from the calming water and out of the warm bathroom, back towards her bedroom. Once inside she made a couple of sniffle noises and instinctively glanced towards the mirror on her vanity only to find the doors closed. Remembering the things that she had to watch from that mirror when this whole thing started she decided against opening the mirror to merely look at the red puffiness of her eyes.

Rubbing her eyes with her towels she resolved to work on her physical therapy and get her mind focused again. Changing into simple legging shorts and a tank top she made her way downstairs to find her parents just sitting down to breakfast. This was strange to her because they normally slept in on Sunday and there was definitely an air of productiveness about them this morning as well. Despite the normal demeanor of the meal, as she had a carb filled breakfast, she could not shake the feeling that their weird behavior had more to it.

“Anything going on today?” she casually probed the kitchen in general.

“Well I have run a couple of errands but not much” her father replied.

Her mother seemed to be collecting herself to say something when she responded with, “I think I am going to do some cleaning in our bedroom actually.”

“I see that’s why you all are up so early” Taylor chuckled, still not satisfied with their answers.

“Hmm, working on your PT” her dad said, nodding to the state of her dress.

Ignoring the obvious deflection of her negotiating genius father she merely nodded with her mouth full of a piece of bagel.

“Good idea, you need to keep up with while… while you’re still healing” her mother got out.

The slip was not lost on both her father or Taylor but never the less the conversation slipped in to the mundane until they all dispersed for their destinations. Taylor went downstairs and made her way to the home gym that her father insisted be installed years earlier, more for a conversation starter than actual use. She began by doing some stretching on her legs to relieve some of the soreness that had set in over the last day. Losing herself in thought, she marveled at what she was able to do after the surgery compared to what her brain had concocted before she went under the knife. There were a couple of nightmares that had kept her awake, being paralyzed was the most prevalent. Taylor let out a little giggle at the thought now, moving to the treadmill she began to lightly jog. The thought dawned on her that had that actually happened she would have ended up… in diapers.

She jogged for a while but grew bored of the humming of the belt under her feet and moved on to do some toning exercises with the weights they had acquired. The feeling came to her that she had to go, but this time she was ready for it. After her breakfast she knew she would have to go soon, so this would be a different story today. Making her way, briskly, to the bathroom at a continually increasing pace as the message became urgent. She made it to the toilet and systematically removed her workout clothes and breathed a sigh of relief at her victory. Being that it was the main floor bathroom she did not have her wipes, but her disappointment was not too great as she walked to the sink. As she moved a slight wetness was apparent between her legs, spreading her legs she pulled at the fabric to a see a blotch of wet fabric clearly visible as it spread through her whole crotch area. Taylor blew a gust of wind out as she felt it was now a sour victory as she had not noticed the small leak had begun as she made her way to the bathroom. Resigned that as least it was not too bad after all, she left the bathroom wanting to be done with this whole big mess.

Taylor finished her workout but her day did not improve at all because she was in fear, at least in her mind, that an accident was imminent. The girl found herself walking by the bathroom for no other reason than to think that maybe I have to go now or just wanted to be closer to it. It began to get even worse than that when she was taking the garbage out and halfway down the driveway she finally felt a twinge in her bladder. Immediately she made a mad dash back to the house and tore her way inside and to the bathroom. As she sat on the toilet her legs felt very sore and her heart was pounding from the run.

“I… I can’t… can’t keep doing this” she gasped out.

As she stepping out of the bathroom her mother was standing so close to the door Taylor walked right into her.

“What the… oh mom what’s up?” Taylor said, half dazed.

“Honey, something is wrong I just saw you do the hundred-yard dash like you were being chased” her mom stated to her daughter in a flat out sort of matter.

“Nothing is wrong mom” she replied, trying to think quickly so as to not worry her.

“You know I can tell when you are hiding something” was the frank answer.

Taylor thought for a minute, still standing in the doorway, and finally she decided to change tactics with her mom.

“I have everything under control” she said, with much conviction but still with hesitation.

Her daughter’s eyes gave her away but something inside told her that continuing to press her would only make things worse. She could not quite put her finger on it and she had to wait.

“I trust you” was the answer the older women gave.

Breaking away from her mother, Taylor knew that her mom would figure out her problem if she kept being careless. There was the problem at its heart, she was not being careless she simply could not stand next to the bathroom all the time but it seemed like that was what needed to happen. As she plopped down on the couch her father walked in from the outside, one look from his wife he knew that he needed to jump in for some reason.
“Hey, I want you to come out and help with the pool out back” he directed towards Taylor.

“Oh… umm sure… just let me change” was he reply.

She made her way upstairs, after her work out she had changed into some yoga pants and a tank top but it was warm outside. Back in her room Taylor decided that she should wear she swim suit even though she could not actually get in the pool for another week or so. As she changed she felt more like an adult then she had in a week as the 2-piece suit made her appreciate herself for the first time in a long time. Before she headed back downstairs she threw on some shorts so her father could avoid his ‘Go put some clothes on’ speech. On the walk to the pool area Taylor tried to figure out a solution to her problem, there had to be a way to get through this without using. She stopped that thought in its track because that was not an option, something had to be done but it was still not coming to her. With her dad in sight now she had focus on him and maybe forget her problems for a bit.

“Hey, you know I don’t know why I never showed you how to work this puppy” he shouted to her, looking at the “amazing” pool filter he had fixed by himself countless times.

They spent the next hour going over the whole system, having been away from her dad she actually had a good time learning about the functions and cleaning processes. However, after a while it seemed like her dad was intent on her learning this, her was more than just casually teaching her. While she was bending over peering into the filter hole when she felt her bladder again, how long had she been outside with her dad? As she was trying to come up with a plan the feeling went away, scared she stood straight up and check herself for a dark spot. To her relief there was none and she crouched back down to the filter happy that she must be regaining control.

“Taylor, I have a phone call for you!” her mom called from the house.

Curious Taylor walked back to where her mother had her cell phone.

“Hello?” she asked questioningly when she grabbed the device.

“Hey Taylor its Amy I wanted to ask you for a really big favor” the women told her.

“Sounds like its important” she pointed it out.

“Well, I found out that I need to put in more time at work for a while and … well… I need a babysitter on call for when I get called into work” was the quick response.

“A babysitter? For who?” Taylor was in confusion when she answered.

There was a silence on the line followed by, “It is complicated and I can explain when you come over but let me say that I really need Brittany to be… watched.”

In more bewilderment than Taylor before she continued, “I realized that she is 13 but I want you to trust me before I explain everything.”

“Well… I guess then when do I start?” Taylor asked.

“Tomorrow, I know its short notice but like I said I need that right now. A safety net” Amy told her.

They spent more time on the phone hashing out how much she would be paid and other details before they finally got off the phone. Ending the call, her father was closing up the filter hole.

“Good your back, the last thing is to put the equipment away” her told her pointing to the skimmer and tools for the filter.

Bending over to pick them up Taylor felt pressure on her bladder again as she stood up with her bundle. The pressure grew as she made her way to the shed, each step felt like a dam filling higher and higher. Turning as she reached the shed she saw her father was back in the house and Taylor knew she would not make it back the house. Quickly she deposited the tools in the shed and made a quick move around the shed for some cover. Her whole yard was surrounded by a large wooden fence and the shed was on the far left side, facing the street. With little to no fear of being seen she leaned back against the fence pulling her shorts down and moved into a sitting positon. With her trunks on she let out the flow of pee, to her immense relief she relaxed after her heart seemed to jump from her chest. While it was not a victory per-say she did succeed in hiding from both her parents and she did hold her bladder until releasing it.

“Of course I’m outside behind the shed because I wouldn’t have made it” Taylor reminded herself.

As she finished, Taylor debated what to do and then decided on a bold move. Holding her shorts in her hand she walked out in the open towards the pool, the white suit she had worn clearly showed she had wet bottoms but she walked on. With no stoppage the girl leaned over the edge of the pool and dunked her head up past her shoulders into the cool water. Whipping her head back her wet hair let the water drip down the rest of her, concealing the previous evidence. Then, satisfied with her work, Taylor walked back into the house and up to her bathroom.

As she stood in the shower she began to review everything in her mind again. Not in a panicked way but in a calculated one, so that she could solve her problem. Growing tired she sat in the shower an extra 20 minutes without any solution coming to her when finally, there was only 2 options that seemed to be possible. The first was to the take the accidents for maybe weeks or months until she regained her control or… to wear some protection. Suddenly a light hit again for her that offered some hope, her only real problem was a night she had avoided accidents today and the day before. At least she had made it to the bathroom (mostly) every time, yes she would only have to worry about the nights. Yet deep in her mind there was a small part of her that knew, she really did not know what to do.

Throwing on some loose pjs, a sloppy T-shirt and a robe, and at 3 in the afternoon she made her way downstairs for some food. Oddly enough when she made it downstairs there was a lunch ready for her and parents also waiting in the kitchen as if they knew she was coming downstairs and had prepared.

“We made you lunch” her mom said, seeing her walk into the room.

“I see that, why?” Taylor replied.

“We have some news and we have been hiding it but we can’t anymore” her father chimed in.

Taylor sat down in front of the food as her father began, “Before we brought you in to get your casts off I got a call from work, they want me to work in their European offices in London for 4 months to train them on our workings here in the home office. Because of the timeline your mother can come with all paid for in a condo near the offices.”

Taylor was shocked to say the least, she now faced months at home without her parents. A prospect that would have appealed to her in any other case but because of her recent situation started to panic her slightly.

“You may have noticed we have been evasive but we have had to make all of the arrangements before we leave… tomorrow… and we didn’t want to tell you until everything was set” her mom said with much sadness in her eyes.

“I know that we had made plans this summer but we are going to make sure you have everything you need for the house and food. And of course you have free reign but this must be a shock and I want you to know we love you” her father followed up.

Taylor’s mind was swimming but she knew that she needed to make her parents feel better right now more than anything.

“You could not have known about any of this, its fine I get the house to myself and you two get an adventure. This is awesome!” she faked her excitement, though she was a little excited.

Her dad leaned back in the chair with a grin on his face as her relaxed at her answer. Her mother was still apprehensive but also seemed to be reassured by her daughter’s words.

“I better come back to a house that is still here though” her dad said with a smile.

“I’m not guaranteeing anything” Taylor replied with a wink.

They went on to have a pleasant lunch and many jokes about how the house would look when they returned from their trip. Her parents explained in more detail everything about the situation, more for themselves than for her but after the initial shock Taylor started to think more about what it meant. She would not have to hide any more problems and she could do anything she wanted once her problem was solved, that was a bright thought. Her new positive outlook made everything seem normal to her parents and they spent the rest of the evening having family time, knowing it was going to be the last time they had the chance. Taylor herself had a great night because she made 3 more bathroom trips that night, all without any sort of problem and that was a celebration in of itself. As she exited the bathroom the last time she walked into her bedroom to turn in from the night. Her parents would be leaving mid-morning so the goodbyes were nonverbally held off until then. Entering her room Taylor stood still, remembering that at night there was a problem with her, she had to have a solution because towels was not a feasible option every night.

“Besides they are really uncomfortable” she muttered to herself.

An idea struck her and she walked over to the closet where she left the boxes. Rummaging through the correct one she pulled a pair of padded underwear with light blue dots and blue outlines. Staring at them as she held them out in front of her Taylor knew that it was the best option she had tonight, she let her pjs fall around her ankles. Stepping into the padded underwear the material stretched out as she pulled them up into place. She flung her robe off her shoulders to the other side of the room and made sure the padding was in the right places before pulling the pjs back up around her. She walked to the bed and got under the covers before deciding the padding, while less than a diaper, was too much to wear with the pjs. Taylor had just readjusted from kicking off her pjs when her mom knocked on the door and stepped. Her mom watched as she instinctively pulled the covers higher, to hide the padded underwear and a look of slight fear in her eyes.

“Hey I figured it was my last time getting to say goodnight” her mom said, as if nothing was seen or wrong.

“Oh… wow you sound like you’re not coming back” Taylor half laughed.

“Well it is a long time, but of course we are” her mother stated back and the continued, “anyways, night sweetie I will see you in the morning.”

Coming over she kissed Taylor on the forehead and turned to walk out of the room and noted the open closet and open box left on the floor of the closet. She turned back to her daughter, whom had not noticed her mother’s keen eye spot the box.

“I wanted to say something before I left and without your father here” she said, her mom had chosen her words carefully and thought about them most of the day since their interaction in the bathroom doorway. She was going to wait but now seemed the better time than the next day.

“Sometimes things happen to people that they can’t explain, and even though they are tough sometimes that’s the way things were meant to be.”

“What are you saying mom?” Taylor asked quietly.

“Just that whatever makes you happy is never the wrong thing, night honey” her mom told her, while leaving the room and turning the lights out.

Taylor rolled over thinking about her mother’s words as she fell asleep, what did it mean?

Thanks for reading, let me know how you felt about this story. I would like to know if there are any suggestions as I look ahead to the next story so please let me know how this story was or was not a favorite so my next one can be even better. Glad to have you as a reader!

Re: The Prequel (Chapter 6 - NEW!!)

Just read this last part.

This is quite well done. Considering what I remember of the other story, you’ve got a challenging plot to write well for the second part. Not so much on a technical level, but that you are trying to write some of the tropes more classic of one-handed typing, and do so in a good story.

There are some unanswered questions about things that don’t really make sense, among them why a cast would be used for a case like this. Much more likely would be a strap-on splint if the issue is avoiding bending too far and tearing sutures. Also, Taylor seems to be starting rather heavy on the exercise given the fragility implied by the cast.

My memory of details early in this story is a little fuzzy by now since I only read each part once, but Taylor seems to have lost control quickly to the point of being suspect. The information about her troubles when younger helps, but not quite enough for me to place it as reality.

All in all, I found this an enjoyable read and very well done within the base constraints you laid out for yourself. I look forward to seeing what you write next.

Re: The Prequel (Chapter 6 - NEW!!)

Well those are certainly good points that I wish to address because those are issues I thought about when writing.

Firstly it should be said that her “injury” was meant to be the means of Taylor ending up needing diapers and I felt that it’s part in the story should be small so I didn’t give it a name or elaborate in any detail. Meaning I really needed her to be immobile in some way so her casts (casts as a loose term) was the simplest answer I could come up with. As for her post cast excersicing I feel I may have dropped the ball there I knew it was not that realisitic but I weighed that against its importance in the overall story and proceeded from there.

Lastly I love ally’s comment on how quickly Taylor lost control. It is true that a week is not long to have her lose as much control as I have written out but as ally has pointed out there is a childhood element to this. I also put in the dream sequences and other clues to help show how she really feels under her surface emotions. I enjoyed writing those section so I encourage people to read them and the whole story again for other hints at this.

I like to give people a look “under the hood” without giving too much away so I’m glad to answer questions. I want to thank ally for the comment and I hope my explainations help in making the story more relatable and real.