The potty training machine

A little snippet about a diabolical device, written just for the “fun” of the idea and with no serious intentions at all. Now, if someone would wish to play Jenny, this could become even more fun!

Chris looked once again at the new devilish toilet that his wife Jenny had brought. In order to use it, you had to get your trousers and slips down to the ankles, then sit literally inside the toilet and allow the automatic locking bar to come down and press on your lower belly. Once everything was in place, you could pee. If you did before, it would count as an accident and the stupid toilet would stick a sad face on your potty chart. Once the bar was down, however, it would not come up until the system did not detect your release. Then, you had to wait an extra minute after your last drop, to make sure you were really done.

He still could not believe that he had agreed to it. He thought once again at the conversation they had a week ago. After discussing the affordability of the price, that unfortunately was much lower that what Chris expected because there was some sort of government funding to promote it, Jenny had insisted that all the other parents in the neighborhood were getting it.

“It will speed up Carol’s potty training a lot. They already use this sort of things in most kindergartens and they say it really helps if parents keep a consistent method also at home.” Jenny had assessed. “Carol will benefit in seeing that her parents use her same “big kid potty”. By the way, it will also help to keep things well sanitized and clean. With this, certain big kids with bad aim will be forced to sit down and therefore no more puddles will be left around.” Jenny sometimes liked to tease him, even if he always made sure to leave the toilet spotless.

He had refused to take the bait. “Look, it also has a function that will check panties and detect accidents,” he had commented. “It will surely help with certain big girls that, for a phew days every month, do tend to stain their panties.” It was her turn to blush, but he also got a rather strong fist in the shoulder as toll for his ill humor.

Chris undid his trousers and then lowered his clothing, feeling silly one more time. The seat was much lower than the one of a normal toilet, so even little kids could use it with no problems. In fact, Chris felt really little once he sat down there. The robotic arm came out from the front of the special toilet and inspected the briefs for evidence of accidents. “Good job, Chris!” a luscious girly voice congratulated him, “another sunny face for your potty chart today! Now let’s try to go tinkle!” The toilet machine noticed Chris semi-erection and immediately took corrective measures: the front shield was raised and arched up to make sure to catch all the pee pee. Then, machine’s front bar came down to gently pressed on Chris’ bladder and some rather cold water was sprayed on his privates. It took just a couple of seconds for Chris to relax and pee. All the coaxing was surely embarrassing, but also sort of soothing. There was something kinky in being trapped in a potty training machine for little kids, with the front bar in place making sure he could not reach his penis with his hands for the whole duration of the process.

The “potty success” fanfare began to play. It was horribly loud. Jenny explained that it had to be loud so to allow Carol to hear when her parents did use the potty. Chris suspected that also his neighbors could hear it, through the thin walls that separated their apartments.

A moist soft cloth was gently brushed and then pressed on his penis, to catch any last drop that might be left there. A similar device explored his anus crevice, wiping him much better than he could manage by himself. Kindergarten experts explained that “wiping” and “wash your hands” phases were not necessary anymore. That made potty training much more easy for kids and guaranteed a much higher success rate.

Once finished and wearing again adult clothing, Kris looked up at the potty charts for Carol, Jenny and him. While Carol’s one was still abundantly spotted with frowned faces, his and Jenny’s ones were showing only sunny smiles. Kris wondered who would be the first one to be shamed with an accident…

PS: try to search “luscious” on Google images and see what comes out… Before you do it, be sure no one is behind you :wink:

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Re: The potty training machine

Fun little story. :slight_smile:

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Jenny gets her share of fun with the potty machine

Jenny spent the evening studying the machine setup options: it was incredible how complex was the software behind it!

She decided that it was time to test some of the more advanced features, such as the “substance abuse prevention” one. Once this was on, it would detect in real time any trace of drug, or drug metabolite, in the urine collected in each potty session. If something funny was found, parents would immediately be alerted through an SMS. It was also possible to keep the front bar lowered in case of detection and to activate a voice message to let the kid know he (or she) had been caught.

Another interesting program was the “constipation monitoring and prevention”. This one would check how long ago was the last bowel movement, alert parents in case of constipation risk and even help out with an enema and/or some fast acting suppositories in case of necessity. Jenny smiled wickedly at the thought of her husband trapped there and receiving a belly massage, while a butt plug kept the nice little glycerin helpers in place for the necessary time to allow them to act.

That evening, Chris was out for dinner with the D&D club. Jenny found D&D incredibly boring, so she was more than happy to have an evening all for herself and Carol.

Carol took potty training very seriously and, when her pretty Dora the Explorer watch rang the “potty time” warning every two hours, she stopped whatever activity she was doing and rushed to the toilet. The kindergarten training program required parents to increase each week the fluid intake for kids, so to make holding progressively more challenging. This evening, Carol was trying watermelon for the first time since the training had begun and Jenny was curious to see if she was going to make it up to the next break. The kindergarten staff advised against prodding kids to use the toilet before the scheduled breaks, for two reasons: first, too much pressure could cause an adverse reaction; second, it was important to let them learn to hold and not just to void at the first stimulus.

While Carol messily enjoyed her watermelon while watching cartoons (Jenny had to wipe her little hands and face from time to time), Jenny poured another glass of ice cold beer for herself. It wasn’t the first one and, by now, Jenny was starting to feel the beer both in her head and her bladder. Mommy felt a little bit of envy for the Pull Ups that Carol was wearing: it would be so nice to just helplessly have an accident in there and feel the shaming warm wetness expand with no way to stop it… if only Carol knew what sort of luxury she was about to give up, she thought, she would think two times before training herself to stay dry.

Once that last beer glass was empty, Jenny shifted to pineapple juice. It was still forty minutes to Carol’s bedtime and Jenny was already desperate. But she had a challenge: as long as her little girl was able to stay dry, she also had to hold her bladder. And, if she failed, even a little bit, the potty machine would detect it and she would end up with a frown face on her potty chart, for all the family to see.

Carol managed to make it to the potty. After that, mom taped the night time diaper on her: Carol had never woken up dry and Jenny was sure that her little angel was going to make good use of her soft thick Pampers also tonight. Mom had a hard time standing still when getting her daughter to bed.

Right after kissing her daughter the usual goodnight kiss, she rushed to the potty and got excited for what she was about to do now: she had previously activated the “substance abuse prevention” for herself, lowering her age in the machine’s input database below drinking age. Now she knew that, the moment she peed, the machine would immediately detect the alcohol consumption and keep her locked. At that point, the only adult who could then release her would be Chris. The only way she had to escape was to resist 15 minutes of coaxing bladder massage and cold water jets. After 15 minutes, the potty session was considered failed and the machine would release the user in any case. No sunny or frown faces were given, in that case.

In hurry, Jenny lowered her clothes and squat on the toilet.
“Good job, Jenny!” the luscious girly voice congratulated her after checking her panties and finding them dry, “another sunny face for your potty chart today! Now let’s try to go tinkle!”

‘Here we go’, thought Jenny, one second before the potty helping treatment began. When it began, she gasped for air, uselessly attempting to clench her knees and to get her hands down to plug her pee hole. The special toilet however was very effective in keeping her hands far away and maintaining her in the most favorable position for bladder release.

It was immediately deep hell: the massaging hand pressed and buzzed and tickled, the cold water sprayed her without mercy. “Let’s relax and to go potty like a good girl, Jenny!” insisted the gentle voice while Jenny trashed helplessly, feeling each instant closer to control loss. Understanding that she would be lucky if she managed to last a single minute, she tried to reach the control panel, but of course it was out of baby’s reach. In mere 40 seconds, Jenny could not hold it anymore, sealing her fate.

“I’m very disappointed in you, Jenny,” said the usual voice within seconds form the first spurt of pee. The tone however was very far from the usual chirpy one. “You know very well that alcohol is bad for your health and could put you and those around you into risky situations, but you decided to disobey your caretakers and drink alcoholic stuff anyway. Now, I have to alert an adult about your misbehavior. Since Chris, the only adult supervisor enabled for this house, is not here, I will alert the emergency supervisor: that’s the kindergarten night shift caretakers.”

Jenny kept peeing full force while the potty training machine lectured her. She felt little, very little indeed. Now, her urine analysis would be sent to one of her daughter’s caretakers and she would end up filed as an “alcoholic mum”…

Jenny began to cry. She felt stupid, really stupid.

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Very good story, I can’t wait to read more.

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Here’s a transition part. This might be set in 2025: I imagine a more capillar, better integrated IT frame will be available by then

Unlike most kindergartens, the Caterpillar’s Lair offered also a night service. It wasn’t run by daytime employees, but by certified babysitters on a volunteer base. Instead of having a babysitter coming to home, many parents had now the option, when wishing to have a free evening, to leave their kids in the kindergarten and employ for the night the babysitter of their choice there.

This was an advantage for both the sitters, who could work in a more controlled environment and could stay in the facility up to the next morning, and for the parents, who knew that several sitters worked in team in the same place and could better handle emergency cases. The kids were the ones who mostly appreciated this sort of arrangement: each night there was a sort of a huge sleepover with friends.

The kindergarten arranged a babysitting training course every six months: upon successful completion, each participant received a certification. This way, the kindergarten was able to retain the best students for its own night service offer.

The kindergarten regulation prescribed that there had to be at least two sitters per night and at least one with a driving license. That particular night, three sitters were caring for ten kids, with an age ranging from 2 up to 7 years. The sitters were Karen, aged 14, Brianna, aged 15 and Jamie, that just had her 16th birthday three weeks ago and got her driving license since one week.

While Karen really liked to work with little kids and would have done it also for free, Jamie was there just for the money and tried to do as little as possible, dumping as much as possible of her share on the younger colleagues and using the time there for study.

Brianna was usually quite amiable and efficient. However, that particular evening her mood was awful, basically because she had found out that the guy she thought she liked was in reality a jerk. Her trust on humankind had therefore dropped consistently and her patience with the kids had followed the same pattern.

The three girls had teamed together several times before and did usually make for an efficient team. This night however Karen did 90% of the tasks, while Brianna pestered Jamie with the details of her personal tragedy. Jamie tried to show enough sympathy to avoid to pass as a bitch herself, but was starting to get annoyed by the long ramble.

The older sitter was therefore quite grateful when the red light on the phone showed they had received a new automatic message. “Seems like another teenager got caught high by the potty machine” she said with a smirk after reading the message. By now the younger kids were asleep and all the dishes and glasses used for dinner had been cleaned. It was a quiet evening, since the older kids had chosen to play a game board.

She called the police office to let them know she was on the way, and that everything was under control at the Caterpillar’s Lair. “Call me once you get there,” replied the officer on duty. “It’s one of those new apartments with magnetic lockers on the doors. I will be able to open them for you by remote. Jamie, if she’s really trashed, it’s better you leave her locked to the toilet and stay out of her reach. Don’t touch anything in the apartment in any case and state loudly who you are and why you are there before entering the apartment.”

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Interesting start. I hope you start making the chapters longer and build up the characters more.

Re: The potty training machine

Perhaps the potty training machine could be modified to soundly smack wayward users as well.

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Is this going to be continued?