The Pill

The Pill

(This story is fiction)

Jane was a sophomore at Stanford. She was just starting the year. She had had a great first year and was looking forward to this one.

Jane was in a waiting room. She and her best friend Lucy had volunteered as test subjects for a new weight loss pill for girls that the college was developing. Nobody would consider Jane or Lucy fat, but Jane wouldn’t mind losing a bit of weight. This was perfect Jane would lose her freshman fifteen without doing any work, and she would get paid, which she needed. Stanford was expensive.

Jane was given a physical. She had passed and went into another room. She met up with Lucy again. They sat and chatted. People slowly came in after they were done with their physicals.

A woman maybe 25 stood behind a podium on the stage at the front of the room. “You are all of the eligible subjects for this test.” There were maybe seventy-five people in the room. “I’m here to instruct you on how to use this pill. You need to take it three times a day, once right after each meal. Drink a lot of water all day. This pill has passed all the tests so far, after this we will be able to sell it with a prescription. The theorized side effects are headaches, dizziness, dehydration, and increased urination. Please write down all of the effects. We will meet again in two days to check in. If you have any issues go to the college hospital. Hopefully no one will, the animals were all fine and you have each been checked to make sure you are good and healthy test subjects.”

This was easier than Jane thought. Take a pill with every meal and write down what happens.

The next morning Jane woke up. She woke up earlier than usual. She never ate breakfast, but decided she should for the study. They did say to take three a day, one with each meal. She went out the door apologizing to her roommate Cathy, Jane didn’t mean to wake her up, but she was just a light sleeper.

Jane bought breakfast and ate it alone. When she was finished she went to a vending machine and bought a bottle of water and swallowed a pill. It was about eight thirty. She had a lecture at nine. She took her time as she slowly headed for class.

It was eleven o’clock. Jane sat listening to the professor lecture. She usually got out around eleven thirty or eleven forty-five. Jane had felt completely fine when all of a sudden she really needed to pee. She hadn’t noticed it at all less than a minute ago, but now she had to pee pretty bad. She knew that this wasn’t going to be a very comfortable half hour. It was hard to pay attention because of the discomfort of her bladder. Her desperation increased rapidly. It went from uncomfortable to agonizing. Jane checked her phone to see how much time she had. It had only been four minutes! She shifted trying to get comfortable. She was determined not to leave the lecture. It was hard for her not to look desperate. She wondered if she could even hold it until the end. She had never had to go this bad. She was deciding if she should get up and walk out. Then she had a momentary lapse of control. She felt warmth spread through her panties. That had never happened to her before. Her face was bright red and horrified. There was a small, but not noticeable patch on her jeans. But her underwear was pretty wet. Jane walked out as casually as she could, but once outside she grabbed her crotch and ran for the bathroom.

She walked briskly towards the bathroom. Each step shaking her bladder. Jane could feel it coming. She had to stop walking to try and control herself. She mostly succeeded. A small amount of pee escaped into her pants. The patch on her crotch was now halfway down her thigh. She kept walking. Even if she could make it, it was obvious what she did. The bathroom was in sight, but Jane couldn’t make it. Her bladder let lose. She stood still while her pee rushed out through her jeans. When she finished peeing her pants were thoroughly soaked and Jane was standing in the puddle that she had made.

Jane looked straight down the whole way back to her dorm. She hoped no one would see her face and recognize her. She had never peed her pants before. Jane was pretty embarrassed but she wasn’t really ashamed. She knew that it was all the pill’s fault. Jane knew one of the side effects was increased urination, but she never would have guessed it was that bad. She had gone from not needing to use the restroom to having an accident in less than ten minutes.

Jane got back to her dorm. She took her wet jeans and panties into the shower with her to wash them off so they didn’t smell like pee. Jane continued her shower, she took a long time. She needed to be alone. Soon she felt the need to pee again. It couldn’t have been more than forty-five minutes ago that she had wet her pants. She let out her pee in the shower. Jane got out and dried off. She was extremely thirsty. She drank a glass of water. She was still thirsty and she drank two more. Jane didn’t know what to do. Going to her later lecture was out of the question. She knew she was going to have to pee a lot today. Jane decided to discontinue the experiment and just stay in her dorm until it wore off. But before she decided Jane thought she should call Lucy. They almost always ate lunch together but Jane didn’t want to go anywhere outside today. Plus Lucy was probably in the same boat.

The phone rang twice then Lucy answered “Hi Jane”

“Hey Lucy, I can’t go to lunch today, that pill is making me have some…um…bathroom problems.”

Lucy giggled “You too? I think I can help you. Are you at your dorm?”


“Kay, I’ll be over there soon.” Lucy hung up

Jane was happy that Lucy was coming over. Jane just didn’t want to be away from a bathroom today.

Jane boiled some water to make ramen. Lucy knocked on the door and Jane answered it.

“Hi” Lucy said cheerfully and hugged Jane tightly. Jane could feel something like a lump in Lucy’s pants that wasn’t usually there. “Take that water off the stove we’re going out.”

Jane gave Lucy a questioning look. “I think I’ll stay here.”

“No it’s fine just go put one of these on.” Lucy handed Jane an adult diaper. “And can I get some water?”

“Ya” Jane looked really confused. Wearing a diaper to her was just so humiliating. Knowing her condition she would probably have to use them too. On the other hand she wanted to go out, they were also necessary, and she knew it was just temporary.

“I talked to another one of the girls in the study. She said just about everyone is wearing them.”

“Ya it’s probably a good idea” Jane took it and went into the bathroom. Jane held it in her hands and looked at it. It was like a baby diaper, but giant. She pulled it a little to see if it stretched. She felt the soft inside thinking about how it was for adults like her to pee into. Jane took down her pants. She was wondering how much of her dignity would be sacrificed by putting it on. But before she put it on she decided to use the bathroom. Jane sat on the toilet and peed way more than she thought she would. She didn’t need to go at all. Jane pulled on the diaper. She looked at herself in the mirror. Not as bad as she thought. She looked like a cute baby, but again giant. Jane pulled her jeans up, but could not even zip up the zipper. She looked in the mirror. It was obvious she was wearing a diaper. She came out without her pants on.

Lucy giggled “You look so cute.”

Jane looked back with a serious face “I know” Then they both laughed. Jane picked out a knee length skirt and put it on. “Okay I’m ready.”

Jane and Lucy were walking to the cafeteria.

“So did you piss your pants?” Lucy asked

“Ya I did actually”

“Oh, do tell me the story.”

“Kay, so I was almost done with my lecture this morning when all of a sudden I needed to pee pretty bad, I was like why didn’t I notice? Then I thought I could hold it until the end of the lecture, but it got worse really bad. I was still trying to hold it when I accidently peed a little. Then I knew I needed to get out. So I left and was walking towards the bathroom, I peed myself a little bit more but I was almost there, then I just completely let it out in my pants. What about you?”

“Ya me to, like a little girl. I was also in a lecture, but as soon as I had to go I left, like near the beginning so I went to the bathroom. Then I couldn’t go back to the lecture so I went into the park. Then even though I just peed, I had to go again. I started walking back but I knew I wasn’t going to make it so I started running, with my hand on my crotch but then I started peeing while I was still running, I took a few steps and then I had to let it all out.”

They picked up food and went outside to eat it on a table. Jane sat down but Lucy didn’t. “Ooh I have to pee bad.” She kept shifting feet

“The bathroom is like right there.”

“No I don’t think I can make it.” Lucy closed her eyes and stood still. “Whew that felt good.” Lucy sat down.

Jane felt embarrassed for Lucy, even though Lucy didn’t seem embarrassed at all. I mean She just took a piss in her diaper.

After they finished eating Lucy took another pill.

“You’re still going to continue?”

“Ya it’ll still make us lose weight.”

Jane didn’t want to continue but felt she had to if Lucy did it. “Ya I guess I’ll continue. Can I have one of yours? Mine are at my dorm.”

“Sure” Lucy gave Jane a pill, and she took it.

“I guess if I’m continuing I should buy my own diapers.”

“Kay I’ll go too.”

They first went to Jane’s dorm to grab money and an empty backpack. Lucy changed her diaper and brought the wet one to throw away outside. They grabbed their bikes and started riding them to the drugstore.

It was harder to ride a bike in a skirt than normal, it was also harder with a diaper on. It was a bit of a ride, and almost immediately Jane felt her bladder filling up. Soon it was so uncomfortable that it was distracting. Jane nearly hit the curb. She swerved away, and accidentally started peeing. She decided not to stop it right away. She felt the diaper absorb her pee. She had never felt anything like it. She stopped peeing. It wasn’t enough, soon she had to pee even worse than before. Jane could feel it coming, she was about to lose control. “Lucy, stop!” Jane shouted. Jane stopped and hopped off her bike. She prepared to let out her pee when she realized she was already going. She completely emptied her bladder. Her crotch felt a lot heavier. It was warm to the touch. They kept biking and arrived at the drugstore. Jane tried not to think about what had just happened.

Jane and Lucy went to the isle with the adult diapers and Lucy told Jane which she wanted, they also picked up some bottles of water, both girls were extremely thirsty. They went to the cashier and bought the items. Jane opened her new box and changed her diaper in the bathroom. Her wet diaper was much heavier than she imagined. She used the toilet because she knew she would need to go soon. She slid on her new diaper and it felt so good.

Later that night when Jane was home in her dorm for the night she changed into her big girl panties. She hadn’t wet the diaper that she put on at the drugstore. Jane and Lucy had hung out in the library close to the bathrooms the whole day. Jane was still making frequent bathroom trips and drinking tons of water, both her and Lucy took their pills with dinner. Jane went to sleep. She thought about how she was going to go to her lectures tomorrow. She would be fine for the first one if she took the pill just before, but after that she would need to pee every half an hour or so. She could go once in her diaper, but then she would need to go change. Jane drifted off to sleep, she was sure it would all work out.

Jane was in her first lecture and was dying for a pee. She had forgotten to wear a diaper. She couldn’t wait until the end of the lecture so she left. She got to the bathroom, but it was locked. She knew where there was another, so she ran there with her hands on her crotch, but that one was locked too. Jane decided to run back to her dorm. Half way there she accidently let a little out. She kept walking, at her front door she knew she couldn’t wait any longer…

Jane woke up. Her bladder was extremely full. She reached inside her pjs and touched the front of her panties. Just as she thought, she had just peed a little just like in her dream. Jane tried to sit up, but the act squeezed more pee out of her body. She laid down on her back. She was definitely on the verge of wetting herself. The bathroom was only ten steps away. Jane rolled off her bed. She was leaking a bit more with every motion. She took one step slowly. Holding her crotch for dear life she took another step.

Jane was almost half way there, she was taking forever, but one quick motion would make her lose control. Cathy turned on her light completely startling Jane. Jane saw Cathy looking at her with thins disgusted face. Jane knew it, she was peeing herself. Jane knew she should have slept in a diaper. What if it made her wet the bed, or do something like this. Cathy didn’t say anything though. She just turned the light off. When Jane was finished she grabbed a diaper and changed into it. She also drank a ton of water, it was also only one o’clock, this could easily happen again tonight. Jane went back to sleep.

Jane woke up at a normal time needing to pee, not as bad as last night, but still pretty bad. Jane got out of bed, she grabbed some clothes and was about to get into the bathroom when Cathy said “Are you like not telling me something?”

Jane looked down, she hadn’t worn anything over her diaper, even worse her diaper was wet. She must have wet the bed. “Um…This isn’t usual. Its only cause of that weight loss pill I’m helping test. It has some bad side effects.”

“Kay, well don’t make any more messes.” And she motioned to the pee stain on the carpet.

That was one thing Jane liked about Cathy, she never got into anyone else’s business. Jane didn’t know how she would react if before this experiment she saw Cathy wearing a diaper. Jane grabbed a clean diaper and went into the bathroom. She looked at her phone. There was a text from last night saying that they were going to meet a day early. They were to report to the auditorium at 10:30. That was in the middle of Jane’s first lecture. Jane didn’t want to miss two days in a row, but she had to. It probably wasn’t important anyways.

Jane met up with Lucy in the auditorium. Looking around there weren’t as many girls her as when they started. When they looked carefully about half the girls were wearing adult diapers. Jane assumed the other half just stopped taking the pills. Jane wondered about how many pee stories people had from yesterday, her and Lucy had some.

“Did you wet the bed last night?” Lucy asked.

Embarrassed about some of the details Jane just answered “yes”.

“Me too, twice I think. I peed straight through my diaper. I had a big mess to clean and I was pretty dehydrated.” That reminded Jane of the stain on her carpet that she had to clean.

The same speaker from two days ago stood behind a podium. “Excuse me. We are sorry for any inconvenience or embarrassment. You will all be paid in full for the study. Please fill out the forms telling us about your experience. None of you have to continue with the study. However even though there are some bad side effects, they have been deemed un-harmful. We would like some of you to continue with the study. You will be compensated. If you don’t wish to continue please fill out a form and you will be handed your check. If you wish to continue please stay seated.”

Jane got up to leave but Lucy grabbed her arm. “Let’s keep going. It’s kind of fun.”

Jane didn’t think this was anything close to fun but sat back down because she didn’t want Lucy to do it alone.

A lot of people left. There were about twenty-five who stayed. All of which were probably wearing diapers.

The speaker spoke again “The rest of this trial will continue as planned. We will have weekly meetings. Please pick up your new supply of pills. Thank you.”

She got off the stage. One of the girls in the experiment stood in front of the stage. “Excuse me. Me and some of my friends think that we should all meet together to help each other with this. I asked one of my professors and he said we could meet in his classroom. Don’t come if you don’t want to, but we will be in E-190 at six o’clock if anyone wants to go, grab food and eat there. If you are interested please write your name and cell number on this paper.”

The paper and pen were passed around and Lucy and Jane both wrote down their names. Right after Lucy Walked briskly away. “Come on Jane.”

Lucy went straight to the bathroom. “Whew, I almost didn’t make it. I peed my diaper a while ago. Then I had to go again, so I kept letting a little bit out. My diaper was soaked. I didn’t want it to leak.”

Jane hadn’t taken her pill this morning because she wasn’t sure she was continuing so her bladder was pretty much normal. She was still in her diaper though.

Jane and Lucy went to go get Lunch. In the line Jane felt the need to pee, she wasn’t under the influence of the pill, but the last time she went was after she got up about three and a half hours ago. Jane could easily make it to the bathroom, but she could also have the instant gratification of voiding her bladder. Before she completely thought it through she was peeing, while she was in the lunch line. She was starting to like the feeling of going in a diaper. It was strange, but good. After she finished she realized that there was no need for it. She was a 19 year old girl peeing in a diaper because she chose to. That made her feel guilty. The other times she didn’t use the toilet were accidents. She now also felt bad for wetting the bed, it hadn’t struck her until now, but she had wet the bed! She knew it was the pill’s fault but she was still embarrassed.

They sat down to eat and both took their pills with lunch.

Jane and Lucy grabbed dinner and went to the meeting with all the other girls from the experiment. Jane and Lucy sat in desks next to each other. There was no one there who worked for the pharmaceutical company. The professor wasn’t there either. There were just the remaining subjects of the experiment. They had arranged the desks in a circle.

A mid height Asian girl stood up in her seat. “Hi, everyone I’m Nancy. Now the goal of this meeting is so that we can help each other. The goal is that we can live very our lives just as normal as when we started this. Now I’m going to pass out pens and paper to everyone and if you could all write out what strategies you are using, or that you can think of to cope with this. Oh, this is especially important for this crowd, restrooms and water fountains are just down the hall.”

Jane had her paper. She didn’t know what to write on it. All she was doing was wearing diaper, everyone here was doing that so writing that down wouldn’t be helpful.

Everyone passed their papers towards Nancy. “Alright Samantha will look these over. The first problem I want to address is long lectures. I think just about all of us are wearing diapers. Right now we all use the bathroom at least once an hour. Diapers are a single use. Now this is an obvious problem for four hour lectures. I talked to the people running the experiment and they agreed to buy us all two pairs of plastic pants and six cloth diapers. We will all still going to need to wear disposables, but we believe that if you fold up a cloth diaper and put it into a disposable and wear plastic pants over it that you could wet it more than once, and probably get through your lecture. Jen here is doing that now and will tell us later if it works.”

Everyone got their cloth diapers and plastic pants. The rest of the meeting they went around and told their experiences of the past few days. Just about everyone had had an accident. It felt good to be in a place where everyone was diapered.

A bit later Jen said she was ready to test her diaper plastic pants combo. She took down her pants. Everyone could see her already wet diapers. She sat over a sink just in case she leaked. She started peeing. They could all see her diapers filling up. Some of the pee ran out of the diaper into the plastic pants. Soon she triumphantly exclaimed “I’m done!”

It hadn’t leaked. Everyone cheered.

Before Jane went to bed she put a cloth diaper in her disposable and plastic pants on over. Most of the girls there had extreme cases of bedwetting.

The next morning Jane changed out of her wet diaper and got ready for her lecture. She was wearing a cloth diaper under her disposable, under plastic pants. She went to her first lecture in a few days. She came out very wet, but not leaking.

Jane and Lucy continued with the experiment. They had come to love diapers. When it was over the group of twenty-five girl met every once in a while. Jane had a little problem transitioning from diapers to panties, but she wasn’t worried. Jane still wore diapers whenever she got the chance.

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