The Photo Shoot

Please note: This is unlike any of my previous offerings. It contains sex, degradation, exploitation, none consensual and opportunistic sex.
I’m sorry if this offends and if it does, please give this one a miss.

The Photo Shoot

[i]Carrie was dazed and confused. It wasn’t surprising really… considering what she’d just been through. Her head ached, her vision was blurred and it felt like every part of her body was sore… but from what?

She’d answered an advert she’d seen on the net for ‘new, young models’ with the offer of ‘20 professional portrait photographs’ for her own personal portfolio as payment and the possibility of maybe becoming signed to the agency. Although the company was based in the capital, and she lived 200 miles away, Carrie liked the idea of a career as a model. Ever since she was a baby people had been telling her how cute she was and how she should be gracing catalogues or appearing on posters. Now school was over she thought she’d try her hand at following this new dream of becoming a top model. Not that she knew anything about the business; her parents had been pretty strict about completing her exams before even thinking about a career. Of course they had hoped that once she’d gained the desired passes she would want to go on to University with her school mates but, alas, the fact that she was not academic in any way made options few and far between. No, modelling was the way for her; she didn’t see it as hard work, which would suit her fine and that touch of fame and glamour was very appealing. The photographs in the advert on the web were of smiling young guys and girls about her age (18) beautifully lit and looking absolutely stunning and Carrie wanted the same. Despite the fact that she was petite the advert hadn’t insisted on a particular height or look so, hoping for the best, she sent off an e-mail and, as requested, attached a recent body shot; it was one of her on the beach from a holiday in Spain earlier that year. It showed off her pert young tits bronzing nicely, whilst her white bikini bottom only emphasised her youthful but striking figure, not surprisingly the response was almost immediate.

The return e-mail said that she was just the type of ‘future star’ they were looking for; slim, blond, cute, smooth… young, and when she’d asked in her original message if her lack of experience and height would be a problem… she was told in no uncertain terms that it would be an advantage. Part of the email read: “No attitude, a willingness to learn and work with the photographer, would be a rare treat for all concerned.” It made the whole thing sound like her lack of training in the area of modelling was a plus to a future career and that really appealed. After a few more emails, phone calls and a set of new photos - wearing just her panties (that the agency had requested) - she got the invite to become a possible ‘future star’ with the agency. She couldn’t believe her luck but knew her mom and dad wouldn’t be as excited for her as she was, so decided not to tell them when she boarded a bus and headed for the capital.[/i]

“Carrie… Carrie.” Her mind wasn’t working as well as it should. She came out from a deep sleep, head aching with a thumping pain hammering away above her right temple, which forced her to keep her eyes closed. She was worried that if she opened them, any sudden light would make matters inside her brain even worse. She could hear her name being called way off in the distance and moaned to let whoever was calling know she was alive after all. Her mouth felt as if it was crammed with dry biscuits, her wrist and legs felt like they had been pulled off and her back and her arse felt sore and uncomfortable. She tried not to think but her name was called again.

“Carrie… cup of coffee for you Carrie. Time to get up… you’ve got work to do.”

Carrie wondered what work. Where the hell was she… and why did she feel so awful? She didn’t understand that she had just auditioned for a part that was going to change her life.

She’d been met at the bus station by Tommy, the guy she’d been messaging on the web, and who had invited her to become one of the ‘specially chosen few’. Tommy, who represented the agency ‘Viewpoint Portfolio’, was a tall, good-looking 30 year-old who had the gift of making everyone around him feel at ease - being able to flatter without appearing to be sycophantic - he was brilliant at his job. His huge smile and greeting on meeting Carrie from the bus was genuine and, if truth be known, a relief because on the journey from her home, clutching her laptop and a small backpack of clothes, she had been plagued by more than a few doubts. The trip to the studio was a 20 minute cab ride away and Carrie was all ears as Tommy explained the fantastic opportunities that might be waiting just around the corner for a girl (sorry, “young lady and future star” as Tommy put it) as good-looking as her. Tommy explained that the photographer was all ready and couldn’t wait to get started on making young Carrie into the household name they all hoped she’d soon become. Tommy continued on about how excited everyone had been since they received her photographs and how everyone was confident that they could make her a star very quickly. This was all very positive and exciting and indeed everything that Carrie could have hoped for.

She opened one eye slowly as she felt herself being shaken awake.

“C’mon Carrie … we’ve got tons more to do…”

Slowly taking stock Carrie finally realised where she was… she was still at the studio and on the bed where she was told models crashed out after a long photo-session. She reached down to scratch her itchy cunt and found something missing but couldn’t think what it was. It felt soft and smooth but at that moment a cup of coffee was thrust into her hand halting further exploration.

Pete Ames, the photographer, was apparently well known and much respected in the business and Carries knew this as a ‘fact’ because Tommy had raved about that particular ‘fact’ all the way in the taxi ride. Carrie was taken a little aback when she was ushered into what looked like an abandoned warehouse in some derelict part of the city. However, she thought, that perhaps they might need an urban background for the kind of shots they wanted. She’d recently seen a fantastic photo-spread in one of the fashion mags with exactly this type of setting… except it was in Palestine, or Serbia or France or somewhere third world… Carrie couldn’t quite remember where… other than it looked gritty and real. The photographer Pete was fifty something, very little hair, smoked continuously and didn’t sound well at all as he wheezed every time he spoke or exerted himself in any way… like getting up off his seat. He was tall, about 6 feet, the same height as Tommy, and had a bit of a paunch… he didn’t look like any fashion photographer she’d ever imagined but Carrie shook his hand with enthusiasm. Pete was also gushing and complimentary about their young ‘star’ and continued to rave about Carrie’s natural bone structure, soft features, big eyes and petite frame, all of which, according to both the agency men, were very ‘in’ at that moment.

The cup of coffee tasted like piss but Carrie didn’t know if it was the drink or the fact her mouth was uncomfortably dry and felt like it was full of cotton wool. Tommy’s enthusiastic face came into view and encouraged the young lady to get a move on…
“Minutes mean money”, and they had a lot of that to make today.

[i]Pete had wasted no time in getting a few ‘test’ shots of Carrie as she got himself ready. The girl had only been in the cold warehouse-like place a few minutes but was already being asked to get prepared for the first shoot. She was a bit exhausted from the trip but realised that these guys were professionals and it was up to her to try to be as professional as possible with them… after all… they were giving her this big opportunity, one that any girl her age would have given their right arm for.

She shrugged off her backpack and started to remove her jacket whilst looking around for somewhere to hang it. The area was bare except for a small corner where there were some lights, a coloured backdrop that contained several rolls of different material that could be rolled up or down to give a series of alternative backgrounds. There was a rail with items of clothing hanging from it, a full length mirror, a make-up bag strewn around, a few old chairs, a badly stuffed and ageing sofa, a single bed, a microwave, an electric kettle, some canisters (for coffee she assumed), milk and a set of very expensive looking digital cameras. There was also a lap-top computer, which had a photo of a young girl about the same age as herself laid out on a bed wearing nothing but a smile and a bunch of $20 notes covering her lady parts.[/i]

Carrie dragged herself out of the bed and felt her head once again pound in protest. She also realised she was naked and whilst passing the mirror caught sight of her reflection. Her body didn’t look any different except her small area of pubic bush had disappeared. This didn’t register at first, she just thought there was something different about her image, but a nagging itch around her crotch suddenly brought this fact into focus. She looked at Tommy accusingly.

“Sorry Carrie… but you got a bit pissed last night and we needed you to do some specialist shots for us. We went a head anyway.”

That was all the explanation she got and her aching head didn’t really allow her to pursue thought or conversation much further.

“Strip down to just your underwear,” Pete told the nervous newcomer, “and then we’ll see what we can photograph you in first.” As Carrie stripped, the camera continued to click away taking those ‘test’ photos and Pete manoeuvred to get more and more personal and intimately ‘natural’ images. Eventually, the teenager stood there nervously in just her clean white nylon panties waiting for instructions. Meanwhile, both Tommy and Pete looked on appreciatively at their latest model. With her holiday tan now fading, her big innocent eyes, slim body and small stature made her look so fey and delicate… like an innocent child. Carrie didn’t know it but both men sported huge hard-ons inside their pants and couldn’t wait to take things further. They had quickly assessed just what images someone like Carrie should specialize in. Her cute, innocence was the main thing that they could exploit and they were already working on a series of ideas that would do just that. Tommy put in a call to one of his suppliers and within an hour a huge box arrived with even more specialist clothing for their young model.
Carrie was a natural in front of the camera. She looked brilliant and seemed to take quickly and enthusiastically to direction. She was shot in her underwear and a few odds and sods of casual wear that were on the rail. The evening dress they wanted her to wear was way too big but, being a clever and creative agency they came up with a different and sexier idea for that particular shoot. The two agency men kept insisting that Carrie drink plenty of water on the set… to keep hydrated and they said, “To keep her skin looking translucent.” Carrie didn’t argue she just did as she was asked but he had no idea that the ‘isotonic’ drinks she was given were spiked and that she was slowly being drugged as a result.

Slowly, last night came back to her. She remembered feeling sleepy and quite drunk but had no idea why. She also vaguely remembered on the last bit of the shoot changing once again down to a pair of black, sexy, split-crotch, frilly panties she’d been given to model and then… nothing.

What happened was… Tommy loved those sexy little panties. The material was a huge turn on for him and the easy access it gave lead him to bend the girl’s comatose body over the side of the sofa and royally fuck her up the arse, his favourite position. Pete took the photos and videoed the event as the gorgeous Carrie was tossed about with Tommy’s thick 9" dick firmly embedded in her butt. Tommy could hardly leave her alone so once he’d come it was then time to fuck her sweet little mouth, all videoed in close-up by Pete, then it was the camera man’s turn to get his rocks off. His stubby cock easily penetrating the already well lubed arse as Carrie just flopped about and took everything that was given to her. The results were quickly downloaded and sold on to interested web sites. The desire for more action came in immediately and the computer screen was full of strange and at times cruel requests.

Both guys knew they had a prize product on their hands and were keen to exploit Carrie’s obvious potential as much as possible. Her fey innocence being a big selling point as those requirements from the internet were fulfilled. Money was agreed and paid via the net and the lucky buyers got their request met. The first such demand was for the girl to be slowly and sexily shaved of her pubes to reveal the so far unsullied area of interest. Once that was completed, a further request was made to put a diaper on her, give her a pacifier and a bonnet and make her look like a sleeping baby. Both Pete and Tommy were already well aware of the audience that their models attracted so were quite prepared for these strange fetish requests. They knew the way they would pose ‘Lil Carrie’ (as she was known by this particular ‘fan’) there would be guys all over the net wanking furiously to each image as the camera panned around and sneaked in for close-ups. Carrie’s now nude cunt rested quietly all pink and freshly shaven and the process of putting on a thick diaper, pinning it on and pulling on a nice pair of frilly plastic pants (another definite request) had the purchaser of this particular scene in absolute paroxysms of pleasure. As Tommy took care of the video camera, Pete would knock off a series of stills to be sold later.

Carrie sat naked, apart from a large bath towel pulled around her shoulders, wondering what the hell she’d got herself into. She was suspicious of the coffee she’d been given but took the pills that Tommy offered ‘to get rid of the headache’ without any question… they helped. It was time for Tommy to come clean and bring Carrie up to speed on her instant fame.

Throughout the night both Tommy and Pete worked like the wind to get Carrie into the various situations as requests … and the money… kept rolling in. After the baby scene, she was then moved over to a darker area that looked a bit like a dungeon. There were chains, pulleys and an assortment of other contraptions that Carrie was not aware of but where she was hung, draped, bent and posed for the enjoyment of her ‘growing number’ of online ‘fans’. She had hoods pulled over her head, ball gags (and all other types of restraints) shoved into her mouth. Both Tommy and Pete were called upon to fuck her or cum in her face, mouth and to spank ‘the naughty baby’ as her naked, perfectly cute butt was coloured a glowing pink.
The two agency men knowing not to lay the hand or strap or cane on too hard as they needed that perfect ass asset for future money making opportunities. They made a shit load of money from the night’s transmission and would make even more from the photo collections they had gathered in such a short time. They were correct in telling Carrie she’d be very popular… it was just a shame that at the time the poor girl had no idea in what way. However, Tommy was just about to put that point to her.

“WHAT?” Carrie screamed on the first revelation. “You did what to me?”

She was bewildered, astonished, angry and shaking with rage all at the same time.

“Well, fucking thank you,” she added with bitterness and burst into tears. “You fucking cunts.” Was all she could mumble through her tears and pulled the towel tightly around herself.

“But you’re a star.” Tommy was wide-eyed with enthusiasm and saw no wrong in what they’d done… if he did… he certainly kept it well hidden.

“There are actors all over the world who would love to have the instant fame that you have. We promised that you’d be popular but we just didn’t realise how popular… my God, neither Pete nor I have ever seen such a reaction… you dear girl are going to be the biggest name ever.”

The pep talk fell on deaf ears as Carrie, absentmindedly rubbed her itchy pubic area and a wet fart escaped from her well pummelled arse hole. She rocked back and forth for a moment stunned by these revelations but Tommy was insistent that they get underway as quickly as possible with the new days shoot to capitalise of her spreading fame.

FUCK OFF and die you bastards… if you think I’m doing anything more you’re mistaken.” She brooded for a while before storming off to find her clothes.

Tommy followed behind trying to keep the encouragement going. The positive things that they’ve done… he even mentioned that there would be a hefty sum of money in it for her. Angrily Carrie told him again to “Fuck off” but Tommy persisted with flattery and compliments. He called her over to the computer and tried to show her some of the comments they’d received. Reading them out the glowing responses made no difference as Carrie continued the search for her panties.

“Where are my fucking clothes you cunts…?”

Anticipating this turn of events Tommy had stored the girl’s clothes elsewhere but continued with his positive barrage of how many people wanted to see more.

“Look, give me my clothes… or I’ll walk out of here naked and talk to the cops.”

That was it. He’d tried to be nice, he’d tried to be convincing and he’d tried to be encouraging but, he thought, this self-centred little brat wanted to fuck over their plans. Tommy put the computer down and walked over to her. He towered above the retreating and scared girl and said menacingly through clenched teeth.

“You aren’t going anywhere. We’ve got too much riding on your arse and the sooner you realise that the better.”

Although she was now terrified Carrie made for the exit but Tommy grabbed her arm, dragged her back over his knee and slapped her naked arse. Carrie swore and struggled but Tommy was too strong and threatened more spanking if she didn’t calm down. At that moment, unaware by the two struggling figures, Pete arrived back in the room, and thinking that a sexy scene was underway, grabbed the video camera and started to record the action. Carrie squirmed as her arse was beaten again and burst into tears as Tommy’s hand smacked hard on her upturned arse for the umpteenth time.

“You aren’t going anywhere,” Tommy hissed through clenched teeth “until I say you are. You will do what I say…”

The slap of Tommy’s hand and Carrie’s sobbing could be heard above the words and she knew she was defeated.

“You are a star so; I’ll put up with this tantrum,” Tommy calmed down a bit “but don’t push it”.

He seemed to have got himself composed and back to his semi-positive way of talking… but there was an evil threat there.

“Anymore, and these photos and videos get sent straight to your parents…” he pointed to a thick buff envelope on a nearby desk, “and God knows where they’ll find you… if they ever do.”

Tommy had delivered his warning while dreamily stroking the pink, hand-printed bum that he was determined was going to make them an absolute fortune. He held Carrie over his knee until she’d stopped crying and given an undertaking that she wasn’t going to be ‘stupid’. Eventually, she was let up and Tommy directed her to a sink and told her to clean herself up. Carrie still didn’t know she was being filmed and when she moved towards the sink and Tommy went to check the computer, she made another dart for the door. This time Pete screamed a warning and Tommy took off after her pursued by Pete with the camera. Carrie didn’t get far before she was hauled back to the over-stuffed sofa, dragged over Tommy’s knee and given a ferocious beating. Her screams and cries would have drawn a crowd had there been anyone in the vicinity. Alas for Carrie, there was no one around. Pete zoomed in on the quickly reddening arse cheeks and an angry and frustrated Tommy let the young ‘star’ know in no uncertain terms that he had lost patience and that from now on punishment would be the only thing she could expect for none compliance.

The camera zoomed in on the scrunched up crying face of Carrie and what made this so special, or so Pete thought, were the real tears that you could actually see dripping down her cheeks and splashing onto the floor. He was hard at the thought because he knew these images would be worth a fortune if marketed correctly. Carrie was humiliated and crushed and wished with all her heart that she wasn’t where she was now and wished she’d listened to his mom and dad… wished she was back at school… and wished she was anywhere but where she was. Unfortunately, wishing wasn’t enough and as she lay over the sofa recovering from the beating, things just got worse for her.

Aroused by such a peach of a bum getting a spanking both of the older guys had got tumescent stiffys that needed sorting. Carrie’s badly bruised bottom was soon being used to take the fire out of the two men’s cocks as they took it in turns of using that tight little opening for some gratuitous and wild fucking. They alternated filming each other as their cocks repeatedly sought, found and spunked up in the teenager’s vulnerable arse and fanny. Totally subjugated, Carrie could only cry and take the pounding as she was now very worried that her parents would see what she’d been doing. She thought of the fact that she hadn’t told anyone where she was going and bitterly regretted being so secretive about her plans. Once they’d emptied their brimming balls into her they cleaned her up and, under threat of another severe beating, continued with the shoot.

As people were able to book their own private portfolio more photo and video requests were taken. The scene with Carrie as a baby had, as the guys had hoped, proved very popular and now she was awake, they had her dressed in various baby clothes and diapers, crawling around and sucking on a range of things. A call Tommy had made earlier soon had a couple of older men visiting the set who were able, for a fee, to get their cocks sucked by ‘Lil Carrie’. Pete and Tommy loved the baby look they had produced as a very sorry and chastised looking Carrie was on all fours, wearing a thick diaper covered by a pair of lace-trimmed satin over pants sucked on a couple of old men’s dicks. The brown envelope with Carrie’s address clearly marked on the front was all that was needed to keep her in check. She wasn’t to know that there weren’t any photos in the envelope but the threat and implication was enough. The fact that cum was spilling from her cute mouth, and that she obviously hated the whole thing, made the whole shoot hotter. Her baby bonnet, rattle, bottle, paci and voluminous padding adding a touch of dressing that amplified the sexy scene

As the day moved into evening other areas were coming online and had to be accommodated. A couple of male friends of Pete turned up to help out. They were six foot plus and had superbly honed bodies… the two were known for the shows that they put on together but this evening there job was to act as props to Carrie. Every time she complained, Tommy threatened her with another beating, which seemed to shut her up temporarily at least. Dressed as a young innocent toddler, complete with a tiny dress that was too short to conceal her huge padded diaper and covered with pink silky plastic pants, the two hunks fucked her individually, together and at either end. When she desperately begged to go to the bathroom the guys refused and she had to piss in her diaper, which added another strand of humiliation to her look and prompted a different way of waddling around, which also found some weird fans… as they bid on her soaked padding.

Later, when she was dressed in a sexy French maids outfit (again wearing a thick diaper and billowing frilly silk panties) she was forced to take both cocks in her cute but bruised mouth at the same time. Her heaving padded bottom giving the viewers the excitement needed. There was little doubt that the fetishism that her adoring public liked was primarily if she looked like a baby. Diapers, colourful covers, pretty childishly girly party dresses and innocent (and often scared) looks were what the majority of her paying public wanted. Every conceivable combination and option was explored and photographs taken as the requests kept flowing in. With Carrie often struggling to free herself while her holes were being stretched wide… it was inevitable that something should give and it was a surprise (and an absolute camera classic moment) as she orgasmed as the two hunks came thrusting simultaneously in her sloppy wet arse hole.

Tommy and Pete were deliriously happy. They couldn’t believe just how fucking hot Carrie looked in every situation. Her vulnerability was just so cum-inducing and the look of not enjoying any of what was going on captured those viewing online and those who would, eventually, buy the set of stills. At 18, Carrie was literally a fabulous, overnight porno-star, (whether she liked it or not) even if it was only on the net but her popularity was driving the customers to more and more outrageous requests. Tommy drew the line at physical torture and tattoos but was happy, through his own expertise, to give the illusion to each and every request.

Each drink Carrie was forced to down contained some drug to keep her going and pliant. She was like a new horse being broken in; every time she balked, a quick smack soon had her towing the line. Her belly, arse and cunt were full of cum, her face was covered in the stuff and still the demands for more scenes came in. Even her bawling real tears, dressed like a sweet but terrified baby, had found a market.

Under strict supervision she was allowed to call her mom to tell her she was in the capital and having a ball with some mates and that she wasn’t to worry. She was going for a series of job interviews and was hoping to be home shortly. Tommy and Pete and a few others were in the background making it sound like she was in a club. Tommy saw this as buying some time and to decide exactly what they were going to do with their little star. The tight little frilly lavender coloured satin dress she now wore, with matching enormous padding which was clearly on show, seemed to be getting loads of attention. Her audience loved the soft fabric shining in the light, emphasising the bulkiness of her diaper and the restriction it gave her to get around. She’d spent most of the day on her hands and knees for one reason or another.

Offers had come in to rent her services for a night, a week, a year and it was one of these offers from overseas that attracted Tommy’s interest. The Japanese had always had a thing about young, white, blond and sexually ambivalent girls and Carrie, it appeared, was very popular over there with a certain crowd. Tommy negotiated a fantastic fee from a Japanese billionaire and the deal was set.

Carrie couldn’t believe it when the following day there were no scenes and no one shouting at her to pose, she hoped that at last her ordeal might be over… in reality it had just begun but Carrie wasn’t to know that at the time.

Both Tommy and Pete couldn’t resist one last shag and took her when she was dressed in only a diaper with little cartoons all over it whilst hanging from some wall chains they’d put her in for convenience. They’d only had the girl a few days but she’d made them just under a million so, although they fucked her with some force, they were also grateful to her for being their meal-ticket. After Tommy slipped out of Carrie’s little butt (for the third time that day) he announced that both Pete and himself were going off on holiday to spend some of their new wealth and that Carrie would also be on her way shortly. Although still suspicious of the promises she hoped her ordeal was at last over, and indeed it looked that way.

The terrified teen couldn’t get away from ‘Viewpoint Portfolio’ quickly enough but worried a little about what she was going to say to her parents. How was she going to explain everything and would they understand and be supportive or…? While that worry still hung in her mind Tommy slipped an envelope, which he said contained five grand for ‘services rendered’, on to her lap, they then offered the sulking teenager a glass of champagne to toast the end of the shoot and their ‘success’. Although the still naked teen didn’t feel like joining in any celebration, and with his sticky arse and cunt still dripping spunk, the stern look on Tommy’s face was enough of a threat for her to down the bubbly like Pete and Tommy did… throwing the empty glass and smashing it in the corner. She was right to be nervous of the drink because once again it wasn’t all it appeared. Little did she know that the next time she woke up, dressed in only a presentation, overly-padded, golden diaper, her arms and legs bound in gold coloured rope, she would be in Japan… and there she would find out just what the difference between East and West’s idea of pleasure really was.

Her new owners were looking forward to teaching their latest ‘baby’ acquisition the real meaning of the word… obedience!