The Outcasts 6

The Outcasts, Chapter Six: Date Night, Pt. 1

“That’s not a very funny joke,” Will said calmly, as he scratched his head.

“I wasn’t joking,” replied Meredith with a slight pout. “I think it might be really nice. She’s such a friendly person, and she doesn’t have a lot of friends. Actually…I don’t think she has any friends at all.”

“Did you ever think there was a reason for that?” sneered Amelia. Of the three of them, Amelia was probably the one who wanted to see Natasha again the most. Amelia’s thoughts were constantly wandering back to her and her potential problem. It was half curiosity and half…well, maybe it was all curiosity. She couldn’t find any other way to describe her interest. “Maybe she scared away her other friends after they realized she needed a…” Amelia couldn’t bring herself to finish the sentence. She was trying to put up a mean-spirited front on the topic of Natasha, but she couldn’t bring herself to actually say something so mean.

“Well…no, I don’t think that’s it,” Meredith said, trying to quickly move the conversation along. “Look, I know Will put some crazy thoughts in our heads, but in a way, he did something really good.”

“He did?”

“I did?” asked Will with raised eyebrows.

“Well sure. We just knew her as some new girl, right? Suddenly, Will tells us something and we’re paying attention to her. We’re starting conversation with her. We might make a new friend, while giving her three friends she didn’t have before. Whether Will is right or wrong, wouldn’t it be nice to have one more person to talk to? Someone else to help us not feel so…uh…outcast?”

“We’re not outcasts,” Amelia said with a bitter tone. “We choose not to be a part of all the popularity.” Even in saying it, though, Amelia knew that Meredith was right. They all knew it. Whether they claimed they wanted to distance themselves from everyone else on purpose or not, the fact was that they probably weren’t going to be accepted anyways. They were outcasts.

“Of course,” Meredith said, forcing a smile. “We are who we are. Why worry about it?”

Amelia and Will both cracked a smile. Meredith certainly had a knack for easing a depressing situation sometimes.

“So you want us to have dinner with Natasha?”



“That’s right.”

“Okay,” said Will.

“Okay,” said Amelia.

“It won’t be bad. She’s a very nice girl. We talked a bit today at the library. I think she’s a lot like us.”

“Except that she doesn’t wear…”

“We don’t know that,” Meredith responded, interrupting Amelia before she could finish her sentence. “We have no clue. There is no reason at all that we should even suspect anything at this point. The way I see it, it’s just her business.”

“Yeah, and she does her business in her…”

“Will!” Amelia and Meredith hollered in unison at him.

“Sorry,” he said, laughing, “I couldn’t resist.”

“You’re not going to judge her because of something that Will claims he saw, are you?”

“No,” said Amelia, “I don’t want to.” Though, in reality, it was all she could think about. It was probably the only way that she’d ever see Natasha.

“Good. We’re going to have a good time. Just be open and try to include her in our conversations. And Will?”


“I swear, if you say or do anything that embarrasses her or causes a scene, I will not hesitate to…uh…” Meredith wasn’t very good at being mean. Or making threats.

“…Smack you in the head so hard that you brain comes out your nose,” Amelia added, nodding to Meredith, who was smiling.


“Hey! Who said I was going to say anything?” Will shot the evil eye to both girls as he folded his arms in front of him.

“Just in case,” Meredith replied with a smug nod.

“I’ll be on my best behavior. Besides…I think she’s kind of cute.”

“You know,” Amelia began, “you should probably watch what you say in front of your ex-girlfriend.” She pointed to Meredith.

“No, its okay. I already warned Natasha about him anyways.”

“What?” Will exclaimed. “No fair! At least give me a chance.”

“That’s just too funny,” sighed Amelia. “You’re a born loser, Will.”

“I should go home,” Meredith said at last, looking at her watch. “If we’re going to meet for dinner, I don’t want to look like a slob.”

“You look fine,” Amelia said.

“Thanks…but you know how self-conscious I get. I’ll feel better if I change. Why don’t you come with me?”

“I would…” Amelia started, with a little hesitation, “…but I have some errands to run this afternoon. Lets just all meet at Maxwell’s at 6, then.”

“Sounds good.” The three wandered their separate ways from the bench outside of the school.

The next few hours went by like a blur to the three of them. Meredith was prepping herself at home, picking out a nice outfit. It was hard, because she wanted to look nice, but she didn’t want to overdo it. In her mind, she wanted to make a statement like “I am happy that you might be a new friend of mine, and so I thought I’d wear something nice to show that I care.” Even she knew that it might be an entirely silly thing to worry about though. It wasn’t enough to stop her, as she sat down on her bed and began to undress.

Will, meanwhile, wasn’t stressing about it too much. It was true that he was starting to harbor a little crush on Natasha, but it was mostly just because she actually talked to him, something he didn’t experience very often when it came to girls. Well, short of Amelia and Meredith. Maybe it was what he thought he saw that one day that furthered his interest in her? Regardless, even if that was true, it seemed impossible to convince the girls that what he had seen was true. He flipped through a pile of magazines on the floor next to his bed before settling on the issue of Magnet and he wasted no time in distracting himself further.

Elsewhere, Amelia did actually have some errands to run.

Before any of them knew it, 6 o’clock was approaching. In the parking lot in front of Maxwell’s, Meredith was already waiting patiently. She was the first one here, it seemed. This was usually the case. “Must I always be the early one?” she thought. Nervously, she kicked around some pebbles on the pavement, before kicking one that rolled away from her. She watched it with her eyes as it rolled right into a pair of feet that were facing her. She looked up, and there was Natasha, looking just the same as she did in the library today, smile and all.

“Hey, Meredith! I hope I’m not late.”

“I think we’re the first people here, actually. Which is to be expected of them.”

“I really like your shirt,” Natasha said.

“Oh, thank you! I like your shoes!”

“You like these too? They are supposed to be pretty expensive I think…thankfully it wasn’t my money that paid for them.”

“Oh, nice,” Meredith said hesitantly. She wasn’t sure if she should just assume it was her parents who bought the shoes or to just not worry about it in the first place.

“I didn’t mean to sound conceited,” Natasha blushed, “Normally I don’t have nice things like this. These were a gift, that’s all.”

“Don’t worry about it,” Meredith laughed. “I never thought of you as someone like that. If anything, I’m jealous.” Both girls were now laughing.

“What’s so funny,” hollered Will from across the parking lot as he trotted over to them.

“Way to be on time!” Meredith exclaimed.


“Try again.”

“I found this hilarious video on YouTube…”

“I thought so.” Both girls laughed again as Will blushed lightly and ran his fingers through his hair.

“How are you, Natasha?”

“Good, Will, thank you. How are you?”

“Just dandy, thanks. I’m starving, though. Where the hell is Amelia?”

“I have no clue. I guess I could call her.” Meredith opened her purse and started fumbling for her cell phone.

“Meredith tells me that she already warned you about me,” Will said with a smile. He could see Meredith grimace as she searched her purse.

“She didn’t warn me,” Natasha said, “as much as she just shared her personal perspective.” She flashed him a wide smile, signaling that it was all irrelevant to her anyways. “Do you think I need to be warned of anything?”

“Nothing except for how sexy I am,” he said with a goofy grin.

“Hmm, no she certainly didn’t mention that.”

This made Meredith burst into laughter. She had her cell phone in her hand now and was calling Amelia.

“Hey! Where are you?” There was a pause. “Oh, really?” Another pause. “Yeah, we’re all here.” Another pause. “Are you sure? Well, okay! Talk to you soon.” Meredith flipped her cell phone closed and dropped it back into her purse before looking up at the other two.

“What’s up?” asked Will.

“She’ll be here soon. She said we can go ahead and get a table, though.”

They all nodded and filed into the restaurant. Meanwhile, in the parking lot already, was Amelia, sitting in her car. She nervously bit at her fingernails, wondering if her plan was going to work or not.


apologies for the slow nature of the story. stick with it, its going to pick up[/i][/i]

The Outcasts 6

Don’t apologize for the slow nature; the pacing is just about perfect right now. The dialogue and characterization continue to improve (and started out pretty good). Keep it up.

The Outcasts 6

I wasn’t sure about this story initially, but I’ve stuck with it and I’m glad I did. It’s turning out to be very interesting. I want to know more about your characters and what they’re going to do next. Nice job.