The Other Side (a really short story)

I wasn’t really sure where to post this, so if it needs to be moved, let me know. It’s one of my best ‘stories’, even though it’s really short.

The Other Side

The day was overcast, showing signs of rain, but Kaitlyn didn’t care. She went for her afternoon walk anyway. She passed many ferns and pine trees, heading toward the wall. The rulers said the wall was the end of the world and nobody in the small town had ever seen the other side. There were no holes in the wall, at least, not that Kaitlyn knew of.

Kaiti skipped along happily, humming off key as she went. She would be six soon, an age that she was looking forward to.

Kaiti’s pace slowed to a walk as she came upon the wall. The closer she got, the bigger the wall seemed. She got close enough to the wall to touch it, so she reached out and ran her small hand over its cold, rough, gray surface. Kaiti looked and saw the gray sky, a few birds landed in the branches of the black locust trees above her head.

Kaitlyn, with her hand still on the wall, began slowly walking the perimeter of the outskirts of town. She walked for a long time, and her short legs were starting to hurt. A taller person would have walked twice as far as she had by now, but Kaiti didn’t mind, she kept walking. She looked up, watching a small, brown bird fly over the wall. “What was on the other side?” she wondered. She walked a little farther and resumed her humming.

Suddenly, Kaitlyn’s hand touched thin air, when it should have still been skimming the walls craggy surface. She stopped and looked at the wall and saw a hole in the gigantic wall and squealed with delight. She stooped slightly and, with her hands still against the wall, she peered into what she thought would be nothingness.

Kaiti blinked a few times thinking perhaps she had been mistaken the first time. She looked again. Her large, brown eyes widened at what she saw.

A little about about Kaiti’s age sat in a field of grass with a small, black puppy next to him. She yelled at him, but he didn’t see or hear her. She watched as he stood and looked over his shoulder. Kaiti looked past the little blonde-haired boy to a towering building behind him then focused once again on the boy and his dog. The were standing in a field with large, purple flowers blooming all around them, playing frisbee. She saw many apple trees off to the left and a HUGE body of water to the right. Kaitlyn had never before, in her five and a half years of life, seen so much water in one place. It all looked so beautiful. Like a dream.

“Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn!” Kaiti turned around to see Sarah, her nanny, coming toward her. “your mother’s been looking for you. Come now, let’s go home.”

Kaiti took one more look through the window to the other side before putting her hand in Sarah’s and walking away. She always remembered the spot where she, Kaitlyn Baxter, had seen the other side.

The Other Side (a really short story)

Different, but good. I like it.

The Other Side (a really short story)

It just seems so… pointless. A little girl walks for a long time and comes to a hole in a wall. She looks through and sees… nothing remarkable. How is this at all interesting?

The Other Side (a really short story)

While interesting, this belongs in the non-abdl section. I like the symbolism and metaphor, but lets face it….its not really an adult baby or diaper lover story.

The Other Side (a really short story)

Short stories are fundamentally about character change. We don’t see that here.