The Opposite Effect

I’m new here and this is my first story on abdl stuff so please be light on criticism, I’m not a good writer but i hope i deliver somewhat right:). There are 2 abbreviations I’m going to use that will only be used a couple of times if i switch views of the story: JV= Jasper’s view FV=Full view.

It’s good to have friends that you will stick to no matter what group you go in. Like my friend Janet, we stick together like glue. We’re both geeks/nerds and proud of it. We don’t go to the same schools though… but for sophomore year and the rest of high school I’m going to move by her and stay at her school. She gets bullied at her school, and Janet is always crying to me about it. I hate it and the people that are teasing her are the popular girls and guys. The guys tease her more than the girls, and I really wanted to do something about it… I’m not stupid, but when it comes to helping my best friend I have to go far into the deep to get these idiot popular guys straightened out, I hope it just doesn’t flip back onto me like karma or something… And if you didn’t know already my names Jasper Cord.

“Jasper! Come on! We’re leaving.” Mom yelled,
I yelled back, “I’m coming! One sec!”
I put my IPod Touch and my phone in my backpack and zipped up the bag. I looked around my empty room real fast to make sure nothing was left. Then I saw my friendship bracelet Janet got me caught in between the window. I ran over and lifted up the window and took the bracelet. I put it on my wrist while letting go of the window. I sprinted down the stairs with my backpack and duffel bag in both hands to the van where my mom was waiting impatiently. I jumped in and through my stuff in the back seats and slammed the door shut.

It was a quiet ride to my new house. I just kept watching the trees fall behind us as we drove, with my reflection in the window. I had those big green eyes behind my huge round glasses, and brown curly hair that always frustrated me. I didn’t need glasses; I just use them to match my best friend. It was a 30 minute drive until we got to our new white house. The house is pretty huge but there’s only me and my mom that will reside in it. And my mom is usually never home so it’s mostly just me in it alone. The house was nice and it is only 2 blocks away from Janet’s so we can walk to school together.
Two days later
I put on my blue sweatshirt and looked in the mirror, oops forgot my glasses. I went in my freshly colored blue bedroom with some random black swirls and picked up my glasses and put them on. I was already 5 minutes late to meet Janet at the intersection of our blocks. I took my backpack and sprinted to the meeting place.
Once I got there I went behind her and said with breath, “Heyyy”
Janet said, “Hello, Ms. Slowpoke”
“Sorry I’m late, my hair wasn’t being nice today…”
She laughed and said, “It’s alright just come on, walk faster and listen. Look the popular kids are probably going to tease you too so just walk fast to your locker and don’t listen, you hear me?”
“Sure, but that’s just letting them get to you. You can’t just ignore them your whole high school life! We’re supposed to enjoy high school not be scared of it! What if we secretly get them back without them even noticing? They’re too stupid to notice it, right?” I stopped for a second and looked at Janet. She wasn’t mad at the idea she was actually considering it.
Janet sighed and said, “At least you don’t kill anyone or get anyone in trouble I’m in, so what’s your plan this time?”
“Ok so today I’ll just study them and learn their nature. Tomorrow I’ll go to school without glasses, I’ll put a little makeup on and straighten my hair. I mean, I was a nobody last year and today I’ll be invisible, I can do it.”
Janet looked at me as if I was crazy, then started nodding her head and said, “This could work. You are pretty when you put on make up without glasses. What is your full plan though?”
“I’m just going to go out with one of them and break they’re heart.”
“Dude, they do things with girls, bad things, like the S E X thing. You’re pretty small too. They can easily get a hold on you…”
“I just won’t go in a room alone with them or anything.”
Janet went quiet for a minute and then gasped, “What if… you dated all of them at the same time secretly and then they start fighting eachother over you?!”
I started laughing, “That would be perfect! "
“Just don’t get too into your character and leave me.”
“Don’t worry, Janet. I won’t, I promise.”
That whole day no one said anything to me. I found out the popular guys and I’m going in tomorrow with nothing stopping me. I just have to get into my mom’s makeup. I found it under the bed, I just took out eyeliner, some shadow and lip gloss. That will have to do for now. I went over to my bed put the makeup under my pillow and fell asleep.
I woke up feeling pretty mischievous. Revenge is something common these days, I guess. I went to the mirror and slowly put on the makeup. It wasn’t that hard to apply, especially since I have a steady hand because I was in honors art at my old school.
I must say I looked good. I’m the average height for my age at 5’2 but I weigh 115 pounds. I ran downstairs and ate breakfast real fast and checked the mirror one last time. I wanted to put on my glasses for Janet, but I had to do my operation carefully and just right.
At school, I walked to my locker looking down at my feet. I’m not one to have much confidence no matter if I’m acting or not. I ran into a really bold person and stepped back a little bit. I looked up and saw Drake Canberra or victim number one. He was thin, tall and muscular ,all popular guys were, with his brown short hair and brown eyes that were slowly melting into me. I blushed and said, “Excuse me.”
Out of my peripheral vision I saw him follow me. I got to my locker and turned the dial 3 times to my locker combination. His locker was surprisingly right next to mine. I found that out yesterday. Drake opened his locker slowly. He looked at me and our eyes locked. I have him lured into my trap, or at least I hope I do.
Drake said with a smile, “So you’re the new girl here? Or am I just delusional?”
I put on a flirtatious laugh and said, “Both.” I slammed my locker and walked away to my next class, and of course he was still playing my game. Drake followed me, and walked right in front of me and stopped. He leaned on the wall with his hands in his pockets. This is the cool look for him, I guess.
Drake took out a piece of paper and a pen, wrote something down and gave me the paper. He started walking backward and said with a smile, “Call me.”
FV(Full View)
It was lunch time and all the popular guys sat at the table and started talking. James was sitting quietly looking at Jasper and then away. He was sad because Jasper dumped him the day before. James had bright blue eyes and dark skin that popped out his eyes.
Drake said to him, “What’s wrong , man, you look like you got dumped?”
James sighed and said, “I did by Jasper Cord…”
Jered said, “You were dating her? She doesn’t seem your type… I thought you liked the hot ones, not the cute types.”
Drake, Dan, and Gabriel gave him a weird look while James said, " I wanted to try someone new… We were dating secretly, because she didn’t want anyone to know for some weird reason…”
Drake said with obvious anger, “I’ve been dating Jasper secretly for a whole month… How long have you been?”
James composure went from sad to confused to angry in all one minute and said, “I’ve dated her for a month too… She’s been cheating on us?”
Gabriel finally spoke up, “Same here, but for 3 weeks.”
Dan was pissed off and said, “She asked me out yesterday and I said yes! What a-”
Drake said as calmly as possible, “Calm down. Look at who she’s sitting with… When all of you have been dating her did she ever say to start being nice to that loser Janet?” Everyone nodded, " I think she dated us all for some reason. Just act like nothing happened and find what’s up with her somehow, but don’t do anything yet…Revenge will come to her if we play our cards right, Got me?"
Everyone that went out with Jasper so far nodded and said together, “Yea.”

Re: A fail of a trick

Ok…we have a synopsis and while it’s not a bad one, it is one with very little exposition or setting.

I’ve been told before that length isn’t always what makes a story but to be fair, there is a breaking point to that theory and I think this is it. I really think you need to flesh things out, make them more detailed and such.

If this is a story where the primary focus is about the jocks and preps bullying the nerds, I’d personally like to see faces, names and personalities to said jocks rather than just have them be tertiary faceless jackass characters.


Ya I edited it and added more, I didn’t really know what to do for popular guys name because I just wanted to make the story and get to the good part. I accidentally posted the small short because I pressed tab then enter because I was starting dialogue and I was writing the story on the website which was a mistake, but now I’m going to use Microsoft word and then copy and paste it onto here. :slight_smile:

Re: The Opposite Effect

So far, I really like where this story seems like it’s going. I’d love to see more.

The Opposite Effect #2

JV(Jasper’s View)
I kept looking over at the jocks, and looking back at my friends. The guys were looking at me and then talking. Then looking again and kept talking. All of the guys I was dating kept looking back. It was a cycle that didn’t stop until lunch was over…
“Jasper! Helloooooo? You there?”
Janet was trying to get my attention while I was trapped in my thoughts. I finally looked up and said, “Yea?”
“Dude, you haven’t even touched your food… Eat something!”
“Oh… sorry. It’s just… The guys keep looking at me weirdly and smiling. I mean they usually smile at me, but not this way.”
I started considering that they found out about my plans, but then I reconsidered and decided that they were too stupid to figure out. I must admit that I don’t give people that much credit on what they know.
I looked at Janet, and she was looking at me with those huge blue eyes behind her glasses. She said, “Hey, want to hang out tonight? We have to talk in private about this stuff…” While she was saying that her eyes were following someone behind me. I slowly looked her way and saw Drake walk to my direction. I thought he was looking somewhere else, but he was looking at me.
Drake stopped and kneeled by my chair, smirked at me and said,
“Hey, Baby. So tonight I was going to have some friends over and have a movie night… I wanted to know if you’d like to join us?”

“Ummm… I don’t know. Someone already asked me to hang tonight… Sooo-”
Drake put his finger over my lips and cut me off saying, “Shhhhhh… Don’t worry. I bet your,” He looked at Janet, “friend can wait until tomorrow.”

I stopped breathing for a moment, lost in his tone of voice, loosing myself to Drake and his amazing melting eyes.

Drake kept staring at me waiting for a response. I realized this and looked at horrified Janet and then to him again. I fixed my composure and said, “Oh, yeah, sure, it sounds great. Uhh. Text me the time.”
I knew I sounded like an complete and mindless idiot. Drake smiled at me, and walked out of the cafeteria with his “pack” following.
Later on after school I was hanging out with Janet getting ready for my movie night with Drake and his friends. Janet was watching me apply more eyeliner and eye shadow in the bathroom and said,

“Drake had you like a puppy today. He was talking to you like one, and you were lost. I thought you were playing a game on him! Not him onto you!”

“Dude, okay… He got me for one second… but he never talked to me like that before, and well I guess I just fell for it, I guess…” My voice went slower and lighter by the end of the sentence. Janet was giving me the “are you serious look” while saying,

“BUT were you listening to his voice, he was manipulating you. He was speaking to you like a baby!” I moaned a little bit, and walked to my room and plopped down on my bed.

It was true, Drake spoke to me in a different way today. He took control of me. Tonight I can’t let him cast his spell and take all my hard work.

I took a deep breath and said, “Don’t worry those jerks are all going down. I promise I won’t get caught up into this huge web again.” That’s when we shook on it. Buzzzzzzzz. Buzzzzz. It’s my phone ringing. I went over and grabbed it, finding it was Drake’s message. My heart started pounding faster in my chest. I didn’t want to break my promise to Janet, but it wasn’t working out to well. I read the message out loud:

“Uhh, it’s Drake… He says ‘I’m coming now.’ Why doesn’t he ever ask me questions anymore?”

I can’t drive yet, but it would be nice if he asked anything. He just started after lunch was over. It’s like he’s trying to tell me what to do or something along those lines…
We talked a little bit and then the doorbell rang. I got up, picked up my bag, hesitated at my bedroom door and said, “Lock up the house when you leave, bye.”

Janet waved back as I went down the stairs. I slipped on my flats and opened the door, Finding Drake with his hands in his pockets, once again leaning on the side of the door looking into my eyes. My thoughts were clouded in dreams for a second until he stood up straight, took my hand, and closed the door for me. He was mostly pulling me to his car, until the realization kicked in that I should follow. I walked up to his car with him pulling the door open for me. I got in as he shut it gently. Drake walked around and got in. He looked at me and gave me a weird smile that comforted me.

It was odd and strange. Before I had everything under control, but now I’m melting under his reigns.
The drive to his house was very quiet. He didn’t talk like unusual, he just drove and looked at me time to time and did his weird smirk.