The New Girl (A Cautionary Tale) [Short Story]

So here’s ANOTHER short story by me. If you know the movie that inspired this tale, good for you, you have great taste in films. Anyway, please enjoy this extremely DARK story. :slight_smile:


The New Girl (A Cautionary Tale)
By: Dementia’s Knight

I sat in front of my computer as it booted up. I sipped my coffee slowly, letting the hot liquid flow through my body and warm me up. I clicked on my Firefox icon and watched as my internet homepage opened up. I quickly logged in to the site and checked my messages, scanning over the list until I saw something that piqued my interest.

“I’m new here.” the subject line read. I clicked on the message and smiled as the message came up. The picture that greeted me took my breath away. A young girl, maybe twenty or so laying on a pink baby blanket, her ample breasts straining against a small pink belly shirt that stopped just above a thick white disposable diaper. The girl was twirling a lock of her mousy brown hair with her index finger as she sucked on a pink Minnie Mouse pacifier.

I marveled at her precious face, her small button nose wrinkled up adorably as she smiled at the camera. The girl’s green eyes sparkled brilliantly as she seemed to stare at me from the screen. I fell in love with her and knew that she was the one for me. I scrolled down a bit and read the attached message with eager anticipation.

“Hi, I’m new to this site, and I saw that you had a ton of posts here. I was hoping that maybe we could chat sometime. My email address is Looking forward to hearing from you. Love, Miranda XOXO.” the message read.

“Jackpot!” I thought to myself as I hit the REPLY button and typed out my message to the beautiful young girl. “You’re beautiful, I would love to chat with you. ;)” I typed before hitting SEND.

After I’d muddled through the other messages in my inbox I shut my computer off to get ready for work, and as I got into my car to leave for the day I found myself unable to escape the thoughts of chatting with the beautiful young girl I’d just met later that evening.

I nearly ran into the house when I got home from work. I tossed my keys on the coffee table and went straight to my computer. As soon as everything was up and running I went to inbox and felt my heart skip a beat when I saw a new message from Miranda.

“I got so excited when I saw your reply that I had a little accident in my diaper :oops: Maybe you can help me out? :wink: P.S. my Yahoo s/n is babymiranda, come keep me company pwease.” the new message read.

I felt my penis stiffen in my pants as I read the adorably enticing message. I imagined this sweet young girl looking down at her yellowing front of her diaper with a pout as she had an “accident”, and it drove me wild. I quickly signed into my Yahoo messenger and entered Miranda’s screen name, and smiled widely when I saw that she was online.

“Well hello there cutie!” I typed to her.

The message screen remained empty for a moment, and I began to worry that maybe she wasn’t going to reply. Then I heard the familiar chime that signaled a new message, and looked up from the keyboard quickly.

“Hello yourself there stud. :wink: Sorry for the delay, I had to get a bottle of juice.” Miranda wrote.

Again my imagination took hold as I pictured her suckling on a baby bottle of juice as she chatted with me. “So, what else are you up to besides being adorable?” I typed.

:smiley: Well, I’ve been feeling a gurgle in my tummy for a bit now, and was thinking I should make a poopy. What do you think?” her message asked.

I moved my hand to my crotch and began to massage myself through the front of my jeans as I typed a reply with my free hand. “Such a naughty girl. Somebody should give you a spanking.” i teased.

For a moment no reply came, and then an invitation to view Miranda’s webcam popped onto the screen. With lightning quickness I clicked ACCEPT and watched as my newfound angel appeared in a small window next to our chat.

Miranda had her hair done up into two pigtails, secured with twin purple ribbons. Her pert nipples poked out under her purple belly shirt beneath the words “Naughty Girl” spelled out in glitter. A half full baby bottle of orange juice hung from Miranda’s mouth, swinging gently from between her clenched teeth as she leaned forward and adjusted her webcam.

“There, can you see me alright?” she typed as she waved at me with her free hand and gave me a wink.

“Sure can!” I typed happily as I drank in every inch of her precious form.

Miranda smiled and got up from her chair. She set the chair off to the side and took a position a little ways from the desk and camera, and stood with her back to me as she looked over her shoulder with a come hither stare that seemed to burn through the screen and come right to me.

I watched her backside intently as my massaging pace quickened, my hand now down the front of my pants and firmly on my rigid manhood. I felt my face flush hotly as I watched the seat of her diaper poof out slightly as she filled it with her mess. After another moment Miranda turned back around and waddled back to the computer, her face flushed from her strains.

“I made a poopy in my diaper.” she typed before taking a drink from her bottle and pulled her chair back to the desk and gingerly sat down with a smile and a blush.

I lost it in that moment, making my own mess in my pants as I marveled at this extremely forward young woman and her wholly erotic display. With a sigh I cleaned myself up a bit and typed my reply. “I’ve never met anyone that moves as quickly as you do.” I confessed in my response.

Miranda smiled. “I want a daddy. Actually, I NEED a daddy.” she typed.

I couldn’t believe what I was reading. This total stranger was essentially asking me to be her daddy, throwing all caution to the wind by coming clean from the very start and throwing herself into my arms. I smiled as I carefully thought out a response, I knew that I had to play things cool so that she didn’t get scared off by my overbearing eagerness. “And you think that I might be good for that position?” I asked her.

The beautiful young woman nodded sheepishly and smiled. “I’ve read your posts on the message board, and you clearly know how to punish little girls.” she wrote.

I nodded in agreement with her statement. I’d written countless stories where the female protagonist was forced into diapers and humiliated to the point of tears as she was regressed to a second babyhood. “Well, I’ve also got a lot of real world experience with handling naughty babies.” I told her.

“Is that so? Well maybe you should come and teach me how naughty it is to mess my diapers.” she wrote as she stuck her bottom lip out and put her index finger in her mouth as she gave me a sad look.

I sighed. “I wish I could, but I don’t know where you live.” I wrote, worried that she may get nervous by my hinting that I wanted her to reveal where she lived after just meeting her.

“I live in North Haverbrook. 1253 Orange Grove Place.” she wrote.

My eyes went wide when I read her address. I knew exactly where she lived, and it was less than an hours drive from me. “What are the odds that you live so close to me?” I asked her.

“Just lucky I guess.” she wrote as she gave a playful shrug. “So, will you come and help me with my messy pants?” she asked.

I looked at the clock at the bottom corner of the screen, it was nearly eleven in the evening and I had to be to work at five in the morning. I thought about that fact and decided that this opportunity was just too good to pass up. “I’m on my way.” I wrote.

“Hurry daddy, it’s very stinky and I have to pee pee.” she wrote as she popped her pacifier in her mouth and gave me a wide eyed sorrow filled gaze.

“Daddy’s coming angel.” I wrote before I shut off the computer and snagged my car keys off the coffee table and made a mad dash to my car.

I got out of my car and scanned the apartment numbers in the complex, looking for 1253. I spotted it on the end of the row upstairs, and moved as fast as I could to it, standing outside the door for a moment before knocking a few times on the door.

The door opened and Miranda stood before me with a robe on. She stood in the doorway with a wide smile on her face as she eyed me up and down carefully. “What’s the password?” she asked in a sultry and sweet voice that gave me another familiar stirring in my loins.

“I think someone here ordered a daddy.” I told her with a smile to match her own.

She stepped aside and beckoned me into her apartment. I walked in, smelling the rank odor of her soiled diaper as I entered the room. I heard the door shut behind me and a lock being secured. I turned to her and smiled again as I saw her removing her robe, letting it fall to the ground in a mound. She walked up to me and ran her hand from my cheek down my chest, and finally to the firm bulge in the front of my pants.

“Is daddy excited?” she asked, sounding like a curious child that was completely oblivious to what was truly going on within my jeans.

I wrapped my arms around her waist and pulled her close to me, my raging hard on rubbing against her naked thigh just below her soiled diaper. I slid a hand down to the seat of her diaper and gave a firm pat to the lump that resided there. “Daddy is more than just excited, he’s ecstatic.” I told her.

“Well, what would daddy like to do?” she asked, taking my hand from around her waist and bringing it up to her mouth, sucking on the tip of my index finger seductively.

My throat became dry and I nearly lost it for the second time that night as I watched her suck my finger greedily. “For starters, daddy thinks baby Miranda needs a spanking with her messy diaper on to remind her how naughty she is.” I swallowed hard between sentences as I tried to focus on my thoughts. “The I think she needs a time out before daddy gives her a special diaper change.” I told her.

“What’s a special diaper change?” she asked as her tongue rolled over the end of my finger repeatedly in quick swirls.

“That’s where daddy puts his special toy inside baby Miranda’s little coochie so that she knows he still loves her.” I explained.

Miranda nodded and pulled my finger from her mouth slowly. “That’s what I thought.” she whispered into my ear, her hot breath tickling my ear and driving me wild.

I grabbed her by the hand and led her down the hallway to where I assumed her bedroom was, I tried the first door on the right, and saw a giant nursery complete with a crib and changing table, all made to support the weight of an adult. I let go of her hand and took several steps into the room as I looked around in awe at the completeness of the whole scene. As I was turning to face her again I felt a sharp poke in my behind and a giggle.

I spun around to see Miranda standing in the doorway with an empty syringe in her hand and a smile on her face. “What did you do?” I asked, my head beginning to throb.

“Just gave you a little shot to help you sleep until Sarah gets here.” she explained.

The room began to spin around me, and I felt nauseous as my vision went blurry and I stumbled backward. I banged my head against the wall before I slid against it to the ground and passed out.

“He’s coming around.” a woman’s voice said from the fog.

I opened my eyes and looked up at a blonde haired woman that looked familiar to me once my blurred vision corrected itself. “Sarah?” I asked as my memory clicked on and the woman I was seeing came flooding back to me.

“So you do remember me. Well, maybe you aren’t such a prick.” she said.

I shook my head to clear the remaining cobwebs from my mind. “What are you doing here?” I asked her.

“Miranda is my friend, and she helped me to lure you here so I can make it clear to you how much of a colossal piece of shit you are.” she explained to me with an unsettling smile.

“I don’t understand.” I told her.

Sarah sighed. “Well, after you told me I was the perfect little girl, and that you loved me and would be my daddy forever I was the happiest I’d ever been.” she started. “And then you got bored with me and cast me aside after I told you I didn’t want to wear diapers 24/7. You broke my heart, you made me so depressed that I wanted to kill myself. Thankfully Miranda was there for me. She pulled me out of my depression and convinced me that everything would be alright.” she explained. “Well, after I got some closure with your betrayal of course.” she added.

Miranda came into the room with a tray and several towels. “Alright, I hope he’s not too much of a screamer, I would hate to have to explain to the neighbors or the police what we’re doing in here.” she said as she set the tray and towels down and came over to the gurney that I was strapped to.

“Don’t worry.” Sarah said as she tore a length of duct tape from a large roll and placed it over my mouth, stifling my pleas for them to let me go.

I watched Sarah go to the tray and return with an extremely sharp looking scalpel. She smiled wickedly as she tapped the end of the blade against her chin and looked me over. “I think maybe we’ll take your balls first.” she said before she moved to the end of the gurney and removing the blanket that was covering my naked lower half.

My screams were held back by the tape over my mouth as I felt Sarah’s hand on my genitals and watched her move the scalpel in to start my mutilation.

The End

The New Girl (A Cautionary Tale) [Short Story]

As messed up as tht was, I enjoyed reading it, keep up the good work on ur stories

The New Girl (A Cautionary Tale) [Short Story]


Woah, Knight!! That was as dark as the chocolate I like to eat!! Good job!!

The New Girl (A Cautionary Tale) [Short Story]

I KNEW I should have called it “Another Story By Dementia’s Knight That Resembles The Plot Of Hard Candy”, but it didn’t seem to flow right.

Sorry Vickie! :stuck_out_tongue:


The New Girl (A Cautionary Tale) [Short Story]

That would suck.That would really suck.

Well: never meet someone off the internet!

Nice one.

The New Girl (A Cautionary Tale) [Short Story]

Nice. Hard Candy is a great, if rather unsettling, film and I think the same can be said for this. Good stuff.

The New Girl (A Cautionary Tale) [Short Story]

I’m also reminded of “Audition”. Also, I think that if we had more time to connect with the characters, the ending would have more impact.

The New Girl (A Cautionary Tale) [Short Story]

I dunno if any of you have ever seen the ‘Dick Chop’ video?

The New Girl (A Cautionary Tale) [Short Story]

Mandi should use this technique on the guys that stalk her.

The New Girl (A Cautionary Tale) [Short Story]

To me it was more like the book/tv show “Dexter”. They used a needle to knock him out just like Dexter does and Dexter also uses pretty sharp knifes to kill his victims all murders themselfs.

"It was very good….until the end where he was about to get his knuts chopped off.


Still I liked it for the most part"

Course its worse then what he did to her in ditching her when she said she won’t wear 24/7 and in all likeyhood din’t like the toy aspect of the “speical diaper changes”.

But as “Mr.Smith” in the movie “Mr.Brooks” put it. “Fuck it, a assholes a asshole.”