The New Daddy

Phillip sighed as he stood facing the front steps. It was a large house, with a dozen iron barred windows and made almost entirely out of stone. It was the kind of place he would never hope to afford.

The next part was a bit like ripping off a band aid, he supposed. It was better to get it over with quickly. However, he still stood at the stone steps, not moving. He was still on time, but he knew being late would probably make things worse, and he didn’t know how strict they were going to be. He laughed to himself. The fact that he would stand still here while knowing he was better off going forward was probably part off the reason he was here in the first place.

It was far from the first time he had been here. He had known the owner for years through his sister, and felt lucky that he had. However, the house, and the implication of wealth, seemed far more opposing now then ever before.

Of course, there were a lot of reasons he was here. Not studying for his university courses and letting himself get distracted was part of it. Showing up late, or not at all, to his work until he was fired and couldn’t pay for the courses he was failing anyway was another. Trying to cheat and hack the system to get his marks raised and his charges lowered was probably the biggest. Now, someone he only slightly knew had a blank check on his future, and he had know idea how she was going to cash it.

“Oh well,” he thought, and walked forward. There was nothing he could do to change it now. He had agreed to it, if somewhat under duress, he better get it over with.

He rang the doorbell.

The large wooden door opened, and a cherry, blond haired woman poked her head out.

“Hello Phillip,” she said, smiling. “Glad you could finally make it.”

“I’m still on time! See!?” He said, panicking and showing her his watch.

She giggled. Phillip realized she had been teasing him and glared. “Its alright. Come inside, and we will get started.”

“Yes Ms. Smith,” he said.

“Oh please, don’t give me that. Its Rebecca…”

Phillip smiled, ‘perhaps it won’t be that bad,’ he thought.

“For now.”

Rebecca was almost ten years his senior. She had come from a well to do family, studied business in university, then used her knowledge of stocks to build up the fortune she possessed now. She had known Phillip’s older sister in university, and the times he had met her she seemed to be his polar opposite- always on the run, always working, always seeming to be on the exact level of stress that let her stay calm while making her rush to get things done.

Phillip gulped in fear. Gingerly he walked into the house, and instantly yelped as he felt something hit the side of his leg.

“First thing first, lets get you out of those silly clothes.”

“What? Rebecca, what is that… OW!”

He yelped again as hit him, this time square on the bottom, with a thick leather rod.

'I said STRIP. You are to please and serve me as I want. You know the rules. So STRIP!"

“What? Is this some kind of sexual thing? I don’t know what… OW!”

“You’re going to strip because I’m going to tell you what to wear. You agreed to do what I said when you signed the contract, so do what I say or I’ll send you to jail or worse.”

“Ye… yes Rebecca.”

He quickly grabbed the hem of his shirt and tore it off. He reached down to his belt buckle and looked at Rebecca pleadingly. She raised an eyebrow, and he undid his belt.
Really, he had known this was coming. This part was essentially the same for everyone in his situation, and he knew it could be much worse. However, no amount of mental preparation prepared him for the embarrassment as he pulled his pants down and stripped bear in front of his new mistress for her inspection.

Once he was naked, Rebecca stood in front of him, looking him up and down and thinking.

"Hmmm… I have to say you’re in fairly good shape. I suppose that was one thing you were competent enough to think of.

He squirmed under her gaze. “Yes Rebecca.”

She walked around him, examining him and teasing him with the rod. She hit him hard across the bottom and he yelped again.

“Now, it seems SOMEONE’s been naughty, haven’t they.”

“Yes, Rebecca.”

Another hit, another yelp. Phillip felt the lines glowing on his cheeks. “It seems someone waisted their time at university. Looking at naughty pictures when we should have been working, were we?”

Phillip blushed and didn’t answer. She chuckled and continued.

“And it seems then, instead of working or dealing with their problems, SOMEONE decided to try to cheat their way out, didn’t they?”

Another hit. “YES REBECCA!” he shouted.

“Then, that someone COULD have been lined up to go to jail, or even a subby school, weren’t they? Wouldn’t that have been fun? Ending up having to choose between months in a cell and a massive fine or having to wonder who your new trainer would be? Would that be fun?”

Another hit. “NO REBECCA!”

“And it seems that SOMEONE was LUCKY that their big sister knew someone who was willing to pay their way out of it, make a deal with the university, get lawyers to drop the charges, and all they had to do was show up a few times a month to help that person out. Isn’t that lucky?”

Another hit. “YES REBECCA!”


“I WASN"T LATE I WAS… OW!” That hit was harder then the others.

“And who was that someone?”

“Me, Rebecca.”

“Exactly right. Can you imagine my surprise when the lazy, unmotivated younger brother of my friend Sarah ended up being the one who did all this? Can you imagine when I found out the guy who spent all his time playing games while his sister was working was the one who did this and got caught? Can you?” She was spanking him continuously now, emphasizing each word with a smack.

“OW! OW! Yes Rebecca!” He shouted, whinning.

“Exactly right.” She stopped spanking him and walked back to his front and rested the rod on his face, pushing into his cheek. “Now. As far as I can tell I am getting you out of a heck of a lot of trouble and not asking for much in return. So, you are going to do everything here. You’re not just going to clean and cook, I’m going to put my feet up and relax as you take care of every little thing, understood?”

“Yes, Rebecca.”

“This,” she moved the rod around his cheeks. “Is my riding crop. It will let you know when you displease me, and I expect you to willingly bend over for it, understood?”

“Yes, Rebecca.”

“And, since I paid you out of it when I could have paid much less for a maid service, I expect you to remember I’m doing you a favor. You are here for my pleasure and to serve me. If at any point you don’t like it, you can go back, find a way to pay back the money and take your chances in court, along with the additional charges off breaking your contract with me. Understood?”

“Yes Rebecca.”

“Good. Then come along.” She led him through the massive open foyer and up a wide, twisting flight of wooden stairs toward the second floor. The floors were thickly carpeted, and the walls were a golden color, as if to emphasize the wealth. She lead him down a hallway, and he glanced inside various doors they passed and at the large paintings she had hung in every open space. Was he going to have to clean this all?

It occurred to him that he still had know idea what was happening. He was still blushing, one hand in front trying to hide his nudity as the other rubbed his sore bottom. Was he going to be spanked like that every day? Would he have to clean naked? The thought made him shudder, but was still better then the alternative.

Finally he asked. “Rebecca, what am I going to be doing here? Am I… do you really want me naked all day? Do I have to be?”

She chuckled. “You’ll see in a second. Ah! Here we are!” She opened a sliding door to what he realized was a closet. “Don’t worry, I won’t expect you to be naked.”

He let out a sigh of relief, then suddenly caught it as he saw her reaching for a dress. Even worse, it was a french maids dress, complete with long silk stockings and a ridiculously short skirt.

“Wha… wha…” he tried to ask, but the words wouldn’t form.

She laughed again and pushed it into his hands. “YOU, my little sissy, are going to be my french maid. I had this made for your size and I can’t WAIT to see you in it.”

“But… but… can’t I just be naked all day?”

She spanked him again with the riding crop. “No. I told you, you are here to serve me. You wear what I want, do what I want, act the way I want…” She grabbed at her hair in frustration. Phillip stared at her, he never expected her to show such a raw display of emotion. Finally, she breathed deeply, lowered her hands and contiuned… “This isn’t going to work unless you listen. I’m sure neither of wants you to go to jail Phillip. Just do as I say, and we’ll get through, ok? Now put the dress on.”

He got dressed slowly, first pulling on the silken panities. He blushed as he saw them covering him, it was almost more embaressing then being naked. The smooth silkiness was something he never felt before, and something he was ashamed to admit he enjoyed. He pulled on the stockings next, then finally dropped the dress over his head.

He blushed. Sissy play was far from rare in these situations, and something he knew might happen, but the fact others had suffered in his place didn’t lessen the embaressment.

'Good sissy," she said. “Now, for the next part.”

She reached down to the bottom shelf of the closet and took something out. It was wide and square, and shone with plastic.

She handed it to him. It took him a moment to realize what it was- a pink diaper, decorated with rabbits and lambs.

“A d-diaper…” he stumbled. Sissy play was one thing, diapering was another. He had heared stories about it, dreading but never believing that he might end up as one of the poor, pathetic abdls, condemed to crawl around in full diapers for their master’s and mistress’s ammusment.

“Please don’t do this to me. Please don’t make me wear this. I’ll do anything, I’lll…” he stopped as he saw her laughing.

“Oh silly sissy, I’m not going to make you wear it.”

“You’re not?”

“No. You think I want to change your stinky diapers? I want the extra responsibility, as you get to play? I told you, I’m not going to do a single thing, and you are going to take care of me.”

“What?” he asked.

In repose, she opened the door beside the closet and flicked a switch. Inside was a giant nursery, painted in bright pastel colors with animals and cartoons all over the walls, and piled high with stuffed animals and toys. There was babyish furniture and clothing everywhere- a high chair, a play pen, even a changing table, all sized for an adult. Not just any adult he realized, but Rebecca. She giggled and skipped toward the centerpiece of the room- a massive gilded crib, piled high with pink sheets and stuffed animals. She picked up a stuffed doll and cuddled it closely.

“Don’t get it yet? Are you slow?” she laughed. “The diaper isn’t for you, its for me, Daddy.”

Re: The New Daddy

Wha-what?" he said.

She threw a teddy bear at him, then skipped toward the changing table and sat on it which cuddling a doll. “You’re going to take care of me. Every little bit of me. You’re not just going to clean, your going to carry me around, make my food, feed me, play with me, and change my diapers. All I’m going to do is play and let you take care of everything. If you don’t like it, I still have my rod.” She held it up to emphasize. “Got it?”

“I… uh…”

“Not really authoritative for a daddy. You’re supposed to be on top of things! In charge! Taking initiative! Now get over here and diaper me, sissy.”

“Why do you want this?” He finally asked.

'BECAUSE. I don’t want to have to worry about anything. You slacked off while I worked hard, now its my turn to relax while you learn how to take care of someone. WHY IS THAT HARD TO UNDERSTAND?" She was shouting, and Phillip backed away. She sighed again, and continued. “If you couldn’t take care of yourself, maybe learn on me, ok Daddy? Now be a good sissy and do as you’re told.”

“How can I be a sissy and you’re daddy at the same time?”

She made a face. “Hmph. Do you want a spanking? It doesn’t have to make sense. Just do it.”


He walked over toward her and bent over the table. She lay back down and looked at him expectantly. She had her doll cuddled in one hand and the rod in the other. Was this a joke? He wondered. Did she really want him to do this? He decided he might as well try, and opened the diaper. He then looked down at the next obstacle: the belt of her jeans.

'Well?" she said.

“Well what?”

“Have you ever known a baby to dress and undress themseleves when they are supposed to? You’ll be lucky if I don’t fight back and throw my cloathes at you.”

“You want me to undo your belt and pull down your pants?”

“Well they aren’t going to pull down themselves! Come on Daddy, do better. You don’t want to go back on our deal, do you?”


“Its not like its something you haven’t seen before on your little computer screen. Isn’t that why you didn’t study and go to work? Now its the real thing! Lucky you, Daddy!”

“THATS NOT WH… ug.” He knew there was no point in arguing.

He reached down and undid her belt, then pulled her pants down. She was wearing Hello Kitty underwear. He looked at her. “Hey. I’m asking to be put in diapers. Are you really that surprised? No one at work can see my undies, can they?”

He shook his head and began to pull them down.

“NO STOP!!!” she shouted in alarm.

He bolted back and lifted his hands. “I’m sorry I’m sorry I didn’t mean…”

She was laughing. “Daddy, can you give me my paci first?” She pointed at a plastic container on one of her shelves. He could see there was a pile of pacifiers in it.

He glared at her, and she laughed again. “It will make me talk less.” He shook his head and reached in “The pink one!” She said. He grabbed it and shoved it in her mouth.

She suckled it and giggled as he stared at her panties. Finally he grabbed them and pulled them down. She pointed to her shirt and lifted her arms up, and he pulled it over her head. He then reached behind and undid her bra at her singling.

He was now staring at a naked, grown woman, lying on a changing table and suckling a pacifier. Odder still, he was about to put a diaper on her. This day was turning out to be much different then he anticipated.

She looked at him expectantly. He unfolded the diaper and laid it underneath her. She shook her head and pointed to a shelf beside the changing table, where he saw baby powder. He shook it onto the exposed padding and Rebecca, then lay the diaper under her. Still wondering if it were a joke, he lifted it up and taped it on.

She shook her head and took her pacifier out to speak. “Tighter Daddy, or else it will leak.”

He undid the tapes and pulled them tighter, and she nodded.

She took her pacifier out of her mouth. “Now go get me my romper dress. The Hello Kitty one! With the princess t shirt and ribbons! And my booties and stockings!” She replaced the pacifier.

“Hello Kitty dress…” he shook his head and walked away.

“HEY! I like Hello Kitty. Don’t make me spank you again!” She said.

He went into her closet. He almost laughed. There was rack after rack of childish outfits, ranging from school girl dresses to adult sized onsies. Along with them were other kink outfits, with leashes and leather suits. She must have spent a fortune, he realized.

He grabbed the dress she suggested, along with the accessories.

“OH! Get the leash and collar too!” She said, and he complied and left.

The next part was easier then diapering her. He pulled the shirt over hear head first. It was light pink with sparkles spelling “Princess” across the chest. She shook her head when he held up the stockings, and explained it was for when they went out. Instead, he put her booties on. Next she stood up and he pulled the dress over her. It was styled somewhere between overalls and a romper, with straps that went over her shoulders, crossing the back and holding up a large panel in the front and a short, light skirt. The entire thing was made with an excess of frills, and in a darker pink with Hello Kitty on the chest. Her pacifier even clipped onto it with a long ribbon. At least its colour co-ordinated, he thought, staring at her shirt, dress and the ribbons.

He looked at her questioninly, wondering what to do with the ribbons.

“Umm daddy what do you think?”

“I… I don’t know.”

“THere for my hair daddy. How do babies have their hair?”

He paused and thought. “Ribbons?”

“Yes but what do the ribbons tie?”

He paused and thought again. “Hair?”

She sighed. “I want pigtails, Daddy. With nice big bows.”

“Ok…” he stared wondering what to do. She rolled her eyes.

“Come on daddy,” she said. “Just work it with your fingers, make two groups and tie big bows. Its not that hard. You’ll have to get better at this”

He paused and thought, then went about doing it. She hummed to herself and kicked her bootied feet. He tried a few times, eventually getting her hair into two pigtails.

“Good,” she said. She stood in front of him. “Now, wheres the collar?”

“Here” he said, holding it toward her neck.

She waggled a finger in his face. “Ah ah ah sissy boy,” she said. She took the collar from him, turned it around and snapped it around his neck. He heard a snap, and she backed away holding a key, which she then put in a pocket in her dress. He glared at her. “In case you forget your place, sissy,” she said, spanking him once with the rod. “You’re still my sissy. Keep the leash for when we go out.”

After that she skipped away from him into the center of the room. He stifled a laugh as he watched her dance about, her diaper loudly crinkled and her bouncing skirt exposed it with every step, but she didn’t seem to mind. In fact, she seemed to be showing it off as much as possible. She stared at herself in a mirror smiling, flouncing her skirt with her mittened hands, then spun around in a pirouette. She looked over at him. “Whats the matter?” she asked. “Seem odd to you? Surprised at the view of a grown woman in a diaper? I know very well you can see it when I spin. Why do you think I chose this skirt?” She lifted the back of her skirt up, exposing her diaper to him. She stuck her padded bottom out and wiggled it for him to see. “Do you like what you see, Sissy? Not what your used to online? There are guys who like it you know.”

He didn’t know how to respond.

She laughed. “I don’t get to wear pretty things like this at work, no no no. It’s always suits, suits, suits, or else they don’t take you seriously, my dad says,” she said. He looked at her surprised. “Not you, the real one. Hes also my boss. Sometimes I get to wear a pencil skirt, but it isn’t the same.”

“Ok, so you’re a baby,” he said. “Now what?”

Re: The New Daddy

Part 3:

“Noooowww its lunchtime! I’m hungry Daddy! Lucky lucky for you, I already helped out. See? I can be helpful daddy. I put an extra high chair in the spare kitchen and a play pen in the living room beside it. That way you can just feed me there and let me play while I work. Ummmm there’s soup in the cupbored I want so you can make it.” Phillip noticed she had been speaking in a higher voice since she was diapered, and was behaving very differently. He tried to follow along with her rapid speaking.

He turned to leave.

“Ummmm Daddy?” She said.

He looked at her.

'How many babies do you know walk by themselves?" She folded her arms.

He sighed. He walked over to her and picked her up, cradling her. She replaced her pacifier and her mouth and held her doll tight. She wasn’t very heavy, and he carried her easily threw the hall. She pointed out directions with her riding crop, until eventually they were in a small kitchen, which was mainly white with brown wodden cupboards. It was set up as she described, with an adult sized high chair beside a round wooden table. Beside it was a carpeted living room with a couch, tv, and large playpen filled with toys. She pointed at it, and he set her down. Once inside, she began crawled to the pile of toys and began going through it as he watched.

“Oh…” she said, noticing him watching. “There is soup in the center colored, I want chicken noodle with alphabets. And a grilled cheese! And my bu-buhs beside the soup. You have what you want.”

He turned around silently and went about his task. He opened the cupboard and the fridge, getting the soup and cheese out, then grabbed a loaf of bread. He had cooked for himself on a few occasions. While he guessed soup and grilled cheese sandwiches were probably a nostalgic throwback to childhood for her, it was the kind of food he had relied on when on his own for the first time, and he had no problem making it. When it was done, he set it on the table and picked her up from the play pen.

“NO!” she said, kicking.

“What!?” he replied, putting her down.

“I wanna play!”

“Ummm ok, then keep playing.” He turned around.

“BUT DADDY!” she said.

He turned around, frustrated. “WHAT!?”’

“I’m hungry,” she said.

He stared at her in disbelief. “What do you want?”

“Ummm to play and not to be hungry.”

'Well you can’t have both."

'Well make the decision then! You’re the daddy. Babies can be brats sometimes, deal with it," She stuck her toung out, then put her pacifier in her mouth and began playing.

He glared at her.

She looked up at him and took her pacifier out again. “Well? Its your job to feed me, Sissy. Don’t make me hungry or I’ll spank you.” She replaced the pacifier and went back to playing.

“EERRRR,” he growled. He walked over and picked her up.

“NO!!” she cried and kicked, and he ignored her and carried her to the high chair. Once there, he noticed that it was stuck close. She giggled as he looked at it. He put her down to open it, and she ran back to the play pen.

“I thought you said you couldn’t walk!” he said angrily.

'I can when I want to Sissy! I do what I want! Deal with it!" She hoped back into the play pen, then immediately fell to all fours and began crawling again.

He shook his head. This was NOT what he had agreed to. However, he knew he still needed to do it. He guessed she was getting her fun at his expense. He opened the high chair. He then walked back toward her, this time picking her up facing him. He endured her struggling as he carried her to the high chair and sat her down, then shut it in place. She smiled mischievously behind her pacifier and settled down. He put the soup and sandwich in front of her along with a bottle of milk.

'Alright diaper butt," he said. “Eat.” He grabbed her pacifier and handed her a spoon.

“Ummmm daddy?” she said.

'What now?"

“Do babies feed themselves?”

He sighed.

'Oh, and I want my bib," she said, pointing with her riding crop to something handing by the stove. Did she still have that thing? he thought. It was odd enough being called “daddy” by someone, even more so when they spanked him and insisted he wear a dress.

He grabbed her bib and wrapped it around her neck, then began feeding her. She seemed to make a point of annoying him, turning her head away at the last second, spilling, or refusing to eat then begging for more.

He got more and more frustrated. “YOU ARE SUCH A BRAT!” he said finally. “BAD BABY!”

A look flashed over her face. She seemed… different. He couldn’t quite place the emotion, and it was over. She then glared, and spanked his leg with the rod. “HEY! I"M IN CHARGE HERE, SISSY!” She said. “Just cause your feeding me and your my daddy doesn’t mean you are in charge. I am. Now hurry up.”

He muttered to himself. She lifted an eyebrow, and he took the spook back up. From that point on, she seemed to be gloating, leaning back and smiling with her hands behind her head, staring at him like a queen watching a well behaved servant. He finally finished with the food and fed her the bottle. Once that was done, he refilled her bottled and handed her the doll at her request and sat down to eat himself as she played in her high chair. Next he cleaned the dishes, then went to retriver her.

“Good sissy,” she said as he took her down.

“Now, where is that leash?”

“Ummm… here,” he said, and handed it to her.

“Good,” she snapped it on. “Now daddy is going to take me for a walk.”

Re: The New Daddy

I like it. Please more.

Re: The New Daddy

Thank you! There will be more soon, either today or tomorrow.

Re: The New Daddy

Phillip stared at the diaper clad girl in bewilderment.

“You… you WANT to go out like THAT?!” he finally asked.

“Yep! I’m gonna go out in my pampies and baby dresses and play with my dolly while you push me in my stroller. Why? Is that odd?” She stuck her tongue out.

“I mean… kind of,” he realized nothing that had happened that day was exactly ‘normal.’ “Aren’t you afraid of people seeing you like this?”

“You mean seeing that I can afford to do what I want and make a sissy boy do what I say and take care of me? Nope!”

“But… but…”

She sighed and shook her head. “This is an enclosed community. I basically know everyone here, and they are fine with me having… odd… interests. 'Sides, I’ve got dirt on most of them as well, and money to make it work.” She poked a finger at his chest. “YOU’RE the one who should be worried, sissy. They’ll see you wearing a dress and leash and know very well you aren’t doing it for fun. THAT’S gotta be embarrassing.”

He glared at her, and she smiled.

“Now come on. Don’t make me spank you when we are out!” She began pulling on his leash.

“Funny you can suddenly walk now,” he said.

“Now now don’t complain. I’m gonna forget how again once you get my in my stroller.”

She lead him on the leash through the house and out a back door into a large garage. He marveled at an expensive looking Cadillac, then noticed a large booster seat in the back.

She saw him looking. “I like the big car because I can feel small inside. Luckily I can get chauffeurs who don’t seem to mind me sitting in that seat for local drives as long as I pay him. You might fill that role soon, of course.”

“Of course,” he muttered.

“But that will come later. This is what we are looking for now,” she pointed towards a large stroller folded against a wall.

Phillip walked toward it and opened it. It was dark blue, and built to keep the occupant lying back and strapped in.

“Ummm… ok…” he said. He picked her up and sat her in it, then buckled her up. She wiggled around getting comfortable, then sat her doll in her lap and pointed at a button on the wall. He hit it, causing the garage door to open up to a sunny day. He walked back, and she took a hold of his leash.

Phillip paused for a moment, afraid to go out into public looking as they were. Rebecca turned around in the stroller and looked out the side, brandishing her rod. “Now Daddy, MUSH!” she said, spanking him.

“OW! HEY! Ok ok,” he pushed the stroller outside.

Like everything else she owned, Rebecca’s property was large and grand enough to fit her wealth. He pushed her down a long drive way lined with trees and wide expanses of grass and out of a steel gate. The rest of the community was similarly wealthy, with the houses large and far between. Phillip was grateful, as the low number of people and the large number of trees gave him some sense of privacy as he passed mansion after mansion, hoping people couldn’t quite make him out from across their massive front lawns. They must make quite a spectacle, he knew, a man in a dress being held on a leash by a grown woman dressed as a baby riding a stroller.

She directed him by pointing with the rod and spanking him if he got it wrong. They went through winding streets at her whim.

“Where are we going?” he finally asked.

“To the park!” she said. “You’re gonna push me on the swings daddy!”

He cringed. A park with swings implied more people. “Are you sure you want to go there? Maybe we could just go for a walk somewhere private, or play in your house…”

“NO!” she said, spanking him. “I WANT THE PARK DADDY!” She screamed and kicked. Phillip crouched down, looking around. A couple on a nearby lawn had heard her shouting and were looking over. He paused a moment, and they turned away.

“Ok ok just please keep your voice down.”

“Why? So people don’t see us?” She laughed and waved at the the couple. She smiled.

Phillip began pushing the stroller again, when he heard something drop. He looked to see Rebecca’s doll on the ground.

“DADDY!” she whined loudly. “I LOST DOLLY!”

“Ok ok ok,” he said, running to pick it up before she started screaming.

He began pushing it again, when only a moment later he heard another drop.

“DADDY…” She began even louder.

“You did that on purpose!”

“So? I’m gonna cry if daddy doesn’t get it for me, then everyone will come out to see you in your pretty dress abusing poor baby girls. Won’t that be fun?”

He sighed, picked it up and handed it to her. He was going back behind the stroller when she said.

“Wait.” She leaned over in the stroller, cocked her arm and pitched the doll accross a field.

“Go get it! Fetch Daddy! Or I’ll cry!”

“You’re really pushing this.”

He ran to pick it up, then handed it to her.

“You really don’t want them to notice us, eh?” She looked at him, he glared at her, both daring each other to move first.

She held her arms out from the stroller. He stared.

'Ops," she said, dropping it a few feet in front of her.

“You little…” he said, but knew he was beaten. He turned around and bent to pick it, and felt a sharp smack on his behind.

'HEY!" he said, blushing. “That was your hand!”

“Yep! And that was your butt. A pretty one, too. Nice panties,” she said.

“Yeah well, nice DIAPERS,” he said, blushing.

“Aww thanks,” she replied geniunly. He became annoyed knowing it wouldn’t bother her the same way it bothered him.

“Say,” she said. “Do you think that couple would like my diapers too. HEY! Jerald! Bess! Come here and look at my diapers!”


The couple walked down the yard and toward them. Phillip was trembling, not sure what to say.

“Hey Rebecca,” the woman, a tall blond woman he guessed was Bess, said. “Nice to see you today! Cute outfit.”

“Thank you,” Rebecca said, smiling and doing the best version of a curtsy she could while sitting in a stroller, making sure her diaper was uncovered as she did. “This is my sissy slave and daddy, Phillip.”

The both giggled at his predicament. “Nice to meet you, Sissy,” Bess said laughing. She held her hand out and shook his gently. “Don’t want to hurt your wrist. I’m sure she hits it enough with her rod.”

The man, Jerald, also held his hand out. “Yes I too don’t want to hurt your wrist with my…”

“I already said that Jerald,” Bess interrupted him.

Jerald stopped talking.

“Actually, I find it works better to spank his butt. Its a nicer target, more fun,” Rebecca said, demonstrating with another spank.

'OW!" Phillip said. He was trying to work his mind around the fact that they had completely passed over the fact she was sitting in a stroller and making a point of showing off her diaper, while he was teased for wearing a dress.

“Would you walk with us? We’re going to the park where Daddy is going to push me in the baby swing,” she said.

“Well, I guess for a moment. My father is visiting and… well, you know how he is. He is out though so we should have a moment,” Bess said.

Rebecca yanked his leash and mushed him again, and he began pushing. Bess and Rebecca chatted pleasantly, not acknowledging the strangeness of the situation except maybe to tease Phillip. Jerald sometimes spoke up, usually nervously, and was tolerated by the other two. Phillip realized he was deliberately the odd one out, there for service and not to add to the conversation.

“So, nice diapers Rebecca. Where did you get them?” Bess asked.

“Oh, this one?” Rebecca lifted her skirt again and looked at it. “I got this one online, I think through Rearz. Or maybe Bambino. They all ship the same brands now and I tend to buy a lot of them.”

“Well its very cute. Is it dry?” She asked the question as if it was the most normal thing in the world.

Rebecca shook her head, her pigtails flying. “No no, I can’t answer that. I’m not supposed to know. Its my daddy’s job to tell me. Daddy! Come check my diaper!”

“Uhhh alright,” Phillip said. He walked around to the front and bent low over her to lift her skirt. She smiled broadly at him, taking pleasure in his discomfort with the task. “Its clean,” he said.

“Good. However,” she spanked him with the rod. “I shouldn’t have to tell you to do that. You should be checking my diapers, and changing me when I need it.”

"Ok ok, he said, and went back to pushing the stroller.

“Hahaha oh my god,” Bess said. “He has to CHANGE you? Poor sissy,” she smiled at him.

“Yeah yeah whatever,” he said, handing the doll back. “Where is the damn park?”

“HEY! Don’t swear in front of babies. And its right there.” She replied innocently, pointing with the rod.

The park was a large open area surrounded by trees. There was a pond on one side, while the other was dominated by a large play structure in a sand pit, itself surrounded by grass. To Phillip’s horror, the entire area was full of people. Nonetheless, he pushed the stroller across the grass and toward a set of swings on the play structure. Jerald and Bess followed a bit, chatting before breaking off with different groups. Rebecca seemed to have no problem chatting casually with different people, all of whom seemed to know here, and none who seemed to have an issue with how she was dressed. Phillip was largely ignored or joked about.

Phillip finally managed to get the stroller to next to the sand pit past all the strangers Rebecca wanted to speak to. At her instructions, he helped her out of the stroller and carried her to the swings, where he placed her in a baby style swing.

“Push me Daddy!” she said, and he complied. “Higher higher! Whee!”

Phillip pushed her as long as she demanded. She seemed to have an endless suppply of energy, or at least an endless willingness to use Phillip’s energy. When she was finally done, he helped her down the slides, and she played in the sand box.

“What is wrong with this town?” he wondered. Were they just that the rich community was so used to people having submissives and engaging in strange games like this? How often had Rebecca done this that no one even wondered?

He didn’t have long to wonder. Rebecca grew tired of the sand pit quickly, and wanted to head back. Phillip realized her main point must been to have him be seen in public. He sighed. He’d keep playing her games, he knew. He had to, unless he found another way to pay her back. But she was wearing on his nerves.

Re: The New Daddy

That last update seems a bit boring now honestly, a lot of dialogue without much actually happening. It was kind of a set up for the next section, which will have more actually happening in it.
Any comments or critiques appreciated!

Re: The New Daddy

He put Rebecca in the stroller and pushed her home without incident. She sat humming through her pacifier and playing with her doll until they were back.

He sighed, relieved to be back inside where the bizarre spectacle was at least private. “What now?” he asked tiredly.

“Ummm now I wanna watch tv Daddy. And I want my buh-buh! Apple juice!”

He walked toward the kitchen without a word and filled her bottle while she skipped toward the tv room. He returned to see her standing by the couch.

“What are you doing standing there?” he asked.

She giggled. “Silly daddy. Come here.”

He walked toward her. She grabed his shoulders, turned him around, and pushed him onto the couch. Next, she turned around and sat down on his lap.

“Ummm… ok,” he said. He was blushing and leaning back, overwhelmed by the sudden intimacy of their position. Even with the odd sensation of her diaper between them, he was very close to her. She was still attractive, even if her infantile clothes hid it.

“Babies sit on their Daddies’ laps, Daddy. How else you gonna feed me my buh-buh?”

“I guess so. Just… odd…”

“Why? Am I making daddy excited? Hot and bothered under his skirt? Do you like having a a diaper girl pressing herself against you? Is this what daddy dreamed about when he should have been studying, having a girl in a short skirt constantly expose herself to him and sit her little butt down in his lap?” She began rubbing her diaper back and forth across his lap.

Phillip gasped. 'What are you doign!?" he demanded.

“Oh nothing,” she said teasingly and stopped. “Just sitting in my daddy’s lap like a good little baby. Now feed me, and turn the tv on. My cartoons are on.”

He complied with both demands, holding the bottled to her lips and turning on the television. It seemed to already be set to her choice of channel, which was showing a collection of children’s cartoons. She laughed and giggled at them, kicking her legs as she drank her bottle. When she was done, she put her pacifier in her mouth and leaned back into Phillip, then took his arms and wrapped them around herself. He understood the message and held onto her as she relaxed.

Phillip tried to pay attention to the cartoons. Some of them were shows he recognized from his own childhood, others were more recent. Phillip didn’t mind some of them, Bugs Bunny was still funny and Flinstones at least had a plot, but others were more infantile, with mindless babbling. Rebecca acted like she loved all of them, and giggled along while bouncing in Phillip’s lap.

Phillip watched her bouncing and giggling. After a few shows a look came over her face. It passed in a second, and she was bouncing. Phillip took a second to think of what it was.

“Are you…” he lifted her skirt up. “Your pissing yourself!”

She stopped and looked at him. “Well, yeah, that’s what babies do in their diapies, silly daddy.”

“But… on my lap?”

“No I’m going to get up just to pee then sit back down,” she said sarcastically. “I wear diapies because I can’t control it, you can’t get mad.”

“But… thats disgusting!”

“Well you say that now. Wait until I have a stinky diaper, then you’ll have to change me too.”

“What? You’re going to sit in that until you mess yourself?”

“Well, yeah. I can’t not have a diaper on when I mess, it would go everywhere!” She giggled at his expression. “Daddy can change me when he wants, as long as he puts me back in another diaper. But, these diapies can hold a lot and you don’t know when I’ll go again, so unless you want to constantly change me, I wouldn’t suggest changing me with each wetting.”

He stared at her. She WANTED to use her diapers? Whats more, she WANTED to sit in them afterwards. He shook his head in exasperation. “Whatever, you do what you want. I still think its gross though”

She looked like she was thinking. “Well, if that’s what you think…”

To Phillip’s surprise, she then reached and put a hand on either side of him, then made a face like she was straining. He gasped when she farted loudly onto his lap.

“Wha… WHAT!?”

She ignored him, and kept straining. More and more came out, and Phillip realized she was messing her diaper.

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?” he shouted. He tried to push her off but she held on tight.

After a moment she sighed in relief, then started laughing. She began wiggling her butt up and down on her, her diaper squelching with each movement. “Now you have a reason to change me,” She said.

Phillip felt sick. The display, along with the sounds and now the growing stench emanating from her diaper, was too much to handle.

“Did you… how could you…”

She was still laughing. “What Daddy? Is something wrong?”

“You messed yourself! You naughty little brat!”

She crouched down for a moment at his words, another look coming over her face. He realized it was the same look he had seen the first time he had talked down to her. What was that? he wondered. However, she recovered quickly and went back to laughing. 'Hehe I’m a baby Daddy! I messed my diaper like a baby. I never said this would be easy for you."

'But… butt… please get off me."

“Nuh uh Daddy. I like it here!”

“But you stink!”

“Uh huh. Yous gotsta change me!”

“What? I can’t change you!”

“Well then guess Daddy’s gonna have to live with a stinky girl in his lap. Careful though daddy! If you change me too soon, I mights become stinky again, but the longer you wait, the messier my diapie gets. See? Its all pressed against daddy, getting messier and messier. Bouncy bouncy bouncy…” She made a point of wiggling her butt against him again, then bouncing it up and down.

“What? So if I change you you might just go again?!”

“Sometimes daddy.” She kept rubbing it while laughing. “Makes up your mind! Its getting stinky! Stinky stinky stinky. See?” She stood on the ground and lifted her hips up high toward his head.

“Oh come on!” He scooped her up in his arms and carried her toward her nursery, doing his best to breath through his mouth. She laughed loudly the entire time.

One there, he lay her on the changing table. He stalked toward the window, opened it up, and returned. She was still giggling and smiling, lying casually on the changing table.

“Well Daddy? Aren’t you going to get started? I needs a new diapie!”

“Yeah yeah yeah, lets get this over with stinky” he muttered.

He reached for the tapes, but she squirmed away. “NOooo Daddy,” she said.

“Oh for… STOP SQUIRMING, you bad baby. If I’m going to change your poopy diapers you will at least behave!” It was a sudden outburst, built up from all her teasing and frustration, and was suddenly afraid of how she’d react.

To his surprise, she settled down. he stared at him with eyes wide.

“Alright poopy pants, lets get you changed.” He decided if he was going to have to change her diaper, he was at least going to talk to her like she was a baby, and expect her to listen. It was what she wanted, anyway. He undid the tapes of her diaper, then drew back as he opened it.

The stench was horrifying. She seemed to delight in his disgust as he began wiping her down, wondering if this really was worth avoiding prison time. He wiped her gingerly, afraid of getting his hands even near it.

Thankfully, she at least didn’t make a fuss as he changed her. She seemed to have enough fun just making him do it, and even calmly complied at his instructions to lift her legs and turn over when he asked.

Phillip soon found there was another reason to be uncomfortable. He was cleaning her, yes, but there was still a naked, attractive woman underneath him, and he had to put his hands in all her most intimate areas. He began to get more and more uncomfortable. Rebecca seemed to pic up on this. “Is something wrong daddy? That’s not your ‘this is stinky’ face anymore.” She said with mock innocence. He didn’t respond.

He finished cleaning her as quickly as he could, then powdered her and re-diapered her. He droped the used diaper in a diaper pail next to the table.

“Purell Daddy,” she said, pointing at a squirt jar of hand sanitizer. He thankfully squirted some and cleaned his hands, then went back for more and repeated the process multiple times while Rebecca giggled. “Next time maybe just wear the gloves Daddy,” she said, pointing at a box of disposable plastic gloves. Phillip had to restrain himself from swearing at her.

He helped her off the table, and she stood in front of him. She blushed, then put her hand on his chest and stood close to him. “You know Daddy, it was fun when were talking to me like that.”

“Wh…what?” Phillip was baffled by the sudden closeness.

She smirked, though seemed sad for a second. She stopped blushing and stood up straighter. Though a foot shorter then himself, she seemed able to tower over him when she wanted to.

She spoke in a low voice. “I saw the way you were looking at me on the table.”

“Ummmm…” he said.

She got up right in front of him so her body was pressed against his. “Did you like what you saw? You can tell me, I saw it in your eyes.” Phillip was too stunned to speak, the idea of a diaper and dress clad talking to him seductively was too strange to handle.

She put a hand around him, under he skirt and spanked him. “Don’t try to hide it. I saw the way you looked.” She put a foot behind his leg and tripped him over, then crawled over him. “You know, for a lot of people, this is a sexual fetish. Its all natural for you to begin to feel something.” She put her diapered hips against his and began moving it back and forth. He tried halfheartedly to get up, but she stopped him. “No no, you don’t want to upset me on your first day, do you? That what you afraid of?” She rubbed herself against him. “Is this what you want? Is this what was distracting you from your studies? A hot woman’s body pressed up against you? No?” She took her pacifier out and put it in his mouth. “How about…” she moved up to his head, and lifted her skirt, putting her diaper covered loins in his face. “How about biw? Right up in your face? Is this what you were always looking at?” She laughed. “Maybe without the diaper?” She turned around, putting the rear of her diaper in his face. “What about this? A sexy woman shaking her ass right in your face?”

Phillip was bewildered by the entire act. Where had THIS come from? Was she serious? He couldn’t tell with her anymore, was it a tease? He didn’t know if he would want it if it weren’t, but he didn’t move, and even kept the pacifier in his mouth.

“Is this what you want, Daddy? My diapered butt in your face?”

“Mhmmm,” he finally said.

“Ok,” she let out a giggle, then put her hands to either side of him.

“NOO!” he shouted when he realized what was happening.

With another loud BRRAPPT, she began to fill her diaper again.

“No, GET OFF!” he tried to struggle.

She whacked him with the rod. “NO. Stay down, sissy. Stay down and take it! If you’re not gonna take charge then that’s what you get.”

“This is disgusting! I’m going to be sick!” He could feel himself beginning to gag as the messy diaper was shoved into his face.

"Why? You seemed to be enjoying it a minute ago? You were LOVING looking at that same part, weren’t you? Whats so different this time, Daddy?’

She put a hand to her mouth. “Oh… didn’t I tell you? Sometimes you need to wait before changing, or else babies might mess again. Oh wait, I DID tell you. Guess you weren’t listening. You’r fault, Daddy.”

She began shaking her hips back and forth. “Maybe next time you’ll listen, and take care of your baby well. Maybe next time you’ll take charge and make decisions, and not let a little diaper girl overpower you,” she said.

“Please, get off of me,” he begged.

“Fine,” she said, and stood up.

He got up, still shuddering and glaring.

“Well?” she asked. “Are you going to change me again?”

“WHAT I…” he sighed. “I guess I’ll wait to see if you need to go again.”

She laughed. “Good idea.” She leaned back against the changing table, pushing her diaper into its side. Phillip groaned, knowing she was making it even more difficult for him to clean her.

“You know, if you thought about it, you’d realize I was being a good, obedient baby during the change, wasn’t I?”

“Yes but…” He looked at her. “So…” He thought. He tried speaking in his most authoritative voice. “Ok baby girl, Daddy wants you to push as best you can to see if there is anything more to come out, ok? Good Baby.”

“Yes Daddy Sir,” she said. She crouched down slightly and strained. She waited a few moments, grunting. “I think thats it Daddy”

Daddy SIR?! He thought. That was… different. Whats more, she had listened.

What was she doing?

Re: The New Daddy

“Ok uh… on the changing table.”

She looked at him and didn’t move.

“I mean… On the table now baby girl.”

“Yes Daddy,” she crawled onto it.

“There’s a good stinky butt. Lets get your messy pampers changed before you make us all sick, shall we?” It felt good to be teasing her this time.

Phillip changed her quicker this time, not taking the time to cringe or back away as much and making sure he used the gloves. A few moments later, he had her clean and diapered again, and set her on the ground.

She suckled her pacifier and stared at him as if expecting something.

“Alright. Uhhhh… what do you want to do now?”

“I dunno. What we gonna do now daddy?”

“What? I… I don’t know, you tell me.”

She sighed and rolled her eyes, then looked at him mischievously. “I thin… ummm theres something wrong.” She stuck her bottom out and began to stain in a look Phillip recognized all to well.

“WHAT? NO YOU BRAT!” He grabbed her arm, holding her bent over as she was, and spanked her hard on her diapered bottom. It was half a reaction and half planned, coming coming from watching how she behaved depending on how he talked to her, along with the bondage equipment and spanking implements he had seen in her closet earlier.

“OW! Daddy” She said, then looked at him in surprise.

Phillip knew it was a risk. He wasn’t sure if he had picked up on it right. For a second his thoughts seemed to be confirmed- she had the same look she had gotten briefly when he scolded her, one he saw now as a pouty, but submissive look. It was fading fast and Phillip realized he was on a tipping scale. This could either go very well or horribly, and he had to act quickly.

Still holding on to her arm, he got closer to her and put his other hand toward her, waggling a finger in her face. “You’ve been a very naughty little diaper girl. A BAD BABY!”

He still wasn’t sure how she was going to react. To his surprise and relief, she spoke in a whining voice. “Buh, but Daddy! I was… I was only teasing! I promise I don need to mess again!”

Phillip knew he had to keep speaking to keep control of the situation. “I don’t care! You were very bad, and you need to be punished.”

“No please no Daddy! I’ll behave.”

He sighed. “You will?”

The look started to fade.

“Too late,” he said. “You shoved a messy diaper in my face. You’re going to get a spanking, then I think the naughty brat needs some time in her crib. She must be cranky.”

“But, but…” she recovered herself for a moment. She grabbed her rod and gripped it tightly, and folded her arms. “I’m still in charge here!”

“Yes, and you told me to be your daddy and take care of you, give you everything you need. Well, as your daddy, I’ve decided what you need is to be taught a lesson. That’s definitely a daddy’s duty, and I don’t expect any argument from a naughty little baby who can’t even tell when she needs to go potty in her diapers.”

“Ummm… but… but you can’t spank babies! Its wrong!”

Now Phillip folded his arms. “Some people may object to my traditional style of discipline, but I think it works.”

She glared at him. “Ok Daddy.”

“Oh, and…” he took the rod from her hand and tossed it aside. “You won’t be needing that anymore. Baby has had enough time with her toys.” She stared at it longingly, missing the power it had represented. Phillip didn’t think he’d need it, and didn’t want to push his luck by trying it.

She looked down. “Yes Daddy.”

Phillip had never been more relieved. The entire performance was a gamble, based on his assumption she liked to have daddy’s who were actually in charge and could dominate as much as she liked to dominate sissies.

He walked to her crib, pulled down the side, and sat on it.

She watched him, waiting to see what he would do.

“Well?” he patted his legs. “Over my lap for your spanking little one.”

She swallowed and groaned, perfecting to have at least been physically forced over by a larger man then to follow the bidding of a sissy. However, she complied.

“Ah ah ah,” he said, waggling his finger. “Crawl.”

She got down on all fours and crawled to him, then climbed over his lap, sticking her butt out as much as she could.

“Good Baby.” Phillip lifted her skirt up and rested a hand on her diaper. He had never done this before, but had seen enough videos of it, minus the diapers. Finally he raised his hand and began spanking.

SMACK! Rebecca yelped at the first one, more in surprise then actual pain. She still hadn’t been certain he was going to do it at first, and was still stunned by the sudden reversal. He kept spanking her, and she blushed and squirmed. What if someone saw her like THIS? It was one thing to be seen as a baby when she was in charge. People had seen that and had done similar things with their submissive, but this? She couldn’t get much respect at her job if it got out she let a younger man in a dress take charge of her and spank her. At the same time, she knew it was what she had wanted, a daddy to look after her, even… like this. She still couldn’t believe it. Her, a powerful, wealthy and well known businesswoman, getting spanked by someone years younger then her. Her own submissive, and an unemployed student in a skirt for that matter, punishing her like a naughty child. She was that, she supposed, and had made a point of being one.

The pain was mounting. She began kicking and squirming, shouting louder with each spank. However, she did nothing to break his grasp.

Phillip kept going. He was torn between the relief of taking revenge on her for all her teasing and the knowledge that the embarrassment of the new situation was punishment enough. He paused for a moment, savoring it, and saw her look at him as if expecting to get off. “Not yet, baby girl,” he said. He reached to the waistband of her diaper and pulled it down, reveling her already red cheeks. She moaned in despair, and he began spanking her again, this time on her bare bottom.

He continued spaking her until she lay still, tears dripping from her eyes and bare bottom bright red.

“Learned your lesson, little girl?” he asked.

“Yes Daddy.”

“What do you say?”

“I’m sorry Daddy.”

“Good.” He pulled her diaper up then turned her over and sat her on his lap. She winced as the sore skin pressed against him. He held her close to him, rocking her gently. He handed her a teddy bear from the crib and she cuddled it. “Now, I think the reason the baby was so naughty is that she is cranky. Best thing for that is a nap. So, I’m putting you to bed.”

Re: The New Daddy

Thank you for an other great chapter :slight_smile:

Re: The New Daddy

Thank you for another great comment! :slight_smile:

Re: The New Daddy

“But Daadddyyy,” she whined.

“No buts. I expect a much better behaved baby girl when I wake you up. Understood?”

“Yes Daddy.”

“Good. Now lets get your pajamas on. Where are they?”

She pointed to the closet, and he set her on the crib and went to get them. At her request he brought out a white footed sleeper with teddy bears sleeping on it. He helped her into it, then got her doll for her and tucked her in.

“Night night little one.”

“Night night Daddy,” she said, and he turned out the lights.

Phillip was elated. The entire situation had just changed around. He had not only taking charge of the woman, but spanked her and sent her to bed. Was this how it was going to be from now on? He thought of all the things he could do. Being in a messy diaper couldn’t be fun, he imagined simply denying her a change would get a response. What about public outings, with him now in charge? How would she react if he were the one to spank her in public, or even change her diapers?

He gloated to himself and went over different manners of revenge. He knew it was tenuous, and to some degree she had to like him being in charge, but how far could he push it?

He watched tv for a bit. When it was almost supper time, he set about making supper. He was happy to see steak in the fridge, got one out for himself and fried it. However, he decided, babies can’t have steak. INstead, he found a blender.

“She wants to be a baby, she’s going to get baby food,” he said to himself. He began by putting a few handfuls of peas into it and grinding them to a mushy pulp. Deciding that just peas weren’t enough, he put in some extra vegetables, along with oatmeal he had found in her cupboard, and turned it on again.

The result was exactly what he had been hoping for. An unappetizing, deep green paste that resembled the worst of baby foods. He scooped it out into a bowl, and tried some. The taste was bland, mainly resembling the mashed peas, but not horrible. It was perfect.

With that done, he went to grab his charge. He found her lying awake in her crib, and realized she hadn’t slept. None the less, he turned the lights on and shook her slightly.

“Wakey wakey, rise and shine baby girl! Time for supper!”

She groaned and turned over. “Yes Daddy,” she said.

He picked her up out of the crib. “Since you didn’t seem to sleep and I think I’m going to give you an early bedtime, I think its best if you just stay in your pjs, ok?”

“Awww but Da… Ok.” She said.

He carried her down the stairs and sat her in the high chair. He made a point of taking the steak out on a plate, showing it off to her then setting it on the table. Next, he grabbed the bowl of green mush, and put it on the table closer to her.

“Wha… what is THAT!?” she asked.

“Baby food. You’re a baby, aren’t you?”

“Can’t I have steak?”

“No, don’t be silly. Babies can’t chew steak. You can have your tasty mush when I’m done eating.”

“But, but…” she realized it was hopeless. Her high chair, once a thrown, had become a prison. The latches and tray that was used to make him feed her now kept her in place, unable to move or fight back. He at slowly, savoring each bite as she stared hungrily at the steak and despairingly at her own food.

When he was done, he got the bib out and put it around her neck. He then began feeding her.

“Daddy, please don’t make me eat tha… mph!” she spoke at the first bite but was intrupted by the spoon being shoved in her mouth.

“Tut tut baby, don’t want to be naughty again, do we?”

She shook her head, and swallowed. He continued feeding her, and she swallowed. The food wasn’t horrible in taste, but the texture was awful, and the situation was humiliating. She had never felt more controlled or small in her life.

When she was done, he got out a bottle of milk and began feeding her, while helping himself to a glass of wine in front of her.

She drank sadly but acceptingly. This was her new situation, she realized. It was humiliating, but part of her loved it, and another part told her she deserved it. She wanted to be treated like a baby, she was being treated like a baby.

Half way through drinking a phone began ringing. She suddenly stopped and looked at it in panic.

“Daddy, the phone.”

He looked at her considering.

“Please Daddy? Its really really important. I promise I’ll e a good baby just get it please!”

He walked over to the living room couch table where a cell phone rested, then brought it to her. She opened it up.

“Hello si… yes I know it was slow to answer I’m, no I didn’t have it on me I…” She cringed. Phillip could hear shouting on the other side. “I know, I’m sorry. I’ll have it done by Monday. But thats what you said before! I…” She was cut off by more shouting, and looked down sadly.

“Ok, I’m sorry sir. Yes I’m sorry. I’ll get it done. I’ll keep my phone on me, I won’t do it again. Goodbye.”

She put the phone down and held her head in her hands. She spoke to Phillip. “I’m sorry that was… my boss. He’s my father’s friend. Its nothing.”

Phillip was stunned. He had always pictured her as a spoiled, privileged girl living, he had never expected this. Suddenly a lot of things made more sense. He walked toward her.

“Why do you let him do that? Can’t you quit?”

“Yes but… he knows my family, its the same business, and they kind of… expected things. I am supposed to carry on the family business. If I don’t… they said they’d find someone else to do it.”

“Can’t you work somewhere else? Or live off the money you have?”

“No, I only get to keep it if I keep working. It says so in their will too.”

“That’s awful…”

“He’s not really always that bad, its just I was late with some things at work, and he needs to treat me the same as other employees, he always tells me that.”
She looked away. “I’m sorry I was so mean to you,” she began crying.

PHillip opened up the high chair and picked her up. He held her close. “Its ok, its ok, I’m sorry I was rough to you too. Arre you ok?”

She nodded.

“Is this why you like being a baby?”

“Yes its just, everything is always so stressful, you know? It just, it helps me relax. I’m sorry, I won’t make you do it again.”

He shushed her, then put her pacifier in her mouth. He sat down in a chair and put her in his lap and began rocking her. She stopped crying looked up at him. “Its ok, baby girl. You can be my good little one, ok?” He wiped the tears from her cheeks.

She nodded slowly.

The rest of the night was uneventful. Phillip sat on the couch and held her in his lap as they watched Disney movies. She began to cheer up, laughing and clapping and singing along with her favorite songs.

Phillip watched her smiling. She really was cute in her pajamas and diapers. IT was hard to be upset at someone who looked so innocently happy. He began holding her tighter, feed her bottles and checked her diapers without asking. She smiled at him, realizing he was trying to take care of her.

As they were watching Aladdin, Rebecca began getting very excited during “Prince Ali.” She sang along and danced and down in his lap. Phillip couldn’t help but laugh at the spectacle. He began bouncing her up and down on his knee. He did it tentatively at first, but when she giggled, he did it more dramatically. She tunred and laughed at him, hugging him, and he began tickling her.

“No no no daddy!” she screamed.

“I’m gonna get you!” he replied, tickling her. "I’m gonna get you!’

She squirmed to get away, but he held her down and began blowing raspberries in her stomach. She screamed and laughed. “Please, please Daddy oh god,” she kept laughing.

Finally he stoped and they both panted, catching their breath.
“NO babies need rasberries!”

He kept tickling her as she screamed and struggled. He picked her up and held her over his knee as he dug his fingers into her sides again and again.

Finally he stoped and they both panted, catching their breath.

She smiled.“Thank you Daddy,” she said.

“You’re welcome baby girl.” He sat her back on his lap and she snuggled into him. SLowly, she calmed down, and settled on his lap.

He began rocking her gently, and she smiled. He fed her a bottle of milk, which she drank slowly. When she was done, he turned to say something to him, and he hushed her, and stuck her pacifier into her mouth. He kept rocking her and she purred, closed her eyes and turned into him.

Not long after, he realized she was asleep. He smiled at her. She definitely was adorable, especially as she slept. And when she wasn’t acting like a brat, he told himself.

He picked her up, cradling her in his arms like a baby, and carried her to her crib. She didn’t stir as he tucked her in gently.

“Goodnight baby girl,” he said, and turned out the lights.

Re: The New Daddy

That is the last section. Thanks for reading

Re: The New Daddy

Thanks ABAlex for the story it was great. A sequel would be nice about their daily life or a travel.

Re: The New Daddy

Thank you for replying! Glad you liked it.
I may or may not write more about this couple. In my mind they would never have been an actual ‘couple’ per se, its still her making him baby her. I’d have to see how I could work out that dynamic.