The Nappy Children GX

                           The Nappy Children 
                                        Chapter 1

The sun was shining brightly over Lorton, but Sophia was stuck at home, doing maths homework, her parents had promised, that she could only go out and play with her friends, once she was done, wanting her to be able to succeed in life.

At that moment her parents were outside sunbathing in the back garden, Sophia’s little brother Jack was outside with them, which wasn’t fair thought Sophia, who could hear the other neighborhood children, having fun outside in the sunshine.

“Hey mummy, look what I found” said Jack holding a creepy crawly, in the palm of his hands. Jack unlike his big sister was a scruffy little kid in need of a bath, after playing in the mud. “That’s nice dear” said Mrs. Novak drinking a fruit smoothie.

Everyone thinks that Jack is adorable, as he seemed harmless, except for when he tries to pull pranks on his sister, who thinks that Jack was an annoying little brat. The other day, Sophia Novak got grounded for something that she didn’t even do.

Jack had broken mum’s favorite vase, which was a gift from aunt Tabitha, who sadly passed away last year, while running away from his sister, after messing up her room, looking for her iPad, while she was in the bathroom, brushing her teeth.

The six year old boy, who had wavy short brown hair, wanted to keep the creepy crawly as a pet, which he thought was cool, but mum didn’t think, that it was a good idea, because of this Jack felt sad, that he wasn’t allowed to keep it as a pet.

His sister smiles, as she finally finished her homework, that meant Sophia could now go out and play with the other children, but first she had to put her homework away, in her backpack, so that she could hand it into her math teacher.

Sophia quickly ran downstairs and straight out of the front door freedom at last she thought, leaving the house. She sees her friends, who smiles at her, as she walks politely over towards them, hoping that they will let her play tag with them.

“Hey can I play too guys” she said smiling at them at her friends, who couldn’t be more than happy for Sophia to join in the fun. “Tag your it” said Sally Perkins, as she and the other children ran away, hoping that Sophia wouldn’t catch them.

The game went on for some time, before everyone needed to sit down and rest for a few minutes, so that they catch their breath. Sophia who like her brother had short wavy brown hair, sat down next to Sally, who she has known since forever.

Sally Perkins and her parents moved in next door to Sophia and her family, when the two friends were in preschool and they have been best friends, ever since that fateful day, the two girls were so similar, it was like they were two peas in a pod.

There were many fun activities for them do together when playing outdoors but the children had chosen to play Hide and Seek, which was one of Sophia’s favorite games. Sophia started counting to ten, while everyone found somewhere to hide.

It had been some time since she played Hide and Seek with the other neighborhood children. Her clothes that she was wearing consisted of a dark pink t-shirt there crinkling sound, that was coming from under her matching pink shorts.

“Ready or not, here I come” said Sophia who glanced around to see if she could spot anyone hiding nearby, as there weren’t that many places for them to hide. The children would play Hide and Seek, until dark, as they had lots of fun together.

Everybody had gone home when Sophia and Sally chose to walk each other home. It was so cool, that they lived next to each other, because it meant that they could see each other whenever they wanted, thought Sophia hugging her best friend.

The two little girls smile at each other, as they went their separate ways. Sophia wore on her feet, a pair of pink socks and some rainbow Velcro strap trainers. Jack was in the sitting room, watching television, while mummy runs him a bubble bath.

Sophia went back up to her room, that was designed like a nursery, where she quickly grabbed hold of her iPad and began calling Sally on it. She laid down on her bedroom floor, hoping that nobody would disturb her, until it was time for dinner.

Mrs. Novak leaves the bathroom and quickly made her way downstairs, where she lifted Jack up into her arms. The child who loves the bath time smiles at mummy as she carried him upstairs towards the bathroom and puts him down onto his feet.

The little boy stood there for a second, with dummy in his mouth. His clothes that he was wearing consisted of a green teddy bear t-shirt and dark brown shorts. His t-shirt over his head putting it into the washing basket, ready for it to be washed.

Jack mummy smiles at him, as she laid down, so that could take shorts and nappy off before bathing him. Jack while in the bath got to play with his yellow submarine until his mummy lifted out of the bath, so that she could dry him off with a towel.

She quickly directed Jack out of the bathroom and they walked over towards his bedroom, which like his older sister’s bedroom was designed like a nursery. There Mrs. Novak happily puts Jack into a fresh disposable nappy and a nice clean t-shirt.

It wasn’t long before Mrs. Novak decided to check up on Sophia, who was still talking to Sally on her iPad, which she quickly plugged in, as it needed charging, otherwise the iPad would of died in the middle of a conversion, which annoys her.

Mr. Novak was in his study, where he made sure every book on the shelves weren’t put in the wrong place. Mr. Novak was a well known lover of books and he would lose it, if each book in his collection, weren’t properly looked after with care.

The middle aged gentlemen puts away the book, that he been reading onto the book shelve and went downstairs to check on his wife, who was in the kitchen preparing dinner, while Jack and Sophia were upstairs out of their mother’s way.

It wasn’t easy doing things around the house when children are under your feet, almost 24/7, thought Mrs. Novak who smiles at her husband, who playfully wraps himself around her waist, as he walked into the kitchen approaching her behind.

“What’s for dinner dear, whatever it smells good?”. Mr. Novak spoke, feeling really hungry, after spending the last couple of hours down in his study. “spaghetti Bolognese dear.” Mrs. Novak replied, smiling as it was one of her favorite dishes.

Once the food was ready everyone happily sat down at the dinner table, ready to eat to some delicious Vegetation spaghetti Bolognese, which tasted so good thought Sophia, who was sitting opposite to her mother, who smiled right at her.

Mrs. Novak who had long black hair, had insisted that the kids use a bib, while eating spaghetti, so that they didn’t get their clothes dirty. Sophia who didn’t mind being treated like a baby, wished that they could have spaghetti a lot more often.

She and her brother happily drank from her baby bottles, as they ate their dinner. Once everybody was done emptying their plates, It didn’t take Mrs. Novak long to clear the table, so that she could quickly wash up and put away the pots and pans.

The Novak’s may be infantilists, but the house must always be kept clean thought Mrs. Novak, whose clothes consisted of a mint leaf dress and some brown sandals, having finished in the kitchen, Mrs. Novak quickly decided to wipe down the table.

Her husband didn’t do much around the house, but when he did it was in his study, where he got to have some alone time without anybody nagging at him. Mr. Novak sat down in his favorite armchair, with a good book in his hand smiling.

It wasn’t that often he had the peace and quiet to relax and read a book without someone disturbing him. He sat there alone reading thinking about the good old days, when his gran would to him every day, which is why he loves reading today.

He didn’t live with his parents as a kid, because of this Mr. Novak spend most of his childhood with his grandparents, who took him in after child services got involved, due his dad going to prison for murder and his mum being an alcoholic.

Mr. Novak who has short brown hair, smiles down at the book, that he was reading. It was an interesting book about a little boy being reunited with his family after being separated from them, when their country, was attacked by terrorists.

The book was so well written that Mr. Novak couldn’t put it down, without wanting to find out what happens next in the book. His clothes that he was wearing today consisted of a dark blue polo shirt and a pair of dark yellow shorts.

Next door the Perkins were having game night, which was fun for everyone was in attendance, as they got to play all sorts of different fun games. Mr and Mrs Perkins had promised their daughter Sally, that she could chose one game for them all to play, that’s when Sally went upstairs towards the little game, where they kept all the board games.

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i have started writing this story if people like what i have written so far let me know and i will continue the story maybe improve it how it is written to warm you there might be changes if need be

Great chapter

thank you but this is just the beginning and there might be a few changes i will post the full chapter once i am done writing it and you will be able to read the full chapter

Excited to see more

what dose everyone think so far

I will warn you most readers will never reply so don’t rely on replies to prove interest. If people did that no stories would ever be posted you may get one or two replies per chapter release

It is an interesting story and I’m intrigued to see where it goes from here!

Some of that is, unfortunately, due to the site’s history. I honestly think that had certain events not happened people would be more active here. The problem is we’re stuck with a catch-22 at this point: People don’t want to post new content because people aren’t replying, but people aren’t replying because there’s very little new stuff to reply to!