The Mount Essex College Diaper Affair (Chapters 1-3)

Here’s the first part of an idea I’ve been thinking about for a while. This is all I have so far, but I hope to update relatively regularly. Truthfully I don’t know where I’m going to take it, but I have a vague notion. This is an introduction before I get to work on the larger story, so let me know your initial thoughts! - Skylar

[Chapter 1 - Mount Essex Library]

“oh my god girl I can’t believe you waited ‘til the last minute again to register for classes! You’re a senior, you should know these things by now”.

Callie looked down at her computer, the login page for Mount Essex College on her screen. She was huddled in a corner of the library, along with her roommate and two of their friends. “Okay, everyone - now is not the time for negativity. I need your good vibes only. It’s not that bad, I’m sure there are plenty of options left.”

There were not, in fact, plenty of options left.

Callie took a sip of her coffee, mostly just to warm up her hands. It was so cold in here. So freaking cold. For the thousandth time she asked herself why she went to Vermont for school.

“How bad is it, though?”, asked Mason, her roommate. Unlike Callie, she had been registered for weeks.

“It’s gonna work, I think. A few Friday afternoon classes, which isn’t great. And all the slots for that visiting seminar on the Salem Witch Trials are full. But other than that I think we’re good, I got all the classes I needed to graduate on time.”

“Okay, but what are you taking? Come on, we want details.” Callie was pretty sure what Mason actually wanted was to be in the same classes so she could copy her notes, but she decided not to go there.

“On Tuesdays and Thursdays I have Comparative World Literature, and also Advanced Fiction Writing. Monday evening is my class on Postmodern Literature, which I’m really excited for. And Friday afternoon is my Senior Capstone, followed by The Short Story in 20th Century America.”

“oh who’s that last one with? I’m in that too, I think.”

“Ummmm looks like it’s Dr. Greere”

“Wait, Holland Greere?” Another girl at the table, Leighton, chimed in. “I had her last year, for that same class. Her grading was really hard, and honestly she was a little weird, like she didn’t ever want to teach the course. She did cancel a lot, which was nice, but you should try to switch if you can”.

“It looks like she’s the only one left”, responded Callie.

“Nooooooooooo”, interjected Mason, maybe a little too loudly, considering her surroundings. Everyone in the group loved Mason, but she had what you could call high energy.

“Don’t freak out yet, we haven’t even had our first class with her. Maybe she won’t be so bad”, offered Callie.

“Trust me, she will”, said Leighton.

“Not helping the situation,” responded Callie.

In truth she wasn’t that worried about Dr. Greere. Not because she was overly optimistic about this instructor’s teaching skills in the face of contradictory evidence, although that’s what others often thought of Callie, that she was overly optimistic. Brushed things off. But that wasn’t it. She was just confident in her own abilities, and figured she’d be able to handle whatever this teacher threw at her. Callie was smart, and she knew it. And she knew for sure that she could write. That’s why she was at the top of her program, with a few small stories already published.

“Hold on, isn’t she the one who gave up her big writing career to come teach here? If she doesn’t like it why doesn’t she just go back to that?”, asked Callie.

“I don’t think it’s that simple”, replied Leighton. “I read her first book, the one that got her famous, or at least art world famous. It was beautiful, but also raw and sometimes hard to follow, and almost traumatizing. Apparently she wrote most of it when she was like our age, and honestly I don’t know how. I think that’s what people were so impressed by, that a college student wrote it. But anyway, she writes it, gets on all these book lists, wins a few awards, and then nothing. She couldn’t follow it up. That was almost 15 years ago and she hasn’t published anything since. I think she came out here to drop off the face of the earth”.

Everyone was looking up at Leighton at this point, but no one said anything. They were all pursuing creative careers of some kind, mostly writing. That’s why they choose to go to Mount Essex. Callie and Mason were about to graduate with English Degrees, Leighton already had hers and was in the first year of the MFA writing program. Even Leighton’s boyfriend, the other person at the table, was an art student. They all wanted to make it, but they’d never stopped to think what the downsides could be if they did. If they made something great, but then couldn’t make something else great.

“Wellllllllll,” Said Mason, breaking the silence, “I’d love to keep sitting here thinking about failed success, but I’m also very hungry, and it’s almost 10pm on a Friday. Who wants to go into town with me?”

Leighton and her boyfriend both said yes. Callie paused for a minute. “I think I’m going to skip, I have rowing practice early tomorrow”.

“Whoever scheduled practice for intramural rowing at 6:00 am on a Saturday has never met a college student”, said Leighton. “And besides, it’s not even practice, it’s optional weightlifting. The river is frozen solid right now. Hang out with us, pleaseeee.” At this point, Leighton proceeded to make the pouty face that Callie usually couldn’t say no to. That, in combination with her razor sharp cheekbones and hair that was somehow both choppy and wavy at the same time, raised Callie’s pulse to a level she was pretty sure was unsafe. She would go to the grave before she let Leighton know how much of a crush she had on her.

“Thanks, but I don’t like to miss it, and I’m already pretty tired.”

Leighton gave a soft smile back. “Okay, pal. Don’t do anything too wild! And come meet us out if you change your mind.”

The group left, leaving Callie at the table. She actually was pretty sleepy, so she raised her arms up in a yawn, before quickly bringing them down after she realized her shirt had ridden up. Wouldn’t want anyone to see that. Her eyes darted up to check her surroundings, but of course there was hardly anyone in the library this late. Callie probably could have told her friends the real reason she didn’t want to go out, but she liked to guard this time. Plus, it was kind of embarrassing. To be fair, wandering the mostly empty rows of the library, pretending your name was among the authors listed on the shelves, was definitely at least mid level cringe worthy. But that’s what she often did Friday nights. It was her little de-stresser. Some people went on long drives, Callie combined drinking coffee, getting in her steps, and day dreaming about her future.

She gathered up her things, hitched her bag over her shoulder, and began her stroll in the creative nonfiction section. As good a place as any to start, she figured. She passed a few late night studiers, but for the most part everyone was gone. On the other side of the room she could hear the janitorial staff begin their nightly vacuuming of the floors. Callie liked the architecture of the library almost as much as the books it contained. The building was gorgeous, the whole campus was, really. Mount Essex had started out as an experimental college in the late 1800’s. Artist, writers, and thinkers from all over came to the deep green mountains of Vermont to collect their thoughts, be inspired, and create. The heyday of the school had been the first half of the 20th century, and it was sleepier now, perhaps less well known, but just as renowned. A little hidden gem. And Callie thought that’s maybe exactly how it should be.

She first began to notice it when she was in contemporary fiction. It being the other reason she didn’t want to go out with her friends tonight. Although, unlike her admittedly slightly grandiose aspirations of literary fame, this was something she truly couldn’t tell her friends. She very casually and nonchalantly reached a hand around to the back of her jeans, and felt her hopefully not too bulging rear. Currently, Callie was about up to her hips in soggy diaper. Of course, this was something she was aware of. Her underwear situation was not what she first realized among the works of America’s most popular current authors. She’d been soaking herself consistently through the evening’s study session, unbeknownst to her other friends in attendance. Rather, what she felt was a small but quickly building need to fill her diaper. And her absolutely favorite time and place to do such a thing was late at night in the library. There were a few reasons for this. First and foremost, for technically being a public place, the library during these hours was actually very private. And Callie thought that if any activity required some privacy, it was pooping your pants. Considering such solitude was on short supply when you were in college and had a roommate, the library proved very convenient. Second, the bathrooms at the library were the best on campus, especially the ones on the upper floors. Clean, tucked away, and almost always with no one else in the stalls. If you have a question as to why a 23 year old wearing a diaper would care about the positive characteristics of a restroom, then you’ve never changed your diaper in public. The library offered Callie a relatively easy place to change and dispose of her diapers or pull ups, without having to do it in her apartment. She worried enough already that Mason would find the diaper stash very strategically hidden in containers under her bed. If she found a wet or god forbid poopy one of her diapers, Callie would probably just die on the spot. It was too risky.

She thought that she had about 20 minutes before she really needed to go, and she already had the book she’d been reading in her bag, so she mozied over to the corner lounge chairs. As anticipated, about 20 minutes later, just as the protagonist of her book realized that he probably shouldn’t have squandered his parents’ inheritance, Callie decided she didn’t want to hold it anymore. She stood up, walked to a row of books, and crouched down. Pretending to look at titles on the bottom shelf, Callie began to push a much larger mess into her diaper than she was expecting. It was firm and pressed forcefully into the back of her padding as she let it out. At this point Callie was straining so much that she had to remind herself not to grunt so that it didn’t become too obvious what she was doing, and after a significant amount of effort she felt the first part of her load finally settle into the base of her pants. However, she wasn’t finished, and spent the next minute releasing another equally massive poop into her diaper. Eventually, she stood up, felt the back of her jeans, and thought ‘my god that was a lot of work’, before deciding to swear off coffee after 1:00pm. She craned her neck to get a look at her rear and double checked that the two softball sized messes in her not so big girl pants hadn’t made her recent activities blatantly obvious to any straggler still here this late. Satisfied that somehow no one would be any the wiser, Callie started for the upstairs bathrooms.

And that was one of her favorite things about diapers. She had just absolutely filled her pants in the library, and nobody could tell. Not that there was really anyone to notice, but even if there were a lot of people the last thing they’d think if she walked by was that underneath her jeans hid a sagging, messy, soaked diaper. With that thought, Callie entered the bathroom and spent the next several minutes cleaning up the disaster that was so inconspicuously contained within her underwear, before giving texting her friends to see where they were. Callie thought she might skip practice tomorrow after all.

[Chapter 2 - Mount Essex Gym]

Callie did not, as it turns out, skip practice. However at this point she was kind of wishing she had.

“Come on, two more minutes, two more minutes! You’ve got this speed”! Her assistant rowing coach was about two feet away from her, so she didn’t really feel the yelling was necessary, especially this early in the morning. And furthermore, Callie didn’t understand why she was currently sprinting her heart out on the treadmill anyway. For being a sport that takes place almost exclusively on the water, she often found herself using her legs to traverse land, even though she thought the whole point of boats was so you didn’t have to do that. It wasn’t all bad, though. Continually improving her running times was a challenge, and she liked being competitive with herself. She also liked her coach, even though he could be a little loud. He was nice, and not that much older than Callie, a graduate student who coached rowing on the side.

“One more minute! Keep it up!”

Callie was not having a good time, but she was also about to run the fastest two miles she ever had, so she kept it up. She was about to burst, her bladder that is, not her heart. Coffee Addiction in full swing, she had two cups before practice, and now that liquid needed some place to go. She thought about making that place the bedwetting pull up between her legs, but held off. First, she wasn’t sure NiceNights were designed for peeing while also running at 10 mph on a treadmill. And second, having to go to the bathroom was a great way to get a better time. Leighton had taught her that. Callie did not run in high school, but Leighton was a star cross country runner. And one time she told Callie the reason she was all state was because about an hour before every meet she would down a big bottle of water. She didn’t go pee before the race, and by the time the halfway mark rolled around her bladder was ready to explode. Not publicly peeing her pants at a cross country meet was all the motivation she needed to push through the pain from running, and by the last few hundred yards of the race, she was sprinting just as much to the bathroom as she was to the finish line.

Callie laughed when she first heard that story, especially because she knew that’s not quite how it would work for her. After all, if she wanted she could just go to the bathroom wherever she wanted, restroom nearby or not. But when she was running she still tried to use this technique, and just pretended that her pull up was in fact that non-absorbent type underwear that everyone her age seemed so crazy about. Considering the NiceNights she always wore to practice were intentionally much thinner and more discreet than her usual choice of non-sporting diaper, this wasn’t that hard to trick her mind into thinking. Nonetheless, as Callie hopped off the treadmill after finishing her sprint and bent down with her hands on her knees, exasperated and out of breath, she absolutely flooded that underwear. Thankfully the part about it being non-absorbent really was only in her head, and her pull up did a good job of soaking up all that coffee from before practice. Callie’s coach never paid any mind to the fact that she always seemed a little out of it right after her runs, he just assumed she was catching her breath, unaware that while she was doing that she was also peeing her pants just a few feet away from him.

“Okay that’s all for today, Callie. Nice work. And thanks for showing up to these, I know it’s not always easy to get up so early”.

“No problem. I always feel more energized for the day after working out anyway”. Callie felt a little bad for him. Since these were optional and so early in the morning, she was often the only one here. Part of the reason she went religiously was because if she didn’t she worried no one else would be there when her coach got to practice.

She said goodbye and then made her way back to the locker room. It was just passed 7:00am, so it wasn’t busy, but she always changed in a stall just in case. After grabbing her bag with her clothes and fresh diaper she made her way to the nearest one and got to work. She pulled off her shoes, then her leggings, and finally her NiceNight. Her after treadmill wetting had used it to capacity but, considering what it was designed for, it did it’s job. She took out her diaper, this time a real diaper and not a pull up, and put it on herself. Satisfied that the tapes were how she liked them, she finished changing into her normal clothes. Once she was all put back together she listened to make sure no one else was in the locker room, grabbed her wet pull up, and went to throw it away. As she lifted the lid to the trashcan she saw her yellowed morning diaper from earlier. Rather than dispose of it at the house, she just worn it to the gym and changed out of it before practice. The gym wasn’t quite as nice a place to get rid of her diapers as the library, it really only worked in the mornings when there was no one here, though she still took advantage of it pretty often. For the sake of her own dignity she hoped the clearly very used adult diapers that were so often found at the bottom of this particular trashcan were covered up by paper towels before anyone could notice them. Regardless, she tossed her pull up in with her overnight diaper and went on her way.

Callie didn’t have much scheduled today, but she would still be busy. Between her senior courses and the rowing team she didn’t have a lot of free time, but when she did she used it to write. She’d been thinking up stories since she was a kid, but recently she’d focused her efforts into a long term project. A draft that she’d been working on since her sophomore year at Mount Essex. It still needed a lot of work, but it was a couple hundred pages at this point, by far the longest thing she had ever written, and she was proud of it.

Her car was cold. Of course it was. She sat with her hands under her thighs for a couple minutes in an attempt to warm up. The drive into town where her favorite coffee shop was would take about 15 minutes, so she thought about calling her mom, but realized it wasn’t even 5:00 AM in California. This wasn’t always a problem, since her mom was an anesthesiologist and was often up this early to get ready for morning surgeries at the hospital. But her mom didn’t usually work weekends, so she didn’t want to risk waking her up.

Her parents supported her decision to go to school in Vermont, even though they joked that she’d be hard pressed to find a college further away from them. She liked Los Angeles, but she felt like she couldn’t start her adult life there. Her parents married just after her mom finished medical school, and her dad’s career as a painter took off shortly afterwards. By the time Callie was in junior high, her dad had become one of the most prominent people in the LA art world. He worked under a pseudonym, so people didn’t realize Callie shared a last name with him, and she didn’t tell anyone. The only one of her friends at Mount Essex who knew was Leighton, and that’s just because she and Callie grew up down the street from each other. And she wanted to keep it that way, even though she’s sure her friends would love to know that some of the paintings they’d studied in art class were actually created by her father. Between her mom working as an anesthesiologist and her dad’s success as an artist, Callie was very well off. Growing up there were ski trips to Telluride and Jackson, a summer home in Spain. She’d gone to top private schools, sitting in algebra II alongside the children of movie stars. She always knew her parents’ money had helped her and would continue to, but she left LA and came to Vermont because she didn’t want their artist connections to be the reason for her creative success. She wanted to build that on her own, far away from people who knew her father. At Mount Essex she was just another college student, albeit one with a nicer apartment than average.

By the time her car was warm, Callie was pulling into the coffee shop just off of Main Street. Mount Essex was intentionally off the beaten path, so it’s closest town wasn’t big, but it still had a lot to offer. There was a park in the middle of the village, each side of it lined with old shops, cafes, and restaurants. It was the spitting image of postcard New England, and as a result there were usually some tourists exploring, especially during Fall, when people came to see the leaves. Callie and Mason lived next to the town square, in a converted loft above a used bookstore. If that seems too perfect, that’s also what they thought, so they snatched it up right away. The loft is also how Callie found her favorite coffee place, since it was just a few doors down the street. Most of her Saturdays were spent there, sipping her go-to order and trying to figure out what to do with her main characters.

“Hey Callie! How are things today?” Hunter greeted her as she walked in. Hunter was another constant of her Saturdays, working almost every one of them as a barista. He was the only person she knew who drank more caffeine than her. Even as he made other people’s drinks he was usually downing espresso shots of his own.

“Oh ya know, I was almost killed by a treadmill this morning, but otherwise pretty good”.

Hunter seemed confused at first before letting out a laugh. “Rowing, right. I can do early mornings, kind of comes with the coffee shop territory, but adding in exercise is too much for me. I don’t think humans should sweat before noon.”

She smiled. “I’ll keep that in mind. And just the usual please”.

“One salted honey latte, you got it”.

Callie made her way to the spot she always sat in, a big comfy lounge chair close to the window. She liked to look out it and see the joggers and dog walkers in the park. As she cracked open her laptop she realized she needed to pee again, so she did. Her dry diaper grew wetter, and thankfully, warmer. Unlike the pull up she had on this morning, her current choice of padding was much more absorbent. Callie intentionally bought the most absorbent diapers on the market. As a result, not counting the pull ups she wore during practice, she usually only changed twice a day. Once in the morning and once before bed. She’d been wearing the same ones for years, at least a night. Eventually, she started wearing them during the day as well. There’s more to it, but the short story is that now she’s always in some kind of diaper, for one reason or another.

She finished wetting just in time for Hunter to bring out her coffee.

“One latte for the lady”, he said as he set it down.

“Thanks, Hunter”.

“Anything else I can get for you?”

“No, I’ll just be writing away here, as usual.”

“Ok, well let me know if you need anything.” Hunter paused for a minute like he wanted to say something else. Callie looked up at him, but he just gave a half smile and walked away.

She got to work on her story. It wasn’t anything particularly groundbreaking, and the plot was probably a little too convoluted, but Callie loved writing it. Two hours, two chapters, and three lattes later, she got up to stretch her legs and walk to the bathroom. Of course, she didn’t actually need the restroom. She did need to go pee, and had already gone another time since her first wetting, but that’s what her diaper was for. However, one of the things she’d learned since wearing diapers all the time was that people expected you to get up and go to the bathroom sometimes. Once, while on a long drive from Los Angeles to San Francisco with Leighton, Callie didn’t stop to use the bathroom at all. Leighton asked her about this, since she had needed to ask Callie to stop somewhere three times, and Callie had just sat in the car while she went in. She had to come up with an excuse about being dehydrated and not needing to go, but of course unknown to Leighton, Callie had just been using her diaper. Ever since then, Callie had made a habit of pretending to use the bathroom every few hours, even if that just involved her pulling down her pants, sitting on the toilet in her diapers for a minute, and then flushing it. She thought if her friends really paid attention they probably would notice that Callie went to the restroom less than them, but nobody had said anything besides the time Leighton brought it up.

In single stall bathrooms, like the one she was in now, Callie didn’t actually go through the whole fake act of sitting on the toilet and pretending to use it. She usually just checked her hair and makeup in the mirror, or sometimes scrolled through social media. This time she reapplied some of her mascara while simultaneously wetting her diaper. This was her third wetting so far, and it was beginning to feel a little damp, but really with these diapers she didn’t notice them becoming too soggy until near the end of the day. She finished peeing, reached over to flush the toilet, and then washed her hands. Diaper decoy mission accomplished.

Callie went write back to her story. About 10 minutes later, in a lull between people, Hunter walked over to her.

“Hey Callie, sorry to bother you.”

“No worries, I need a break from typing anyway”.

“Yeah, so anyway”, Hunter started, “I was just wondering if maybe you wanted to hang out sometime? Like outside of the coffee shop”.

Callie looked up. She wasn’t that surprised that Hunter was asking her out. Not because she had guys approach her all the time, although she’d had her fair share of interested men. She gave up a long time ago trying to figure out if she was pretty, but she was in good shape, and took care of herself, and she was confident in her looks and personality. The real reason she wasn’t surprised that Hunter was asking her out was that she’d suspected he’d had a crush on her for a while now. Callie was in here most Saturdays, and she noticed relatively early that Hunter acted a little awkward around her.

“It’s okay if you don’t want to, you just seem like a nice person, and I don’t know”

Callie thought she should probably say something. Yes, she had secretly sworn to herself in junior high that she’d marry Leighton, but Leighton currently had a very long term boyfriend. And even though Callie’s biggest crush was on a girl, she didn’t consider herself gay. She was and had been attracted to men, as well as non-binary people. She’d dated a few people, and had the standard array of college one-night stands, and they were all fine. But her sexuality was a little more complicated than being attracted to one gender or another. There were certain elements she wanted in a partner, in a relationship, that could be hard to explain.

All the caffeine Hunter drank made it hard for him to stay in one place for too long, so she decided to give him an answer.

“Umm yeah, I think that sounds fun. I’m pretty free this weekend”. Callie wasn’t sure how fun it would be, but Hunter seemed nice enough, and she did like their little coffee shop chats.

“Okay awesome, thanks! I mean great. Uhh are you free tonight? There’s a show playing later at one of the bars, so we could go get a drink?”

“That works for me. How about we meet outside here at 9:00 and then we can walk there.”

“Yeah, that’s perfect. Okay, see you then.” Hunter seemed even more energetic than usual the rest of his shift.

Callie edited the two chapters she’d written, peed her pants again, and by then it was almost 4:00. She had an early evening advising appointment to talk about next semester, and now she had to get ready for a date. Plus, all that coffee was catching up to her in another way. She thought for a minute. If she drove back to campus, had her advising appointment, and went poop quickly afterwards, that should still give her enough time to change her diaper in the library, drive back home, and get ready to go out.

She hopped in her car and for the second time that day drove to campus. It was mostly just rolling hills and forests between the town and Mount Essex, and she enjoyed the drive. When she got to school she parked as close as she could to the advising offices. It would still be a bit of hike, but she wanted to minimize her exposure to the winter weather as much as possible. Unfortunately, her urge to mess was growing at a quicker rate than she was expecting. She had a 10 minute walk to her adviser, and then a half hour meeting. It would be close, but she thought she could hold it.

Callie could not hold it. She realized this as she was climbing the three flights of stairs to Mrs. Soledad’s office. She hadn’t gone yet, but it wouldn’t be too much longer. She said it to herself all the time, but she really needed to lay off the coffee. Callie didn’t mind wetting around people, she did that all the time, but she didn’t like to mess in the presence of others if she could avoid it. Sure, the whole point of diapers was that you could just go when you needed to, but in her mind being in a wet diaper around someone and being in a messy diaper around someone were two very different things. That’s not to say it had never happened before. Her sophomore year she had woken up late for a final, and rushed to the exam without even changing out of her night time diaper. Unluckily for her, she had also really needed to poop that morning, and she didn’t make it halfway through the class before she filled the seat of her pants. Rarely in her life had she been so embarrassed, and she just hoped against all odds that nobody could tell what she’d done.

“Hi Callie”, a friendly woman looked up at her as she entered her advisor’s office.

“Hey Mrs. Soledad”, she responded. Callie really liked her. She had been advising her since Freshman year, and now she was helping her prepare for her final semester.

“Okay, so there are just a few things I want to talk about since you graduate this year. I see you’re registered for classes, just in the nick of time I might add.”

Mrs. Soledad continued on for around 10 more minutes. At that point Callie couldn’t hold it anymore.

“Sorry, but could we stop for a minute so I can use the bathroom”.

“Oh no problem at all, go ahead”, Mrs. Soledad responded.

“Thank you,” Said Callie.

She got up from her seat, walked casually to the door, and then hurried to the nearest restroom. She knew it was silly to go to a bathroom just to use her diaper, but Callie could not bring herself to actively poop her pants in front of her college advisor. It took all her energy not to immediately go in her diaper as she opened the door to the restroom, but she held back just in case someone else was there. Once it was clear the bathroom was empty, Callie went into a stall, leaned against the door, and released a massive mess. She could feel her pants expanding as a giant load dropped into her underwear. Her diaper started to feel heavy and she felt it’s tapes pull against her skin as it strained under the weight, but she continued to mess for another minute or so. Finally, she flooded her diaper and then was finished.

Callie didn’t have time to change or even assess the damage she’d done, since she didn’t want to be gone too long. She left the stall and went right back to Mrs. Soledad’s office. As she opened the door, she just prayed that it wouldn’t be too obvious that her diaper was so dirty. Thankfully, they picked right back up where they’d left off. During the meeting she tried to determine how bad the smell coming from her rear was, but luckily it appeared that while the surprise in her pants was certainly no small job, it also wasn’t that stinky as far as messes went. She seemed to be in the clear.

“Alright, I think that’s all I had for today. Is there anything else you want to talk about?” Asked Mrs. Soledad.

“I think I’m good, thank you”, responded Callie.

“Great. Well, have a nice break, and I’ll see you next semester. Good luck with finals”.

Callie stood up and turned around to grab the coat she’d hung up before the meeting.

“Oh, sweetie, it looks like you’ve got something on the back of your pants”, said Mrs. Soledad.

Callie’s heart fell into her stomach, and her eyes grew wide. She turned her head around to get a look at her jeans, and saw two big moon shaped wet spots. Had her diaper leaked? That almost never happened to her. But Callie knew that’s exactly what had transpired. She looked at the seat she’d been in, and saw another obvious wet patch.

“I’m so, so sorry. I don’t know what happened I, uh, sometimes…it’s just, oh my gosh I’m so sorry”, Callie stammered. Tears were already streaming down her face, and then she began to full on cry. “It…It was an accident, I didn’t mean to”.

Mr. Soledad gave her such a caring look. “Callie, dear, I know you didn’t mean to. Come here, it’s okay.” She held out her arms, offering up a hug. Callie wiped her eyes and went over to her.

Mrs. Soledad wrapped her in an embrace. “It’s not your fault, sweetie, it’s not your fault.” She began to gently rub her back, and at this point Callie knew that Mrs. Soledad could smell her diaper, since she was so close. But she didn’t seem to mind. “Don’t worry about it, Callie, really”.

They finished hugging and Callie stepped away. She wiped her eyes again, and let out a little sniffle.

“Go get cleaned up, I’ll be here if you need anything”.

Callie gathered her things and left, still absolutely mortified. She really hoped this wasn’t a sign of the night to come.

[Chapter 3 - Mount Essex Advising Offices]

Callie wasn’t sure what to do. She was standing in the hallway outside of her advisor’s office in urine soaked jeans, not to mention a very full diaper. She still couldn’t believe what had just occurred. It was by far the most embarrassing thing to ever happen to her. Not only did she have to sit through most of her meeting in a mess, but now Mrs. Soledad, a faculty member she liked and would probably have to see again, knew she wore diapers. And worse, even if at first Mrs. Soledad had only noticed the wet spot on Callie’s jeans, when she went in to hug her surely she realized Callie had pooped in her pants, too. What does an academic advisor do when she finds out her student still wears diapers, add it to her file? ‘Callie is an excellent student and hard worker. Straight A’s across the board except when it comes to keeping her pants clean, but hopefully the diapers she clearly makes use of will help with that in the future. Remember to plug in an air freshener before our next meeting’. But Callie didn’t think Mrs. Soledad would do that. In reality, she was actually surprised by how understanding she had been towards her. She was so kind and comforting, almost like a mom. Letting Callie know it wasn’t her fault, and continuing to hug her, even after the true contents of her diaper became obvious.

For now, she needed to get to a restroom before someone saw her. Thankfully, one advantage of the giant coats necessary to survive a New England winter was that Callie’s jacket covered her bottom. She put it on and headed for the library. Yes, the bathroom she had messed in was just down the hall, but she wanted the privacy of the library restrooms to deal with her accident. The building she was in happened to be adjacent to the library, so her walk wouldn’t be far.

A strong wind stung Callie’s cheeks as she walked outside. It didn’t help that they were still puffy from when she had been crying. she didn’t want to dwell on her accident, but it was hard not too. She knew it couldn’t have been prevented. It’s not like it was even a true accident, she had chosen to wet and mess that diaper, but she was surprised at how soon it had leaked. And she was truly surprised at why she had needed to mess so quickly in the first place. Normally she would have had no problem holding it until after her meeting. Callie had no desire to lose control. Even after years of diaper wearing she still tried to maintain her muscle strength by not going to the bathroom right when she felt the urge, but maybe it was starting to deteriorate. She made a note to work more on holding it before going, and entered the library.

The library was a little busier because it was during the day, but it was still pretty sparsely populated. She thought about taking the elevator since she was sore from practice this morning, but figured now was probably not a good time to be in a confined space, so the stairs it was. Her mess moved around in her diaper as she climbed the flights to the 4th floor, and at this point she was very ready for a change. Finally at the top, she rounded the corner and saw the bathrooms at the end of the hallway, and quickly waddle walked towards them.

As usual, the restroom was empty. As soon as she was in the stall she removed her coat and got a good luck at her backside. By now the two moons had transformed into one big wet spot that covered her butt. She took off her shoes, unbuttoned her jeans, and pulled off her pants. Maybe Callie really had peed enough to cause a leak, because the whole front of her diaper was yellow and sopping. Had she wet more times than she remembered? Inspecting the rear, she saw more yellowed diaper, as well as a darker colored section from her mess. Time to get to work. She pulled out the wipes she kept in her bag and undid her tapes. The cleanup wasn’t too bad, but it wasn’t exactly a fun few minutes either. Once she was finished she rolled up her old diaper, and then had a decision to make.

She wasn’t quite sure what to wear. She didn’t mean clothes, she could just re-wear her gym outfit that she still had from rowing practice. But she wasn’t sure if she should put on another diaper, or go for a pull up instead. Normally she would just hop into a diaper and call it a day, but she had her date later tonight. Callie had no intentions of letting Hunter see whatever type of underwear she had on, regardless of what that might be, but it was still a date, so the possibility was there. Plus she certainly wasn’t going to wear her gym clothes to the bar, and going out clothes weren’t exactly known for covering a lot up, especially very thick adult diapers. On the other hand, if they were going to a bar there would be drinking, and that meant peeing, a lot probably. Her NiceNights worked fine for rowing practice, but they really only held one wetting. Not exactly convenient for a night out of imbibing. After a bit of consideration, she decided to go with the pull up after all. If she had to change a few times at the bar, so be it.

Callie slipped back on her winter coat, put her bag over her shoulder, and picked up her very hefty old diaper. She doubled checked to make sure nobody else was in the bathroom, and opened the stall. She made it about four feet before someone opened the door to the restroom and walked in. The stranger looked at Callie, and then looked at what Callie was holding. In turn, Callie looked down at the very embarrassing item in her hand, cursed her continuing bad luck, and after considerable effort managed to unfreeze herself from the spot she’d been in and walked to put her diaper in the trash. It made a thud when it hit the bottom. A thud. Callie actually thought she might die. When she turned around the woman was still looking at her, but probably realized she was being rude, so she hurried into a stall.

As she left the bathroom and started walking down the stairs, Callie thought of what she could have possibly done in a previous life to incur so many unfortunate events in one day. She had the audacity to assume that being comforted by her counselor after leaking her wet and messy diaper onto her furniture would be the worst thing that happened to her that afternoon, but somehow now that wasn’t a clear winner, since apparently the universe felt it necessary to inform two people that Callie still peed and pooped in her pants. And it’s not even like she was holding a pull up, or even a less thick form of protection. No, she just had to have been holding giant, soggy, clearly messed in diaper that left very little to the imagine as far as what Callie had done to it.

Just when she thought it couldn’t get any worse, Callie realized something. She knew that person. Well, she’d seen her picture before, next to the course instructor list when she was registering for classes. That was Holland Greere, one of her teachers next semester. Callie would have to go sit in that lady’s class every Friday for months, knowing that she knew that Callie wore diapers. She’d have to register with a new professor, for the sake of her dignity she couldn’t take that course with Dr. Greere. But no other sections of that class were open, and it was required, so she had to take it to graduate this semester. What if she transferred schools, or moved back to California? Maybe she could join a convent, the robes would probably do a good job of covering her diaper so that nothing like this ever happened again. There had to be another option besides taking that class with her. But for now, Callie couldn’t think of one.

Callie thought about canceling her date. After the afternoon she’d had, she was absolutely not in the mood to do anything that wasn’t curling up on the couch and drinking wine, preferably enough to make her forget her day. But she didn’t have Hunter’s number, and the coffee shop wasn’t open anymore. Maybe she should just skip out. Mason wouldn’t be home tonight, so she would have the apartment to herself. She could get comfortable, take a much needed shower, and change into a real diaper. Callie didn’t want to be that person, though. She didn’t want to ghost Hunter, especially because she knew she’d see him again. No way was she abandoning her favorite writing spot. She would just have to put on her big girl panties, metaphorically speaking, of course, and go out tonight.


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