The Most Unusual Amazon Chapter 1 (UPDATED 7/23/18)

The Most Unusual Amazon Diaper Dimension Chapter 1 I felt warmth on my face, must be the sun, I think to myself, trying to tell me to wake up, and start my day. Though, right now, i have other plans. I slowly open my eyes, as little as possible and reach over to the curtain that was supposed to be covering the window that was just above the left side of my bed and pulled it so it would actually do its job and block out the unwelcome sun. I hear my phone buzzing next to me on my nightstand. “Dammit, I thought I turned that damn thing off last night.” Reaching over to my night stand I almost knock over my alarm clock that my grams gave me, it’s an older style that you can’t find anywhere anymore. Finally tapping the screen on my phone i hear a beep sound, then “Get out of bed sleepy head, the roosters already started crowing hours ago and you know what they say, early bird catches the worm.” “Grrr, just shoot the rooster and the worms are for birds.” I mutter under my breath. “What was that, are you complaining again, I swear, you are as bad as those littles I keep hearing about over in Purrian, maybe you will be a better fit in my new nursery, that way I won’t have to lose my figure having an actual baby.” My irritating best friend, Daria, went on. I was going to deny that last part, but I just didn’t feel like it this early in the morning, i’d rather keep complaining. “What did you call me about so early in the morning?” I asked in the most whiny voice I could come up with. It didn’t take long for the reply “I was just calling to make sure you remembered about the barbecue at my place this evening and that you remembered to cook something to bring.” “I remembered, I am going to the store today to get the stuff i need to make my famous dish for tonight.” I reply hoping she’d let me go back to sleep. “Ok, you don’t have all day, so don’t dilly dally around, get too it, chop chop.” Was her reply, in the most chipper voice that she new would irritate me more. “FINE, YOU win, bye.” I say as I wave at the phone on my table, as if we were on video call, which I am very glad she chose not to do that this morning, might have learned more than she wanted or needed to know about me. “Bye Jess, see you at the BBQ.” I heard another beep signalling me that the call had ended, “Thank the Maker.” I say to my empty room as I roll over trying to get some more sleep. As I lay there I could see the rest of my room. I saw my oak dresser, something else that I got from grams, it had five deep drawers with nice silver handles on each on. To the left of the dresser was my walk in closet, I so loved that closet, and the secrets that it hides from everyone that happens to come into my room. To the right of the dresser was my bedroom door and has a full length mirror hanging on it, which at the moment the door was closed, for some reason I just can’t sleep with it open. Above the dresser was what I was really looking for, it was an old style clock, it even made bird chirps every hour. It currently read eight in the morning. “It’s the fucking weekend, why am I not still asleep?” I say out loud. I curse myself several more times in my head as I lay my head back down on my pillow so I can try to go back to sleep, though I was sure I wouldn’t be able to. As I lay down and try and get into a comfy position, I hear a crinkling sound, I just smile to myself and close my eyes, demanding my body to go back to fucking sleep. After I lost the battle with my brain and body, over going to sleep, I got out of bed, and yes, a lot more cursing going on in my brain that I will not bore you with. I walked over to the full length mirror on the back of my door. I just love looking at myself in this mirror. I look so sexy, even after just waking up, my long blond hair that goes down to the middle of my back, but currently braided in pigtails. My green eyes wonders down and I can see my short and sexy black nighty that is made from silk. “God I looked so damn sexy.” My nighty is covering the best looking breasts I have ever seen. I reach up with both hands and cup both my double DDs and moan a bit as I massage them. Then I look further down the mirror at my clean shaven legs. I am on the tall side for an Amazon and in some regions just that would give me lots of power. I raise my nighty a little bit at a time till I see something that you normally wouldn’t see on an Amazon even on inbetweeners it’s a rare sight, at least it is for me. As I raise the hem of my nighty a bit further I can see the crotch part of a diaper that used to be white, but now has turned a slight yellow from me peeing in at as I was talking to Daria.I reach down and feel the front of my diaper and press my hand firmly into the crotch of the diaper and I started rubbing my hand more into the crotch of my diaper and moan, maybe a bit to loudly. But I lived out in the country, at least a 10 minute drive to my nearest neighbors. But I didn’t have time for any pleasuring this morning like i normally do, but some big baby wanted to try and sleep in on a busy day and I had a lot to do today. So I headed out of my bedroom, which is right off from the kitchen, one of the reasons i bought this house, less walking to get a snack in the middle of the night. As I was walking through the kitchen, towards the laundry room, I could hear my diaper crinkle and I could feel the weight of it between my legs and the warmth of my pee touching my vigina. It felt so good which made my brain start to fantasize, when I should have been thinking on where I was going and doing. My mind though was already thinking about someone, an Amazon, inbetweener or even a little, it did not matter much. She would be standing there watching me pee in my diaper and when i finished they’d just walk up to me and pat my bottom and say something like “Wow, you really pee-peed in your diaper didn’t, just like a BIG baby, and at your age, and an Amazon to boot. You should know better then to go potty in your diapers like that, you naughty BIG baby. You should be ashamed of yourself, standing there, in a wet diaper.” As she says the words BIG baby she smacks my butt firmly to get her point across. That’s when i realize i was standing in my living room humping the arm of the sofa. I looked around and saw that I must have just kept walking through the kitchen and ended up in the living room, which wasn’t that much of a walk, it’s a small two bedroom house. Another reason I bought it, less areas to clean. As I looked around the room, the first thing I saw was my new, big screen TV and said out loud to myself, “Oh, yeah, I need to find someone that can come and hook that thing up, I might ask around at the shindig tonight and see if anyone there might be able to help a girl out.” Then a grin formed on my face, “If that friend of Daria’s shows up, I might be able to talk her into coming home with me to “fix” it, it might lead to some fun times later on tonight.” As I said that I caught my hand before it got too close to my naughty kitty, but not before I could stop my other hand from massaging my boobs, making my nipples get harder then they were. “Dammit girl, get it together, I know, it’s what I do, like every morning, but we ain’t got time for it this morning, you big overgrown baby.” I scold myself and added a few curses that I shouldn’t say out loud. I also noticed that the blueish green carpet needs to be vacuumed. I hated the color, but it was on sale and didn’t want to spend anymore money then I had too on a carpet. Then I saw something that kind of got my heart racing the curtains on the big double window facing the front yard were wide open. I quickly raced across the living room and closed them, but just as i got them closed I lost my balance and fell on my padded backside. It didn’t hurt, but my pride was wounded a bit, and I figured that this was the best time as any. So, I stuck my thumb in my mouth and sucked on it as I whimpered like the big baby I am. I am just glad I lived so far out of town and from people. My house was the last house at the end of a dead end road. So unless someone was here to see me there wouldn’t be any reason for anyone to be outside my house. I finally got a hold of my inner sex demon and walked back into the kitchen, passing the hallway to the second bedroom in my house and started the pot of coffee. It’s not one of those kind that has a timer that starts it for you or the instant coffee machines everyone is cazed over these days. I liked things less automatic and simple. After I was sure that the coffee was going, i walked out of the kitchen and into the laundry room. It was a nice size laundry room with a decent size washer and dryer. They were also old school you can say, they stacked on top of each other. Right in front of me was the side door. It was blue with a window in it so i could look out at my garden I had growing in the backyard. Which reminds me it is now spring and need to get out there and start preparing the garden so I can start planting seeds before it gets to late in the spring to do it. I opened the door, mostly to let in the cool breeze and to get some fresh air in the house, but I had another reason for doing it. I wanted to feel more exposed, the thought of being caught wearing a diaper got me so hot and bothered I almost can’t control myself. I got undressed down to just my wet diaper. I stood there a moment staring out at my garden letting the feeling wash over me. I finally took my diaper off and rolled it up nice and tight and threw it in the trash can next to me and the door I had just walked through. To the left of where I was standing was the bathroom, it wasn’t that big, which is one reason I usually get undressed and dressed in the laundry room. I walked in and started the walk in shower, which surprisingly, is big enough to fit two Amazons, not that I have had the chance to try that. Hopefully I might get that chance tonight, if all goes well. After the water heats up, I get in the shower and wash off the sleepy feeling I get when i first wake up, and to wash the pee off. After my shower, I got dressed in a pair of blue jeans and a red T-shirt. I threw a blue button up shirt on top of that which I left unbuttoned, it wasn’t really cold or anything outside, just a nice breeze, so it worked out great. I didn’t bother with socks or boots yet, I wanted my coffee and some breakfast first. I went into my small kitchen, though I am sure an small inbetweener or a little would think it’s big, but either way it suits my needs just fine. I make some breakfast, just some toast with some apricot jelly and I washed that down with a nice cup of coffee, black, three sugars. I head back into the living room and set down on the sofa, the one I was humping earlier. I reach over to a table I have setting next to it and grab a pair of long socks that I had put there the night before and pull them up over my feet. Then a pair of country style boots gets pulled over those. I stand up and walk to the door, to the right of the door is table with a bowl on top of it. Inside the bowl is my house and truck keys. I grabbed the keys out of the bowl and on the wall above the table is my country style hat.and my country hat. I grab the hat off the wall and plop it on my head and walk out the door.

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