The Most Recent Maccabees Video

Is just fantastic.

Please all enjoy =D

And also, I’m moving to Australia for a couple of months so I may not be around too much.

The Most Recent Maccabees Video

Working and getting away from here for a bit.

I don’t think I said anything here, but like 6-7 weeks ago I broke up with my girlfriend after two and half years and it’s been a bit messy and I didn’t get a decent internship in this country so I’m going away by myself for a bit and interning on the other side of the world. It’s one of the top consultancy firms in the world, so it should be pretty worthwhile. And time by myself will be nice, like I say. I think I’m going to go live an a hostel as well so there are lots of people coming through to chill with, but no intensity.

And I can sleep a bit. By the end of term I’d had two nights sleep in seven days and it was all a bit much.

The Most Recent Maccabees Video

Appreciate it.